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Home Affaics REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA 230 Johannes Remokhoase Street. Prvate Bag X114, PRETORIA, 0001 Paliamentary Office, 120 Plein Street, Private Bag XB048, Cape Town, 8000 TEL: (012) 402 2213 FAX: (086) 5412 668 REF: 15/3/4/1 MR GUPTA &FAMILY 5 SAXONWOLD DRIVE SAXONWOLD JOHANNESBURG i 22 APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE OF NATURALISATION AS SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENSHIP FOR YOURSELVES. Mr AK Gupta born 1966.02.05 Mrs S$ Gupta born 1970.05.10 Mrs A Gupta born 1945.12.30 Mr KK Singhala born 1992.10.25 Mr SK Singhala born 1995.03.10 With reference to your applications dated 3 June 2013, | wish to inform you that your applications for South African citizenship by naturalisation were unsuccessful due to the fact that you did not comply with requirements in terms of section 5(1)( b) of the South African Act 2010 (Act No.17 of 2010)as amended .You did not have 5 years of physical residence in the Republic of South Africa Section 5(1)(b) and (0) of the Act stipulates that the applicant has been admitted for permanent and must be ordinary resident in the Republic and that he/she has so resident for a continuous period of not less than 5 years immediately preceding the date of his or her application. As a regulatory requirement, any person who lodges an application should not have been absent from the Republic for a period of more than 90 days in any year during the five year Period of ordinary residence immediately preceding the date of application for naturalisation As a regulatory requirements in terms of Section 3(4) requires that all members of the family of the applicant included in the application for naturalisation, including the applicant. must qualify to be issued with a certificate of naturalisation. However, you and your family will qualify to re-apply on 23 December 2015 provided you do not exceed 90 days outside South Africa for every year in the 5 years preceding your new application and comply with requirements as prescribed in Citizenship Act, Act 17 of 2010 as amended. Nolits-sincerely “cd | G.G.HLATSHWAYO \p.p_ DIRECTOR-GENERAL MINISTER HOME AFFAIRS REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Mr A K Gupta and Family 5 Saxonwol Drive ‘Saxonwold JOHANNESBURG 2000 Dear Mr A K Gupta and Family APPLICATION FOR EARLY NATURALISATION: YOURSELF With reference to your representation dated 22 July 2014, | have pleasure in informing you that after careful consideration of the matter, | have decided by the virtue of the powers vested in me under section 5(9Xa) of the South African Citizenship Amendment Act, 2010 (Act no 17 of 2010), to waive the residential requirements in regards to your application for naturalisation and grant you early naturalisation, Kindly contact Mr ZR Sikakane, in the Department of Home Affairs, Head Office, telephone number (012) 402 2213 to finalise the process in regards to issuing you with a certificate of naturalisation. Yours sincerely