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A nnex 3:Logical Framework Activity Planned

Logical Framework

Intervention Logic Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVI) Means of Verification Assumptions/Risk

Goal of the Project - People aware on Gender Yearly report Normal political
More Women are living violence discrimination; cause of VAW and Donors Report situation exists.
free lives and taking lead role to take stand for women empowerment. Evaluation report Support from
bring gender equality and Government and
development from family to - People become aware about the Local Government
societal level. forms of VAW & DV and sector
consequence. Positive
cooperation of
- Women are willing and capable to different stakes
participate in the decision-making and communities.
processes at the family & community
level and utilized local resources.

- Enhance women to economical


- Numbers of Change Makers


Purposes / Objectives of the Project:

1. To implement WE CAN - Break the silence on Domestic Baseline survey Natural
campaign for brings change in Violence (DV) from family to Monitoring report calamity does
people idea, belief & attitude community level Training/Worksho not stop
and take stand to EVAW. p report project
- Individual and community taking Case studies implementatio
visible stand to EVAW Publication n.
Annual progress More NGOs
report and social
- Community people bring change in Still Picture organisation
personal and social attitude which taking the
insisting them to stop VAW. campaign as a
Evaluation report social and
policies and
favourable for
2. Ensure womens access to local - Hundreds of women leaders are the NGO and
power structure, resources, taking part in the social formal and its alliance
opportunities and facilities informal power structure activities.
- Numbers of organisational and social fundamentalis
initiatives in place to build up womens m not emerge
knowledge and skill to act as as acute
community leaders. problem
No legal
- Women are united in different platform imposed on
and challenging social and family level the rights of
injustice and discrimination expression
and freedom
- Women are getting legal support from of assembly.
the service providers
- Service providers (Police, judiciary)
are more supportive towards VAW

- Women Mobility increased and

confident to visit government offices to
get support.

3. To enhance the process of - Increase womens participation on

womens leadership and different intervention.
economical empowerment

- Women are involved in different IGA

- Community people become sensitise

to women as a small entrepreneur

Output/ Results
Result / Output 01: Enrolled 60000 new Change makers ( Monthly report All events
Mass people received awareness 1st year 30000 and 2nd year 30000) Quarterly report performed
and taking stand to prevent VAW Annual progress timely without
specially Domestic Violence (DV) 945 new Ward CMC formed by the 1st report any disturbed.
year Monitoring report All technical
Training/Workshop and financial
105 new Union CMC formed (1st year) report supports
Case studies provided
05 new Upazila CMC formed ( 1st year) Baseline survey smoothly.
Still Picture
50% of developed change maker and Video
committee have taken initiatives to documentation
reduced domestic violence Evaluation report
25% of target people have better
understating on VAW and DV

At least 50% of families of targeted area

able to define form of domestic violence
(Physical, Mental, Sexual and
Economic Violence)

Societal silence on Domestic violence

broken and community jointly taking
visible stand to stop domestic violence.

Reduce incidence of VAW at the target


Minimum 10000 number of target

people aware on VAW and DV

Monthly report All events

Result / Output 02: Minimum 100000 number of people Quarterly report performed
Service Providers are more participate in different day observation Annual progress timely without
sensitive and womens access report any disturbed.
increased in the entitled services Build-up good relationship between UP, Monitoring report All technical
and opportunities. Police, medico, Judiciary, Go, NGO and Training/Workshop and financial
activist group within target area by 2012 report supports
Case studies provided
50% of the target service providers Baseline survey smoothly.
become sensitive and accountable Still Picture
50% survivors have had legal aid documentation
services from different institution
Evaluation report
At least 32 Legal Aid clinics organised Media
at different villages of working area.

Strong link established with the national

level Human Rights organisations and

Result / Output 03: 16 Upazila Women club become Monthly report All events
Womens social and political functional within 2012. Quarterly report performed
leadership developed and Annual progress timely without
involved in the different power 500 women taking leadership role report any disturbed.
structure of the society. within there target area to reduce Monitoring report All technical
gender discrimination and ending Training/Workshop and financial
violence against women. report supports
50% of women from women club raised Case studies provided
their voice to get justice system without Baseline survey smoothly.
any political, attitudinal obstacles. Still Picture
160 women leader developed by the Video
end of the project period and involved documentation
them into different up standing Evaluation report
committee. Media
160 numbers of women involved them
into different power structure at their
community level.
Increased women access to go
frequently at the different sector of local

Result / Output 04: 10000 number of women aware on Monthly report All events
Enhance the campaign at women and human rights and SRHR Quarterly report performed
community and national level to Annual progress timely without
ensure womens Sexual and 2000 number of different stake holder report any disturbed.
Reproductive Health Rights aware on SRHR Monitoring report All technical
Training/Workshop and financial
Increased women intervention to report supports
receive different types service from Case studies provided
respective authority Baseline survey smoothly.
Still Picture
160 numbers of adolescent group Video
formed by the 1st year documentation
Evaluation report
50% of developed adolescent group Media
aware on SRHR and taking initiative to
prevent and protect them from VAW.

70% of adolescent promote gender

sensitivity, to reduce gender
discrimination, to resist early marriage
and dowry, as well as to address other
social issues, such as HIV/AIDS,
freedom of mobility of girls and women

Result / Output 05: Mobilize women entrepreneurs to build Monthly report All events
Initiatives taken to ensure women their capacities as independent Quarterly report performed
economic empowerment. business women to have control in all Annual progress timely without
Implementation Strategies: the business related matters report any disturbed.
Sensitise and aware market committee Monitoring report All technical
and local business community for Training/Workshop and financial
ensuring womens access to market report supports
Linkage develop among the Bank an Case studies provided
other credit providing agencies for Baseline survey smoothly.
sustainability. Still Picture
Evaluation report
Project Activities

SL Activity Units Operational Target Total

No Year 11-12 Year 12-13
Output ; 01 - Mass people received awareness and taking stand to prevent VAW specially Domestic Violence (DV)

1.1.1 Social mapping 105 new union # of Mapping 105 - 105

1. 1.2 Project lunching meeting 05 new upazila # of Meeting 05 - 05
1. 1.3 Campaign through massage 03 in a year at 160 union Campaign 03 times 03 times 06 times
Rickshaw / Van campaign
Bi-cycle rally
Quiz competition / Debate
Day observation
Door to door
Thousand events
press conference
1. 1.4 Drama show at 160 union # of Dram 15 15 30
1. 1.5 Change maker orientation -120 school, trade union, cultural # of orientation 120 120 240
organization, youth club. women club and other NGO
1. 1.6 # of study circle 50 50 100
Study circle at school and college level 50 school and college

1. 1.7 Upazila and district base journalist forum meeting 16 # of meeting 16 15 32

1. 1.8 Change maker and District level women leader assemble- 02 # assemble 01 01 02
1. 1.9 Formation ward change maker committee (945) # of formation 945 - 945
1.1.10 Formation union change maker committee (105) # of formation 105 - 105
1.1.11 Formation upazila change maker committee ( 05) # of formation 05 - 05
1.1.12 Meeting union change maker committee 500 meeting # of meeting 500 500 1000
1.1.13 Meeting upazila change maker committee 64 meeting # of meeting 64 64 128
1.1.14 Meeting district change maker committee - 09 meeting (district # of meeting 09 09 18
change maker committee)
1.1.15 RD method at ward level 06 times # of dialogue 06 06 12
1.1.16 Mukh- Mukhi at district level -03 # of meeting 03 03 06
1.1.17 Knowledge ludu -160 union # of game 160 160 320
1.1.18 Case study published -20000 Published 1 time 1 time 2 time
1.1.19 Develop IEC and BCC materials Material dev: 1 time 1 time 2 time
1.1.20 Day observation - Day observation 16 16 32
1.1.21 Exchange sharing and idea sharing meeting with local to national women # of meeting 01 01 02
movement group 01 time
1.1.22 Women club formation at 5 upazila # of formation - 05 05
1.1.23 Monthly meeting of women club - 192 # of meeting 192 192 384

Output ; 02 -
Service Providers are more sensitive and womens access increased in the entitled services and opportunities.

2.1.1 Workshop with different type of stake holder -06 # of workshop 06 06 12

2. 1.2 Seminar with different type of stake holder - 16 # of seminar 16 16 32
2. 1.3 Round table meeting with specific service providers likes Bankers, lawyers, # of meeting 16 16 32
Doctors, Nurses and Police station, Union Parishad. - 16
2. 1.4 Orientation with selected leader of union parishad 30 batch # of orientation 30 - 3-
2. 1.5 Media coverage on EVAW - 02 # of coverage 01 time 01 time 02 times
2. 1.6 Support to survivors survivors
2. 1.7 Monitoring police, medico-legal, Union Parishad and court Monitoring
2. 1.8 Legal aid clinic # of clinic 32 32 64

Output ; 03 -
Womens social and political leadership developed and involved in the different power structure of the society.
3.1.1 Identify local leader band trained them on gender role and others # of training 16 16 32
16 batch one day
3. 1.2 Orientation to UP standing committee on EVAW- 120 # of orientation 120 120 240
3. 1.3 Orientation to UP on their roles and responsibility -120 # of orientation 120 120 240

Output ; 04 -
Enhance the campaign at community and national level to ensure womens Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

4.1.1 Develop and disseminate materials on SRHR Dev: materials 01 time 01 time 02 times
4. 1.2 Provide training on SRHR to women and adolescent 08 batch two # of training 08 08 26
4. 1.3 Discussion on SRHR with different type stake 08 batch orientation # of orientation 04 04 08
4. 1.4 Formation of adolescent group 160 Formation 160 - 160
4. 1.5 Adolescent group meeting # of meeting 960 960 1920
4. 1.6 Orientation provide to women club on SRHR # of orientation 16 16 32
4. 1.7 Seminar on district level on SRHR - 02 # of seminar 02 02 04

Output ; 05 -
Initiatives taken to ensure women economic empowerment Implementation Strategies:

5.1.1 Annual district level assemble for women entrepreneur - 01 # assemble - 01 01

5. 1.2 Training provide on skill development 08 # of training 08 08 16
5. 1.3 Day observation on equal wages and economic empowerment (03) Day observation 03 times 03 times 06 times
5.1.4 Seminar on equal wages # of seminar 04 04 08