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Meet today’s typical American: Like hal of American adults ike most Am He cannot read above For every one minute he spends reading, the eighth-grade level. he spends seventeen minutes watching TVWvideo (either live or time-shifted). Like more than 50% of Americans, He doesn’t know the purpose Like most college students. of the U.S. Constitution, and He struggles with “complex but cannot identify even one of common literacy tasks,” such his rights under it. as grasping the basic point of an editorial, and comparing the Like 40% of Americans... cost-per-ounce of food. He views capitalism Like 69% of American adults. He believes the Marxist doctrine, Like 83% of college graduates. “From each according to his He doesn’t know the ability, to each according to his difference between the free needs,”is in the U.S. Constitution market and centralized planning. (or doesn’t know if it is or isn’t). Like 60% of seniors at top colleges. Like half of Americans. He can’t pass a high school He is unaware of basic history test, and knows very economic principles, or little about current affairs. > has an inverted view of them. See data sources, and learn more at “The Obstacles to Advancing Liberty Today”: Now, what did you want to explain to him? Decades of statist propaganda and utter nonsense disguised as school vy curriculums, news" and ontorainent have taken a dovastang fll on Zl Americans, and the cause of liberty. For messages of liberty to break + through th typical Amereans agi knowledge deiencles, mispereptions and funeflonal teracy changes, rsh tnkng is needed as hover bear. | ama creative constant, graph designer, witer an strategist, and am passionately commited to Biaghgteah Binng tothe task of sevancing liberty in the “court of public opinion.” One of my specialties is converting Complex data and corttoversal Concepts no analytical graphics and vdoos that general audiences can understand, and find persuasive. See some of my work, and ead cient testimonials at jonsutz-comfliberty. Jon Sutz To learn how | might be of value to your organization and its mission- Multimedia Consulting critical projects, call 434-825-8428 or email for Law and Advocacy