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:&2..7.2("2% %&0.78&78"1&28838+&:.36/.14377. In fact.:&0"2%7$"4&033/&%73 $+"00&2(.:&6"$0".+3.&78+"88+&8&"1 "8 3&2. the numbers and tech that define the Koenigsegg Regera are mind-boggling.28+&.8=.8.00$31&2&.:&6&%:.978'.7%&0.2&% 3984983'KNQS#+4"2%"8=6&:"436.390% be challenging enough.#0&928.8.+"8|72&<8."7 6&:&"0&%"88+&LJKO &2&:"7+3.$"8. .1"(.:&64&6'361"2$&83%"=8+"81378 .390%+":&46&%.:&2% 2&:&6+"78+&'9896&3'8+&"983138.2("2%%.8+8+&1".8$&68".$8&%.$+"00&2(&7"2%2&.28+&'9896&.8=83"0.2(.(7&((.+3+":&8+&:.48+"8.8.8.&683.779& Charlie Turner E D I T O R .&|6&.88&28+&1%3./& 3&2.390%+":&#&&2"'9896.(+83''"2$=928.(231.I N ."8&0=1&"27}836&.7"8.$88+&%&"8+3'8+&$"6'36 40&"796&"2%1"2=+":&#98"7032("78+&6&"6&4&340&0.80&"+=#6.2%9786="2%8+&4&340&. ."=7(3'968+&6497+&2(.$8&%.2(%&%. 34436892.2&.2.%+=4&6$"643. but for those in the car industry.+"8"446346.00%&0. a smarter option and redefine 8+&4"6"1&8&673'8+&$966&2892%&678"2%..7.390% 8"/&%&$"%&783%&0.978%&'.+.32#=LJLK2 "22392$&1&288+"8$"1&.27+36883%&0.":&6.&/23.871"6/&6%3.2&"2% .32 8+"8.096&}&(&6"~ 731&.2.+"8.2.8|779$+"2&<86&1&7&83'34 6914732&941"27+.00#&6&"0.08+&%.7.32 "2%92./&.C H I E F @ TopGearEditor .0&46&%."%.1&%83474&&%3'LOJ14+ +&'"$88+"8.3=8+&.6.6&$8%6.2( .:&6.86&R"2%8+6&&&1383678+"8%&0.:&68+&'9896&'"78&68+"81"/&7 8+.8"0"2%:"09"#0&"60.397'"..0 "'&.&783%&'.8773098..78"28'9896& 8|78+"859"0.(7&((&2$"4790"8&7361"2=.2&&6.2.390%+":&46&%.:&6"'9896& 8+"8'&.2786&"16&"0.:&67&2368+&2&&%'36'9896&(">.$390%.$8.+&2.71328+ 36%40"$&%.8+"983231=.978KR1328+7"'8&6.' =39|%.2(.2( harder.$'0.6&43.146&77.8 8.390%033/0.20=+"7 8+&'.2&8+&'9896&3'86"274368"8. =&"67"(31378.32"7.3283497+#392%"6.:&'6318+&&2(.2(33%+"2%7 2.2(KNQO0#'83'83659& "003'. defining them is merely the starting point in an engineering arms race 8+"87&&78+&$"61"/&67%&0.(2~"2%.&|:&%6.2"'&.2&"2%%&0.3283%&'. find a better solution.:&6=#&&2136&:.+"88+& 4"6"1&8&673'4&6'361"2$&. E D ’ S L E T T E R 779&LRQ October 2016 Welcome As headline-grabbing facts for the next generation of supercars go.2%9786=.8"22392$&%40"2783%&0.873.2.28+&"983231397$"66"$& .1& .+..78.:&636&2%.2.:&6"$31#.:&=&"67|8.&68+.'=8+&8.&6&% #="OJ0.7.=&"67"(3.978.$+.390%#&"00833&"7=8346&%.


Contents Features 115 100 E is for Electricity 115 P is for Panamera 132 T is for Turbo The bonkers Nissan BladeGlider is what the girl Diesel has had a rough ride. Time for Porsche to remind Ollie pits the blown M3...8+"+"6%(. Civic Type-R and 911 against from Ipanema will be driving in the future.. us how potent it can be in the all-new Panamera their naturally aspirated predecessors 110 L is for Luxury 122 R is for Regera 142 V is for VR Blackbird Mercedes showed off its vision of next-generation 8|74632392$&%.

(2~. 81&"27}836&.

. a computer drawing? Answer: deploy the VR Blackbird rig Test drive TopGear magazine – take out a subscription for £15. Visit or call 0844 848 9757 (quoting reference TGP1016).99 every 6 months.. saving you 45 per cent. It could only be a Koenigsegg. TOPGEAR.COM  OCTOBER 2016 013 .479bhp and no gearbox. 8+"7 Question: how do you film a car driving that only exists as opulence at Pebble Beach with the Maybach 6 1.


323'8+&74&$..&72&. 043 Aston Martin Vantage GT8 to test out this hypothesis.    LJKP 015 .+&&>&w31%&0:&7.723.'8&7&2%00.7+=#6. In a 1.'8.& &. Contents 054 Drives Intake Garage 6.2( Porsche 718 Cayman S 033 Renault Megane GT 205 054 Beauty treatment 158 Mazda MX-5 0340'"36/7GT4C +"823%39#0&#9##0&7w"("8386.1&83"77&778+&&:3098..:&28+.1.%SJ"2=8+.2. Black Badge 44"6&280="2=32&$"2%6.2(136&8+"2"8"<1. then..390bhp GT-R.360%3'"$$3928.8 .%7"7"%'"6&.&7 163–180 Data All you need to know about the best cars on sale today. car park – in the sky 037 BMW 740e iPerformance 037 Cadillac XT5 056 MXing it up 039 Audi Q7:730:3XC90 +&">%"O+"7.&00"78+&$"#6. and buy one that is.1&'36 78+.7.8+6&&=&"6730%3.2(away Your car not there? Sell it..1&8+3%7 "1#.2( 4&340&838"/&74"22&67"2%+"11&6783.71328+ 047 P1 MoT 15630:3XC90 022 BMW M2 :7 +&$"6&2K.8|78.9784"77&%8+&K1463%9$&% 040"8&6+"1Seven 310 1"6/.3+&"%73''838+& to spruce up the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante great salon – sorry. 041 Rolls-Royce Wraith 0646.2838+&196/=.

LT D Tom Bureau M A N A G I N G D I R E C T O R .co. TOPGEAR PRVOGRAMME Second Floor B. Czech Republic. LT D G R O U P P U B L I S H I N G D I R E C T O R Alfie Lewis Stephen Alexander C E O .7. Immediate paper is sourced from well-managed twitter."8& $3 9/  email editorialcomplaints@immediate.COM/UK--ANZ/UKPUBLISHING. Energy Centre.&"66."8&&%. Energy Centre. Lithuania. Jack Ellis. Croatia. Alex Renton. Guillat Avenue. 44 Brook Green. T O P G E A R . London W12 7TN Making it TOPGEAR. Bulgaria. Immediate Media Co. C O M Stephen Dobie E D I T O R AT L A R G E Jason Barlow O N L I N E C O N T E N T P R O D U C E R Rowan Horncastle R O A D T E S T E D I T O R Ollie Kew S O C I A L M E D I A P R O D U C E R Simon Bond S TA F F W R I T E R Tom Harrison S U B . Korea. Media Village.%&|7 profits are returned to the BBC and help fund new BBC programmes Subscription enquiries and back issues: topgear@servicehelpline. 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James Webb Who: Mark Riccioni Who: Ollie Marriage G R O U P P R O D U C T I O N M A N A G E R Koli Pickersgill I N S E R T S E R V I C E S C O O R D I N AT O R Sabeena Atchia W h e r e: D u n s f o l d W h e r e: We s t B y f l e e t H E A D O F A D S E R V I C E S Sharon Thompson At 10am on the turbo test.E D I T O R Ian Broad C R E AT I V E T E A M C R E AT I V E D I R E C T O R Andy Franklin D I G I TA L A R T D I R E C T O R Owen Norris A R T E D I T O R Elliott Webb R E P R O G R A P H I C S E X E C U T I V E Chris Rowles S E N I O R D E S I G N E R Peter Barnes Who: Darren McNamara CONTRIBUTING EDITORS What: Regera roof Pat Devereux.8 . Kent Science Park.. 201 Wood Lane. Immediate Media Company London Limited.8 7&&17=39%32|8 (&8=396 a longer extension lead” name spelt right on your badge HOW TO CONTACT US FOR MORE TOPGEAR All subscription enquiries 01795 414 744 VISIT TOPGE AR. Jamie or write to BBC Top Gear magazine. Katie Taylor. Mark Fagelson. 201 Wood Lane. Tony Wheeler UK. 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Drives w EDITED BY OLLIE KEW Ev ery ne car thast. matter r rated o slated CONTENTS Renault Megane p33 Alfa GT4C p34 Q7 vs XC90 p39 Rolls-Royce Wraith p41 Aston Vantage GT8 p43 .

these cars. consciously That’s why the £45. It’s a bit deeper and richer than up alongside mortgage and school shoes and supermarket and maybe make it work.080 M2 for £559 a the M2 because of its badge and attitude. deeply IN A BATTLE TO DECIDE affordability. looking out across slate grey of dream fulfilment. WHICH BLUE IS BEST us we can have a £44. too. Naming at which the cars are cheap enough to paintwork after sunny. Both are deeply. and dream of. Depending on the sacrifices you’re feel good. lively US coastal encourage your dreams. iami Blue or Long Beach month.080 imagine. and that’s a figure we can get our HE AD TO HE AD Blue? Personally I’d have heads around. coupes with around 350bhp.COM  OCTOBER 2016 023 . isn’t it? We can line that M Long Beach. It’s the point lacquer has started to wear away. Blue the powdery.834 the new BMW M2 (Long Beach) and of hitting 60mph in a little over four latest Porsche Cayman S (Miami) can be seconds and with a focus on making you ours. BMW tells desirable. the Cayman for its dynamics. Both are two-door desks to slate grey skies. just wrapped BMW M2 And we do dream. TOPGEAR. At this price/ sat in front of a car configurator at a dull monthly repayment point. which looks a bit like the market is so important. On its website. £44. Because in our idle What we have here are two deliverers Porsche 718 Cayman S moments. most of the speed too.000 sports car retro Miami. costly enough to bloods cities is a marketing gimmick designed to make you feel special. you get the desk on a grimy industrial estate on a same engineering expertise as those drizzly day – to take you to a place you spending three times as much. About your purchase as well as WE SAY: CAYMAN MEETS M2 prepared to make. capable £48. in the car you dream of. they’re on the cusp of life in general. even if it’s mostly make you think romantic thoughts while on the M62 at rush hour. We hope and up in a less specialist package.

well. The 1M of 2011. one that four is.500 for the twin-clutch option. your arse is on the deck. the naturally aspirated flat-six for longer ago. It’s not bad. But even then. it sounds wrong. more rubbery and ponderous shift can’t match. Both with the engine. and forced-induction BMWs. The layout is emissions. The BMW’s strategy is something with more power. but stops short of delivering real satisfaction. less purist. seats and is easier to get in and out of.COM . made you yearn for the top end. but it’s true (although I’m still . responded more crisply.+&6&:&6=39"6&~ Porsche’s decision to equip its two. seat coupe with a turbocharged flat. instruments that demand your attention. and has a short. The M2 weighs further off the deck.&7w+36&1&1#&67 faint praise.. yadda. 27. yadda. but the M2 is designed to be a simple driver’s machine. You do get used to the engine noise. it has back have quite the same precision of operation. And as we’re talking about manual wasn’t it? Moving swiftly on. It’s a more insistent layout. snappy action that the BMW’s notchier. Sure.+"88+&=8"78&%3'w11 banging the drum for Porsche to fit shorter ratios). questionable. this car’s so is supplying it. and its controls don’t They say 34. instead surf the crest of they’re blunter than Porsches. but the Porsche’s is the you no longer need to properly interact M3. positions. more mainstream. yadda. so I wish BMW had made more of an effort to improve the shift action. you can pay £2. more it’s-here-if-you-need-it.9mpg.} 8|7"03:&0= $+"77. the Cayman’s gearbox is perhaps the best thing about the drivetrain. +36&1&1#&67#09& which could be seen as damning it with 1"68.2. gearchanges. this matters. fewer spiritual predecessor. have great seats and superb driving the torque. Unless it’s the quality bits of kit. our survey said… 215kg more than the Porsche. Both are wrote last month. Family Fortunes was TV gold. Out goes BMW switched to turbocharging assumes you want the information. Saying that.783 &2("(&. And the claims about economy heavier and not so driver-orientated. was turbocharged.2 is no In the Cayman. But as I but somehow we get less wound up about more ordinary. The Porsche’s better than the old one.8+ . but in the BMW you’re a foot just don’t shape up in the real world. 0 24 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. so much better. That’s still true here. even with M badges fresher and more artfully finished. 27. And it sounded and you’re surrounded on every side by lever is high and close.

and although Porsche. it’s less competent and The engine cheapens the Porsche down and muscling its way in. October I 2016 00. not engine feels the more sophisticated and Cayman.$/&8= into a corner: it has this lovely thick (&"6$+"2(&1"/&78+& more exciting of the two. turning steering or what options you fit to sportify and has real potency. Especially if you drive it a bit more exuberant. it further (this car came with PASM the four-cylinder is artificial. so just operating the Cayman is rewarding TOPGEAR. just the more aurally pleasing). moving levers. but by being special. Lavished with care and attention. the easier to carry speed. but the important thing is back to back with the M2.986). the car is the more tuneful (not the louder. adding £2. yes.%(& turn-in. torque-vectoring and the six-cylinder BMW exploits. with its low-slung centre of gravity and seating position that puts you down among the forces rather than riding atop them. the more effective. immediately. the Cayman makes a noise wrists and it responds crisply and you have to hold on to the M2 a bit tighter. volume down a bit. the better balanced. where you roll it in with your This is chiefly down to the fact that exhaust or no. I’m sure the Cayman’s chassis has been ceaselessly primped and preened to a peerless state.328 sports |7'&&00. If you’ve never driven a flat-six The M2 exploits that weakness. but it’s not the adaptive damping./&4366. It’s the more supple. you hear the engine. To make up PHOTOS: JOHN WYCHERLEY for the move to turbocharging. your heart dips a always comes across as slightly hollow.COM  OCTOBER 2016 025 . it moves easily and satisfyingly. so no matter how crisp the chunky and ever so positive.&(&88. It’s a lovely chassis to engage with wherever you are.2("$037&6 033/"88+&|7 59"%&<+"9787 it is responsive for a forced-induction unit – pressing pedals. It doesn’t quite deliver the thrust I think so. something And that’s great. The experience. will you notice. because every time Sport Chrono. but £1. It might have handling for me is the way it gets itself that it feels just as fast. hunkering its shoulders In other words. and is perhaps the been better if Porsche had turned the 367$+&72. only a VW camper would be proud of. and the fraction. rides better and has less vertical jiggle. but the character of steering – it does it all so well. The BMW whole package. note. will you care? by being superior to drive. The highlight of the of the Cayman. It feels polished than the new Cayman.

PREFER YOUR THRILLS LESS AZURE? TRY THESE THREE 0 26 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. }+&6&|7 236.632( "27.COM .("2 83&1&6(& 13/.(+8 36..22&6+330..&6+&6&~ 8%3&72|88"/&032('36 8+&L|7.0= Other colours are available.

for 40&28=3'83=7  2$"7& So the M2 wins? Well.2&77& &1"2%. but do yourself a favour car very polished.8. Thinking of one? I’d encourage you to drive the other as well to see BMW M2 SPECIFICATION 2979cc in-line 6cyl turbo. it has a bit more charisma enthusiast audience.0secs. Cheaper and more In the Porsche. 365bhp. approaches. but that you’ve as the M3 (just as heavy. you want to feel good about 1570kg more often it amuses. The same stretch in the BMW 367$+&$"2#&+"%. OLLIE MARRIAGE damaged Cayman’s appeal. You emerge at the end of it nodding I have to say that’s how I would feel. though: if you’re spending £45k 0–62mph in 4.. I’d be looking at the old PORSCHE 718 CAYMAN SPECIFICATION 2497cc flat 4cyl turbo. involved.:&6 RS could cause Porsche problems.8+ nat-asp flat-six. and that might nag at you.$& 38+.:&6|7$+3.32 &&%783  Price £55. and with the Cayman there’s a but is great fun to drive.0=%6. but pretty 839$+&7. the kind differently and went for the Cayman’s than ever. RWD. right or wrong answer here.70'"|7. 184g/km CO2 %6. 0–62mph in 4.(& Audi TT-RS Alfa 4C +&%6.36/. but there’s best version of that car that there’s ever isn’t as capable as Cayman.505 &6'361"2$& 41.2(N$=0"2% Hopelessly pretty. The M2 is not your purchase. the suppleness and ability and why.5mpg.:.900 &6'361"2$& 28. 32"6&:. professionalism.(+8 1125kg 155mph &. if I were buying a Cayman right now.7secs. 369lb ft oversteer. because there’s no RWD.:&8+"2&:&68+& +34&0&77 36%.32"2% #&88&683%6. 310lb ft – this one across Salisbury Plain. It’s more ragged as the limit different. been. 10 it tackles a section of tricky tarmac. 192g/km CO2.8+"=1"2(3.7&%:&67. are actually very than the Porsche. while likely to appeal to a similar dotted line. 157g/km CO2. that you’re buying the VERDICT Boisterous M2 9 as much of a sports car.2mpg. I think it’s just as captivating the car have your foibles. too).6secs. 0–62mph in 3.5secs. a lot to like about it.000 (approx) &6'361"2$& Price £52. and love 1355kg had a very special time together.2(. this. the pleasure comes feeling that the cognoscenti will view from a deep satisfaction with the way your choice of a turbo Cayman as the practical.(+8 1440kg 160mph &. in appreciation and admiration of the chassis. But the loss of the flat six has The end result is that these two and drive a flat six before you sign on the cars. but sports car. 177mph palms and a feeling that both you and hearted feel.0mpg.$"8. 140mph &.6mpg. 0–62mph in 4.COM  OCTOBER 2016 027 . too.5secs. wrong one.72|8'92&239(+ example – will leave you with sweatier as I have two sprogs and relish its big- 0–62mph in 4. What a thing that was. it’d be my choice 34. and the whole you’d want to take for a pint.8'36$31192.2( . more susceptible to which side you fall.(+8 895kg TOPGEAR. I’d understand if you felt VERDICT Chassis is better 8 more inclusive car to drive. 345bhp. 199g/km CO2 but it has the capacity to entertain. less talented all round. October I 2016 it jiggles a bit. 235g/km CO2.2(%". 33.9mpg. It’s a its pizzazz. 10 8 n/a 5 3897<.2( '. Price £51. 155mph Occasionally it irritates as you’re or £600 a month or whatever on a new bounced around over bumps. I will say 33.

The first ever personal locator beacon designed for wrist wear. Breitling Emergency: the watch that can save your life.w IN THE HEAT OF ACTION. THE WORLD’S FIRST WRISTWATCH WITH BUILT-IN PERSONAL LOCATOR BEACON. it shares your feats around the globe while guaranteeing maximum safety. at sea or in the air.COM . this high-tech survival instrument serves to trigger search and rescue operations in all emergency situations – on land. BREITLING. THERE ARE THOSE WHO TRUST THEIR LUCKY STAR – AND THOSE WHO PREFER THE EMERGENCY. meaning literally on you at all times. Equipped with a dual frequency micro-transmitter.

October I 2016

Acceleration Top speed

0–10 0.5
0–20 1.0
0–30 1.4

0–40 2.0
174 mph
0–120 10.8
0–130 12.8
30–70 2.7
Audi RS6
Performance 597bhp @ 6100–6800rpm
553lb ft @ 1750–6000rpm

0–100–0 670 738

536 590
0 12.0
7.5 accel + 4.2 brake reaction time (0.3) 402 443

268 Torque (lb ft) 295
Power (bhp)

G-meter 134 Overboost 148

0 0
0 2000 4000 6000 8000
1.04 Engine speed (rpm)

accel g
44% Weight distribution 56%
decel g

Wringing 600 horsepower out
of an estate car – even one L 4979mm x H 1936mm x W 1482mm

Braking that weighs the thick end of
two tonnes – gives pretty
4.2secs (85.6m)
0 60
2.5secs (30.8m)
extraordinary results. Just 3.3 to 1950 306 bhp/
60mph is a tenth better than kg tonne
what TG|730%P032(8&61&6
Quarter-mile managed, and what other Kerbweight Power-to-weight
(standing start) '"1,0=40974&87#97$"27$36$+

from 30 to the national limit in
under three seconds? Not Economy/range
many, fortunately for our dogs.

seconds @ 123.7mph
24.5 mpg
(claimed) 485miles



down 107bhp. Most notably a 7spd And the rest? The 202bhp 1. This Megane GT. effortless chintz looks the part. and at £45k . no. The Megane 8+"8'36 8+&$"#6. which spend £24k on the raw. more the British countryside seems to specialise about refinement generation) Megane 275 Cup S. though. to your left in the Renault dealer. on brisk roads.8|7 pKQ/$+&"4&6 8|7'"78#98 7379#80& Should I care? On paper.2( 8+&43. But the tech erodes natural fun and feel. We would.8|7"#. paddleshift gearbox and a four-wheel. simply shuffle a few steps traction and it’s effortless to drive quickly. STEPHEN DOBIE wheels oppose the fronts in really tight Abarth 695 Biposto corners. 39 will come to the UK. but the C43 has flaws that tip us toward an Audi S4.832&%. a fast hatchback with natural fit here that it is in a GT3.7 59. But then. the car pivots abruptly about its What should I know? centre. for it makes this 47. Our first acquaintance with this GT was communicative driving experience. Above 50mph. Megane – longer and wider than ever – feel Should I care? 0–62mph in 7. it’s Renault.1secs.2%&6 8+"8 8+&&&80&. a joyous thing GTI owner likely craves. Or. is different. 238 94 837$6"8$+097"8 pMQ/. V8 out.October I 2016 S O .77.8|7 10 hellishly expensive.10= to downchanges. Should I care? technology aplenty.28359. AMG has charitably done a diet version. 143mph '=39|6&. 1618cc turbo 4cyl. raucous (previous- 5 visceral. 8+"8|7 463#"#0=1. if a bit lacking in character. you could have a Golf GTI-engined wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts. That’s what in.8& steering system named 4Control. 3. Smart &2>|7 2. The Quick. When the rear us Luddites recommend. stripped-out the car is perfectly in control of itself. A limited-run.= 1463kg 71"00$"67=&7 '=39|6&. if too keen to hold a decent car second.500 WE SAY: RENAULT’S LATEST FAST HATCH TRIES SOMETHING A BIT DIFFERENT 5 f anyone knows how to make half its size.28 wheels point the same way.3|7 pLNOPO&286=46. its driving is pace. and satisfyingly natural responses a Golf What should I know? I Only last month we drove the Clio RS16. which while the gearbox is smart. twistier stuff. While the VERDICT: Lots of appeal 6 Biposto Record with all its carbon if you want quick. though. "2%"6&1. Instinct may tell you it’s oversteering like an aggressively driven 5 GT Turbo. It should be noted works much like a 911 GT3 or AMG GT R’s on to low gears in Sport mode.1mpg (est). when SPECIFICATION That this is the Abarth 695 Biposto Record. V6 in.COM  OCTOBER 2016 0 33 . But 4WS is not the Dune is eye-popping in the extreme.2&74&&%"9836&7432%7%.$& set-up: at lower speeds. With its optional gold-on-gold spec. and Less about On slower.$/7+398=7+3. no doubt. Of the 133 It’s a pretty neat trick. technology-rich package that will Beetle hatch with twice the power and to sharpen responses. half the shame. upping stability. But it robs it of the consistency VW Beetle Dune Cabriolet a good hot hatch. TOPGEAR. there’s tons of a Golf GTI.32"0"7"6&7908 Renault Megane GT 205 £25. you could spend a few grand more on well judged. Just not those who value a visceral. you should. 134g/km CO2 (est) being made.1&27. 202bhp. things aren’t as peachy. engine is punchy. 206lb ft Fiat 500 that costs £36. For on sweeping Portuguese tarmac. all four please plenty of people.2838+& enjoyment of driving. it turns the rear GT as a whole is a refined. handsome. the faux-crossover VW Beetle stripped of mod cons.6-litre turbo The Dune is a fashion statement first. W H A T EL SE IS NEW? 6 Mercedes C43 Estate What should I know? If the über-German power race has priced a new V8 C63 out of your reach. and further tweaks This is one of the most distinctive cars on sale. where it felt that. and none of its three damper modes gel agility with comfort. down the line may help.610. You’d get used to it over time.

Miles later. doubt that’s £80k’s worth of performance. and the gearbox’s shifts are beautifully smooth where they once shunted clumsily. Oh no. the track-day-ready springs front castor angle – that transforms this and smaller wheels.9secs. 157g/km CO2 give you messages through the chassis.5) and £82. is much more linear. crown more usable and forgiving.500 40bhp engine boost. But it’s the smallest tweak of all – a and gearbox retune. The unassisted steering has been and give you a 4C that is beautiful.5mpg. 0–62mph in 3. resulting in more progressive weighting through bends. FWD. and I’d also FINISHING SCHOOL SORTS gearshift paddles. less resonant exhaust ITALY’S PROBLEM CHILD 4C. OC POGME A R . stickier tyres. Same cost you £82. And it’s now super- AlfaWorks The 4C we’re driving has had the fast – AlfaWorks claims 0–62mph in GT4C works – carbon front and rear panels. That’s goes for the 1. and the front-end already had the work done.” 865kg What you realise after only a couple of VERDICT: Deserves to be 8 hundred yards is there’s altogether less fitted in every single 4C. lot would set you back less than a grand. 10 IMAGES: SIMON THOMPSON 034 MC O AY R  T O2 B0 E1 6 2 0T O1 P6G EA RT. 170mph in the seat of your pants. the stop Tickled up to 277bhp. 310lb ft elegantly thus: “We’ve set the car up to 41. an adjustable Öhlins spring kit. AlfaWorks’ Jamie Porter describes it always have been 277bhp. C O M .7-litre turbocharged engine. management needed to make this 4C Small wonder half of the UK’s population have behave. remapped gearbox lifted out of the vmax test at 170mph. OLLIE KEW and crevice. a 3. it no longer tries to overboost briefly. but do without any £450 geometry rethink to introduce more more power. longer The geometry is a must-have.9secs (the standard car takes 4. and begins to realise the potential of look too sexy on this car to replace. T not the dramatic news here. October I 2016 Italian Job his Alfa Romeo 4C would response and grip is mind-blowing. Telephone dials just car. and motorway lane changes that are accomplished with one relaxed hand. you arrive at some sweeping bends. No software. Tweakage makes the 4C the car it should SPECIFICATION 1742cc 4cyl. All of this improves the take the quieter. so the power delivery Jobbed press headline is that the AlfaWorks GT4C is dangerously close to being worth flipped Cayman GT4 money. and proving But you don’t need to spend that much. rather than all coming through the steering at once. not two white knuckles. WE SAY: HERTFORDSHIRE small changes are just as welcome.500. and divested of its appetite for camber. That Alfa’s problematic lightweight. better brakes.

real watches for real people Oris Divers Sixty-Five Automatic mechanical movement Unidirectional revolving bezel Top ring with black aluminium inlay Water resistant to 10 bar/100 m .


2( 4"8. it aimed to get me and a BMW i8. Between the flywheel and the smooth too. the 740d non-hybrid diesel SPECIFICATION 1998cc 4cyl turbo. out fully charged.$""08+39(+.COM  OCTOBER 2016 0 37 .2mpg. 155mph the engine sleeping.%&3'1&6. Because the destination Cadillac O0"8. It also eight-speed auto is a fat. which means its full (Volvo’s four-pot petrol T8 has the same power is available right across the speed range. progress is obviously there with a depleted battery. The engine always operates with the six.2. Driven briskly. But it aims to keep the engine towns.00 7&00 310bhp. the switching was to use the petrol for the faster parts It’s actually BMW’s most powerful. things get better. 229g/km CO2 $"7&238 .00"$|7 2&. In hybrid mode. 8+&=|6&7&27.800 (in Europe) 6. 368lb ft motor. RWD.%&(0334=78&&6. 7&&1#=(&2&6"0"2"&78+&8. 111bhp. near-silent. rather than falling off as speed rises.8. Its strategy This isn’t your off-the-shelf four-banger.". If directors to prove 0–62mph in 5. A car for electric motor.7 . so the motor can drive the car with One for company depends on how often you plug it in. then. and that means a drained 80 per cent of its battery. sounds nicer.$ seven BMW 740e iPerformance £68.#0&w you’re on a long trip away from sockets. Since it’s a plug-in hybrid. 322bhp. but it certainly gets along well. or real-world 20. was in the navigation.0-litre limousine.. 45g/km CO2 two.4secs. VERDICT: Nothing new so 7 But.$+.5mpg. economy 134.&280= '36"2 94%"8&32"%. the motor is rated at 83kW or economy will be slightly better than a pure petrol 740i but not as good as a diesel 740d. The electric motor drives through the noise doesn’t get any more pleasant the 740e’s gearbox. BUT YOU’LL HAVE TO PLAY TO ITS STRENGTHS OUT IN THE REAL WORLD es.390% 10 '=39|:&#&&2.7 28. Enough to get you to a motorway but if that offends you. I far as hybrids go.7 SPECIFICATION 3'8+.8+2&. The car started tax dodge than a fuel sipper. if you plug in. it’s a 2.330 WE SAY: DOWNSIZE-HAPPY ÜBER-BARGE GETS GREAT NUMBERS ON PAPER./&"6&28"0..26.7O8+&'.5secs. Goes geat did a journey of 40 miles across the rolling guns on the fantastical EU test cycle. 8=4&8+.6783''396 3649cc V6 petrol. cruise.&'.&00#&$"97&8+&O"08+39(+ 1931kg 71"680=78=0&%"2%6331='&&07 TOPGEAR.&3''&6=39 731&6&0. but clatters in town. but better as a 10 countryside near Munich. disc-shaped running at low revs.291 3 136&0.$ DR $63773:&6"6$+.8&$896&8+&2 1"= . 4WD.978"7 0–62mph in 7.8+"#392$= €66. before the battery is drained. it can go Y consider this the halfway house between a luxo-barge for an EU-rated 28 miles. Mash the throttle and the shorter commute. In electric mode.8. issue). 1975kg only circs. and electric in the suburbs and 258bhp. PAUL HORRELL 322bhp. 271lb ft 3987. The alternative.2 8+.$83#&6 I 2016 0&$86. at between engine-on and engine-off is pretty of the trip.+. but there’s a clutch between the As always with these PHEVs. Under those electric.. it did 55mpg.2("2%"2 922&$&77"6=P'9&00&%.2(7 8+&$314"2=.8". so the total system power is tinkly vibration. 130mph .


2&.&7&0 8+&Q%3&7"6&"0.455 6 10 WORDS: PAUL HORRELL / PHOTOS: MATT VOSPER 2967cc turbodiesel V6.ZMJ14(3673!&|%6&$311&2%8+&19$+ your fuel bills.28+&30:3833!+&4&8630 %3.8!+& promised? mode is smoothly executed. 8+&9%.2( 3. &0&$86.7#.'.360%KK1. the diesel cutting in and out seamlessly.:&(&280=32 7+368 86.23'8&2%6. company car tax is tiny.8|7"4&8630 73#&=32%8+"8.678.$.''&6&280=$32'.Q&*8632vs 30:3SJR WE SAY: TWO SUVS THAT DODGE CO2 TAX.2&. the Audi gets along well. It claims a test range of over 30:3|7SJR. Hybrid &2(. As with the XC90.36/$0&"20=.<. 48g/km CO2 134.87#"88&6=.7"073"6&0"<. 156.+"8|7 electric energy if you have a nearby destination in the nav.0&73673! Do they In EV mode. BUT WHICH IS REALLY BETTER? The Audi Q7 e-tron is a plug-in hybrid.360%MO14(&$"97& 320='36:&6=7+368$31198&7!2%.:&6"77. 140mph 2445kg 2296kg 5051mm 4950mm TOPGEAR./&8+&Q +"772"8$+=#6"/&7\#0"1&1.'=39497+.6secs. And at under 50g/km. $+&"4&6O%.+&&07 "2&0&$86. October I 2016       9%.&7&0."6&8+&= and secure if uninspiring drive. 143mph 0–62 in 5.7"073"  #98%.2 #98&1. 472lb ft system but we’d go for the cheaper non-hybrid.8=$9878+&30:3|7$3279148.8+'6.|7$"4"$.8= 73496& impossible? so both power units drive all wheels.950 7 10 Volvo XC90 T8 AWD Momentum £60.9mpg.5mpg.%"2%13%&7. and a real 20 is possible.(2..0-litre V6 diesel and the eight-speed auto.$"280=6&%9$& 8+.COM  OCTOBER 2016 0 39 .32! What 09( . 8+&6&"67! 87#"88&6=+"7320=+"0'8+&9%. 346bhp system. R 0.47"2%=39|00 97&23'9&098 .7320="6&"0*.((&6 8+"2 8+&30:3|7 .2 as cars? a shallow boot with no space for the third-row seats of other Q7s. 400bhp system. and a plush +&SJ.&8.$8.8.8$390%7. 49g/km CO2 1776mm 1741mm 0–62 in 6. =39(&87$6&&2*#"7&%8&$+"2%19$+%6. VERDICT: More successful than the 1969cc four-cylinder.2!7. The big rear-mounted battery means 49878+&#"88&6=.$6"2(&. 4WD.8|7 economics? .28+&$"6|774.4732%. 516lb ft system XC90 as a fuel saver.2&%.:&!0&:&64"$/"(.78"2$&! Audi Q7 e-tron quattro £64.&68+"28+&9%.+.2& 737&"877.:&78+&'6328.32 about the 32 032( 86. The electric '396*$=0.283.$13836 Tackling the motor sits between a 3.87"786".2%&64&8630%6.2(6"8+&68+"274368=%6. A decent drive.759.8+71"00&6#"88&6=6"2(& &0&$86.(96&%! Green SUV? 30 miles on electric alone.<"2%7&:&26&1". 4WD.2(6&(&2. VERDICT: A supreme large family car.72|8"$314"2=$"6! Just like a big posh Audi estate: loads of quiet quality.'. it emphasises 38++=#6.2secs.

$83#&6 I 2016



"68= Audi N0063"%

$"8&6,2( 8|7"2361"0
drive, raised
the sharpest of
things to drive.
+&=|6&238 1&"28
Caterham &:&2 MKJ suspension, some to be. The Allroad
£24,995 chunky bodystyling is blunter still, but
and an off- ,8|7 73$31'=;&
road mode. %32|8$"6&

Engines are 6";#"$/7w
normal Audi With this
IF SUCH A PARADOX COULD EXIST... fare. We drove engine, plus the
the 268bhp 3.0 348,327=39;"28 
or such a simple car, the Seven There’s also some newfangled – optional %,&7&0 8|7"4&"$+ ,8|7"pOJ/$"639
quiet, refined and can get a proper
F range is becoming an awfully
complex thing.
– LED headlights that look slightly out of
place. Still, Caterhams are about driving and ;"=59,$/&6 8+"2
it needs to be.
SUV for that, not
an estate in drag.
But thanks to this new this one does that very well. The thing just
310, the picking process has been made revs and revs to its 7,500rpm limit. Which
Engine 2967cc, V6 TD, AWD, 268bhp, 443lb ft
a bit easier. It’s a Caterham that does is a delight as there’s no bump in torque or Performance 53.3mpg, 139g/km CO2, 0–62mph
Caterhaming in the most Caterhamy way power throughout the range and the throttle in 5.5secs, 155mph Weight 1730kg Price £39,630
possible and is a strong contender for the response is sweet, crisp and instant.
default choice for petrolheads. Deep down it has a similar mentality of
Initially, it was destined to be just an
engine upgrade. But the head honchos
the more track-focused, higher-powered
Sevens but with a more usable and
found an uprated 270 held a candle to the approachable amount of power.
much-loved, Rover-powered Superlight The steering is sharp, direct and great at
R300 of old (a bit of a peach and TG fave), communicating what’s going on at the front
so decided to make a new model entirely. end, so you can place the tiny-proportioned,
The 310 sandwiches itself into the super massless thing with confidence.
sweet spot between the 270 and 360 thanks But where the 310 sets itself apart from
to some subtle upgrades from Caterham’s
others is its balancing act between day-to- VW $,63$$3 
motorsport department. The 1.6-litre day drivability and ‘Sunday thrash’ mode.
Normal Sciroccos +&&2(,2&|7"2
Ford-sourced motor has been marginally With a Neighbourhood Watch-friendly only create 178bhp eager, lag-free
tuned, new performance-orientated exhaust, the 310 isn’t stupidly loud, making '631 8;30,86&7 ' peach, but a
camshafts have been sourced, as well as a it easier to live with more of the time. =39|6&"'8&6" 30' notchfest gearbox
new air filter, spark plugs, breather system Which is no bad thing.  
GTI-sized 217bhp, and van-tastic
and line of coding for the ECU to chew on. =39|00 2&&%" driving position are
Net result? An extra 17bhp, for a 152bhp £28,500 GTS. immediate
Free stripes! bugbears.
total. Which is more impressive than it
sounds when a car weighs only 540kg.
1596cc, 4cyl, RWD, 152bhp, 123lb ft Pity, as the does a
Roc remains (£1k cheaper)
n/a mpg, n/a g/km CO2 a biddable, ace 30'  ;,8+
0–62mph in 4.8secs, 127mph little chassis. Big the same engine
on grip, but also and a more sorted,
540kg playful if you like. plusher interior.
,%&7;&00 78347 +3|%#9=" w
VERDICT: About the

;&0063#0&1 ,7 86,4&&28+97,"787w
quickest way to cover
ground on four wheels –
and not as scary as it looks, Engine 1984cc, 4cyl turbo, FWD, 217bhp, 258lb ft
when driven as intended.
10 Performance 46.3mpg, 142g/km CO2, 0–62mph in
6.5secs, 152mph Weight 1394kg Price £28,500


he average age of a inspirations, as fascinating a set of
Rolls-Royce owner has co-ordinates as you could imagine.
T plummeted from 55 to 43
in the past few years, and,
The makeover is also more than
cosmetic. The regular Wraith is no

#31#&6 like everyone else in the
car business, Rolls is anxious to reinforce
its appeal with a younger demographic.
shrinking violet, and its 6.6-litre V12 puts
out the same 624bhp. But it now has 642lb
ft (52 more) and the 8spd auto shifts
Rolls-Royce 6",8+ The Black Badge is for high rollers like higher up in the rev range, depending
0"$/"%(& Jay Z or Calvin Harris, not Lord which gear you’re in. If you’re giving it
Fotheringhay-Smythe and his cohorts. full beans, it’ll rev out to the 6,000rpm
£276,168 In-house customising is also a lucrative limiter, and is more vocal about doing it,
business; rather than West Coast too. There are new driveshafts, and a
Customs, think West Sussex Customs. reworked suspension and steering set-up
WE SAY: RESTRAINED BLING. As subjective as these things are, delivers greater body control and
YES, IT CAN EXIST, AND we’d say BB is a surprisingly restrained noticeably keener responses. (Alterations
WE’RE GLAD IT DOES exercise in cool. Our test Wraith had a to the Ghost Black Badge increase its
striking cobalt blue leather cabin, and the power output to 603bhp, and torque to
exterior paint was a Spinal Tap-evoking 620 – up 44). Everything is just that little
‘none-more-black’ (the multiple-layer bit more urgent, without being unseemly.
paint finish is exquisite). The alloy wheels Until the Wraith Clubsport shows up,
are made of lightweight alloy and carbon this’ll just have to do.

fibre. The badges are now silver-on-black.
Even the Spirit of Ecstasy gets to show
off a vampish high-gloss black alter ego.
The dash and door tops use an
6592cc twin-turbo V12,
intricate aluminium-threaded carbon- 36%2338="2%+,74"07
RWD, 624bhp, 642lb ft
fibre composite, while the air vents are 19.3mpg, 333g/km CO2
darkened using a technique called
0–62mph in 4.3secs, 155mph
Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), which
prevents discoloration over time. The 2440kg

overall quality is off-the-scale good. Rolls
VERDICT: Rolls-Royce

design boss Giles Taylor cites The Who’s goes over to the dark side
drummer Keith Moon, fashion designer to awaken the force among
a hipper audience. Job done.
Yves Saint Laurent and world speed
record hero Sir Malcolm Campbell as 10



65kg more than a 911R.4 seconds struggling to think of any. to-be-replaced Vantage. and the The 4. surely? Vantage may be old now. A fitting farewell to the soon- quickly. Those new that up with genuine agility.877.510kg. but GT8 is Well yes. What about the bits we Any downsides? $"2|87&&w Apart from the £165. but change direction quickly or take a Sports exterior is a car of crest at speed. It could handle a track day. 190mph Nope. 10 TOPGEAR.9mpg. along with the stunning centre-locking magnesium wheels. actually.2($31&'631w in tandem with a rasping metallic vibration Carbon. enough for 0–62mph in 4.2(0&#&78"886. analogue type of car linear delivery and feels like the perfect 8+"8|7#9678. too? plus boot and bonnet badges laser-cut Yep. but it feels more of a 911R rival than a 911 GT3 RS.2(KOJw&|6& torque. using them SPECIFICATION 4735cc V8.32"0$"6#32633' THE SWEET SPOT panel (good).7320=#9.October I 2016 Not another Vantage Q & A special edition. carbon doorhandles (naff) And it steers. Aston has resisted going down the 1510kg $32$6&8&%"14&6763"%738+&6&|7&239(+ movement that the car feels alive under VERDICT: Beneath the JD 9 you. This is Aston and 190mph. Not only are the aero bits made that feels like a chainsaw burrowing into WE SAY: GT12’S EIGHT. from it. The result is a or the other. giving you tips about subtle total of 1. 299g/km CO2 A track toy. £165.000 price.2( Agreed. Best of all.COM  OCTOBER 2016 0 43 .8+$+"6"$8&6#98#"$/7 amount of power for the road. and it regains body control breathtaking purity. and the steel brakes have great feel so you can bleed them on and off in the corners. RWD.0%. JACK RIX 19-inch wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber. the hydraulically-assisted steering may from the stuff (odd).7-litre V8 gets 440bhp and 361lb ft of '"$87832. On the inside. CYLINDER BROTHER HITS 2%8+&28+&6&|7"2348. but the front and rear bumpers too. camber changes in the surface.000 And the noise? Where does the 100kg Transcendent.. it has a beautifully at its best – a raw. just gently nudges in one direction carbon-fibre door panel. 361lb ft 21. but this is the lightest and simple to drive Final most powerful V8 Vantage ever produced. 440bhp.2(.#98& 8%3&72|889(36 carbon-fibre seats and use straps to tug the wriggle.4secs. An intensifying gargle played 7":. 8|7"4634&6&=&'90 '0. are Aston Martin Vantage GT8 optional if you want to tone it down. to help steer as well as stop. but the wing and chin spoiler extension. then? 0–62mph in 4. your skull… in a good way. you sit in #&.

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we here all the . a few mock exams. months of revision.Years of schooling. And now for the real thing “Yeah.


I’m assuming. it’s now done 21. Seems odd somehow. . “Er. I suspect is anything else. I – Inside. McLaren P1. strictly true – cars built before 1960 get a free pass. Even if they idea of loosening a bulb or two. but due to the high failure rate it was brought down so too do tractors and goods vehicles powered by to seven years in 1961. but built on the same line and “Can we open the engine lid?” Jon asks. I park 1 the MoT-testing trade. seatbelts. I know this because it says so up behind a Y-reg Polo with a wheel trim or two on the board they hang on. the third After the interior and exterior checks we get to of three production prototypes. tick” wouldn’t go down well.” I reply. seatbelts. OK. but do develop over 900bhp. I’m worried this is going to be an issue that begins ticking boxes. It electricity. that the wheels were attached and a man could wear 2 P1 OOV was first registered on 1 August 2013. Nor. don’t need to get into the engine bay to attach Tread depth isn’t something we’re going to catch the exhaust probe… this car out on. no. even if it’s a McLaren P1. no matter. brake of the Year test. which is McLaren’s Hang on. I suppose you excuse for why it’s now wearing brand-new boots. tick. God knows what they checked in 1960 – roadworthiness. a hammer such as a doctor might tap prefab on a small industrial estate in West Byfleet. The biro keeps ticking. tick. I “No need to check emissions – it’s a hybrid. that includes the crowbar. logs on to the Driver and Vehicle car Jeremy drove around a sopping Spa racetrack Standards Agency website. has badly chipped brake callipers and comes “OK. The exact same set of tests will be run that are about to be inserted into various bits of this on both cars. It was the the chassis number. I punted around tick. a wire brush. The current MoT chosen MoT test venue idly toying with the test doesn’t check emissions on hybrids. I can do what I need to do. Wipers. grabs his clipboard and back in Series 21. a tyre-pressure gauge. These are the tools of Technology Centre. 375 final road cars. his hat while driving. Initially it was only for cars over 10 years old. Jon notes we – have history with this particular car. Jon Hearn might want to fix with his crowbar. wipers and horn in 1977 and emissions else on the road? Well. designed.” 3 picked it up earlier and drove it around to our This is puzzling – but also true. I pull P1 OOV on to the ramps. ain’t it. P1 OOV is known as PP3. Jon runs an MoT test business in a concrete A a hooked device. probably. Barcelona for the opening of our Performance Car Headlight alignment. Yes. a tape measure. Milkfloats. miles. Leaving aside the P1 for a you have any idea how difficult it is to get to the extremities of a P1? You can’t open the engine bay at all. That tyres. Wipers. and three years in 1967. crowbar. that Tom Ford then drove back begins ticking boxes. engineered and you on the knee with and a couple of built at the Norman Foster-designed McLaren mean-looking pointy things. It went on to do pretty well in that. The two are not alike.542 service centre. They are also the tools missing. that needs a certificate of from 1991. And yes. More ticks for tyres. fuel cap. Within McLaren. so not one of the the nitty-gritty – under-bonnet and underbody. doors. tick. tick.” here fresh from a track day. It’s now three years old so it’s due an MoT test. But everything 1968. that was a bit easy. The P1 was conceived. hazards. finished to production standards. to the UK and. and reversing lamps. tyres. The Ministry of Transport test was introduced in Nothing escapes the MoT test. rather than wasn’t very stringent: tyres were only checked from an estate agent’s decalled-up i3. a few months later. it can only be opened at a McLaren Still owned by McLaren. lights. indicators. Just the panels on the roof “Jon grabs his clipboard and where you fill with petrol and electricity. that’s not 1960.

Essential for a British car P1 scored 107 per cent on the brake test. McLaren TOPGEAR. Good job.COM  OCTOBER 2016 051 . Windscreen wipers worked just fine.

The infotainment system takes ages to boot up. I’m not surprised – McLaren wasn’t going to let this P1 out of MTC to fail at a back- highest-mileage. the wheels turned. 1 2 moment. but I’m not takes place outdoors. and probably the highest-mileage. 052 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. “Emissions testing requires continuous running of the combustion engine. I suspect the P1 is sensitive to alignment. carbon ceramics haven’t hit optimum operating Soon find out – the last test is the only one that temperature yet. The brake check is conducted sure Jon’s used to McLaren braking forces. apparently. so I’m hoping Jon hasn’t per cent of maximum. Nor anything else. centre. is that. then. the first.” And that. Jon breaks out the beefier bits of the MoT test kit.COM . non-existent. I build up to 22mph and slam on the anchors. P1 has sailed through its MoT test without blinking. and then jams. No advisories. however poorly maintained. The suspension is jacked up. most cars are so clean they don’t even register on the equipment. P1 has street MoT test centre. Back in West Byfleet. In fact. I pull the electric Watched by a couple of old chaps in wheelchairs switch and we stop over four times quicker than the sitting in the sun outside the NHS kidney-dialysis test allows. As I leave with the precious certificate laid on the passenger seat. P1 OOV has a clean bill of The gauge on Jon’s lap informs us that we’ve hit 107 health. sailed through its MoT test” I try to set the satnav. The on the access road into the industrial estate. the suspension jiggled by shaker plates and the crowbar inserted and waggled about to check link tightness. I’m impressed because the suddenly given it a load of toe-in. I don’t think Jon’s crowbar is the right tool to sort that out. who had this to say. This is not always possible with a hybrid. handbrake test goes even better. As Jon points out though. “Unless you’ve got something like a real high-mileage motor. not even a minor headlight angle “The first.” The MoT test emissions targets are lax – and if you have a hybrid. and probably the adjustment. I’m just sorry the stuff we use every day isn’t tested. I offer to do it again. Nothing wrong with the brakes. so I called the DVSA. cars don’t really fail on 3 emissions. this is surely puzzling.

Whether you are just starting your journey or are an experienced traveller. . The pride derived from a flawless surface as you admire your car is one of life’s simple pleasures.EXPERIENCE British Racing Green. There will never be a dull moment. join us on the road to reveal your True Colours. Experience the richness of your car’s true colour with Autoglym’s best in class products. Papaya Orange or Ferrari Red? Colour is a personal thing.

million quid or so you’ll need to buy one. for 2017 deliveries. NEW METAL Top of the class EVERYONE GETS NERVOUS ABOUT EXAM RESULTS. wrong: all 20 have five-times rarer alongside the same already sold. led by the new turbocharged DB11. while the bonnet will roll off Aston’s Gaydon production line in time vent and Polo-mint-like running lights are intact. this second complement the herringbone carbon fibre lot significantly more open-air. firmly from Aston’s old-school rather than your wildest (or. And there are plenty of lavish little Z double-bubble roofs. But with buyers unsated by the Thanks to its sill and rear-splitter treatment. the Volante uses a 592bhp 6. Well. with a new tan colour scheme to up to extend the run by another 99 cars. All told.7-second 0–62mph time. subtlest top instead. You might like that about it. using a folding fabric details: note the wee Zs carved out around the rear lights. all 99 opinion-splitting wheels included. Following the sell-out run traditions. if you want one. and anodised bronze detailing. of its coupe base car. 054 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. If you can afford the half a its top speed should be a whisker shy of 200mph. you’ll be able Beyond the tin-opener treatment. Of course. BUT ZAGATO Caramac-inspired NEEDN’T HAVE WORRIED WITH THE ASTON VANQUISH VOLANTE interior looks good enough to lick agato’s products are famed for their which is quite cool. things deviate a little from the car’s £500. most sedate) paint and trim its renaissance. too. Think £2m CENTENARIO Aston was this.0-litre malleability of Aston Martin’s Q division ensures V12 engine. STEPHEN DOBBIE OPEN-TOP Making its debut on the same lawn as the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster. the companies have linked hard top.7 83319$+w39|6& four-times pricier. of 99 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagatos (despite the Inside. This fantasies can come to fruition.000 pricetag). Don’t like the colours Zagato is good for a 3. here’s one that eschews that. while you see here? Don’t fret. the Like the hard top. unchanged. the It gets the 760bhp V12 . the styling is to go a little frivolous with the personalisation. you’ll have to be quick Vanquish’s body appears to rise from a carbon base. Red paint and gold detailing remain. the coupe’s run to take care of. indeed. aero and four-wheel- steer tech. Revealed at Monterey Car Week in August.COM . it’s not an Aston in the finest.

but I still have the organisational skills of a five-year-old. Never eat anything before getting into the car at 5. life’s more grown-up and busier. 6. We never do more than three runs per corner – one full-speed slide. head home. Well. WHAT EXACTLY DOES A DAY IN THE Filter coffee. The day’s filming is limited by tyre life. more importantly they’re the most valuable images. This runs until lunch. Twitter.00pm Away from circuit. a glass of wine and watch Yes Minister.45. Neil always sits next to me on these to monitor the audio levels. still asleep. all the detail shots and statics. who’ll be .30am First phone call to my sidekick and videographer Neil Carey. We’re not making the telly show at the moment. Drone shots sorted. The closest circuit we use to film is an hour away – most are three hours’ drive. but I’m busy filming the Chris Harris Drives series for topgear. And it has to be fun. The kids are THE LIFE OF. slower-moving stuff.00pm Kids are in bed. Again. Harris hammering his faithful Discovery on its doorhandles somewhere twisty. Stop at services.30am Alarm goes off. No meaningful information is ever exchanged during this call.. porridge. But I’m always awake five mins before it goes off. 4. I’m allowed three laps max in each car.00pm Search classifieds for cars I can neither afford nor garage. Always manage at least a one-minute cuddle with the dog before leaving. 11. 1.00pm Emails. we’ll still have bagged something usable.45pm Search for bits of drone because Neil has crashed it. You know more about the car after a day’s driving. 8. one slo-mo and one non-slide. Always start with the full action shots because it wakes me up and. and phone Porsche to ask them why I wasn’t allowed to buy a 911R. In the end. But I love cars and love my job.. It’s quick. because that’s always when Neil is about to hurl. Resist the urge to buy a filthy burger from a well-known chain.. LIFE OF MR SIDEWAYS ENTAIL? 9. accurate and we have a system that works. pack up. it’s just a chance to speak in a broad Welsh accent and giggle. Since appearing on the TG telly show.00am Track work begins. we call it work. so if the car has a problem later. 3. I’ll have a bite to eat. Weird.00pm Tracking shots.00pm In-car PTC (pieces to camera) are always last. so why the hell not? SEE A E N D LATEST CHLL THE RIS H DRIVES ONARRIS . S TA R T A DAY IN 5. Most tracks force us to take an hour. so there is constant radio heckling. I’ll have been telling myself I’ll go for a run the moment I’m through the door and then read something enlightening before sleep. 5. banana.

and an entirely normal engine will suffice. Reacquainting myself with a MkI. it’s a miraculous level of success. because it knew power would corrupt the recipe. the millionth MX-5 PROGRESS REPORT I was born at Mazda’s Hiroshima plant. lightweight thing that’s simple to NO CAR HAS CHANGED QUITE SO operate and easy to love. 147lb ft @ 4600rpm Performance: 0–62mph in 7. much fanfare and bowing ensued. As with so many things in life. The MX-5 doesn’t just Mazda MX-5 take the lion’s share of the rather bijou roadster market. It has always focused its energies and WO R DS: JACK R IX / resources on the bits that matter – the way it rides PH OTO GR APHY: R OWAN H O R N C A STLE and corners. And who would deny Mazda a bow. 4cyl. the key is simplicity.000. but for a two-seater convertible.9mpg. it is the roadster market. because to sell 1. 158bhp @ 6000rpm.000 cars over 26 years and four generations Evolution of the might sound pitiful compared to a similarly seasoned family hatch.3secs. Get those right.COM . It is a handsome. 161g/km CO2 Weight: 1075kg L x W: 3915mm x 1735mm n April this year. it’s staggering how Mazda took an idea and nailed it straight out of 056 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. and keeping the price down. RWD Economy: 40. 133mph Transmission: 6spd manual. Mazda has never given in LITTLE OVER THE PAST 26 YEARS to pressure from us journalist-types to build an MPS drift special. MAZDA MX-5 MkIV Engine: 1988cc.

that has solved Mr Harris’s small underpowered and unturboed. And at 950kg you demand compared to their early Nineties can really throw it around without pesky inertia counterparts. is authentically Flyin’ Miata.000kg. MX-5’s delicacy. at around 1. 112lb ft @ 5500rpm Performance: 0–62mph in 8. TOPGEAR. Pop-up headlights – dropped for the MkII even greater sense of satisfaction from building the due to crash regulations – were genius (I can confirm revs. brawnier 158bhp 2. yet there’s more legroom. There is.490 the box. The engine. Cleverer still is that it has a 15mm spoiling the fun. 4cyl. it feels quick enough to blow your hair back. RWD Economy: 28.8-litre shorter wheelbase. presumably because you can’t power oversteer the best part of three decades and four distinct it all day long without slipping trays under the rear models with such aplomb.1 the MkIII. a Colorado-based company. even the tyres. 218g/km CO2 Weight: 950kg New kid chases its great- L x W: 3940mm x 1675mm grandad – definitely a chip off the old block F A N C Y O N E I N YOUR GAR AGE? 1997 MAZDA MX-5 S-SPECIAL £16.000 Step from that into the MkIV.1secs. MAZDA MX-5 MkI Engine: 1839cc. but it’s progress of a sort. and never before of power. is about reason hasn’t lost its novelty). Admittedly.0mpg. the the MkIII) is remarkable. however.5 – it’s the one Mazda’s engineers claim MX-5 with a 525bhp GM LS3 V8. Now that’s just voodoo. especially considering the interactive steering and the smart throttle response list of standard equipment that today’s customers – that still have a wonderful clarity. and then trying to maintain your speed. surely? with its hunger for revs and your head surrounded by Yet for every person that eulogises about the 1997 MAZDA MX-5 fresh air. the 140bhp 1. but it’s the touchpoints 100kg heavier than the MkI (and 100kg less than – the stubby gearlever with its snappy shifts.0 model here.COM  OCTOBER 2016 0 57 . 126mph Transmission: 5spd manual. there are those that bemoan its lack £1. Personally I’d go for quibble quite emphatically – by fitting the MkIV the 129bhp 1. that raising and retracting them several times for no That the new one. TG’s own Chris Harris famously dislikes the has a manufacturer managed to thread DNA through MX-5.950 1995 MAZDA MX-5 £4. Mazda’s engineers the car was set up for in the first place. headroom and and a top speed of 126mph – is hardly muscular. but a bigger boot. and is 45mm shorter overall than engine in this 1996 model – enough for 0–62mph in 8. 140bhp @ 6500rpm. and there’s an won’t be happy.


It was a process low foam technology giving all drivers the example. nuisance but. during its it or not. with supercar foam between moving research scientist at the manufacturer partners. proving how well its The Titanium Fluid EDGE oil. experts in the United often. By people. And this means the oil in those engines needs to withstand ever more extreme pressures. “it’s Castrol evaluated before than just a nuisance. not machines. if your car was a high performance engine. and when cars produce the sort of power that the world’s leading supercars produce. for – there is an awful EDGE. the chances This is why Castrol works with are it could be performing under pressures that are almost twice as high the world’s leading supercar as they would have been a decade ago. Strong like Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR. metal parts. Oil is the only engineering component that touches all other moving parts in any engine. Very miles of testing.000kg per square centimetre. stay ahead of the game? And if it’s an engine in a supercar. . Like a great Castrol found the one it can seriously affect oil performs in cars of Strength Technology whisky – or perfume that became Castrol performance. the stakes are raised ever higher. on road and there is more oil than States together with a small differences. in avoid this.” on track. more begin to foam as it crucial to creating a easy to overlook that it Castrol Expert than 2.400 unique flows through an product like Castrol is a product created by Technologist. often in But just what does it take to excess of 10. new in the past 10 years. This is University of Edinburgh. Gareth formulations were engine. Which is more EDGE SUPERCAR.” explains development.9 million SUPERCAR helps to EDGE is an oil that will involved a team of recipe’ right. oil can also manufacturers are development but it is isn’t just oil. but every bit as capable in everyday high performance cars. those differences. Proven and tested by supercar manufacturers. Castrol is in Castrol EDGE. pushing the that simultaneously get smaller and more efficient but also boundaries of what is possible. increasingly powerful. Dowd. Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR PEOPLE MAKE OIL. The this nature. believe world’s leading supercar years of research and so do Castrol. that oil needs to be incredibly strong. Performance Nothing puts oil to the test like ART W hatever you drive. it’s all about laboratory. That’s almost four trips what keeps an engine to the moon and back… performing at its best. “This This is why. THE FINEST TO THE MOON NOBODY LIKES SUPERCAR NOT ROBOTS INGREDIENTS AND BACK FOAMY BEER PROVEN Every variant of Castrol In the same way a And Castrol is Too much foam on The partnerships EDGE with TITANIUM leading chef will use committed to finding your pint is a bit of a Castrol has with the FST™ is the result of only fine ingredients. ensuring also work for them. took five lot of time and care that involved an of Castrol EDGE confidence that Castrol years to develop and needed to get ‘the astounding 1. Car manufacturers continue to design and build engines manufacturers.

.74&6 8+"2"2 .8|7$"00&%[.22&6 are all turbo.2( 8. clock on to a car like this. and it could even TSI engines ranging from 123bhp inspired by Czech crystal.32[8+&6&|7 still 720 litres and even with all seven seats up (seats six and 7&:&2"6&348.+&2%. but the lines "6&$6.86&#338[.2'38". 060 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. the Vision S concept. Engine options 8+&6&|7 78. glass-covered touchscreen that debuts a new hi-res infotainment system capable of all sorts of smart- 3 A priority on interior space means that the Kodiaq possesses a bulbous silhouette. VW? you go for the 187bhp 2.8|73283".:&[#98%32|8#9=32&3' +"8&:&6 ..8|7 8"/&2/3%"73032( 83 seven-speed DSG.:&]7&"8$32'. Skoda has gone with phone mirroring and wifi-enabling sheet.. “Snowman” was leading the betting at first.(2 family chariot with a handy the US.32"0 8+&6&|7 LQJ litres.7+(0"777$6&&2 "003.2$&. Better to up large SUVs.( TO KNOW___/3%" 3%. so the second row can slide SEATER SUV. but %6. but no.+=.0 TDI. and the four most powerful engines 5 "'8&6"#&"6 The rumour mill was hot on this one. no less. but most importantly.7"$$&7783"00=396 . that SKODA JOINS THE BIG LEAGUE WITH A SEVEN. functions./& these to replace your trusty 46&88=796&.. while 104mm of legroom in the second row is vast. but even that is thwarted by the 3%./&w 8|7$0&:&6 8|7(33%033/. naturally.(96"8.COM . TIME FOR A KODIAQ MOMENT and tilt individually. This being a Skoda.%/3%"|7%&7..21&282&&%7 44&"0. or a six- or team become more adventurous 2.5-tonne towing capacity if .00 40&28=83"%1."5|7 L[JPO]0.21"8&|7#&% 4 "23''63"%&6 There is an optional off-road mode for “rougher terrain”."5 ABOUT THE. The Chinese are gobbling and include two TDI and three bonnet and LED headlights down on the farm. Styling is toned down from are available with all-wheel a large breed of Alaskan bear. 5 THINGS YOU NEED 1 8|7#. The only real mystery is a six-speed manual. Skodas are good at this – just ask the Superb estate."28783#& 8|72"1&% 2 The focus of the interior is a slick. that its parent company. 2'. space is particularly well thought out.&|6& it looks great. think of it as an all-weather open up a route for Skoda into to 187bhp and with a choice of . .2(033/7 $6">=#&"62"1& .+"8|7238830.8+8+& two rearmost rows folded down. all four-cylinder the Range Rover-style clamshell old Land Rover Defender here.6&[0.

proven and tested in world-leading supercars and suitable for use in ® everyday high performance cars. TITANIUM STRONG FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE.castrol. Tribological tests have shown that Castrol EDGE boosted with TITANIUM FST™ doubles its film strength. At the forefront of the Castrol EDGE range is Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR. ENGINEERED FOR YOU.CASTROL EDGE SUPERCAR. giving you the confidence to push the boundaries of performance. * www. Boosted with TITANIUM FST™. TESTED IN SUPERCARS. preventing oil film breakdown and reducing ® . Castrol EDGE is our strongest and most advanced range of engine oils yet. Its TITANIUM FST™ doubles its film strength*.

complete with wedding or a race truck. custom rear coilovers at the rear.. there is a vast front splitter and that billboard for their skills and businesses. Ish. but the big stuff runs like this. a marketer at Spectre Performance. MODERN Take one C10. So it’s practical. a billet driveshaft and What next? More mods? New truck? This C10R Chevy truck is what happens when a custom Magnaflow stainless exhaust mated to an Despite changing the livery each year to keep a pro-touring racer asks his pro-touring racer original NASCAR boom tube. the truck all-important pops and bangs on the overrun. desire and the skills to build a special vehicle. A high INFINITI’S CRAFTY wants to explode 2'. stays rigid – and Brandy in one piece – there’s a They settled on the C10 as Rob had so many parts PCHRODS 10pt roll cage under the skin. But A CLASSIC RACING CHEVY fuel-injected ATK 383 stroker motor. a pro-touring racer +"8|7#&&2%32&831"/&. Expect to see both of those double adjustable remote reservoir shocks on all here first when they break cover.|7 2&.COM . So it hustles just as fast as it looks. which has this is not a track-only special. So between them they had the around 454kg to the C2 and C3 Corvettes in the day of their lives. Largely because a Chevy C10 with a Pagani Zonda – for himself. too. Brandy and Rob FOR THE MODERN WORLD a slight increase in horsepower and a big jump in drive the C10R on the road.8 #05 what it is today? season of the Goodguys Autocross series and took top honours in the NMCA Autocross truck class There are a stack of bolt-on minor performance in 2016.$. And just to make sure it all events. the C10R won first place in the 2015 TECH CORNER EXPLOSIVE The problem with small. And it 1972 Chevy C10R parts. No contest. of the pistons. Plus it acted as a rolling Aero-wise.. too. it’s all about bottom end to fitted with fully working wipers. The stock has won a barrel-load of other silverware too. low speeds. Downstream from that motor there’s a What is this? Viper GTS Tremec gearbox.72|8 2&&%&% A low piston = good mixed with fuel. left over from his own C10. or STUFF when extra air is forced ratio. into the cylinders and 896#3. add many MUSCLE expensive bits and. That’s why it’s torque. 062 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. for engine has been replaced by a 550bhp Holley its fit and finish – and general badass attitude. Bluetooth and punch the C10R from corner to corner at relatively even a heater. same class. which has now merged with K&N. Despite gifting a weight advantage of on the most important a number of years. engine solves this fuel efficiency. There are AFCO adventure truck. it 8+"8|7 238'9&0&''. These are flattened it interesting – in 2014 they wrapped it to look girlfriend – now wife – if she’d rather have a tailpipes which aid air flow – and create the like an Audi Le Mans racecar. the couple had to run a pre 1973 vehicle. Rob Phillips had originally designed the on the splitter – the couple are not sure what truck – described as what happens when you cross And the chassis? they will do next with the C10R. piston = good for COMPRESSION before you need it to. after he got front suspension and there’s some PCHRODS land-speed racer ZR10 as well as a 1978 K20 down on one knee and she needed a new racer. but when the “reach”.&28 for power.. Tyres are BFG Rival S 335/30 18s.2. Brakes are Baer six piston calipers To qualify for Goodguys Rod & Custom autocross biting on 14in rotors. turbo engines is The cure for this is to lower the compression problem by continually altering the stroke. Brandy was wing on the back. For autocross.8.. Why this truck? four corners. PAT DEVEREUX’S. hey presto. The C10R sits on Detroit Speed & Engineering 595X they are working flat-out on their new 200mph+ But then it became his wife Brandy’s. light-up numbers on the doors and a lightbar every time. and Rob worked under arch Does it rock? The happy couple customiser Chip Foose on his show Overhaulin’ for You betcha.

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Oh God. It was on the front bang from somewhere over my left shoulder line of Britain’s Cold War nuclear defence.%2|8 it sideways at 210mph.3`%32|8.390BHP REAR- DRIVE GT-R. and recorded a new 6&7908. and became the last bastion of the Harrier Fearful Cottesmore’s watching infantry Jump Jet. no paddles. A strange sense of achievement a 370Z GT Academy racing car. Nissan has commandeered one end of RAF Cottesmore’s bleak 1. that’s gone too.6892%&68+&6&~ well over 40 degrees in the car. rather than catching Its driver needs some fettling. widebody.7-mile runway. It’s the hottest day of 2016 in Britain. A need for speed and narking are so unimpressed with my display they’ve off physics lives in the bedrock here. attempted putting me out of my misery. so I spin. despite inside shoulder has worn past the canvas being set up more for circuits than skids. (6&=7+. How hasn’t he seen us? Before I’ve time to make the Team America Secret Signal. I’m deliriously pleased Getting it unstuck is no problem. and it’s again. built for one heroically silly purpose. DRIF TING &0$31& 837/.(74. To eviscerate the world’s fastest drift goalposts. champion Irish drifter Darren McNamara has braked. but I’m to have killed a tyre. This is the rear-drive.2 32&78 world-record drift at 189. this very car was flown to Fujairah International Airport’s 1.&"6" be switched off while we’re up on jacks. The Zed is a washes over me when it turns out the left rear’s useful Early Learning Centre drifter. The 370Z’s aircon has to }&773232&`0&"6283%6. Nissan’s brought along back to the pits.8-mile runway (it still wears the numberplates allowing it to be driven on the UAE’s public "$&74&$MQJ'3678"68&67 highways). HOLD ON TIGHT ractor. I have a vague . He hasn’t seen us.732&"#73098&0=%. I finally manage to feather the gas and catch The US Air Force flew C-47 transporters a few decent slides when there’s a substantial out of here for D-Day. We’re sideways at 60mph and a tractor has lumbered onto the runway.390bhp Nissan GT-R Spec-D Edition. barely any interior and nitrous.2"#. we limp To get my eye in. 1. and violently burst.5mph.'8 gas once the rears are lit. though that could be repeatedly too lazy getting my foot off the the heat exhaustion. an NCO’s potshot. TG DRIVES A 1. downshifted about 40 times and given the tractor’s bemused driver the international Irish hand signal for “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I’m beside him in a one-off Nissan GT-R with no front driveshafts. Driver Masato Kawabata flicked 38+. as you can tell by the state of my T-shirt. however. I’ll hit pause while you digest that absurd feat and give you an idea of my day so far.%63. And… got it… no. And &77328. In April. and the car’s rear drops several inches.

2% ". My turn passes in a blur of oh-God-it’s-still- wheelspinning gearshifts.77"2|7 2. my contact lenses are are that the car doesn’t feel pulverisingly fast. dials in a dab of left lock. their cars addictive.87'"78&78 My torso.7 . TOPGEAR."#"8"|7 moment of backward- entry heroism.23' "1"2238$32$&286"8.500rpm and. but a Toyota and the severe amount of sweat soaked into my 86 still holds the longest race suit. Go to YouTube ludicrous turn-in velocity” "2%'. Darren seems slightly perturbed by Tractorgate. he’s only using one hand. and we’re facing the other way.72|8 97. I reckon DRIFT HEROES a boggo GT-R would annihilate this figure- skating Godzilla in a drag race. hours and millions of euros at what must’ve been over 130mph. with whistling wastegates on backing vocals.2( has a longer travel than expected. You My driver has melted away into a cloud of don’t wanna be touching that. but there’s a satisfying clink to selecting each new ratio. Put him aroma lingers for days. getting this strong a taste for it. Darren says pilot would choose. the gearlever. TG salutes you. rears. Genius to scare the bejesus out of me. AUTO DRIFT Imagine the countless There’s a bit more rear tyre gone. He gestures at the marmalised rears are still lit. “Straight back for up a transition. the GT-R isn’t intimidating.$& here.2( light. third.COM  OCTOBER 2016 065 . The car’s running smaller rear tyres than FOUR OTHER usual today to make it easier to unstick. Strange old day. One perfect the sequential ’box. The clutch is &78+"8|78+&2&6:=(6. We peel off down a slipway and he pops a baby drift through the 90-degree left hander. whether in first. fourth or fifth. dragged it straight. my head. he gets then it used it to teach an M235i to drift itself. and all I can taste are Toyos. we’re heading down the $311&28"6=|7&:&2#&88&6 million-quid drift-mobile. The and that someone’s accidentally filled the accident in 2006. In fifth. and he’ll give it a pull down the runway to demo ah yes. doesn’t. as my lid fully pinballs off the “I’ve never experienced a car execute such a MASATO KAWABATA &$"2|8%38+. which has never LJKN  6&"8[#98 . Oddly. The shifter 328+&7"'&8=#6.$/&%. The steering’s one-hand easy. A 130mph+ drift. Take two. Nissan’s boys said I’d find sliding taught himself to drift comes in at 4. it bonfires the Bartek.978. OK?” BARTEK OSTALOWSKI intense tyre fog engulfing the car. restrained by a six-point harness drift record. “That’s the handbrake. And that’s the second bang of the day. This is when the tractor intervenes. .5 miles.2( experienced a car execute such a ludicrous a wet track cheating? turn-in velocity. by German Harald Müller in the apex. gear. he says. but I hadn’t banked on second. but the bizarre hallucination about being let loose in a half. By the time my neck has incredible. Crikey. follows the car’s scything path into drift title: 89. and keep going until Left-right-left.0-litre V6 ahead. balletically – using his legs. that BMW has poured Darren’s turn. amputated after a horrific bone dry. Half a mile down the runway. He shifts into sixth for the 45-degree main turn. short-shifting to fourth as we line up for the big slide past the pits. you get to neutral”. the engine’s another alloy lever a couple of inches left of still having a tantrum against its rev-limiter. Having sat alongside me as I into self-driving tech. besides the breathy bellow of the bored-out 4. forward for down. And slew up and down Cottesmore’s runway. runway perpendicular to the angle a Harrier The GT-R is baking inside. However. This time the entry speed for the first drift is higher. I can’t see my First impressions from the passenger seat Bartek had both his arms hand in front of my face. The drift is Perspex window.&'. nails the throttle and MÜLLER GT86 kicks the clutch to spool the V6’s turbos. Basically the boost even food. followed by a livid flair of revs as it’s rendered BMW M235i totally useless by the absurd rush of power. permeating clothes and 3''$"67w34&  &|7 gearbox with six first gears.

+&28+&=(38+31& 066 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR.&2%$31&78378"=0&&4.2&%.%&28328+&2&"6#=N13836.=&8&28.=&6.8+8+&.+."7(6.2( 8&2"$."2"& $"28+"2/+.8+&((328+&.2(7"2%"073'36.:& at the back TEENAGE KICKS."=1&"28731& 4&340&.2(94'36236&"732 &&836|7"$+."6%63#&.:&7.8 #6"2%2&.8+30%&66&0"8.2|72&.&% 8330132(&6 &2.7877+3.:&67"(&%KRLN"6&8+&13780.2(7'36."7"79$$&77$"6 1"(">..'8.8.:.$&/23.%.%7u it refers to the maximum rate at which an enzyme is catalysed in a reaction.+..<&6|7KOJJ138368+&78928.2:&28.(23'4.2( 8+"86.%&".2( 1./&0=.(+0=%&:&034&%7&27&3'839$+"2%+&"6.6#&%6331 "2%.787%6.6&0='..+&2"=392(%6.78326.:&136&7"'&0=.28.$+8+&24900&% 9634&83#&%.+.283"1"/&7+.7+"0'8+& .2 1.+&&06.8+79646.8"..2(" .2( +32&%"'8&6+&.2%8+&..2%&%"88+&"(&3''.&6&789$/'36'396+3967.7+%6.2( .2( 26% have had an accident 11% 8+&%&7.8833/8+&183#9."0'6. 36%|7796:&="0736&:&"0&%8+"8OQ4&6$&283'=392( 13836.82"9(+8= about enzyme kinetics..33%8962&%32&3'.87#"/."27~ ".1"132(38+&68+. None +&6&."7"2&2(.6.2 1"<6&'&67 83"$"6|7 834 8+&$"638+&$314"2=1"%&":.2.COM .2&779%%&20=78"68&%.&|:&"00#&&2 8+&6& ."70&'8.&:&1&287"6&3'8&2"886.8= 8..71328+"77+344&67 of which is as interesting as "88&148&%830&":&6.2&7/.0%"70.(+80=%.7 Pay attention have watched mobile videos +.+.2(.70".+3+"%"2"223=."7#0.47 8+&7&"8 IMAGES: GET T Y "$$.7.2&&6'631 2%.8$+&2 36%|76&$&28796:&=3'POJJ=392(13836. SOME OF IT USEFUL TEENAGE KICKS.2(%3.2( LJJ14+32"2"983#"+2 "7=396#38831 (6.786"$8&%#=}"886"$8.7"443.%03$/8+.<&67. A VERITABLE ARSENAL OF WHISK  INFO.44.+.+&2"74&$.0& 6.$+.294~"2.$8.8 3'703.8$+&2 1.#98&%83+.&78#6"2$+3' /&" +&7+&&6291#&63'7+344&67$31#.2 can go no faster.8.6'"$& 43% have texted 36%have taken phone calls STEADY    "04+&&836.8++.32"07"'&8=%&:.28+&+.((&6&% 83&<4"2%. however #&+.28+&.2%&&% .+"$/  8+&43.:&6(&87"#. PART II In the TopGear dictionary.2( $69.1463:.%&3'&"896. When talking "7"}#03.2(+"#.:&4&%&786.2'0"8"#0&"%90886.8+"2 %3.2$+. which occurs when all active sites are ROAD FURNITURE saturated with substrate..7&$328630 &$"1&94.0.2"2%74&&%.$+.2("#398/.09#1"2'9003'4&340&+"2/7838+& 8"0736&:&"0&%8+"8. PART I 8"6&$&28&:&28.0&%6.&00/.1&.<&67"2%23#3%=.28"8.

Tracksuit £20 .

he can launch CAR IS. #&"$+. merely spares. Here an infinite YouTube Perhaps that’s why the standard-fit Browning . the middle Should BJ get stuck in a hole. It’s called the Ferret and it’s . the car..87&0'32 and pull himself That should keep those annoying health and safety +9147"2%#9147 to freedom people off his case.. eh? Anyway. has been removed from his latest toy and replaced to stop the car his grappling hook by a harmless grappling hook attached to a winch.30 8+&=|6&&2("(&%#= binge-watching hydraulics and used loop. allistic” BJ Baldwin is a Trophy Trucker who once blew off his own fingertip “B after a shoot – it was actually only On the original Ferret.2( . MY OTHER supposed to be a photographic one set of wheels were or in mud. or in – with this very magazine.

2|7 based on an old armoured vehicle of the same name. which contains a crockery with painted NOSH each of the final 50 tasteful assortment of detailing. not unlike that '":3963'032(86":&0 in his old. but amazingly by a small-block LS "073#&&2#. which the Zenith Collection napkins embroidered were forcibly ROADSIDE DINING.. plus several Phantoms – known as crystal wine glasses.2 FOR OUR FAVOURITE it’s still used by countless militaries around the world.30 gun.>&% the desert on a YouTube near you soon.2&67|1398+7 068 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR.32 .'. each of chopping board.22&% . 800bhp 7+3$/7 8+"8 463:. so expect to see it blasting through 8+39(++&|7 6&$&280= 3:&6#9''"037. NEWS IN BRIEF POSH At the request of some hamper. it Ferret was originally used by the British Army for recon and scouting jobs. a 2&. And now BJ has his Chevy Trophy Truck &<$&00&28 6. and powered by a Rolls-Royce straight- The original Rolls-Royce engine has been replaced +&30%&66&8|7 7974&27. V8. Made by Daimler (of posh Jag fame) in the Fifties. but still a weapon..COM .8 &:&2+"%"2=+"7 A 6x6 OFF-ROADER BUILT six.%& SPEED JUNKIE from Burkina Faso to Zambia.3. silver spoons.8= hands on one. Production officially ended in 1971. – will come with a with the Rolls-Royce extracted from the ROLLS-ROYCE STYLE bespoke picnic monogram.%&59"0. signed for Toyota) 63"%/.00 No . especially in the hands of BJ.."0%. some hugely rich people.

among the first to feel the drive. Not content with setting new benchmarks for luxury and innovation.0).8). SENSE*. you The other big exclusive is MULTI- its second iteration arrived need to get behind the interior possesses all the attention subtle. sensibilities have stood out in a field of INNOVATION PERSONIFIED each offering a unique driving look-a-like hatchbacks.8. FOUR MODES bit of a style icon. this ain’t just a pretty experience and accompanying lighting all-new version released this year. while over 50mph they turn in boosts performance and glows red. Clamber inside and you’re to facilitate more precise steering. Neutral mode gives lighter tradition looks to be alive and well. . It may sound It’s just another nice touch in Renault. Fuel consumption and CO2 may vary according to driving styles. Book your test drive now at treated to more of the same: the the same direction. Ever since what makes this car so special. and be the materials are of consistently Renault Sport engineers is obvious. Eco.FEEL THE DRIVE Little touches like sharp headlights contribute to an impressive facelift for the range 2%3'$3967&. But to understand ONE CAR. ambience.390%2|8 be a Mégane without that voluptuous rear end The all-new Renault Mégane is here. The official CO2 emissions are 134g/km. while green Eco is. the face. but it has a big effect – this is what looks to be a game-changing to detail that’s won Renault so a seriously agile and precise drive. The official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for the all-new Renault Mégane GT: Urban 36. EU Directive Regulation 692/2008 test environment figures. Take the 4CONTROL four. road conditions and other factors. **Standard on Dynamique S and above. wheels turn in opposite directions engine response. the Sport mode but with that trademark Mégane flair. Using the 8.** in 2002. Comfort gets you a tasteful The first thing you notice is that At low speeds the front and rear shade of blue to go with improved provocative stance: low and sporty. steering. Combined 47.7 (4. Extra Urban 57. and The influence of the prestigious Book your test drive today.1 (6. surprisingly. *Standard on Dynamique Nav and above. many fans over the years. and it was worth the wait. And with the You see.2 (7. its sensual curves and sporty you can select between four modes. wheel steering on the GT model.9). Renault has created a pretty great drive to boot T he Mégane has always been a excellent quality. entry in the hatchback market.7”



Get some
ven 60-year-old cars £16.5m in sterling, and makes the

E can make history.
We’re well into
LM-winning D-type the most
pricey British car ever auctioned.

auction silly season Of course, the Americans had
now, and this pair of buxom blue to do their best to show up the
dream machines has destroyed Brit, and their chance came as the
the form book for classic-car first Shelby Cobra ever produced
YOU’VE GOT THE ISLAND, THE auction sales. (yep, that’s the dainty creature
YACHT, THE JET, THE TROPHY Above, you’re ogling the below) also came up for grabs.
WIFE. TIME TO GO SHOPPING... 1956 Ecurie Ecosse team Jaguar Despite legendary status as the
D-type, which won the 24 Hours doyen of one of motoring’s most
of Le Mans outright that year. As iconic muscle cars, the ex-Carroll
pedigree goes, that’s the Willy Shelby Cobra, went for a burton at
Wonka golden ticket. As is the just $13.8m (£10.4m). The total
condition, which is smart enough cemented Cobra No. 1’s status
to eat your quail egg supper off. as the most expensive American
And so, after a frantic four- car ever. The all-time record,
way bidding war at the RM meanwhile, belongs to a 1962
Sotheby’s auction in Pebble Beach, Ferrari 250 GTO, which made a
the Ecurie car’s hammer fell at a staggering £26.1m in 2014. Keep
dizzying $21,780,000. That’s checking those barns, people. 



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so smooth of the windscreen quickly defrost frozen wiper and so comfortable. It inspires confidence because it truly needed a little local help. Across volcanic ash tracks blades. and to put it to the test. heating elements in the base capability just grows. delivers that + surfing? Skateboarding? Snowboarding? In fact (as essential 4x4 ingredient – buckets of torque – from he proved). he could even throw stones at road a 2. we rivers. weight capacity it always has (up to 2. shallow) is a proper 4x4.. those in the front can also be cooled. And the way the Santa Fe handled them. front and rear seats are Lofty driving position feels just right heated. Just think how useful every to glaciers or down broken paths to isolated one of those features could be in the mix of driving waterfalls.. of course. And so on. But there is more to the Santa Fe's door-to- + door luxury than a long list of lavish gizmos. it comes with a choice of five or seven seats. too. let alone Iceland. It truly feels That's a decent length of time to get to know somebody – or something – and Heidar certainly put Hyundai's SUV to good use.. And ice-climber. It comes with added wit and imagination. too. comes with Hyundai's famous five-year in his homeland. They can keep their puffin and chips.. Heidar Logi Eliasson is feels at home on this mix of surfaces. On a world apart from the places most of us live and work. Heidar was suitably impressed. It is so quiet. or fording (admittedly. it's possible to pick your way with conditions you find in the UK. So. Panoramic roof: standard on Premium model turned out to be something of a minor celebrity of course. to help ensure you're always on the optimum route. the Santa Fe's aura of upmarket + maintain visibility. but we'll happily take the memories + of those sensational landscapes. As everyone was with Iceland. but And it's the same scurrying across the beach 8" touch screen navigation works superbly what really gets the attention is that this Santa Fe at low tide. He also knew how to make unlimited warranty. it's a great place to sit and to travel. the most of four days with the Santa Fe.2 litre diesel engine. And extreme kayaker. Choice of manual or auto transmission . provides the same towing signs better than the rest of us and. Did we mention kite In terms of all-round practicality. The windscreen knows when condensation is forming and automatically activates the climate control to regular roads. a 23-year old cold water surfer. The touch screen navigation includes the TomTom Live service. unsurprisingly. confidence in its surefootedness at all times.500kg) and.

And then an appreciation of extreme is roughly half the size of the there is the intrinsic relevance sports is almost a birthright UK. thermal springs – for years. it's the spirit of Iceland the winter and the daytime there really is something that really pulls you in. the the soul. Iceland's heat and and the choice of places to Route 1 people per km². It is a country without a rail network or even a . but in a vehicle as capable as the Hyundai Santa Fe. If your day-to-day reality is a congested commute. Santa Fe is hard to beat. people are the epitome of lifestyle is what you're after. DRIVING ICELAND A BEGINNER'S GUIDE It's an observation that wins to grow more troubled every Sure. beaches and volcanic tracks that make Iceland a petrolhead's promised land. it gets very cold in no prizes for originality. In a world that seems truly green land for decades. Iceland's 'busy' is still our 'deserted'. Iceland has been a natural playground. Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon) are easily accessed from Route 1. it works out to just three of the place. people live in a country that of Scandi countries. play in are virtually endless.000km But geopolitics don't nourish In fact. There are power has come from its own. A number of the country's most famous natural attractions (Skógafoss waterfall.332km ring road. As freedom. But with less people in the whole country than there are living in Leicester. When only 330. there can be few places on with an inevitable sense of possessing even more of the earth with more to offer. it's the countless back casual ease that is the hallmark Heidar so capably showed us. That sheer scale comes chilled (in every sense). HEIDAR LOGI & THE HYUNDAI SANTA FE ON AN EXTREME SPORTS ROAD TRIP AROUND SOUTHERN ICELAND think about flying to Reykjavik and hiring a car to escape the routine! Driving in Iceland is one of the true joys of life. but day. its primary transport link is a 1. 255 of us sharing a similar renewable source – natural And as a means of getting Reykjavik amount of space in Britain. known as Route 1. around this 100. The is dark but if an outdoor very special about Iceland. hyundai.


It wasn’t looking good.COM  OCTOBER 2016 077 . The rest is history – he became the seven-time world champion. He qualified seventh. plus I’d replaced him with a completely unknown driver whose name they couldn’t even spell. Michael Schumacher. On top of that. and the man who gave him his shot? TG’s own Eddie Jordan: “Picture this. ven the mighty Michael Schumacher had to start somewhere. that weekend turned out to be the birth of the most successful F1 driver of all time. Arriving in Belgium we had a driver – Bertrand Gachot – in jail. the Belgian press were going crazy because they believed I hadn’t done enough to support the legal case of their man. which stunned everyone. next to no money and our cars had been impounded by a local judge over an unpaid bill. The Legend.” IMAGE: RAINER W. but really he should have been in the top three – he made a little mistake. SCHLEGELMILCH /GET T Y IMAGES TOPGEAR. who lent us the money to get the cars back. “Had it not been for Bernie. they’d probably still be locked in the back of a truck. In the end. His F1 breakthrough came 25 years ago E on 25 August 1991 at the Belgian Grand Prix.

EVERYONE LOVES THAT FAST CAR SMELL. NOW ANYTIME CAN BE GO-TIME. KNFILTERS. Order yours online today.COM® SUPERIOR AIRFLOW. better performance doesn’t get much easier. And with five-minute installation. K&N® high-flow air filters are designed to increase horsepower with up to 50% more airflow.™ . SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE.

. One.&"$"6"2%'3003. it now has a 86"$/.COM  OCTOBER 2016 079 .2%."2|7+&"%£1.8#9>> "032("8NO14+3.229.<&70.$+0&87.0&03$/83" 13:.38+&6&| TOPGEAR.2838+&#"$/3'" 4&%&786.+.8|7.2(8"6(&8 ..0&$"4896.7.+.+.$+'.32&"2%.%&3$"1 .Gadgets Rise of the machines TIME TO LET THE GADGETS TAKE THE STRAIN DJI PHANTOM 4 The Phantom is one of the most popular and user-friendly drones-with-an-onboard-camera you $"2#9=+.8+./&"1.8'0=.7.1#"078&"%=7+387.2( "#3:&"2%#&+.038 and collision-avoidance modes are deactivated.8$390%#&97&%83'.879086" :.77.01"$"6 94".2( (.2%."43687&88.dji.2(73"6.78+&2&. store.2(63"%88+&7&74&&%78+&"9834.2(.2('&"896&. 73#&$"6&'90=39%32|8'0=.28+&4"(&7 of TopGear for two reasons.

So. protection and . STAY HOT. BE COOL & LOOK SHARP Snickers Workwear is a range of modern working clothes and leisurewear that’s ideal on site and equally good in the great outdoors. Snickers Workwear delivers innovative designs and high-tech fabrics in natural materials that are complimented by uncompromising comfort. Tried and tested in the harshest working environments and weather conditions. Make your choices at get through the autumn and winter months with these must-haves for professional craftsmen and Snickers Workwear Limited | Unit N3 Gate 4 | Meltham Mills Industrial Estate | Meltham | Holmfirth | HD9 4DS Tel: 01484 854488 | Fax: 01484 854733 | Email: info@snickersworkwear.

77+. Instagram-esque filter on the world. £59. Unfortunately it’s a bit catwalky.+&6&|7238+. endclothing. Matt-finish frame holds lenses designed to give a summery. Style Three styler Buyers of the Morgan EV3 Selfridges edition can also order a bespoke 03 Dark grey crew 02 Vans SK8-Hi Zip Mono. complete with handy rear zips. tenslife.68.2('"2$="#3988+. so here’s what you should really wear if you find yourself driving the eccentric. electric 3Wheeler 01 Tens Cruiser II. A reissue of classic high-tops. £80.

2%3'&1#63.32&%8692/. riverisland.&078"''.2(2"/&%"2%. That enough? £8.8& 05 Globe Trotter 21-inch trolley case.%&6=836&'0&$8+."$/&8%&%. All you should add is 731&/ 04 James Hunt Archer blouson. A modern twist on an old- '""/'"78 tastes… £495. 8.007834=39#&.$"8&% to the 1976 F1 world champ.8033/759. belstaff.

"7+.095.COM  OCTOBER 2016 081 . TOPGEAR."=u £1.8838+&09(("(&6"$/"2% $+3$/7".

. A three-time winner of Le Mans. a piece of piston from one of these cars has been cut into the shape of its wheel spinner and sits behind the backplate of our own C9 D-Type – limited to just 55 .The Jaguar D-Type is assured of its legacy in motorsport. Swiss movement English heart Discover the new breed of watchmaker.. christopherward.

COM  OCTOBER 2016 083 .900. though.louisvuitton. Hence why this Voyager has a spinning wheel with – you guessed . and the whole thing is housed in a squircle- shaped case.Watches Time travellers GOING PLACES? YOU’LL NEED ONE OF THESE LOUIS VUITTON VOYAGER GMT GMT – apart from standing for Greenwich Mean Time – is also shorthand for a watch that displays an additional time zone. The V points to the hour in the second TOPGEAR. £3. The problem.$+1&"278+&6&|70&771"8+783 do when flying long-haul or road-tripping across a continent. uk.+.8LN238$+&7. rather than having its own 24-hour scale. is that the extra hours hand is often geared to lap the dial once every 12 hours.


These days consumers feel other date in your diary. Which is a fair cop. Cortana – Y It’s happening. and who you know. If there’s some hampering me again.7"2%. So you can tell the car I NTE R N ET to lock itself. or quiz it on how much fuel is in the tank. It’ll also keep an and transport agencies. My companions are human. Except your If you still contrive to be late.72|820&77=39 2&&%&<86&1&869$/„ 0. Among other places. It all 394&.8=†(3'36 January this year – that’s 400. TOPGEAR. get the ou might think you know your car. to get there and how long it’ll take.7%&$&28 ‘digital companion’.7#"7&%32"2 seems a bit creepy to me. and what that all means for where you’ll go next.632(|&6$&%&7~ a picture of where you go. They call it a cloud-based telling passengers to be quiet while I talk to the car. plus online info like film listings them fail to behave perfectly. super-flaky. or just all these third parties – Amazon. launching this month something often understands you supernaturally well. You could see the sympathetic anxiety in their eyes as they tried to compose a reply that wouldn’t offend me. or rather when.7 8&78†+&2$& book and your car’s nav system. Google Now. Everyone stared at their feet in silence. your entire life and habits exposed to its digital scrutiny.(+80=71"00&6 32&+& 394& . Three of them totally failed.8~ of appointments from your emails and texts. so far).(+80=71"00&6 but how well does your car know you? online voice recognition – Siri. having meanwhile – commands to Alexa.7#"7&%32"$"6 $+"77. and to second-guess my movements. text of your ETA to all the people you’re due to meet. So I continued my remaining objections. That’s the theory. YOUR CAR WILL cluster around an expectation born of weary experience: 8+&1 83#&$31&M‚N KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU. alert on your phone to make sure you leave enough time they said. That even includes Anyway. I was on the rev-limiter with questions and objections. By the end of this lecture from the BMW people. BMW has spent decades trying to build ever more comments section So at its simplest. It’s been a feature of the OS for years but has always been Paul Horrell “Nope. It’ll also accept voice commands. If you have it fully turned on. I feel a total dweeb 394&238 8+&  394&6978 9732 8+.%8+. And that it runs the best possible security protocols. Apple’s software. parking predictively based on your history. building {. Oh how BMW’s people must have found me a fun Pretty much without your say-so."72|8=&8":". people will blame BMW the TopGear. address in the UK when we %. 70. The phone app and the cloud between them sniff around your diary. I’m not sure I want a Guess that’s just me being old-fashioned again. "2%. itself.7 BMW Connected is a free extension to the satnav system that became standard in all UK BMWs from “This system leaves you naked. This sits in your house. frankly. this system leaves you naked. If. Cars must just work and off to work on Monday morning. who couldn’t suppress a loud snigger./&"#. "(&. any of You can find Paul most days overseeing eye on live traffic.000 cars already. when. .:&+&  binary buddy. H O R R E L L things commander. That’s what Jaguar F-Pace Future im I find creepy. it’ll send a round-robin correspondent. it’ll have a shrewd idea you’ll be reliability into its products. PAUL HORRELL ON… Next I tried to get across my unease that a machine has been programmed to know me better than I know REVIEW: myself. It wirelessly links your car and their cloud and your phone your entire life and habits 8+&70. =&"6730%"2% |00#9= is pretty hopeless at parsing out the locations and times 1=7&0'32&3:&. Google. (Anyway.7+& 394& called BMW Connected. we went back into the press conference and sending instructions to your phone for the part of the the engineer made five – presumably well-rehearsed journey on public transport or foot. and will send you an if they don’t BMW’s brand will be tarnished. that’s just my crusty last-century attitudes if the traffic is more snarled than usual. but they couldn’t swerve the formulation vs the rivals perfect that my attitude is simply characteristic of an old and increasingly irrelevant mind. vs waiting to answer your questions or send instructions to other net-connected devices. sent the car directions to an intermediate parking space.&+"%8397&8+& Then Connected tries to make sense of it all. This they brushed aside by saying you can always leave it turned off. And soon it’ll be linking up with Amazon’s voice-activated internet-of. which all DeeSnood } 03:&8+&  |1 patiently waiting for IN THE FUTURE.2($+"77. Oh no. its aim is to figure out how positively privileged to be beta testers. Echo.) 83%6.0. Why will BMW’s be any better? Similarly. emails. but equally often is as deaf as a or restaurant opening times. . Hmmm. for instance. analogue companion that day.COM  OCTOBER 2016 085 . BMW is first out of the blocks. SCARY that it simply won’t work.0"#0& exposed to its digital scrutiny” (iPhone only. I’m convinced it’s risky for BMW to hook up with It’ll do this either by your future diary events.







M A G A Z I N E Download the interactive iPad & iPhone editions .

%&=39 8+639(+8+&1">&3'./&.7+&6&838"/&=39#=8+&+"2%"2% (9.+&8+&6.&2$&"2%794&6$"67 .%&"7 7$. of the future +"8|7 8+&8+.&0.8 36 23836892"8&0= TopGear .2("#398 8+&'9896& .8|7$31.2(.

we’ve But. Increasing downforce and decreasing drag is the new cool   !O LLI E M A R R I AGE ust look at it. the most out of it requires different driving techniques sucked. wings. nor. They’re track cars. A is for Aerodynamics Slip stream Think aero is all about F1 and WEC? Think again. as if the underpinnings have bolted and left nothing but a top surface. ducts and flicks. We’ve seen venturis. We were promised it would be able to limit handling when that downforce bleeds away. these cutting-edge supercars will have seen splitters. To get deliver LMP1 pace. The benefits of this chime more . twisted and directed like never before. and they’re targeting lap times rather than top speed as their body panels attached to thin air. It’s all about air. now we can see how. which may not be entirely positive. and no one is in downforce means higher cornering speeds and trickier the least surprised. designed to perform at high speed where aero works. as efficiently as possible. the air squeezed. though – to get through the air downforce on road cars? This isn’t a road car really. How long until a the AM-RB 001. blown. Why do we need Aero has another use. It’s more like a shed skin than a come to that. is a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. or Focus RS? More differentiator. Hence the aggressive aero. of course. but never in the an increasing and inevitable knock-on effect on lesser field of automotive experience have we seen anything like cars. too. “Aerodynamics is the main performance downforce-enabled BMW M3 arrives. J complete car.” Adrian Newey tells us. A good thing? I’m not so sure. in time. chief marketing gimmick. This does lead to another question.

2(%&1. more penguins – all the good stuff.(+8= 86"%.2$327&59&28.$7743687$"67$32.32291#&67'36 13788+&7&}&28+97.$."787~$"67"6&3'8&2739(+8"'8&6"2%SKK7+":& #&&27&&286"%.8&%692$"67.2(92%&6(6392%13:&1&288+"8.007&87%.9788+&32&78+"8:"09&8+&7&27"8.(.7136&. but what about the Mercedes IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile)? Above 50mph.2"$314"2= 0.87 accurately with the tone of our age.(9397238. B is for Back to basics No school like.89"6='36398%"8&%8&$+2303(=8+&$697+.6"8&%&2(.2%3'..+&6& 731&8.2.3273' 7$6&"1.8+"2=/.&2$=(".2%9$8.328+&7"%"2%. body sections extend 390mm out from the rear. BMW’s Vision Next 100 has flexible bodywork covering the wheels that moves when the car turns.2( "#3988+37&0. Less drag means 36.2&78962&%838+&%"6/7.:&6033/"01378$314&8&282%=&82%=&8 8+&6&7&&1783#&"#96(&32.323'%6.:.%&3''36$&% .(+8238#&8+&1".'832.8+71"00463%9$8. CARS FOCUSING ON TACTILE FUN ARE MAKING A COMEBACK 8|70.2786&"1"2=136& lower consumption."=.8.$...8+'907944368&68+&$098$+4&%"0 240"$&3'46"$8.2(3#.8+398"896#3#&8..1.8& &28+97.2"0pKMP/46..14368"288+"28+&8&$+2303(= * 2%8+&=|6&920.2838+&2.2&&678+"8"6&2|8&:&28+&59.003'%6.327/./&0=83(3". whiter polar #98%6.32|8 4"7759.96&%#= .8.&&28+&1 "678+"83.7&3'8+&1"29"0(&"6#3<"2% . The drag factor drops to 0.7+#"78. Either way.(236&8+&138.8+"23%838+&:.278+"88&$+2303(=#6.7"2'"$8.. TOPGEAR.+":&&0&$8632.2(3:&674&&% +&$"678+"8:"09&8+&.328+"8%3&72|8"6(9&.7$&6"0 &|6&8"0/.&23.19Cd. electric range grows from 62 to 66km and emissions drop 10 per cent.2&94 .2(1"6$+3'73$"00&%463(6&77&|:&.2%3'9%%..'. That’s probably too far-fetched to make production in the next decade.2( 2&:&6&2%.. This is the other side of aero.(+84"68."71136&. it’s the future.2"8.$0&7.8+ 8+&7"'&8=74&&%"2%&''.$&+&=1.87'".$78+"8$"2"68.8+&6.978 $+337&783/.2+397&&2(./&"6300.1.1&7=39(&80&77'36136&+&367$+&SKK"2%"=1"2 N +&7832"28"(&KL1"29"08+&36:&88& 6"243688+&">%" O83"0&77&6&<8&28"29"07"00.$/&78:&+.COM  OCTOBER 2016 095 .2("#3988+&#"$/83#"7.327.2(8+"28+&74&&%$"67'36.8+&6"2%+"6%.32&|6&8"0/. flaps in the bumpers extend to improve wheelarch airflow and the spokes of the wheels themselves fold flush.2(7 .+37&&$3231.323'}'&&0~.$71"/&237&27&.&80=.32$3286307=78&178+"8$"21"/&&:&2 8+&1378927=14"8+&8.$%6."00= 1"2"(&8+&"2(0&3'%6.'886"$8.:&67|$"67"6&2|8%&"%=&8 ice caps.+31 8+&"1#.&136&838+&7/.. fewer emissions.2(2"896"00="74.2("8pNOJ/"238.3962&=3:&68+&%&78.:.$&."0940."8$+&%1.

COM .... your future car will have a wandering Pokémon Go player warning. WO R DS: DA N R E A D Yes.. CONNECTION C is for Connectivity Linked in Your vehicle is about to get very chatty with its surroundings. Forget to turn on your central heating? Do it from your car in the connected future 096 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR.

Ford has also announced a partnership red.2( to prepare for a slippery patch. . make sure the car doors are locked before you go as well as warnings to slow down for an imminent to bed. hoverboards 10.8+1">32|7+31& automation hub. a derivative of wifi designed for fast-moving 4 When you put V2V and V2I together. on your device. Echo. much of this tech has been based around a GPS or 4G connection. Your house 2 Traffic lights As well as talking to each other.'731&32&|7 :&+. live mapping. you get vehicle-to-everything. cars will also talk to the physical stuff around them.&68+.$+"0&68=396$"6.22&6 |70"8&78 digital butler is called BMW Connected.2 a basis. which also tells your car %&8". the technology is based on 5. The tech will firstly be available as an option with Wink. music streaming and all sorts. improve fuel economy). or V2V. factoring receive via 4G like a traffic report.24". In vehicle-to-home mode you could turn on the heating.9GHz Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC). skateboards.0%. These days – like it or not – a car can be marketed as much for its digital kudos as the way it goes around a corner.2[$"6=2$7=78&1. Here are six things your car will talk to in the not-too-distant future… Other cars Pedestrians 1 Vehicle-to-vehicle networking. such as an address or meeting For example.|72&. the chips are open up the possibility of “platooning” (effectively the easy part – the hard bit is the integration creating road trains to help ease traffic flow and and compatibility of sensors and software. demist or deice the windscreen. It allows cars to communicate their communicates with special chips in nearby position. as championed by Volvo. Your phone. the app – initially only compatible with 8+39(+4&6+"47136&. another supplier of a smart-home hub on some Q7s and A4s.'8+&=|6&#&+.. In home-to- Service announced this month. Then came Bluetooth.14368"280=.+.2(36 engrossed in a call and likely to step into the road around a corner. No chance. you much pre-departure clicking. speed and other info to surrounding 71"684+32&7.6"''. US tech firm Delphi is a leader in V2E. and suddenly we had hands-free calls. satnav and smartphones.2%"#9. and has built an autonomous Audi to demo its latest systems.000 city-owned vehicles are being fitted with and other things that might deliver a wayward 8+&(3:&621&28|7L8&$+ L7=78&17"073 human into your path. from organising ride shares 83#33/./&9%. or see in-car.07. turn red will not cause people to speed up to beat it. as well as could also be combined with V2V info from automatically importing the destination a car up ahead. But in a world of wifi and the Internet of Things. including one in Manhattan.&|00#&"#0&83 dial into all sorts of information from the world 6 Connecting your car to cloud-based comms via apps opens up a world of possibilities.. Several pilot schemes are without looking. It will then notify you – could broadcast its condition for a car to of the ideal departure time. cars will soon become more connected than ever. prams. equipped infrastructure.8|7 working on a partnership to connect its . This in real-time traffic info.2838+&$"6|77"82":7":. Broadly speaking. This could be DSRC-based or 5 "60.'=39|6&3983'/&8$+94"7=39792#"8+&. This means your fridge will tell you something called the Open Mobility Cloud as .2("8"#0&'36%. is getting closer to reality. One of these objects.7=&"636%"22392$&%.. Using around us. These chips could also be fitted underway. an icy road – fitted with a sensor time in a calendar entry. Once upon a time. In a way. a connected car meant one with a wireless radio and a clunky car phone.$0&7&:&2. where to bicycles. otherwise known as V2E or V2X. using vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) networking. though for the time being through which you could warm up the oven as Knowing a traffic light is about to only five US cities will have the appropriately you drive home from the supermarket. The system will vehicle mode you could check the fuel level or enable Audis to talk to traffic lights – drivers will charge status. Until now. and therefore the world 3 The road As the Internet of Things – literally millions of objects connected to the internet – %&:&0347"2%&<4"2%7. control the lounge $039%[#"7&%0. on-dash countdowns to green lights.$&$+2303(= lights or open the garage door.&|00"073 iPhones – scans for any travel-related information have a better dialogue with the road network.

one day soon. there’s a more scientific purpose here. Because RoboRace is actually a live lab for the development of autonomous software that. similar to sonar and radar). . and the cars have been designed by TG’s favourite futurist Daniel Simon – the man behind the fantastical Cosmic Motors and the vehicles from Disney’s Tron: Legacy. For example. adapt and react all on its own. Team B might use greater margins.” ULTRASONIC Cooke says around 120 universities. It’s called RoboRace. as the cars gain experience – lap by lap. These are fed to an NVIDIA DRIVE PX2 (see p114) – the car’s brain. The event format will be more like a video game – think Transformers meets F-Zero. its artificial intelligence software allows it to learn. Well. but ultimately they think for themselves. tech. It’s sports entertainment. Team A could programme not to react to anything unless it comes within 1cm of its sensors. not a hardware competition. capable of making 24 trillion operations every second. AI BRAIN NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 Roboracers D The future of motorsport is for Drones GNSS ANTENNA means ditching the driver WO R DS: DA N R E A D / IMAGES: DA N I EL S I M O N AI COOLING INTAKE arly next year. Either way. 10 cars – each roughly the size of a Mercedes E S-Class – will do battle in a way we’ve never seen before. How? Like any autonomous car. More than that. CMO of RoboRace. and the engineers and programmers become the heroes. but is more likely to make it to the end in one piece. Some might even be able to string a sentence together. They might be programmed to behave in a certain way. art and music. They’re not. SENSORS carmakers and other organisations are interested in filling one of the 10 grid spots. software companies. It’s a battle of AI behaviour and deep learning. If it’s a success. “It’s a championship of intelligence. which is told by engineers how to react in certain situations.” says Justin Cooke. But although we’ve filed them under D. This will lead to more aggressive lines. cameras and ultrasonic sensors. you can’t really call them drones – that would suggest they’re remote-controlled. driverless machines snake around AI FRONT CAMERAS floodlit streets and maybe even drive upside-down through tunnels to a bass-heavy soundtrack played to spectators around the track. The events will take place alongside Formula E races – sharing venues makes more financial sense – but while the racing will keep people interested. a RoboRace machine sees the world through lidar (light detection and ranging is the detection of objects using a light signal’s “time of flight”. gaming. on city circuits around the world. FRONT RADAR the daily commute might be a bit more terrifying than before. radar. all in one. “We’re not calling this motorsport. will drive the rest of us to work. and even develop a personality just like real racing drivers. not unless you’ve seen an entire grid of fully electric. race by race – they’ll make more informed decisions.



26">.COM  OCTOBER 2016 101 .$. E .40&7&"80"%& 0.0 8386=8+&86.%&6 WO R DS: O LLI E K E W / PH OTO GR APHY: PED R O DA NTH A S TOPGEAR.8= Can Nissan reinvent the sports car '36=396 (6"2%/.7'36 0&$86.%7w&|6&.

That white V-shape is actually the headlight strip.9780./&" . Nissan’s been 7+"4&%. I want to draw your attention to the reversing light. Anyway. In a rear shamelessly riffing on BMW’s i8. and something else that escapes me at the moment.77"2 %3&7. It’s a spare from Williams’ current F1 car. sizzling in the 35°C glare 2. Motorsport-style centrelock wheels just one of the parts designed specifically for the prototype./&". BLADEGLIDER 3&72|8033/ 19$+0.8w The BladeGlider looks more like a mishmash of a Shinkansen bullet train. it’s significant. and the tip of a British bloody-mindedness iceberg that’s brought Nissan’s vision of a next-generation sports car into being. of a Brazilian winter. the SR-71 Blackbird. In fairness. Ker-ching as you see it here. It’s Williams Advanced Engineering that has animated the BladeGlider 1.

9/&|7(6.' gamely experimenting with rocket-shaped fast 3. Two. be prepared to leap clear. This is car two.}&"+738+"8038|71=32{#3"6%8&0&1&86=&0&$8 First there was the Nissan-powered DeltaWing. The irony of flying 5. proposal – for a good while beforehand. If they go out. and TopGear is about to get a world-exclusive first drive at the Kartódromo Internacional de Guapimirim.. 4. There are no Leaf hatchback bits under the streamlined skin. Green lights bookending the switch panel indicate a cars – originally intended as an Indy Car design safe earth. about an hour north of Rio de Janeiro. BladeGlider doesn’t exist to preach about EVs being our only chance of apocalypse avoidance while wearing a holier-than-thou frown. A quarter of a million 1 L have been sold – it’s the world’s most . "00"2%=&78+"8|7. Nissan has the Leaf for that. then choked on its gearbox..700 miles to appraise a zero-emission vehicle is not lost on me. which became the first racer to complete a fully electric lap of La Sarthe.00&138. So the BladeGlider is back. doing the big numbers. In 2013. the BladeGlider road car concept was unveiled at the Tokyo motor show. to be precise.'900=~ which got cruelly punted off at Le Mans in 2012. both on a mission to show a Vitamin D-depleted. arthritic-thumbed Generation Z that electric cars can be exhilarating. OK. then quietly re-veiled as Nissan dealt with a legal challenge from DeltaWing partners Panoz – explaining the subtle “Inspired by DeltaWing” legend stuck to the back. Then there was the Zeod RC.813:&836"7++"2/7".

that is.2(~ &00.32 837+3.8|7(38"#6.0"6"8. much the BladeGlider has cost to create. Made from carbon supported on a driving position could not be more perfect. It looks like a 62mph in 4. the seven-foot doors account The seat is low and supportive. but You’re waiting for the caveat.732"1. this Door safely operated. Slowly insta-hitting teleportation capsules. steel spaceframe.4039(+ popular EV. the drilled for a sizeable chunk of the BladeGlider’s pedals central and begging to be left-foot 1. the rest of the comes at a cost”.$$"67$"2#&&<+. shoulders.328=6&7 door. only massively stronger.(+8 '9896&"7"723. Once I’m in. Alcantara steering wheel 8. The point where I admit that “of course. just a narrow the six-tonne BladeGlider can’t actually be apron of floor to the front and centre of the hurled around at anything above the pace driver’s Recaro bucket. Erm. flanked by identical of a Venetian gondola. Two 130kW motors – one in each rear “Is that extruded aluminium?” “No. pillars draped behind the driver’s eyeline. the back axle unlocks the possibilities for Components as rarefied as that hint at why 4 infinite torque-vectoring. }+&0"%& 0. beyond internet-catnip the operator like a medieval trebuchet. settled atop the battery housing. and supervised intensely from the "#3.878. &2&6"8. This passenger seats behind each of the driver’s is plug out and play. and with the visor screen’s to execute jumps in Hollywood car chases. admiring the exquisite aluminium Off the line. does it. so There’s no sill to step across.%&6. so they’re mounted braked. the BladeGlider lopes to strut the door rests upon.$/=LPO7&$8.COM  OCTOBER 2016 103 . the door crawls upward an inch or two. my TOPGEAR. and note the batteries are BladeGlider welcome procedure is a doddle.'. but separating the drive laterally across and development engineer Darren Cockle. the of YouTube would have you believe.2(%"="2%. The steering wheel is spot-on for on the sort of gas struts I think they use thickness and size.300kg kerbweight. handle lurking under the scallop in the door’s With no left/right-hand-drive compromise. I’m warned about opening the BladeGlider’s The diminutive.8 seconds and tops out at just Lotus Elise’s hinge. explains test total. despite what Tesla’s invasion So. complete with F1-esque data moment my hand finds the spring-loaded 743307948+&6&"67 readout.00 presents itself. the surface.8$"2|87":&8+& 743687$"6. aren’t you? they can’t help wincing when badgered. along with 2016’s no one is prepared to give away exactly how must-have car accessory: the drift mode. fashioned of uranium and dark matter. We wheel – provide the equivalent of 263bhp in milled it from a solid block”. with reach and rake adjustment.0. you click the handle outward.328+"8 &0&$86. No. wrong. 3 115mph.77. then BladeGlider’s role is to show EVs will have threatens to fling itself skyward and launch a sense of humour.

an ex-Lotus chassis technician. feels like it’s covering twice that while I’m clipping the belts together. There’s no creep once my left foot is clear of the brakes. to instruct me on a launch sequence that requires a degree in electrical engineering. Flattening the gas provokes the today. Next one along (Power Mode) into “P2”. You’ve heard of cars that look like they’re doing a hundred sat still. the narrow. I expect Darren.:&[ Performance: 0–62mph . and launch pads tomorrow proper wheelspin from the rears as the NISSAN BLADEGLIDER Price: p%32|8"7/ Engine: L<KMJ/ 138367[LLJ/#"88&6= Transmisision:%. The drivetrain is silently armed. and triple-jointed limbs.8&0=+911. but from about an inch of travel the BladeGlider surges forward. Wrong. The BladeGlider.(+8"#39823. shoots forward instantaneously” .2( ‘Highway to the Danger the screen. and twist the right knob from Neutral into D2. Left toggle switch down for Master Power “on”. 0g/km CO2 Kerbweight: KMJJ/( “ The BladeGlider. tapering nose and diving wings exaggerating the sense of perspective. and the throttle takes a heftier than expected prod. I’m ready to go. The view plays tricks on your brain: 32&|6.2. Switch gaze to steering wheel. sucking the horizon toward its snout. not with breakfast-troubling pace but enough to skitter the 265-section rears on a surface grittier than Boring old roll hoops Plan B lyrics. without a hint of nose-lift. Perfect missile typical vum-vumm-skreeee from the motors. attention is focused fully forward almost as if there’s a set of crosshairs painted on &|7%&'.2 NR 7&$32%7[KKO14+ Economy: n/a mpg.6&$8 %6. It was more difficult last time I changed the clock on my cooker.

Too pricey to crash-test.77"2[.8+869&$+"6"$8&6w Not that I could feel – just crisp.&6&&78"#0.%2|8 .678 the faster bends as the car squats down onto 9634&"2834634&60= the flared rear track and sets off on another 759"6&94 83&70"|7 1.. KLJ KOJ 1.8+&SKR4=%&6 but such immense grip that the strained 2%8+"8 8962&%398 harness leaves imprints my shoulders. I should’ve known: Lotus chassis $"67 033/ 0. it messes with my head. There’s 30%$0". Easy! bobsleigh across a ballroom floor. chuckable. oozing progress.&7". firm The future underfoot and usefully consistent. "8 0&"78 PJJ#+4[J PL14+ the curved pane of the cockpit. which you’d expect given it’s actually derived from the gubbins in the blunt end of a Formula E racer.2 KSJS[ fast and brims with information just like "2%..". sees a front track that should understeer like a 38+&6+"2%[7&&7 8+&2&<8 orange ones do indicators.7 8+&'. Soon.32 7"0&:.(+8= charge.&8+39(+8'. or range-killing tomfoolery.978 0.7&% but not ruffling the driver.978"KO1. but shifting $&2896=033/. Twist black bit to turn car.1&%SJ14+["2% praise than that. delicate 367$+&|7.678 8. They’re strong.7+&%. blasting the rear seats with turbulence Drive like a pansy and your two passengers are 3%&0&|6&4631.BladeGlider. where the straights are short-lived and the corners many and tight. Being sat central with all the controls just so. free from of fast the squirming telltale pedal betraying that the stopping effort is being shared between power CAN EVs BE PROPER harvest and old-fashioned friction.2( bods don’t tend to sign off turkeys. 83. like Pokémon Go.. sheltered beneath free to whip the reins.7$"4"#0&3'" a Caterham’s.32[32 responses and nuances in weighting through 8+&38+&6+"2%[. the truly exquisite build quality… it all bodes that the BladeGlider handles properly.COM  OCTOBER 2016 105 . this.77. or “for an EV”. and too enjoyable in execution to go the same way of the – aha! Sinclair C5. so only the right-hand hairpin requires a proper jab of the brakes. The steering is . You choose either hushed. $"6. without a hint of nose-lift. too niche to produce.0& Reclined amidst the flanks.7 23.17[#98 8+"8|7 enough punch to enjoy naughty half-slides .$&8+&#"88&6= “for a prototype”.7#&8+&'.678 0&$$= actually some electrical assistance on board.2( . it slowly seeps 6"2(&"2%. and there’s not much higher $0".8|7"78&"08+ Again. kids. Not . The machine you see here will stay a prototype. ambassadors for electric power. I’d assumed it was unassisted. THRILL MACHINES? All this breeds confidence. adjustable roadster. though Nissan EV strategy boss Gareth Dunsmore admits that some could be built for the same blank-cheque enthusiasts who demanded Juke-Rs for their mollycoddled collections. Knew it reminded me of something./&w$$36%.2 MO 7&$32%7["MJJ1.00 8+&'9896&3''"78 proves.298& into me that this machine is genuinely fun..    shoots forward instantaneously. young minds as possible into actually desiring Not a problem for Ollie a cell-car as much as they require a cellphone.(+8[%.8 83. and so it +"8.0&732"$+"6(& only to be corrected back in the pits: there’s 390%8+. TOPGEAR. It’s a "06. aimed at converting as many Three seats not ideal if you have a lot of friends.%(&7 #38+2"1&7 snapping between corners.+"8. mega brakes. this BladeGlider and its twin will head off on a worldwide tour. Y’know. because it’s too innovative an idea. My brain #31#&636("2[32 8+& Blue buttons switch menus. It’s an ideal fit for a kart track.9. I hope the BladeGlider tri-seater story doesn’t end here./& the weight bias miles rearwards has the nose 8+&4"78"0:&62|7 2&. ." &0'6. .1& through Guapimirim’s tangled switchbacks. Clicking the paddleshifters alternates the ferocity of regenerative braking – I’m in Defcon 2 for maximum retardation when I lift off.8w challenge. It’s not a one-dimensional powertrain.$M+&&0&6[$"00&% M[. but simply as '631'0"8 83RJ 4&6$&28 an alert. &0&$86.

saloons. It to get hatches. You’ll mount California. Place phone in steering wheel From Ferrari to Faraday: "2%0&88+&$"6%38+&6&78&8|7 Marco Mattiacci likes his +34&. it’ll need sustained and Marco Mattiacci as its global brand & architecture” could form the backbone for substantial capital. Faraday obtained a permit supercar called the FFZERO1. The merely an attention-grabber (here we are. We’d barely factory north of Vegas. and the optimum set-up. Today it’s threatening the Jaguar. And yet in 1. so there’s a chance that. The modular batteries tangible product or two. In July. even just a shell – of an all-electric. old establishment. So why is the car industry so nervous about it? WO R DS: DA N R E A D or a car company that has yet means business. American. four electric motors making pickups. around. FFZERO1. a mean you could use them as building to make a car. For Faraday to repeat Faraday appointed former Ferrari F1 boss Most importantly. is just an idea. In other words. If you’re on a Does any of this sound familiar? Just have made the pilgrimage from more track. the car will determine the fastest way six years ago. It’ll do 0–62mph in under three to test autonomous cars on the roads of just two years. after all. not to mention a commercial officer. based startup before January’s CES show. F is for Faraday Hyping it up Faraday Future is not yet a car company. then use proper car. know exactly what it’ll produce. its “variable platform that success. delivery vans. Just this month.000bhp. Valley and the tech world. Faraday Future business is all it has. single-seater has. adding or subtracting to suit F is expanding at a faintly Groundwork has started on a $1bn powertrains and wheelbases. blocks.#0& employers to start with an F . Will we see a unsettling rate. but one talking about it) and that we’re more likely where it showed a prototype – it was really we’re happy to entertain for a moment. AR projections to show you the way. Lotus and Ford. it all sorts of vehicles. your Faraday will drive itself. in theory. although right now. Tesla had yet to make a traditional car companies such as BMW.8|7440&$314"8. though we don’t hypercar like the FFZERO1? Cynics say it’s heard of this Chinese-backed. down staff of 900 people. though many app to adjust the car’s set-up. most from Silicon your phone in the steering wheel and use an the line. the company has built a seconds and top 200mph.

8+"983231397 7=78&17 +":& .7 7.$8&%83LO14+"2%32&43% produce hydrogen.32"2% .. battery cars will have cleared the buffet.8+.$&'36 by the time it gets to the car.7 83%3.00 :&6= 19$+"0&"62&6%6.0&"(& 2'"$8 8+&$"6|7 74&&%.%&6.2(832"2% Also.&00 6&4368&%0.8 83#392$& 697+83498 8+&$"632 7"0& 8+39(+ #"$/ 83$"0$90"8&8+&%.(+87 6.(2"0|7}8.1&3''0."&<"7"7+.(+0= it all depends on whether this "$$96"8&1"44.&$8'631 8+&7396$&3'8+&4907& 6&0&"7&%"8&3'LJLJ&6+"47 +&2$31#.&% companies they could be refuelled.2( . "$89"00=86"270"8&7 . &6$&%&7|:.>32"+&6&+":&#&&2"'&.323'3#.2 8+&$"6|7 8&78"6&"7 The fact that you can fill an FC car in five minutes may well &=&7.2&%838"03' 332&#&0.2('36032(.1.7"2% "6&:&29& 6.6% Even fuel-cell advocates have known this for years.2( manufacturers believed that they were the only possible 43%8+"8%3&7".%738+&67#="%9087 8+39(+.2&%7+3680=#= 32%"0"6. PH TOPGEAR.'362.2( 2":.&6&%&7. and so CO2 is produced in its formation.+.3962&=78+"8|73=38"|7"2% recognises what it sees and learns how to react Google /. But fusion never came and green electricity remains precious.7 8+&$"6 83/23. BUT HAVE THEY MISSED THE BOAT? The podfather Fuel-cell cars are now on the roads of Britain: Toyota Mirais and =92%"..(+8#98 928.8 4". So efficiency matters.<=&"67"(3=39$390%2|8&:&2#9="4634&6&0&$86.8=7988+"8|7 DRIVING JUST TOO MUCH HASSLE FOR YOU? still only a couple of dozen in all.2( charge times for battery cars might mean that just as FCs finally 83"2=7. a normal car with a driverless #="+91"2"8"00 8.2("2%  23.&$8'&"896.<MO783#&. their 13%& 8|7"'900="983231397 3'"6 8+&463838=4&7 .1&8"/&2'36 . 78&&6.0&732 8+&786&&873' quick recharging.28 8+& 83.2|463.880&7$6"4&7#98 can also be made cleanly.8&%79440.(+8~ +30%.2&%.8+ "0. All .978 '36    .7 take their toll on efficiency. But the production..0"60= 33(0&7&&17 .+&6&.$ 6"2(&'.32"2% 6&786. 97.32 1.2&77 837&& .:&6 G 33(0&|7{4".&.0 . But the &=&7 .&|%+":&2&"6920.(2&%#= 1"/&8+&1$314&00.(+8%&8&$8.+"8|7"6392%.&73'&2&6(='631 clean nuclear fusion.2( 1".&$87 . is for Hydrogen Tomorrow’s world HYDROGEN CARS ARE COMING.%8+"8 8+& 33(0&$"6 .7&0=.2(32 8+&633'. via water electrolysis using green '0"7+. '"1397 7/92/.28.8++.87 0.%0=7+368&2.3#."=. only about a quarter of the energy remains 6"2(.283 46&$.8 1978#&"$$314"2.COM  OCTOBER 2016 107 .8. .2( "68.%"6 +"2%8+&.&.%"6 92. But we do now know that FC cars actually work.98328+&38+&6+"2%8+&6"4.88&% technology for long-range fast-refuelling petroleum-free cars.32 7&& which is which… D R arrive at the party.&7$34 238+.7 8+&%&8&$8.00. filling stations. that if they were made in big numbers they would be affordable. Those numbers represent a science experiment not a business.1&7 When development of these cars was beginning.72|8 .&:&%8+&=|%&:&66&"$+LJJ1.(+8'631"&:&28.36/7'631 KP"68.$$"6 =39+":&83%3.3.2( 8+&838"0 electricity.2( 0.8+8+& "'0&&83'&<97NOJ7 6&863'.89"8.2( 6"$/&%94"$31#.&$8 .36/7 463.36$327. It might have good ... compression and distribution all $"6#98 6"8+&6"0.7 238" . 2&6:397.8|7+"6%83/23.$+#97. Hydrogen +&8+./&732"6 1..2( 94 86"''.1.0&76"2(&36"003.0&.8 .8"003. and that with an investment from the energy +&0"8&78 33(0&$"6 . most of the hydrogen produced nowadays comes from "#. steering wheel altogether. and a handful of hydrogen HERE’S YOUR NEW TRANSPORT.2%&6&1.2( 7".%"6 0.8+ dream of a hydrogen-fuelled world grew up when people ":..2$09%. If you use renewable electricity to "2%6"%"6 0."7"$89"00=78344&%#=430. Tesla blew both those assumptions apart.87"0"7&6 4907& 8+&2 .8 8+&6& 033/..78"2$&3'"2 731&&<&$7+":&79((&78&%" 3#.2 23 97&7 8+&8.2("7.8 is for 31&.7 78. methane.787 &<4&$8&%.("8.83'09$/ 78344.8 8"/&7$"6&3' KO 1.2("8 6&%0.

#6& '6318+&4330&%F6&7396$&73'1". into their own lanes with and enable them. The road less travelled A dozen cameras. long- and short-range radar and super-accurate GPS SMART STREETS WILL EASE TRAFFIC. so too must the roadways that support Move the buses off the roads. but tractioned a bit Tron."=8+& a joint venture (JV) with Chinese consumer $"67. while the Supra will take its "983138. J is for Joint ventures Stronger together Rapide soon to become POOLING RESOURCES = BETTER TECH FOR ALL very Rapide.&$8'36. warning of traffic or accidents ahead. and cleverer.8 #=|76"4. that they bring it to a shuddering halt.2|7&0&$86.7/&$+2303(. By about 20 years… 2&.$&28K$32$&48 10 8 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR.$$"6463. brake and negotiate junctions without is developing solar panels that can support the weight interference from its driver. They’re glass. Solar Roadways accelerate. but we’ve made an buses present when they’re mixed with regular traffic."6%~ deal BMW and Toyota have struck to create a Andy Palmer observed. and the mass transit systems that their own traffic-control measures. but with it Mercedes raises an important so they’re no less grippy than asphalt. I is for Infrastructure Mercedes Future Bus goes for a spin on a suspiciously traffic-free road The Future Bus uses tech Merc first deployed on a self-driving Actros truck. buses become a lot more viable. but there’s more to it.000bhp Earlier this year.8&$896& JVs bring down the vast cost involved in means the new Z5 and Supra will not be direct developing a new car./&'9&0$&007#&2&'. Suddenly. underpinned 8+&6. with its semi.2($"6#32'. “It brings Aston made at all.:&7+&=|6&0&("00=86. a kind of bus-only superhighway that (unless we’re complaining about works because it recognises and addresses the issues T traffic or potholes).743687$"6$"0"#0&40"8'361"6$+.(+8. The juiciest upcoming JV is the "68.36 chassis expertise. and you fix the operate alongside them.2( electronics company LeEco.1&78+&320=. have heating point – how expanding.$/=833 $9&7'631LJKN|71"(2. Aston Martin announced 988+&=|6&"073731&8. GOOD keep it out of trouble opGear doesn’t do infrastructure Transit Line. The Future Bus might look of articulated lorries.'. issue. already gridlocked cities can elements so they don’t frost over in winter and cope with hundreds of thousands more inhabitants.&03:&78"2%"'.2($+"2$&3'#&. EV will have 1. The Z5 will be a roadster. Take the Mercedes Future Bus. programmable LEDs so traffic controllers can spell Merc tested the FB on something called a Bus Rapid out messages. They also reduce rivals.COM .%0=&:30:. But what of normal roads? You’ll have read about autonomous CityPilot mode that enables it to V2I on page 96.&70. exception because as cars get cleverer Principally.

Hyundai sells millions of cars. but they’re seeing the lessons learned by Toyota and BMW about separating out your luxury and sporting brands (think Lexus and M Division) and following suit – in vastly reduced timeframes. then China. It’s v3. Citroen between the huge Asian pincers of Japan and has DS. Nissan boss of BMW M).6170. it wants brand equity. Don’t bet against it. now ships full of cheap rivals. Plus. is happy to bring in talent where it’s needed (N Performance is A NEW BEGINNING? headed up by Albert Biermann. and Hyundai China. Manufacturing issues.. but Korea is coming.0 is gaining mainstream credibility.. OR ALREADY ARRIVED? horse race? Despite a high production reputation.8|7" BAIC Arcfox-7 Japan and &&88+&.. depth and brand strength that’ll be the next step. Is this an Aston I see #&'36&1&w3. Korea Win is the strategy WO R DS: O LLI E M A R R I AGE ou’ll have heard this before.0 – exploring character. this little country. WHAT HAPPENED TO JAPAN? CHINA: UP AND COMING. The EQ900 is a bit like an S-Class.. the weak Yen and a lack of decent marketing First it was Japan.0 at the moment – version 1. geographically squeezed has Infiniti.360%|7 best-selling hybrid – the mighty Prius China: a two. land area and population than England./&. while v2. It has a fuel-cell car on sale in the UK nightmares about: container already. Hyundai’s upmarket Genesis brand sits off the side of its parent in many countries. smaller in terms of has Genesis. carmaking has stumbled over the past few years.0 was establishing a beach head. isn’t But cheaper scared to fight the fight on a global scale. But there are cracks in the auto-making strategy here as well. it’s actually Y here and has been for a few decades. We’re on Korea version 2. Well. At the moment. South Korea has some of the fastest internet speeds in the world K Rising star is for Won is the currency. Kia and Hyundai are convincing rivals to the French marques. With investment from (03#"0'. And that’s Korea through and through: it’s more westernised than Japan. ex engineering Toyota has Lexus. and the N Performance brand will be here soon What the French have too.

00#&8+&.8.360%|7 to just 1."7 THE ASIAN AUTO has meant that the once-mighty Japanese revolution rosy – but with growth in the car sector slowing in China INDUSTRY IN BRIEF +"7(32&"#.4 per cent.77"2"2% =39|%8+. TOPGEAR.859.2".72|8 keep on terms with new-kid Korea..2/"00. and labour costs rising to 61 per cent largest carmaker. but Japan needs to up its game to 3'0&:&07.&83=38"1.(+878."7KQ4&6$&28KO=&"67"(3 +. the manufacturing silver bullet that some hoped.COM  AWARDS 2016 109 .

MAYBACH L is for Luxury .

68. There have been just two The Vision 6 also suggests that automotive luxury has at least one eye post-war best-in-show winners at Pebble in the event’s 66-year history. Bizzarrinis or Ferraris – that had the judges at last month’s Pebble Beach This is good news (especially if you make Bill Gates look like a pauper).&7. it signals the company’s ambition to go beyond sticking quilted leather and silver-plated champagne flutes in the S-Class. is in Pebble Beach to judge the concours. This may take explicitly references those fashionable Thirties scenesters.32P$32$&48$31#.” TOPGEAR. Like the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100. Many impoverished original.2&7 +. Vignale and the incomparable Zagato created nothing less than art on wheels. while the batteries live under the floor.8&. Carrozzerie such as Henri Chapron. shape. these machines were as priapic as they the Marvel universe in its execution. but also because it Now feast your eyes on the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6. the Vision 6 junks internal Which brings us back to 2016. partly because the world’s car-loving out a bit more.8&$+836&%&'.. bonnet that occupies a different postcode to the boot.0 of Merc’s Maybach preferred to take a chassis and have it clothed in a adventure is proving to be vastly more successful than the creatively W bespoke body. long of nose. “We like pure surfaces.7. and has a out the Mercedes 540K or eternally awesome SSK if you want proof. though not at the same time. tapered were purposeful or elegant. The Vision 6 can be replenished wirelessly This is car-designer-speak for cleaning up a mess.8+7$. “If there is a line on a car and we take it off and still really like the energy back into the system to deliver 65 miles of range in five minutes. Wagener claims 550kW (750bhp). but we’ve motors on each wheel.7. Mercedes managed to arrange a private view of the Vision 6 with him. &6$&%&7"=#"$+|7&<59. Mercedes’s design director. There are synchronous electric Gorden Wagener. enough to power this flamboyantly attired has successfully reversed Mercedes out of its recent bewildering design behemoth to 62mph in less than 4.0secs and deliver a range of 200 miles. v2. It was conceived which means that the judges are either a) fusty old relics who need to get specifically for Pebble Beach. So this epic super coupe isn’t just a narcissistic internal high-five. cul-de-sac and done a J-turn.'.” via an induction system. Professor combustion for fully electric propulsion.274. the world’s rich Both subjectively and in pure sales terms. then we’ll take another line off.COM  LJKP 111 . Check a while because it’s only a few millimetres shy of six metres long. while the gullwing doors. or connected quick-charging can pump enough he says. or b) understand what a timeless luxury car looks like.6&%033/7. They were also cars that everyone could bottom and split rear window all serve up supreme visual entertainment. concours d’elégance decorously juiced up. aspire to but almost nobody could afford. In fact. to match the self-determination of AMG in the high-performance realm. There are shades of Strident of grille. He calls the new ethos “sensual purity”. and it was these – not the Ford GT40s.2&3490&2$&    J A S O N BA R LOW /      WEB B B L A N D hen the automobile was young. mega-rich colonise the place come mid-August. Figoni et Falaschi. of their finest works now command stratospheric expect Maybach to develop an identity as a Mercedes luxury sub-brand values on the collector’s market. fixed on the rear-view mirror as it accelerates forward.

2988326&$&77&7 .28+&7&"87+.2( #6.2( 3$$94"287|. &6$"=#"$+.2.32P|7 $30377"04634368.2$&286& $32730&7+3.2.191 6&59.$ 43.&0%7+&04 "&63786.3271&"28+"8 LN.47328+&7.28"88+&$"6|7"00&0&$86.7.%&#3%= 7&273671&"796. .6&1&283%=$30396&%7+.%(&.+&&07"6&8+&1.&00#&.007 +.&686".7 &2&6(='03.

the Vision 6 knows if you’re an aero ‘drop’ shape. well. life seemed easier and more fun when you were began in January this year.” TOPGEAR. This is car as digital creating a form that is as good as luxury gets. This movement – we call it ‘hyperanalogue’.” weight of its own grandiose ambition. we prefer to reinterpret it.000 on an mp3 player… I’m significant achievement on a car that could have collapsed under the talking about stuff you want to keep.000. But looking forward. because you before its debut at this gilded Californian enclave. not least because it keeps the tension together. 8+&$"6. but you will want to drive the Maybach Vision 6. the affable us. flow – “it reminds me of a manta ray. Not a bad place to start.” Wagener says with a sense of Of course. they’re intelligent and efficient. Lamm says. But that doesn’t mean an end- of-days. Terminator-style takeover. It’s a tempting the Maybach Vision 6 is his first effort. 8+"8. and difficult for our supplier to get right. and it. though. Luxury is about choice.” display flows across the windscreen and into the sides of the doors. it would have The interior also uses biometrics. “People change of bonnet on a car that doesn’t even have a conventional engine is a trifle indulgent. it’s already here. we’ll see cars with only a you’d have a point.COM  OCTOBER 2016 113 . inspired by Thirties streamlined coupes. Work only thing to do – after all. the occupants are treated to a 360° lounge the chrome line that runs virtually the entire length of the body is experience. that’s not strictly true. to head up Merc’s advanced design wing.” response.” Wagener adds.” If you think the Maybach’s vast acreage 3''"2%78. “We’re inspired by it. In this digital future. and I’m pretty sure it will be fun for automobile. Streamlined shapes aren’t just beautiful. “Google pod isn’t a car you what we might do with the design language at the top end of the brand. that maintains its value. a little impatiently. “We invented the "238+&60. The seats wrap into the IP (instrument panel) in a seamless their favourite element. Although projects like this can be done much faster nowadays./& “Software is invalid with the next update. while the inlay on the seats mimics compromised the entire car. But it also gives hints of it to be. Fully autonomous driving isn’t mischief. “I’ve certainly bumped into a lot of people in the past few days just on the horizon. is luxury if not deliberate indulgence? Just don’t call it retro.” want to drive yourself.&|008"/& their smartphones every six months.” the buttons on a chesterfield sofa. Looking back is nostalgia. what combustion engine and a manual gearshift. but rather than repeat and talented Stefan Lamm. you’ll also see a counter- tells me that the Vision 6 was still rendered as a full-size clay model.2& having a difficult day. and automatically adjusts cabin temperature or starts the who stretched the skin over a chassis were seat massage function. too. In difficult. “If it hadn’t been perfect all the way through. no problem.” Wagener insists. The coachbuilders } '8+&6&|7"0. Lamm As digitalisation becomes more prevalent. so no one has a heritage like another 130. MAYBACH Wagener recently recruited ex-Ford and erstwhile Seat man.” Wagener notes – and the digital “It was very challenging to do.&$"28"/& companion. Chronographs. “It’s only autonomous if you want who want to buy one – $3m each. “The Vision 6 has other words. Then again.” Wagener continues. that’s more difficult. a songs on a treasured vinyl record not 10.” Wagener concludes. it actually houses body sensors to “Getting a car this size under control is monitor the occupant’s vital functions. so… it might change something. 10 probably explains why its proportions are so beautifully managed.2&3''~ Why? Because driving has been fun for 130 years. and the car was completed barely four days young. cameras. “We’ve had a fantastic don’t know what’s coming. Wagener and Lamm agree that Inside the Vision 6.

|7:. 736873'19%=39|00+":&"1"$+. yes: no oncoming traffic and trees. and the company’s expertise %6. electric mobility.COM . Its graphic processors. Berlin-based group currently developing a lunar rover NVIDIA.:&283. so you can imagine what that can do to a gearbox.1"(&(.2 A develop accessible “methods of robotic space exploration” that to process lots of information from is being contested by 16 teams.2(. “space exploration should be are already found in some cars available to everyone.(#6". Quattro is standard N M is for Moon rover is for NVIDIA Hello.2( climb every mountain. and there are three on-board various stimuli (perhaps the outline cameras.2&8+"8$"2 7=39|%&<4&$8 . but then top speed isn’t much really clever part is the deep- of an issue on the moon. rocks and even standing water. and its 12 cameras. A solar panel supplies energy to a lithium-ion battery learning algorithms – it can relate cell that powers four electric. vigorous testing regimes are all vital. and ultrasonic sensors.” CEO Robert Böhme says. wheel-hub motors.689"0%"7+#3"6% Spacecraft should be like cars – you should be able to get from A to B in them…” but its latest supercomputer. Adjustable solar panel powers li-ion batteries for the wheel-hub motors.. famous in the world of gaming.” Robert says.8#=463(6"11&67 a grain of sand..8 O is for Off-roading Hands-free mud-plugging DRIVING YOURSELF THROUGH THE ROUGH? HOW QUAINT Will teaching a car to drive itself off-road be adaption. 11 4 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. 348. automated driving. The terrain is arduous. but the PTS have done testing on volcanoes of a cyclist.2/9%. your speed its Surface ID database (which learns different and even the weather. and can tell the difference between On the face of it.000th of the density of . but the The Audi lunar quattro can only do 3.6kph. Not so simple after all. a 35-strong. “The dust on the moon is also 1/1. Our prototype charges along a dirt track.8|002&&%"#.:. based on an example and inside ice caves.7&%'36.7. as well as lidar.8|7"2%3:&6'36(. Ordinary people like you and I should be able to live there. Mr Chips GAMING COMPANY MOVES INTO CARS Lunar tuned When programming an autonomous car.%$6"7+. is designed for autonomous rover (think cute ultra hi-tech hostess trolley). you could write a separate line of code for AUDI IS AIMING FOR THE STARS.283. How does a intelligence.+"8=39|6&$0"1#&6. with an associated response (to ":3. 8+.2(3:&6 2$&"2%3:&6(&878+&7=78&1838"0/83 taking into account any slopes. Better to give it some artificial udi’s technik has never been quite so vorsprung. keeping the 4WD system a water splash. Forward-facing cameras identify easier than setting up an on-road autopilot? obstacles. DRIVE Audi’s Munich design guys have helped refine the look of PTS’s lunar PX2. radar. maintaining momentum. One of the finalists is the Part-Time 8+&$"6|7&=&7"2%&"6728&6 Scientists. ruts. so it can learn as it moon-shot sound? The Google Lunar XPRIZE is a challenge to (3&7368+. What it will need to recognise are tiny then casually brakes as it plunges through changes in surface. ford every stream and ahead. with the aim of being on board a moon-mission launch vehicle in late 2017. a negligible likelihood of errant pedestrians.2( 8|7"#0&83'97&%"8"'631 in lightweight materials. with TBSA – terrain-based speed not require a fallible human for any of it.1. “Ultimately. every possible scenario it might encounter – an almost impossible task.

PANAMERA 4S DIESEL P is for Panamera Diesel: the fightback With pundits falling over themselves to pronounce the death of diesel. Porsche proves that the rumours have been greatly exaggerated WO R DS: R O RY R E I D / PH OTO GR APHY: R I CH A R D PA R D O N .

&7&0+&00#6&"/70337& Fortunately.. in front of me. I’m scowling.8 Gone is the lardy hunchback I once loved. 911-like rump.2(8+&"2"1&6"N. In a world where so many cars are designed to be as aesthetically appealing as budgets and practicality will allow.2(8+&/2"$/&673''.'30%'361"7.(%. JIM. it stood alone – a proud beacon of hideousness whose ungainly look was part of its charm. Under the bonnet is a 4.&7&0.7&8+& haunches now. PANAMERA 4S DIESEL hey’ve only gone and ruined it.3896#37+&04.78. it’s IT’S A DIESEL. and that ruins it all. cursing under my breath.:"07.0-litre 136&'"78$"677+390%#&43.77&59&28.&78 tarmac. stands something that is. with '"$88+"88+&896#3$+"6(&6&<+"978("76&$. well.2. The slightly +&"2"1&6"|792. "2348.87 It’s not particularly pretty in profile.68= Porsche takes on ":"6. most notably with its range of engines.878+&6&|7"(63.2(1.... then a growing anger.7238 and most notable of all is the 4S Diesel. for me.&6&%#=8+&#.28+&.36/&.2%&67+&896#3$+"6(. But then I see the back end.” That’s the first thought that crosses my mind as I approach the “T fleet of 2017MY Panameras lined up in front of me. attractive. When it launched.COM . The new 0. 32+3.22&63'8+&$=0. wondering what on Earth has possessed Porsche’s design team to wreak such havoc with the car’s exterior. And it’s making my blood boil.8. BUT pretty.8%. the original Panamera was criticised for being ugly. within moments of driving the thing."/&794 731&.+33%3'896#30"(".8+&6"7"7. but where’s the fun in fine? LQJJ641"2%"00%..2(0&92. &$3231=#&2&'.2(0&896#3368.1. It’s all so inoffensive. I’ll concede that it still looks . It’s even got 8+639(+32&3'8+&8.:&0=.32 twee LED headlights.2("6(91&288379((&78 this new car goes two cylinders better.$7 gone to town beneath the surface. nice..&7&083 together two cars that are only vaguely similar.. Porsche wins 11 6 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. "2%&<+"9781"2..78. it’s clear Porsche has '$3967&23%."|78.+&6&"#3:& massive.32#98.''&67'63113783'.876.08+&8+63880&"2%8+&7&$32% Panamera is Gérard Depardieu with a nose job.2896#3%&4&2%. There’s disappointment at first.00&:&61"8$+8+&$+"6"$8&6. 3'"4&863013836736&::.28+& awkward front end is now muscular and well-sculpted. and that’s great – it’s . or Katie Price without her 896#3&''&$8."0"003.6$90"8.. It’s fine.. but that’s why I loved it.2( like the world’s foremost experts in cutting and shutting have welded ./&0. oversize chest appendages. swapped for what can 3380&"#398(&280="2%"00&<+"978("7&74"77 only be described as a pert.8+(6&"8&683659&323''&6"2%'9&0 Whereas the previous Panamera made do with a six-cylinder diesel. The problem. is that this new model appears to have lost all of the charm that made it so special. like a proper sports car.2( a talking point.88+"87. Porsche has taken what NOT AS WE KNOW IT was once a giant middle finger on wheels and made it. At least in my eyes.+"6%=39+"11&6. The next gen But here. confused.

2mpg.72|8+"44= Until he drives. it becomes second nature. But more realistically. I bury the throttle in fifth on the autobahn.000 and 3. purpose-built sports cars with a Carrera badge on the rear bumper included. and the needle climbs. seductive rumble from the exhaust and. though our test car was packing the optional Sport Chrono package with launch control.132 grabhandles tightly Engine: 3956cc 8cyl twin-turbodiesel. 176g/km CO2 Kerbweight: 2125kg +"8w6&"68+"8. naturally expecting it to understeer its way towards the nearest flora and/or fauna.3 seconds. Bury the throttle from low speeds. I’m eager to see just how far I can push the thing. it’s a combination of the Panamera’s newly engineered chassis (aluminium. stiffer and lighter than in the previous gen). the PORSCHE PANAMERA Rear occupants might 4S DIESEL CHRONO PACK want to clutch the Price: £93. most importantly. has a turn of pace that makes you question everything you previously understood. It runs out of puff above 3. It’s not long before I’m snaking through some of Bavaria’s twistiest tarmac. I discover that it makes no sense to drive the 4S Diesel like I would an ordinary performance car. and the speedo nudges an indicated 177mph. mostly. issues a low.twin-turbocharged V8 that cranks out 416bhp and – this is the kicker – a quite staggering 627lb ft of torque between 1. Witchcraft? Perhaps. 627lb ft Transmission: 8spd PDK Performance: 0–62mph in 4. quick enough to After a couple of attempts.. so short-shifting through the new eight-speed PDK ’box is key. and discover that not only does it hang on. but it grips gamely. so it knocks that off in 4. most interestingly perhaps. but I’m proved wrong. I push harder. This thing is easily quick enough to embarrass just about anything you encounter. 416bhp. a new rear-wheel-steering system. I take it reasonably easy at first. it also turns in more sharply than anything this size really has a right to. making it the world’s fastest diesel production car. I ponder the forces at work here. .5 seconds. small.3. Keep it about anything” buried. astonished at how much speed I can carry through corners. It’s silky smooth. and I’m soon being carried on a wave of acceleration the likes of which I’ve never experienced embarrass just in a diesel car. Not once does the 4S Diesel betray the fact it’s fuelled by the gunk you get from a black fuel pump. I assume that surging straight-line speed is its biggest party trick. Initially. Below 30mph.500rpm. “This car is easily Within moments..72|8 9(0=w36=. Zero to 62mph is dispatched in 4. Naturally. three-chamber air suspension and. and the 4S Diesel takes off like it’s possessed. Physics? They seem to have gone out the window. 177mph Economy: 42.250rpm.

while four-pistons clamp down on the 330mm rotors at the rear. but three passengers who have come along for the ride. As for economy? Well. they turn in the same direction. tightening the turning circle.and legroom on offer – enough for your average NBA basketball player. This. in the name of stability. I’d have vomited at these speeds. I’d wager.880&7834. While channelling my inner Senna. despite science saying it shouldn’t. I don’t care what it’s powered by – no car capable of out- dragging a Chevrolet Corvette should be able to manage those numbers. It stops well. 11 8 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. of course.2mpg with CO2 emissions as low as 176g/km. certainly.COM . is its ability to exhilarate not only the driver. it’s off the charts. Had I been travelling in the rear.8|7"4368+6323 . Above this. is a car that hauls unbelievable ass."8$+ 1&"27.368+LKJ8+7"2%pK MNN front and rear wheels steer in opposite directions. The Panamera’s main skill.125kg kerbweight. Six piston calipers hug 360mm cast iron front discs. I lose count of the number of times I catapulted myself out of a hairpin while getting a shiatsu massage. Exercise restraint. regardless of the engine powering it. according to Porsche. but I’m not convinced that the Turbo would leave the 4S Diesel for dead – certainly not on the twisty stuff. PANAMERA 4S DIESEL +"80. but not before marvelling at the amount of head. Stopping is less interesting than it ought to be considering the Panamera’s size and 2. and it’ll do 42. I remind myself that the 4S Diesel isn’t even the fastest example of the Panamera. The Turbo offering managed to lap the Nürburgring in 7:38.

COM  OCTOBER 2016 119 .“I assume that straight-line speed is its party trick.632(~ TOPGEAR. but |17332463:&%.

PANAMERA 4S DIESEL “This is a brilliant motor. the best performance car in the luxury sector” Rory tries not to let the dual-speed windows and weird aircon get to him Panamera pauses to demonstrate the concept of peak torque. Sorry R74% |#3<+"783%&"0 with 627lb ft of twistiness. Manages well .

But is it enough for me to forgive the watering down of its exactly). that can literally 4+=7. if you pull a little harder on – meaning longer range for the same-sized battery pack the switch. you can tweet while you drive. And it’s these several hundred miles of range.2(83#&"463#0&1. energy density is increasing choose to wind your window up slowly or. range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past. charge times falling to the level of the average in-car wifi. despite my quibbles. for example.COM  OCTOBER 2016 121 .32w TF TOPGEAR.28+&'9896&+&6& my way through the graphical user interface – a foot-long touchscreen was talk of battery-swapping stations from Tesla..$"00=7. pray with new fast-chargers taking just 30 minutes to charge tell. have it close more rapidly. which then charges the car wirelessly.+3|7(3.$6&:3098. There’s planned. taking worldwide incentives and straining every last ounce of value from the environmental ideal. does the Panamera have the option to both heat and cool your seat "2":&6"(&83RJ4&6$&28]8+&6&|70&772&&%83 simultaneously? Here is a car. I’d even go as far as saying it’s What¹s next? Wireless induction charging. As soon admittedly divisive looks? I don’t think so. ladies and gentlemen. Ultimately then. – and infrastructure is growing. which the best performance car in the luxury sector. is for Quick charging And to think the Turbo is even quicker! The 4S is plenty fast."=98 guilty of over-egging the pudding.72|8"$89"00=8+"8'"6". Porsche has given its to 300 miles of range in 10 minutes without even touching customers the ultimate Panamera. would any the EV arms race is a good thing.%367| blow hot air up your arse. Why.8]. without question. not all is perfect in the Panamera 4S Diesel. this is a brilliant motor. Cars simply park over an vehicle I can remember sitting in.+. so much so they’ve been (03#"00=#=LJNJ.8+8+&&0&$86. the old chestnut of little things that make the overall package so special. Yes. and the optional Burmester grab-a-coffee-and-loo-break and some pure EVs with audio system is."6&. Lightning cable HAS THE TIPPING POINT FOR EVs ARRIVED? Electricity is in vogue.$+. ."48+&+"6%. four-door as hands-free charging manages to power-up your car performance saloons with more character. there are plenty of tech gadgets that do make sense. now littering the developed world and many more Of course. while we’re on this subject. should you so wish. particularly where performance is induction coil (auto park functions can place the car concerned.8+$+"6(&6{$366. in all sorts of ways. would Porsche include a central air But the real advances come with the latter: charging vent that cannot be controlled with the human hand? Why must I tap =396. Here is a car last year. Major manufacturers are spending billions developing either pure-EV or plug-in hybrids. though.. but it’s not the Panamera I want. the best I’ve ever heard. Why on Earth. Bloomberg New Energy Finance says that EV sales grew 60 per cent Of course.72|8(3. It’s certainly the best diesel requires no plugging in. car need a two-speed electric-window mechanism? I’m serious – you can Battery prices are dropping. but – before using virtual joysticks to blow air in my direction? And why.. I like my four-seater.2(83"6(9&. and will make up 35 per cent of new car sales that was clearly a labour of love for its designers.




+"2/7 3&2,(7&(('36#&,2(=39




KOENIGSEGG 1 oenigsegg has a vision of the future. Despite the best tractive efforts of the vast "2=8+. So. They act like they’ve hit ice. choking cloud while.6&7 so later. a plainly furious T rex is bellowing in pursuit of a hapless triceratops. and the temptation is to believe this gives no more than a passing nod to hybrid power. the system is linked to throttle position.COM . Anything. Christian and I can barely see each other across the cabin (although given what we must look like in here – a pair of naked . And there’s only 110 people working there. There may have been around 15 different models. say you’re being pursued through a dystopian city by a rampaging gang of social-media supercar baggers. It uses a very similar carbon chassis. They do tend to stop you in your tracks. develops its own infotainment software. so could Koenigsegg. was the first to equip a production car with carbon-fibre wheels. we basically bring it in house. all you have to do is briskly take the throttle to ooh. As Christian says: “If we can’t find the right partner or solution for a problem.&2$&% I have never experienced anything that bonfires its tyres like the Koenigsegg Regera. is the mentality at Koenigsegg. but on the whole each has been a development of the one before. Broadly speaking the Regera is a development of the Agera RS.0-litre V8. So you might not know that Koenigsegg does almost all its own carbon-fibre work. and it’s about one man’s clarity of vision.2( 345-width Michelins. &<4&6. In the engine test cell sits a revolutionary 1. a puffy white cloud } |:&2&:&6 appears and all they’re showing on Periscope is the inside of that thick. a second or 8+"8#32'. It’s about learning and investing and creating. as anyone who has watched one man assemble 750 carbon pieces to create one “bio-hazard” wheel as used on the new Regera can attest (it takes a week). rendering the car utterly invisible.” The confidence required to do this is immense – you’ve got to be prepared for a vast amount of trial and error and be sure you’ll get the right solution at the end of it. they’re as nothing in the 1. the steps between them relatively small. about 30 per cent. First. Let’s deal with the easy stuff first: as well as the 124 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. even. But they don’t think like that in Ängelholm. There are two key things to know about the Regera./& fleshy orbs – perhaps it’s best to keep the smoke screen deployed).6-litre turbocharged engine that has no camshafts (see page 127). has the same 5. So that. In it. faster turbos. Ingeniously. 1. But it does mean the solutions perfectly match the needs. that it assembles its own ECU circuit boards. a quest to prove that if Porsche.475lb ft torque deluge that descends on them from a twin-turbo V8 and triplet of electric motors. 8+&&(&6"~ because it’s often hard to look beyond the power figures and top speeds. Which brings us on to the Regera (pronounce it with a hard g. the other ludicrously complicated. somewhere off in the distance.500bhp hypercars have cloaking devices. in brief. but also activate almost instantaneously. one comparatively simple. it means 5 “to reign”). They’re not only K massively effective. is not part of the equation.878=6&70. McLaren and Ferrari could. What do you know about Koenigsegg? It’s a question worth asking. Koenigsegg has only produced around 120 cars. the revs spike and. Compromise. a quick recap: since the CC8S first appeared in 2002. except fed by slightly smaller.

COM  OCTOBER 2016 125 . 2 3 4 TOPGEAR.

rattling maybe. However. You have heat generation and it’s continuously slipping. are wasteful: you’re only in one gear at any given point in time.” the 3. converter that allows clutch slip.” is that compared to its diameter it can convert much more torque Christian tells me. Top speed? So wanting to do a hybrid. as we all know. ‘Damn. speed is starting to become a nonsense. the The figures are bananas – the one that truly blows my mind is rest are laying around. things have to So both electric and internal combustion powerplants are happen before you overtake. each weighs 32kg but develops 240bhp. Because there isn’t one.” how little I missed shifting. “so so it’s inefficient where a gear is efficient. Even with a double-clutch. operates as electric motors.” wins. Horrible. which it’ll hopefully hit in around 20 seconds heavy and complicated. adding weight.COM .” That’s a philosophy I can get on board with.” Christian tells me. more Direct Drive (KDD) system.479bhp and 1. was to have no transmission pair of rear-wheel electric motors. And the feel – I haven’t our philosophy is more like this: whoever gets to 250mph first driven one that feels good. 12 6 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. this Tesla is good. a off – saying. controlled by your right foot. aided on either side by the torque-vectoring mounted on the engine that helps to recharge the battery. they looked at obvious solutions: “CVT? flat. which at its heart is essentially a torque- than the electric power of the P1. slightly flexible gear with the whole lot. Designed and built by Yasa Motors at all. “and what interested me was how fun it was and than any other and weighs half as much. “I bought a Tesla Model S. 918 and LaFerrari combined. “But a torque-converter sounds like But that’s not the interesting bit – we need to talk about the something from 1922.475lb ft. according to Koenigsegg. Or. the Regera is powered by a The answer.2secs it takes to accelerate from 90mph to 155mph. just direct drive from the engine through an open differential in the UK. a starter motor and generally smooths things out. expressed another way. KOENIGSEGG 1. so we call it HydraCoup. So I was getting more and more pissed managed by one. “The thing we’ve realised is that chasing the ultimate top No.’ And conventional gearboxes combined 1.160bhp internal combustion engine. So they invented the Koenigsegg around 700bhp of electric force alone. we’re talking It’s why gearboxes were invented. but not wanting it to be ludicrously A little over 250mph. All in. There’s a third one and out to the wheels. one gear has its limitations. and what’s different gearbox.

Mr Koenigsegg – a man with a vision of the future that we very much like Invisibility mode may be a future project.(7&((8+&6&|7 The results are a 1. “ A combined 1. “We started with FreeValve is a sister company to Koenigsegg. reckons no camshafts or conventional valvetrain.2("2&. 70mm shorter. fuel consumption drops 15 per cent thousands of times per second. POWERFUL AND MORE BETTER each valve monitors its position to 0. We have managed to make it FreeValve air around the springs allows them to run 50mm lower.” TOPGEAR. Christian. left pedal for woah.2&8&78$&00"8 3&2. a fairly modern engine that and working in partnership with Chinese had 177lb ft and 160bhp and '.613637. exhausts.COM  OCTOBER 2016 127 .1mm 260bhp. A sensor on The whole set-up gives 236lb ft of torque..8|7%&:&034. Pressurised and controllers. turbo operating individual valves..479bhp and 1.8=4& we fitted our new heads.6-litre four-cylinder turbo engine. It has encouraging. plus of cylinder head with sprung actuators worked on the intakes. and emissions 35 per cent. MAKING ENGINES MORE hard for high-rev response. but tyre smoke does a pretty good job 28+&&2(.475lb ft is controlled by your right foot” Right pedal for go. 20kg lighter and hard or soft – soft for lower consumption. remove throttle body and turbo wastegate.

COM . we have literally for aerodynamically no idea how that happened” headed Ollie Marriage 12 8 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. No. you No roof is no problem say. Twenties-style pipes look amazing and sound even better Grinning like a buffoon is the look of choice in the Regera “Down to the wear bars.

the e-power alone. with both engaged and the clutch slipping. mean the Regera rides sit so far back that I doubt the tips of my toes reach to the base beautifully. At 30mph. in-board dampers and reduced unsprung mass forward.000bhp!” the Porsche Mission-E will eventually catch up…). it feels like clams. It’s about then that Christian reminds me that this This candy apple red Regera looks sensational. after all.COM  OCTOBER 2016 129 . It’s the Veyron’s replacement. precise and polished. left for Reverse. the engine is throbbing away. Then I those used in F1 (a first for a production car). How does it manage that? of the screen. as do the doors and front and rear So.000rpm. The as well make the most of it. there’s real development car “has no traction control. KOENIGSEGG The Regera intends to rain on the Chiron’s parade. to make Driving this production prototype is simplicity itself. The power rev thrust unearthly as electric motors add their bite. so you might Regera is intended to be a gentler experience than the Agera. and discharge rates are colossal. Pull the you question why Bugatti hasn’t done something this radical for right paddle for Drive. and you thanks in part to the carbon wheels. I back off and concentrate on how it’s behaving.500bhp hybrid as a good brand fit. vmax. start to love the Regera – the connection is natural and the low- yet Christian expects it will deliver a 20-mile range. but at engine is rubber-bushed to lessen vibration. from the word go. the ride is even better. with no slack. but drive takes a second ground up. memory foam seats built here from the roads. It’s like looking out of a visor. Do so and the is heavy. You can select electric drive. the side sills massively wide. It’s hydraulic. the rear wing whirrs the moment Christian has it set up to run both simultaneously. the recharge comes the voice from the other seat. weighs only 75kg. like density is massive and running at 800 volts (another world first. a lazy American V8 as we pull out of the factory onto public the carbon-shelled. weird. In line with that. but I was wrong. but delicious to use. And the materials. but “It feels like a lazy American V8 as we pull out of the factory onto public roads” TOPGEAR. but half a tonne lighter and with another 1. to catch up. that failed to come to life until well into three figures. If anything. there’s 700bhp of the stuff. Long the roof on: it exaggerates the wrap-around widescreen view wishbones. The steering the roof panel removes to store under the nose. but sitting inside I prefer it with real meat and reward. like all Koenigseggs. the torque-converter stops slipping A quick word on the battery pack – it’s the same spec as and gives you direct drive. a Tesla. initially: electric and internal combustion work together Bugatti is the only one I can think of that might view a gearbox. Of all the hypercar firms out there. The A-pillars are tucked right round the sides. but car’s look changes totally. “See. Look at the wheelarch clearance – where do the wheels go? the look and feel of the cabin – I thought it was only Pagani that I admit I’d expected a car that felt compromised by its vast could make a cabin look and feel this good. when I’d expected it to creep around on less 1. the batteries contained in the transmission tunnel. beauty in its long tail and taut curves and. The cabin is a work of art. both together for Park. up and down hydraulically. the V8 at about 1. none whatsoever”.

KOENIGSEGG the Regera is instantly alert.:&~ 3&2.8|7"$89"00="230%"."0&78"8&&23613 7+&%#98. I think I was on top of it.390%"%3488+&. Christ knows how you approach full 92%&678"2%8+&690&7 throttle on a twisty road with this much twist on tap.&#98$330&1#0&1 13 0 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. but the car feels 3' . but that’s then lost in the torque torrent as the pressure wave builds. You’re aware of some initial electric assistance.:&6'&&07 13%&6"8&0="446&+&27. that is all.&"678+& &&6.%2|8 like it wants to attack a good road.' 8+. corners flat and tenaciously. so full throttle… well. This was vastly faster. The revs spike as the torque-converter opens.(+8&640"2&759"%632 '"1&%'36#&.28+&+"2("6.(7&((|7'"$836=1"=033/0. Let me have a go.2(+&"6%"2%2387&&2+&2 8+&=13:&%398+6."2.6$6"'8 +"2("6 8#&032(&%838+&}(+3787~ .%&"2%&&/ keen."2%.$90"6%6./& "2=38+&6. a relentless.'+& . I thought 150.COM .74"68. I’d driven a P1 a few days before (see page 48).78. the Regera is viciously traction-limited.&%&2|730%&78'.78. the noise crashes in.(&%73"2=$"6 1"%&. the speedo said 180."7"7/&%. actually feels +6.2%9786. urgent push onwards. Christian believes it might wheelspin up to 150mph. We head to the Koenigsegg’s runway where there’s room to play.. guttural and savage through the fabulous upright flattened pipes. I think the electric motors need to do more work from the word go. so actually getting a picture of what full chat feels like is tricky. As we discovered at the start.6(+37803(33983' 6&74&$8 &3#0. tore my bewildered eyes away and saw how fast we were actually going. There’s still development work to be done. The force… oh my god. could just about keep pace with my eyes and mind – but then I looked down.. though. even if this particular driver feels moderately. Shock and awe. to hit harder and }+&$"6'&&07/&&2&:&2. apprehensive.

and during the day laptops were occasionally plugged in and settings altered so I could try it with more electric influence low down. SINGING IS NOT COMPULSORY. each private car is actually on the go for just 5–10 4&6$&283'8+&8. and there needs to be more of a handover to the internal combustion engine as they tail off.faster. . it feels too much like a CVT – the response isn’t quite quick enough and the drive not direct enough. That’s an achievement in itself. Although it defaults to direct drive. That was the single thing I loved most about the Porsche 918 Spyder. is alarming.2( It often chooses to slip the clutch a little.7'36 +"6. the detail will be made to work.. so revs and speed don’t quite correspond. and days don’t get much cooler than that.. which feels CVT-ish and it’s that disconnect between noise and speed that disguises the rate of progress. different throttle response. Most estimates say that. DON’T WORRY.479bhp at work. when you have 1. a pull of the paddle or simple press of the throttle opens the HydraCoup and gives the system control. Because this is Koenigsegg. For a day I got to play at being a Koenigsegg development driver. Which. do they? So some tuning is needed. leaving aside the fact it’s refined and comfortable enough to drive every day.1&. The concept works. on average. and they do hypercars Car pooling their own way here. but the mechanical package is complete. But the basics are there. At the moment.

"78&%"77&836.2( 94&<4&27.8|7 ".367&32&8+"8|76"$/.2('&&7.+&6&783'8+&%"=.:&4"6/.

2%=39":"$"28$"69203$/. +&"447'36.8"2%$+"6(& you by the minute for its use.:&3.4$"636|76.+"8|7. 6&"8.+= people in cities are giving up ownership in favour of car sharing. '. You can drop it off anywhere in the zone of operation.

manufacturers tell us that #&$"97&8+&=|00%3136&.8&/23."=. Suddenly.8= %. with owners renting out their own cars.7#98'36796&8+&.7 autonomous.32w332& 59.32|8'&. taxi-type transport changes entirely.3.3962&=78+&=|00 need replacing more often.2&8+&$"6.7%9&"1"77. Tesla expects to do the same.:&7+"/& 94. GM is investing in Lyft.&$. More journeys? +"8%3&78+"87"='36$32(&78. You could summon it to come right to your door.&00&6797&$"67.'$"67"6&7+"6&%. with the long-term goal of proving an autonomous fleet. 98.1"(. an American Uber competitor.&6#& 730%w 72|88+"8#"%'361"29'"$896&67| business? Well. covering their cost of ownership..


So what have the M3. In the last two years they have all turned their backs on tradition in favour of turbocharged engines for their most iconic models. THE TURBO TEST BMW. what have they lost? WO R DS: O LLI E M A R R IAGE / PH OTO GR APHY: M A R K R I CCI O N I . Civic Type-R and 911 gained? And perhaps more importantly. Honda and Porsche built some of the finest naturally aspirated engines in the world.

T is for Turbos 1 33 .

It was always a relatively heavy drinker (around a few seconds twiddling thumbs and watching the overtaking gap 23–24mpg average when the two cars that bookend it will knock narrow. we want to press the pedal and go. responsive. the M3’s torque curve is more convex.000rpm. more consistent driving experience than the So when you press go. “When you press go in the M3. had to turn to eight for its replacement. magnificence.400rpm is pure driving fairly sportily. stunning to turbos for what they are. especially the quickening arc over the last 2. when by their very nature they no-win situation. Picky. challenging to drive quickly so it wouldn’t be seen as a cop out. It took six cylinders as far as they could go. In this instance. performance too accessible. Maybe that’s where we’re going wrong – we ought to enjoy favourite – the six was a masterpiece: crisp. Fit the M Performance new one. If you wanted to come out of unnecessary but might well invite the wrong sort of attention.2-litre 343bhp straight-six and the concentrate. meaning BMW engine so closely that we won’t be able to tell the difference.000rpm.3secs 32. you really do go. And that’s what we like about engines – the combination of our senses being spiked of crescendo. deliberately made it The new M3 makes a fine fist of turbocharging – almost too fine. but the way it revs through to 8. and as with most turbo cars. BMW got that one pretty Either way. us? Now this is close to being a to have charisma. but it is true that we want an engine to have a sense I can’t offer the same noise. provided you’ve been along at 27–28mpg). you had to accelerate before you turned in. even off-throttle. bulging low down and tailing off at the top. about how a turbo M3 would be perceived. it’ll notice this and use the engine airflow. response and high-rev drama. it’s following on from two of the hold on tight and pray you got the timing right. Does because one of the things we’ve criticised it for was making the that make it better? No – by a slim margin. THE TURBO TEST The BMW M3s t’s hard for turbocharged engines to feel special. to build and build as the revs climb. to keep the turbo spinning at over 120. but I believe BMW. more that you’re already that they tend to be more exciting. not hope they can impersonate an atmospheric listen to.0-litre V8. not sit around for much bang on too. the corner quickly. and you counter almost all the noise criticisms. too.1mpg in-line twin-turbo @ 5500rpm @ 1850rpm 204g/km 13 4 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. the old one gets my vote.8mpg @ 8300rpm @ 3900rpm 290g/km 2979cc 6cyl 425bhp 405lb ft 4. I’m not saying it tails direction.8secs 22. I’ve touched on this before. travelling so fast that holding on for the last 2. rather than developing through a concave matched to drivability. then And in the case of the M3. it’s when turbos have holes in their drivability off with a whimper rather than a bang.000rpm is not only I drove a 1995 Audi RS2 recently. Of the two it was the older one that was my as possible. It’s also a smoother.COM . It made me plan and all-time greats – the E46 M3’s 3. Select Sport Plus in the BMW M3 and. concerned exhaust. whereas the latest crop is designed to be as easy to use E92’s 414bhp 4. both pulling in the same arc into a screaming peak. Conversely. you really do go” Naturally aspirated vs turbo Engine Power 3659& 0–62mph MPG/CO2 3999cc V8 414bhp 295lb ft 4.

And a cruise.&|7"1& cannot be said of the engine bad. will be lower.8|7"'3968+"86&40"$&7" six.COM  OCTOBER 2016 1 35 . get the turbo on #3378"2%=39|00'. most drivers can seldom be bothered to %634"(&"673%32|897&8+&8344"683' 8+&6&:6"2(&+&=|6&(6"8&'90'368+& 1.2(759. The CO28+&=|6& talking about is the amount measured in the official EU fuel consumption and emissions test.28&6. It makes engines more compact.&7.44&6. The EU test involves driving through a prescribed speed and acceleration cycle.2'6311"29'"$896&67+&=|6& being pushed to cut the average CO2 output of their cars. Especially if. there are other advantages.7& 59.2%8+"88+&6&"0.28+&SL|7 cabin. During which petrol going in is directly proportional to CO2 coming out.&8&6"2%7":&7'9&0"8 happiness.+. PAUL HORRELL ON… &.36.8|7:&6=(&280&38+&896#372&:&6 $31&32#3378"2%#&$"97&8+&&2(. as in 8+&367$+&QKR. so your economy improves. first. floor the throttle.%6"2(&83659&3'"896#3+"8"073 lets cars run longer gear ratios.2($=0.2%&6$3928. We might agree we should act together on climate change… but what exactly is in it for me? Well. Still. But here the snare catches us.2&|7 small it burns little fuel.0046&7&28"6&2|8"719$+ as the official figures suggest. "2%.'6. because of longer gears.8&"4"68'6318+&'"$8 the revs. Less to distract from the V8 howl Why the shift to We normally have more mechanical sympathy than this turbocharging? Why turbos? Simple: CO2+"8|78+& 6&'6". which 9$+83659&1&"27 /&&478+.72|8"00 %. And turbos naturally muffle sometimes prison &<+"97823.0&78. as the new Volvos are) 4"$/"(. But.72|88+"8 :&2$988. so (especially if the car is designed from scratch to suit. TOPGEAR. this all sounds very abstract. To car buyers.2("2%$6"7+4638&$8. if your car emits less CO2 it also burns less fuel. Refinement improves.27.32$"2 be optimised.360% (".''&6&28838+&30%. 966&28M|7. And a lightweight four in the nose should mean better handling than in a heavier six. First.

trusting in VTEC and high revs to do the business. over 100 per Naturally aspirated vs turbo Engine Power Torque 0–62mph MPG/CO2 1998cc 4cyl 198bhp 142lb ft 6. If you’re prepared to whip it along.000rpm further down the rev range.0mpg in-line @ 7800rpm @ 5600rpm 211g/km 1996cc 4cyl 306bhp 295lb ft 5.7secs 31. Unsurprisingly the Civic. When the red Civic Type-R you see here I was launched back in 2007. But the overriding impression is of a car that delivers much noise and drama for little progress. it’s surprising Honda held out for so long. with its engine largely carried over Plenty of show. With intake and outflow of gases unimpeded. little go But Honda held out. delivered almost 4.7secs 38.500rpm beyond the upper reaches of the turbo’s range. but over 60lb ft more than the 142lb ft the Honda could muster.7mpg in-line-turbocharged @ 6500rpm @ 2500rpm 170g/km .THE TURBO TEST The Honda Civic Type-Rs n a way. That’s not a criticism that can be levelled at the new one. it’s great.500rpm – 1. Take the MkV Volkswagen Golf GTI. most of its rivals were already turbocharged. This naturally aspirated 2. and as it happens.0-litre is sharp and tingly. It sounds eager and determined. with the engine building to a climax at the top end. response is immediate and it’ll happily soar round to 8. And to a certain extent it did – and still does today. The step-up in performance between the two generations is easily the biggest here – over 50 per cent more power. was criticised for being off the pace. It had the same power as the 198bhp Civic. relatively from the 2001 EP3 Type-R.

old kept new New passes old. that aside the 488 also employs the feeling as it chases the red line. But the initial lunge. This is relatively simple first- generation turbocharging. “ Side by side at 25mph at Dunsfold. Side by side at 25mph on Dunsfold’s runway. employed by Ferrari.2(. but it’s flat and bland. where the old one returns around 28mpg. mid-range motor on the flywheel that cuts in when you nail Noise. and there’s a certain charm to its lag and heavy punch – the turbo Civic feels raw but rewarding. energy (once lag arrives the motor stops drawing but not there yet. Yes. But about those. The workaround is electronic The first is a cheat. at its best.7.".(+6&:7'$3967&.&6(&"67 8|7 and works extraordinarily well.2( There are already significant ways to cut lag.000rpm our sporty cars: quick response. Also. economy is pleasingly strong – we had a long- term car and it averaged 35mpg.7 seconds later you’ll have passed 100mph. old and new.&2&&%2|88"0/ the throttle. Turbos. An electric that can run high revs are expensive. to change.2896#37. At higher revs the issue is smaller. Put your foot down at 30mph in fourth gear. to significantly surpassed natural aspiration in But the BMW i8 and Honda NSX have an withstand the peak torque.+"8|70"$/. it allows you to feel some of the four-cylinder’s power characteristics. there’s a lot less between the two. Economy (when going very gently). including low-inertia 7332&68+"28+&. In saved cost and gained range that’s a difference worth having.28+&03. characterful techniques to limit lag. it’s missing the top-end snap and snarl. that moment when you go for an overtake. it’s the one to have. Can turbocharging ever match natural aspiration? Turbocharging is. not least the step in performance when the VTEC kicks in. but of the two. Since the turbo behaves the same across the rev range. lacks tonal definition or the sense that it’s working hard. Mind you. quicker to get to half-boost than to full-boost. and 10. giving a torque pulse covering the even Focus ST at full whack are hardly drab. Most turbos hit the limiter about 1.78+&:"6. Simples. As is the power and speed. top of second.88+&"#73098&#3378.1.32 1463:.62"46&%&$&77367+"8|7920. The new Civic suffers from considerable turbo lag. old kept new honest for a four count before the turbo hooked up and thrust the monstrously winged Civic into the distance. Turbos have heavier internals. There is noise.8|7"06&"%= twin-scroll turbos and tuned exhaust manifolds. have a tendency to smother not Nearing the national speed limit at the just noise. but character – it’s one of our chief blower bugbears. external lag-shaving mechanism. We love to hear an engine spin high.8'368+&896#3#3378 8%3&72|897&19$+ . . 8+&$"6|774&"/&67 TOPGEAR. Simply current and it can restore energy under braking) enhancement – specific harmonics played through 0. but it’s clear Honda still has work to do to perfect turbocharging. especially variable-geometry ones.2&1&283. power rising as Approaching it in ways we want for some very clever and expensive real engineering it goes. The Civic’s blower is monoscroll./&0= 7392%"2%+. A Ferrari 488 or AMG GT S or NSX or 83659&"2%$69."8. The old Civic won’t be along for another eight seconds. Revs.2(6&'. Quick But because you don’t have to rev the knackers out of the new one to get places. and PAUL HORRELL ON… approaching natural aspiration.COM  OCTOBER 2016 1 37 . direct injectors important ways. the aural pleasure. which means the impeller blades are fixed rather than having the variable geometry that allows carmakers to tune engine response and torque delivery via the turbos as well as the motor. Immediately disappears honest for a four count” into middle-distance cent more torque.

by focusing on noise and minimising turbo lag. noisy thing. so sense. they wouldn’t be able to match the power getting places you couldn’t help but join in. and the 10 per cent matters. Overtaking becomes more effortless. was a classic. one of the engineers openly told me that hushed. to prove that the turbo can developing with every single rev gained. But what does that matter when it comes to actual We haven’t learned anything new here. The Porsche 911s he common belief is that firms have been forced to To a certain extent. emissions ensures turbocharging is here to stay. depending why I’d have the original: the engine. you tests get a makeover. compared to its predecessor. For 90 per cent of the driving you do. By and large that’s true. It feels more professional. It’s multifaceted magnificence. not only imitate natural aspiration. turbo cars fare better on a spec sheet.8|78+&30% 32&8+"8'&&07'"78&6 at the top end” Naturally aspirated vs turbo Engine Power Torque 0–62mph MPG/CO2 3800cc 6 cyl 424bhp 325lb ft 4. update them to the turbo and they’d protest old one that feels faster at the top end. When I went on the launch particularly inclined to play with.5mpg Flat twin-turbo @ 6500rpm @ 1700rpm 199g/km . there’s another reason: power. But these are sports cars. aren’t then matched by the reality. } 26&"0. smooth and of the new. which tests cars so gently that the turbo almost case. turbo Porsche 911. but in reality it’s the and they’d miss the torque. And more special. but actually move the game on. on your perspective).6secs. lag and all the rest. where the old one was so charismatic and enthusiastic about if they didn’t turn to turbos. can run longer gearing and still have plenty of mid-range urge. And yet. Porsche has followed BMW’s example and in isolation the new twin-turbo 911 is a responsive. Put most people in a naturally aspirated car You can see the difference in the figures alright. in Honda’s T improve economy. where the old one took 14.0secs? weaknesses of each other.4secs 29. noise The everyone-else-is-doing-it-so-we-must-too mantra is a powerful levels are lower. the noise the car firms to make it the best it can be. but the comparison has driving? Do you actually notice that the new car runs from 30mph to allowed both turbos and natural breathers to reveal the strengths and 100mph in fourth gear in 10. It made the whole driving figures of their rivals. the car’s heart. The counter-argument is that turbocharging figures of speed and economy that sell cars and at least until the official improves everyday drivability. It’s guttural at low speed. Only with the proviso that the benefits seen on the EU fuel cycle. it makes more one – no one wants to be left behind on technological development.3secs 32. it’s the headline experience come to life. never wakes up. Forget noise. The old 3.8 about the noise and delay.8=. and in BMWs. it’s now not an engine you feel However. Honda and BMW have managed to alleviate the adopt turbocharging due to emissions and wanting to concerns about the move away from natural aspiration with. but it’s incumbent on then as the revs rise it clears its throat and starts to howl. chuntering around. Legislation and the very real need to minimise flat-six is mesmerising.7mpg Flat @ 7400rpm @ 5600rpm 223g/km 2981cc 6cyl 414bhp 369lb ft 4. a massive power increase. And that’s we all follow each other down the same paths (or cul-de-sacs.

2('"78".2/&%#="$&286"0 7+"'82&7.8|78.3'"270.2"2%.82&&%7'"78".$+.%&+&'"78&68+&=89628+&136&".2secs 911 turbo 4.7367$+&SSK"66&6"  .298=39$"2320= (&8'"78".6398#=+":.+=8+&6&|70"( .6.2838+&&2(.%& '"2.8.6secs Civic n/a 7.2(39883'36$&'"78".7'368+&03"23'+.0secs M3 n/a 5.2896274.1secs 3.:&978+&23.36/w "7.6'03. &:&2.2&8+&38+&6328+&.7&.87328+&&<+"9787.7 '36$&%.2%&678+&=74.6.$"00=.7secs 911 n/a 6.0secs 4.28+&&<+"9787.388366.2secs    00./& 1"<"88"$/'36LJ7&$7 Completely pointless The turbo advantage 3rd gear 4th gear 30–60mph 40–70mph 5.20&8"2%&<+"978 Sport Response button gives 4907&78+"8(.%&3'8+& &2(.2:30:.20&8 7.8|7 8+"8(6"%9"046&7796&#9.1secs 3.5secs 4.0secs M3 turbo 4.28+& ".8+&=7138+&68+&.&0.88+&$=0.+.0%94"78+&'36$&% air at both ends speeds up that characterises 896#3$+"6(. THE TURBO TEST PDK a popular choice.278+&32&328+&.3secs Civic turbo 4.20&878+&("7&7 &<.8secs 3.'8+&1"29"0|7 136&.6 497+.6.2(2%#&$"97&8+&'"277.2& 2%8+"8|7.2( How does a 896#3.

offering it as a plastic gears are also speeding up development is toxic to humans.. with all the benefits that brings. food. Then.8|7 238"6#32]6&.2( anything we like: metals. Unobtainium FOUR MORE FOR on the interior.0-litre turbo race engine made from metal where 332. First isolated by brainy types at Manchester University in 2004 it is. This is graphene. Magic STONE PLASTIC 3D PRINTING UNOBTAINIUM materials No really. and reducing costs. The 2015 DS4 Crossback concept featured thin slithers of it Polimotor 2 is a 450bhp 2.28. so rusting cars and ships will be a thing of the past. Carbon fibre? Pah! Graphene has is extremely flexible and when used as a composite and formed in to the rear wheelarches of the BAC arrived. too. and graphene is the future. throw into the mix that it conducts heat and electricity better than pretty much anything. (handy for flying cars) but better.$. but mix it with paint and it’s totally impermeable. turning genuine Mulliner option. but significantly stronger: I 200 times stronger than steel. and now . in fact. U is for Unobtainium Shining light magine a material 20 per cent lighter than carbon fibre. you massive and blue. being worked on. Suddenly carbon fibre seems a little old hat. plastics. . and BAC is leading the way Mono research vehicle here.8|7+38"2%40"78. it looks pretty cool. simply. a single layer of carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice one million times thinner than a human hair (graphite is a 3D ‘stack’ made from many layers of graphene) and has the potential to rock our automotive world. Not only can it make our cars lighter.+&6& score is OEMs prototyping hovers in magnetic fields YOUR FUTURE CAR Bentley has gone one .&|00#&46.. But the real Found only on Pandora and highly valuable ($20m per kg).2'36$&% components instantly.

We sent our man in LA to investigate the future of cars on film WO R DS: PAT D E VER EUX / PH OTO GR APHY: J O H N M O O DY A N D TH E M I LL V is for Virtual car TOPGEAR. BLACKBIRD One car. infinite possibilities At a click.COM  OCTOBER 2016 141 . the Blackbird can be any car you want it to be.

So there are perfect reflections. 8+&78"6. because the Blackbird films the environment &74&$. One that can be tuned to replicate the performance – Right now. – you can do some pretty amazing things in &:&6&9<46&7&28.2(. producers and car companies have to film an existing car then change it in post production to be whatever they really want it to the power delivery curve. But with gearshift points – and suspension characteristics the advent of the Blackbird. the rig’s super-flexible set-up to create a motion- 8. the Blackbird is the first there. BLACKBIRD “Unless you were there. not fact.2($0. capture mule of whatever car they want. So it will ride.+"88+& A vehicle so well thought-out. it’s not. doesn’t Photoshop these days – but the really clever bit is "7832. you’d have precisely no idea the car you are version of a fiendishly clever system designed to seeing was fiction. unless you were effects) agency The Mill.732& about ordering one just yet – it’s not for sale to whatever finished car it has been asked to become the general public. And it’s that. That car exists today. The brainchild of industry-leading VFX (video shadows and the net effect is.7$"4"#0&3'w+&2 into a few packing crates and shipped quickly That might not sound impressive initially +&"%83834(&"6$31837&&"8 and easily anywhere in the world. the same space. I any other car you want it to be. solve a big problem for the film and advertising So how did The Mill come up with the idea in industry – how to see and film a car that isn’t really the first place? The initial spark came from the .32238'"$8~ magine a car that can change there in such an authentic and believable way that its size and shape to become no one other than the crew knows it’s not.$8."7 '. then 7&&&<"$80=.6%.7+. creative types can use of the car you’ve chosen that day. But don’t get too excited it’s passing through in super-high definition.%&"8+&$"6=39 "6&7&&. the be – an expensive and laborious process."00='3697 366="8#988+&$"6|7 called the Blackbird.2("2 Sounds like the stuff of science fiction. 0"$/#. it can be packed The Mill will digitally drop the new bodyshell on.28+. =39|%+":&23 . It’s a special toy that has been appears on screen to be moving through exactly created for a very specific purpose.4$6&"8&% it? Well.00$32'97&%w"2883 turn and go just like the car you want it to be.

0. Angus Kneale.2(. to grossly understate the amount of work done.32 $328630'368+&$"1&6"7 agency’s chief creative officer.” That’s when the can be a Mini or a small SUV.COM  OCTOBER 2016 1 43 . who takes up the story here. he worked with executive vice president Alistair Thompson and industry specialists to come up with a working prototype. So it the idea went from there. “About four years engineering experience and lateral thinking – 6&:.2"$"6 a veteran of 18 years at The Mill.2(8+&#9.=39$"27/. chimed in to +3. undeterred. Then. a couple of years later – plus several agency’s executive creative director. Ben Smith.2+&6&„„„ +&320= 2384"8&28&%#= +&. 20&77=39|6&92%&67. From there. First up. recreating to be.78+&78"#.$ and we couldn’t get a finished car for the shot. TOPGEAR.2(7 too. I thought CAT scanner – which can stretch the wheelbase about the idea of building a drone car and then by over four feet in 1/10th inch increments.0%.00. the chassis.3976&2%&67 '631+&. .&.<'3388"00"2% . the tube-frame chassis is fitted with a pair every light environment.9780. But what exactly is it? Let me explain it which was very technical and complicated as in stages. out popped the Blackbird. of electric rams – the same as the ones used on a “As this was a recurring problem.00„ 8|7 ago we were doing a shoot for the Chevy Stingray. 3. So we had to use an Blackbird to become almost any car you want it existing car and change it all in post. “I was told: ‘You’re mad. You’re never going to do that. Angus looked around for a starting point and settled on an Ariel Atom.7"8. But."#398%3.(+0&778+"2QO/(%32|8&:&2 dream3'(&88. Inception‚78=0&w write the brief for what this drone vehicle should be capable of. In order for the it was being done at night.’” he says./&1"(. container loads of industry-honed inspiration.

Plus it will be a while before it is able to replace real or replica cars in the big. Both throttle and brake are on the right side of the footwell. I got a few minutes to squeeze into the tiny cockpit – if you are over 6ft or 75kg. All of those sit on a proprietary stabilisation system – the only part of the Blackbird that The Mill doesn’t own the IP for – that ensures the On the mean streets of images remain super-sharp however much {&. I was there! Yet the Blackbird is still not quite perfect. don’t bother even trying – for a world-exclusive quick spin in the car. And any wheels you like can be added through the creation of an interchangeable bolt-on lug system that can match any stud pattern required.2"0 describes it simply as “fun”. Slides and spins with – I still can’t fully believe the results. Suspension is via remote reservoir Fox shocks which are tunable and swappable to get the required suspension characteristics. as Robert said. It rides and responds just like a well set up regular car. tank. Blackbird’s normal pilot. None of which are major problems. Likewise the brakes are discs which can be changed to give the right dynamics. plane – you name it – you want it to be.COM . but I don’t see why a later version couldn’t also power the fronts. "8'. The engine is an electric unit complete with regenerative braking. it’s just the start of this remarkable machine which will evolve and become eventually not just any car. opulent back lot Talking of which. leaving the left foot free to operate the e-brake for those all-important slides and spins. But I can tell you it’s immediately a lot of fun. to fling the rig up to 90mph and can last as long as six hours of presumably light use on a single charge. so you don’t really notice all the hi-tech stuff whizzing around you. A laser Lidar scanner actively maps the environment at 700. bus.7(0"77&7 $"2#&+3837+344&%.0.000 points per second as the vehicle moves while an array of four hi-def cameras film the surroundings at the same time. Because what you see here is Blackbird 1. smash ’em up stunt sequences.. too. Which is quite a triumph in and of itself.2%73988+"8+.28+&'. too.36/|32"6"13928|7 the driver flings the thing around. using longer suspension components. but any truck. The Mill claims. It struggles a bit to become some convertibles and isn’t big enough to become a fully sized SUV. Robert Nagle. It’s powerful Throttle and brake on the right. But it’s nothing compared to what the finished results look like. so can’t say how it changes when it does. The track or width of the car can grow by over 10 inches. Sitting on top of the Blackbird is the image capturing system. It drives the back wheels only. Having filmed a live demo – which you can see on TopGear. 144 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR. As dazzling as it is. I didn’t get to drive it in a couple of configurations.. and he isn’t far film to be even more designer wrong. to get the correct stance. and the e-brake on the left.

8|7"0"#&00&%7/&8$+36" beautiful computer image either. BLACKBIRD “A Lidar laser scanner maps the environment at 700k points per second” Fancy yourself as Own a polo neck and a set of crayons? Send your designs for your ultimate fantasy car to editor@topgear.OCM OM O A CWTO ARBD ERS 2016 1 45 . R C . It could be one to survive the zombie apocalypse.&|004378320.2('6318+&%"6/6&$&77&73'=3961.2( T OTPOGPEGAERA. because the winning entry will be rendered by The Mill "2%8962&%.'.283":. a road racer or a car designer? 731&8+.2&  33%09$/"2%(& &%32|8$"6&.%&38+"8.

78&2 &6&|7 .+&203297/+"7" 032(8&61 40"2[.elon musk .+"8+&|7 7&8 9432 23. WO R DS: PAUL H O R R ELL W is for World domination .7836=7"=7 8+"8.8|7#&78 830.

8+"67 2 8|7 8+"8{+.2(3'8+&$"6|7 46.2( hold up the cars.32|8#&7&8 the first commercial enterprise to 1. "2%7332+&#&$"1&30"6.00+":&6&"0].&6 cars overseen by human drivers which vastly reduces the cost of the 136&6"2(&". 8"<.2( .%&2&6(="7.2 8+&463$&773'#9=.  1 In January 2007.$&3'" "983231397 :&+.70"8.2%9786.32 8|7"073#639(+8 %3JPL14+.(+]:3091&|&0&$86.$&. he says next year Of course. TOPGEAR.000 people put down a carry the beta label.32 .&730"6.%]6"2(&M]&6. Some Autopilot system will continue to mission to Mars by 2025.73''7&88.32|8"00 will also have to expand.7"003.2( 8+"8 be no need for a Tesla car cheaper 4 136&.8#&8"7+3. the 97/ 79((&78&%838.2( . The current "%:&2896& &40"27 8+&'.("'"$836= 6&%9$.00#&8+&. he says.COM  OCTOBER 2016 147 . commercials would be driverless.2( (.360%|7#.32$&007 8+"2 8+&. Now why. could take you all scale units for a similar job.:&67"00.2(3238+&6 Model 3 (2) 40"2&87#&(. This per cent of the time.2( 6&:&29&'36 8+&3.$$"6 Autopilot (5) LJJL.:.360%|7 $314"2=97/|7 40"2 .8.2(36&43.&7 +91"2%6."287 83(&8 4&340&0.2( &70".360%83 around the world. Musk says.7 .7 463(6&778+&2 3 Gigafactory (1) Solar (4) their car to be summoned by other When finished in 2020.278&"%3'.8=. until %&437.&00"7 . because that was all it could afford to %3&$32%7".78. build a few Roadsters. +&2$&8+& . 7&00 7964097 838+&(6. is vital as wind and solar power "44'36 8+"8 "8 0&"7832$&'900 these electric commercials would supply is impossible to predict.2"#0&&2&6(= & says they will be “beautiful”.390%2|8 wean the world off fossil fuel.("'"$836=|7398498. Tesla also makes "003. but 97/%3&72|8320=..6$&007 136&$+&"40= .%97/8+&=|%97&8+&463$&&%7 83%&:&034"2 expensive saloon then codenamed White Star (now the Model S) 2 and then use those 463$&&%7 83'92%"869&+.8|7 78.1&7 7"'&6 8+"2 Pickups.]..0%.2( .$#97&7"2% Storage (3) limited types of road.00#&1"/.2=78"68]9497/+"%8+&8&"1&<40". And a fleet of smaller (6.00#&.2&% laid down a clear plan for widespread petroleum-free cars.1&83$"8$+9432+. so its scope even articulated trucks..32 .32  7836"(&+&=|00 238320=463:.8=|7 +.2(+& 5 due late next year in the US and Musk says the timeframe for fully started SpaceX."28 8+&. he says.2( 136&3'8+&7& power for your home and car.678$6&.1463:&%"7..&% "$$&0&6"8&'"78&6 8+"2 83%"=|7 &1&1#&697/|7 :. it still works only on +&|00 7+3.22.8|7 78"8.$&8"6(&8 . 6 be car batteries.7$397.7 .:&67|}$3140"$&2$=~ Beyond that.7 83.360% &7"=7 4"$&8"8.7.33'+.&"62. Musk plans a Tesla one.6&463%9$8. 4"6/&%$390%8"4 8+&"44"003.2&6 battery plant near Reno.32 837978".32 .390%7&00=39"(6&&2&0&$86. . trucks %&4&2%732&70"1"/.((&78#9. "983231397%6."0] 378$"67"6&%6. &28. there will probably #='33846.%2%97/ 86"27.:&2320=OKJ buses.8&&8. Nevada.97&0&$86. IMAGE:          400.2( (6&"80=6&%9$&%$3783' the Powerwall.6 7974&27.2( shareholder and chairman.(+]:3091&8+& 3%&0 M &"07343.2 LJKM+"8|7 solar roofs with inbuilt battery 238 8+&&2%3'97/|7"1#.2(%6..278"00 than the Model 3.7 83 Tesla owners whose cars are 091#&6.32"2% have done 10 billion km.0&6"2(& 0&(.360%LKO]1."287738+&=. Already SpaceX is LJKR+&6&39(+0=8+&46.8=73098.2(#"88&6.2( .%& SpaceX (6) +&8"0/73'#9.$0&7.. a battery to store Sharing operation.282%.32"6392%8+&.7 Since America buys so many "2%8+&.&00"7 pickups. Musk has an the way to your destination.27 people and used as a driverless Tesla-Panasonic joint-venture they start a photovoltaic company.738+&6 $314"2.87 46.$. Plus.&% autopilot will be optional. These +& .8. First.0%.&7+&$+&"4&78 #=8+&8&$+2303(=#98#=03$"0 take supplies to the International .:.2 PJ7&$7"2%+":& that will happen after autonomous 63$/&8 78"(&7 7"'&0=#"$/ 83"68+ 794&6$+"6(. buses.8. TopGear visited Tesla and rode in the prototype 3"%78&6:&2"7"8.2(.978%6&"1.$"00=KJ 8.28&%398"%&$"%&"(38+"832&3'+.

you know. but a bit of extra strength and support to reduce strain.32"00=8&$+2303(=2&&%7 83(. at least at a mass- market level. if you’re in your twenties. say. awkwardly shaped objects. The story goes that X-Men are so-called because they possess “extra” (shape-shifting) or amplified (superhuman strength. only for people who “suffer from a weak hand due to illness. led by the indomitable T Professor Xavier. These may involve lifting heavy. injury. Not superhuman strength per se. your weight supported by a pair of carbon struts Great in factories. X is for X-Men Manpower+ 31&8.2("+91"2 . Using tech jointly developed by GM and NASA for use on the International Space Station. say) abilities. Patrick Stewart. Technology hasn’t quite stretched to the former.&7"+&04. humans are still required to do certain jobs.72|8 (33% &239(+3$$"7.&"/#3%.978 . Automated as vehicle manufacturing is. heavy tools. long periods of standing in weird positions.1&7#&. but the latter is precisely what the likes of General Motors and Audi are going for with these exoskeletal aids. whose SEM Glove does much the same thing. stroke or old age”. knees and ankles that lets you sit down on thin air. the Robo-Glove is what they call a “grasp assist device”. It’s this kind of kit – used for rehabilitation of but awesome on the injured or unwell for some time – that’ll help factory staff to the ski slopes work more efficiently. James McAvoy if you’re any younger or a scribbling in a comic book if you’re. without ruining themselves in the process. fatigue and wear on the people who build their cars. A version for use in industry is set to be developed by a Swedish medical technology firm called Bioservo.2(+"2% WO R DS: TO M H A R R I S O N he X-Men – a fictitious team of mutants with superhuman strengths. It doesn’t suddenly endow you with the biceps of an Olympic weightlifter.:&396. but it does strengthen your grip. or crouching down over and again. Then you have Audi’s “chairless chair” – a partial exoskeleton fastened with belts to your hips. So we’ve ended up with bits of kit like this ordinary-looking blue glove. an adult. jointed at the knee. 14 8 OCTOBER 2016     . and thus takes the strain out of having to hold on to.

Ferrari. XYZ Y is for Yobbomatics No skill required TECH MEANS ANYONE CAN BE A HOOLIGAN The fact Ferrari unleashed Side Slip behaviour lives in the new 488 Angle Control with the 2013 458 GTB. yet Speciale still seems mad. 3''+":&"66. e-diffs to let you wreck tyres and show and range-wide ceramic brakes. more gadgets designed specially doyen of paddleshifters.:&%. and in the meantime.

in lieu of the your steering angle. wheel speed 0&777&<="92$+328630.+&L|7 telling its electronic brains to note Smoky Burnout mode.

actively 978"2(#9623987.36%|7 and throttle position. and if the Line-Lock system for foolproof POWER equations added up.

+&6&|7" DRESSING extend your slide. Overcook it. and clutch-kick Easter egg in the current The GM glove and Audi 8+&7=78&1713494.

2(. 7&6:&671978|:&#&&259"/.399#&|7 SKK M"2%.8|7#&&2948336%83 chair are clever enough.

in the Mustang more than an &<37/&0&832 "63#38 73 1"77. %&13$6"8.8"6= 904 Z is for Generation Z If you like this car.2( 83 Have trouble with burnouts? A more advanced version of trademark Drift Mode.8 46"$8.2( 32 2 8698+ . A concept designed specifically want it.$"00= .&"67=3932&8+"8 =92%". to herald low-cost. if you %32|8.87&0'$314"6&7 83731&8+. has almost become the unfortunate face of Come on. which has ..&00=39/23.:&.7&.8|7"#.03(6"17~ =92%". 7"=7 8+&&<37/&0&832 $390%"073#&97&%#= 8+&1. Yeah.36/.0. Same goes '368+&1&1&8"78..2(3983' Iron Man94437&%0= "#0&830. no skill needed SSAC that accounts for suspension brought powerslides to the people.$&"863'36"=>$32$&48"#3:&.. kids. you know you falling interest in cars from young people.. swipe right. fun cars that was killed off by bean-counters..|7.8+8+&3$97|7 #98 8+&=|6&238+..8. . whatever WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT KIDS’ APATHY TO CARS The shelved Nissan IDx (left).+"8 =92%".8 Not any more.'8}+92%6&%7 3'/.

+"8|7/.00.2(8+&13''w Fewer people are learning to drive.7LO.28+& . The average age of passing the driving 8&78.



8+"1383623. The car used to be the means of escaping parents to socialise. Why show off 83"438&28.8..2%&6w097"7$"6 "#.+&28+&6&|7..&7+":&."074397&.2$6&"7&%73+":&8+&$3787.0.

72&&%&%.2.%&".+32&"2%"2"44 .7 instantly the more cost-effective method of engineering your way ahead.978"2(131&28. A 2&.

"2$="$+"2(&3'+&"68.77"2w  .

  OCTOBER 2016 1 49 .

47 "2%+.836|7+3. Best in 0"77"2%%.$"6 ON SALE NOW AVAILABLE AT .1"8&(9.287 TopGear1"(">.2( 8.$& • Grouped by car type for easy comparisons  &04'90$"6#9=.2("2&. • Full specifications and details for every model • TopGear Ratings.2&|7908.%&83#9=.

Really off.&% 152 Mazda M 154 Audi R8 156 Volvo XC90 158 MazdaO 159 Range 3:&64368 Ollie has to hand over the keys of “his” toy When tech goes wrong... TOPGEAR. it goes very wrong. It’s off.COM  OCTOBER 2016 151 .. EDITED BY OLLIE MARRIAGE TopGear|7032(8&61$"67 &78&%F :&6.'.. Sam has become mardy If it’s good enough for Damian Lewis.

So. though I prefer to think of it as a mobile bedsit. $"6":"2+. accidentally teardrop-shaped pop-top will fulfil most :&6=4368"#0& fall over a cliff or be towed at speed until it requirements. Not least because I promised to return while frying your food. There’s a kitchen section with running water and a TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG But sorry to disappoint – this isn’t going to end gas hob. A caravan.8|7$+"'.(+87 the custody of TopGear. take up much less road space. +&M. But here’s the crucial thing: at just serious motoring publication (my 480kg. without causing a rolling roadblock. I supermini. Good stuff Bad stuff you’ll even read this report to the very end. ve been waiting for years to write this particular caravan in one piece.2( world as possible..2781=2&$/ 78.2& 98+38&07"6&2|8 rights it should explode.7 $"2|803.2"%&$&28+38&0 .1 that way. and the pop-top means you can stand up 0 0 0 6 4 3 2 1 39.$&3'83. and it can be yours from the reasonable-ish But until I land my dream job at a price of £8. and to encourage people to You can fit four adults around the table area. er. this NRJ/(834900 . It’s called the I’ an earnest review of a caravan.” And they’re right.. in the words of Practical Caravan: “For an organised $"6#98. where compact.$&3' 8+&13782"896"0 " 33%=39 I shall reveal a slightly embarrassing secret. in the means you can proceed at a socially acceptable GARAGE LOGBOOK meantime. it can be towed by almost any car. Go-Pod. even a CV is available upon request). which converts into a double bed or two singles. 7&"8#&08&239(+ mission to remove as many caravans from this long hot showers or walk-in-wardrobes. Of course. it has been our ongoing most requirements don’t involve dinner for six. &003w39 "(". That must speak to you via the medium of TG.&68+& .281&28 stay in hotels. provided TG&2%367&7" disintegrates.. . let’s talk about the white thing attached pace. There are cupboards and . catch fire. BUT APPARENTLY NOT. In $+3. After all. which by virtue of being hotels. $390%74&2% I know what you’re thinking.360%6&"%&67 73. with our reputation? By couple wanting to tour on a shoestring.72|8 368+&46. SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG. to the back of my CX-3. and you’ll barely notice it’s there.995. Some reviewers might call it bijou.7"#6":&2&. REPORT 5 Caravangelist A CARAVAN IN TOPGEAR THAT’S NOT BEING DESTROYED.8|7'. shall we? With any luck.8+320= "#398RJ2.008+&6&w &2%3. the trade-off is that it’s quite.

kayaker etc. the roof the rear. it was have a hobby that requires large kit even room at the end of the bed for the dog. 295lb ft 43. However. The car zipped along nicely. all without leaving your bed.5secs."28 633'#"67 .'=39|6&" is possible: “The well-finished GRP bodyshell is stops in places at the end of tight roads where keen cyclist.+&2=39%32|8 2&&%8+&1  increasing storage space inside. do the dishes It is. when you get home.0secs. Also. It’s much less Easy to fit and remove.COM  OCTOBER 2016 1 53 ."0&<86". it’s a warm and dry – in this instance. Thanks for listening. is too distracting for me. 118bhp. you can tow it with anything. graphics to match your car.” So there you go. towbar. Some people leave them on their Hitching it to the CX-3 was fairly easy. 137g/km CO2 1998cc. that they are available as an option and use the loo. It doesn’t actually feel that small. relieved (and unsurprised) to hear fetch a beer from the fridge. Back lovely to meet you). at the end of the article. if you’re reading.880& MAZDA CX-3 Hyundai crossover? Price £20. a 16ft 6in canoe. 4WD. 170g/km CO2 0–62mph in 9. 119mph 1230kg Tucson Price/as tested £32. I reckon. The wheelarches protrude from the restrictive.8|7+&6& "7">%"1"%&8+&. and there was and Geoff (although guys. maybe through when I used the reversing camera to line up the now stand before you as TG’s first – and I daresay laziness. I’ve still no idea what a jockey wheel is nor only – caravan correspondent. FWD.5mpg. Driver Dan Read +=. It’s not really designed for sitting and cost a not-unreasonable £141. My wife and around campsites with people called Marjory +&=|6&"2&77&28. you will be everything is within arm’s reach. stored. swore at me. Next time to have them perched on top only don’t have to make wide turns. a caravan for non. 150lb ft 0–62mph in 9.450 Model 2. fuel pod to car and I wasn’t overtaken by a loose For this I must apologise to the nice people at the consumption suffers as a result. and bars fit snugly across the rear of sidewalls. where I roofs all the time. 4cyl. 125mph 2250kg REPORT 3 One of the few items not included as standard in the almost all- encompassing specification of the shelves and even a pop-out microbog. you Red Lion Caravan Centre in Southport. And here’s another good thing – top-of-the-range Tucson is a set of reassuringly. minimising wheel box intrusion and so you can even personalise the colours and 8+&#338. Best of all. or for overnight =39|00"073. but by a stroke of luck I connected Oh. I would proffer. opposite the kitchen. caravannists. so you can won’t become an eyesore on your driveway.'=39 I spent a pleasant night on board. rower.0 CRDi Premium SE Driver Esther Neve +=. 183bhp. 4cyl TD.8|7+&6& Is there more to the Tucson than an attractive pricetag? 1995cc. and literally nobody I’ll return her empty. especially So here we are. when you need them. but the wind whistling past them how it works.9mpg. TOPGEAR.495/£21. sailor.035 47. narrower at the nose and widens gradually towards bigger caravans can’t venture. But to Practical Caravan for an explanation of how this alternative to tenting at festivals. it will fit in the garage and roof bars. maybe through machismo. Instead.360%|7#&780. Best caravan on the M6. and the secret? Let’s say it’s in the microbog.

413lb ft 23. 4WD.. were very noisy. This can be an issue with ceramic brakes. 317lb ft 53. accompanied by an found an issue – squeaky carbon-ceramic brakes. responding far more instantly and However."28136&(383 8+&78"2%"6%73' why he needed it for ten days for a two-day appearance I 834(&"6$31 $"670. too. Shropshire and.2secs."= . 4WD. even heat cycle through them. Quite .0mpg. 139g/km CO2 0–62mph in 8.8+w 5204cc.8+'6328 that’s done. Plenty noisy enough to drown 0 0 3 7 5 0 1 20. so weren’t properly bedded in.0 ."7. He took it back to out the squeaky brakes should they come back. All the by much of a margin – I’d forgotten that the V10 Plus stuff it needed to do while it was up there passed without +&$"#. and the visited Yorkshire.|7&:&6=%"=794&6$"678.8%3&7 cruising figure I’ve seen. I need to do my own road trip in it… Anything else to report? Well.499 Model 9<96= Driver . 287g/km CO2 0–62mph in 3."=7 proudly on the TopGear mag show stand.00 REPORT 8 those imperfect girlfriends. The gearbox software gremlin that was .8 low speed on light use.720 Model V10 Plus Driver Ollie Marriage +=.&"6.520/£150.8|7+&6& 78+&.4&%. the issue has hopefully disappeared for good.7 quality everywhere else..&2366.771"00&:&2#= much over speed bumps. Stuart had TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG vigorously than any turbo car can.2(7319$+ %6. I’ve worked out that on separate occasions it’s GARAGE LOGBOOK hadn’t been used hard enough. the R8 leaps forward. before it got as far as Glasgow.:&. when a 911 Turbo will do 30mpg.28+&R8+"8 4"$/"(&8+& Anyway.366.8|7 238 4&6'&$8&|:&'"00&2398 #&786&77'90["2%.8. it because not only does it look great but it ticks a Planning for the summer holidays with twins can 0383'1=#3<&798 . which means 22mpg is the best %&7. TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG 0 0 1 0 6 3 1 1 31. Glasgow.7=98. I still want to do more . it does mean that no matter what gear you’re 794&6$"67 3213836. 602bhp.8 73 $390%7&0&$8"(&"6"("./&8+. But despite all that I still love it.3mpg.7+=."0830. 4cyl turbodiesel. 180bhp. 205mph 1454kg REPORT 3 I don’t think the R8 has had the West London Audi.Audi R8 Price/as tested £134.7$3:&6=43688+&#&783'#38+. for the purposes Good stuff Bad stuff solution is to get a good.&(3". Basically they opportunity to draw breath since it arrived. who diagnosed glazing. colleague Stuart Fennimore nabbed it for ten .2'36 +39(+8 |%0&":& actually has shorter gearing.COM .000/£51.8"00 R|7KKL0. which at 0 engine note none can match. %3.32. proved that not only do they fit side by side but Only a hard reset by switching off and on again 8+&6&|7 03"%73'6331'36396#9((=32 834&7908 1999cc.23&72|8'. Essex.&%8+"8 |%2&&%83%38+& fixed under warranty popped up again when it went same this year but a quick trial of the two big cases into stop/start at some traffic lights again this week.7$3:&6=4368 Price/as tested £43.:&7+"'8783 colleagues. All of those in the hands of &|:&#&&2 .2 incident – it did laps of a street circuit in the company of an &<&$98.2+&6&73. Now of this report. in. equally tastefully coloured McLaren P1 and was displayed #&783'"008+& #&$31&.2( However.86&#338 digging into why the magnetic ride dampers porpoise so days to appear at the Ignition Festival in Glasgow.(2"2% 8+&&<+"978.8|78+& 23.9secs.&$"2|8'. V10.0074&$.360%7w The Disco Sport is like one of .8|7+&6& 79%. but deliver such superb ride . and fuel economy hasn’t improved think we can all guess – the R8 is that sort of car.2 8+&4"78 |:&(388&2 633'#3<&7 83 when things have gone wrong over the last eight contain all the paraphernalia that we need when months. 117mph 1884kg 154 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR.'=39 . I love me with confidence.

Great service. 1.29&783 3'MNL14(78. The OEM replacement plus fitting 43688=6&7033/ . It’s the weight: a claimed There’s a reason Le Mans cars don’t have sunroofs – they 1.00 Substantially and respectably so. and TG’s Pug. anyone? 8+&6&:7"%%. the 308 was lighter still this month. made stack a hell of a lot of weight in the worst possible place. 155mph 1205kg REPORT 4 From day one.2 was some £400 via AA Assistance. although you’ve got to applaud Peugeot’s consider Exhibit A: the panoramic glass roof and electric powertrain alchemists for extracting similar power blind – a £500 option that TG’s car came fitted with.303kg. massage seats and $+"6(&78+639(+ :&2. that’s an I reckon that’s easily worth 25kg.Peugeot 308 GTi 270 Price £28. FWD. which took the edge off 0 0 0 5 1 0 3 1 34. I’ve never heard of a mass in service before. there’s another figure: “mass its cheeks in and crept onto the scales three times for a reliable average reading. Curious. thanks for asking – and +.0mpg. TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG cheaper option.2838+&$"#.0=+38+"8$+.2 one of those annoying little motoring inconveniences. ClubSport version. It says the 307 GTi’s is 1. the version.36/ &:&6=1.:&0= #0..7" $3231=$0. in service”.& &.0&74. 243lb ft 47. First off.1#. we must per litre.8+ 2&&%7. Damn.155/£29. (&12&3'8+& "78+&1. with 16 miles’ range remaining.338kg. Hidden in the in the red. And that reading? Um.2( the average combination of options). VW took 100kg out of the Golf GTI with the current a tedious necessity. Less than filling the glovebox with helium? VW’s maths.+=.2 London dealer was on top form trying to source a quicker.678'"1. not so fast. density to a McLaren 650S.03894&6 7911&6+&"8 flicked up by an HGV.0& #&78327"0&83%"= 32#98"#&78 So. For a five-door hatchback. if not more. Not the specific output of 166bhp heavier than claimed. as its 7+988+&(0"77633' :&6OOJJ1.395kg.8|7+&6& 3&7&9(&38|7'. but Peugeot’s West #"6&0=#9''&%. mostly from steel and loaded with equipment. so I asked Peugeot. but the claimed kerbweight for a five-door Peugeot’s readings rose to 1.28+&. 8$328.8+8+& so on.205kg ready to drive.0secs. the 308 sucked microscopic print. Is Peugeot hatch mega test last year. The when I weighed a Golf GTI in the same state for our hot French car is closer on the scales to a Fiesta ST. extraordinary claim. GARAGE LOGBOOK and the official line is this includes the driver (nominally Good stuff Bad stuff 75kg – that’s spot on for me. a single figure has jumped off the Peugeot’s spec sheet..3%&$"%&7$98la moutardew 1598cc.0&"2% less it’d be without the glass roof. Fuel gauge Back to scowl at the spec sheet.2%4&61"2&280= Briefly.7&2(.920 Model GTi 270 Driver 00. With its 53-litre tank brimmed. 139g/km CO2 0–62mph in 6. if you’re immediately scoffing that Peugeot has been caught red-handed. it scored 1. Things get a bit dicier when you add the fuel back in. selling a car that’s almost 100kg begging for attention. TG garage into a Weight Watchers weigh-in. the Pug is lighter than claimed after all.331kg. TOPGEAR. I hired four weighing pads and turned the So it’s not Colin Chapman’s hot hatch after all. but manual is still 146kg heavier than the Peugeot’s.COM  OCTOBER 2016 1 55 . 4cyl turbo.$8.28. Still respectable.2&.0&7 73"/783319$+ windscreen was replaced having succumbed to a stone . 266bhp. Now. Just imagine how much 0337&294.

orange wires for the hybrid). the murky world of sums.4 . playing the emissions game to a tee.. That’s the whole lot. multimedia screen decided to die. Range is compromised over the big Volvo for a ridiculously low financial burden. so holiday abroad. and this is a big but. people. quick.5mpg. More than big.830 Model T8 Momentum Driver Tom Ford +=.2 OP7&$7KNJ14+ 2296kg ou’ll have to forgive me a bit. because of its official 49g/km CO2 emissions.8|7 here Is the hybrid worth the premium over the basic diesel? 1969cc petrol + electric. Because this car allows fairyland that exists in a lab. aircon and fans. First. A company. the entire tax burden can be written off for Y because I’m about to delve into the first year of ownership.091 in corporation tax for a hard reset (I looked. city safety. AWD.73%&|"2% it controls many The details functions. not a sporty car. REPORT 5 Volvo XC90 Price £60. If you run a heated seats – even the click of the indicators. 472lb ft 134.8|7" 3&72|87392% well-thought- pleasant out daily when pushed TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG 0 0 0 5 0 1 5 1 33. continue to . parking sensors. 49g/km CO2 JPL14+. it you to have a handsome. In the real world.146&77. it’s only about half that. and that the four-pot petrol worth mentioning that the XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid engine sounds a bit like a diesel when you actually will only manage its official-cycle 134. this month the Sensus bring any reward. It would that.. And tax. scary.5mpg in the make use of the 400ish bhp.72|8&239(+ Surprisingly quick Sensus had a little if you need it {&4. but there were a lot of relief on a T8 Momentum like mine. the car is essentially nav. 407bhp. the T8 brings with it a £5k government quick visit to the dealer had the battery removed plug-in grant and up to £11. diesel (unless you plug it in twice a day) and it’s It’s essentially a tax-minimising meisterwerk.455/£66. It took with it BUT. Which means that it doesn’t really matter And government figures that don’t that the claimed 21-mile EV-only range is really seem to make any sense. have been a lot less easy if I’d just set out on it qualifies for 100 per cent first year allowance. GARAGE LOGBOOK Good stuff Bad stuff Tax implications Real-world for corporate users 11–13-mile EV-only are incredible 6"2(&. so driving it with any vim doesn’t On the downside. useful and lovely gets about 33mpg.

But the lack of town. I suspect now I’ve felt Still. which seems a bit steep. and every slight +&"27. which the chance to put more hair on the chest of their 247bhp E10 The new air Unservoed meant the variety of cars sharing the same piece of tarmac intake has been brakes require S. RWD. but has a your lap when Slow in.%&837. this was all in the name of power.2&| 0&28=3'6331 . GARAGE LOGBOOK feels muzzled on most public roads. not push wide. It requires just a laptop but increases power by 30bhp and was a bit of an eye-opener. 295lb ft 38.2N`J7&$7KNO14+ 850kg REPORT 2 Barely a few weeks into Zenos ‘ownership’ subtle improvements at the top end. But fear not.595/£24. And the cost of this testosterone high. So. especially when how torquey the engine feels – third is plenty for hairpins. hence for the upgrade (we’ll strap the timing gear on ourselves as back of my properly. for a public session. head… but and toe is tricky soon as possible) but a sub 4. but the point was to sample the handling. fast out – that’s the key. we can wholeheartedly recommend it – you can 0 the Zenos do its thing on home turf.0secs 0–62mph is feasible.%& &%32|8'"6& the kids and an excellent entertainment system keeps #&88&632 7. the steering – truculent at low speeds – that not only adds a splash of chrome to the uneventful as ever collects in the bubbled with feedback. our family SUV cope with a motorway run and On arrival. As well as the laptop love. That’s the plan anyway… TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG 0 0 0 2 8 5 7 1 47.8|7+&6& Can it out-Qashqai a Qashqai? REPORT 5 After a few months stuck in once there cruising is comfortable. you get a hard inlet pipe as deafening Water that As expected.2%&&4&78"0&7w track is as off-road as we manage.2(0& 0"2&&07+$39286=63"%7.2( .995.2 8+&#"$/'36 +30&+"7 97 096$+.995 Model E10 S Driver Jack Rix +=. but doesn’t collapse under full boost like Gearstick placed groove drops in wanted to rotate predictably around a corner. 247bhp.5 Renault Kadjar 6. so we did what any sensible owner would and went to a track.8|7+&6& Is this the most liveable lightweight you can currently buy? 1999cc turbo 4cyl. I must point out that we were moved further stomping to get torque by 20lb ft.7{'. and being mid-engined. What I didn’t expect was lovely shift you pull away injection? £1. There are no official performance figures away from the them working using a standard 247bhp E10 S supplied by Zenos. Zenos is now offering owners and prospective customers Good stuff Bad stuff Snetterton to be precise.Zenos E10 S Price £32.995/£39. Ford’s standard soft pipe. 190g/km CO2 J_PL14+.120 Model Dynamique S Nav dCi 110 Driver Simon Carrington +=. Problem is the Zenos and already our car has been back to the factory.6 feel the torque in the mid-range and the extra power makes start to matter less. so heel the colour change.&6 . TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG a lesson I can carry over to the road. a mile-long drive along a pitted farm 731&:&6={73'8|63"%.2('631 7. the compromises will 0 0 2 8 6 2 1 22. the car windscreen engine bay. Mountune will add 25bhp to your Focus RS for £899. how does gaps before heading into the outside lane. our Kadjar has had a acceleration at high speed means waiting for big well-deserved blast to the country.5mpg.$&€"78&78&% £23. remains not the straight-line pace.

FWD.4mpg.COM  OCTOBER 2016 1 57 . but &6+"47396 "%. There is a struggle to get up to speed."6 7+390%78"=. 184lb ft 72.8=u 1461cc.. 103g/km CO2 J_PL14+. 4cyl TD. 108bhp.2KK`Q7&$7KKL14+ 1421kg TOPGEAR. minimum.2 8+&$.+&6& them entertained. while wind noise is kept to a the lack of acceleration is very noticeable.

2 1 GOODBYE Fear the reaper A BIT OF THE SUMMER HAS DIED ALONG WITH THE MX-5’S DEPARTURE. For those of us of summertime: an uncomplicated two-seater that normal. the MX-5 is not. was RWD cabrio formula: an eagerness of response that that it is – and I quote – a “hairdresser’s car”. and I am bereft. aspirated. First.. of course. well. if not quite a leg. With even Porsche’s borrows heavily from the MX-5) was a good- Boxster now shamelessly embracing turbocharging. say. depart. cabrio? Do they still make that? The MX-5 proves The second criticism. it’s completely fine. suggested the driving position was less than then at least a less vital body part: optimal for those over. non-showy-offy height. I feel as if Taller acquaintances who borrowed the MX-5 3 I have lost. These people also It’s also the last of a dying breed: the naturally tended to think the Abarth 124 (which. Generous in the A is time for the TG Garage MX-5 to storage department. and head off for a quick squirt down fall into two camps. fter six months and 7. rear-drive roadster.000 miles. but I can no more imagine being six not be groundbreaking or fire-breathing. uttered by those including there’s something inherently right in the nat-asp Mr Chris Harris. A long-standing mole. This may a big toenail. that its front end looked your nearest bendy road. criticisms of the MX-5 tended to opportunity. the perfect car for British from deep in the Amazon basin. say. veritably encourages you to drop the roof at every Beyond that. What is this nonsense? Is it because the MX-5 is Particularly if that journey involves trying to fit a a convertible? Can’t be: no one calls the Porsche 918 . makes every journey a little more of an adventure. £40k? Nissan 370Z their aesthetic judgments. LET SAM ‘POODLE PERM’ PHILIP EXPLAIN. quite simply. who is a bounder and an oik. It may be the case. but the foot two than I can imagine being a hunter-gatherer MX-5 is. it passenger and luggage on board. so frankly it seems safe to disregard what’s out there for under. looking thing. perhaps.. – and I quote – “a bit slashy”. six foot two.

0.87#&78743687$"6w KOR#+4KNQ0#'8 KSSR$$N$=0 NJS14( KPK(/12 Sport SVR J PL14+.140&78 Range Rover 743687$"6"073.0 Sport Nav 6.2Q.295/£23.7=&"6|77. MAZDA MX-5 6.:&6 "1+.4 +=.835 3%&0 2.$& "78&78&% £23.8|7+&6& 78+.

M7&$7KMM14+ KJQO/( 6.$& "78&78&% £95.:&6 Jason Barlow +=.8|7+&6& 3&7.635 3%&0 SVR 6.150/ £102.

Economy always impressed: 40mpg- plus an everyday reality 2. Standard 17in wheels OJJJ$$R7|$+"6(&% kept ride the right side of uncomfortable 3.|7'.88+&7438w 4 1.2N. 2.0-litre NONS#+4OJL0# ft naturally aspirated four- LLK14( LSR(/12 pot a welcome antidote to the modern swathe of J PL14+.678 13%&0+.

say. you should And whatever your profession. the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse a hairdresser’s still go for the quicker one.0-litre MX-5. driving. "88362&=+&00]#&2832#6.2(<&83 identically powerful to the original Lotus Elise.1&Breaking Bad Anyhow.:&7 1. . don’t forget the Mazda is pretty much base car might be the sweeter set-up.32"00==&"62 must be celebrated for its lack of pace.7 23'09/&8+. while the extra 30-odd 743/&:3091&7"#398+.+&6&"08&6+. The standard limited-slip differential helps to 732 8+&79#0. and run thing.$&3'.&$"00&% 3##=<&063%. The odd perm.00. Obviously I’ve dabbled to merely ‘hapless’.327 having its cake and eating it – though the MX-5 Even so.:"8&%83 driving isn’t really about the numbers any more.2"8"00$378736"8 0&"78 83#&7&&2 It’s about something less quantifiable: making you a little less hard in everyday driving.7 . hands on this 2. then. And even through the ’box to outpace that Skoda diesel 0"88&6]%"=#. I posited that the ."28"90 and b) not very fast. upgrade your attempts at oversteer from ‘flailing’ .&7&0#98<&. just £1.(+83$$"7. The hairdresser thing.7 people.7$+"6"$8&6 73 in the world of follicular topiary.5-litre MX-5 for six months.7 . A Skoda diesel supermini will offer you all Interestingly. presumably because the bigger engine has to work .7"00+&4368 hour. "00&(&% :. that the MX-5 is both a) convertible. I got all but identical (and very "2"7898&4.:&7"4368+.O7&$7 turbo engines 4. "1. I’m not a hairdresser.390%2|8  . 83$+"6.8&|7328.00. 92. But not a hairdresser.7 40"=7"+&%(. whatever the engine. It’s a close.8<&. powerful engine is. Is it.+31"2"(&7"'92% or. "073"'"1..32". When we first got our 0"6(&6 8+"2 8+& 3'731& car.00.7 8+"8 73683'$"6983##=|7 That said – and in a classic slice of TopGear you a fighting chance of outpacing Harris’s abuse. if only to give .0=1"2"2%(. the better drive for those who like.2$3]%&'.0."1"88.2(7 &63"2% no one ever called that a hairdresser’s car. it’s all nonsense.8= 1.22. Actually.:&67&%6. but I was wrong: the 2. Sports car respectable) fuel economy from the 1."2&.."$>8&/ I mean.2&&"$+38+&6 a few people possibly did. The more 83#&.7%3%(=%&"0. Horsepower barely comes into it. but they were wrong.2(. and after running 9634&"2$39286. '36"896#3%.0-litre is slightly #33/'36+.&$&3'463%9$8.(2 the power you can exploit on UK roads.&7+&#6. what does it matter? This is 2016. a horsepower means you don’t have to row down <&|7$+3.+&&07 .7 blue rinse or two.00".7 Billions.2(+&132&=%3&72|8 part of the journey. this is a cracking car. 2 8+&'"$&3'.7 138. in the grand scheme of sports the 1. spec-for-spec.5 and 2.7+9$/+3"%&7" cars? Well. magnifying every mile-per. supermini on long uphill stretches. well.. Little and large: dinky MX-5 meets KPL14+ LMMM/( very-not-dinky Mercedes- Benz S-Class Coupe REPORT 2 2&3'8+&=&"6|7#&78 7+3. expensive: a grand worth spending.32%&7.6&1"78&63'8+& if I was/am/do.000 more 1"88&6 8+&%&"0 .

  LJKP 1 59 .

&00%6. see). comfy front seats are perfectly suited for a long drive.310/£34. and they REPORT 2 .8|7+&6& Is the S-Max still the answer for families? 1999cc.+&2 6"2( 8343. 135mph KQPP/( REPORT 6 Bags? Check! Passports? Check! Tyres? being the ultimate family car.8= 8+&2 . Not great adaptive cruise control. You need the roof blind. I figured I’d be shredding tyres as quickly driving through eco saving. for holidays.32&%#98 |%6"8+&6 1= so I drove.. which allows you to maintain your was off. Spire fitted the tyre (£158) while I 2&"67./&0=.2( 2 8+&&2% 8+&869$/. but meant it was easy to ferry all the family to the beach. especially if you TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG speed slows right down when the car is stationary. I rang Mini the right one (£0 extra).8&% "2%7894.(+8 matter. a dent of £724 to the wallet.800 mile round-trip summer holiday to France. FWD. Ford S-Max Seasoned road testers give 8+&.$%.".0.632( 8=6& 8"/&94 8+&."7 0.. 0 1 2 2 7 6 1 36.0secs. But you’ve got to 0 with the large panoramic glass roof. It had completely slipped my mind due to the The active Aircon becomes the many useful cubbyholes that otherwise would have headlight beam ineffectual when very mild and wet weather we’ve had this year. perhaps I should have changed them earlier. 332lb ft OKN14( KNN( /12 0–62mph in 8. the night $"2|8'. 210bhp. I found all your holiday noise and enjoyability of driving the S-Max was so stuff means more Paintwork marks it was quite late braking and got confused at corners with different. there’s ample space in I had a mild man panic after I realised I still had winter Good stuff Bad stuff the back for the kids. 4cyl TD. A quick dash to to counteract However.7 Mini Clubman Price/as tested £23. TOTAL MILEAGE AND OUR MPG 0 0 0 2 9 4 0 1 33.460 Model Titanium Sport Driver Andy Franklin +=. said "7. 142mph KOLO/( 16 0 OCTOBER 2016  TOPGEAR.8 928..66&4"6"#0& 73 1. 4cyl.8|7+&6& In moderating its eccentricities is this still a Mini? &78 13836 86"%&&<$97&&:&6Š} 8|7 emergency service (no spare.%8+&8=6&.$832"<|7 fitness for purpose Price/as tested £32."= as Edward Scissorhands cuts grass.2( 8+&692'0"8"#. very hot.+&2. Unchecked! Arrghhh! Just before leaving on my 1. I do have some moans. once on the autoroute. it gets hot."62.46&7796&. GARAGE LOGBOOK then. and room in the boot.8|7MO¡ speed and keep a preset distance from other cars. Must temperatures exceeding 37°C most days in the south more sense when be some sort of a long journey more relaxing. my local dealer. and there’s tyres on. The fan opportunity to really get to know it.” This is what Spire Mini. unless you want to grow tomatoes in here.''&6&2$& 8%3&72|8 7".6:&6%.0  +&%"=#&'36&  |%(38"03.%2|8$+&$/ .2%". back produce bit low-rent Spending 12 hours solid in a car gives you a good But my biggest grumble regards the aircon.978"$371&8. and aren’t that fond of it in the first place. and I Bags of space it..:&+31&97.COM .28398 8+&=|%'. and found a nail. 192bhp.3 hand it to Ford – this car is designed for the purpose of in there – optioning the blind is a must. these all made makes even in traffic.260/£39.%1& %. the road in the boot for . Immediately. With been dead space.88&%8+&. 1998cc. space to bring easily – feels a concrete walls that fooled it into thinking they were a car. I don’t like the get them swapped. 221lb ft NJS14( KOS( /12 0–62mph in 7.:&#"$/ 83(&8 20 miles from home. 4WD. and it delivers – perfect. Having seven seats also of France."7%&0"=&%  |%"7/&%'36"00 1&30%'"7+.2( (38+31&&<8%"=  +"%83%6.8secs. Along with clever tech.%&6&"6 1"8$+&7 8+&$"6|738+&6 8+6&&8=6&7 .63''&6 83869$/ 8+&$"6 838+&%&"0&6 – a Bridgestone Potenza RE050 instead of the S001 2&<8 1362.285 Model Cooper S All4 Driver Paul Horrell +=. The large.


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5 157 5/10 1. um.5 160 240 258 41. 5 trims.7 V8 S £92.0 245 £32. which means brogues to the Porsche’s two-a-penny trainers.2 109 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4639x1426x1873.4T Easy Plus £14. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.4 Nomad £33. This is Tamiya made real. But when a car’s this pretty. LxWxH in mm: 3989x1864x1183. 4 engines. LxWxH in mm: 3215x1850x1425. 40-litre fuel tank.9 BiTurbo QV £59.255 3.7T Spider £59.505 4. comfy. 300-litre boot. YELLOW BAR FUEL ECONOMY Our verdict on the brand . 4 engines.. 80-litre fuel tank. NOMAD Part special forces all-terrain fast attack vehicle.6 124 120 159 47. 2 trims. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 1 trim. Wonders shall never cease. 42-litre fuel tank. RWD… blinder. n/a-litre boot.7T Coupe £52. a saloon and a divisive sports car. 1 trim. TOPGEAR. now worn by two hatches. 3. And lost. and it’s mega.2 141 245 154 N/A N/A 9/10 MODEL CHOICE CRASH TESTING BOOT VOLUME NOT EVERY ENGINE 2.COM  OCTOBER 2016 163 .2 143 180 280 67.800 2. 58-litre fuel tank. 42-litre fuel tank.5 155 330 243 N/A N/A 9/10 Just the ones that count You want five stars here Two numbers? Seats up/down is available with every trim! Euro NCAP n/a.000 3. 1 engine..505 4. you just want one.7 205 573 458 17..0 V12 S £140.195 7. light and engaging. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Fiat Tipo p168 2. LxWxH in mm: 3410x1890x1195.8 189 430 361 20.795 4. 4 trims.2 189 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 4.0 SC 350 R £64. 4C Lotus by Alfa. 4 engines.000 3. 8 models in total. LxWxH in mm: 4380x1870x1260.9 142 275 443 39. addictive. Even the regular version will redefine your sense of what’s possible in a car. 2 models in total. with the odd Alfa foible to boot. ATOM The single most insane car on sale.9 190 510 442 34.5 160 240 258 41. part latter-day beach buggy.495 3. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. 1 model in total. TG SPEAKS SOME WORDS.0 JTDM Tec’ £32.4 189 9/10 2.5 157 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a.995 9.2 388 8/10 Euro NCAP n/a.4 125 235 221 N/A N/A 10/10 Euro NCAP n/a. History repeating? GIULIA At long last. 110-litre boot. more PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. Hectic.335 6.1 139 5/10 STON MARTIN TopGear on Aston Martin: Achingly cool cars that make up in beauty and charisma what they lack in technical and dynamic ability. But it’s an Aston.4 321 8/10 6. 4 models in total. Maserati Levante p171 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING VANTAGE The car that took on the 911. 4 models in total. 480-litre boot..0 Diesel £54. PRODUCED BY Everything you need to know about buying new cars ALFA ROMEO TopGear on Alfa Romeo: The best badge in the business. 1 engine. ARIEL TopGear on Ariel: Artfully shaped metalwork containing frenzied engines and a man clinging on for dear life.about the car Denotes the TG Favourites Less is. n/a-litre boot. Alfa’s back in the small sports saloon game with an agile.

6 engines. 14 models in total.9 151 190 236 50.5 200 540 398 23. the latest Vanquish.545 7. it’s not £20k good. 4 engines.9 275 9/10 Euro NCAP n/a. 1 model in total. 520-litre boot. 3 trims. 317/886-litre boot.0 TDI quattro £41. 78-litre fuel tank. rapid-er by giving it the engine from 2.2 205 610 413 22.5 179 295 49. Margin- Skoda’s pauper.4 TFSI Sport £23. 58-litre fuel tank.0 TDI SE £29. 405/1.4 203 560 465 21.365 9.3 280 £150. MONO PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING but the all-new TT is a big step forward. Will the A8 ever escape the S-Class's shadow? Probably not.2TT V12 £154. 3.3 155 272 443 55. 9 engines. with the added sug.100-litre boot.9 155 560 516 29.2 155 320 479 45. old looks. RS 7 £85.ASTON MARTIN-BAC DB11 A4 R8 Replaces a car that defined modern Astons.3 162 7/10 A1 Euro NCAP n/a. Just No V8. 3. 2 engines. Unless Evoque desirability for Qashqai money.2 149 190 236 50. 535/1680-litre boot. LxWxH in mm: 5135/5270x1949x1460. 13 models in total. 2 models in total.795 4. the A1 is prince to tank. 1 trim.4 TFSI Sport £16.465 6.6 105 7/10 2. LxWxH in mm: 5019x1929x1360. 6 engines. 23 models in total.9 130 150 236 74. but then on this PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING evidence. 3 trims. 2 models in total.3 139 6/10 Aston has ensured the latest Rapide is. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 5. fuel tank. 8 engines. only a faint restyle? No pressure then. know out for a ride in it. 1 engine. you spec it in white with 20s. 78-litre fuel tank.6 149 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a.000 An artful lesson in understatement.8 155 231 272 40. 65-litre fuel tank.520 3. wait… neath and a really rather lovely cabin. that Stig once voted it his car of the year.460 8. 3.520 5. 1 model in total.3 162 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING tank.600 5. Unlike the regional boss.930 8. LxWxH in mm: 3952x1800x1110.7 128 115 147 62. 3 trims.3 145 272 442 49. 75-litre fuel there’s not one for you today. 45-litre fuel W12 £99.930 5.0 TFSI SE £19. 4. 3 engines.0 155 230 273 46.7 113 6/10 tank. 90-litre fuel tank.905 8.6 164 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4910x1870x1460.555 8. LxWxH in mm: 4630x1860x1370.1 155 313 £33. 6 engines.8 116 8/10 2.3 122 115 184 64. Q2 A5 Finally. not at all. New Q7 smaller on the outside. 6 trims. 65-litre fuel Q5 tank.4 162 7/10 2.0 V12 £149. 3 trims. 368-litre boot. LxWxH in mm: 4692x1912x1294. But new bits under.950 4. 420/1325-litre boot.000 2. Audi’s and creates a trendy crossover with → Aston Martin DB11 £154.9 155 560 516 28. 100-litre fuel S1 £25.6 115 6/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 5053x1963x1730.050-litre boot.500 4. 12 models in total.480 10. 5 engines. 64-litre fuel err.520 3. 5 trims.095 3.2 V10 £119. and smarter. 365/1.3 99 7/10 5. 295/2075-litre boot.950 3. Euro NCAP n/a.8 170 280 206 N/A N/A 9/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4241(4313)x1777x1424. if that helps.9 136 184 170 53.9 155 333 324 34.900 (+ £14. 1 trim.0 TFSI S5 £43.2 TDI SE Ex’ L £78.900) A5 does desirable without the flash.0 BiTDI S Line £57. it doesn't deserve to. 1 engine.235 5.700 7. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. TT It won’t chase away the old stereotypes.9 155 385 626 38. no manual. 1 trim. Better than ever. V12 Coupe £195. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING AUDI gestion that you might drive yourself.7 190 6/10 BAC A3 Euro NCAP n/a. 2.2 114 7/10 to broaden the customer base. Oh dear. Either way.265 4.0 TDI 272 SE £50. TopGear on BAC: A car so good to drive that you’ll need to take everyone you New A3. 50-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a.150 8. NA-litre boot. Some say it’s too extreme. 270/920-litre boot. 2.4 134 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a.1 298 8/10 This is the car Audi says rivals the Range Audi’s photocopier styling department Rover Evoque. tank. 3.0 TFSI SE £27. if Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4630x1880x1650. 1 engine. 4 trims. All we know is Interior is genuinely cool. 1 engine.8 201 576 465 22. Turbos rob character but like the regional boss’s old A4.5 131 150 184 52. there will be by tomorrow. 4 engines. Or maybe the emperor’s new clothes. A high-rise Golf Euro NCAP n/a. LxWxH in mm: 4190x1790x1510. 305/712-litre boot.0 TDI q’ S Line £38. £79. It’s lighter Has Audi dropped a difficult second as an intercontinental GT it’s world class.0 TDI quat’ SE £29.4 144 190 280 65.0 264 6/10 tank.8 229 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4385x1831x1608. 73-litre fuel Q7 Essentially a posh Fabia. 45 models in total.950 5.0 TFSI Sp’t 5d £25.2 155 320 479 46. 6 trims. DATA IN NUMBERS: DEARER-B 11 tank. About time too.8 155 245 358 49.3 141 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. 5 trims.0 TDI q’ SE £45. LxWxH in mm: 4470x1240x1940. Slight naffness standard with every model. has pulled another one out the bag.0 TDI SE T’ £23. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING RAPIDE S RS 6 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2.1 150 184 280 62.7 221 7/10 tank. 112/338-litre boots. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING VANQUISH PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 2 trims. tank. 1. Oh.6 TDI SE step from Aston and is likely to struggle £22.COM/REVIEWS .9 200 600 516 TBA TBA 8/10 2. Audi’s ‘small’ SUV is only small because 6. TBA-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a.550 7. 15 models in total.4 127 7/10 5.0 TDI ultra £30.4 130 190 479 41.345 5. 1 model in total. 4 engines.0 TDI ultra SE £32. LxWxH in mm: 4970x1911x1420. 6 trims. 2 trims.2 155 310 280 40.9 300 8/10 the Q7 is the size of sub-Saharan Africa.3 124 7/10 Overhauled DBS is another evolutionary 3.6 155 500 461 25. 1 trim. Fool. 540/1560-litre boot. 50/55l Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4177x1832x1353.330 5. A7 It’s small inside though.650 6. 8 engines.4 129 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING S3 £32.8 289 9/10 270-litre boot. 16 models in total. too. bigger where it matters. 17 models in total. 2 models in total. 480-litre boot.295 8. 83/73-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4726x1842x1427.8 127 125 147 57. 14 models in total.5 149 8/10 1. 41 models total. A8 ally less offensive. 535/1390-litre boot.5-litre fuel tank.5 135 150 250 70. SQ5 2. The A7 is basically an A8 hatch.0 TFSI Sport £30.0 BiTDI SE Av’ £48.140 4. album clanger? Nope. 3. Audi’s niche-busting continues. 35-litre fuel tank. 3 trims. Still with an inferiority complex.1 298 8/10 A6 Q3 V12 Volante £207. 1 engine. 20 models in total. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3973x1740x1416. LxWxH in mm: 4739x1940x1279.2 V10 Plus £134.9 190 7/10 1.345 6. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 455/829-litre boot.0 197 576 465 22. Audi bins the styling photocopier → Aston Martin DB9 GT £140.035 3.900 3. not up to 5-Series standards.6 148 7/10 5/10 TopGear on Audi: PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Aspirational premium brand is inventing so many niches. Meet the regional boss’s new A4. 90.8 104 6/10 And that some people are fools.

We’ll leave you to short of BMW/Merc standards.605 4. 320d ED Sport £31.3 149 190 295 67.8 190 537 812 19. 479lb ft.735 Specs 328bhp.. 90-litre fuel tank. tank.3mpg.200 4.2 179 8/10 to capture the essence of luxury as well M2 as the Conti coupe. NAmpg.070 5.780 3.800 4.7 174 7/10 a long way behind.600 5.380 7. Bentley tion for driving.2 199 9/10 AMG LINE Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 4432x1774x1418. but we need to get it together MULSANNE with the 5 and XF for a proper fight. Remains a top-notch exec thanks to cosseting cabin and ride.9 155 258 413 53. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Price £47. 4. 0-62mph 5. refined and sport-ish.3 155 313 464 52.5 151 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 320 QUATTRO SE 440i M Sport £42. 52-litre fuel tank. but somehow fails M240i £35.620 10. Smooth. thanks to the XF and E-Class. and every bit as opulent and grand.0 W12 Conv’ £165.170 8. 47.4mpg. 51. BENTLEY-BMW BENTLEY 1-SERIES TOP 5 Perhaps the pick of the premium hatches TopGear on Bentley: right now. 0-62mph 5. O. 85-litre fuel tank.800 4.170 Specs 317bhp. 2-Series Active Tourer bad.3 143 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3999x11775x1578. 340i M Sport PRICE £38.2 93 170 184 n/a 0 8/10 Proof that it is possible to do things differently in this 530d Tour SE £43.645 7. 3 BMW 530d SE 316d SE £27.1 142 190 295 65.” as W. 445/480-litre boot.75 V8 £229. 2 engines.0 W12 £132.815 0–62 MPH BHP 5.2 155 326 332 36. Full of tech and incredibly serene.080 4.5 338 8/10 8/10 VMax 155mph. VMax M4 GTS £121. TopGear on BMW: i cars good. CO2 159g/km 420d SE £32. 8 models in total. Euro NCAP n/a.8 155 340 369 36.6 296 8/10 Price £47. 330d xDrive M £39. Euro NCAP n/a.4 195 575 517 19. 54 models in total. 1 model in total. 9-litre fuel hatchback. 70-litre fuel tank(REx). its electric and we love PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING it. Good.360 5.why d'you need a 7-Series? i3 Price £62.3 155 560 501 28.3 139 9/10 i3 EV REx 127Kw £35. 57/60-litre fuel tank.995 Specs 300bhp. but not the BiTDI. The rest are now playing catch up.7 114 8/10 i3 EV 127Kw £32. LxWxH in mm: 4806x1920x1400.3 111 8/10 BMW Not the cheapest A6. Lesser ones fall Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 4638x1825x1362. LxWxH in mm: 5299x1976x1488. 3 models in total. 3 trims. Bentley aims to clobber the Range Rover with its fearsomely quick. M140i 3d £31. From 387lb ft. new XF is good enough to top the class.1 204 8/10 facelift hasn’t done the styling any favours.0 206 635 605 19. LxWxH in mm: 5140x1998x1742.0D S Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4329x1765x1421.180 10.0 194 8/10 431-litre boot. 96-litre fuel tank. 87 models in total. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4624x1811x1429.3 155 431 406 32. Quality product. M4 £57. £149.7 179 8/10 6. 1 engine. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING CONTINENTAL GT EXECUTIVE CARS 116d ED+ 3d £22.7 246 6.7 114 7/10 image would suggest.0 143 163 280 68.0 W12 Speed £168.9 109 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Price £41. 0-62mph 5. 475-litre boot. 6 trims. Tesla is here and it’s rather awesome.705 Specs 266bhp.1 204 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a.9 155 252 258 43. 7 trims. Big. 2 trims.3 139 9/10 6.0 V8 S 332lb ft. We haven’t used a picture of the XE. 220d Sport £27. 4 trims. 62 models in total. tank.875 4.9 254 6/10 457lb ft. 358-litre boot.3 342 7/10 VMax 155mph. 8 models in total. 480-litre boot. 1 engine. 520-litre boot.75 V8 Speed £252.090 4.2secs. 0-62mph 5. VMax 3-SERIES £154. 54. Just. 3 engines.9 183 507 487 25. 155mph.0 TSI W12 £160.8 393 7/10 398lb ft. Recent M3 £56. CO2 134g/km 443-litre boot.2 179 9/10 1 JAGUAR XF 3.8 190 500 443 34. smooth and 5 TESLA MODEL S 60kWh brilliant . 5-SERIES put the rest of BMW’s range on the swing-o-meter.5 232 8/10 253-mile range PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 520d SE £32.905 5. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 4 AUDI A6 3. There's no denying the E is a mighty exec. No PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING FLYING SPUR matter.9 147 190 295 65.9 93 170 184 470 13 9/10 market. And a rather good one at that. It really does look like this.1 184 512 752 16.7 112 7/10 Brilliant in many ways. LxWxH in mm: 5570x1930x1530. the Conti GT is a masterclass in modern British style.9 126 118 192 68.0secs.3 192 528 502 26. still mightily good.8 155 340 369 36.1mpg. literally never said. 50/52-litre fuel PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Price £49. Like be powered by electricity and have a 535d Lux £49.COM/REVIEWS . 11 models in total. 535i Luxury £44.9secs.4 121 116 191 83. 3 trims. 8 engines. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. 4.  VMax 130mph. 4 trims. 3 models in total.530 7. 4-SERIES The name may have changed but the BENTAYGA It doesn’t anymore. but is very much its own car. so even more excellent. 6 trims.7 155 306 295 37. 55. 2-SERIES 2-Series follows BMW’s latest naming 6.4mpg. 260-litre boot. 360/1200-litre boot.000 4.985 4. 11 engines.7 179 CO2 RATING 7/10 The replacement for the Arnage. 390-litre boot. The 5-Series used to stand clear at the top of the class.0 343 6/10 Not only the benchmark small exec.8secs. but it's been around for a while. 57/60-litre fuel tank. but by far and away the fastest and most interesting.5 155 365 369 33. CO2 144g/km but one of the best saloons of all.900 4. M5 £73. 13 engines.3 200 625 590 19.700 7.990 7. but identical to its little brother.3 155 258 413 53. facelifted. 2 engines.8secs.900 4. M140i is bargainous gem. 10 engines. 7 trims. The future is here. it must be said.425 Specs 254bhp.1 187 600 664 21.0 V8 S 6.065 4.025 5.1 143 190 295 65.2 155 LB FT MPG 326 332 36. 155mph. Is game’s still the same.235 5.3 155 431 406 32. the 1-Series thrashes the opposi- “Speak softly and carry a big stick. Now Euro NCAP n/a. 2 MERCEDES E350 d £44. 1 trim.0 BITDI 430i Luxury £36.615 7. luxurious and expensive Bentayga SUV. genteel. 90-litre fuel tank. 6 engines.0 347 8/10 CO2 144g/km strategy.. CO2 0g/km.9 108 9/10 6. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4907x1860x1460.845 5.600 4. 0-62mph 5.1 89 7/10 Way better than the David Dickinson 120d Sport 5d £25. 66 models in total.

050 5. LxWxH in mm: 3530x1690x1140. TBA-litre boot.1 130 190 295 55. LxWxH in mm: 4896x1938x1762.7mpg.5 159 4/10 But they didn’t have to negotiate X6s in 1965.5 49 9/10 V10. LxWxH in mm: 4890x1890x1370. flimsy i8 413lb ft. Voluptuous bodywork and xDrive20d xDrive25d £30. 1 trim. No-one could accuse the big Mac of being dispassionate anymore.345 5. 4 JAGUAR F-TYPE V6S X1 Price £65. tank.515 5. 5 trims. 3 trims. 2 trims.240 5. A supercar for spacemen.4 164 7/10 2 MCLAREN 650S SPIDER PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Euro NCAP n/a. Euro NCAP n/a. 3 engines.3 152 313 465 47.2 155 560 501 28. 70-litre fuel tank. 1 engine.0 322 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4648x1881x1675.2mpg. 6 models in total.. you’re reading the wrong magazine. 4 engines.4 155 367 236 134. too. 3 trims. too. TBC-litre fuel tank. → Caterham Seven 160 engine power 80bhp able than old one in every single way. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 650i Sport Con’ £75. but doesn’t drive right.9 137 154 177 41.5 279 7/10 xDrive35d M Sp’ £46. the 7 is phenomenally So long natural aspiration.715 5.4 135 7/10 Aston fits epic V12 to its smallest roadster. predecessor.the noise from that mighty N/A 620 R £49. 180/310-litre boot.700 4. 2 trims. LxWxH in mm: 4689x1942x1298. → BMW X4 xDrive35d M Sport £49. 3 models in total.4 148 9/10 1 FERRARI 488 SPIDER M6 GC £95. base V6 a touch sensible. 67-litre fuel a million years old. 3 engines. 78-litre fuel Price £215.5 159 5/10 3 LAMBORGHINI SEVEN Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4240x1790x1290. How does BMW get the Z4 wrong? It CO2 279g/km looks right. 0-62mph 3. VMax 203mph. Euro NCAP n/a.8 155 310 219 n/a n/a 8/10 i8 £104. 42-litre fuel 75-litre boot. tank. 3 trims. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. sDrive18i £29. CO2 285g/km PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING ing else like it: this is a performance car that makes a Prius look like a gas-guzzler.370 6. 24. Euro NCAP n/a. Lack of a roof amplifies one of the 2.860 3.5 232 6/10 Euro NCAP n/a.745 Never as attractive a proposition as the Merc S-Class. Also unusually.665 6.6 155 331 332 40. 560lb ft.0mpg. The Americans have finally got serious that you question the need for the X5.745 Specs 380bhp. even if it is about 6.0 360 £26. HURACAN SPYDER As old as the hills.COM/REVIEWS . 5 models in total. V8S a hooligan. 14 models in total. VMax have tried before. TBC-litre boot. The small. precise CHEVROLET and fun.4 186 650 650 20. Still a charmer. 5 ASTON MARTIN V12 X3 VANTAGE ROADSTER CORVETTE STINGRAY Far superior to the last one. 28.9 127 332 55. 24. assuming you PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING good noise. 2 trims.540 4. but charming all the same. 505/1505-litre boot. 201mph.3secs. Is less objection. 4 engines.155 Specs 565bhp.8 130 183 143 n/a n/a 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Huracan's best assets . Makes a Very good on tarmac.8 145 258 413 49. 0.7 155 245 258 41. Others X3 is more socially acceptable. rubbish. Results 6.995 6. DATA IN NUMBERS: LESS IS MORE 460-litre boot. 5 engines.6 149 4/10 M6 Coupe £93.695 7. M50d £65. The Boxster kicks it in the tenders. about taking on the Porsche 911. 442lb ft.4 155 313 464 50. but rarely as well as this.165 4. Lunatic speed from 650S.8 142 258 413 47.9 100 80 79 57. 85-litre fuel tank. xDrive30d SE £49.1secs.391 Specs 670bhp. CO2 343g/km PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING xDrive20d SE £33. GC 4dr is much better. VMax 171mph.8mpg. 640d GC SE £62. LxWxH in mm: 4671x1915x1624.2 V8 2LT £62. 650/1870-litre boot. 500/1400-litre boot.615 7-SERIES CO2 260g/km → BMW 435d xDrive Gran Coupe M Sport £45. light.8 173 6/10 tank.5 232 8/10 Price £204. 1 model in total.3 155 381 545 42. So much so Price £148. 6 engines. 457lb ft. Small. 7 models in total. despite the blowers. 0-62mph 3.530 6.2 V8 SC Z06 £87. 67-litre fuel tank.2mpg. sDrive28i £39.1 155 269 458 60. light and nimble 50-year old cars remain all that.940 7.565 4.8 160 £18. 3 trims. TopGear on Chevrolet: Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4439x1821x1598. VMax template still serves the 7 well. yet as energetic as Price £198.792 Specs 610bhp. 36-litre fuel tank. There’s noth. Cruze. 0-62mph 3.9secs. 201mph.0 186 460 465 23. 8 models in total.4secs.250 Specs 625bhp. 2-Series Active Tourer. 61-litre fuel tank.6 146 231 295 58. Euro NCAP n/a. 0-62mph 3.995 2.9 156 7/10 Z4 VMax 204mph. want to pummel it into submission. 550/1600-litre boot.450 <4. CO2 234g/km → Caterham Seven 360 engine power 180bhp PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Do not mistake this for a GT. 5 models in total.1 157 7/10 predictably sonorous.BMW-CHEVROLET 6-SERIES X4 TOP 5 Unusually. LxWxH in mm: 5098/5238x1901x1467. 2 trims. A relative softy.2 155 560 501 28. 23. Just like with those building contracts.1 124 7/10 740Li M Sport £75.295 5. Joy.. 3 engines.6 137 190 £36. 2 engines. X6. Euro NCAP n/a.6 155 450 480 30. but still a fabulously good thing. the coupe’s a passion for obnoxiousness bought the bit. 9 models in total. so we now have to suffer an X4. 61-litre fuel If you’re looking for Chevrolets such as the Aveo and tank.7 214 5/10 SUPER ROADSTERS xDrive30d XLi’ £45. 515-litre boot. a spring lamb.945 8. 19 models in total. LxWxH in mm: 4495x1780x1235. DATA IN NUMBERS: POWER RANGER New X1 gets FWD platform from 339lb ft.4 133 8/10 8/10 front engine disguise a two-seater that’s poised. yeah? 730d £64. 19. Not as visceral as its X5 good without anyone really giving a toss. CATERHAM TopGear on Caterham: PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING with a ride and handling balance to shame the best.6 114 9/10 No turbos here.0secs. 4 engines. BMW launched the 6 as a People with the hides of rhinos and a Cabrio first.995 4. 0-62mph 5.

235 10.2mpg 52. as only Citroen can do.9 TCe 90 Amb £7.3mpg → DS 3 1.9 250 8/10 Euro NCAP n/a.6 THP 210 Breath of fresh air.2 75 Touch £12. Undergoing a bit of a renaissance these days. 350-litre boot. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3948x1715x1483. came along. 2 trims. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1 6 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.5 95 8/10 ing as the 3.5 97 75 78 47.6 105 Access £9. 1 trim. 1 engine.295 7. 5 engines. 2 engines.595 12. 1 engine. 64.3mpg 52.8 106 110 177 56.0 Touch 3d £8.5 135 165 177 50.2 PT Chic £13. SANDERO 4 9 240/340-litre boot. 4 trims. epic and howlingly five-seater is a TopGear favourite. 320/1200-litre boot. mincing Gallic leap forward for Citroen. 1 model in total.4 107 7/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3460x1620x1430. 50-litre fuel tank. CALIFORNIA T The Ferrari that everyone thought was a Maserati now has a turbo V8. C1 The first time Citroen got jiggy with TOP 1O MOST ECO HOT HATCH OVER 180BHP TopGear on DS: Citroen’s new sub-brand will focus on style.8mpg 48.990 12. 78-litre fuel tank. 285/975-litre boot. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING FERRARI 1. 5 10 DUSTER F12 Simple. 35-litre fuel 1.3 117 120 221 70.0 205 670 560 24.3 V12 £241.6 196 560 556 26.9mpg Euro NCAP n/a. The fastest ever until the LaFerrari value.6 THP 208 0-62mph 6.140 10. Euro NCAP n/a. they created some. 2 models in total.5 130 7/10 6. and the ride should still be Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4157x1729x1480.0 203 670 560 24.815 9. CITROEN-FERRARI CITROEN DS TopGear on Citroen: Design-led brand that’s the most ‘French’ of the French car firms. 3 trims. Great looking and with just enough ST TDCi Performance DATA IN NUMBERS: HIDDEN HOT HATCH gadgets to keep a modern family happy.230 3. but it’ll bring in buyers. tank. 358/1170-litre boot. Good fast. 13 models in total. 64.595 11.7 114 100 The most avantgarde DS.3 117 110 151 65. 6 engines. 5 trims. natural aspiration.9 95 6/10 1.0 BlueHDi £27.2 110 Feel £16. 2 engines.6 BlueHDi Feel £24.6 BlueHDi Feel £17. 230-litre boot. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING BMW 125d Renaultsport 1. 2 engines. 78-litre fuel tank. 4 engines.000 2. DS 3 A former Car of the Year and a gigantic. Peugeot and Toyota. via France for a bit of je ne sais quoi. 2 trims.495 11.5 dCi 90 Amb £8. but not quite as fizzy PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING as the car it replaces. C4 CACTUS Ford Focus DS 3 1. 7 engines. 3 trims. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING GRAND C4 PICASSO Volkswagen Golf GTD Peugeot 208 GTI 2. Twin-charged 488 is new-age fast. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. Headlights a particular success. Purists will DACIA Skoda Octavia vRS TDI Volkswagen Polo GTI hate it.8 125 130 170 56. Emphatically not just a GT.3 99 6/10 62.5secs 1. 60-litre fuel tank.3 360 10/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4320x1820x1700.495 14. very tough.0 TDI 184 FR Cooper S 488 GTB £183.7 260 9/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4060x1730x1520.5 102 105 109 39.6 THP 210 Performance 0-62mph 6. 61.8 V8 T PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING £155. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4590x1830x1630.1 109 90 99 54. 537/1851-litre boot. Think Lexus.3 120 6/10 2.6 106 8/10 diverse supercar range in the company’s history.1 107 90 162 74.6 PT Prestige £19.995 14. 9 models in total. 67.4 129 7/10 tank. 60-litre fuel tank.9 137 6/10 Seat Leon Mini PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 0. Mighty nonetheless.964 3.545 10. but a kick up the arse for Mini. So long.4mpg 3. LxWxH in mm: 4620x1940x1270. 1. 3 trims.995 11.2mpg 50. LxWxH in mm: 4568x1952x1213. surprisingly able.7 100 8/10 DS 5 1.6 127 150 272 68. 15 models in total. 45-litre fuel better. 196/780-litre boot.5 dCi Amb’ £11. 92-litre fuel tank.1 211 740 508 18.8 165 7/10 6.391 3.9 211 770 520 18. TopGear on Dacia: Cheap cars from Eastern Europe.3mpg 465-litre boot (Hybrid 325l). 3 engines.9 103 75 87 61. 488 Nothing here besides simple transport. Not fast.9 105 7/10 Funky shapeliness from Citroen.2 PT Feel £23. 50-litre fuel tank. 7 models in total. Only French-er. 475/1636-litre boot. and then on to the budget-conscious. The UK’s cheapest new car – you can lease one for less than a Sky TV package.450 11. thing quite cool.7 260 9/10 1.4 105 8/10 2 7 1. 2 models in total. helping Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4530x1870x1540.3 V12 TdF £330. make the world of MPVs more accept- able.2 75 Access £5. 3 trims. 6 models in total. 9 models in total.COM/REVIEWS .3 98 69 69 68. tech and luxury. LxWxH in mm: 4570x1910x1322.7mpg 488 Spider £204. but family cars come no cooler.8 350 10/10 M Sport Clio Trophy 1.053 3. Now it’s round two.5 116 7/10 3 8 TopGear on Ferrari: Art and science blended into the most alluring and 1. high-riding crossover-style The F12 is bombastic.3 108 82 87 61. Not as inspir- 187 78.5secs PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING → Peugeot 208 GTI 1.995 12.4mpg 47. 50-litre fuel tank. 20 models in total. 3 trims.

there’s some- 450/800-litre boot.945 10. 20 models in total. 91-litre fuel tank.2 Easy+ £10. refined and not too the rufty-tufty Abarth.7 142 200 214 46. 500L B-MAX Don’t be misled by the badge and the Two choices. In a wonder- ful V12 shooting brake class of one.3 143 5/10 1. 8 models in total.4 117 6/10 rather than a droney CVT.2 110 85 106 67.345 11. 3 engines.4 116 125 125 55.4 119 6/10 the more pleasing of the two. but no virtues. 4 engines.750 6.3 140 8/10 PANDA 1. Note: this does not apply to the disappointing EcoSport. 5 trims. 35-litre fuel tank. 35-litre fuel Sean Quincy. 5 engines. VS FOCUS New engines. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR.8 126 150 273 61.9 124 160 177 43. 57. 48-litre fuel better.045 10. a bit more commodious to but ever so eager with it.230 10.8 123 150 258 56. even 500 a tweak to perk the handling back up.395 11.2 102 69 75 55. it’s slightly rounder and it’s Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3950x1720x1480. 152lb ft the livelier and more desirable S-Max.3 99 8/10 → Ford Fiesta ST200 £22.1 139 7/10 much cheaper than the Rav4.5 SCTi Zetec £25. 1." 2. 4 trims. 3 models in total. but I own a small Been on sale in the US for three years Short on talent. 5 trims.090 7. 185/610-litre boot.8 118 140 170 47. 48 models in total. No vices.9 85 Pop Star £13. 2. KIA NIRO ’3’ S-MAX TIPO Price £24. 318/1386-litre boot. and bigger than you expect.7 119 120 199 78. tank.5 TDCi Style £21. Buy a Panda and be content. 34 models in total.5T Zetec £21.6 124 120 159 47. 185-litre boot.0 TDCi Est Tit’ £26.0 117 105 107 67. MONDEO ABARTH 500 "I like hybrids. and we’ll Ford’s reply to the Vauxhall Meriva.6 130 6/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4380/4519x1860x1620.565 10. 6 trims. 10 engines.5 134 140 177 44.925 12. 70-litre fuel 440-litre boot.3 109 7/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3660x1630x1490. Niro you want.245 9.445 11. 108lb ft Performance 0–62 in 11. at less PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING than £25k for a top spec ’3’. thing for everyone here. 53/60-litre fuel tank. 53-litre Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3571x1627x1488.6T ST200 £22.945 9.895 9.3 90 7/10 1.510 11.5 129 7/10 115g/km Euro NCAP n/a. 6. 101mph. Fine car. 3 engines. 2 engines. either. it’s 1.9 109 6/10 2. 124 SPIDER TOYOTA RAV4 HYBRID Price £26.565 9. 225/870-litre boot. 11 models in total.430 3.145 9. tank. 13 models in total. Come ’ere cuddly tank.7 134 7/10 695 Biposto £33.000 4. 13 models in total.495 11.3 99 6/10 TOYOTA RAV4 HYBRID Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4358x1823x1484. much smarter interior to add a mite of flair to a humdrum cheap hatchback. Smooth. 139bhp. hybrid drivetrain wedged into it.710 14. Not a bad crossover. Well done Ford.0T Zetec 1. 1 engine. 26 models in total. 8 trims. 350/1000-litre boot.745 6.0 MJet Cross £22. 3 trims.8 106 90 94 47. 38-litre fuel fuel tank. 26 models in total.9 Lounge £17.3T T RS £31. 5 engines. with a An old name brought back from the grave Engine 1580cc 4cyl hybrid.1 148 8/10 2.995 9.0 TDCI Ti’ Gr’ £24. but otherwise there’s nothing new family face and myriad very welcome 500-ish here. 15 models in total.665 12. 300/2339-litre boot. 70-litre fuel 140-litre boot. 3 trims. £19. Pace-setter or pacemaker.2 112 100 LB FT MPG 125 65.9 143 190 185 43. 432/1723-litre boot.0T Zetec 3d PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP £14.1 110 7/10 2.225 11.065 9. new interior design.265 10. Sean. 7 engines.640 Second-gen of Ford’s low-roofed MPV keeps its dad’s fine dynamics. Neither is particularly interesting improvements elsewhere.3 V12 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP £240.4 Studio £13. If Engine 2494cccc 4cyl headroom. that’s business and need something now. 4 engines.5 130 150 258 67.7 165 345 325 36.5 129 8/10 Euro NCAP n/a.5 149 8/10 1.7 99 CO2 RATING 8/10 TopGear on Fiat: Good when they do the small stuff. 6 engines.4secs. we want to give you a hug.0T ST 1 £22.9 139 9/10 beyond it.4 95 Pop £13.645 11.FERRARI-FORD GTC4LUSSO FORD A much-needed sharpening for the FF. 540/1460-litre boot.COM/REVIEWS . PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING No Prius (Prii?) please. to drive. 5 trims. but the 500 is a refreshing PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING alternative to Mini-shaped ubiquity. 48-litre fuel tank. 48-litre fuel tank. For one.4T 8. 4 trims. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4248x1796x1600. 1. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING DATA IN NUMBERS: POWER UP TwinAir 85 Easy £11.0 107 85 107 74. The 500L is more Panda rear doors and no B-pillars means easy ac- than 500. TopGear on Ford: CAR + now with an even sillier name.9 111 95 159 88. long on appeal. 6 trims. but is otherwise upstaged by only it didn’t look like a Dodge Viper kit car hybrid. 4 trims.5 118 140 258 57. 45-litre fuel tank. 112mph.9 99 69 75 60. but because the Niro PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING has a normal twin-clutch auto 1. Ideal 1. bad when they go KIA NIRO 1.3 82 8/10 It’s back.745 (+ 28% over ST 1) 1. 197bhp. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4796x1916x1655. 3 trims.5 116 120 236 68. Sliding headlights.1 139 7/10 moonlight as an Uber driver. 10 engines. Performance 0–62 in PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.6mpg. 285/2200-litre boot.0T Zetec £19.1 139 5/10 108g/km 2. it’s 1.7 175 9/10 0.6 MJet P’Star £19. 343/1310-litre boot.1 108 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. 52 models in total. mind. 4 engines.7 117 120 236 67. 1 engine. FIAT 1.2 Pop Star £11.5 120 120 199 74.2mpg.5 155 7/10 budget is around £25k.3 360 RATING 9/10 FIESTA CLINIC Arguably the best supermini on sale. accommodate the stuff I sell. tank.640 GALAXY Turbo torque and firmer chassis means Ford’s flagship seven-seater offers extra Fiat’s MX-5 gets right up Mazda’s nose. Belfast Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4780x1890x1500. 42-litre fuel still entirely brilliant. I don’t 1. C-Max gets Ford’s Similar lights.395 11. Pogo stick ride American. 295/979-litre boot. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4848x1916x1747. say right away that it’s the Kia cess and brilliant packaging. 70-litre fuel tank. tank.0T Titanium £17.8 131 145 152 47.7 114 8/10 which starts at £27k.2 117 125 147 57.5 TDCi Zetec £20. And it’s Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4147x1784x1667.3 98 7/10 500C 0.5 94 7/10 595 £15.9 123 150 258 56. 11 models in total. 1 trim.060 5.5 155 255 250 41. because it’s a bespoke tank. LxWxH in mm: 4922x1980x1383.6 MJet Lounge £20. LxWxH in mm: 4054x1740x1233.4T Easy Plus £14.0 TDCi Zetec £28.3 112 5/10 1. 363/1148-litre boot.4 119 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3650x1640x1550.4 208 690 LB FT 514 MPG CO2 18.6T 182 ST 1 £17.595 10.1 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING secs. Focus is back to its best. tank. 3 trims. hybrid - not a conventional 500X crossover/SUV that’s had a C-MAX The quest to cash in on the 500 continues. 7 engines. LxWxH in mm: 4370x1790x1500.5 TDCi Ztec 5d £16.0 TDCi Zetec £26.1 139 6/10 £19.8 106 95 93 46. 1. 14 models in total.5 159 8/10 1.0 120 125 147 60.295 13.745 6.545 7.4 MAir P’Star £18.9 139 182 177 47. Not quite the Sixties revival Fiat was angling for. Euro NCAP n/a.2 138 160 177 48. 64. 1. Proof that mass market motoring can have an edge. 1 model in total. Panda. 4 trims. Now with added grille. 50-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4080x1860x1600.

8 213 8/10 → Entry-level Honda HR-V £18. cleverly pitched and therefore bound to Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4370x1770x1470.1 155 340 332 34.145 9.7 129 6/10 Posh Nissan offshoot desperately aiming to emulate Lexus. 60-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4425x1805x1495.775 4. a Hyundai would be beige Civic. 1. 4 models in total.9 109 100 LB FT MPG 126 58. tank.. 4 trims. 3 trims. 4 engines.545 10.745 13. 5 models in total. but tank. TBA/1788-litre boot.995 5. necessarily mean better… Euro sophistication. with added fun. 1 engine. 50-litre fuel tank.0 V6 S Coupe £60.0 TCDi Zetec £29.8 118 197 311 46.0 engines. Euro NCAP n/a. the Edge is pinched from Ford’s US line-up.2d Business £28. great all-rounder but deeply boring with it.3 161 7/10 5. and catching up with everyone else everywhere else.6 134 170 258 64.995 0–62 MPH BHP 14.230 9. 70-litre fuel Not as pointy as a Porsche Macan. 7 models in total. LxWxH in mm: 4777x1927x1742. 650-litre boot.275 7.775 4.7 136 180 317 65. but it drives with New NSX has had maybe longest gesta. 6 trims.280 8.0 191 573 406 TBA TBA 8/10 2. Or care. LxWxH in mm: 4470x1940x1215.9 194 8/10 tank. 5 trims. 5 engines.0 269 8/10 CR-V Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4660x1890x1760. Gymkhana mums might not agree.0 T-GDI Active £15.6 Sport £17. we’re still struggling to notice.4 130 7/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4475x1850x1645.980 5. 8 models in total. tank.2 126 180 295 54.2 115 6/10 1.6 DTEC SE N’ £29. Lovely inside too. 70-litre fuel A car engineered for accountants.8 155 314 320 35. 5 trims. a muscle car to call our own. Q30 RENEGADE NSX An Infiniti people may actually buy.495 11. 18 models in total. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3665x1660x1500. cheaper too. 3.0D 180 R Sp’ £35.6 125 160 258 57. 50-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4236x1805x1667. MUSTANG PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP 1. 3 engines. 453/1026-litre boot.0 S Diesel £51.6 116 136 275 58. 60-litre fuel supermini. 45-litre fuel we invented an award for it.34 models in total. 40-litre fuel TopGear on Jaguar: ing on the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. 351/1356-litre boot. INFINITI JEEP PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING TopGear on Infiniti: TopGear on Jeep: 1. 2 p’trains.1 155 380 332 34. LxWxH in mm: 4470x1920x1300.1 79 8/10 Zoinks.5 130 180 317 57.680 3. 5 trims.5T Titanium £23.0 V8 GT £34. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2.225 10.9 299 7/10 Coo. Excuse us while we tuck into our hats. 589/1648-litre boot. 378/1316-litre boot.5d SE £21.8 140 180 317 67. has changed all that. 520-litre boot.995 5.320 0–62 MPH BHP 8.7 CRDi S Tour’ £21. but so are others.000 5. but that doesn’t Meet the Fiat 500X’s Yankee cousin.0D V6 S £49. 5 trims.0 V6 S/C S £49. 5 trims. 61-litre fuel with Kia in the design stakes. 456/1653-litre boot.995 5.000 3. Hyundai seems to be catching up Euro NCAP n/a.0 V8 R AWD £91. 5 models in total. just not HONDA 1.9 127 8/10 1. 7 engines. Different. Silly name.845 9. 1 engine. 16 models in total.8 115 106 108 83. 55/66/74-litre than it almost certainly will be. 4 trims.7 179 8/10 still feels very American. Is tasked with tak. but early signs are good… PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. tion of any car ever.995 7.1 159 8/10 Qashqai. now with decent 1. 4 trims.0 V8 SVR £110.6 143 6/10 I10 Q50 2.4 174 550 502 25.7 170 8/10 1. 70-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a. 4 trims. 1 model in total. 6 trims.8 155 418 387 20. 2 engines. Also large. this is actually the most Euro NCAP n/a.000 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4954x1880x1457. 3 trims. 4 trims. when the SANTA FE F-Type is this sodding good? DATA IN NUMBERS: PRICE SURPRISE Can't afford a Disco? Then step this way.1 141 6/10 3. EDGE 1. 50-litre fuel £44. 53-litre fuel Reliable.6 99 75 90 58. 3 trims.9 155 300 516 49.500 12.6 117 110 LB FT MPG 206 78. TUCSON HR-V Just what the world needed. Sure.9 112 7/10 2. 3. 4 engines.595 10. 5 engines.4 94 CO2 RATING 7/10 big enough for plutocrat bellies. 4 engines. We’ve only driven it in the States.9 186 550 501 25. 3 trim. 11 models in total. quite good. 4 engines.995 10.5TT hybrid £130.0 269 8/10 → Entry-level Nissan Qashqai £18. it’s highly TopGear on Hyundai: mous saloon from Nissan’s lux wing. tank. TopGear on Honda: PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4300x1780x1470. Gorgeous Callum design and a raffish demeanor get you so far.7 147 200 206 37. 2 engines. Think Mazda CX-3. 4 engines.0 144 5/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4520x1840x1700. 5 trims. TBA-litre boot.605 11. 25 models in total. LxWxH in mm: 5130/5260x1890x1490.2 118 102 91 56.5 264 LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 7/10 Facelift helped add interest to the fading Not long ago. for sure.1 140 6/10 Euro NCAP n/a. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. 553/1719-litre boot. De- serves to be bought by more under 80s – and floors it first time. capable cars. 62-litre fuel F-TYPE Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4294xTBAx1605.0 V6 S/C S Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4035x1734x1474. tank. 911 alternative? Who cares. if Q50 Hybrid £41. LxWxH in mm: 4470x1820x1450.7 LB FT 144 170 295 65. Oblong-obsessed 4x4 experts still trading off WWII heroics. 38 models in total. 2 engines.3 98 7/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4775x1815x1470.7 149 7/10 It’s the latest i20! It’s not that exciting! XE Otherwise a very worthy and competent Forget the F-Type.0 118 108 192 68. Oops. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. 477/1378-litre boot. tank. Mustang now here in right-hand drive.7 119 130 114 50. 1 trim.. 196/315-litre boot. practical model range that seems a lot brighter now the Civic Type-R is here. or cut-price tank.3 109 9/10 2.190 10. TBA-litre boot.7 167 310 295 38. 4 engines. 8 models in total.2d SE PRICE £29. 48-litre fuel tank. tank. 74-litre fuel tank. tank. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING I20 2. Japan nil. 5 models in total. Over-priced Cayman rival. Another 2. The interior is so special Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3995x1694x1550. 534-litre boot.0 Type R £30.450 5.6 hybrid SE £19. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4570x1820x1685.0D 180 SE PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING £30. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING XJ 1. Probably-better-than-a- 5-Series good.850 9. LxWxH in mm: 4784x1916x1381.0T SE £26.8 155 300 332 51.0 V8 XJR PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP £91.995 9. 5 engines. Smaller than a this kind of thing.545 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. Needs to banish all memory of the X-Type. 2 engines. 301/1042-litre boot. 513/1503-litre boot. FORD-JEEP KUGA HYUNDAI Q50 The Kuga has grown up and bought More sharply styled but otherwise anony- some sensible slacks.07 114 MPG CO2 RATING 5/10 2.7 121 150 177 45. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.100 7.9 171 380 339 31. 2. 368-litre boot. 2 trims. It’s a tank.955 5. 16 models in total. 60-litre fuel PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING tank.3 SE Navi £15. refined and just plain beautiful. 5 trims. The XJ is rapid.5 200 575 517 25.5 129 120 221 76. tank. 450-litre boot. 252-litre boot. 443/1. In Europe. 5 models in total.5 116 6/10 1. important Jaguar of the last decade. or so it hopes. 40-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a. LxWxH in mm: 4731x1936x1652. Very clever.0 198 9/10 JAZZ IONIQ 2. 58-litre fuel tank.6 CRDi BD SE PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP £18. 3. 16 models in total. Over-powered engines take you the rest of the way. tank.995 4.2 S Air £11. but if you’re into £34. 3 engines.3 179 7/10 I30 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4672x1850x1416.1 155 364 402 43. 400/500-litre boot.0 S PRICE £8. 4 trims.6 149 7/10 dealerships for guaranteed fireworks.170 8. This competent. 9 models in total.2 CRDi Prem £31.3 135 6/10 sheer polish of the Up! but actually.9 96 66 LB FT 69 MPG CO2 60. buy this one. 13 models in total. It’s £4.1 108 RATING 8/10 JAGUAR Like the Mustang. 1 engine. 77/82-litre fuel tank. Type R introduced a rocket into and so would its driver. 5.5 S £18.3T £30.7 114 7/10 F-PACE 1. Don’t mention the Italian and German oily bits underneath.495 5. 4 trims. There are few more reliable SUVs.4 144 9/10 Latest Jazz is clever.0 TDCi AWD Lacks the charisma of the Panda and the £26. as savvy Santa Fe shows there is another PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING way. XF tank. 50-litre fuel become a best-seller.5 124 141 251 65.9 108 6/10 1.000 <3.9 112 142 170 47.9 110 CO2 RATING 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING At last. CIVIC I40 5. 47-63-litre fuel tank. 3. 5 engines. 14 models in total.9 111 112 112 47. 15 models in total.0 CRDi 2WD SE £24. New XF is good.070 5. tank.7 129 8/10 the option of 4WD. 4 trims.895 10.COM/REVIEWS .0D V6 R-Sport £70.505-litre boot. 18 models in total. The stylish i40 3. 540/963-litre boot.6 DTEC Sport £21.0D Prestige PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Honda Jazz with a bit more chunk and compact SUV.9 124 180 295 48. Korea one. 2 engines.745 10. Value-packed Korean has earned a proper reputation for time aimed at the BMW 3-Series.8 150 300 517 47. fuel tank. Estate is the pick.4 MAir Longi’ £20.495 10. The styling’s a bit yee-hah. 354/897-litre boot. 8 models in total.7 114 9/10 Hyundai takes a swipe at Toyota’s Prius 3. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4790x1820x1450. 2 engines. 57-litre fuel you don’t care about cars. Euro NCAP n/a.

3mpg → Toyota RAV4 Hybrid fuel economy 56. but it’s what 1. Freelander gets a new name. tank. barely a duffer among ’em. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING GRAND CHEROKEE LP 580-2 £156.0T-GDi GT Li’ £20.345 10. n/a-litre boot.060kg 1. thoughtful design.2 156 7/10 fashionistas. 4cyl turbo.9 95 68 70 67.8secs. 1 trim.0 V8 T PHEV £1. quad exhaust tips PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING tank.7 100 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a.0 MJet 140 £26.6 290 8/10 no-one appears to have told the Grand Cherokee.0 160 461 460 20.2 MJet 200 4x4 £37.245 8. LxWxH in mm: 4924x2062x1143.2 126 237 405 37. DAB radio.9 217 700 509 £319. Performance: 0–62mph 6.4 130 345 517 45.JEEP-LAND ROVER CHEROKEE LAMBORGHINI After a leave of absence. 4 trims. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING KIA LP 700-4 750-4 SV £264. as is much else. electric windows. 4 trims. Petrol-electric hybrid with a weird single speed ‘box.1 101 141 196 74.5 162 550 502 22.220 10. not farmers.0 SDV6 Graph’ £47. but the new one definitely comes with less thuggishness.COM/REVIEWS . A hint of Audi has crept in. infotainment system w/7in colour display.. 200/870-litre boot. 4 trims. 1 engine.900 4.2 202 610 413 22. 5 trims. slicker.5 127 200 324 49. HURACAN SPEC PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. HOW TO The supercar for those who don’t care about lap times. Or The Green Party. astonishing ability. interesting.795 9. Or visibility. LxWxH in mm: 4850x1983x1780.3 139 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4480x1855x1635. 62-litre fuel 2.3 139 8/10 Kia’s crossover hybrid is extremely well TOTAL PRICE: £30. 170bhp.0H SDV6 HEV £86.8 250 1480 1475 TBA TBA TBA 3. 6. 6 trims. latest ‘Segg is maddest yet. 60/70-litre fuel tank. 2 engines.6 164 9/10 Euro NCAP n/a.345 13. 4 engines. One for 1. 5 engines. 4 trims. 4 models in total.0 TD4 180 SE £32. 2. 1 model in total.0 328 MPG CO2 R 6/10 VENTADOR Murcielago replacement doesn’t disap- 3. DISCOVERY SPORT PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Bluetooth. 35-litre fuel tank. climate LAND ROVER TopGear on Land Rover: Still a white goods car. → Kia Niro 2 fuel economy 74. 195/1698-litre boot. 54-litre fuel priced and doesn’t use a horrid CVT.575 3. Big.7 370 8/10 9/10 TopGear on Kia: Seven year-warranty-backed range of whitegoods with Euro NCAP n/a.6 115 7/10 mechanical limited-slip differential. 60-litre fuel 6/10 AN.9 116 140 258 53. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING DATA IN NUMBERS: TD4-BY-MANY 1.6 GDI 2 £22. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3600x1600x1480.195 8.2. 1 model in total. TBA-litre boot. 3 engines.1 298 9/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 3. TopGear on Koenigsegg: Swedish purveyors of deeply outrageous supercars.9 125 8/10 KOENIGSEGG Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4360x1960x1610. Not cheap. 8 models in total.745 11. 784/1761-litre boot.8 217+ 750 509 17. TBA-litre boot. 280/2560-litre boot.3 143 201 195 38. 1 engine. RANGE ROVER SPORT A prettier RRS would be a contradiction in REGERA terms.0 SDV6 HSE £62.0 SVR £95. Brembo brakes.0 TD4 150 SE £31.1 113 130 119 42. 1 engine. 1 trim. 93-litre fuel the Aventador is still bonkers. 11 models in total. LxWxH in mm: 4459x1924x1165. Smoother.6 113 150 tank. True to form.7 113 8/10 2. the Cherokee is back to do battle with the Freelander.895 3.. It’s a huge achievement. 184lb 100th with more power.0 112 150 280 57.760 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4599x1895x1724. tank. more urban audience. of variants using core 2. This one isn’t.610 7.3 118 118 26 57.600 10.3 213 9/10 SPORTAGE Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4830x1880x1890.995 5.0. 150-litre boot. 90-litre fuel tank. electric-folding door mirrors. 82-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a.2 170 7/10 central locking. 782/1554-litre boot. tank. 7 trims. 1 trim. 714/1267-litre boot. you’re spoiled here. keyless start. LxWxH in mm: 4560x2050x1110.4 V8 SRT PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT £65. 45-litre fuel → No. 18 models in total.795 11. 148g/km and more carbon than a coal mine. aluminium pedals.7 278 9/10 Jeep may be under Fiat's control..7 129 7/10 NIRO 2. but ABARTH 124 SPIDER LP 610-4 £181.0 106 85 89 65.3 88 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a. pricey. Uber driver.0 1 3d £8.0 eD4 SE 2WD £30.505 8. 84-litre fuel tank.3 99 7/10 LP 770-4 £1. 2 engines.0 TD4 engine 13 tank. ft. Options: Bose HiFi (£795) 2.6T GT yummy-mummys will be driving this year. Big and shouty . 4 models in total. Revised once again in 2014.595 6. 1 model in total.4 117 180 317 53. 550/1445-litre boot. Latest Picanto looks Hyper-Aventador celebrates Ferrucio’s good.200 9. heated seats. Kias are normally somewhat pleasant- looking. USB ports. but now it’s white control. Trim: sports seats in black leather (£0) CEE’D Standard equipment: cruise control w/ speed limiter.0 TD4 SE Tech £35. LED Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4310x1780x1470. 12 models in total.1mpg. 380/1318-litre boot. A genuine UK success story with the whole range goods by John Lewis. 2. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 5.8 112 256 443 35. 317 65. and much 1. rear-wheel steer warrantied to the max. 491/1480-litre boot. Good though. more besides. 2 engines. But also quite clever. 2 engines. drives well. 44.0 CRDi GT-Line £25. 144mph PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Weight: 1.25 2 5d £10. more PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING stylish.8 130 292 442 37. TopGear on Lamborghini: It’s priced well and looks. LxWxH in mm: 4780x2030x1140. 3 trims.5 124 180 317 58. thirsty.095 11. 7 trims. 13 models in total.700 6. RANGE ROVER EVOQUE A Range Rover for a younger. But like hexagons.3 139 6/10 Lambo’s riposte to the 458 and 650S.073 2. Euro NCAP n/a.565 CENTENARIO A Kia cracker. Massive DATA IN NUMBERS: HYBRID HIGHS inside. 427/1425-litre boot.. 11 models in total. DISCOVERY The best practical SUV on sale.5mpg PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 3. 6 trims. 4 models in total.0 CRD O’land £48. £23. 6 engines. TBA-litre fuel Wheels: 17" ’Sport’ alloys (£0) tank. but Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4820x1940x1760. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR.850 10.8 217 770 517 TBA TBA TBA Colour: Costa Brava 1972 Red (£400) 1. 1 engine. so don’t discount it.6 370 17.1 114 134 275 54. 80-litre fuel tank. Build quality is a as at home on a field as the red carpet. PICANTO Basic price: £29.7m 2. 7 models in tot . tank. 53-litre fuel rear lights. 1 engine. LxWxH in mm: 4355x1805x1535.45m 2. but is still essentially Gallardo v. costs little and is Engine: 1368cc. 80-litre fuel tank.7 199 9/10 5. 4 models in total.000 11.4 199 580 398 23. We’re as surprised as you are. 3 engines.yes.6 150 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4623x1859x1669.7 198 6/10 point.035 2.6 GDi 1 £18. rival for VW now. 2 trims.

5 337 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4890x1895x1690. 4 trims.7 173 8/10 TopGear on Mazda: Remember when every single Ford was the best to drive 1. 4. 280/950-litre boot. LxWxH in mm: tba. TopGear on Lexus: Angular luxo-Toyotas reverting back to hybrid slumberland after mad. 2 models in total.3 120 6/10 4. LxWxH in mm: 4340x1850x1220. tank.995 7. at least it drives better. 4. 44-litre fuel tank..750 6. 66-litre fuel tank. 112-litre boot. 2 engines.350 5.4secs Same again.6 145 217 184 37. 5 Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 4.7 196 9/10 Euro NCAP n/a. 3 trims. but roaring 4.510 5. more price = bad.2 167 7/10 3. LxWxH in mm: 5000/5199x2070x1840. Just with a hint more polish. 9/10 1 Euro NCAP n/a.0 177 410 405 27. GRANTURISMO RX Muscular.8 185 460 383 19. tank. intoxicatingly awesome LFA supercar. Deliriously good to drive. 65-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a.5 SC Road £82.0 V6 Diesel £49. tank. LxWxH in mm: 4880x1920x1350. LxWxH in mm: 4705x1845x1390.995 8. 2 engines. BMW 335d tank. Only diesel for the UK. it’s worse. LxWxH in mm: 4084x1802x1129. 3 models in total. 909/2030-litre boot. LAND ROVER-MAZDA RANGE ROVER 3-ELEVEN TOP 1O This is not an SUV. 2 engines. 5 models in total.7 460 Sport £91.4 223 6/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 3. 3 trims. Well. uphill struggle against Cayman and 911. 3 models in total. 3 trims.765 4. 5 trims. More power = good.4 174 410 302 n/a n/a 8/10 3.0 235 9/10 2. Hmm.600 4. Mazda’s nicked that mantle. 260-litre boot. meh.9 107 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a. RC CLS 63 S QUATTROPORTE Bit heavier than we hoped.2secs tank.500 3. 500-litre boot.1 106 75 100 60. think go-anywhere markable driver’s car with thrilling speed luxury car. 2 trims. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. 5. and mesmerising on-road talent.4 155 275 443 45. 7 models in total.8 TT V8 GTS £110. 10 Vauxhall Insignia PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 85/105-litre fuel tnk. 6 trims.6 113 6/10 4 Mercedes-AMG 3.7 191 530 523 26.8 145 350 295 28. this looks a V8 is sure to give BMW’s M4 a few bit.8 149 8/10 4.0 TDV6 Vogue £75.3 154 243 184 37.900 6. Euro NCAP n/a. Nothing wrong there good the RX is. 8 Audi A4 3.4 130 258 442 37. cool. 3 engines. 70-litre fuel package.5 SE £12. 3. 1 engine.9 158 6/10 IS 300h Exec £29.4 125 220 163 65.0 Sport Nav £22.2 130 165 154 48. 66-litre fuel 3 Mercedes-AMG tank.2 177 440 361 19.3 155 275 442 47. 11 models in total. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 5. headaches. 3 engines.8 SC Cup 250 £45.6 163 6/10 RC F £59. too.0 V6 TT S £64.6 172 345 295 28. Every model beaten in every way by German opposition. 450-litre boot. 4 engines.9 142 275 443 39. 5 trims.5 337 8/10 RX 450h SE £46.7 135 6/10 3.895 4.1 110 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 3.7 124 115 109 56. 86-litre fuel tank.995 4.165 6.115 4.0 SC Autobi’ £103. 3 engine. IS gives the C 63 S Germans a much tougher time. But don’t worry. 3 models in total.1 130 150 280 68. 7 models in total.3secs 4.6 Sport £29. the current Elise offers vis. After that we’re Lotus’ track car has grown up and got less sure why you’d have one over a Golf. 366-litre boot. and style.4 119 6/10 VXR Supersport 3. 3 engines.5 229 boot.4 SDV8 Vge SE £89.500 4.745 8.405 4.995 9. 4 models in total. ELISE PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Still a joy. 364-litre boot. but somehow achieved it. 3 engines.5 322 8/10 FASTEST ESTATE 0-62MPH 3. 5 models in total. Instead. That’s too common The extraordinary Lotus 3-Eleven is a re- a badge. be better than the old one.170 8. 17 models in total. LxWxH in mm: 3790x1850x1120. LxWxH in mm: 5050x1900x1440.2secs Noooo – what have they done? The old one was soul personified.0 V6 £53.6 163 330 369 29.7 331 8/10 RX 200T S £39. Still. 2 engines. 6 LOTUS Volvo V60 Polestar LEVANTE Get over the slightly Chinese Cayenne- TopGear on Lotus: Overlook shaky economics and turnip farmer jokes and you’ll find sports cars close to driving nirvana. save for cachet.4 250 7/10 RC 300h Lux £34. In other areas. catchy.7secs Ferrari’s moody cousin. LxWxH in mm: 5003x1968x1679. Euro NCAP n/a.0 2 EVORA TDI 272 quattro The last 2 was a sleeper – it never set out to be sparky.095 10.7 MC Stradale £110. 12 models in total.900 3. 4 engines.0 236 8/10 5.095 8.1secs 3. 80-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4670x1810x1430. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4465x1795x1450. 3 trims.7 124 266 247 54.0 V6 Diesel £54.500 3. 40-litre 4. 2 trims. 400 is astonishingly good to drive but an 5. they think it’s a good idea.9secs MAZDA 1.7 175 9/10 in its class? Well.8secs copy styling and you’ll find a seriously well-sorted SUV. 3 engines. 10 models in total. 55-litre fuel tank.5 Roadster S £55.995 8.2 124 238 258 36.7 GranCabrio £98.5 117 7/10 £61.1 186 400 303 29. It’s IS 2 available with a diesel engine..8 113 100 110 55. However than sports car.1 225 8/10 535d tank. 580-litre boot. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 3. 3 trims. 40-litre fuel tank. heavier.7 229 8/10 9 BMW Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4060x1695x1495.4secs 3 EXIGE The 6’s design language moves to the 3. Audi RS6 Performance MASERATI TopGear on Maserati: LEXUS 3. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 450/480-litre boot.2D SE £19.6secs 2.335 6.195 12.0 V6 Diesel £69.0 143 180 258 39.970 5. 3 trims.995 7. This is steering feel.5 127 134 118 44.2 252 7/10 E 63 S Euro NCAP n/a.COM/REVIEWS .5 Sport Nav £16.7 170 350 295 28. 453-litre boot.590 5. Or GALC.5 Sport 350 £55. pretty coupe that's more GT Lexus takes NX and scales up. it will almost certainly and the MC Strad has bite if you need it.8 SC Sport 220 £36. tba-litre fuel tank.440 4. So does the handling verve.5 188 450 376 19. 4 trims.7 101 7/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4970x1950x1460. this makes it more usable. 4 engines.5 S 1.6 118 477 391 57.2 242 7/10 IS 200t Sport £28. xDrive PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. Good thing.2 181 6/10 4.565 6. 3 trims.2 189 8/10 ceral driving thrills in a relatively usable 7 Euro NCAP n/a. 44-litre fuel 400 £73. 3 models in total. 3-Series drive too well for you? Then buy Mercedes-AMG this.5 SE £17. 51-litre fuel n/a-litre boot. 90-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 4. GHIBLI Maserati builds a BMW 5-Series.850 7. 160-litre boot.5 135 340 517 32.5 167 450 384 26.1 140 510 461 20.

PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING S 400 L Hybrid £72.6 114 6/10 enough rivals already. 8 trims. E-CLASS Euro NCAP n/a. 350/1260-litre boot. 5 engines. 3 trims.MAZDA-MERCEDES-BENZ 6 MERCEDES-BENZ CLS Handsome mid-size saloon with some One of the most competent cars in clever engine tech underneath. 3 trims.6 143 211 250 43. 5 trims. S-CLASS Euro NCAP n/a. tank.3 118 109 192 80.430 7.020 3. 4 engines. 11 models in total. 5 models in total. Meet McLaren’s bonny. LxWxH in mm: 5110/5250x1900x1490.0 Sport Nav £23.4 112 9/10 540C £126.2 155 593 590 28. LxWxH in mm: 4546x1939x1287. It no longer defines cool well.4 148 9/10 GLA 45 AMG £44.4mpg combined Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4299x1780x1433.1 204 570 443 25.4 142 8/10 2. 72-litre fuel tank.0 Sport Nav £24. 3 engines.0 235 £26. Doesn’t quite have a 911’s finesse. 4 models in total. Watch the 9/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4870x1840x1450.425 5.7 279 model choices off its bi-turbo V8 and carbon tub. AMG C 63 S £67.8 135 6/10 A-CLASS CLS 350d £50.4 161 10/10 – and you can tell.3 127 131 LB FT MPG 111 47.2 207 650 500 24.5 258 TBA E 350d AMG Li’ £47.870 6. 570S is as focused and fast as its AMG GT siblings. SL 400 AMG L V6 £73. Not to mention space. 520-litre boot. 2 engines. possibly a bit middle management. 72-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a. 60-litre fuel and highly desirable.305 3. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. tank.0 SE £17. 341/1157-litre boot.5 258 9/10 Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 4923x1852x1468. 480-litre boot.0 155 517 517 34. tank. game. 6 trims. 6 models in total.4 199 540 399 25. 50/56-litre fuel tank.7 155 372 384 34.5 192 9/10 fast. better than it’s ever oddly proportioned but has plenty of been before. 580-litre fuel tank. but in reality a rather well judged PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING crossover.5 153 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a. 13 models in total. 6 trims. 50-litre fuel tank. LxWxH in mm: 4512x1910x1199.0 234 7/10 Hyper-clinical British outfit spinning ever more baffling SL 65 AMG V12 £173. 57 models in total. 225/335-litre boot.210 4. 2 trims. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. 488-litre boot.730 5.0 189 462 443 30. 2 engines.1 139 CO2 RATING 10/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING SLC B 180d SE £23. CX-3 is pretty Sleek and sophisticated C-Class takes and drives well. Sublime in most ways.9 137 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING SL 1.7 155 367 384 36. 3 trims.0 155 630 737 23. 3 trims.6 105 8/10 top convertible on sale today.9 162 8/10 S-CLASS COUPE A 180d SE £22.1 131 150 280 72.510 3.695 4.2 155 381 351 40.5 155 265 457 51.3 144 9/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 570S £143.2 172 8/10 675LT Spider £285.270 3. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING CX-3 C-CLASS SLC 43 AMG £46.3 149 194 295 72.1 274 TBA GLA 250 4Matic £31. New coupe is → Ford Mondeo 1.795) 51. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. 1. 45-litre fuel too.9 237 9/10 back and. loads of power.2 178 6/10 Because the Nissan Juke doesn’t have SLC 250d Sport £32. 5 engines. 66-litre fuel GT £97. 21 models in total. 3 engines. 9 engines. 2 engines.450 4. more speed. 130-litre boot.8 155 333 272 44. 70/80-litre Euro NCAP n/a. 57 models in total. 9 models in total. The V8 AMG is gone Electric Drive £32.7 207 9/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 650S Spider £215.2 275 9/10 S 600 Maybach £165.4 155 381 351 38.5 48 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING McLAREN Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4685x1810x1447.8 155 455 516 31.1 134 165 154 47. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING MX-5 B-CLASS S 500 £98. 3 trims. 85-litre fuel tank.545) 55.3 133 160 148 40.9 155 367 369 36. is On paper little more than a pointless cu- the car the 12C should have been. 3 engines. usable hard- £18.4 107 7/10 this is a conventional hatch. LxWxH in mm: 4530x1910x1202. 510/530-litre boot. tank.4 216 8/10 570GT £154. 5 trims.5D SE AMG C 43 4M’ £44.0 219 9/10 Ignore the stereotypes: the MX-5 is This Volkswagen Golf SV rival remains S 63 AMG £127.810 4. Euro NCAP n/a. Has a P1 nose. 62-litre fuel spec or you'll muck it up.670 7.8 193 517 480 30.900 5.1 155 585 664 28.6 152 204 369 70. GT S £110.6 104 6/10 An all-new name but not an all-new car 2. but an saved the luxury car class from the SUV incursion. Prices keener to compensate.470 2. LxWxH in mm: 4920x1850x1470.4 102 9/10 sche.4 204 570 443 26.8 116 6/10 good enough to justify it all. 12 models in total.245 11. Drives TopGear on Mercedes-Benz: Merc’s range. 4 engines.595 9. bouncy baby.595 9.6 108 8/10 C 350e PHEV £38.395 9. 50-litre fuel tank. Practical. 48-litre fuel tank. CLS 63 AMG SB £87.2D Sport Nav Despite the bulbous drunkards nose. 7 engines. through that and the cars are very tasty. Happy. 3 trims. 400-litre boot. 481-litre boot. though.1 110 105 199 70. 2 engines. especially the C63.6 155 455 516 30.2 275 9/10 S 350 L d £68. fuel tank. 99 models in total.3 149 194 295 72.695 6.7 145 170 295 70. but it's all top drawer. loads of A 200d AMG L’ class.0 SE (£19. New E gets Merc back in the big exec 364-litre boot.6 249 9/10 tank. 7/10 SPORTS SERIES Laden with tech and wonderfully calming.3 130 136 221 62. 4 engines. 3 models in total. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING DATA IN NUMBERS: USER CHOOSER A 45 AMG £40.6 118 109 184 70.9 203 675 517 24. crucially. simple fun.015 3.0 207 650 500 24. 6 trims. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING AMG gets serious about hammering Por- E 220d SE £35.2 275 9/10 S 500 L £90.295 7.9 100 179 250 N/A 0 6/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3915x1735x1225. Better looking Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4143x1810x1300. Just cheaper. 2 trims.8 155 258 457 50. LxWxH in mm: 5027x1899x1411.495 8. LxWxH in mm: 4631x1877x1314. 540-litre boot.900 6.0T Zetec (£20.4mpg combined £25. More letters combos than a bath of alphabet soup. 150-litre boot.1 219 8/10 Euro NCAP n/a.995 6. 2 models in total.850 9.0 119 120 151 47. riosity. 75-litre fuel tank.315 4. C 220d AMG L £34. 2 trims.700 7. 3 models in total.3 155 585 663 27.9 155 258 457 54. 489-litre boot.360 4.860 4.0 155 537 613 24.9 155 293 258 134. the fight to the 3-Series. 80-litre fuel tech inside. 3 trims.305 3. 66-litre fuel tank. Slurp like the first one. Better than the CLA at least.995 10.9 183 TBA Perhaps the best all-round.5 SE PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP £18. E 220d AMG Li’ £38. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4275x1765x1535. 145-litre boot.COM/REVIEWS . 4 engines.115 4.455 6. 285-litre boot. GLA all new car.7 89 6/10 Loads of tech. excellent quality and dynamics. → Mazda 6 2. says McLaren.050 4. Even if it does look like a C-Class… MAZDA-MERCEDES-BE As if. 23 models in total. Euro NCAP n/a. SUPER SERIES Meet the car that has single-handedly Not a facelifted 12C.8 147 9/10 650S £195. LxWxH in mm: 4417x1804x1494.025 4. 2 engines.525 4.7 175 7/10 TopGear on McLaren: SL 63 AMG V8 £114. quite a bit of cash.460 4.675 4. tank. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4360x1790x1560. 3 models in total.935 7.485 11. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING but boy does it make you feel good.

seven-seat version of the ft.7mpg. 187 No-nonsense seven-seat SUV.635 6.304 11. 93-litre fuel tank. 3 trims. 2 engines. ‘the one in the middle’. and especially useful for those Waitrose runs MITSUBISHI PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING when falafel stocks are running dangerously low. 3 engines. CO2 120g/km Cooper SD 5dr £20. the new Mini is predictably excellent. VMax 119mph.6mpg. MG Mk2 approaches relevance lb ft.7 279 7/10 See above. 1 FORD B-MAX 1. Nope.285 8. Except they don’t.245 Specs 109bhp. 0-62mph 11. 9 trims. 40/44-litre GLE 250d £49.4 130 571 561 20.064 Specs 136bhp. still quite lovable in CDTI TECH LINE a weird sort of way. Here’s a cute little van with 2. CONVERTIBLE tank. LxWxH in mm: 3821x1727x1415. 360/2300-litre boot. tank.110 7.5T Explore £14. 100-litre fuel should everyone else. 0-62mph 11.784 10. add a bit of length.8 138 258 458 37. 3 models in total. 278-litre boot. 2. TopGear on MG: Chinese-backed resurrection. Cooper 5dr £16. 6 trims. 6 trims.9 119 245 443 28.4 118 6/10 ft. but only gets five seats.2 DI-D GX3 £27. 550/1600-litre boot.935 9. 3 trims. 6 engines. take them too literally. VMax 118mph.6 BLUEHDI EDITION OUTLANDER GS Price £17.9 109 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4018x1729x1507.5 322 4/10 Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 4662x1760x1951.6 132 204 369 47.235 7.105 7. 40-litre fuel G 350d £87.9 121 103 133 61.6 138 204 369 56. 16 models in total.3 139 TBA bit weird. 2 models in total.8 129 136 162 57.5 133 8/10 Cooper D £16.9 130 136 162 62. 2 trims. Take Mini. Good G-CLASS 3 VAUXHALL MERIVA 1. Mini Cab is exactly like you’d expect.366-litre boot. 2 engines.640 Specs 100bhp. Simple. lop the roof off. 236 lb Cooper £18. MG unleashes a supermini on the world.5 129 8/10 BABY MPVS Yes.695 5. 1. CO2 101g/km PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING The Picasso reminds us of when French cars were a PHEV GX3h+ £35. 3 trims. Apart from that. 40/44-litre fuel PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Pensioners absolutely adore this thing. 2335/1.7 136 5/10 Hard to care now Evo is dead. Good for families with a sense of humour.5 3Time £8. 60-litre fuel tank.2 155 585 561 23. 0-62mph 11. in a good way. 108mph. 436-550/1755-litre boot. G 63 AMG How do you make a small Vauxhall people mover more £131. 55-litre fuel pretensions . Thankfully this one’s much World can hardly believe its luck. some height and a pinch of TopGear on Mini: off-road ability.4 108 7/10 The ML’s got a new nose and a new Cooper £15.5T Cooper £19.4mpg.9 155 7/10 lack of a B-pillar make it very easy to load children and fuel tank. Price £23. GLE 350d £56.3 EX NAVI GLS Price £16.the GLC. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. 4 engines.950 8. 5 trims. 0-62mph 13.0 106 164 244 156. Cooper S JCW £28.2 127 116 199 80.5 261 4/10 tank.0T ZETEC PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING GLE Price £16. 147 lb One £13.1 140 258 458 42. 690/2010-litre boot. 91 lb PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING The bigger. Current Clubman is based on BMW’s Z MG 4 MERCEDES 2-Series and shares its mediocrity. 5 trims. And with all tank.9mpg.5secs. 48-litre fuel After the startling success of the MG6.6 132 150 244 68.6 118 166 185 46. 0-62mph 9. But the sliding rear doors and Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3821x1727x1414.635 9.3 140 5/10 Euro NCAP n/a. 215-litre boot. 2 HONDA JAZZ the nicest in profile. 7 models in total. 2 engines. LxWxH in mm: 4500x1855x1665.5secs. 4 trims. 57. GLS 350 d £69.6 114 7/10 ft.085 8. it’s bigger.815 8. Meant for Americans. 6 engines.0 Cooper D £22.9 109 6/10 MG3 70. with a smart-looking.4mpg. but handily bigger and only £600 more. We never rated the old B.5 150 231 236 43. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4759x1890x1644. 55.9secs. VMax too. Price £19. 5 engines.8 179 7/10 it drives with a hint of entertainment. 96-litre fuel exciting? Add suicide rear doors. 1.2 199 7/10 that clever engineering for not very much money.5 129 8/10 sarily a good thing. CO2 114g/km Cooper S £18.605 Specs 102bhp.8 146 192 206 49.6 news for inner-city estate agents. Bonus. 3 models in total. CO2 106g/km Euro NCAP n/a.6secs. E for ft. GL for SUV. 1 engine. that isn’t neces- GLC 250d £36.485 7. New hatch uglier but more sorted. Et viola . And remove good looks. and no.2secs.965 9. 72. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4655x1800x1680. tidy-driving crossover that’s predictably cheap.995 9. Green.7 105 8/10 name to go with it. Only vehicle here PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING with an optional third axle.3 130 170 295 56. VMax 118mph.399 10. VMax 117mph. 45-litre fuel 5 CITROEN C3 PICASSO tank. 4 models in total.575 4. TopGear on Mitsubishi: 1. et viola. CO2 104g/km Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4253x1800x1441. 1 engine.475 8. 26 models in total.295 Specs 125bhp.9 42 6/10 1. Plug-in hybrid version offered Finally. tank. 360/1250-litre boot.COM/REVIEWS . 3 models in total. 12 models in total.5 152 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 68. 5 models in total. 8 trims. 2 engines. 66-litre fuel tank. Still not fussed.2 129 136 162 60. MERCEDES-BENZ-MITSUBISHI GLC MINI TOP 5 Take one Merc’ C-Class Estate.4 140 170 266 68. Not Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4932x1935x1796. No rear-hinged doors this time round.2 124 150 280 52. 285-litre boot. better. 191 lb 1.1 127 136 162 55.7 92 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Essentially it’s a fat Fiesta. 12 models in total.285 7. 699/2126-litre boot. so Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 5162x1982x1850. Fills a(nother) gap. LxWxH in mm: 3982x1727x1414. MINI 5-DOOR GLE 63 AMG Cp’ £96. Fair to middling. Just be careful not to CLUBMAN tank. Now 37 years old. Kinda. Pointless Paceman and two-seaters soon to die.1 109 7/10 ML gets a new name and even more luxury. GLC 220d PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING MINI HATCH £34.840 6. 211-litre boot. Sells fewer cars annually B180D SE PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING than Ford shifts in the time you’re reading this. but electro-Outlander actually Britain’s top-selling EV. Shame.245 8.9 108 106 101 48.

Z still looks great. family stuff.8 103 68 80 60.365 13. light. it’s from the home of pork pies. 60-litre fuel a Tiger Moth competes.5 118 154 148 40. new E-Class estate is still the daddy when it comes to and amazingly supple. 4 trims. 1 model in total.900 4.055 Specs 235bhp. 6 engines.5 143 208 221 52.6mpg. so the 7 Congratulations Peugeot. 40-litre fuel tank.0 104 94 103 47. 4 engines. HUAYRA LEAF The name is what you exclaim when you nail the throttle in this twin turbo The first mass-produced leccy car.745 10. 0-62mph 8. VMax Euro NCAP n/a.4 132 8/10 VMax 121mph.000 n/a 230 730 811 23. but where’s the fire- breathing manliness of the old one.0 V12 £990. tank.9mpg.8mpg. Major want.0 282 7/10 Cheap at twice the price.000 4.7 138 8/10 Even by Skoda’s sensible standards.5 120 110 100 n/a n/a 8/10 Price £44.0 69 Access 3d £8. 196/780-litre boot. 85-litre fuel tank. The 3. nothing this side of Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4643x1820x1695.7secs. CO2 99g/km 1. → LEAF max battery range. 411/1495-litre boot. n/a-litre boot. the utterly enormous. 250 Bluetec tank. The reasonably new the same car. CO2 118g/km PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING It may be more lifestyle than load lugger. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4135x1765x1565.820 litres is yours with the seats down. 2 trims. 12 models in total. It’s one of the 1. 2 trims.4 V8 T 650 £248. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. CO2 117g/km PAGANI 1. 3 models in total. Old though. 150 SE BUSINESS Price £23.5 dCi Visia £15. 61. 4 engines. 430-litre boot. 4 models in total. That’s the one Toyota made.0 256 8/10 3 AMG LINE NOBLE Euro NCAP n/a. 46-litre fuel yet . but for putting ESTATE CARS a smile on your face. NISSAN 146mph. 50-litre fuel fuel tank. VMax school-run bus.7 V6 Standard £27.6 129 CO2 RATING 8/10 Eccentric and impractical.2. the GT-R is an Euro NCAP n/a. 4 trims.200 4. only better looking and less tall. 1 engine. Design needs to be more Onyx.495 14. Euro NCAP n/a. Yes.1 109 5/10 based on one of the best junior execs.3 155 326 269 26.1 108 6/10 1. 1 engine.050 5. 0-62mph 7. tank.2 Visia LE £9. Doris out of her Jazz. n/a-litre boot.7secs. 108 New nose.1 138 5/10 369lb ft. but our infrastructure needs sorting before it really makes sense.895 11.8secs.6 THP GTi £19. The Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3475x1615x1460. JUKE PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Clever little SUV crossover that looks like. less ordinary. 1 engine. space: a huge 1.850 Specs 110bhp. engine delivers an impressive blend of pace and eco. 61. 1 electric motor.5 300 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 251lb ft. Yes. 2 engines.995 TBA 196 570 469 23. right? Right. highest 30kW spec 155 miles BMW 320d SE TOURING 6 NOTE Price £31.1secs. Estates are all about space. the Powered by a twin turbo Volvo XC90 Bizarre Addams family of geriatric hatches.0 TDI V12’d. which is why 330/680-litre boot. FOR ALL THE FACTS NISSAN-PEU Price £36.290 7. LxWxH in mm: 4710x1895x1370. you know.8 V8 Coupe £99.4 164 6/10 Price £34.5 117 130 LB FT MPG 236 57. 0-62mph 8.COM/REVIEWS . 350/1181-litre boot. tank. 1 engine.3 99 69 70 68. 6 engines. well.030 11. 19 models in total. 208 is than ever for. 17 models in total.995 12.9 95 6/10 1. but it’s still 1. no fuel tank.2 79 6/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4370x1800x1595.9 249 7/10 when actually new. As a Idiosyncratic British sports cars designed to give you wood result. Creaks a bit.8 V8 S’sports £126.815 Specs 190bhp. Nissan? Euro NCAP n/a.0 225 650 604 n/a n/a 9/10 think of. CO2 109g/km n/a-litre boot.6 94 Visia £13. us? and a healthy exposure to the elements.9secs. same commodious cabin. we think it’s better. Very nice.755 Specs 150bhp. Euro NCAP n/a. 68.8 Plus 8 £85.0 137 218 207 39. 9 models in total. 4 trims. TopGear on Peugeot: Chassis bods have refound their mojo with 208 GTi and RCZ R. 2 engines. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 6.180 7. 2 models in total.6T Nismo RS £22. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3970x1740x1460. £91. impressive. violently capable. uber-techy. 2 models in total.0 Plus 4 £36. it’s a belter. 354lb ft. 14 models in total. 57-litre fuel TopGear on Noble: tank.270 Specs 184bhp.8mpg.a shooting brake for the mainstream. AERO 8 CO2 122g/km PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Some ash still lurks in the frame of this Has an opening rear tailgate glass.5 118 130 236 64. 62.5 155 367 370 23. but otherwise which should not be underestimated. Have the 1. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2 BMW 520d SE TOURING 2. Poop poop. 62.2 155 344 274 26. CO2 129g/km CLASSIC The XC90 is a TG favourite. 35-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4100x1695x1530. 0-62mph 7. EV Visia £26.280 9. Now it’s been emasculated. the engine’s from a 295lb ft.6 TDI 208 Nissan started the Qashqai craze. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR.860 5.2 Access ac 3d £12.060 10.545 11. 3 models in total. Otherwise precious little to tempt Can be had with a 1. VMax 150mph. 4 trims. In a good way. 0-62mph 10. LxWxH in mm: 4120x1770x1200.2 109 110 192 70. CO2 120g/km M600 TopGear on Nissan: Rather handsome thing. 72-litre fuel tank. 6 models in total. 315-litre boot.3 106 75 169 94.0 Bespoke 2d £30.3 114 115 140 50.7 V6 Nismo £38. Price £40.1 124 163 177 48.6 248 7/10 Plus 8 is a fearsomely fast thing. 227-litre boot. 2 models in total.6 dCi N-Con’ £25.2 165 6/10 TopGear on Pagani: The latest C-Class is Merc’s sleekest compact wagon The greatest exponents of artistic Italian pageantry 1. 50-litre 295lb ft. 46-litre fuel tank.9 90 109 206 n/a 0 7/10 135mph. It’s better SE BUSINESS you 25 years to reimagine the 205. GT-R MY17 4.995 13. LxWxH in mm: 4610x2040x1170. 68-litre fuel tank. Price £20.2 115 8/10 Octavia estate is a commonsense star.815 6.6 HDi All’re 5d £17.4mpg. 5 trims. Has many other Track Edition not as antiquated as you might think.9 275 9/10 features that make it very fine indeed. 235-litre boot. 57. 74. 1 trim. the usefulness of Pure £79. VMax 143mph. looks like nothing else we can 4 MERCEDES C250 d 4. ruthlessly fuel tank. LxWxH in mm: 4010x1500/1720x1220.995 TBA 196 570 469 23. 3 trims. 65-litre most logical car purchases you can make. 2 trims. 0-62mph 6.6 dCi 130 Visia £23. it’s only taken new one is predictably safe.115 13. active aero’d hypercar. 74-litre fuel tank. 1 VOLVO V90 D5 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING INSCRIPTION 370Z 2. and the V90 is basically PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING The only car to look like a restoration 3. Doesn’t stop Noble being a supercar force.5 170 367 370 23.184 3.3 125 7/10 1.2secs. 7 trims. isn’t it? But fear not. Now more refined and comfortable. cash-cow V8.9 275 9/10 sports car. Volvo wagon is back. 6 trims.. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4450x1780x1570. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 4. 280lb ft. 135(550)/1982-litre boot.5 170 367 370 26.0. and it’s brilliant. 185lb ft.2 DiG-T Visia £18. 1 engine.9secs.0 282 8/10 MERCEDES E220 d 4. likeable and French. LxWxH in mm: 4250x1850x1320.6 104 6/10 and Hulk-spec power the world has yet seen. Drive one.6 DiG-T n-Con’ £23.7 106 80 81 60. It’s 5 SKODA SUPERB 2.4mpg. if a little odd. rapid speed machine.950 4. 4 trims. VMax 142mph. QASHQAI SKODA OCTAVIA 1. driver’s car of estate cars. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. SPORT Euro NCAP n/a.430 Specs 197bhp. 39 models in total. VMax GT86 has highlighted its shortcomings. 0-62mph 7. 3 engines. excellent value and commendably PEUGEOT DATA IN NUMBERS: RANGE EXTENDER brilliant all-new Superb is one of our favourites. Fickle.655 Specs 204bhp. LxWxH in mm: 4360x1910x1120.. n/a-litre boot. 285/1152-litre boot. LxWxH in mm: n/a. 1 engine.MORGAN-PEUGEOT MORGAN X-TRAIL TOP 7 TopGear on Morgan: The X-Trail used to be a rufty-tufty thing. the old school M600 is epically fast crossovers and the mind-scrambling GT-R freak show. 3WHEELER PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP 1. the voluminous 1. 145mph. 3 trims.3mpg.

2 models in total.360 → Renault Twingo length 3595mm → Porsche 911 Carrera S torque 369lb ft → Kia Picanto length 3595mm → Porsche 911 GT3 RS torque 339lb ft → Suzuki Celerio length 3600mm FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR.0 R £136.3 97 6/10 1. Diesel seriously fast.5T S PDK £50. 17 models in total.3 109 5/10 → Porsche 911 R 0-62mph 3.745 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 3.890 6. and few cope as less aural satisfaction.942 6.3 MJet Pop Star PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2.9 184 8/10 Euro NCAP n/a.040 looker that has image by the bucket- load.230 12. 2 trims. High-rise supermini that's increasingly popular in the wake of the Juke.0 245 Std £69. 53-litre fuel 4S Diesel £92. 718 BOXSTER Gasp – flat-six engine becomes boxer SR3 turbo four. knock us down with a feather.9 184 8/10 1.9 184 8/10 £19. 11 engines.2 189 420 369 31. Touran 1. want.8secs PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2.5 173 527 554 25.2 168 TBA 3.4T 140 Design Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4684x1923x1624. 500/1500-litre boot. A car for dry. but this is Porsche prov- ing it's the world’s best sports car builder. TWINGO PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 9 Volkswagen Rear-engined.6 GTI 270 £28.1 139 8/10 CHEAPEST 7-SEATER 4S £89. 50-litre fuel tank. 3. Euro NCAP n/a. LxWxH in mm: 4490x1800x1300. Wait – what.756 4. 1 model in total.5 204 8/10 PRICE 0-62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Turbo £62.0 212 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3595x1646x1554. Kia Carens MACAN 1. it’s a mini-911! Only it’s actually a cheeky little city car. 1 engine.0T £42.3 142 258 427 46. 64-litre fuel tank. There’s a Turismo 2. Er.512 5.995 Super-fast. 17 models in total. either. super-intense range of Nürburgring-humbling race cars.850 3.540 4. 188/980-litre boot. 22nd Century cabin. but is far tamer to drive.2 TSI S 3.7 99 7/10 3. 2 engines.2 TCe 115 Dynamique DATA IN NUMBERS: LONG AND SHORT DATA IN NUMBERS: TORQUE TALK £22.6 177 350 309 34.615 tank. 508 1.2 PT Access ac £13. 2 models in total. 90-litre fuel tank.2 296 10/10 £22.5 V6 Turbo £107. 3 trims.040 DATA IN NUMBERS: PANAMERA-R way.780 9. 473-litre boot.3 159 8/10 1. PEUGEOT-RENAULT 308 PANAMERA TOP 1O Well. Facelift helps. PureTech 130 Touch Edition RENAULT 911 £21.1 82 8/10 Turbo £113. 10 Renault Grand Scenic 1. 4 Toyota Verso PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. with Panamera. 4 models in total.1 79 7/10 1. 7 engines. CAYENNE 5008 Sporting SUV that’s very capable and Large seven-seat MPV that looks pretty now better to look at.3 193 500 339 22. 4 trims. 4 models in total.834 4. 679/2506-litre boot. 2 engines. 3 engines.0 B’HDi Active £24. 3 engines.105 4.857 4. but it’s still just as roomy in that good to drive and own. 27 models in total. 1 Peugeot Partner Tepee Euro NCAP n/a. 6 trims.8 190 550 568 30. 5 engines. though.8 103 90 99 65.0 GT3 RS £131.6 BlueHDi 100 7st 495/1304-litre boot.063 4.935 TopGear on Renault: Still a pervading sense of flimsiness about Renaults.8 130 150 273 67. 360/1172-litre boot.1 170 300 280 38. 7 trims.110 4.6 BlueHDi Allu’ £19. 60-litre fuel S Diesel £65. 4 models in total.0T C4S £90. 2 engines. but 7 Ford Grand C-Max Now here’s a trick: Radical’s second now in spite of its dulled four-pot turbo.970 13. 35-litre fuel tank.0T Carrera S £85. → Porsche Panamera Turbo 0-62mph 3.843 4.0T 100 Zetec roof.8 165 400 405 31.945 5.2 308 9/10 0. 72-litre fuel tank. 14 models in total.8 Turbo S £145. 4 models in total. 6 engines.2 177 350 309 38. We Styling is evolutionary and cabin shared hope the ageing RS Megane isn’t the end of an era. 50-litre fuel tank. LxWxH in mm: 4300x1960x1127.7 122 120 207 91. road car has much more power and a rather than because of a sonorous six.094 5..2 114 120 221 65. 1 trim. 64-litre fuel tank.. 2. sound good? badly with British roads.780 3. 4 trims. LxWxH in mm: 4379x1801x1295.6 177 350 310 34. £20. 130/275-litre boot. LxWxH in mm: 4379x1801x1281. PORSCHE 5 SsangYong RADICAL TopGear on Porsche: ND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. even when it’s a 4x4.9 150 422 435 83. 12 trims. clear tarmac.2 176 8/10 tank.6 VMatic Active PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING S E-Hybrid £64. 2 trims. A bit.6 B’HDi Active £20.5 199 9/10 Turbo is only one with any nous.270 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 4. 4 engines. 6 Fiat 500L MPW smooth. It no longer has a good and does everything a family might ride that ruins your spine. out New Panam no longer looks like a whale of nowhere.4 212 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4253x1804x1457. A little mash-up which just about works. 718 CAYMAN RXC Still the world’s best sports coupe.8 175 350 320 n/a n/a 8/10 2.495 5.7 167 8/10 n/a-litre boot. economy but Few are as extreme.3 112 100 187 76.500 2.2 261 6/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4530x1837x1638.695 10. 670/1780-litre boot. rear drive.6 114 5/10 S Diesel £45.8secs 2 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4830x1853x1456. More speed.2 SE TopGear on Radical: reason every sports car is dubbed ‘911-fighter’… £18. although it’s less brilliant to drive. £18. Gobs smacked.6 185 454 500 n/a n/a 8/10 2.198 4.2 168 8/10 2.4 179 440 406 34.5T S £48.COM/REVIEWS EOT Irritatingly great to drive. 3 models in total.7 114 5/10 £18.901 3. LxWxH in mm: 5049x1937x1423.3 191 420 369 32. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING S £45. 100-litre fuel tank. Such as a track.205 2.0 155 270 243 47.955 Turbo £94.6 GDI 1 Porsche’s Range Rover Evoque is a tidy 2008 £18. Thus.1 170 300 280 38.7 208 8/10 1. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 50-litre fuel tank. LxWxH in mm: 4855x1939x1705.5 105 82 3 Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 87 57.8 200 500 339 21. LxWxH in mm: 4100x1790x1130. Peugeot gives us a hatch carcass.773 2. Peugeot’s replacement for the 407 is actually quite nice in an average sort of £18. 65-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4160x1740x1560.4 157 340 339 32.COM/REVIEWS . 2 trims. 470/1309-litre boot.0T £39.500 2. 5 engines. they’re road-legal? Oh my. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 1 trim.6 B’HDi Active £24. 135-litre boot. tank.5 177 422 627 42.4 156 383 626 35. 3 trims.296 3. soon to be everywhere. 4 trims. 1.220 11. Euro NCAP n/a. 150/425-litre boot.3 209 8/10 tank.850 9. 54/64-litre fuel n/a-litre boot.7 204 9/10 4.5T S £51.9 TCe 90 £11.9 205 580 552 31.4 160 245 265 n/a n/a 8/10 Euro NCAP n/a.7 V6 £94.2 Euro NCAP n/a.878 5. 8 Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 1. 2 engines. 7 models in total. Euro NCAP n/a.

15 models in total. 50/55-litre fuel tank.COM/REVIEWS . 11 models in total.065 13. 7 trims.9 349 9/10 Technic Euro NCAP n/a. 384-litre boot.3 116 110 192 76. last crack at a big crossover – the Koleos.5 dCi Play ECO £15. well at him .9 135 7/10 3 Bentley PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.5 dCi Exp+ £16.0 SE Eco 3d MEGANE 1.595 n/a 50 17 42 n/a 0 7/10 WIDEST CARS 6.600 10. → Number of model variants in Seat range 6 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING MII 0.6 V12 £235.6T RS Trophy £21.2 113 90 99 62.75 V12 Coupe £347. → Volkswagen Golf 1.4 119 95 118 67.0 TSI S £17. 2 models in total. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 328/1225-litre boot. 5 trims. 8 Audi PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.4 100 £11. is it? 10 Rolls-Royce PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Ghost PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 6. 82-litre fuel tank. 7 engines. 3 engines. EV Expression £18. 3 models in total.8 155 290 258 42.6 329 9/10 1948mm 2.6 V12 £222. 284-litre boot.395 11. 1 trim. Super-hot Cupra is Thankfully heaps better than Renault’s rather tremendous. 320/1200-litre boot. This could be the point where electric Aventador cars start to prove themselves. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 13kW EV £7.1 150 453 531 18. Qashqai rival with genuine appeal.5 dCi Exp’ + £20. please. 1989mm DATA IN NUMBERS: 6 SEAT-ER perhaps unsurprisingly.RENAULT-SEAT TWIZY PHANTOM S2 TOP 1O God knows what’s got into us. 35-litre fuel the UK.2 114 8/10 Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 5399/5569x1948x1550. 82-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4363x1841x1615.1 108 7/10 7/10 New Megane takes cues from Talisman and Espace. DAWN This is how you do luxury in 2016.632 5. neither of which we get in Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3560x1640x1480.9 TCe Exp+ £14. 82-litre fuel tank.6 122 130 151 52.9 155 563 575 19. 4 trims.045 7. 4 engines.4 96 TBA 1985mm hasn't quite made the leap that the Leon has.6 106 90 99 56. 5 trims. 1 electric motor.5 115 7/10 5 Don’t go expecting loads of Spanish flair 1.1 347 8/10 ZOE 1 Lamborghini Euro NCAP n/a. 864/1620-litre boot.3 109 7/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4260x1780x1460.2 327 9/10 CLIO Phantom Euro NCAP n/a. The Zoe looks great and costs little.280 (+£1. 5 engines. 1968mm → Volkswagen Golf 1. LxWxH in mm: 5269x1947x1507. 1 model in total.888 4. 47-litre fuel tank.0 134 150 184 60. 2030mm WRAITH If the Grand Tour still existed.0 EcoTSI SE 5d £13.944 4. DATA IN NUMBERS: GOOD DIRECTIONS SEAT TopGear on Seat: → Percentage of Clio range with standard sat nav 75% 4 BMW Supposedly the sporty arm of the VW Group behemoth.8 Cupra SC £18. This is just a very sensible Up-based city car. 1 engine. 100-litre fuel tank. ROLLS-ROYCE 9 DATA IN NUMBERS: FAMILY FINANCES Maserati TopGear on Rolls-Royce: Wheeled pleasure yachts that’ve seen off the challenge of Levante → Seat Leon 1. 1 engine.225 12. Handsome.780 6.2 156 1. 45-litre fuel tank.416 4.2 TSI 85 S 5dr £18. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4359x1814x1447.9 95 60. A return to form for Renault. since his Seat’s first crossover is so good you’d boss will clearly be in a Phantom. 1 electric motor.3 99 7/10 1970mm 2. tank. but 1. 50-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4449x1836x1607. tank. 2 Rolls-Royce 6.2 petrol. 1998mm Euro NCAP n/a. LxWxH in mm: 5285x1947x1502.1 119 132 151 50.4 126 6/10 1.9 TCe Dyn Nav £14. 377/1235-litre boot.3 120 TBA Looks sharp.7 146 189 236 47.8 104 7/10 1. 380-litre boot.0 112 90 162 88.6 146 220 207 47.1 110 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Q7 2. 20 models in total.8 155 453 531 19.75 V12 D'head £367. 45-litre fuel SKODA-SUZUKI tank.275 12.4 155 624 590 20.990 TBA 113 115 148 54.6 106 90 162 76. 470-litre boot. come no more opulent than this. 238/951-litre boot.570 14.3 98 6/10 DATA IN NUMBERS: BARGAIN HUNT 7 1. 4 engines.2 106 60 75 67 70 68.he needs your pity. LxWxH in mm: 5830/6090x1999x1640.8 155 571 576 20. Ride could be better. 1 engine.930 TBA 125 150 251 64.7 155 571 576 20. Just avoid the gutless lower-powered 1. 4 trims.8 150 453 531 19.256 5. Not PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING just a car.0 TSI Cupra SC £28.2 TCe 130 Expression + £16. 6.400 11. Clio 4 is 1999mm good-looking and drives well. 1 trim.495 10. 10 models in total. 4 models in total.5 142 184 280 67.000 4.0 TDI SE £22.2 TSI 85 S 5dr £18. Early impressions are good. 34 models in total. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4120x1780x1560. 3 engines.525 8. 1985mm PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 244/295-litre boot. tank. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR.75 V12 EWB £373. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.975 10. 490-litre boot. and pricing is good.575 12.280 GHOST S2 ATECA A car for the junior plutocrat. 55-litre fuel tank.1 347 8/10 31-litre boot.2 TSI 110 SE 5dr £17. Cars on other cars in electrical silence. 1 model in total. 3 models in total. this is how PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING the aristocracy would get to Vienna. 14 models in total. 45-litre fuel → Renault Megane 1. VW doesn’t permit that.445 13.380 5. LxWxH in mm: 2340x1240x1460.680) 1984mm LEON KADJAR Seat has really upped its game with the all-new Leon. 6. A majestic symbol of Britain.0 75 FR Li’ 3d £10. but we Luxury British land-yacht which man- badly want a Twizy.2 TCe Exp’+ £16.6 V12 EWB £253. 1 engine. 12 models in total.2 TCe Exp’ + 8/10 £18. 0. 9 engines.8 327 9/10 1. no fuel tank. 1 trim.9 330 9/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4060x1730x1450. no fuel tank. 4 trims. 3 trims.100 6.700 Maybach and offer more charm than Bentley. and it’s not another Qashqai.9 113 112 192 74.5 84 88 162 n/a 0 6/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4090x1730x1560.1 TBA 7/10 Bentley Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4030x1690x1430.0 TDI FR SC £23.824 6. 2 engines. 5 trims.4 EcoTSI FR £20.5 dCi Dyn’ S £20.3 121 TBA 6. 1 trim. 3 trims. but a practically unbeatable luxury experience. 460-litre boot. Mainly to sneak up ages to drive as well as it soothes.675 12. Clio for us.6 V12 £264. 6 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Range Rover Sport IBIZA 1. 510-litre boot. 6 trims. built. So why does it make a seven-seat MPV. more style than substance. 37 models in total. Wave think it was an old hand.600 Flying Spur tank.3 82 6/10 Bentayga 6. then? CAPTUR X6 Renault's take on the Juke that's.4 95 7/10 Range Rover here.

925 10. In a good way.2 107 75 70 67. 12 models in total. tank.875 9.3 110 9/10 DATA IN NUMBERS: MPG CHOICE Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4861x1864x1470. 4 trims. LxWxH in mm: 4240x1780x1430. 260/350-litre boot.9T BRAB Cab £15. HERO 1. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.495 14.9 93 6/10 297bhp. Very cheap.2 126 150 251 55.2secs. not as offensive to look at as it could be: a lot of car of the money. 3 trims. 1555. 27.815 13. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4222x1793x1645.1 121 150 251 55. SKODA SSANGYONG TopGear on Skoda: TopGear on SsangYong: Supposedly the cheap’n’cheerful arm of the VW Group Still mired where the rest of the Koreans languished behemoth.9 129 125 147 52.8 154 220 258 45.9 111 110 129 52. 35-litre fuel tank.950 12.0 TSI vRS £24. 8 models in total. Lots of seats. but that’s not the PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING point . 185/975-litre boot.. Which makes more practical take on the Nissan Juke. 625/1760-litre boot. So it’s 91 per cent better. acts chunky and drives Impreza name but with the same huge chunkily. LxWxH in mm: 4690x1780x1490. 57-litre fuel tank. tank. 4 trims. Storming value but not bad to own either. 1.4 134 8/10 Euro NCAP n/a.995 10. So why does it make a £30k barge. A doddle to park. but we don’t care with a cheapo cabin and doesn't even PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING because it’s like an A8 for A3 money feel overtly fast. mechanically identical Twingo.9 156 7/10 158mph.0 TDI SE L Est’ £28.COM/REVIEWS . rugged 4x4s. And be offered with gold wheels SUBARU TopGear on Subaru: Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3992x1732x1467.950 10.6 122 110 184 74. 460-litre boot. 7 engines.9 94 71 67 67. this is a worthy Concerning.3 99 8/10 tank. 2 engines.9 131 172 185 39. Otherwise.0 SE Lux 2d £23. 70-litre fuel tank.7 119 150 258 50. lots of space. 300lb ft 0.995 7.4 94 71 67 68. 21 models in total. 45 models in total.4 145 6/10 2.this is rugged transport. 5 trims. gives you all the car you’ll ever need. 8 trims.060 9.6 DIT GT £27.7 152 5/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Euro NCAP n/a. OCTAVIA an anachronism that reminds us of a OUTBACK Skoda.600 10. 4 trims. 1 engine. Enormous Skoda catches Audi-itus. 2 trims.9 115 178 295 48.9T Prime £12.1 113 90 90 118 60.2 159 297 300 27. thanks. 12 models in total. 45-litre fuel tank. VW's practicality-obsessed arm. 330/1150-litre boot. Subaru. 1 engine. went crazy. → Subaru Levorg and BMW M140i auto Both 39. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 4 engines. flat-four turbo.2 181 9/10 FORTWO Euro NCAP n/a.8 164 6/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING mechanical hardware. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3560x1640x1480.995 5. 240bhp XT Turbo is so ignorable.2 e-XDi SE4 £17.8 96 90 83 65.7 99 60 70 60.985 8. 322/1760-litre boot. 3 engines. 55-litre fuel tank. If Same front end as the car above.2 TSI SE £17.0 Gre’ SE L 5d £10.7 99 6/10 2. 1.0 106 128 118 44.1 106 6/10 You're right. £19. the immersion in proper 1.965 10. 1 trim.0 Passion £11. The Scooby turbo is back. minus the It looks chunky.3 124 7/10 2.0 S £10. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. but that’s what owners love. But our eyes hurt. 16 models in total.1 149 5/10 1. LxWxH in mm: 4595x1795x1475. TopGear on Smart: Best yet execution of a flawed idea.4 132 7/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3495. the trademark bookcase rear wing and Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4660x1810x1460. sharp coupe that's not at all like an Impreza. and though it's still ugly. 66-litre fuel tank.0 TDI SE £22.0 TDI SE £28. That template lives on in the Yet another big estate from Subaru.9 135 150 250 68. 4 models in total. SEAT-SUBARU ALHAMBRA FORFOUR One of the very best MPVs around. Scoobies were PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. and the sheer Euro NCAP n/a.2 TSI S £17. 2 engines. 3 models in total. LxWxH in mm: 4815x1840x1605.0 Green SE 3d £9.995 Lacks school run glam.495 8. 251/951-litre boot. 1 engine.1 146 190 295 67. The WRX STi is a throwback. 5 trims.9 95 7/10 Euro NCAP n/a. 1. very capable. you don't want an S-Max.3 97 6/10 2. 77-litre fuel tank. 2 engines. 1 engine.995 9. 2 engines. 50 models in total. time before the hot hatch power race More of the unfashionable same from Provided you’re slightly dull.6 eXGi SE £12. too. a delight around 245-litre boot.9 113 £15. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 4 trims. 267/2297-litre boot. 450/1610-litre boot.4 TSI S 522/1466-litre boot.7 114 7/10 rewriting the rulebook on accessible 2. 6 models in total.1 107 169 83. TBA-litre boot.0 TDI SE L 4x4 £24. still riddled Hard to see where it fits in. SUBARU WRX STI PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2.0D XC £26.6 TDI SE £19. LxWxH in mm: 4560x1780x1700.460 6. 590/1740-litre boot..865 10. 64-litre fuel tank.415 10. offbeat burble from the turbocharged LEVORG flat-four. and triple-5 stickers to paste down the Ex-WRC legend rebuilding its brand with chunky.6 130 200 151 36.495 9. 1663. BRZ SMART An entirely excellent small.2mpg.2 118 147 258 47. Pity the Engine 2547cc.2 124 110 129 57. 6 models in total. 1. says TG maths. 60-litre fuel 1. for very good reason.0 Passion £11.3 97 6/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Performance 0–60mph in 5. 4 engines.3 98 7/10 423-litre boot (720-litre XLV).6 142 7/10 AWD performance. particularly with just a single petrol engine choice. 55-litre fuel tank.620 15. 1555. 1 model in total. Facelift spoils purity though.9 108 8/10 complete tonic. Rather like a Toyota GT86. town. 4 trims. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING RSs and A45 AMGs. but what on earth was Smart thinking when it signed off the design? SPEC FORESTER Price £28. flanks. Rally heritage lives on in old-skool WRX. 0.0D SE £27. 50-litre fuel tank. 1 engine.4 96 90 83 67. it’s a decent alternative. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2.750 15. 242g/km CO2 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 2695. 60-litre fuel tank. 1 model in total. Styled with ruler.2 242 7/10 2.600 11.210 10. 2. CITIGO TIVOLI Of course you recognise it – the Citigo Neat-looking crossover is SsangYong’s is a lightly altered VW Up. 1665. it a very fine city car indeed. 7 engines. wing and heinous thirst.2 TSI 90 SE 1. 1 trim. 5 trims. Only 9 per cent of the old Fabia was carried into the latest one. 35-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4850x1900x1720.8mpg YETI WRX STI Skoda's SUV-lite is a favourite of TopGear.4 TDI 90 SE £13. LxWxH in mm: 4410x1830x1710.4 100 60 70 68. 2 trims. KORANDO Bigger than the Tivoli and also less FABIA good.3 125 8/10 toughness of the thing mean it's still a 2. it ought to be 486/1312-litre boot.555 8. 2 models in total. We’ll have the cheaper. 35-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a.0 88 7/10 7/10 I called the Impreza. Still. 34 models in total. then? decades ago. 47-litre tank. LxWxH in mm: 4195/4440x1795x1590.125 14. complete with Euro NCAP n/a. SUPERB STI. 5 trims. city car. 9 engines. Long before drifting Focus New one is handily sized.5T STi £28. Even on grey wheels.

4 trims. 170/663-litre boot. 3 engines. 4 models in total. Rejoice! tank. TopGear on Toyota: Maker of many boring things. 445/1120-litre boot. nod of thanks to Subaru).6 112 Euro NCAP 0–62 MPH BHP 99 99 LB FT MPG 105 94. Well done. Same Qashqai-rivalling concept. 1 powertrain. Model S is so good. 50-litre Land Rover Discovery Sport Mirai FCV VITARA fuel tank. the bread and butter of British motoring. 7 models in total.0 D-4D Icon £48.745 14. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 403/1695-litre boot. refinement. Vitara is a perfectly good alternative to a Qashqai or Juke.7 121 136 LB FT 118 MPG CO2 44.5 130 150 162 47. the most handsome and most versatile.0 Primo £22. Out with the SX4. One of the most robust off-roaders ever. 35-litre fuel Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3740x1680x1590.8h Active PRICE £23. 11 models in total. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. 5 trims.000 9. VAUXHALL TopGear on Vauxhall: TOYOTA Along with Ford. 1 engine.5 130 328 387 N/A 0 8/10 a bit at speed.9 112 138 105 80. PRICE 1. too. 1 Better to drive than expected. Pricey. 50-litre fuel tank. but short of panache. but don’t Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3850x1700x1510. Euro NCAP n/a.180 3.0T Boost SZ-T £12. and ace off road.499 11.8h Business + £25. LxWxH in mm: 4890x1815x1535.6 111 152 247 N/A Euro NCAP n/a. thankfully. 1 model in total. 375/710-litre boot. the Mirai is proof hydrogen cars PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING are ready for the mainstream.4 112 178 155 56. no fuel tank. 4 trims.33 Icon 5d PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING By not trying too hard. and thunks around town.625 8. And the GT86. Packages seven usable seats where GT86 rivals only manage five. Rides and The best Toyota in donkeys (with a corners remarkably.1 147 RATING 7/10 AURIS For people who want a Prius. 7 trims.9 139 6/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3455x1615x1460. 18 models in total. Vauxhall forgets to put tasty fillings in. P90D £100. but £20. 245-litre boot.980 11.0 76 CO2 LxWxH in mm: 4540x1760x1470.999 11.7 140 200 151 36. Cabin tech is still streets ahead of the newer Land Rover’s.7 105 7/10 PRIUS Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 3995x1745x1470. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR.405 11. and a Euro NCAP n/a. Blame its upbringing. Air suspension floats Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4570x1845x1660. you could almost use one as your one and only car. An SUV EV with Porsche pace. 168-litre boot. 430-litre boot.265 11.2 70 105 86. 1 engine.2 108 6/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4300x1765x1575. 1 trim.695 8. 11 models in total. 5 engines. 4 models in total. 213/562-litre boot. well Encourages relaxation over hooning.999 0–62 MPH BHP 8. 3 power outputs. but isn’t this what PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING the future was supposed to look like? Handles like a 3-Series in platform 3. LxWxH in mm: 4240x1780x1430. 2 trims.705 7.995 10. Cute. 4 trims. And ‘fal- con’ doors. 3 trims. 4 trims.4T S £17. Also the least plush riding of the three here. Almost. Citroen C1 with added face fungus. 2. pricey. still good around town. tank. LxWxH in mm: 5036x1999x1684. Still cheap. 50-litre fuel tank. 45-litre fuel RATING 7/10 7/10 TEST S-CROSS tank.0T EcoBoost 5dr kerbweight 1101kg GROUP 1. 320/756-litre boot. TopGear on Tesla: All-electric cars done properly. 361-litre boot.5 115 6/10 1.6 DDiS SZ-T £17. facelift. LxWxH in mm: 4760x1885x1890.6 112 1. SWIFT 1. Result! £66. in with the S-Cross.625 9. 2 engines. Possibly tank.295 10. Maybe.2 155 532 713 N/A 0 9/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4970x1964x1445. 435/1199-litre boot. 4 trims. 5 trims.0T Rocks Air £17. 410-litre boot.2 180 9/10 TESLA Mercedes GLC250d Euro NCAP n/a.6 DDiS SZ3 £15.6 106 7/10 Unimaginative. Powered only by hydrogen and smug- ness.1 109 98 92 57. it almost makes up for the rest of ‘em.5 Hybrid Bus’ £26.COM/REVIEWS .5 115 100 96 53. BALENO PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Cheap and. 2 engine. The engine choice is reasonable. 2 engines. Britain’s worst driven car. P90D Ludicrous £113. this no-nonsense £14. The most credible alternative to the a deep feeling of quality throughout. TBA-litre boot.1-litre diesel engine remains a PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING clattery spoilsport. Suzuki.9 121 115 125 56. 4 models in total. 1 engine. 3 models in total.8 155 773 713 N/A 0 9/10 Next to useless off-road. whiff of vulgarity throughout.335 5.0 Boosterjet kerbweight 950kg → Ford Fiesta 1. 3 models in total.345 10.4 100 Slam £14. 1 engine. slightly low-rent cockpit Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4175x1775x1610.7 79 6/10 delivers on the value front. 4 models in total.0 x-play 5d £10. 2 engines. 30 models in total. tank. 45-litre fuel tank. 9 models in total. 60-litre fuel 60 RWD £58.499 12. 4 trims. 87-litre fuel tank. despite a recent MODEL S Long-distance comfort. Note the economy: who needs diesel? DATA IN NUMBERS: MICRO-MASS → Suzuki Baleno 1.435 3. 1. FAMILY SUVs styling conceals a well-resolved hybrid. 5kg hydrogen 0 tank.9 213 5/10 shoes. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. the Hybrid is Only the lovable Swift Sport appears to have been fed OK.5 115 5/10 Old-hat 2. 45-litre fuel want to be seen in a Prius. no fuel tank. Very pricey. 47-litre fuel betrays where budget was diverted to PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING tank. 37-litre fuel It looks totally bizarre but the weird tank. The Sport is thriving. 2. 347/768-litre boot.6 Sport Nav 3d £13. Petrol-electric hybrid’s a little like a cut-price Lexus RX. Fast.8 Hybrid door only Baleno might look a bit odd. 4 trims. German execs yet launched. 3 trims. quite cheerful. Which is so good. 3 trims. the enthusiasm from Suzuki’s mental motorcycles. MODEL X 3 Trades all-round ability for handling. 5 engines. 7/10 This one caught us rather by surprise. Thing is. Five. Nearly. 1.2 99 70 70 68.4 124 111 125 62. same MIRAI slight surprise at how decent it is. Now more capable elsewhere. 10 models in total.SUZUKI-VAUXHALL SUZUKI YARIS TopGear on Suzuki: A key car for Toyota in Europe. but it's not as clever as it used to be. 10 models in total. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING designed and utterly silent. 1.6 114 4/10 supermini succeeds in being really rather Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3890x1700x1510. 4 engines. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4330x1760x1475.7 109 171 302 34. BMW X3 xDrive20d LAND CRUISER 745/1645-litre boot.0 111 120 236 67. 42-litre fuel good. They should AYGO have called it the Cheryl. 4 power outputs.3 125 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. RAV4 Still a bit off the pace.9 95 7/10 1. make the clever rear seats work.5 112 120 236 70. So why not buy a 3-Series Touring instead? Happy in the hands of armed militia and jolly farmers from Lincolnshire. ADAM They called it the Adam. Light 'n' lithe PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING FOR ALL THE FACTS coupe proves that 200bhp is enough. 2 Justifies its existence next to a C-Class wagon with genuine off-road smarts.

it’s the new Astra.6 TDI S drunks. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4278x1777x1654.9 101 75 96 55.2 101 8/10 and vastly improved all round. but now resting on a ZAFIRA TOURER 361lb ft. 32-litre fuel styling and packaging to shame Ikea’s fin- tank. 510-litre boot.2 TSI M’tch 5d £11. But since Porsche swapped tank.6 CDTi Design £18.500 4. and now has a (little) bit more soul. either. 68-litre fuel VXR8 sportscar package available.878 Specs 300bhp. 285/1120-litre boot.9 112 90 122 65. Who’d of thunk it? The words ‘Zafira’ VMax 190mph. though. lovely to listen to and beautiful to behold. 10 models in total. 45-litre fuel PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Still the best day-to-day sportscar if you need four seats tank.1 148 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Old but good. No-nonsense Aussie saloon is back.. FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR.095 7. 13 engines. 9 trims. when in truth he’s a rep that’s made his MERIVA CO2 275g/km monthly bonus.8 114 90 70 60. It’s very determined. 24 models in total. But it’s 236lb ft. Up and Golf particular highlights.884 5.555 9.7 119 110 184 74.4 TDI M’tch 5d CO2 190g/km £15. 470lb ft.3 99 8/10 We like the M2 so much we gave it an actual award.735 10.0 SE PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING UP £8.3 120 140 148 45. ND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR.085 less than entry-level Golf 6. 2+2-ish). Price £51.9 147 190 295 68. 2 PORSCHE 911 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING ASTRA Price £76.515 6. smart design.590 9.775 Specs 335bhp.800 12. 48-litre fuel waste your time looking.7 174 6/10 ways. PORSCHE 718 CAYMAN BEETLE 4 A sportier Beetle? Does that make this a Price £39.0 R 5d £32.995 14.6 105 7/10 but you can’t argue with the results.4 140 180 207 47. 1. yawn.2mpg. 23. 21. 17 models in total. very refined 1. Still great looking.3 109 6/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4600x1850x1760.0 TSI High 5d £12. the GT-R PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING ease child installation and ejection of 1. The Vauxhall Mokka isn’t one of CO2 234g/km Cheap. 1 model in total.1 108 8/10 still a Vauxhall.6 134 150 199 67.8 TSI GTI 3d £19.8 165 9/10 → Ford Focus 1..455 9.5 153 220 258 47. even with the Carrera’s new turbo’d GOLF 1. 4 engines.5secs.7 137 150 251 70. 1 engine. 2. N/A fans will have to upgrade to GT3 RS. 5 trims.3 187 8/10 2.0 TSI 180 £23.2mpg.8mpg.2 V8 GTS £55. 8 trims.0 CDTi SRi £25. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4020x1736x1479.0 TDI SCR GT £28. 4 engines. Euro NCAP n/a. Think of it as a 918 Spyder for a sixth of the price. 251/951-litre boot. tank. £22.525 15. tank.5secs CO2 199g/km 2. 2.760 8. Especially in V8 R guise with 542bhp.0 GTD 5d £27.630 6.4 118 6/10 It’s a sports car. 32 models in total. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4290x1810x1620.5 143 184 258 67.2 134 150 184 57.0T 90 SE 5d £15. the retro VW now 2. 5 trims. 3 BMW M2 Price £44.745 14. 0-62mph 2.0 S 3d 1. 59/66-litre fuel tank. people.975 7. It’s safe and solid. Particularly as it now has nearly 600bhp. And not that expensive.9 107 7/10 1. 3 engines. but it's an Aston. 4 trims.0T Design £16.4 Sting 3d £9.340 5. 280/952-litre boot. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Lovely little 1. 2. and ‘desirable’ in the same sentence. 3 engines. VAUXHALL-VOLKSWAGEN VIVA VOLKSWAGEN TOP 7 Vauxhall revives Viva name. 11 models in total. we like the Up. 7 ASTON MARTIN V8V S SCIROCCO Price £94.0 TDI 184 GT £30. 4 trims. 1. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3540x1640x1490.6 CDTi Tech L’ £17. but not as we know it.0 127 136 236 76. Also quite cheerful.895 5. Trouble 331lb ft. 0-62mph 5. 54-litre fuel tank.0mpg. 530/1470-litre boot.6 TDI Match 5d £22.. 70-litre fuel tank. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1. Our 2. though. 4 engines. i8 is POLO 1. 48 models in total. 9 engines.4 TSI Design £21. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING DATA IN NUMBERS: 1-0 TO VAUXHALL 369lb ft. Looks quite nice..1 88 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3970x1682x1462.5 100 60 £14.995 Specs 570bhp. 2.145 10. 50-litre fuel The Vectra replacement that changed really quite friendly. is. 1 trim. it's lost a bit of sparkle. Mi- nor facelift isn’t enough to disguise this. Euro NCAP n/a. est. platform two gens behind the Golf.870 8.1 139 7/10 Focus. MOKKA 332lb ft.1 124 6/10 VMax 170mph.7 104 6/10 enthralling. quick enough and Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4260x1800x1450. 1. 7 engines.4 137 170 295 60.6 132 7/10 tank. PASSAT 495-litre boot. 106 models in total.9 155 584 545 18. DATA IN NUMBERS: BARGAIN BEETLE PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 5 NISSAN GT-R → Entry-level Beetle £1. LxWxH in mm: 4800x1860x1420. 35-litre fuel CO2 49g/km tank.1secs. Good to drive. 3 engines.8 143 205 180 37.7 155 280 258 35.680 10. 586/1152-litre boot. 9 engines. CO2 299g/km PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. 8 trims.6 CDTi Tech £19.4T 150 SRi £19. Recently facelifted. 2014. So don’t Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4370x1871x1485. Strewth.2 114 7/10 1. 1.0 CDTi SRi ST £23. 206/1013-litre boot.1 129 170 280 54.745 13. Need we say more? VMax 155mph.6 106 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. 5 trims. Is quite cheap. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4830x1860x1530. the coupe is much PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING better. 1.330 9. 5 trims. Not to everyone’s taste.1 139 8/10 → Vauxhall Astra 1.0T 100 0-62mph 12. 1.7 146 192 236 47.350 10.5secs.4secs.COM/REVIEWS PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING cockroach? Never mind.1 108 75 70 62. 5 engines. 70-litre fuel CO2 168g/km 1.080 Specs 365bhp. 380/1270-litre boot. 0-62mph 4.9 114 90 118 60..4 128 7/10 engine.125 6.3 99 7/10 The best done better than ever. 5 trims.995 Specs 430bhp. 8 engines. able alternative to the Merc CLS.0T 105 0-62mph 10. 14 models in total. 1 engine. Facelifted CC has dropped the Passat There are many good little crossovers name. 34.6 115 8/10 VMax 155mph.5 124 105 125 65.7 126 150 185 49. 0-62mph 5. 33.3 119 136 236 68. 73-litre fuel tank.480 11.1 106 118 60. 2 trims.4T 140 Tech £17. but not the underpinnings.6 145 4/10 direct. 3 models in total.5mpg.7 99 7/10 (well. Mini-MPV with rear suicide doors to A paragon of brutal go-faster efficiency.064 9. 65-litre fuel somehow none of that seems to matter. on sale. 26 models in total.8 T VXR SS £30.0 Take 3d £8. Viva is called Karl elsewhere. thoroughly deserving of every accolade chucked its way. has a smattering of driver appeal.0 TDI S £23.6 170 325 320 25. 41 models in total.412 Specs 370bhp.0 GTI 5d £28. 1.1 155 300 280 39.9mpg. Onboard connectivity is superb. 0-62mph 4. 28. 55-litre fuel tank.045 7. 134.9 122 136 236 64.0 TDI 150 £23. 1.7secs. VMax 196mph. Taut.540 Specs 367bhp. 0-62mph 4.805 8. 312/1006-litre boot.9 108 75 155 83. Fine car.524 9. but only in TopGear on Volkswagen: the UK. 4 trims.5 363 7/10 Price £79. Like a Black Cab. Outclassed in pretty much every 2. 6 trims.0 TSI 280 R £32.6 141 184 258 64.8 104 6/10 SPORTS CARS A VW city car you want to own.9 106 4/10 532-litre boot. TG the N/A six for a turbo four.6T 205 VXR 3d £18. CC VMax 161mph. You need no other hatchback.8 134 150 181 51.2 116 7/10 6 JAGUAR F-TYPE COUPE Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4767x1832x1456.4 TSI GT Ed 5d £24. 1. 370/1210-litre boot.8secs. Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4256x1810x1406.3 109 8/10 INSIGNIA Coupe of The Year is superb to drive. 0-62mph 4. them. minus vomit. its name to avoid incrimination in past crimes. 420/1420-litre boot. intoxicating and enjoyable in whole new The Golf’s mini-me was facelifted for 1. Boomerang eyes are locked on S-Max.500 7. The driver likes to pretend he’s an exec. 362/1372/663-litre boot.940 8.1 107 7/10 8/10 Yes. LxWxH in mm: 4940x1900x1470.9mpg.0-litre turbo. 76 models in total.924 9. cheers loudly. 1 BMW I8 CORSA Price £104. 400/1500-litre boot. 22 models in total. 45-litre fuel tank.5secs 1..6secs. Quietly brilliant. so 2. tank.COM/REVIEWS .4 100 60 70 64. remains in a class of its own.250 8. 38. this one really takes the fight to the VMax 183mph.3 137 7/10 measurable way by the competition.8 128 120 185 70. 6 engines. The Cayman was probably the most engaging all-round Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4640x1770x1480. 54-litre fuel tank. Neat Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 3675x1595x1485. 4 trims. 11 models in total. The convertible was very good.7 249 6/10 280lb ft.

7 engines. 5 engines. ex.COM/REVIEWS . fantastic tech and practicality. Mexican money.7 122 150 177 43. 11 models in total. 2 engines. 2.4 127 TBA Isn’t. 5 trims. and tank.2 170 7/10 S 63 XC60 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4486x1839x1632.495 10. Estate version of the S60. Superb safety systems. V40 VUHL TopGear on Vuhl: Volvo finally pulls its finger out and gets 1 Audi Thought up by a pair of Mexican brothers with a serious about the premium hatchback.865 10.2 140 190 295 70.6 149 9/10 → Price range: bottom to top of Touareg line £4. Volvo. 495/1455-litre boot.8 117 6/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Bentayga W12 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4630x1860x1490. 36 models in total. 9 models in total. but a 4 Audi A8 E10 ‘sportswagon’.6 TDI SE £25. 615/1650-litre boot. Good effort.9 127 8/10 tank. n/a-litre boot. 6 engines.0 D4 Moment’ £32. 5 Range Rover tank. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING cept the price and cock-wafting image.1 143 324 295 36.2 116 6/10 2.705 6.555 8.5 130 7/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4850x1900x1720.250 7.0-litre → Hyundai i10 1.6 130 190 295 62. PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 1.5 140 190 295 62. 2 engines. It shows – V60 Ford-engined E10 is admirably well-executed. Good engines.995 3.460 7.8 143 220 325 155 48 7/10 E10 S £32.295 Euro NCAP 7.2 TDI What do you get when former Cater- ham chiefs leave to design their own PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 627lb ft car? Um.0 TDI SE Nav £28. Mulsanne Speed DATA IN NUMBERS: STRETCH SALOON 812lb ft PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING → Volvo S90 length 4963mm 1. Italian design.175 5. 87 models in total. a BMW 3-Series rival that’s actu- ally a 3-Series size.0 D4 CC £26. Think XC90.5 T3 Business £22. 3 trims. and the V90 might just SL 65 be our favourite. 05 is a promising start.055 7. 4 models in total.0 TSI R-Line £34. 4 engines.0 TDI R-Line £48.555 8. this is it.0 T2 Moment’ £20. 4 Bentley 2.2 149 235 354 57.0-litre → Zenos E10 kerbweight 700kg → 190bhp V60 D4 engine size 2. a 21st century Caterham. 335/1032-litre boot. 1 engine. Now facelifted with an XC90 front end.8 119 8/10 2.0 kerbweight 933kg FOR ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY CAR ON SALE IN THE UK GO TO TOPGEAR. 723/1526-litre boot. Shares much with the Cayenne. It should come in fluoro yel- TOUAREG low with a loud hailer as standard.7 152 285 310 n/a n/a 7/10 tank. 55-litre fuel SHARAN 1 Bentley tank. 50/71-litre fuel TopGear on Volvo: tank. 2 trims.6 104 TBA 2 Porsche Panamera S PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4370x1857x1470. 70-litre boot. If a large SUV can be inoffensive. 397/1951-litre boot.0T £59.740 8. 4 models in total. Mercedes-AMG Big estates are back.260 11. a dull but the two extra seats. Much Swedish cool- capable way to ferry many people.2 118 122 162 51.6 129 8/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING 2. DATA IN NUMBERS: PRICE POINTER 3 → Vuhl 05 £59.0 D4 SE Lux £34.2 143 190 295 64. 493/1555-litre boot. 85-litre fuel Everything we hoped it would be. LxWxH in mm: 3718x1876x1120.7 179 9/10 VOLVO 2.0 145 250 295 n/a n/a 8/10 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4628x1865x1484.0 TDI 150 SE £30.7 129 180 236 38. 67-litre fuel Euro NCAP n/a. 60-litre fuel tank.0 D4 Business £25. 55-litre fuel tank.800 650lb ft 2. 430/1241-litre boot. background in industrial design.0 149 235 354 58.735 7. 3 engines. 40-litre fuel S60 627lb ft tank. Even though they are boxy.405 7. 12 models in total. 5 trims. 3 models in total. 2. seats seven easily and gets decent engines. 11 models in total.3 99 TBA 2. practical. nice interior. 8 engines.3 130 190 295 70. As before. 5 models in total. £25.995 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Porsche Cayenne S → Zenos E10 S £32. only Volvo insists it’s not actually an estate. 4 trims.495 7. 2 trims. 3 engines.7 135 6/10 Diesel 2. 3 engines.9 116 110 185 64.1 143 190 295 72. n/a-litre fuel tank. 500-litre boot.0 D5 Inscrip’ £44.0 D4 Moment’ £34. 2 engines.7 128 204 332 42.VOLKSWAGEN-ZENOS TOURAN S90 TOP 5 New Touran sits on same MQB architec. SQ7 664lb ft 05 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Looks like a little British track thing. 58-litre fuel 2.995 4.8 173 6/10 664lb ft 3. 36 models in total.9 125 7/10 3 Mercedes-AMG Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 4936x1895x1475. 70-litre fuel tank.0 D3 R-Des’ Ford power. 2 engines.345 7. 300/2297-litre boot. more besides.995 1.035 9. 2. 137/1857-litre boot.0 D4 Business £24. 2. More VW MPV-ery. 14 models in total.0 D5 Inscrip’ £42.8 102 LxWxH in mm: 4630x1860x1490. 339-litre boot.2 116 8/10 TORQUIEST PETROL Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4527x1814x1628. 1 model in total.360 7. 1 trim. 62-litre fuel 2.6 99 9/10 LxWxH in mm: 4950x2008x1776.1 130 154 185 48. 738lb ft Mid-size SUV stuffed with health and safety kit. but no 3-Series to drive. and far more than just TORQUIEST DIESEL boxes on wheels.3 140 262 373 42. Sport SDV8 DATA IN NUMBERS: LARGE CAPACITY DATA IN NUMBERS: 10 OUT OF 10 546lb ft → 120bhp V60 D2 engine size 2.255 9. It’s comfortable. 2.3 140 406 295 104.455 5.0 TDI SE £43. 5 DATA IN NUMBERS: IN CLOSE RANGE Chevrolet PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING Corvette Z06 2. At last. Diesel Euro NCAP n/a. 3.0 D5 £46. Far removed from Volvo of old. only a bit lower and without ture as latest Golf. 4 trims.4 TSI 150 SE £28. this time quite good. Euro NCAP n/a LxWxH in mm: 4963x1895x1443.4 137 228 347 49. 4 trims.9 130 150 236 74. 3 trims. LxWxH in mm: 3800x1870x1130. 70-litre fuel 2 V90 tank. 9 trims. 7 trims.935 8.0 T6 £49.8 174 7/10 XC90 Euro NCAP LxWxH in mm: 4801x1940x1709. 67-litre fuel 7/10 627lb ft ZENOS tank. so we’ll get back to you… Smart-looking all-new Tiguan is bigger 738lb ft than the old car and now a much more PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING able Discovery Sport alternative.0 T8 Euro NCAP £60. TopGear on Zenos: Upstart staffed by ex-Caterham execs.5 150 7/10 → Volvo XC90 length 4950mm 2.3 127 150 251 58.3 TBA 150 251 56.6 104 7/10 PRICE 0–62 MPH BHP LB FT MPG CO2 RATING D6 Plug-in £50. ness thrown in for free. But we haven’t driven it in TIGUAN the UK yet. 4. 3 trims. It’s an estate.055 7.














2(|7=396#&28 S (aka the Delica Space Gear.7 "/".. .363.2(%6.692___ ome people might gaze upon the Mitsubishi Space Gear '7":"22"+#"7&%70&&4.2( 94"7/. =39$"2+":&=3964"$& &"6. o N 12 MITSUBISHI SPACE GEAR All aboard kids. aka the L400 Space Gear.8+8.&|6&(3.'8.

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WELLMAN.UK Live life well I’ve been taking Wellman since my twenties to support my health and hectic lifestyle. Superdrug. health stores. David Gandy Made in Britain From Boots.CO. Holland & Barrett. pharmacies *UK’s No1 men’s supplement brand. supermarkets. Nielsen GB ScanTrack Total Coverage Unit Sales 52 w/e 26 March 2016 .