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WCI Athlete of the Year Awards

June 9, 2017
7:00 pm
WCI Auditorium
1. Welcome and Introductions
A. Kathy Roberts Chair of Hall of Fame Committee
B. Paul Panayi Principal, WCI

2. WCI Athlete of the Year Presentations

--announced by: Eric Molinaro

A. Junior Girls


Abbey Davis Anakin McMahon

Makayla Egan Lisa Seng
Rachel Hooker Monique VanDijken
Ella Westlake

B. Junior Boys


Isaiah Belleth Jordan Kelner

Jacob Corrigan-McCreery George Richard
Bailey Couch Josh Wright

C. Senior Girls


Ali Bergman Alison MacKay

Alix Christie Katy Magoffin
Emma Davis Esther VanDijken

D. Senior Boys


Callaghan Bullen Jacob Rooke

Luccas Matern Grant Takacs
Brody Oliver

3. Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame

Kathy Roberts Presentation of Steve Coads Biography

4. Introduction and Presentation of Inductees

--presented by: Coad family members

A. Jim Carnwath 1948 1953 Badminton, Football, Basketball, Tennis
--nominated by: Lew Tebbutt
--announced by: Meagan Vens

B. Peter Ferguson 1948 1953 Badminton, Football, Track & Field, Tennis,
--nominated by: Lew Tebbutt
--announced by: Jacob Corrigan-McCreery

C. Aveleigh Hepworth-Ransom** 1947 1954

Golf, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball,
Track & Field, Swimming
--nominated by: Ann Gun-Munro
--announced by: Anakin McMahon

D. John Campbell 1982 1987 Basketball, Volleyball

--nominated by: Peter Ewing
--announced by: Isaiah Belleth

E. Mike Terry 1983 1988 Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field

--nominated by: Janet Thompson
--announced by: Emma Hagen-Johnson

**posthumous induction


A. 1990 1991 Senior Boys Volleyball Team

Coach: Dave Alexander
--nominated by: Jeff Feairs
--announced by: Callaghan Bullen

B. 1990 1991 Senior Boys Basketball Team

Coach: Dave Alexander
--nominated by: Jeff Feairs
--announced by: Chris Coyle

C. 2004 2005 Junior Girls Basketball Team

Coach: Chris Coyle
--nominated by: Kathy Roberts
--announced by: Eric Molinaro

5. Closing Words

At the conclusion of the tonights program, light refreshments will be served in the first
floor hallway, where the Hall of Fame wall is located. Everyone is invited to join our
inductees and their guests.


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Athletic Hall of Fame! While this event is free to the public, the committee would
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Attn: Jane Winsky
Steve Coad attended WCI from 1963 until he graduated in 1970. During that time, he was a loyal Red
Devil, participating in all aspects of school life. From sports to Student Council, Steve played a major
role in helping make his beloved school a great place.

From his grade 9 year until he graduated, Steve played on a Red Devil football team. For him, football
was the epitome of athleticism and school spirit. Being a part of a team and knowing that his
contribution was making a difference was an important part of his character. The friendships and
memories that were forged were as significant to him as the championships themselves, if not more.

Steve was a member of two undefeated Senior Football teams, winning the Tri-County Championship
Bowl, first in 1967-68, and then again in 1969-70.

Steve attended Western University in London, Ontario, graduating with an honours degree in History
and Physical Education. He then pursued a career in journalism, working first as Sports Editor for the
Woodstock Sentinel-Review, followed by the Windsor Star. Eventually, he worked for the London Free
Press as a sports reporter and copy editor. While there, he continued to seek the personal story behind
the athlete, regardless of their level, from interscholastic to world class and professional. He truly
cared about the athletes he wrote about, and in many instances, developed and maintained on-going
friendships long after the article was published.

In his post-secondary athletic life, Steve became a long distance runner, competing in races of all
distances, including the marathon. He had plans to run another marathon before his 65th birthday and
had stepped up his training in preparation. Over the 30 years that he spent running the roads of his
Old South London neighbourhood, he became a familiar figure, even though many people did not know
him by name.

A Red Devil, through and through, Steve could always be counted on to show up at various high school
sporting eventsespecially track & field and cross country runningwhere he would cheer on the
athletes in red and white.

In memory of Steve, and his legacy as a Red Devil and supporter of athletics, this Hall of Fame
represents all that is great about the athletes of Woodstock Collegiate Institute and their outstanding

Heres to Steve Coadpassionate Red Devil, dedicated athlete, committed journalist, and, above all, a
gentlemanalways remembered!

Jim Carnwath
Jim Carnwath attended WCI from 1948 to 1953. During his high school days, he was a well-
rounded athlete having played basketball, quarterback for the football team, as well as a little tennis.
But his most notable achievements came in the sport of badminton.
Jim was the WOSSA Boys Singles Badminton Champion in 1951, and the Boys Doubles champion
in 1953 with Peter Ferguson. Its important to note that high school sports were organized differently
back then, and WOSSA was of the same prestige as OFSAA is today. As a high school athlete, Jim won
the Canadian Junior Mens singles title in 1952 and 1953. So proud was the city of Woodstock, that in
1952, when he returned home from Winnipeg, he was greeted at the train station and then paraded
down Dundas Street in an open car, accompanied by the WCI bugle band, as were Peter Ferguson and
Aveleigh Hepworth-Ransom in 1951.
At the University of Toronto, during Jims undergraduate years, he continued to compete at the
intercollegiate level, winning four consecutive team titles from 1954 to 1958, three singles titles from
1955 to 1958, and one doubles championship with once again, WCI team mate Peter Ferguson in 1958.
As a result, he is a member of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues Athletic Hall of Fame.
Jim continued his dominance on the badminton courts after he completed his undergraduate
degree and was selected to the Canadian Thomas Cup team, which serves as the Mens International
World Championships, in 1958, 1961, 1964, and 1967. From 1957 to 1966, Jim was the Ontario Singles
champion six times, Ontario Mixed Doubles champion three times, and the Ontario Doubles champion
three times. He won the Canadian Mixed Doubles championship in 1963 and 1964. He also gave back
to his sport, serving as the President of the Canadian Badminton Association in 1977 to 1978.
In later years, Jim continued to attack the badminton courts by dominating Senior and Masters
play from 1987 to 2011. During that time, he was the Canadian Mens Singles champion 17 times,
Doubles champion 13 times, and Mixed Doubles champion once. At championships in the U.S., he was
the Mens Singles and Doubles champion twice, and the Mixed Doubles champion three times. All of
this, while pursuing a very busy and successful law career. It isnt difficult to understand why he was
inducted into the Woodstock Athletic Wall of Fame in 2005!
Jim graduated from the University of Toronto in 1960 with a law degree and practiced in
Woodstock from 1962 to 1980. In 1980 he was appointed as Justice in the District Court of Ontario
followed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice until 2009; one of the longest serving appointed
judges. Since September 2009, Jim has been a Commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission and
hopes to finish his last case by the end of June. He lives in Toronto, with his wife Lianne, and is looking
forward to retirement.
To this day, Jim still finds his way onto a badminton court and continues to play, proving that
champions never give up!

It is with great honour that Jim Carnwath is inducted into the Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of
Peter Ferguson
Peter Ferguson walked the halls of WCI from 1948 to 1953. If you were to leaf through the
pages of the yearbooks from back then, you would see that he excelled in a wide range of sportsfrom
hockey, to the fullback on the football team, as well as track & field and tennis. But like his team
mate, Jim Carnwath, it was in badminton where he made his mark.
Pete, as he was known back then, won the WOSSA Boys Singles Badminton championship in
1952, and was Doubles champion with Jim Carnwath in 1953. He won the first ever Canadian Junior
Mens Singles title in 1951, setting the scene for the annual parade of champions down Dundas Street,
which took place the next year for Jim. Peter noted that the prestigious Toronto clubs were a bit
taken aback by the fact that athletes from little Woodstock Ontario had managed to claim this glory.
Peter attended the University of Toronto, graduating with a Bachelor degree in Commerce in
1958, and a Master of Arts in Psychology in 1961. As a Varsity Blues athlete, Peter was a member of
three intercollegiate national championship teams in 1954, 1956, and 1958. Peter was inducted into the
University of Toronto Varsity Blues Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010.
In 1956, Peter dominated other competitions while still helping the Blues to their championship
titles. He was the Toronto and District Singles champion, the Montreal AAA Singles champ, the USA
National Capital Open Singles Champion, and the Strathgowan International Singles Champion. He was
ranked second in singles play in Canada for two consecutive years at this time, and was a three time
Ontario Doubles champion between 1958 and 1960.
In later years, Peter served at the administrative level for his sport as the President of the
Carlton Badminton and Squash Club from 1974 to 1976, where he easily transferred his badminton skills
to the game of squash. He served as the Vice-Commodore of Sports for the Royal Canadian Yacht Club,
when it merged with the Carlton Club, from 1976 to 1986.
Peter had a full and busy professional career, working for Massey Ferguson, followed by Vice
President of Human Resources and Labour Negotiations for American-Standard. He finished as the
Commissioner of Human Resources for the City of Toronto, before retiring in 1993. Today, he spends his
time at the cottage with his wife Jean of 56 years, where he enjoys painting. Peter and Jean have a
son and a daughter, and five grandsons.

It is with great honour that Peter Ferguson is inducted into the Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of
Aveleigh Hepworth-R ansom
Aveleigh Hepworth-Ransom was a Red Devil from 1947 to 1954. She was constantly busy with
her full sports schedule. And full it was! If there was a sports competition or team to be on, then
Aveleigh was right there front and centre! She did it all; whether it was basketball and volleyball,
track & field and swimming, not to mention badminton and tennis, and she was always at the top of
the field. No matter what sport Aveleigh played, she was always a gracious and humble sportswoman.
While at WCI, Aveleigh was the perennial girls track & field day champion, a member of the
1949 WOSSA volleyball team that played in the finals, a member of the 1950 WOSSA championship
tennis team, and the 1952 WOSSA championship badminton team. She too, along with team mates Jim
Carnwath and Peter Ferguson, excelled at the game of badminton. Aveleigh competed at the Canadian
badminton championships in 1951, winning the consolation round of the Junior Ladies Singles
competition. Arriving home from Quebec City, she received the same welcome home as Canadian
Junior Singles champion Peter Ferguson. They sat side by side in an open convertible in a parade riding
down Dundas Street.
After graduating from WCI, Aveleigh continued to hone her badminton game, winning numerous
tournaments and a national top 10 ranking. As a result, she was chosen for the Canadian womens
team that would compete in the inaugural International Uber Cup in 1957.
As if all these athletic endeavours werent enough, Aveleigh took up the game of golf at the
age of 18. But it wasnt until after her marriage to her long time high school sweetheart, Howard
Ransom, her game really took off. She and Howard moved to Arnprior Ontario, where they joined the
golf club and she won her first club championship that very year. Between 1958 and 1988, she won 27
club titles! Aveleigh had a golf handicap of 6. Her skill at driving a ball became so powerful, she could
hit the ball past most mens shots. Even the local golf pro once!
In addition to club play, Aveleigh won numerous tournaments in eastern Ontario and Quebec.
She made the provincial team in 1973 to play in the Canadian Ladies Golf Association Championships in
P.E.I. She did this all while holding down a career as a homemaker and mother, raising her two
daughters. Over the years, she and Howard were active on the badminton and tennis courts, enjoying
recreational competition with friends.
At the age of 70, and after 3 years of continuing to battle cancer, Aveleighs career in golf
ended with another win. Her last Ottawa-Valley inter-club championship appearance at the OBrien
Cup, was her 42nd time playing for the team, and she helped her beloved Arnprior club to its 20th Cup
title. Nine months later, in 2004, she passed away. Aveleigh was an ultimate competitor in sports and
life until her final days.
Aveleigh is not only missed by her family, but by her many friends in the golfing community
throughout the Ottawa Valley. Her genuine camaraderie with her fellow competitors, and her
sportsmanship during game play and tournaments made her a figure that was larger than life. The
Arnprior Golf Club created the Aveleigh Ransom Memorial tournament in her honour. As well, a
handcrafted stained glass window tribute to Aveleigh hangs in the window at the golf club, honouring
her indomitable spirit.

It is with great honour that Aveleigh Hepworth-Ransom is inducted into

the Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame.
John Campbell
From 1982 to 1987, John Campbell could be found in the halls and classrooms of WCI.
However, it was in the Devil Dome where John made major contributions to the basketball and
volleyball teams, helping to lay the foundation for a future career in sport. Whether it was as a player
or as a coach, its clear that his love of the game of basketball and his commitment to it lead him in
this direction.
John played both sports, during all five years that he was here. He admittedly stated that
while these teams were competitive, they unfortunately saw limited success in terms of a win/loss
record. However, in his graduating year, the Senior Boys team won the Optimist Classic Basketball
Tournament, and John was chosen to play in the annual Captains/Veterans game.
John attended Laurentian University from 1987 to 1992, where he earned an Honours BA in
Physical Education, and played five years of varsity basketball for the Voyageurs. While there, he was
selected to the Ontario University East All Star team twice, and played in the Canadian University
championships in 1991 and 1992.
Upon graduation, John promptly began his illustrious coaching career. From 1992 to 1997 he
was the Head Coach of the mens basketball team at Cambrian College in Sudbury as well as the
assistant coach of the mens team at Laurentian. From 1997 until 2001, he took on the job of Head
Coach of the Womens team at Laurentian, where his team won two Ontario University East
Championships, a Canadian Interuniversity Sport Bronze medal, and he was named the Ontario
University Coach of the Year twice.
Then it was off to the east coast, where he was the Head Coach of the mens team at Dalhousie
from 2002 to 2012. While there, he lead his team to two Atlantic University Sport championships,
while collecting another Coach of the Year award for the AUS. He returned to Ontario in 2013, where
he is currently the Head Coach of the Mens team at the University of Toronto.
When not coaching intercollegiate teams, John was an assistant mens basketball coach for
Team Canada at the World Student Games three times, winning a silver medal in 2011. He was also the
assistant coach of the Great Britain Mens Under 20 team in 2012, and the assistant coach of the
Canadian Womens Under 19 team in the 2001 Francophone Games. Recently, John was the head coach
of Team White at the 2017 BioSteel All Canadian Basketball Game, featuring the best up-and-coming
high school players in the country.
John lives in Scarborough, where when he isnt busy coaching, he enjoys reading and spending
time with his wife Dianne, and his two children Renee and Nicole.

It is with great honour that John Campbell is inducted into the Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of
Mike Terry
Mike Terry was a WCI student from 1983 to 1988 and was a solid three season athlete. He was
also a student leader, serving first as the Boys Athletic Association President in 1987, followed by the
Student Athletic Council President in his graduating year. It was Mike who initiated the merging of the
Boys Athletic Association with the GAA, to form WCIs first Student Athletic Council. For his athletic
achievements and leadership initiatives, he was presented with the Dick Killinger award in 1988.
As a junior player, he was the volley and basketball team captain in 1985. He played in the
Junior Captain/Veteran Basketball game that year, as well as the Senior game in 1988. Mike was the
team captain of the Senior Boys basketball team in his last year of play. In the individual sport of track
& field, Mike had speed and agility, competing in the sprint hurdles, as well as the 100 and 200 metres.
He was the Oxford-Elgin champion in the Senior Boys 110m Hurdles, advancing as far as the finals at
OFSAA Regionals in 1988.
After graduation, Mike attended Western University where he earned a BA in Physical Education
in 1992, followed by a BEd at Althouse in 1993. He started his teaching career in Florida, where he
coached basketball, soccer, flag football, and lacrosse at the Palm Beach Day School. From 1998 to
2004, he coached the girls basketball team at the Benjamin School in North Palm Beach, winning four
state championships during that period. As a result, he was named Coach of the Year in 2004 by the
Palm Beach Post and the Sun Sentinel. At the same time, Mike was also a member of the Canadian
National Barefoot Waterski team from 1994 to 2000, competing at three world championships.
Since then, Mike has taken on the challenge of coaching womens basketball at the
intercollegiate level. For the past 13 years, he has been the assistant coach for NCAA Division 1 teams
at the University of New Mexico, Kent State University, and the University of Vermont, with his teams
making three NCAA and three NIT appearances. Mike has been the assistant womens basketball coach
at Wake Forest University in North Carolina since 2012. In 2010, he was selected to the Black Coaches
Association Achieving Coaching Excellence program.
Mike currently resides in Winston-Salem North Carolina, with his wife Ronnalee, and daughter
Charlotte. When he finds some spare time in his busy coaching schedule, he enjoys spending it with his

It is with great honour that Mike Terry is inducted into the Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of
Senior Boys Volleyball Team1990-1991
Coach: Dave Alexander

Team members: Mike Elliott, Jeff Feairs, John Hewitt, Luke Hopcraft, Dale Jorgensen, Jeff
Dave Moore, Tyler Moore, Steve Roach, Randy Sears, Rob Stafford, Kevin

The Senior Boys Volleyball team was a determined one, after winning the bronze medal at the
OFSAA A Championships the previous year. With only two returning players and many talented Junior
players moving up, this team had to work extremely hard to maintain the same level of play during the
1990 season.

It was a season that saw the team rack up 120 wins to just 36 losses, during league and
tournament play. They were the Oxford champs, as well as the Oxford-Elgin champions, defeating
West Elgin. But at WOSSAA, the Wildcats were out for revenge and the Red Devils settled for the silver

OFSAA A was held in West Lorne that year with West Elgin hosting. As a result, both teams
were entered in the final provincial high school tournament. Round robin play saw the Red Devils make
it into the semi-finals where they defeated Clark High School from Newcastle in 3 sets. In the gold
medal match, it was WCI and Chesley, with the Red Devils claiming the silver medal.

It is with great honour that the 1990-1991 Senior Boys Volleyball team and its coach, Dave Alexander,
are inducted into the Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame.
Senior Boys Basketball Team1990-1991
Coach: Dave Alexander

Team Members: Rick Cassidy, David Cowing, Mike Elliott, Jeff Feairs, Daryl Gee, Dale
Dave Moore, Tyler Moore, Dan Morris, Steve Roach, Rob Stafford,
Kevin Wilker

The WCI Senior Boys basketball team was takin care of business throughout the 1990-91
season, to borrow a quote from the yearbook. Under the capable hands of Coach Dave Alexander,
they won the inaugural Red Devil Optimist Classic tournament on their home court, and the Wildcat
Invitational in West Elgin. Coach Alexander described this team as having strong perimeter shooting
combined with quickness and athleticism.
At the Oxford-Elgin Championships, they pulled off an upset by defeating the favoured Central
Elgin Titans. With only 8 seconds left in the game, the Red Devils gained a one point lead, before the
Titans pushed the game into overtime. With a little more time on the scoreboard, the Red Devils
finished off the Titans with a final score of 69-63 to clinch the title.
At WOSSAA, the Red Devils met their nemesis Titans once again, with reversed results, and had
to be satisfied with the silver medal. However, to fill the OFSAA tournament roster, WOSSAA was
offered a second spot, and WCI accepted.
So the Red Devils were on their way to their second OFSAA A championship in the school year,
this time in Timmins. After successful games through round robin play, they again faced Central Elgin,
but this time the Red Devils put the Titans away once and for all, earning their spot in the gold medal
game. There they faced Ottawa Rideau, but after a slow start, they found it difficult to catch up and
lost 67-57, winning the silver medal.
This was the second OFSAA silver medal for many team members in the same year, after having
won their volleyball silver, earlier.

It is with great honour that the 1990-1991 Senior Boys Basketball team and its coach, Dave Alexander,
are inducted into the Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame.
Junior Girls Basketball Team2004-2005
Coach: Chris Coyle

Team Members: Alex Beatty, Stephanie Cullen, Victoria (Major) Cybulski, Caity Dale,
Deanna Kirwin, Alex Kruger, Sheawna Lorch, Tricia MacKay,
Carlee (Smythe) McCutcheon, Hanna Rudy, JoLynn Smith, Aarika
Corinne Vondervoort

The perfect season is one in which a team remains undefeated and untied. To say that its
occurrence is a rarity would be an understatement. Few teams are able to accomplish such a feat, so
when it happens, it shouldnt go unnoticed.
In 2004, the Junior Girls Basketball team could claim their rite to such an incredible
achievement; the perfect season.30 wins and 0 losses. In pre-season exhibition play, the Lady Red
Devils started things off, scoring some easy wins, including one over a Senior Girls team. The girls
brought home four tournament championships: the Ridley College Invitational, the South Huron
Tournament, the Dorchester Invitational, and the Stratford-Northwestern Tourney.
During league play, their closest win was by 3 points, but for the remaining nine games, they
beat their opponents by an average of 31 points. Their 10-0 record gave them the TVRAA East League
title. To claim the overall TVRAA A championship, they defeated London Christian by a score of
54-23 and punched their ticket to the WOSSAA A tournament. There, in semi-final play, they easily
defeated Goderich by a score of 53-18. Once again it was WCI and London Christian playing for the
championship, and the Lady Red Devils proved that they were indeed the champs by winning the game
So add that up3 pre-season games, 12 tournament games, 10 league games, and 5 play-off
gamesthats 30 wins! But results like this dont just happen. It takes a team and thats exactly
how Coach Coyle described this group of dedicated athletes. Their love of the game and their
commitment to it was the key ingredient in achieving this rare accomplishment. With that, and the
expert guidance and coaching skills of Chris Coyle, they were bound to make history.
It is with great honour that the 2004-2005 Junior Girls Basketball team and its coach, Chris Coyle, are
inducted into the Steve Coad Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame.