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Problem 1.29 1.29_Tie SON ton Pi supped by wo wood member fo ein ft te ie ca es Pe ena 8 = 70" 6s" Rye lee Mees) = 4375 we? o~ Baste Oe « wee Ppnao . (62271 170" sin fit Ghas7e wo) 2 00288 mPa PROBLEM LS 1S A sain guge loetted at Con the surface of bone 4B sndeates that the average ) oral ies inthe bone fs 3 80 MPa when the bone is su ected to two 120-N forces asshown. Asiuring the erors section of the bane ut Ctobe anlar and knowing tbr it outer diameter is 25 mm, determine the inne diameter ofthe one's cross sestion ans ae. d SOLUTION € , van = RRRG HIT® m* d= 14.98 2107 Jd, = 14.98 ny Problem 3.3 43° Knowing that the intemal diameter of che Hollow shaft shown is d= 22 mom, detersting the maximum shearing stress caused by a torque of anagnitude P= 900 N+ c, 2 4dy2(4{4a) #20 Ceo0zh 6, = ka = Olea )= 0 mm Je Hot. cl ls Fu'-1"}= 336829 mn e Te. (tod{oo2) Tuy TF iatintyaet® 78 HP @ Propet Matern. 0 7869 The Mera il Crp la. Alig eri opr of hs Mal mayb igen, ised nay rm aay ea, wih he er wit perio ftp crab ined Cue textes neu pied by Nr finda couse pcp A sae ig hs mae will pein Problem 3.17 ‘17 Ths ha shown sare ors awh hello sbeig stress is 55 MPa, Neglecting the effect of stress concentrations, determine the sumalest diameters dye and dar for which the allowable shearing stress is not cceede y= 1200-0 ag 2 55MP a SSH1O on ei, a War bee Fe Va, q ) NS stam | Shdt KBE Ty 1209-400 = 800 Nom $0 E (Sea = Al.00vI0% 4 1.0 m Tse tainimom Ope? 20 = 42.0 mm I6.66ToI0'™ = 16,67 mm vwiniaue da 2 07 335mm Problem 3.18 “EIB Solve Ino, 317 eesuning thatthe deton of Fe frevered 417 The solid sal shown i fore ofa tras fr wish th allowable shwrng foes: 55 MPa. Neleting te elle of sees concoatns,detrine Ie ‘ale diate: ca and dye fr which the allowatle searing eset rosea Teo AWN a Note that He Divection Te hes been veveveed in the Figare to the 2b, \ Tron? SS MPa = SS eIOS Pa -Te. &, Te Tt Tet Sett AB? Tig = 12004400 = 1600 Nem + JE seh 0 2% m 2 2M om > minivom ayy? RO = SRI me et ShePt BE? Tec= YOO New ce PAGER = 6.6671 my 16.67 om iaimuny dos = 2.7 S88 nm 8