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Good Karma

For the spiritual principle of causality, see good karma. 3 Track listing

Good Karma is the tenth studio album by Swedish pop All lyrics written by Per Gessle.
rock duo Roxette. The album was released on 3 June Notes
2016 by Parlophone and Roxette Recordings. It is the
rst album under a new international recording con-
^[a] signies a co-producer
tract with Parlophones parent company, Warner Music
Group.[2] It Just Happens was released as the albums ^[b] signies backing track production
rst single on 8 April 2016. Per Gessle said of the album:
For the new record, we wanted to combine our classic
Roxette sound with a modern and slightly unpredictable
production to create a soundscape where you would both
4 Charts
recognise our sound and nd something new.
The duo were scheduled to support the album with the 5 References
nal leg of the RoXXXette 30th Anniversary Tour, begin-
ning on 3 June 2016, but it was cancelled as lead singer [1] Some Other Summer - EP by Roxette on Apple Music
Marie Fredriksson was advised by doctors to refrain for
[2] New Single and Album from Swedish Icons Roxette.
touring due to her health. Marie has since sent a thank
Warner Music Group Ocial Website.
you to fans for their kind wishes and that she simply isn't
strong enough for the touring life but looks forward to [3] Roxette - News
releasing the new album.[3]
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German news site Mittelbayerische Zeitung rated the al- Dagens Nyheter. Retrieved 2016-06-06.
bum impressive, praising the album opener Why
Don'tcha?" and From a Distance.[7] [7]
Markus Larsson of Swedens biggest newspaper
Aftonbladet praised the album and said the closing track [8] Jones, Alan (10 June 2016). Ocial Charts Analysis:
April Clouds would be a beautiful goodbye should Paul Simon nets seventh No.1 album. Music Week. Re-
trieved 13 June 2016.
this be the duos nal album.[4]
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The album was a commercial success upon release. It
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debuted at number 1 in the Czech Republic, number 2
in Switzerland and the duos native Sweden, and made [12] "ABPD CD - TOP 10 Semanal. (in Portuguese).
the top 10 in Austria, Hungary, Brazil, Russia and Spain. Associao Brasileira dos Produtores de Discos. Re-
It became the rst Roxette studio album to enter the top trieved June 15, 2016.
100 in the United Kingdom since 1999s Have a Nice Day,
[13] " Roxette Good Karma (in Dutch). Hung
debuting at number 61 in its rst week with sales of 1,682
Medien. Retrieved June 10, 2016.
units.[8] In Australia, it entered and peaked at number 25,
the duos highest placement there since Crash! Boom! [14] " Roxette Good Karma (in French). Hung
Bang! in 1994.[9] Medien. Retrieved June 10, 2016.


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