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Drawing in Real Perspective: Art/History Book Unlocks Ancient Greek

Techniques A Compelling New Approach to Space

Written from the expertise and meticulous research of Xavier Bolot, Drawing in Real Perspective: A new
approach to space with natural and immediate application exposes a bold new theory of artistic vision;
replacing lineal perspective with real perspective a technique that involves not just art, but history,
philosophy and ancient Greek secrets. One critic recently wrote, Thank you for showing me the energy of

Mogg Morgan


United Kingdom The ancient Greeks gave humanity a lot medicine, the wheel and even The Olympics.
However, as a fascinating new book by Xavier Bolot proves with gusto, they are also about to change
artistic vision for the rest of history.

In Drawing in Real Perspective: A new approach to space with natural and immediate application, Bolot
showcases a natural technique that changes the Wests entire approach to artistic perspective. Artists
ability to see, draw and their entire conventions will enter a new paradigm; a place where true mastery


In this book we learn how to draw using a natural technique that is amazingly efficient and simple. Real
Perspective is a new approach to space as seen by our eyes.

Perspective is an integral part of drawing and painting.

It is however poorly understood today. Our representation of perspective in western countries dates from
the 17th century, enforced by an edict made by Louis XIV despot of France. It consisted of drawing
receding straight lines starting from a vanishing point.
However, the ancient Greeks used specific curves. This heritage was not taken up during the Renaissance.
In an investigative atmosphere, this book unmasks beliefs we received on the Renaissance and our
contemporary culture. We learn to believe what we see.

We rediscover again the Greek knowledge, and the researches among others of Leonardo da Vinci, Henri
Matisse and David Hockney. Real Perspective is a new approach of space as seen by our eyes.

The aesthetic and philosophical impact of this new approach go far and beyond art itself, explains the
author. As well as the history and theory, the book also contains a wealth of practical illustration
exercises that solve many common art problems and cover every step of drawing according to the books
principles. There really isnt anything else like it on the market.

Continuing, The bottom line is that perspective is poorly understood. In fact, many would go as far as
saying its barely understood. The specific curves of the ancient Greeks hold the answers, and are now
finally being made available to modern-day artists. Its about as natural as perspective gets.

Reviews for the book have been overwhelming positive. For example, Jean Mary comments, The sum of
his work easily pulls the reader in his wake Xavier Bolot delivers to us the fruit of his reflections on the
subject of visual perception of surfaces with passion and sincerity. He has read with eagerness everything
concerning these codes or perspectives. And in discovering the rifts in each of them, he wishes to
experiment with their limits and launch himself in a grand adventure by proposing a body of work that
asks, Can one realize a more instinctive perspective? He imposes this challenge with ardor and tenacity.
The sum of his work easily pulls the reader in his wake and can convince us with enthusiasm his faith in
the perspective and of its future.

Paul Roche-Ponthus adds, I share perfectly the sentiments of Michle Arnold and Jean Mary with regard
to your work. I find it remarkable all your drawings in the Third Section. Can I keep a little of your work?
Without perspective no element of surface is more important than another. In architecture I have studied
the optic corrections of the Parthenon and painted a number of contraperspectives. Thank you for
showing me the energy of drawing.

Drawing in Real Perspective: A new approach to space with natural and immediate application is
available now:


About the Author:

Painter, Engineer of the INPG National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France, Professor of Electronics
at the University of Montreal, Canada, President of the French Association of Industrial Advertising in
Paris, Consultant in communication and behavior, Orleans, Xavier Bolotleads his research on the various
problems of perception with the support ofthe National Fine Art School of Bourges in France. He is a
researcher at the CEAQ (Center of Studies on the Present and Everyday Life)University of Paris V
Descartes Sorbonne.