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Packet Tracer iLab Report

Name: Cole Morris

Date: 2017
Professor: Meadows
Course #___NETW203__ Week#__3__ iLab# __6.4.1.3__:

Activity Report

Write a short paragraph (minimum five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was
accomplished in this lab, what you learned by performing it, how it relates to this week's TCO's and
other course material; and just as important, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and
professional career. (40 points) This lab better helped me understand configuring the very basics of
a router. I know that we have covered this, but anytime that we can go back and re-cover it, it helps
solidify more uncertainties I may have about it. I better understood the part that worked on the
setting of the passwords, and now I understand that an encrypted password overrides the plain text.
In a professional setting, this information is key when doing any possible work with a router, and as
for academically, I can now apply this better understood knowledge to future assignments.

When you have completed the Packet Tracer iLab, take a screenshot of your completion percentage
page and paste it below. (60 points)

What is the routers hostname? Router

How many Fast Ethernet interfaces does the Router have? 4

How many Gigabit Ethernet interfaces does the Router have? 2

How many Serial interfaces does the router have? 2

What is the range of values shown for the vty lines? 0-4

Why does the router respond with the startup-config is not present message? A startup-config has
not been established or saved to NVRAM.

Verify the initial settings by viewing the configuration for R1. What command do you use? Show

Why should every router have a message-of-the-day (MOTD) banner? Liability reasons, in todays
time, you must post a warning to potential intruders.

If you are not prompted for a password, what console line command did you forget to configure?
Password xxx ; login

Why would the enable secret password allow access to the privileged EXEC mode and the enable
password no longer be valid? Once you set the secret encrypted password, it overrides the enable
plain text.
Packet Tracer iLab Report
If you configure any more passwords on the router, are they displayed in the configuration file as
plain text or in encrypted form? Explain. Service password-encryption, this is the reason that
passwords are now encrypted.

What command did you enter to save the configuration to NVRAM? Copy startup-config

How many files are currently stored in flash? 3

Which of these files would you guess is the IOS image? The first

Why do you think this file is the IOS image? To save any files, it must first have an IOS image.