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Ethics Activity

1. Directions: Read the questions below and circle Yes, No, or Sometimes. Explain your answer on the
lines provided.

Technology in Your Life

1. When driving a car, is it ever acceptable to break the law and exceed the speed limit?

Yes No Sometimes Why?

We must drive carefully the law and dont exceed the seep limit to save the life of everyone.

2. Is it acceptable to cheat on a school quiz or test?

Yes No Sometimes Why?

The students should to study for their notes and future.

3. Is it acceptable to copy another students homework or classwork?

Yes No Sometimes Why?

Its not acceptable because they must study to became a professional people.

4. Is it acceptable to download music or images from the Internet?

Yes No Sometimes Why?

Yes of way carefully is acceptable download images and music.

5. Is it acceptable to read another persons e-mail?

Yes No Sometimes Why?

Its not acceptable read the personal information from e-mail.

Is It Input or Output?

2. Directions: Read the following list of computer hardware devices. Circle Input if the device is used to
provide data to the computer; circle Output if the device is used to receive data from the computer; or
circle Both if the device can be considered an input and output device.

1. keyboard Input Output Both

2. mouse Input Output Both

3. headphone Input Output Both

4. microphone Input Output Both

5. speaker Input Output Both

6. digital camera Input Output Both

7. scanner Input Output Both

8. printer Input Output Both

9. modem Input Output Both

10. monitor Input Output Both

11. DVD player Input Output Both

12. music (MIDI) keyboard Input Output Both

13. projector Input Output Both

14. MP3 digital music player Input Output Both

Keyboard Keys
15. network hub or router Input Output Both

3. Directions: Choose the correct key term from the list and write the corresponding letter in the blank. If
necessary, use your computer keyboard to help answer the questions.

a. Delete key
b. Backspace key
c. Function Keys
d. Shift key
e. Ctrl + Enter
f. Enter Key
g. Insertion point
h. Caps Lock key
i. Space Bar
( ) Used to apply a command or finalize data entry. Also used to move the j. Arrow keys
insertion point to the next line. k. Modifier keys
l. Tab key
( ) Modifier key that, used in combination with text, makes a letter m. Ctrl key
n. Shortcut

( ) Used to erase characters to the right of the insertion point.

( ) Adds a space at the insertion point.

( ) Indents the insertion point or text.

( ) When turned on, locks the alphabet keys so that all letters are uppercase.

( )Moves the insertion point up, down, left, or right without creating spaces or deleting text.

( ) This keyboard command inserts a hard page break at a specific point.

( ) Used to erase characters to the left of the insertion point.

( ) Can be used for different commands, depending on the program. Often used with modifier keys.

( ) A keyboard command that lets you keep both hands on the keyboard instead of using the mouse.

( )Press this key and the N key to open a new document

( ) The Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys are all examples of this type of key.

( ) The symbol that shows where you will be entering text or data on the screen.

The Documents Folder

4. Directions: Circle the letter of the choice that correctly completes the sentence or answers the
1. The Documents folder organizes folders and files in a (n) structure.

a. parallel c. DOS

b. top-down d. operating system

2. A computers hard drive is most commonly the drive.

a. A: c. C:

b. B: d. D:

3. In Windows, deleted items are sent to the.

a. desktop c. clipboard

b. trash can d. Recycle Bin

4. In the Documents folder, the opposite of expanding a folder is a folder.

a. Hiding c. Selecting
b. Collapsing d. Deleting

5. A (n) is a picture icon that is a direct link to a file or folder.

a. folder c. hyperlink

b. desktop button d. desktop shortcut

6. The tool is an excellent method for finding a file, program, or folder.

a. Find and Replace c. Restore

b. Search d. Seek

7. In the Documents folder, a computers drives are listed in the folder.

a. Computer c. Pictures

b. Documents d. Drives

8. Use the command to rename and copy a file to a new location at the same time.

a. Rename c. Save

b. Move d. Save As

9. A files summary, author, date created, and disk size are known as.

a. file properties c. file contents

b. file elements d. file statistics

10. The at the bottom of the screen displays the Start button, active applications, and the time.

a. task menu c. job bar

b. taskbar d. Start bar

Understand Keywords

5. Directions: Keywords are essential for an effective search. Research each of the following topics in bold
and circle the best two (2) keywords to use when searching Microsoft Windows Help or Microsoft Office
Help. In the space provided, suggest combinations of keywords that could narrow your search.
1. How to install a scanner

Images - scanner - Windows - install - port -photograph

2. How to add shading to a table

Command- row- tables- column- shading -formatting

3. Networking two computers together

Modem- connect - monitor firewall- share -network

4. Organizing files

Files- desktop- copy- document- organize- expand

6. Given the QUESTION, identify the ANSWER
1. Which part is the "brain" of the computer?
CPU Monitor
2. What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?
3. Approximately how many bytes make one Megabyte
One Thousand Ten Thousand
One Hundred One Million
4. The capacity of your hard drive is measured in
MHz Mbps
Gigabytes 52X
5. Which of the following is not an input device?
Keyboard Monitor
Joystick Microphone
6. Which of the following is not an output device?
Monitor Keyboard
Printer Speakers
8. How much information can a CD (Compact Disk) usually store?
1.4 Mb 150 Mb
10 Mb 650 Mb
9. Which of the following is an operating system you would be using on the computer?
Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows
Netscape Microsoft Word
10. BIOS stands for Basic Input/output System
False True
11. Which of these is a not a computer manufacturer?
IBM Microsoft
Apple Sun
12. What does RAM stand for?
Remote Authorization Mechanism Readily Accessed Mailer
Random Access Memory Random Authorization Mechanism
13. DOS stands for
Disk Operating System Dual Operating System
Dual Organized System Disk Organized System
15. Which of the following companies is famous for manufacturing computer processors?
Intel Sony
Macromedia Corel
16. Which of the following will you require to hear music on your computer?
Video Card Mouse
Sound Card Joy Stick

Computer Sales and Repairs

Buying a new computer can be a fun experience, but problems can arise. What are some common
computer problems that people encounter when running their machines, and what issues can cause
them? When you encounter such problems, what do you do to resolve them: seek help from a
friend, consult a computer store, or read a computer book or magazine?
HELPFUL TIP: Computer problems can result when you download and install software that contains
spyware, viruses, or bugs. Be sure to obtain software from trusted vendors and back up your data
before you install new programs.


7. Listen to the audio about computer sales and repairs and answers the next questions(ver en
materiales de apoyo el audio plataforma Sofia plus LMS)

1. What is the man's main problem with his computer?

A. It crashes a lot.
B. His computer has a virus.
C. It has a lot of junk software.
2. What is the issue with the computer warranty?
A. The warranty has expired since he bought the computer.
B. The warranty isn't valid because didn't register the computer.
C. The warranty doesn't cover software issues and problems.

3. What can we infer from the first company's response to the caller?
A. They sent the man the wrong computer in the first place.
B. The company doesn't provide warranties for their products.
C. They are understaffed to handle customer complaints.

4. Which of the following is a main selling point for the second company being advertised?
A. Their products are the newest on the market.
B. The computers are cheaper than those sold by competitors.
C. The company manufactures secure and trustworthy machines.

5. What is the name of the second company?

A. Turbo Command
B. Turvo Computers
C. Turban Camando


8. Listen to the audio about computer sales and repairs and answers the next questions (ver en
materiales de apoyo el audio plataforma Sofia plus LMS)
Phone Recording: Hello and thank you for calling computer technical support.

Caller: Uh, yes, I have a problem . . .

Phone Recording: Your call is important to us, and we will answer your call in the order that it was
received. You are number 47 in the queue. Your approximate (1) time is 47 minutes.

Technical support: Jason, speaking. How can I help you?

Caller: Oh, I'm saved. I thought I was going to have to wait all day.

Technical support: Okay, what's the (2) ?

Caller: Yeah, well, I bought one of your laptop computers about three weeks ago, but it just isn't
running right.

Technical support: Okay, well, sorry to say, but your computer is no longer under (3)
. [What?!] It ran out yesterday.

Caller: What? A three-week warranty? [Yeah, great isn't it.]. Ah!!!

Technical support: Okay, okay, what seems to be the problem?

Caller: Well, first of all, the thing always (4) [Yeah.] and has crashed at least a zillion
times . . . [Always.]

Technical support: Uh, sir . . .

Caller: . . . and I think the computer's (5) with spyware and the big banana trojan
virus . . . [That's normal.] That's my biggest . . . that's normal? . . . That's my biggest concern.

Technical support: Oh, oh, uh, sir . . .

Caller: . . . and plus there was a ton of preinstalled, third-party programs that just clutter the
computer, and I'm at wit's end trying to get this thing to work.

Technical support: Sir. I have to put you on hold.

Caller: What?
Technical support: It's going to take us a minute or so to diagnose the problem. [Huh?!] I'm going
to (6) you to our ONE technician.

Caller: One . . . one!? But . . .

Phone Recording: Thank you for waiting. Your call is important to us. You are number 84 in the
queue. You approximate waiting time is 2 hours, 17 minutes or whenever we get around to
answering your call.

[ End of call and continuation of computer advertisement . . . ]

Caller and Narrator: Does this experience sound (7) ? Then, do what I did. If your
computer is holding your hostage and you can't get the service you deserve, then call Turbo
Command, creators of the (8) and most reliable computers and operating system on
the planet.

Listen, while the (9) is spending all of their time trying to imitate our computer's
performance and features, our company is innovating the computer industry. So, why buy a
computer that hiccups every time you turn it on when you can be the owner of the (10)

and friendliest machine ever.

Call us today or visit our Website for more information, and let us introduce you to the ultimate
computer experience.

9. Answer the questions based on the vocabulary you learned.

1. That store wasn't able to __________________ my computer's problem, so I have to take it somewhere
else where they really know how to fix things.

A. ? clutter
B. ? diagnose
C. ? freeze
2. My computer is _______________ a little slow today, and I'm not sure what the problem is.

A. ? moving
B. ? going
C. ? running
3. I've restarted this computer a ___________ times, and it still won't work right.

A. ? babillion
B. ? zillion
C. ? grillion
4. If companies don't ______________ by developing new interesting products, they will lose business to
other competitors.
A. ? innovate
B. ? imitate
C. ? deserve
5. If your computer is having problems and it is still ____________ warranty, then you should take it back
so they can fix it.

A. ? above
B. ? beneath
C. ? under

Computer Sales and Repairs

Mixed-up Sentence Exercise

10. Put the parts in order to form a sentence.

11. Match the items on the right to the items on the left by dragging them over.
My computer is still under ________, so I might take it back.

That computer screen is really __________ and beautiful.

How is your computer _________ these days? You said it had some problems the last time I talked
to you.

I hate it when my computer _________ and I then have to restart it.

Do you know a shop where I can take my computer to have the problem __________?


1) What's your opinion about living in a time in which all your activities were performed by robots
and machines?
2) Would you like to have machines do all of your physical activities for you?
3) What would the consequences be if people didn't have to exercise at all during the whole day?
4) Would life be better or worse if you had robots to do everything for you? Explain it.
5) Do you think life in 2642 will be better or worse? Justify your answer.
12. Write at least 10 sentences describing what people and machines will do in the future and
how people's lives will be like, according to the movie. Observe the items below and write
sentences about them.



Ex: People will move around in floating armchairs.

1. ..............................................................................................................









10. ..............................................................................................................


1) Do you think people will be happier in the future, according to the movie?
2) Will the future like it was presented in the movie a possible reality? Why (not)?
3) How do you think life will be like in 2642?
14. Make a list of activities of things people will do in the year 2100, but that they dont (cant) do nowadays.
Write at least 10 sentences. Be creative!