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Allah Almighty, in Whose Name we begin, The Most Compassionate,
The Most Merciful
All Praise is due to Allah Almighty, Countless Peace and Blessings be upon
His Beloved Messenger may Allahs peace and blessings be upon him his family & his
companions may Allah be pleased with them all

Hadrat Sayyiduna Mohammed bin Husain - may Allah be pleased with him - narrates
that once Hadrat Sayyiduna Makhul - may Allah be pleased with him - mentioned to
him that Hadrat Sayyiduna Baheem came to him and said, I have the intention of
travelling for Hajj. If there is anyone you know of who is travelling for Hajj, please
inform me so that we could travel together. In this manner, we will jointly receive the
reward for travelling for Hajj.

I then said to him, There is a neighbour of mine who is very pious and religious. He
also intends to go for Hajj. Let me introduce you to him.

I then took him to my friend and informed him about the request. He immediately
agreed to join Hadrat Sayyiduna Baheem - may Allah be pleased with him - on this

We then left my neighbours house and Hadrat Sayyiduna Baheem - may Allah be
pleased with him - went towards his residence. However, a few days later, the same
friend came to see me said to me, It is my sincere request that the person whom you
want me to be the companion of, I would appreciate that you do not make me his
companion on this journey. I would request that you find another companion for him
and I am unable to travel with such a person.

I then asked him the reason for this sudden change of heart and also said that this person
was extremely respected in Kufah and was considered as one of the most pious people
in the city. I also stated that I had also travelled with this person on many journeys and
I had always found him to be a good person and someone who took care of others. I
was surprised that he wanted to rob himself of such a blessed companion.

I then asked him the actual reason for this change of heart. He then mentioned his actual
reason. He said, The person who you want to make my companion, I have heard from
others that he always weeps. In fact, he never seems to stop weeping. This continues all
the time. How can I travel with someone who weeps all the time? What type of journey
will this be? In fact, I will be highly stressed.

I then said to my friend, There are times when people listen to some words or lectures
and they weep as well. What is wrong with this? This is because their hearts have been
affected spiritually. Do you also not listen to lectures?

He replied, There is no doubt that what you are saying is correct. However, as far as
this person is concerned, I have heard that he weeps all the time and his crying is also
very prolonged.

I agin said to him that he should accept the company of this pious person and through
this person, Allah Almighty will bring Barakah in his life. I also mentioned that he
should join this person without any reservations or fear. Finally, my friend said to me,
Fine, I will agree to travel with him and I make Dua that te Allah Almighty blesses
this journey.

Finally, the day arrived when they were about to depart and the both of us went to the
residence of Hadrat Sayyiduna Baheen - may Allah be pleased with him. When we saw

him, we noticed that he was sitting against a wall and under the shadow of that wall.
He was also weeping a lot and his beard was also wet with tears. In fact, some of his
tears were also falling on the ground. When my friend saw this, he said to me, Look at
him! He has already started to weep. What will be his state for the rest of the journey?
There is no doubt that you have placed me in a very great test. How can I travel with
someone like this?

When he heard our words, he said, O Makhul! I am not weeping because I am leaving
my family but I am weeping when I think about the difficult road which one has to
travel in the Hereafter. After saying these words, he again started to weep.

My friend then said to me, People that should accompany someone like this should be
people like Hadrat Sayyiduna Dawud Tai - may Allah be pleased with him - because
they were also people that used to weep like this. In fact, when blessed people like this
congregate, they will certainly join each other in weeping for fear of Allah Almighty
and will also give their lives for Him. Therefore, I am not qualified to be in the company
of such people.

I then continued to explain to my friend and said to him, Please have Sabr and bear
with him. Who knows perhaps this journey will be a source of salvation for you.

He said to me, When most people leave their homes for Hajj, they leave in great joy
and excitement and they take a lot of items with them. None of them display such
sadness and grief. I have always travelled with such happy-go-lucky people. This is the
first person I have to travel with who displays such immense humility and piousness.
However, I will choose to travel with him with the hope that perhaps he becomes a
source of barakah for me on my journey.

Finally, my friend decided to travel with this pious person.

In fact, it is good that Hadrat Sayyiduna Baheen - may Allah be pleased with him - was
unaware of our conversation otherwise I am sure that he would have never travelled
with my friend. I then joined the others in bidding them farewell.

When they finally returned after visiting the blessed cities of Mecca and Madina Shareef,
I decided to go and visit my friend and ask him about his journey. I greeted him and
asked him about the person whom I had chosen as his companion. He was shocked and
made a special Dua for me.

He then explained, May Allah Almighty give you a great reward. I swear by Allah
Almighty that the person whom you had nominated as my companion for Hajj, was
someone who I could see the manifestation of the blessed attributes of Hadrat Sayyiduna
Abu Bakr - may Allah be pleased with him. He had certainly fulfilled his rights as a
travelling companion. In spite of the fact that he was poor, he continued to spend for
my every need. Even though I had taken many items and goods with me for the road,
but he continued to spend his goods on me. Even though I am young and he is elderly,
he served me on the journey. He used to prepare food for me and used to at times, even
feed me but he spent the entire day fasting. May Allah Almighty give him great reward.

I then asked my friend, You were also afraid that he would weep in abundance during
this journey. In that regard, what happened? Where you troubled by his weeping?

He replied, I swear by Allah Almighty that I began to have great affection for this
person. In fact, through his weeping, I also developed internal peace. I also joined him
in weeping. At first, the others in the caravan were disturbed by the two of us weeping,
but when they realised the reason why we were crying, they also joined us. They realised
that all of them will also have to face the journey of the Hereafter, hence they also
became affected by this behaviour of ours. Therefore, I will once again thank you for
giving me the opportunity of joining such a noble person in this journey.

I then went to visit Hadrat Sayyiduna Baheen - may Allah be pleased with him - to ask
him his opinion of his travelling companion. He replied, All Praise is due to Allah
Almighty, he was indeed a very good companion. He used to make the Dhikr of Allah
Almighty in abundance and recite the Quran in abundance as well. He used to weep a
lot and also pardoned our mistakes on this journey. (Uyunul Hikaayah).

In other words, instead of praising himself and his noble character, this Saint is praising
all those who travelled with him although, in reality, he was the most noble among