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The first fleet in 1788

Made by Couper
and Alix
The First Fleet of 11 ships, each one no larger
than a Manly ferry, left Portsmouth in 1787 with
more than 1480 men, women and children
onboard. Although most were British, there
were also African, American and French
convicts. After a voyage of three months the
First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay on 24
January 1788.
!"That is what happend"!
The first fleet in 1788
effected the aboriginals
By taking over their land.
Captain James cook

Captain Arthur Phillip

Captain James Cook was a
British explorer, navigator,
cartographer, and captain in
the Royal Navy.

Arthur Phillip was a Royal Navy

officer and the first Governor of New
South Wales who founded the British
penal colony that later became the
city of Sydney, Australia.
We remember the first fleet
because when they came
they took the aboriginal land.
The significance of the
event is that this is where
the wrong doings started.

The end!!!

By couper and alix