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Status : Confirmed
Booking Date : Mon 08 May 2017

Guest Details

1. Racquel Fiolog (Adult) 2. Nelson Fiolog jr (Adult) 3. Marietta Fiolog (Adult)

4. Gino Rafael Fiolog (Adult) 5. John Iverson Tablatin (Adult) 6. Katlyn Rose Fiolog (Child)

7. Vernice Nonelan Padayao (Child)

Flight Details

Route Airline Departure Arrival

Monday 05 June 2017 , 0935 H (9:35AM) Monday 05 June 2017 , 1055

Manila to Cebu
5J 485 Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 H (10:55AM)
Bacolod Pacific
Andrews Avenue, Pasay City New Bacolod Silay Airport


Guest booked on Cebu Pacific's interline partners may need to transfer airport terminals when
transiting Manila. Please proceed to the transit area for the free Manila International Airport
Authority shuttle service from 0550H to 0100H the following day. The MIAA shuttle leaves every 30
to 40 minutes.
Payment Details
Other Fees: PHP 0.00 Type: VI (Approved)
Base Fare: PHP 10,493.00 Date: Mon 08 May 2017
Passenger Service Charge (LI): PHP 1,156.26 Transaction ID: 145579591
Manila Aviation Security Fee: PHP 105.00 Amount: PHP 14,720.16
DPSC Value Added Tax: PHP 138.74
PH-VAT: PHP 1,259.16
Web Admin Fee: PHP 1,400.00
Other Taxes: PHP 168.00
Total Amount: PHP 14,720.16
Fare Rules


Cancellation/Rerouting: Allowed and subject to penalties. Balance of the fare (excluding ancillaries) is stored in
Travel Fund which must be used within 90 days.

Rebooking: Allowed but subject to applicable fees and penalties

Name Change: Not allowed

Free Baggage Allowance: Not included. Guest has an option to purchase Prepaid Baggage using the "Manage
Booking" function

Meals: Not included. Guest has an option to purchase Hot Meals using the "Manage Booking" function on selected

For complete summary of applicable fees, taxes and surcharges, please check out Fees Summary. Carriage of
passenger and baggage is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage approved by the Civil Aeronautics Board.
For complete Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please refer to Conditions of Carriage.
Fare rules Prepaid Baggage

Changes must be done more than 4 hours before Purchase Prepaid Baggage up to 4 hours before
the flight subject to penalties and fare difference. your flight.

Fast check-in Bags for check-in must not exceed 30 kilos per
piece, and not contain fragile or valuable items.
Check in through the Cebu Pacific mobile app or You may carry one item inside the aircraft cabin,
website to get your seat number and boarding provided it weighs 7 kilos or less.
Travel documents
Mobile and web check-in options are available as
early as 7 days before the flight. For domestic International travelers must present valid passports
travel, you have until 1 hour before the flight to do and applicable visas. Cebu Pacific is a point-to-
your online check-in, and its up to 4 hours before point carrier so please ensure that you have all the
the flight for international travel. necessary visas or documents required for the
entry to the destination indicated on your Cebu
Airport counters and boarding gates Pacific itinerary.

Bag Drop and check-in counters open as early as 3 Those connecting via Dubai may avail of baggage
hours before your flight. Check-in and boarding transfer services 24 hours before arrival.
times vary and depend on the airport of departure.
All passengers flying into Sydney must clear
Counter and Bag Drop closure immigration upon arrival. Those who have onward
connections to a third country will not be able to
Flights leaving Dubai, Doha, Kuwait and use transit facilities and cannot avail of the transit-
Riyadh: 60 minutes before departure without-visa privilege, regardless of their
connecting time.
Flights leaving Shanghai: 50 minutes before
departure Philippine Travel Tax

All other flights: 45 minutes before departure Philippine passport holders are required to pay for
the Philippine Travel Tax amounting to Php1,620
After check-in, you must be at your designated when travelling internationally. For booking made
boarding gate 30 minutes before the scheduled online or through the call center, you may pay
time of departure. through TIEZA (Tourism Infrastructure and
Enterprise Zone Authority).
Guests will not be allowed to take the flight after
check-in counters and boarding gates close. Terms and conditions

For guests with Interline itineraries, the Operating You may view the full Cebu Pacific and Cebgo
Carriers check-in and boarding times apply. Terms and Conditions by going to
Valid Photo ID trip/conditions-of-carriage and your Air Passenger
Rights here:
For everyones security, our airports team has to joint-administrative-order-no-1-s-2012/
verify that your valid photo ID matches the name on
your ticket itinerary. For senior citizens and
persons with disability, the OSCA ID and PWD ID
must be presented upon check-in.

Air Passenger Bill Of Rights:

Thank you for choosing to fly with us. Have a fun flight!

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