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ABSS ESL Lesson Plan

ESL Class: Unit/Theme: Date(s):

Grade Level : Language Proficiency Levels: Language Domains:
K-5 6-12 1 2 3 4 5 6 R W L S
WIDA Standards:
1- LoSC (Language of Soc. Communicat.) 2- LoLA (Lang. of Lang. Arts)
3- LoMA (Language of Math) 4- LoSc (Lang. of Science) 5- LoSS (Language of Social Studies)

Model Performance Indicators (MPIs)

Language Functions Topic/Genre Support
Blooms Taxonomy / Verbs in LoSC, LoLA, LoMA, LoSc, LoSS Sensory/Graphic/Interactive

WIDA Objective(s) = I CAN + MPIs

Content Objectives:

Teacher Monitors Continuously for Academic Learning Time and Adjusts Instruction Depending on Student Academic Success
Lesson Notes Materials
Critical Lesson Includes:
Attributes Sequence - Content, Academic Concepts/Skills - books
- Teacher Instructional Strategies - handouts
- realia
- Student Activities - supplies
- Language Domains Used (R,W,L,S) - hands-on

Ensure students understand Assess/Activate

language objective Prior Knowledge
activate prior knowledge (20%)
create an emotional hook (Building Background)
= ______ Minutes

Provide only enough info. to Teacher Input

enable students to begin to (20%)
manipulate content (Direct Instruction)
provide additional info.--> = ______ Minutes
model info. (+Me)

Alignment between lesson **Student Active

objective(s) and student Participation
activity teacher models (45%)
again with student (Guided Practice)
participation (We), student = ______ Minutes
pairs apply content (Two)
Students apply content
Identify what they have Identify Student
learnedexplain process Success
they used to learndiscuss (15%)
how they can use what they (Independent
learnedidentify what they Practice/Formatives)
want more info. about ______ Minutes