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Issue 4 July 2010


• Upgrading Academic Standards and Employability in Punjab

• The Great Indian Manager India's own Ulysses

• Attrition! How to Retain Talented Employees?

• Is Climate Change affecting J&K?

• Know your President Dr. Gulshan Sharma

CMA eMag

Contents Association
Office Bearers

• Upgrading Academic Standards and Employability in Punjab 1-2 President

Dr. Gulshan Sharma
• Malana-Unique Republic amid Hills 3-4
Foundation of ITFT, Chandigarh

• The Great Indian Manager -India's own Ulysses 5-6 Vice President
Dr. Niraj Pasricha
• Training and Development Challenges in Corporate World 7-8 Director
Regional Institute of Co-operative Mgt.
• College to Corporate -A Journey 9-10
Secretary General
J.N. Vohra
• Our Memorable Health Recouping Holiday 11
Textile Consultant

• Those who predicted Tsunami, Earth Quake and Global Recession 12-13 Joint Secretary
A.K. Gandhi
• Applicability of Part- I of The Act to Arbitration 14-15 Consultant
Jaiparkash Associate, Ltd.
• Attrition! How to Retain Talented Employees? 16
• JOHARI WINDOW A Simple Tool for Understanding interpersonal dev. 17-18 CA Vivek Goyal

Past President
• Is Climate Change affecting J&K? 19
Col. Karamjeet Singh (Retd.)
• Know your President Dr. Gulshan Sharma 20 Continental Group of Institutes, Mohali

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I feel humbled on assuming the charge of this prestigious professional

organisation, Chandigarh Management Association. I am aware of good work
done by my predecessors in sustaining and building on various innovative
activities for the benefit of professional management fraternity. That adds
tremendous responsibility on my shoulders to keep up and uphold the spirit
and endeavours of my predecessors.
The immediate past president, Col. Karamjit Singh, has done very appreciable
work and shown a remarkable leadership, and I need to tread on the path
shown by him.
I subscribe fully to the vision of Chandigarh Management Association “to attain
leadership in the corporate sector by inculcating the values of social Dr. Gulshan Sharma
responsibility, and entrepreneurial skills by preparing human capital for the President-CMA
future tasks”
The task before me is to involve my team and the large membership of CMA in
various professional activities, Management Development Programmes, which
we will undertake in the coming year, such as;
· Skill development initiatives, and motivational programs for the youth,
including shaping young mind
· Discussing on innovative models of entrepreneurship through the use of
IT & ITES and Corporate Social Responsibility
· Preparing researched write ups on the city development parameter.
· Creating linkages with other institutions, such as CII-NR, PHDCC, FICCI,
ASSOCHEM, TIE, Chandigarh Tourist Club, NRI Convention and Northern
India HR Association and strengthening further linkages with AIMA by
attending to their programs and inviting their experts here.
Besides other programs, we will continue with the innovative use of electronic
media.The CMA eMag, started by my predecessors is such an endeavour.
I hope and pray that I come up to your expectations in the coming months. I will
welcome, particularly personally talking to my predecessors, to get guidance
from them as to how to add value, expand and retain membership of this
vibrant body. I invite you to participate in various committees, which we will
formulate in this month.
With these words I seek well wishes from all of you for my useful tenure in this
prestigious organisation of the city.

Thank You and God bless you all.

eMag Upgrading Academic Standards and
Employability in Punjab:

The Broad Perspective.

Dinesh K Kapila

Interactions with industry officials and academicians North West India, we find an absence of
plus my own professional thought processes have entrepreneurship and success due to excellence in
led to a perspective on employability and academic education of the middle class, especially in the
standards. The thought process that academic technology sector. The rare stories that do exist in our
standards, in North West India need to upgrade region are of individuals who were well connected as
urgently and to be reoriented for employability as such already to power centres and then built up the
also entrepreneurship, has now evolved as a scale to generate corporate success.
reasoned belief. The recent and repeated incidents of The pertinent issue is that respect for intellectualism
violence at the academic campuses (even in the coupled with a need for quality education has been
private sector) in this region also mask a deeper markedly absent from Punjab or for that matter north
malaise, if considered in conjunction with the above. west India for quite some time. A leading business
We can safely assume that the attempts to address magazine while ranking Chandigarh quite highly in
falling academic standards and violence by an quality of life also went on to state that being a
administrative fiat or a law and order approach will landlord and dealing in real estate and to some
not work. The academicians, parents and society as extent retail seemed to be the primary employment
such have to collaborate explicitly to raise academic o p p o r t u n i t i e s o r o c c u p a t i o n i n P u n j a b.
and employability standards in this region. We firstly Entrepreneurship seems to have failed to mature,
need to acknowledge our shortcomings before this particularly in high end technology as also services.
region joins the likes of various academic institutions For this the current crop of elders or leaders, from
in central & eastern India with a tarnished reputation, varied professions, has a lot to answer for.
with a consequential adverse impact on credibility North West Dwell more on politico religious
and employability in the employment market. issues
Institutions have lost flagship courses While the south and west of India have articles in
Our academic institutions have already lost ground papers devoted to need for technology as a tool for
and even flagship courses do not attract talent or varied developmental issues, business as also
employers with the same enthusiasm as earlier. The exports, our papers or media are full of debates on
issues however go deeper; these are primarily politico religious issues, language and khap
societal in origin and are germane to Punjab and the panchayats etc. Its not that the other regions are
North West region as such. Since the process of heavens of opportunity but it is high time we in
liberalisation began, we have witnessed tremendous Punjab or north west India punctured our own
changes in certain regions of India. Entrepreneurship misplaced sense of well being and superiority and
has sprung primarily from the middle class after analysed our shortcomings. We cannot measure the
well being of a society from the number of upper
segment luxury cars sold in a city or pure physical
infrastructure indicators. Soft skills are equally
important for the progress of any society and need to
be addressed on priority by the leaders and the
society they represent.
The real developmental and economic action in India
is now south of the Vindhyas except the NCR belt and
it cannot be passed off as central largesse as its
primarily driven by private sector players and private
equity. Just as an aside, a leading private equity player
told me informally that very few entrepreneurs in this
region could make a quality presentation on need
being rooted in quality higher education. Infosys, for funds or a business plan as compared to the
Mphasis etc spring to mind as do cities such as entrepreneurs in south or west India. Some bankers
Chennai, Bengaluru, Vadodara, Pune, Surat, Rajkot, also substantiate this viewpoint.
Tirupur etc. Even Jaipur is now being touted as a Now students or youngsters brandishing guns or
major centre for employment. But beyond Delhi in connections and thinking they are the last word in

virility and leadership are absolutely wrong but so is be many but a primary factor seems to be the
the society which refuses to condemn their actions reluctance of senior valuable potential employees to
unequivocally or the police force. If unchecked, the work from cities in the north west. This is but natural
slide downwards can be too fast while the already when the value system of the youth or even elders
rapidly developing regions of India move on. Virility seem to place more importance on the thanedar or
and a misplaced sense of being masculine and even patwari rather than the corporate intellect!. I am
superior by violence or muscle power has been not decrying certain professions but suggest a
ingrained in us as a society since long but now needs change in social mores to respect a wider range of
to be controlled. professions. Another pertinent point, how many
major well respected corporate houses across are
now owned or started by Punjabis or residents of
North West seem to place high value on North West India.
connections, clout, money…. Need to focus on soft skills for employability
This issue can be approached from another The states of this region do state that the expansion,
viewpoint, the number of professional institutes modernization and reorientation of Technical
ranked highly from this region or valued for quality Education and Industrial Training systems to match
by HR officials from well known corporate in the with the needs of modern corporate organizations is
Management, Information Technology, Engineering a priority but this is yet to be apparent on the ground.
or even Fashion Technology sectors.The institutes are 361 Colleges, 7 architecture colleges, 4 biotech
just a handful, primarily as the intellectual capital colleges, 48 engineering colleges, 40 management
itself from such institutes which imparts knowledge colleges, 38 law colleges, 6 mass communication
is not rated highly. Students with merit flock to colleges, 4 universities etc in Punjab are just the
professional educators in Pune, Bangalore, Vellore, physical aspect or numbers. The quality of education
Manipal etc.The techie from south of the vindhyas is a imparted and value placed on the pass outs from
bit of a joke as also awe in the north but unless we professional institutions is the real test of the quality
initiate the respect for knowledge and intellect again, of education. Just as an aside, we need to quantify the
we cannot match the progress and employment number of papers contributed by educationists from
opportunities being generated in the west or south this region in leading journals of their professions or
India. Our present societal mores in the north west we can attempt to quantify the number of modern
seem to place a high value on connections, clout, day respected management experts who have
money or physical prowess and a quick return on emerged from this region. Again pertinently, the few
capital with a minimal concern for human capital. It professional experts of repute that do emerge rarely
should rather be on support and respect for get the respect from our society and stakeholders in
knowledge, technology, ethics and a genuine governance that they actually deserve. This indirectly
concern for the human resources. impacts adversely the respect for the drive in
The amount of regard for NRIs in our region certainly excellence or professionalism amongst the youth.
seems unwarranted as such considering their As already explained, we need to rebalance our value
minimal contribution to boosting intellectual systems and mores, with leaders in varied fields
content and knowledge. Their inclination seems stressing the need to change and to evolve as a
more for gaining importance, both political and society with a focus on respect for soft skills, quality
economic here rather than in their adopted professional education and employability. The
homelands. Likewise, the corporate leaders from this academicians need to be the initiators with leaders
region seem to exhibit normally an unseemly haste from industry in this regard
to migrate to the NCR once their operations scale up.
This deprives us in the north west of valuable Written purely in author's personal capacity. This does not reflect the
views of his employer in any manner.
corporate intellectual capital at the senior level. The
factors to shift head offices and operations seem to

Malana-Unique Republic

amid Hills

Dr. N.K.Sharma
ITFT College-Chandigarh

One of the very striking villages in the Kullu Valley in range which divides Kullu Proper from the Malana
Himachal Pradesh is Malana, Which having retained glen. One of the legends in connection with the
its remoteness over many hundreds of years, has Chandrakhani is to the effect that when Jamlu ( the
recently become an attraction on account of its presiding deity of Malana and a god of great power
peculiar tribal organization characteristics and its still and importance in Kullu) came from Hamta to
prevalent primitive method of settling differences of Malana with his wife Narol, they carried a basket
its inhabitants of their satisfaction. containing all the gods of Kullu. On top of the pass
Situated in a mountain fastness, accessible only they opened the casket and a very strong breeze
during that period of the year when the mountain blew all the gods all over Kullu valley to their present
ridges by which it is enclosed are free from abodes.
impassable snow, Malana comprises a small A particularly striking view of Deo Tibba,
aporoximately 6,000 meters high, which overlooks
the Malana glen as well as of othe snow-crowned
giants on the Spiti border is obtainable at the top of
the Ridge.
In addition to the Chandrakhani pass route, the other
feasible paths by which Malana can be reached are
from the Parbati valley; one of which is from
Manikaran over the Rashol Pass (3,150 meters) and
another from Jari, along the Malana river.
Malana comprises two villages about a hundred
yards apart. The village in which the temple buildings
are located is sacred and no one wearing leather
boots or shoes is allowed within its precinect, but the
leather footwear is substituted by locally made rope
shoes (pullas ) permission to view the temple
surroundings may be granted. An addition to the
actual temple is the devta's treasury (bhandar) which
is believed to contain fabulous wealth, the
accumulation of centuries, as well as a large
collection of
gold and silver
including an
image of
Emperor Akbar,
the Great.There
is also a large
where the
people of the
conservative society of probably less than a village dine
thousand people, steeped in superstition and still together
performing ceremonial rites and practices of an during certain
aboriginal ancestry. festivals: a
The Village of Malana lies on a trek route that room for the
connects Naggar and Kasol. The distance from temple musicians; and an other small building in
Katrain to Malana is 30 Km. En Route is the which, in early spring , barley is forced,, so that young
dramatically beautiful 3,660 meters high blanched shoots may be available for offering to the
Chandrakhanai Pass, which lies east of nagger on the tod at an important festival in February and March.

Local tradition: a kind of demon or spirit never, if they can avoid it. They have their own
Local tradition represents Jamlu as a kind of demon methods of settling their disputes to their own
or spirit and that Gyephang Lha, the god who satisfaction. It is said that Malana is the oldest
inhabits the lofty peak of that name in Lahaul, is his democracy in the world in existence where all the
elder brother. Jamlu has other temples and granaries inhabitants of the village take part in managing its
in Kullu, Rupi and saraj, but his central abode is affairs. They have the lower and upper houses and
Malana where he is paramount and owns all the land Jamlu is the final courts of appeal.

under cultivation and where all the cultivators are his The inhabitants of Malan speak a peculiar language
tenants. There is no image of him in any of the called kanashi, which is entirely different from the
temples; consequently he has no rath like other gods Pahari of Kullu and is a mixture of aboriginal Mundari
of Kullu. In comparison with other gods he holds and Tibetan.
somewhat independent position, not only hostile to A day is sufficient to take the whole of Malana. The
Raghunathji, (the Principal god of Kullu) but he does temple buildings and the surroundings of the two
not, like other Kullu gods, show his allegiance during villages do not invite lengthy or detailed inspection,
the Dussehra festival. but compensation, to a large extent, is provided by
At intervals of every few years ( the actual interval the natural scenery especially the view Malana is
depending upon the will of the god), declared by his included in the national Himalayan trekking
mouthpiece (Guru), on the first day of Haddon, a very programmes by the Youth Hostels Association of
large fair is held at Malian at which special India, while a number of persons have started visiting
ceremonies are performed. the glen out of sheer curiosity as also to enjoy the
A Ceremony in commemoration of the Emperor breath taking views it affords.
Amber's connection with this remote and almost Although, with the inflow of tourists, economic
inaccessible glen is held every year in Phalgon, when benefits do accrue ot the local inhabitants, but
his images are removed from the treasury house and tourism should not be allowed to have nay
taken to a grove above the village, the spot at which deleterious effect on their age-old customs and
Jamlu received the homage of the Emperor. traditional cultural behaviors. Tourism should create
Some anthropologists are of the view that the armies health employment opportunities for the people,
of Alexander the Great touched the point in the many of whom indulge in collecting cannabis and in
fourth century BC and gave rise to this unique village. selling the same. Their women should be given
Malana is the oldest democracy training to produce small articles, which should be
taken by the visitors a souvenirs. Tourism should also
act a positive force in preserving the environment
and the fragile ecology.

Prevailing customs ordained that the inhabitants of

the two villages of Malana intermarry, so the whole
population must be more or less related to each
other. In recent years, probably to counteract the
deterioration resulting from continued inbreeding, a
few marriages with inhabitants of other villages,
outside their own clan, have been contracted. The
people of Malana seldom appear in Kullu courts,

The Great Indian Manager
India's own Ulysses

Prof. Gursharan Singh Bedi

Faculty - IBS Chandigarh

James Joyce's “Ulysses” is an epic novel which depicts company Amylin came up with a promising drug
the travails and tribulations of the modern man- a molecule to treat Diabetes but could not make it
native of Dublin on a single day- June 16, 1904. Unlike commercially viable because of the high
Homer's epic “Odyssey”, where the hero is a stoic development costs involved. It then approached
Greek warrior, his hero 'Lepold Bloom' has all the Biocon, a Bangaluru based Indian company to do
flaws and frailties of human beings. He must suffer something about it. Biocon found an innovative way
the emotional traumas of betrayal and loss.The novel to express that molecule in the host system which
makes a difficult reading. reduced the development cost ten-fold making it
Sometime in early 1950s, Bell Telephone, then the commercially viable.
biggest company in the United States, prescribed a As many as 63 companies out of Fortune 500
management education program for its managers companies have Research and Development
who rose from the grassroots levels of technicians. facilities in India. General Electric' R&D centre in
The curriculum included readings from Bhagvad Gita Bangaluru is the biggest any where in the world.
and Ulysses. Both enriched their emotional and Cisco, Yahoo and Microsoft, all, have R&D facilities in
intellectual experience and enabled them to think of India. 15.5 per cent of all start-ups in Silicon Valley are
the both sides of an argument. The management founded by Indians
diploma was awarded to the first batch on 16th June, Vanguards of Globalization
1954 with the greetings of 'Happy Bloom's Day'. Since Indians and Indian companies are in the vanguard of
then this day has come to be associated with the Globalization. Laxmi Mittal's Mittal Steel became the
grooming up of managers. largest steel group after &27 billion acquisition of
In India where the managers grow up in the Arcelor. Former Vodaforne Chief Arun Sarin acquired
environment of 'adversity', 'scarcity' and excessive Hutch for $11 billion. Tata Steel bought Corus for
'bureaucratic red tape', they are the modern day's $11billion. Infosys, TCS , Wipro, Mahindra, Reliance
Ulysses. and many other are on acquisition spree all over the
Secret of Success world.
These are difficult times- uncertain and volatile- all As Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo since 2006 and
over the world. David Cameron, the British Prime Manvinder Singh Banga former Unilever President of
Minister calls it an “Age of Adversity” as his Chancellor Food division have becoming iconic figures in the
of the Exchequer George Osborne delivers an world of business and management; there is a
Austere Budget. scramble for multinational companies to recruit
IBM Global CEO Study 2010, points out that 71 per Indian executives. The beleaguered US investment
cent of the CEOs in the world find it difficult to banks Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley to Bank of
provide leadership under such complex and exacting America's Merrill Lynch, have picked up Indian
environments. Under such circumstances, the mantle managers from ICICI and Axis Bank to head their
of leadership in the world of business and politics, business operations in India.
naturally, falls on the shoulders of Indian Managers. Earlier Neel Kashkari of Indian parentage was chosen
The secret of success of the Indian Managers lie in his as an Assistant Secretary of US Treasury to oversee
legendary power of improvisation, most commonly the implementation of Troubled Assets Relief
called “Jugaad” a “can do, will do and never die” Program of US $ 700 billion.
attitude to rig up something in the face of adversity. Men of values
Many call this an “incremental or frugal innovation” as Besides innovative spirit of the Indian manager, it is
opposed to the radical or revolutionary innovation his ethics and moral values, which are moored deep
which is possible only in the large Research and into the philosophical musings of Bhagwad Gita. Mr.
Development laboratories of the West. N.R. Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys, in a
Whereas the Indian way of innovation is highly cost recent interview to a leading business TV channel
effective and can be replicated en mass, the Western said, “The business of the business is to add value to
way has forbidding costs and lacks en mass the society; create goodwill with every stakeholder
application. Nothing can illustrate it better than a and build more respectable enterprise than more
recent case where an American pharmaceutical profitable or with more market capitalization.”

“Try not to become a man of success but rather a man belongs to India and China, one wonders if it does not

of value”,said Albert Einstein.Time magazine has used belong to India alone. As per Forbes list of World's
this quotation to describe Mr. Manmohan Singh, our richest, as many as 10 out of 25 in Asia belong to India.
Prime Minister while declaring him as one of the 100 Hongkong and Japan each have 5; Mainland China
most influential persons of the world. It says, “In has only one. More than half of the Indian billionaires
endeavoring to lift India's people to prosperity and are self made business leaders.
stability, Singh has achieved both.” What is true of Mr. The Indian Manager has arrived. The world is

Singh as the CEO of the nation is true of the great cheering. But we have “miles to go” before we rest on
Indian Manager. our laurels
Today, when economists say that 21st Century

Annual General Meeting of CMA in progress

Elected body of CMA - 2010-11

Dr. Gulshan Sharma – President
Dr. Niraj Pasricha – V.President
Mr. J.N.Vohra – General Secretary
Mr. A.K.Gandhi –jt. Secretary
CA Vivek Goyal - Treasurer

Other elected members of the Executive

Dr. Anshu Kataria
Mr. Amarjit Singh Tanda
Col M.G. S. Khurana
Col SC Sharma (Retd)
Dr. Manoj K Sharma
Dr. T.L Kaushal
Mr. H.S Bhatti
Er. M.L. Garg
Mr. Tarlok Singh Chhabra

Training and Development Challenges
in Corporate World

Col. D S Cheema
Vice President (HR), FTP

The basic purpose of any T and D activity is to help · Recognize talent, spot, nurture, use
individuals convert their potential in to usable · Create learning environment.
competencies needed for effective functioning of 5. Emphasis on Learning and Mentoring rather
any organisation. Unfortunately ,most of the so- than training/ teaching/ coaching alone, in
called training ends up being a ritual of training alone certain specific areas.
(and not training and development) and that too 6. Think distance education in selected areas.
unintelligently because establishments given the 7. One-shot Training is not effective. Track the
responsibility, do not invest in H R D practices in trainee and re-enforce inputs at appropriate
supporting new techniques and technologies. Also, intervals.
such best practices are possible only under the right 8. Sharing Technical/ administrative information
set of organizational attitudes. It is common and knowledge on line at individual/
knowledge that what ever is learnt by the organizational levels. Use of websites, blogs etc
participants does not get converted in to new for sharing solutions to problems and for
desirable behavior as firstly 'Right' inputs are not developing new systems etc.
given and secondly learning is not re-enforced at 9. Training and Development Need Analysis
appropriate intervals. There is a need to leverage (TDNA). Identity deficit areas. Initiate research
individual expertise and experience for the benefit of related with T and D needs.
the organisations by supporting self development of 10. Basic Management Training at all levels as an
employees at different levels and by providing deficit essential input.
knowledge and expertise. 11. Realistic Terminal Behavior as out come of T and
What can de done? D
1. Break the old barriers- unconventional thinking 12. Build linkages with suitable institutions all over
needed Hence perceptions, attitudes and to take advantage of their expertise in areas that
actions of those who frame T and D policies have meet special needs.
to be redefined. For example, recognizing the 13. Outsource T and D activities wherever possible
fact that all employees don't learn the same way. to conserve own resources and take advantage
Also, we must not talk only of training but of expertise available elsewhere.
Training and Development as a package since 14. Make T and D a 24 x 7 learning activity .
they complement and supplement each other. 15. Cost-consciousness must become part of every
2. T and D policies must be designed in such a T & D activity.
manner that they become more 16. Encourage Professional Democracy in T & D.
· Alert Encourage and reward fearlessness in
· Dynamic professional matters (of course, within the limits
· Futuristic of discipline) Organisations could pose a
· Responsive problem area on net and invite solutions from
· Effective any level from within the Department. The idea
3. Set up Nodal T and D Centers by identifying is to create continuous rigorous and fearless
suitable geographical areas/ professionally learning/T and D environment .
viable locations to take T and D where it is most 17. Develop a system of Potential Appraisal so that
required rather than calling every trainee to suitable senior/middle/junior level officers can
training establishments as is being done now. be trained and developed as faculty for different
Admittedly, some activities will have to be types of courses.
centralized 18. Training of Trainers- look for Master Trainers or
4 Develop suitable Talent Management Systems Certified Trainers in different areas /disciplines.
to identify, grow ,use and create talents in areas 19. Create Knowledge Repositories of useful
considered useful. This involves information, knowledge and wisdom available
mentoring/modeling and coaching new talent. in different forms at different places. Aim is not
· Mind set to identify talent needs change.. What to keep 're-inventing the wheel'. There is no
is talent ? Not only the genius or those with high- harm in copying a good idea and modifying it to
fie qualifications. Do seniors in the Departments suit our requirements.
have the ability to judge the ability of their 20. Personal development must become an
juniors? integral part of any professional training. Include
the following areas (not comprehensive ) : 13. Training syllabus must be revised and updated

(a) Knowledge of self to lead a meaningful and for every new batch, with feedback received
successful life professionally and personally. from participants.
(How to realize one's full potential and use it 14 Suitable noise- free environment and audio-
for professional achievements ?) visual aids are necessary for learning.
(b) Preparing one self as a knowledge worker Some more suggestions
of 21 st century (etiquette, mannerism, 1. Involve every one associated with T and D in any

professional conduct, good communication manner in designing the Vision, Mission and
etc.) Statement of Objectives and Strategy to achieve
Critical Factors those objectives (on 'need to know' basis). It
1. Training and development is a slow, continuous includes regular employees, associates, vendors
and cumbersome some process which needs and suppliers, visitors, well-wishers and friends
personal involvement of the top boss. etc. Display these at appropriate locations to
2. Recruitment and selection of human resources create a sense of belonging and involvement.
is a vital parameter. The more time, energy, effort 2. There is a need to prepare a suitable H R Policy
and money you spend on this, lesser inputs will Manual , which should include a detailed T and D
get better desired out -comes resulting in major policy and when approved, it must become a
savings in cost. sacrosanct document. Deviations to be allowed
3. One- shot training is ineffective hence keeping with specific permission only.
the track of the trained person and observing 3. For designing T and D policy, after identifying
his/her behavior to modify future inputs is Training and Development Needs Analysis, help
imperative. of an expert may be taken
4. All individuals don't learn the same way and all 4. Include a management expert (within the frame
don't get motivated by the same techniques. work of rules) for any recruitment and selection
Trainer must cater to the specific training needs process. A competency and general behaviour
of each participant. ,conduct and attitude check is useful in selecting
5. To do that number of participants should never the right employee for a long term perspective.
be more than 20 in one batch. 5. A system of reporting/performance in the initial
6. Training sessions must be interactive in nature stages after entry of an employee is very
with at least 20 percent participation from the important. If rules permit, a check at
employees. one/three/six/twelve months should be
7. Employees must be categorized in different adopted to weed out any undesirable employee,
levels based on their background education, who manages to get in by hiding his/her
experience, position in organization etc to get shortcomings or by any means other than merit,
maximum benefit. as early as possible.
8. Inputs should be provided in a sequential order 6. Track the professional movement of the trainee
as far as possible. and provide T and D inputs to meet specific
9. Brief and crisp one page notes as aid to memory professional needs.
must be issued to every participants after the 7. Regular brain- storming sessions (at least once a
session. month ) at different locations with a
10. Every session to end with 'Food for Thought' for management expert as the facilitator, to know
10-15 minutes. the pulse of the employees and adopt
11. Communication and rapport between the innovative measures for improvemen
trainer and participants is a hallmark of any 8. Senior managers must be trained to spend at
learning exercise. Any language, English, Hindi, least 10 % of their official working time on
Punjabi or non- verbal communication may be developing themselves professionally
adopted as long as it hits the emotional chord of 9. Innovate methods of Training and Development
the participants and help them convert their through a continuous review process
thoughts into action i.e. changed improved 10. Prepare a separate document in the form of a
behavior. book to include all that is required for self-
12. Deliberate effort should be made to search / development of employees.
spot training- talent amongst participants over 11. Involve officers at the highest level in T and D
a period of time and nurture them initially as activities.
Associate Trainers and later on as full fledged 12. Develop linkages with other suitable training
trainers so that the Department does not remain establishments.
dependent on out-sourced support for training
in future.

College to Corporate
A Journey

Navdeep Kaur Chauhan

Principal Continental College of Higher Studies

In the dusking years in college, you might gain your are the most powerful career and personal skills you
maiden glimpse of the ensuing professional world. It can possess. This means, how you communicate with
might be through the eyes of a professor who might others and through others to get business results. As
have come to the university after a successful career a young professional, you need to focus on both
in business or it might be through an internship you verbal as well as written communication skills (e-mail
pursue. At times, the business world can seem and regular correspondence).Human resources
exciting while at other times, rather daunting. While professionals estimate that more than 80 per cent of
college certainly facilitates an important & firm people who fail at their jobs do so for one reason --
grounding for fruitful career, it is certainly not the end they don't relate well to other people. Even in highly
of your preparation for surmounting the challenges technical jobs, success or failure is determined more
of career. by human relations skills than by technical
You've spent approximately the last seventeen years proficiency. A study published by the Carnegie
sitting in classrooms absorbing bits & scoops of Institute of Technology reports that 15 per cent of
knowledge. Every now and then you were tested to financial and career success is due to technical
see how well you remembered that information. competence and 85 per cent is due to interpersonal
Occasionally, you had to write a research paper; skills. Let's face it, dealing with others isn't always easy.
sometimes quite an extensive one. You were given In fact, if you're like most people, it will probably turn
the assignment back in September. The paper wasn't out to be one of the biggest day-to-day challenges
due until December. you will face in the workplace. Therefore, it's
Suddenly you are out of the safe haven of the important for you to meet the challenge and be
classroom, where you were tested on schedule, and successful with all the people with whom you
deadlines were not months but days away. You are interact. Strive to build strong and better
thrust into the harsh reality of your first job. Deadlines relationships with your work associates (this includes
are “tomorrow, at the latest.” There are no formal your manager, clients and customers, peers, co-
exams, but don't ever forget -- you are being tested; workers and others). If you work on mastering Career
everyday. The results come, not in report cards, but in Skill # 1, you're certain to be on your way to success.
performance reviews. Always remember to do your Skill # 2 -- Need for a professional attitude
best; you are being watched. Why is your employer A professional attitude might be the most important
watching you? You may think it's a money thing. That ingredient for your business success. You need to
is, of course, true; but it isn't the only reason. Your respect workplace rules and follow a certain code of
performance in the classroom impacted you alone, behavior. You must be diligent in your work and
not your college, or even your professor. In contrast, dedicated to your job. You have to arrive on time and
your performance at work impacts the organization reject the temptation to leave early. In short, there are
as a whole, your bosses, and even your co-workers. no shortcuts to business success. You must be willing
You are one spoke in the wheel that makes the to play by the rules of the game.
organization run. If that spoke is broken, your Skill # 3 -- Administrative: Manage your job
employer will just go out and replace it. It's a fact of business life. Every day employees are
Consider the following key career skills that will be judged by their ability to manage projects, priorities
vital as you transition to the workplace: and deadlines. An organization's success (and your
Skill # 1 -- Develop effective communication skills own career success) depends, to a great degree, upon
What do you think researchers say is the most your skill in getting things done -- on time and with
important ingredient for success and achievement in the desired result. Find out as soon as possible what
today's workplace? What's the foundation for your company and manager expect from you. This
supportive, cooperative work and personal will include using your people (interpersonal
relationships? Interestingly, the answer to both of communication) and technical skills (the knowledge,
these questions is the same -- the ability to skills and abilities that make you a sought-after
communicate skillfully and confidently with people. professional). Once you determine what's expected
Therefore, excellent interpersonal communication of you, decide how you will accomplish it. Design a
skills (Verbal & non verbal including body language) professional development plan so that your action

items lead to achieving your goals. Stay on top of goals. Strive for harmonious working relationships.
even the most demanding schedule of competing Workplace conflict can have constructive or
priorities and multiple projects. To help with this, destructive consequences on an individual's
build a deadline ie a "safety net" to make sure no performance, the team's performance, and the
critical deadlines slip by. Also, make sure that your organisation as a whole. This conflict is often the

deadlines are realistic. Finally, get a mentor who can result of clashes in vision, priorities, values and
help you design an effective career plan. personal loyalties. Anticipate and sidestep the pitfalls
Skill # 4 Persistence pays that could impede your progress. Once you are on
Far too often, employees are willing to give up once solid ground with your team and manager, look
they encounter an obstacle. They wrongly believe around and see which bridges you need to build so
that one failure will lead to a succession of failures. that you are connected with the right people in the
They fail to recognize the fact that many of us learn organisation (those who can make things happen for
more from our failures than from our successes. If you you). Some of these relationships may last over the
analyze the success of a business executive, chances span of your career. Nurture them and value them for
are he or she is a persistent person. Certainly, there are what you can get as well as give to them.
times when you will need to abandon one approach A final word
and embrace another. However, while your methods A smooth transition from college to the work world is
may vary, continue to keep focused on your goals.You possible if you have the proper mental attitude, make
might be surprised at how much you accomplish if smart moves early in your career and establish ties to
you remain persistent in your efforts. your community. To put things in proper perspective,
Skill # 5 -- Build and leverage your relationships by all means recognize the seriousness of starting
The old adage "Who you know can be just as your first full-time job, but don't be mentally
important as what you know" applies here. And, overburdened by trying to match the success of co-
nowhere is this truer than in today's workplace where workers or other professional colleagues. However, as
managers, colleagues and mentors (if you're lucky long you stay at your first job, do your best and
enough to attract one or two) often determine who accomplish as much as you can. Bear in mind, though,
gets noticed and promoted, who finds a new job, and that your career is more than a single job. During your
who thrives in the new organisation. Take charge of career you will most likely work with many
your career by becoming a partner with your companies in various positions. Some will be more
manager.That means that you will be working to gain fulfilling and challenging than others. The success
your manager's respect and trust in your you achieve will result from the discipline, dedication
competence. Enlist your manager's full support for and determination that you develop as a young
your projects. As we covered earlier, know what's professional. These attributes will uniquely shape
important to your manager. Be open to constructive your character and promote your success
criticism because it has a constructive impact. Your throughout your lifetime. For now, study hard and
manager is the person with the power to open doors work diligently but enjoy life to the fullest.
for you, help accelerate your learning and
development and support you in achieving your

Our Memorable Health
Recouping Holiday

Lt Col S K Suri, (Retd)

PSC, MSc, MBA, DTM, Research Associate R.I.P.H.C.,

15 Jun was my 67th/68th Birth Day! (PAK/Rawalpindi Naldehra Golf course (18 holes-6800 yds), the
Archives: please help). My beloved, one & only lady horse/pony rides. It was a treat watch & mix with the
wife of 38 yrs, & Dream Girl/Sweet Heart of 49 yrs, beautiful children, pretty women & men folks of HP!
(now 61), was medically advised to take long walks, Being flexible, we extended our stay by a day & night
after a surgery (in Apr) to strengthen her abdominal halt at the Hotel Palace, Chail on our return journey. I
muscles. The world wide Climate change, was failed to coach my Lady wife, now 61, to play golf,
recording 43-44 Deg. C, at Chandigarh. Our indoor although she has almost learnt putting! And why
rocker/slimmer, though helpful, was not a substitute not? I had to, therefore, I permitted her to beat me at
for Nature cure. My innate love demanded a surprise our daily, short '21 patty' rummy sessions, as usual.
Himachal Pradesh (HP) When I played golf with new friends Iqbal Singh (82),
Holiday to restore the & Col Ajit Singh (80), my lady walked in/around the
health of my heart golf course & joined us for our lemon tea sessions. Our
throb. Of course, I friends could not join us for beer/ drinks because they
discretely got her said, & we agree: Ageing, drinking & driving, especially
explicit consent/OK, as in hills do not combine!
in all family matters; We admired the honesty, hospitality, peace-loving
though I am the nature, simple life style of all people of Himachal! The
master or/& the mouse food was indeed admirable! Though poly-bags are
of the house, I have her banned in HP, a lot needs to be done about littering
permission to say so! especially at Shimla & HP.
I booked our hotel accommodations (for our 38th Help avoid Climate Change
honey moon) on line on 1st Jun: One night at Shimla, All HPTDC Hotels & Resorts, as well as Govt. & Pvt.
six nights at Naldehra Golf Glades, & two nights at Sector must adopt Solar Systems not only for heating
Narkanda. water, but also generating extra power/energy to
We hit the road at 6.30 am (to avoid traffic jam at avoid Climate Change; The Naldehra Golf Course,
Kalka) on our 'Bitto', the Maruti SEX4, (Correction SX4- must be made an ideal international hilly golfing
ZXi: Get aside the men are here!), after due destination by massive Central & State fund
preparations, down to my golf set & kit, a novel, allocation; it must be managed by professional
Madonna's biography (yes, Renu only reads golfers & all red tape (from Shimla) must be
biographies), CDs, playing cards, extra cells for my eradicated; the lawns
hearing aid, essential booze, snacks, an electric tea at HPTDC are indeed
kettle, milk powder, tea bags, sugar cubes, two n o t w o r t h
umbrellas, torches, candles & blab la; not forgetting remembering/ writing
essential emergency medicines, including extra first about. In fact the
aid kits & some light warm clothing. erstwhile Maharajas of
We enjoyed and made New Friends Patiala must be
We enjoyed each others' company, made new friends, weeping in their ashes
halted at will, took long walks morning & evening, at the pathetic state of
(averaging 8-10 Kms. per day), admired the nature, lawns at the Palace
the melodious music of the towering pines, cedars, Hotel, Chail; If the
weeping willows & were lucky to see snow line of Army & Pvt. Sector at higher altitudes, can do it, so
Himalayas, one evening from Narkanda! We ritually must the HPTDC; the concept of inferior standards of
took time out for doing our routine Guru Ramdev Budget Hotels, must change; majority of golf courses
Pranayam & Kapal Bharati. The space constraints do in India were conceived, established, maintained &
not permit me to describe the beauty & tranquility of are well managed as Environment friendly innovative
nature at Timber Trail, Parks, by the Armed Forces to reach international
Hotel Destination standards. It is high time our autocracy took some
lawns, The magnificent serious lessons; lastly, all HPTDC offices &
Hotels Peterhof, The establishments must be networked on Skype to save
Ridge & Scandal Pt, expenses as well as to avoid constant
Hotel Wildflower Hall, communication break-downs.
Kufri, , Hotel Hetu, Fagu, Not withstanding some of the above sore points, we
a number of temples, thank God, one & all at HP & HPTDC, for the bounty
The sulphur spring of nature, & their kind hospitality for giving us an
( Tatta Paani), & of exposure to this wonderful “Heaven on Earth”
course the unique during our Memorable holiday!
Those who predicted Tsunami, Earth

Quake and Global Recession

Abhay Vohra
Project Manager-Business Analysis,
Net Solutions, Technology Park, Chandigarh

If tsunami, earthquake, and economic recession factors like massive bank failures and the stock
could be predited, lives of lakhs and billion of rupees market crash, while economists (such as Barry
of the corporate, trade, and general public could be Eichengreen, Milton Friedman and Peter Temin) point
saved. to monetary factors such as actions by the US Federal
The earthquake and resulting tsunami in the Indian Reserve that contracted the money supply, and
Ocean on December 26th, 2004 had a devastating Britain's decision to return to the Gold Standard at
effect on India. According to the Indian government, pre-World War I parities (US$4.86:£1).
almost 11,000 people died in the tsunami and over Recessions and business cycles are thought to be a
5,000 are missing and feared dead It is estimated that normal part of living in a world of inexact balances
380,000 Indians have been displaced by the disaster between supply and demand. What turns a normal
and reconstruction is expected to cost more than 1.2 recession or 'ordinary' business cycle into an actual
billion dollars (World Bank). The areas hardest hit by depression is a subject of debate and concern. Unless
the tsunami were the south-eastern coast and the a lesson is learnt from the previous recessions, it
Andaman and Nicobar Islands. would become difficult to manage the future
Scientists cannot predict when earthquakes will recessions.
occur and so, they cannot determine exactly when an Could Global Recession be predicted?
ear thquake-generated tsunami will occur. Had the recent global recession could be predicted,
Volcanically-generated tsunamis can be forecasted if millions of money of corporate, trade and general
the volcano is carefully monitored. public could be saved. But there were people who
Scientist who predicted Earthquake & Tsunami predicted this downturn and made and by betting on
Professor Kerry Sieh is a geologist at the California the same they made lot of money.
Institute of Technology. In 2004, Sieh's team had been The following eMails exchanged between my cousin
anticipating that a devastating Indian Ocean tsunami Deepak at Canada and me is a miniscule picture of
was likely to happen sometime soon, triggered by a the losses, which the world suffered.
shift at the Australian-Eurasian plate boundary. Less Deepak: From the income I had from publishing books,
than two weeks before the Boxing Day tsunami, at a I had invested $35,000 in the stock market. In the market
conference of the American Geophysical Union, crash of 2007-8, I lost $30,000 of the investment.
Professor Sieh warned of an impending Sumatran Me: I hope your investment has been recovered by now,
earthquake. So concerned was Professor Sieh about since the stock markets have gained.
the potential tsunami hazard that he toured Deepak: The loss was realized, which in stock market
Indonesia trying to convince officials to take the terms means the stocks were sold and non recoverable. I
tsunami danger seriously. He finally resorted to shall be cautious in the future trading.
distributing tsunami advice posters in Sumatra, an Me: I also invest in the Stock Market but don't buy stocks.
action that saved hundreds of lives. I invest through ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) and Low
Viktor Bokov, a scientist from St.Petersburg, deals cost index funds and follow a staggered approach.
with short-term earthquake forecasts. The I am reading a very interesting book called 'The Big
information about the forthcoming disaster in Short' by Michael Lewis which contains a very incisive
Southeast Asia, which killed 215,000 people. Viktor account of the causes of the 2007-2008 crash. It was
Bokov predicted major natural disaster of modern fascinating to learn about how sub-prime mortgages
times too. He informed about the coming earthquake on homes were packaged into Mortgaged Backed
in Turkey, which occurred on April 10th, 2003. The Securities (MBS), a types of bonds sold as investments
specialist forecast the disaster with great precision products. Trillions of dollars worth if these mortgages
Economic downturn of 1929 backed bonds were created and sold by big Wall Street
There were multiple causes for the first economic banks as investment products called CDOs. When the
downturn in 1929, including the structural housing market started to collapse in 2007, and people
weaknesses and specific events that turned it into a were unable to repay their Mortgages, these bonds
major depression and the way in which the downturn crashed which led to a credit crunch.
spread from country to country. In relation to the What is interesting is that there were a few investors
1929 downturn, historians emphasize structural who anticipated the housing market collapse and

over spreadsheets, hedge fund titan John Paulson
realised that the housing market was vastly
overstretched. Fuelled by sub-prime mortgages, it
was a classic bubble ready to burst. He had waited his
whole life for this perfect trade. Paulson, who had
never dealt in real-estate before, struggled to
convince bullish Wall Street investors about the

coming crash. But as house prices began to falter and

Increasing Housing Decreasing Housing the financial system collapsed, he reaped the
Prices Prices rewards. He made a now-legendary series of trades,
executed with technical skill and perfect timing. The
results were spectacular. In a single morning in late
actually made money betting against it. 2007 Paulson made $1.25bn from a five-point fall in
I urge you to read this book, if you can find a copy in your the markets. Across the year he earned $15 billion for
local library. his fund, including $4 billion for himself more than
People who predicted the economic Crash the incomes of J.K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey and Tiger
Most interestingly, there were people who predicted Woods put together.
the crash, such as John Paulson and Dr. Mike Burry. I It was the largest trading windfall in history by far,
have been reading a story of John Paulson described securing his place in the history books alongside
in a book written by Gregory Zuckerman - The Warren Buffet and George Soros. Written with the
Greatest Trade Ever: How John Paulson Bet Against exclusive co-operation of the highly secretive
the Markets and Made $20 Billion. The story of one Paulson, The Greatest Trade Ever tells the full story of
man's refusal to believe in the health of the housing his trade for the first time. Like Barbarians at the Gate
boom tells us a great deal about the financial crisis. 20 years ago, it also tells a wider story of staggering
On a single morning in 2007, when gung ho sub- wealth accumulation, hubris and financial whizzery. It
prime lender New Century announced it was in is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand
trouble, Paulson's fund clocked up gains of $1.25bn. the inner workings of the markets and trying to spot
The book review describes: Back in 2006, hunched the next bubble.

Applicability of Part- I of

The Act to Arbitration

Deputy Advocate General, (Haryana)

The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 fuses the Inc (2003) 9 SCC 79 held otherwise.
laws on the subject of arbitration in India and is In Bhatia International case, the Supreme Court has
primarily based on the United Nations Commission even gone to the extent of saying that in the absence
on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Model Law. of the word 'only' in Section 2(2), Part I of the Act
Prior to this India had the Arbitration (Protocol and would apply to arbitration held outside India, so long
Invention) Act 1997, the Arbitration Act 1940 and the as the law of India governed the Contract. In coming
foreign awards (Recognition and Enforcement) Act to this conclusion, the Supreme Court has taken the
1961. support of similar provision in UNCITRAL Model Law.
With the passage of time, some difficulties in the Article 1(2) of the Model Law says that the provisions
applicability of the Act of 1996 have been noticed. of this law, except Articles 8, 9, 35 and 36, apply “only”
Therefore, it became very important on the part of if the place of arbitration is in the territory of this
the Parliament to re-examine certain provisions of State.
the 1996 Act so as to make sure that the arbitral In the case of Venture Global Engg, the Supreme
process was easily conducted with nominal Court held that it is also clear that even in the case of
interfering by the courts and also to cure the wrong international commercial arbitration held out of India,
practices that had sneaked into the arbitral process. (including the non-convention countries) provisions of
Taking into account all these facts and circumstances, Part-I would apply unless the parties by agreement,
the authorities have proposed to amend certain express or implied, exclude all or any of its provisions. It
provisions of the Act in order to remove these was also held that the parties may make an application
difficulties. For this purpose the consultation paper u/s 34 of the Act to set aside such awards. This line of
has been prepared by the Law Ministry and has been judicial reasoning has been widely criticized by
released for seeking comments. practitioners of international commercial arbitration.
International Commercial Arbitration Reciprocity Reservation
The major changes proposed by the said The New York Convention has rightly been relied
amendment are in upon in the Consultation Paper in differing with the
relation to Sections judgments of the Supreme Court as aforesaid. The
2(2), 11, 12, 28, Clause (3) of Article 1 of New York convention on the
31(7)(b), 34 and 36 Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
of the Act. Section permits the signing, ratifying or declaration by the
2(2) of the Ac t acceding State on the basis of reciprocity that it will
relating to the apply the convention made only in the territory of
applicability of Part another Contracting State. Article I(3) of the New York
I of 1996 Act reads Convention has granted liberty to all the signatory
“ This par t shall countries to provide for“reciprocity reservation”.
apply where the India has also made the reciprocity reservation as
place of arbitration is in India.” This provision has also well as the commercial reservation. Provisions of Part
been interpreted differently by the Courts at different II which deal with enforcement of foreign award, is
points of time, thereby giving varied inconsistent not applicable to an international commercial
implications in respect of international commercial arbitration which takes place in non-convention
arbitration where seat of arbitration is not India in a country and where there is no reciprocal agreement
range of cases such as Bhatia International vs. Bulk between that country and Central Government.
Trading (2002)4 SCC 105, Shreejee Traco (I) Private Sections 44 and 53 of Part II of the Act clearly
Ltd. Vs. Paper Line International (2003)9 SCC 79, recognise reciprocity.
Venture Global Engineering Vs. Satyam Hence, Part I should not be applicable to arbitrations
Computers 2008(1) SCALE 214. In Bhatia whose seat is not in India. However, the language of
International case, the Supreme Court has held that Part I does give rise to “practical problems” as it does
Part I would apply to international Commercial not enable a court to grant interim orders in case the
arbitration held outside India (hereinafter “foreign seat is outside India or grant assistance in obtaining
arbitration”) while in certain other decisions for eg. evidence.
Shreejee Traco(I) Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Paper Line International
Welcome Amendment merit. A bare reading of the above provision leads to
In view of all this, Section 2(2) of the Arbitration and an irresistible conclusion that with the introduction
Conciliation Act has been of the proposed amendments, it seeks to exclude the
considered again. In order to applicability of all the Provisions of Part I of the Act
restrain intervention from except for section 9 (application for interim relief )
the Courts, the Consultation and Section 27 (Court assistance in taking evidence
paper proposes to amend for arbitration held outside India). It can also be

Sec. 2(2) by inserting the inferred from it that the parties to the arbitration will
word “only” in the provision not be able to contract out of section 9 and section 27
to exclude specifically the of the Act in their arbitration agreement. Under the
applicability of Part I to the proposed amendment, only these two provisions will
International Commercial Arbitration where the continue to apply in respect of international
place of arbitration is not in India. Section 9 commercial arbitrations where the place of
(application for interim relief ) and Section 27 (Court arbitration is outside India. This has perhaps been
assistance in taking evidence for arbitration held necessitated by realistic difficulties where the place
outside India) have been kept outside the purview of of arbitration is outside India, parties might find it
this exclusion and for this a proviso has been added necessary, for instance, to move for interim relief in
after which the section shall read as follows: India (for eg. where the assets of the parties are
“This part shall apply only where the place of entirely in India).
arbitration in India. I conclude by saying that speedy disposal of
Provided that provisions of section 9 and 29 shall Commercial disputes is one of the indispensable
also apply to International Commercial requisites for growth and development in the Indian
arbitration where the place of arbitration is not in economy. The proposed amendments to the Act of
India if an award made in such place is 1996 will have far-reaching effects and would have a
enforceable and recognized under part II of this great impact on the manner in which arbitrations
Act.“ would be conducted.
This is a welcome amendment and has a great deal of

Attrition! How to Retain
Talented Employees?

Col ( Retd) Taj Hoda is currently working as

AVP- Admin and is also a Research Scholar in
HR in Panjab University, Chandigarh.

A number of research and surveys have been carried i. Allow lateral flow of information, openly, truly
out on reducing turn over and retaining talented and promptly with compassion.
employees and these results have been published. j. Engage employees in celebrating success and
Yet, attrition doesn't seem to stop. Many Employers in milestones, be it personal or organisational.
service industry find it hard to retain and thus the Create an organisational culture which is open,
turnover costs of these companies are mounting. trustworthy and fun.
There had been a raging debate by HR experts, as to k. Involve employees in understanding mission
whether better compensation package helps retain and vision of the organisation and help them
employees or is it the fair treatment? A recent poll work towards the vision.
seems to suggest that “good coaching and better l. Last but not the least, have a long term
interaction with the Boss” weighs over compensation succession plan in place.
package. However, I attended a seminar recently and Conclusion
found that most of the HR experts were in favour of Retaining employee therefore is not very difficult but
“Good compensation package”. challenging. Gone are the days when an employee
Having served in the Armed Forces for over 25 years spent a lifetime working with an organisation. Ethical
and now with over 5 years of exposures in corporate values like personal involvement, attachment,
world, I tend to agree with the result of recent poll, loyalties and mutual
that is, a fair treatment is more conducive for respect between
employee retention than compensation package. employer and the
The important factors which help in employee employee have been
retention are, overtaken by faster
Suggested Measures: Employee Retention growth, higher skills,
a. A just and fair treatment of employees is very domain expertise and
important. Treat each employee with respect better compensation
and show them that you care about them as a and perquisites.
person and not only as an employee. Adequate Today's tech savvy
opportunity should be given to interact with and upwardly mobile
senior officials of the company. employee wants
b. Good compensation and benefit package does better raise, faster
play an important role in helping retain growth and quicker promotions...and the same is
employees. being lapped up by like minded “Employers” who are
c. Create stimulating work environment and ready to poach employees of other organisations
provide opportunity to employees to learn and with lucrative offers and promise to pay higher
develop new skills. Link goals of the perquisites.
organisation to that of individual goals. However, all is not lost and a very large number of
d. Employers/Seniors must be vocal in praising organisations are able to stem the tide of attrition by
attempts and accomplishments, be it small or introducing and implementing well thought out
large promptly, sincerely and publicly. It must be plans. These measures include creating stimulating
also be followed up in writing and recorded. work environment, offering flexible career options
e. Goals, objectives, responsibilities should be well laced with excellent benefit packages. A transparent
defined and management should encourage appraisal system must be in place to recognise and
employees to achieve those objectives. reward good performance. Major steps towards
f. Recognize performance appropriately and retention involve better training and interaction with
consistently by rewarding outstanding seniors, improving skills, providing challenging,
performances, and coach and train laggards. rewarding and interesting work. It is also important to
g. Involve employees in plans and decisions, encourage better team work, cohesion and good
especially those affecting them. Encourage new bonding between the co workers, respect multi
ideas, opinions and allow them to take initiative. cultural ethos and norms and ensure respectful
h. Actively listen to employees concerns, be it treatment of all employees.
work related or personal. Tacit Involvement of Source- Personal research and information through
spouse or family will yield better results. internet .
eMag JOHARI WINDOW A Simple Tool for

interpersonal development

Col (Retd.) B.M.Sabhlok

Corporate Trainer

What it is? individuals about their own blind areas. Leaders also
A simple and useful tool for understanding and have a big responsibility to promote a culture and
training self-awareness, personal development, expectation for open, honest, positive, helpful,
improving communications, interpersonal constructive, sensitive communications, and the
relationships, group dynamics, team development sharing of knowledge throughout their organization.
and intergroup relationships. It was created by Johari Region 2
American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry By seeking or soliciting feedback from others, the aim
Ingham in 1955 calling it “Johari' after combining should be to reduce this area and thereby to increase
their first names, Joe and Harry. Johari window is the open area ie, to increase self-awareness.This blind
especially relevant due to emphasis on, and influence area is not an effective or productive space for
of, 'soft' skills, behavior, empathy, cooperation, individuals or groups. This blind area could also be
intergroup development and interpersonal referred to as ignorance about oneself, or issues in
development. which one is deluded. A blind area could also include
It represents information feelings, experience, views, issues that others are deliberately withholding from a
attitudes, skills, intentions, motivation, etc within or person. We all know how difficult it is to work well
about a person in relation to their team from four when kept in the dark.
perspectives. It can also be used to represent the Group members and managers can take some
same information for a team in relation to other responsibility for helping an individual to reduce
teams. their blind area - in turn increasing the open area - by
Johari Window's Four Regions : giving sensitive feedback and encouraging
1. Open area, open self, free area, free self or disclosure. Managers should promote a climate of
'the arena': what is known by the person about non-judgemental feedback, and group response to
him/herself and is also known by others individual disclosure, which reduces fear and
2. Blind area, blind self, or 'blind spot': what is therefore encourages both processes to happen.
unknown by the person about him/herself but Johari Region 3
which others know Johari region 3 is what is known to ourselves but kept
3. Hidden area, hidden self, avoided area, hidden from, and therefore unknown, to others. This
avoided self or 'facade': what the person hidden or avoided self represents information,
knows about him/herself that others do not feelings, etc, anything that a person knows about
know him/self, but which is not revealed or is kept hidden
4. Unknown area or unknown self: what is from others. The hidden area could also include
unknown by the person about him/herself and sensitivities, fears, hidden agendas, manipulative
is also unknown by others intentions, secrets - anything that a person knows but
Johari Region 1 does not reveal, for whatever reason. It's natural for
Johari region 1 is also known as the 'area of free very personal and private information and feelings to
activity'. This is the information about the person - remain hidden, indeed, certain information, feelings
behaviour, attitude, feelings, emotion, knowledge, and experiences have no bearing on work, and so can
experience, skills, views, etc - known by the person and should remain hidden. However, typically, a lot of
('the self') and known by the group ('others'). The aim hidden information is not very personal, it is work - or
in any group should always be to develop the 'open performance-related, and so is better positioned in
area' for every person, because when we work in this the open area.
area with others we are at our most effective and Relevant hidden information and feelings, etc, should
productive, and the group is at its most productive be moved into the open area through the process of
too. The open free area, or 'the arena', can be seen as 'disclosure'.The aim should be to disclose and expose
the space where good communications and relevant information and feelings - hence the Johari
cooperation occur, free from distractions, mistrust, Window terminology 'self-disclosure' and 'exposure
confusion, conflict and misunderstanding. process', thereby increasing the open area. By telling
Managers and team leaders can play an important others how we feel and other information about
role in facilitating feedback and disclosure among ourselves we reduce the hidden area, and increase
group members, and in directly giving feedback to the open area, which enables better understanding,
cooperation, trust, team-working effectiveness and promote the processes of self-discovery, constructive

productivity. Reducing hidden areas also reduces the observation and feedback among team members.
potential for confusion, misunderstanding, poor Johari window also relate to Emotional Quotient
communication, etc, which all distract from and (EQ)
undermine team effectiveness. EQ principles provide a new way to understand and
Johari Region 4 assess people's behaviours, management styles,
The processes by which the information and attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential.

knowledge can be uncovered are various, and can be Emotional Intelligence is an important consideration
prompted through self-discovery or observation by in human resources planning, job profiling,
others, or in certain situations through collective or recruitment interviewing and selection,
mutual discovery. Counseling can also uncover management development, customer relations and
unknown issues. Again as with disclosure and customer service, and more.
soliciting feedback, the process of self-discovery is a The EQ concept argues that IQ, or conventional
sensitive one. intelligence, is too narrow; that there are wider areas
Uncovering 'hidden talents' - that is unknown of Emotional Intelligence that dictate and enable
aptitudes and skills, not to be confused with how successful we are.
developing the Johari 'hidden area' - is another EQ embraces two aspects of intelligence:
aspect of developing the unknown area, and is not so • Understanding yourself, your goals, intentions,
sensitive as unknown feelings. responses and behaviour.
Managers and leaders can help by creating an • Understanding others, and their feelings.
environment that encourages self-discovery, and to

Divya Gurnay, Duaghter of CMA Member Mr. Balwant Gurunay

From your left to right as you look at the picture:-

Standing- Indira Kadambi, Divya Gurnay, Major Geetanjali, Kritika Bhardwaj, Vallari Pathak.
Sitting with NIM flag Neetu Tanwar

Divya Gurnay, daughter of Mr. Balwant Gurney-a CMA Member, a 20 years old student of MCM DAV College
Chandigarh and an alumnus of Yadavindra Public School conquered Rudugaira peak 19090 ft in the region of
Gangotri glacier on 17th june 2010. She accomplished this feat as a part of a19 member all girls team from
different corners of India. Divya Gurunay is the first young lady along with her team mates to have accomplished
this task as a part of an all women team comprising members as diverse as an army Major, Maj. Geetanjali of
Indian army and graphic designer Sonali Bhatia.
This peak is higher than Mt. Elbrus which is the highest peak in Europe and is higher than Vinson Massif, the
highest peak in Antarctica and Puncak Jaya, the highest peak in Oceania. RuduGaira peak is one of the
prestigious peaks of Gangotri region and on the wanted list of many experienced climbers. It has been scaled by
extreme sport ladies like Padmashree Bachendri Pal and Padmashree Chandraprabha Aitwal to name the
famous of the league. It is for the first time that Nehru Institute of Mountaineering has made its all women team
achieve this task and create a record in mountaineering.
Divya Gurunay has many firsts to her name. Having won more than 24 medals in various athletic events, she was
the winner of best all rounder of YPS in year 2008 and remained the school captain of this prestigious school.
Other than being the cricket blue of YPS she is an ace horse rider and a hard core adventurer. She is also the
winner of more than 30 national inter-school, inter-college and university level debates and declamations.

Is Climate Change
affecting J&K?

Nitin Gupta
( MBA Student Of University of Jammu)

J&K known as paradise on earth with diverse ethos, wildlife all narrates the exquisity of jammu.
ethnicity , culture ,religions ,culture, climate but one Kashmir : Nature has endowed Kashmir with
thing is common which is topography .we have the innumerable gifts, its towering snow clad mountains,
best greenery and forest cover after Madhya Pradesh. icy cold streams, crystal clear and sparkling lakes,
Even best in india. Himalyan mountain ranges extend flower meadows, colorful orchards and villages that
from Kashmir to jammu and then to himachal, always attracted tourists from all parts of the world.
uttrakhand, and north east. One can find pastures, The centuries-old traditional fruit cultivation has
devdar trees and many unique trees in J&K. J&k once profusely colored the riposte and tranquility of
known as green state now has been loosing its Kashmir's landscape
shine. Exquisite scenaries and picturesque scenario It is loosing its picturesque scenario
lures the tourists. The forest ranges of Jammu Irony is that we are witnessing the sudden changes in
Kashmir itself is specimen of adorable showcase. The the climate of Jammu and Kashmir. Last decade
mesmerizing and witnessed the dramatic increase in the summer
ethnicity of temperatures and stretching of summers which
geography truly leads contraction of winters. It is all due to massive
narrates the deforestation and encroachment of land which has
plethora of altered the well maintained climate of this beautiful
tremendous flora state. Now many forests have been clearing in the
and fauna. name of development like laying railway tracks and
Ladakh, the roof to make habitat for population, some illegal
of the world occupation and many more reasons. Usually earlier in
opened to this part of the world temperature was pleasant one
tourists only in especially in kashmir, ladakh. Now we are
the last decade. At experiencing that state's vegetation has been
an awesome altitude, this highland is the bridge jeopardized and vulnerable.
between the earth and the sky. Ladakh means "land Lot has to be done from general public. They have to
of high passes". Until the coming of the aircraft, the become conscious about the fatalities which state
only access into this remote, high Trans-Himalayan could experience if
kingdom was across several high pass crossings. this trauma is not
Ladakh's landscape has more in common with the checked now.
lunar landscape than any other place on earth. Being Government has to
in a complete rain-shadow region, cut off from the frame public-
monsoon clouds by the Great Himalayas and a host of government
subsidiary ranges, it is a cold high altitude desert society by taking
where the wind, water from the minimal winter into confidence of
snows, and chemical reactions within the rocks public that how
themselves, have carved a fantastic, sometimes much it is requisite
grotesque, landscape for saving the state
Jammu, known as city of temples has also plethora of f r o m e x t r e m i t y.
flora and fauna having hill stations like patnitop, Proper consultation between public and
nathatop, bhaderwah, doda, ,kishtwar. Jammu is government has to be made and a cooperative
having similar kind of topography.Jammu is the society primarily for the purpose of saving state's
gateway to rest of the state so serve as link .Enroute to greenery from extinction is to be founded. Otherwise
katra where Maa vaishno resides in trikuta hills the greenery which is the trademark and logo of J&K
bestows the nature a desired gift. Greenery state would be vanished and beauty of Jammu and
everywhere, the transqulity of the route itself kashmir would be read and available only in history
demonstrates the beauty of jammu .It revitalizes the books. In this way, I conclude by saying that strong
body and refreshes as atmosphere and climate is conviction and determination is required to save
quite pollution free. Here comes patnitop which is jammu kashmir from dramatic exploitation on the
just like mini gulmarg, manda forests,Ramnagar name of development.
Know your President

Dr. Gulshan Sharma

Dr. Gulshan Sharma is the Chairman of ITFT Education Group (Institute of Technology & Future Management Trends)
that prepares professionals of calibre to meet the ever growing needs of human resource.
Dr. Sharma completed his Doctorate in 1984-85 in Service Industry with special emphasis on International Tourism
as Business activity and Emerging Trends in Service Industry in Asia.
He submitted his research dissertations to University of Vienna, Austria, University of Woodbury, and George
Washington University, USA and for Human Resource Development & Future Trends to WTO Spain, besides his
Research Work on Japanese Culture, Cuisine Art & Handicrafts at Saporo,Tokyo,Yokohama, Kobe, & Kyoto.
Dr. Gulshan Sharma Formulated India's first Masters Programme in Tourism & Hospitality, India's first Postgraduate
Programme in Events Management, and has travelled worldwide. He set up ITFT in 1994
At present he is the Secretary General of International Punjabi Chamber for Service Industry, Centre for Media and
Entertainment Studies, and Chandigarh tourism Club.
Earlier he delivered lectures for CMA on his Vision of Chandigarh, and brought foreign experts to talk on the future
management trends. He honoured some of the CMA Past Presidents on the platforms, which he controls as Secretary
He was unanimously elected President for the Chandigarh Management Association (CMA) and has taken charge of
CMA on 1st July. Members and the executive body of CMA welcome him on this occasion and wish very useful and
exciting year ahead under his stewardship.

A View of Dr. Gulshan

Sharma's Party while
assuming charge as
President of Chandigarh

There was a gathering of

Past Presidents of CMA,
Theatre and Film
Celebrities, Important
people of the Tricity.

Edited by : JN Vohra, Secretary General, CMA
Plot No. 5, C/o Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Sector 27, Chandigarh
Mobile : 9814556072
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