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Hi u>-'
PEB 1 - iyi:>7
the fourth part of our work, which contains the books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth,
INwe have made one modification in our method of presenting the evidence in our notes,
viz. that throughout the book of Judges the readings of Codex Alexandrinus iiave been

printed in Clarendon type. The reason is that this manuscript stands as the representative
of a t}'pe of text (A-text) which is followed by most of our authorities but differs very
substantially from that represented by Codex Vaticanus (B-text). An alternative course
would have been to print the two types of text on opposite pages, giving in the notes on
each the evidence of the authorities which mainly follow that type, according to the method
suggested by Lagarde and adopted by him in the specimen which he printed for Judges 1-5
{SeptuaginiastndieH, Gottingen, 1891). This would however have involved considerable waste
of space, owing to the greatly preponderating volume of evidence which would have appeared
under the A-text. And a more serious difficulty was raised by the very mixed character
of the text contained in many of the authorities : indeed several of them must necessarily
have been quoted on both sides. The use of Clarendon type will enable readers to pick
out rapidly the readings of the A-text.
In preparing the notes on the second half of Joshua, we found that the forms of proper
names contained in the Ethiopic version had often considerable importance as witnesses on
behalf of very similar forms in Codex Vaticanus. We
have therefore included this Ethiopic
evidence as to proper names in much fuller measure than had been done throughout the
I'entateuch (see Pref Note to Genesis, p. iii).
An important addition to the uncial manuscripts of the book of Judges has been made
available by the publication in 1911 (Rome, Tipografia Foliglotta Vaticana) by M. Eugene
Tisserant of the underlying Greek text of the S\riac palimpsest known as Codex Zuqninensis.
The underwriting consists of fragments of si.x Greek manuscripts, and the first of them
exhibits portions of the book of Judges. These are important as their text proves to be of
the type shewn by the cursive manuscripts glnow, which was hitherto represented among
uncial manuscripts only by the fragments of K.
Sir Herbert Thompson published in 191 2 the Sahidic version of the books of Joshua,

Judges, Ruth, Judith and Esther, the text of which, nearly complete, is found in the under-
writing (early 7th century) of the palimpsest Brit. Mus. Add. 17183. There is a long
description of the manuscript in Crum's Catalogue, under No. 12 (1905).
Thefollowing are explanations of .symbols which appear for the first time in this fourth

part of our work :

Z Code.x Zuqninensis. See abuve.

As The so-called Joshua-roll, Rome, Vatican, Pal. Gr. 431.

Ag Munich, Gr. 610, n' 3. An uncial fragment containing Jdg. 5. 8-12.

A,o Sinai, fragment 3, containing Ruth 2. 19-8. 7 (with lacunae).

eo London, Brit. Mus. Royal I. U. ii. Begins with Ruth.
70 (H. and 1'. ill Ruliri. Municli, Gr 372.
209 |,H. and P.l. Codex Dorothei iv. Has disa|>|)eaied.
236 (H. and P.). Rome, \'alican, Gr. 331.
237 (H. and P., 73 in Pentateuch). Rome, Vatican, Gr. 746.
IS Fragments of the Bohairir version of Joshua pubhshed by Lagardc in Got/iiiger Gelehilc Nachrichtfii.
C" Fragnienis contained in Cruni's Tlicological Texts from Cpfi/ic Po/iyri {0\(o\d, 1913).
C Sir H. Thompson's edition of the Sahidic version of Joshua, etc. See above.
2,'" Old Latin version of Ruth contained in the Madrid MS., Codex Comphitensis,
published by S. Berger, Textes
Lat. Md. lit- I'Anc. Test. (Paris, 1893).

Below we give collations of text.s furnished by certain authorities which came to our

knowledge too late to be incorporated in their proper places in our notes.

A. Greek Fragments.
(i) Manchester, Gr. Pap. i. Dt. ii.
37-iii. 12 (mutilated) 43 om o-ov I" uid
37 \_TT ^io\(Tri\6tt^fv
om (Tov 2" uid
Ij/ill" post IJflOJl' om crov 3"

iii, I
ai'f/3r;;xf I'* *] aTrrjpafifv* rais 6vyaTpa<nv^ tuiv ^uya[re]p[o))']

^aaav I] ^av* 44 om iK<o(3 uid

Kai 2-ffaa-av 2"] om* tfie] [tfioi^]

4 [fX"]da;ifi' 48 om avrov
5 naXfis] pr 01 49 et^f^] etfiov

9 ro] o* en-tfioi

10 fdpadfi] (COS f[S^af]ti

52 f/if
12 K\T]pavofn)aafjLfv] [f 7rpoi'o]^6U(ra^[i'] (6) ib. 1 168. Josh. iv. 23-v. i
(2) Munich, Gr. 6io, n' i. Fragments of Gen. xxxvii. 24 om TOV
35, xxxviii. I, 5, 9 (7) ib. 1225. Fragment of Lv. xvi. 33, 34
No variants ^j"^ uvvayutyr\'i\ pr t;;?

(3) ib., n' 2. Fragments of L\'. i.

14, 15, ii. 10-12 (8) ib. 1351. Fragments of Lv. xxvii. 12, 15, 16, 19,
14 nfpiaTfpt[S(a>v] 20, 24
ii. 1 1
Kvpta 1] pr [r](a 20 XuT-ptorat] \\vTpui(T\r]Tai
(4) Oxyrhynchus Papyri, 1 166. Gn. xvi. 8- 12 (mutilated) (9) Vienna, Rainer, Litt. Theol. i.
Fragments of
8 KOI 3] I) fie Gn. xxxviii. 25, 28, 29
10 TrXjj^vi'ajl'] pr [iSov]? 25 C7rcy'(i)^t]4-TauTa
(^alpi6pri$r)<r(]Ta[i\ (10) ib. 2. Fragments of Gn. xxxviii. 23, xxxix. i

1 1 om av uid I
pr twv uid

ViOv] iratdtov (11) ib. 3. Fragments of Gn. xl. 1-3, 11, 12

Kvpios] + [o 6f] I I
TTOTTjpiov 2^1 + (papaco
(5) ib. 1167. Gen. xxxi. 42-46, 48-54 (mutilated) Tas )^fipas^ Ttjv x^^[p^'\

Thetext of a fragment published by Dr J. Rendel Harris and containing portions of

Jdg. XX. 22, 23-26, 28 {Biblical Fragments from Mount Sinai, no. 2) appeared too mutilated
to be used in our notes, but according to Harris's reconstruction yields the following
variants :

25 om T;)f 28 (t>ivfais
om (v-j^

B. Sahidic Version.

(i) Our original intention was to quote the readings of the Sahidic fragments published
by Ciasca and Maspero. The additional fragments known at the time when the scheme was
arranged were negligible. Since then considerable additions have been made, the most
important of which are included in the following collations, so far as they preserve the

Sahidic version of passages not contained in the editions of Ciasca and Maspero. The
authorities used are as follows :

O. von Lemm, Sahidische Bibelfragmente ill. (Bull. Ac. Imp. Sci. Petrograd, xxv., no. 4).

Klein, Koptische Studien.

Annales du Service des Antique Us de rEgypte, Cairo.
Wessely, Studien zur Palaeographie und Papyruskunde ix., Leipzig, 1909.
Schleifer, Bibelfyagmente I. (Sitzungsber. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Band 162, 1909), 11. (ib., Band 164, 1910).
Brutlistiicke der sahidisihen Bihelii/>ersetzung {\h., Band 170, 1913).

Hyvernat, Pal^ographie Copte.

Crum, Theological Texts from Coptic Papyri, Oxford, 1913 (quoted in our notes on Ruth 4. 5-10 as C").
Catalogue of Ry lands Papyri.

Gn. 1. 19-28 Lemm, Sah. Bibelfr. ill. Gn. 9. 12 vpmi I] pr ar^a p((Tov (uid)

19 r)^(pa\ inc 13 6ia^r;K7;y] +fua)i'tou

22 om 5for TTfi yr/s] //t-r terram
ai'a p.Tov
fSara] \-Ta 15 f/io)!'] pr
24 TiTpaTzohfi) bestias 16 om /iou (uid)

yei'Of 2] \-Kai ra kttjvi]

Kara yfifos 17 o] pr Kf
26 o/ioimo-ii'] +nostram 1 8
170-01' 8e] /?/ an tern sunt

om Kai b Xa,i2] +S
27 avToi'] avTov^ 20 om yi/s (uid)
28 KQi 8-yi7s i] ei oi/utiuin bcstiarum terrae 2 1
oti/ou] + avTov
epTTOi/rcoi'] expl 22 ;^ai'aai'] expl

Gn. 9. 1-5 Balestri, Sacr. Bib. Fr. p. 483 (appendix Gn. 20. 12-21. 12
to Ciasca) From original in possession of Sir Herbert Thompson,
1 av^avia6(\ inc part of same MS. as Borgia (Ciasca tab. i) and Paris I

2 om Kai r'
(fol. 2 and
0o0os] (po^os vfuav xai rpofios vfiav
20. 12 Trarpos] inc

rrjs yrjs 1] et super omties bestias agri om

om cTTi 3"
Kui 5"
13 Kai

TravTas] pr eTrt en niecuin
U/itl'J VfJiOiV

3 om KOI (oiv
14 a(iip\K
8tdpa)(p(i] -\-apyvpiov
Ta TravTo] ca
npoi^ara] pr Kdi
5 om VjX(T(j)OV
15 a^ipeXfK
om fiov
di]pim'] expl 16 SiSpaxpa] + argenti
Gn. 9. 2-22. Lemm, Sa/i. Bib. Fr. ill. Traira] semper
2 na<Tiv~\ inc 17 a^tpcXfK
nanLv Tois 6t]pwis] uolatilia omnia 18 <TVVK\ei(TfvJ pr (TUl'KXfla)!'

Trajras] 7ri om e^Qidfv (uid)

)(^ipas u^tr] xftpa vfioyv a/StpeXeK

5 om vfieTfpov
21. 1 om TT] aappa

(K^rj-nja-o) 1] +avTO 2 aappa rKv

om avTO KM ets TO yipas] in senectute sua
om avBpainov 1 6 Kupiof] Deus

adf\(pov] +avTov 7 TU a^paap. post aappa

TTjv V'l'XT'] ctnimas

8 Kai 1 anfyakaK.Ti.iTdt) mutila
6 avTL(K)^vdr](Tirai] effundctur quod eius 9 fourijf] auT-OK

7 Km 3
KOI KaraKvpievcraTf avrijs 10 om KOI I"

9 e-yo) i8ou] ^a' ?/ t^o naihiCTKrjs] +tuijt;s

10 cm ano 2" 1 1 om la-parjX (uid)

12 Sia^rjKJjt] + ineae 12 iratSiou] expl

SEPT. vii
Gen. 21. 33, 34. Lemm, Kt. Kopt. SluJien, p. 399 Ex. 4. 14 om (ii/ros 1

16 om avTos 2"
Gn. 26. 21-24. Crum, Cat. Rylaiids, p. i

17 om TavT7}i'
21 anapai\ inc
trov] expl
24 <Toi' 4"] cxpl
Ex. 19. 10-16. Schleifer, Bruchst.
Gn. 40. 8-19,41.45-55. Autiaks WW. 187
10 furfv] inc
8 o] inc TO t/ioTia] iiestimcnta sua
9 (ITTfl'] +Ill'Ta) 1 2 Xaov] + oinnem
n-as] enim
13 tt;>' X^'f^"] '"f X^'P"^ Tov opovi\ eius
14 0n/]aa>] pr coram 1
3 om OTTO Tou opovr
15 XaKKOl" TOUTOl'] OIKOV ai'a^ijTOHrav
16 xo>'8ptr<<>i'] pants +Kat fiTrfx' auroty
14 Xaor]
17 yti'ij/inrwr] yfrmi' (uid) Ta i/ioTin] ucstimenta sua (uid)
19 Kdi 2] e.\pl 15 yui'aiKi] uxoribus uestris
41. 45 KOI 1] inc 16 eyivovTo] eyevovTO
KQi KoXe(r('] c:aXe<rfv 6e
/Lifya] expl
Psothom phanech Sah. Bibl. Fr.
Lv. 2. 3-3. 5. Lemm, ill.
2. 3 aapmi'] inc
aywv] ayia
46 niyvTTTot'] Acgyptum
4 Sapov I] +k5

48 T179
awTTjs] / circuitu iirbis
om 8a>pnv KvpLo)
om 0)1'
K (Tf^tSaXetuf post a^vpovs
49 ?;8ui'vro
aprons] pr offcret
50 Asenneo TTifjivpapevijs
5 Se] +donum eius
oni XcyuK
5 I
om TO 8(apQv aov

<re/iiSaXis] pr tfr?V

52 v\jfa>cr(v] rjv^7](rev forai

53 napr/KBov 6c] ^; iransissent 7 +donum eius
54 om ovK
om TO d(apoV (TOV
55 (KiKpa^iv Sf] tV clamauit 8 +eius
om was
jrpOITOKTfl 2]
aiyujrrtois] expl KOt mutila
Gn. 49. 20-28. Wessely, 7'^;f/e I
9 icapTrapa] sacrificitim
20 ain]p\ inc 10 aapmi'] pr r/^
ao-i;/)] pr et dixit I I

Tpo(j>r]v 13 Nutrias] sacrijiciorum

21 Nephthaliim ov dia-rrava-tre aXa] non cessabit sal
22 om utos Tjv^rjpevos 1
KvpiOv\ &v
(tJ^WTOS post KfWTaTOf om Kvpiai
vpau 4
24 pTa KpaTovs post aurcoi' 1 de primttHs tuts
14 npojToyfvripaTojv I]
om x^'pof 7Tpo3ToyV7]paTOiv 2] +a'OV
Xftpa] manus 3. I Ovdia
26 fuXoytas] cuXoytav 2 xeipai] +avTov
cuXo-ymis 1, 2] evXoyinr (uid) h(i)pov\ +ai'Tou
28 SwSeKa] +(^uXat om (vavTiov Kvpiov
om o Trarijp 2
napa ras Bvpas] ad ostium
auTOu] expl 5 em 4] expl

Ex. 4. 10-17. Wessely, Texte 1. Lv. 3. 5-6. 5.

10 etTrei'] inc From original in possession of Sir Herbert Thompson,

Kvpiov] + >eum part of same MS. as Borgia v. (Ciasca tab. l) and Paris
Seopai] +(rou 129', fo. 41, and Berlin 1605, fo. 2, of which it is the
1 1 o flfos] pr (cf 3. 5 TOU i] inc

13 8eo/iai] +(roD om em TOV Bv(TiaiTTr]pLov

Lv. 3. 7 fav] +Sf Lv. 4. 24 X^'P"] +awou
apva] ap(T(v a/japria] +yap
om avTOv 25 Tpjf
6vin.a(TTr)piov 1 mutila
8 ras ;(epas] manum suam 26 om fffpi auTou

napa ras dvpas] ad ps/iuiii otto] nepi (uid)

aifia] -\-avTov
28 om KQi 2

9 5f<u] k5 oia" I] -f TO dojpov avTov

auTo] ea om oio-ei 2

n)s 2
(lo) TO 3 mutila a/xapria?] -{-avrov
10 om n(pif\a>v 29 om KOt I" auTou
11 evwfiias] 'rholocaustum Domino arfia^ova-iv] iugulabit
12 om Kai (TCpa^ovatv
(30) SoKTuXw mutila
jrpoo-a^fi] +aiiTo 30 om avrrjs 2

13 rot xftpar] manum sttam 31 avoiaetl -{-avrtjv

<T(f>a^ova-iv] iugulabit avra] {peccatuni eius
napa ras dvpasi dd ostium 32 TO 8a>pov aurov] doniim
aip.ti\ +avro\) cts apapriav~\ mpi rrjs apapriai avrov (uid)
avTo^ ouetn
Kap3ro)^a] pr hoipov avrov 33 X^P"] +'""'ou
om Km 2 KotXmf avrov'\ ouis

15 Tov tjTTaTos] et iecur 34 roll 2] ca/.r

16 avoi(jii\ -\-id SaKTuXu)] + avrov

4. 2 ra)i/] pr TToira)!' 35 Tou (Tu>rr]piov\ Domini
3 lepevs (uid) fm ro oXoKouToj^a] itlteS'AlA
om Kat ap.aprtas'] -h avrov

Tw] pr offcrre id 5. I ouTOf ] populus

4 Tof p.o<T)(ov 1] f/ sacerdos Tj l] quia

apaprLa\f\ \- avrov

em] s (uid) 2 om lyrii

6 ^aKTvXoi/] +aiJrou 6r]piaK<>>rov^ bestiae

tn-TaKis] +digi/o sua 7]ra>v 6vr)(TLp.aia)v l]e..Hpiori >d>q na^KCoit

Kara (7) otto mutila om ;;

7 om TJ]S <TVv6(Tf01S
om Krrjvojp ru)V aKuBaprcov
To}V oXoKavTMparwvj Ti)S oXoKaiirwo'fa)? 3 1;] -{-anima
8 om TO em om airo I"

9 ai'To] avTa 4 av o/jocT?;] avopos

10 Toir p^fiXfo-ii/] iabiis suis
a(f)atpiT( avTo] atiferunt
Siarato-ft (l l) cai 3 mutila om 7]
Ka\(DS Troirj<Tat

12 om auToi' om Trpo o(p6a\poiu

13 om aKOffriG)? KOI 3 ToiiTwi' bis uertit

14 om Kat. 2" 5 apapriav] 4-ai'Toii

ras 6vpas:'\ ttjv Ovpav nept o>v] quod

16 lepfKs] ap)(^ep(vs Kar avTTjs] coram Domino
17 SaxTvXoi'] +auTOu 6 om nfpL 2
rjpaprfv 1

om fl/arTt KVpWV om 6i]\v

KaTu7rfTa(TpaTos] -^-Domini om nepi avrov

18 ffui'^eo'ea)?] Trpodeafojs om r]s TjpapTfV 2
om O fCTTJI/ 2 7 om ro iKavov (uid)

Ka/jjrcDo'fwv] oXoKauTM/iaTWf (uid) om T]s Tjpaprev

19 areapl -{-avrov apaprtat 2
(8) Kpevs 1 mutila
20 TrotT^^T^o-eTiu] + avT(t3 8 om nporepov (uid)
om ?; ap,apTLa a"0oi'5uXou] + avrov
21 I10(T)(0V I] +0X01' 9 om TOV T0l-)(OV
22 auTcoi*] auroiJ 10 om TTOttja-d
om Km 2 nXr)pp(\ri<7r) e^iXafTfrai] -\-
nepi avrov
23 om Kat 2 om avrov

IX 62
Lv. 5. II om Kai Num.
afiapTias I"] -(-cu'Toii

\ttiavav mutila
12 oio-fi avTo mutila

afiapTta] afxapTias yap

3 ^] a<f>

>5 om KOI 2"

o-ikXo)!'] pr iiigiiiti
rav nyiiav 2"] tio n-yiw
i6 anoTtiTfi
17 om 7rao"o>i'

o/inpnni'] +nuroi/

"9 (ir\t)iifi. yap. jrXi;/i)j.]

e'/ em/ in ignoratttia
6. nXtjatov I**] +01^01*
jrXijtrioi' 2] +auTOu
om Kai 1" apapTT)
cm Kai 1
cm aiTo r'

Tii'or] expl
Num. 4. 33- 5. I. Schleifer, flnuhs/.
33 TrafTtj'] inc
TTatrti' auro)!'] oper Omni
34 cjrco-Ki//'aro] rcccnsiieruiit

38 KaTa Srifiovs avTiav post avTav 2

39 om Kat CTravci)

46 e7re(TKe^aTo] recii>is!ien/n/

47 KOI 3] Knra
om Ta fpya
49 (iTea-Ke-\jfaTo avTovs] tlKinerati Sltnt
5. I
pavarpi] expl
Num. 7. 12- 37. Schleifer, Bruchst.
12 r)v\ inc

npuiTii\ die
i6 om KOI
22 om Kai

24 Chellon
26 6viiTKr)v\ pr et
28 om Kai
29 Chellon
3 ihl<JOVp\ fjihiovp
34 om Kai

36 o-ikXoi/] expl

Num. 10. 33- -11. 10. Wessely, Texte I.

33 KpofTTopeviTo\ inc
Ka7aa"K6\/'a(7^nt] pr zVt'

34 hia(jKopTTirT6r]T<ii^av~\ pr Kai
36 fyfj'fro
tjpfpas periere
11. 3 e^fKav6rj
Kvpiov periere
4 fjTi$vpT)(rav
f/cXaioi'] plorauerunt
om Kai 4
(iSof 2] pr cos

KpvaTaWov (8) fiuXco periere

fTTi] expl
Num. 28. 19 KapTrafiara] pr ei Deut. 21. 5 KM 2] seruire ei

8vo CK lioav 6 01 (7) anoKpidevTCi periere

errra a^vovs evtav(riOvs 7 fpouo'tj'] dicenies
21 om SfKarov 2 (uid) 8 tXfwf] pr Domine

23 TT]S dta navTos post npwivijs Kvpil\ (K yr)i aiyvTTTov

fv ro) Xnw] super pOpulu7it
24 7rt] pr et
26 TTOLTjtreTai 9 iz/iwi'
apayrov periere
10 e^fXflcDi'] i^(K6r\i
27 8vo CK ^oa>v
28 r;] pr f/ (Toi\ aurouff

29 SeKGTOv I] pr KM 12 om Kot 1

om SeKOTov 1" (uid) KM 3"^(i3) KM 7 periere

31 om avTinv 1 14 om fdTM
29. I
v\iiv 2] (?rzV KO^w oi/k] expl

vfiiv 2] expl Deut. 21. 8-16. Schleifer, Bruchst.

8 avToir] inc
Num. 31. 47-49. Schleifer, Bib. Fr. 11.

9 f^ vp.av a\)Ta>v'\ e medio uesiro

47 rav 4] inc
(av'\ pr Kat cu o"ot ecrrat
(rvvfTa^ei'] dixit
KoXoi' apeo'Toi'] apecTov Kat to koXo
48 f(f] CTTt
ID om Sf
49 TToXe/JiOTo)!'] e.vpl
effX^wi'] (^eXdi)!
Num. 32. 4-7. Schleifer, Bib. Fr. 11.
4 KT7;i'OT/3n0o?] inc 12 om Kot 1
5 cXcyoi'] dixerunt (uid)
13 M)(0)fia\<i>crias] +miTr]s
6 yaS] pov^r]v
om aTT avTr]s
pov^r]v\ yah
iraTcpa] +av'njs
TTOp^vaovrai +aim)r
7 om Kot
14 om (crraL
Siaorpei^cTf] expl
npadT]t7eTM] tiendes earn
Deut. 21. 5-15. Lemm 1
5 om avTwv 2"
5 fTreXf^fi'] inc Ti/s
(16) etrrai mutila
aurco] (vaviov avTOV 16 aurou 2] expl

(2) In the spring of the year 191 1 the Trustees of the British Museum acquired an
Egyptian manuscript (Papyrus Cod. Oriental. 7594) containing the Sahidic version of the
books of Deuteronomy, Jonah and Acts, and written in the fourth century A.D. An edition
of the text was pubHshed by Dr Budge in 191 2. Unfortunately the acquisition was too late
for the variants of the Sahidic version in Deuteronomy to be included in our third part,

published in 191 1. A collation of the version with the text of our edition is
appended. The revision of Dr Budge's
which Sir Herbert Thompson made and edition
issued privately {The Neio Biblical Papyrus, 1913), and of which he has kindly given us a

copy, has been used for the purposes of our collation.

Collation of the British Museum Sahidic MS. Orient. 7594 (ed. Budge).
Deut. 1. 39 inc Deut. 2. 4 TTapaTTop(vea6(] ibitis

Tovroit] CIS om 2

KM 3
avTriv 2] hereditare earn 6 om apyvplov 1

40 forparoTreSci'crare] iuistis ayopaaarej ayopacreT

41 pai, post (iiraTc 7 (Kfivtjv] Tavnjv (uid)
avelSatpeTej avejBtjre 8 u^o>i'] ijpoiv

42 TToXf/xT^o-fre] ^-secundum omnia quae Do- 9 QTTO avTQiV post vpiV

mirms Deus twster praccepil nobis (cf. 41) 10 01 op.iJL(i.v] qui uocantur Ommin
7te iaXVOVTii\ KTxvpov
44 tTirpwiTKuv\ uulnerauerunt om tO(TTT(p 01 vaKlp
45 Kadiaavm f
icXnierf] flentes consedistis 1 1 om acnrep
om rov Oeov rjjxfav 13 Cap,T 1, 2] CaptS
Deut. 2. 14 Cop"] f'</8 Deut. 6. 10 Kvpioi 2"] Dominus Deus tuus
om atroBi'ijiTKOVTIS Isac
5 om fnaov a^TTfXftji'dt] pr KQi
19 om fit ai^To)] +^()i'a>

8a)] expl ( + RAHpotiOAi[ei]..) ov TTopfii(a6('\ non ibitis sequi

4. 48 Tov 2 inc (^oKt6p(va((\ Kai (^oXfOptvcrr] (uid)
49 wpav] pr ('/ om rrpoawnov (uid)
5. I KOI fKoXfo-fi'] (KaXfcre Sf f^fTTfipaaaTf^ +eu>/t
cm (y(i>
TO I] pr Km
Kill ftadrjiTtiTBf] ut discatis pOpTVpta] -\-(WTOV
2 v^a>i'] Tjfio)V 8iKaia}/iaTa] +avTOv
3 ovxi] pr guam 18 vpav I] (TOV
aXX ij] +guain constituit om Kvpios
5 v/io)!'] pr ai'o fifcrov V/UOV 2] (TOU
8 fiSwXoi'] yXriTrTOi/ '9 om Kvptos
10 (If ;(XiiiSaf] in tnitle generationes 21 om (TOV

14 01 vioi\ O VIO^ om (V 3"

iTvk<tiv trov
rrapOiK^v (v aotj fVTOS Ttav aiyvffTO)] pr yi;

cm Kot 7 (TOV 10 24 om KOI 2 (uid)

16 8i8a)<ri'] dabit 7. I
fio-n-opfur;] iu intrabis
2 1 ouK 2] neque K\T\p(ivopT)(T(u\ -^-avrr^v
22 yroc^os] pr fi p.iyiiKa\ + Kai TroXXn

^ufXXa] pr xai a^ai/i(7/ia>] pr Kai

i^iiji't;] pr ^/ npos avTovs post Siadr/Kr)!!

\i-oi\ pr auras fXeijirijTe] eXctjarjS

23 om TraiTff om ouSf aurour

24 (Xe-ycTf] +7rpos ^ om Kat (TOV 2

eSfilfx] +7;/iii' om navTa 2

25 om KOI 2 fXvrp(i)0"aro] +o"e

26 tjTir]
a/// ^tf/j ovrof] avTos
27 ot; i] pr igitur dia^TjKTjvj +avTov
rinQiv I] +jrpof (TC
fXfOff] +avTov
jravTa] pr secundum npoaanov I] +auToii
29 ouTojs- post (ivat roif 2 auToir] reddere eis qui oderunt
TjfKpas] +avT(i>v eum
31 eiToXas] +fiov 0uXa|i;] scruabitis
Kai iTOKiTwa-av] ut faciant ea om fyw
32 (KIcXlVflTf] KkX(VS jTouii/] +aiiTa
6. I om Kdt ra Kpifiara ra] pr iravTa

fj/fTfiXaro] +p.oi 0iiXafi/Tc] 4-t""'a

2 Tipuiv om KOI 4

obseniare (To\i\
evreXXo/iai] dabo hia6r)Kriv\ \-eius
o-ou 3] eorutn fXcof] +eius
4 om Km 1 o 2] sicut

Kvpios I] pava-Tjs Tois TTarpafTiv v/acov] patribus eius

cm o
KE 3 TO 2] pr Kai
5 e^ 1] pr c^ oXi;s rijr KapStas (rov koi ess] i;s

om Kai 3 (6) (TOV 2 o-ou 8] ^WJ

7 oiKo)] +(rov euXoy7;ros] pr Koi

KoiTa^opfvos] super lectum tiiutn Koi] z itobis 7ieque

8 a^a^u{\ scribere voo-ous] +Ain nca^u)
om forni om oaa
a<TaK(vTov\ aaaKiVTO. f7ri6ri<Tei I] crra^fi
KOI 4] Ji'rf
9 ypai/^ere] ypa'^iii
Tu>v TTv\<i3v\ in hahifationibus enidriaci 2] superducet
Deut. 7. 1
5 n-airas] pr omnes inimicos iuos et super Deut. 10. 3
1 6 om o-ot

17 SwijCTO/iai (^oK(6pfvaai\ destniain

19 T-f/jara] 'rra ficyaXa
pr KOI
Tr]V I]

23 ras ;(ftpaf] manuiii

24 aTToXeirai] aTroXetrf
25 KOKo-fTf] cremabis
on] pr KOI
(TfauTG)] +f^^ /Vj

Kvpia (Tov post fOTlV
8. I oni eyo)

2 ev TTj fpr;/j(i)] pr TOVTo TecrcrfpaKOcrTov (tos

o-e 2] expl
9. 7 aTrfi^ovi/Tfs] inc
om TO (uid)
8 fdvpiodr]^ +KS
9 TrXoKO? I] pr 8vo
12 OUff] ov

Xavfvpa] Diuvi conAatilem

14 om Kat vvv
5 om (u>s TOV ovpavov

(ttl\ ill

om bvdi
16 pfooi'euToi'] pr Deiim
17 Twi/ Suo n-XaKcax] rtV^rtj.' tabulas lapideas
om Svo 2
18 om KaOancp
nepi] pr ^/ oralis
dcov\ -^-vptav
19 TT^v
Bviiov'\ TOV Svpov Kai Ttjv opyr)v

TOUTO)] eKeii'O)
20 c6vpui6ri\ +KS u^ohpa
om ^o\dpV(Tai
aapcoi' 2"
21 (T(f}o8pa post XeTTTOl'
KQi 4
KoviopTos^yi'ci id sicut pulucreiii
22 (cupiov] +TOV 6v vpaiv
23 SiSw^t] (/a(5o

24 om Ta (uid)

25 om o(Tas

26 Kuptf] +Ke
our atyviTTOu post v\jfr]X<a

cm 7-?; fieynXr;
27 /jaiT

om Kara (TfavTov
e7ri/3Xi|/-r;f] irascarts

atrejijjpaTa] +auT(v
28 /it(ri;o'ai] +Ki'
ev avTovs 4] anoKTtivai avrovs tv tt) fprjpat

29 ourot] ovtos
om Kat 3 KpaTaia
10. I
eis] fTTt
2 KOI 1, 2] fuia
ypayjffis] ypa'^oi
Deut. 11. 19 Ka$fvBovTos 4"] in /<>ds eorum donni-
(rov Deut. 12. II ^ea)] +r]p<j)v
(ndi et in locis eorum surgenJi 12 01 2"] pr Koj
20 roll' TrKXcov] et in habitationibus 14 9 roi"
TOTToi'] in loco
21 KaC\ + Tr\7]0vvdtt>a'tv (^uXa)v] TToXewf
VfXWV 2^] O"0l' <Kfi ai'oia-fTf] ad/eres ibi

ai'TOlf] (TOl
22 om (orai om fyo)
om OKori 15 K/jfa] + Koru Tt)v firiBvpiav Tijs ^"xr]! (Tou
(TOl] VftlV TToXft] +(rou
iroifii'] +ett <^ayTat] (jmyovTai
om Kai 2*^ om auTo 2"
7 2"] pr ede/il earn

TrpotTKoWiia-Oai] pr Kai 16 fni] pr (iXXa

24 airo 1 Sva-fiwv post cou 17 rats] pr nairais

25 Kara npoatowov u/iwi'] iibi (uid)
crov 7] vpwv
Tpo/ioj'] KJyoliov auro] aura
(l)O^OvJ TpOflOP I'/iOJi'] cou
f\a\7)<Tflf'j + KS (TTi] pr / etjilius fuus etfilia tua
26 Trjv [" Karapav] fvXoyias Kai Kctrapas 20 toiTTf
(f>nyfiv Kpfa^/acere
28 cm a-qpepov 21 ficei] post avTov
29 KQi fOToi oral'] j/ autein av 0-01 1
] gitae Dominus Deus tuus dabit tibi
30 ouic 160V Tairra] ecce s^unt avTo\ avra
31 8ia|3aii'fTe] transibitis eSfTai] edent
(V avTri\ en avrrjs npoae\e\ + tibi
32 auroi'] raura avTov post ^vx'] 1

dtSco^t fi/ojTriOV I'/io)!'] (VTfWopai vpiv Ppa>6t](TeTai t] ^vxr{\ edetis igitur anitnam
12. I
7ro6ii'] +ea 24 ^ayeaBf] +avTO
fv 1 i;]
fm T7]s yrjs rjs 26 ra ayia] iiota
ripcov] Quorum ai/] a av
2 KXtjpovopfiTt] KXrfpovopr)(TeT( Tas fvxas] saiicta

fKfi] +Ta (Svrj (Tov 3"] +avTa) (uid)

3 Kat KnracTKav^are] KaraiTKaylreTe 27 om TO 2" a-ov 4

f:KO\|/Tre] cotnburetis 28 a-oi 1] +aripepov

KaTaKav<Ta.Ti\ KaraKavcfTe fBvri] \-oifima
anoXetTat] aTToXetre ettTTTopeuT;] tu inti'abis

5 fts TOl' roTToi'] in loco om OTTO 7r/3OO"(07rOV (TOU

TToXfO)!'] ^vkwv at'Tr^i^] aiirous'

(nuCKri6r]vai\ pr f/ Ttt)] pr k5
eKf>;Ti;(rarc] c x f i/ri/cf rf KvpiQV a e/iicTT/O'fv]
a Ky fpiarjufv
6 ra Sva-iaapara vpwu KUi
ras- ofioXoytaff u/acoi'] om ej/ 1

Tas anap^as vpwv kqi Tas hcKaras vpwi' Kai 32 om cyw

Ta (Kovaia vpav v/iti/] a"ot

ra 2] pr Kai 13. 2 ?;]


7 T' X*'/"" frtjSaXijTc] mantim uestram im- 3 cm fKilVO

miseritis KvpLos
vpai\ vpas ks 6s vpwv

OlKOl] UlOl TOl/] pr Kf

Ka^OTt] ^/'(Z
iTOv 2] vpa>v

8 >)/lftr 77'010li;i61'] V/lftf

TTOlCtTE 7ropVa-6e'] nopevuco-Be
9 ^/lO)!'] Vp(V Tovrov'\ avTov
hih<afTiv~\ dabit Kai 2] pr KOI Tas fVToXns avTOv (pvXa^firde
10 T^/iCOl'] VpWV om leai avra npocmdrjueaBt
K.aTaK\t]povopii\ KOTOKXripovoprjiTei (uid) om iKcivos airoBaviiTai

KI/kX(u] >tVJ ?.f

SouXias] seruitutis tuae
I 1
(TQv] VpOllf e^aa-ai ae} eiciet te (uid)

otcrcTf] pr Kf( a<^avius\ aKJiavieiTf

om eyo)
om aov 2

Deut. 13. 6 om a-ov 3 Deut. 15. 10 8(8ous] pr sed

yurr;] -^ (Tov
om Ka^ort 6i'8fetTat
f I' koXttg) (tov^ tectiiu pyotsJ +(rou
0tXof] O 0fXo9 I I
atTo\ 7:i

Xeyuf] +//i5/ om noKiv

XarpeutTw^ei'] seyuias om Tft) 4"
S Ot/K 2] pr KOI 12 Kai I"] i;

9 m I] pr KOI Kai Ta> f/ii8o^a)] septiino anno

om fl'
Trp(t)TOlS e\fv6fpov post o-ou 2

ftr^aTtti] post te 13 fXEK^fpOJ/ post (TOU
10 8ouXias] + fuae 14 TOV Otl'Ou] TTJS \y)VOV
1 1
npoxrSriiTfi] TrpoadTjaovarti^ 1
5 om f yci*

Kara rouro] post vfiiv 16 r^yairr^Kiv^ t^yaTTTjcra

1 2 6i8a)o-ii'] dad/i n]v] pr dilexi
3 i^/ia>i^] r}^(ov ig T;(5i;] +o-ot
TTjv yrjv^ hi iirbibus 20 KUptOu] -^rTOV Ov (TOV

>;8etT] nouisti 2 1 Kai fav'\ cav Se

14 KOI i] pr ci inquires fico^ov TToi'rjpov] r)

Kai (uid) Troy /xco/ioy noi'rjpm
aKr)6u>i\ a\ri6ris (uid) 22 f J/
o-oi] pr o
om o-a(f)Ci)s
f 8fTtu] iiiaiiducabiint eaiii
5 )";] TToXei 23 (/>ayfa-5f] fr/t'j-

ara^e/xaTi] pr /tat 16. I

f^] K yf^?
17 (V
0-01/ i] i/ia/n'ius itiis I'UKTOs] rt'^SIU'^&H

o-ot] expl 3 fjr ovTou (viiTjv]/eriiu'n/uni ibi

14. 17 auTiu] inc om 7r oDToii 2" (uid)
18 TO ncTdvmv] haec ill uoliitilibus
20 TTav\ pr KM 4 o(p0ri(TfTai ooi] tvv'/ coram te

6vrjcniJ.aiov] iinillundtim om fTTTo rjppas (uid)

<^ay0-5e] +<'/ lliorluil icoi|i7;5i;o-Tat] relinqueiur caro (uid)

(^ayernt] +01^0 5 8t8o)a"tz'] dabit
Xaos] pr /// 6 ^i/(7-f(f] pr fKft
22 auTo] -^-ivavTi kv rov 6v (Tov efl f< yif
oto-tTf] pr (Ket (uid) 7 Tour otKouf] locum
Ta 2] pr Kai 8 fopT^] nu)e>.-2e ffi*

iva] pr f/ 9, 10 mutila

23 airo (TOV 1] /' f/j' 10 So)] -^-fToi KaSoTi jjvXoyrjaeu ae (uid)

avra] -\-iiii 1 I
TOu] pr KV
v\oytjtrfi\ rjv\oyri(Ti' Kai 2] pr a-v

24 aura] td XevetTrjs^ +0 v Titis TroXfo-ti' aov

apyvpiov] aere 12 Toy] pr 7raa"af
TO apyuptoi/] a 16 om (TOV I"
25 apyuptoi'] /7^?.y
KVplOs] +0 6i (TOV
fTTt 4"] pr >; 17 ra>v f^fipa^v^ manus
26 ouSe KXi)pot post ffou 2" vp.(jiiv'\
28 fpyoty] + (Tou 18 Kpirai] -^uestros
15. 2 TrXr/a-toi'] +(TOu KOTa<TTr\mi^

CTTtKfKXr^Tat ya/?] ot^ eiriKfKXTjTat TotyJ pr TToo-aty

4 (vkayaiv\ propter uerbum hoc StSwcif] dabit
hi^t3i(Ti.v\ dabit <^vXnf] {aov
5 rauras"] avrov 19 OUk] pr OVK iKK\lVOV(nV KpKTLV
7 SlSdXTlI'] (/(((J/V
20 biKaias SiQi^Tj] obseruabis facere iiidiciiiin
aTToarep^fif] nTrooTpfi^eti' in iustitia
TOV 2] pr a/ (uid) hihuifTiv\ dabit
8 KadoTt
evSeeiTai.'] seciinduin paupertatein eilis
o-oi] + secundum trihus et iudicabunt popu-

9 TO 1 Tos 2] tertiiis annus (uid) tttiii indicia iusto
om iv 21 TOD 6v\ pr KV

Deul. 16. 21 atavTW 2"] +st'c Dcut. 19. 5

17. 1 oni on

4 tK(t]Ti)(T(it] inguin-n- aifmot/um et iiiiicnics

om ifioip (uid)

5 om Km r'

6 ,] ./

airndavfiTai 1] moriatur
7 Tov\ pi" TtavToi
fir rxarav'\ erit super eum post earn

f| v\i.a>v a\iTu>\i\ e midio uestro

8 om fv Kpi(Tfi

I'^wr] aov
om Kdi 4

pr tiriicXijSiJi'at TO oi'o/in nuTou

9 Tov] pr Leuitas atit ad
lO Trpayfia] irpoaTayfia

(TOv\ -'rCK\.K\r)6r]vm to ovofia

avTOv (nfi

(piiXa^Tj] +<T(f>o8pa
oira (il)vofiov] secundum Ifgeiii datum tibi

1 2 7rt TO) ovo/iTi] / nomiue

KOI. 2] +<7 audiet eos
14 SiSoxrii'] (/a^/V

(TOi] +1/ kXtJ/JO)

Kai KXrjpovoprjo'Tjs avTTjv^ K\rjpovop.t](Tai qvttjv
3 ^fOS"] +(70D
1 6 TTJ oSoi raun; post (tl

1 8 om KQi 2

19 om tcni 3"

TTOtety] -^-avTa
20 arro tuv aSfX^wr] supcrfratrcs
iva 2] pr if/

avTOv 4] +nfT avTov

18. I om oXi) <^uXi; Xeuf(
2 ai'TOts] aura)

uvTcor] aurou
3 om Kat 2

5 Kli/HOs] +0 0f (TOU

7rt Tci) ovo/xari] / nomitie

om auTOf

lo-poTjX] +jrao'as Taf ij/iepas (+eorul)

6 froXco)!'] +i'/ia)i'

K\e^rjTai] +KS o 6i fTov

7 X(4TODpy>;<rai
om Tov dfov aov

9 Siboicnv] dabit
10 avT-oD I"] expl
19. I
TroXeo-iv] inc
2 om crot; T'

3 Kara/ifp(^t] KaTapfptei
om CKft
4 om rOUTO <j)OVVTOV
om Km 1
Deiu. 22. 25 fiiaaaficvos] +avTtjv Deut. 24. 4 irou 2] v/iuv

Tov^ pr Tov avop fitSwo'ti']

26 om Tis aQi\ vpiv

5 TToXf/xoi'] +pugnare
8 0vXa^7;] obseruabiiis
27 ffiorjerfv] pr koi
ovK ai'7-r;]
fio/i inuenit qui adiuaret earn om (j)v\a^(i(T6e
28 ^latra/iffos] +aKrj;i' 10 fa>/] +Sc
29 avrof] auro) 1 1
^M 1] pr .f^rf

^poKOf] -yavTov
12 V;^u^(i)] +aurnu
30 Tou TTuTpos i] pr uicini eius nut 13 aTTofiojcfts] +auTCi>
23. 3 om Kat 1 i'f;^u/>oi'] t/xartot'

fojs Sfcnri/f yd-fHs] usque ad duodecimani 1

5 om f TT aurto

generationem Ttji/ fXTTiSu] uitaiii suani

om ouK 2 Kvpiov 2" Kai 2] MHnOTe
om eTTt tx^ Karu (TOV post KVptnv
9 a/")7-ov] + aoD
Karapa<r^at] +crc
om (TOV 1

5 euXoyias
om o-ou 2

6 om <rou TO) 3] pr sed pauperi et

8 yiVvr]6ui(Ti.v yTaC\ relinques

9 om KQi om rcdi'

10 foi/] +OTS~n 20 TO) I] pr J-Cf/

fi/ o-oi]
tecum forat] relinques
cm Km 1 21 Tu 1] pr sed
25. Kat 2^] pr Kai KptV03(TlV
^eXeK(7Tai] matiebit

om if T>;i' nap(fi.lSo\t]i' TO SiKaiox] impium

1 1 om f (rrai TOV aa-f^ovi] iustum
12 om 2" 2 om 7Tai

13 om ftrrai 2 avTovl +fi'aj'Tt Tcot' KpiToiv KUL pa(TTiyoicrov(Tiv

o"ou 2'^] +61' aura)

14 fKirfptiraret] transibtt avTOivl + Kara ttjv atre^ftai' cwtou

f^fXeo-^ai] seruare 3 om api6pw

Ttpa TTpoa-anov a-ov]
III nianum tuai/i TTpOO"^^?] TTpnfTVOi(TlV

OVK ot^flr/ireTai] ou;( (vpfdqirfTai ^ao'rtycoo'at] + avTov

15 Ki/pto)] +niirou 5 >?] f"^'/

16 OV I^] pr 1' TVaVTL

TOTTOJ om airro)

18 ^SAK-y/iura rou T^6vr}KOTo^'\ etus

om Kai apfjJoTepu 6 om eorat

19 apyvpiov] (!^r2.f Karao-ra^ijo-fTai] iiocabunt

Kai roKov 2"] neque 7 om Kat 1

fKSavto-Tjf] +ra) a8f\(f>a a-nv om CTTt rT;f ttuX?/!'

20 fio-Tropevi;]
intrabis i)6i\r]iT(v\ +facere hoc
2 1 omnia opera 8 auroi'] fKftvri^
om KOI (22) fu^ao-^ai 9 aurou I] +7rpo? avTov
22 f<rrat om aurou 2

om v croi om anoKpiSeiaa
23 to] pr super
om ef L<TpaT]\

fim] fK
1 1
af^ptBTTOl] + Suo
12 x^'P"] +^'"-f '"^ ^"
'] pr KM
+(jov 13 0"0t /iaptTtTTTro)] (f
papfTlTTTTOy aov

hopa\ uerbum r;]


24 aprjTov l", 2"] agrum 14 Km pfTpoi'] Uiirium

cdes Kat
(Trn;(u?] -yet 7;]

24. I om eirrnt 1
5 StSmo-ii'] diibit

om Kat 3 1
7 f K yT/r] f^

3 ((Txarm 1, 2] secundus iS (TOV r o-ov T^eos qui post te fatigatos

)ciii. 25.
Deut. 28. 63 om firrat Deut. 30. 4 om eKei6(v 2

I'lMas I*^] -i- KGl nXtjOvi'ut I'lxai 5 om Kai 1 eKei^fr

om fv raj(t 6 om (cuptos

(Tu] + Kat TO fjnfppa (Tov

64 (TV Kai] negue 8 om fni Kvpiov

65 oni iK\a Kai 9 euXo-yijo-fi] eg

a-ov] nec constituet pedeiii tumn ihi o-oi; l] +eM>TC
frepav aTrci^ovtrni'] aSvpovrrtit' fv 2] pr xai
68 (V 2] pr Kn< 10 0i'Xao"(rf(r^at] + kgi Trutdv

7TpO(TdlJ(Tfl^ 7rpo(r6r](T1T6( Tas I'l pr natrai

om Tl om KOI 2 avTov 3
29. 2 TTavra oa-a] Opera quae 1 1
coTiv] +super te

om v\i(av 12 om OUK fdTlV

5 tt; (prjiib) post fr>) Tjpiv I^] t}pO>V

fTraXnim^r;] attrita sunt TT()irj(TOpfV~\ -^-avT^v

13 Tjfiii' I'"] nostncii!
6 oivov] pr K(n 14 fOTii/] pr j'ifi/

Kuptof] 'ripse aVTO post TTOtftl'

om fyo) 15 Trpo npotrcoTTOv aov post ar^pfpov
7 etf TToXe/ioi] pugnare nobis TO l"] pr f/

(8) v mutila 16 c^fXatro-fo-^at] pr kiu
8 ya?i om KQi 2
10 vpfis iTr]pfpov]uos c'ni'm omnes sletistis kodie etanopfvrj] introibis
12 1TapK6flv'\ -\-fTf 17 KQi fai/] fav 8(
Kai 3^] .y^^

13 0"oi;
^fo?] (rot ^y 18 anoXetaOf^ peribis

y/s] +7/9 Kv o ^9 (Tou StSojcrti' (Tot {dabit)

ped vpoiV vpeis Sia^aivcTf] transibitis
5 p^fO Tip(iiv'\

(oBe 2 vpoiv 2^] ojSf /zf^ vpuit' (Ti]pfpoj' (K(i\ pr fifreX^ett)

16 0)9 I] pr Kai 19 ficXflai] +aulem
17 apyvpLov^ pr ^/ Trjv ^arjv crv] tibi uitam
18 ei' u^iti' post avrjp 20 om <rov 2"

TTopevBevT^s^ nopivffrSai. TO KOToiKiiv (re]

uiuere te

om KIVWV om rots TraTpa(rtr crou

19 cm ferrai
avroi9] patribus tuis
el* 1 avTov post Xfyo);/ 31. 2 om TOUTOl'
20 om TavTr)9 3 ovro9] auro9
TOUrO)] TOU VOpOV TOVTOV nrro] rrpo (uid)
2 1 cm avTov (Ton 4] eoruni
22 cm 7; CTfpa (uid) 4 om O ^f09 (TOU
23 avrris] ilia

6 o 2 ii/iii'] 5?z' uobiscuin ipse est qui ibit
om ouSe ai^arfXfi ante faciem uestrain
677 aDrT/j/] z' ea 7 KOI exaXfcrci' paivoT)! periere
ahapcL\ pr f/ al'Tot9 2^] pr avTtjv
(Tf/3<i)eii/ 8 KVPI09] +0 ds (TOV

24 ffli";] +t;;9 -yT^t 9 eStoKff] +auT(t> (uid)

o 1
ouTos] furor hie iiuxgnus et haec ira tepfutrtK] +f/iis Leui
25 Tov 6iov'\ -\-eoruii! Dei 10 fc 1 (12) lent 2
TOLS TraTpatrtv avrwvl eis 12 (Kynv(i\ filios eorutn
26 CTfpoLS^ + Kai TrpnrTfKVt'Tjaau avTois 13 (Tou] D/LKfji' (uid)
29 vpwv I
-J TJpttiV ii^fi9 Sia/iati'fTf] transibitis
30. I om (arm fKfi] intrare in earn
i)v] gitas 14 T>;i/

(16) ei(T7rop(vfTui periere
S|i;] pones ea 16 KOI 3] pr hereditare eum
2 om c-yo) 1 7 e(TT(it] f (Tovrat

3 lao-ijToi] remitiet tibi fpftj ipov(Tiv

4 fav] pr f/ (V (poi\ nobiscuni
Ueut. 31. 19 yfyayjfaTf] pr I'vv Deut. 32. 47 fKfi] i/i/rtu;- in tant
0111 miTj]v 1" KXf/^xjf o/x';(r(uJ + avTr}v
Kara Tr^offtotroi' /in/jri/poixrii] (it fiapTi'iiiov 48 rai/Ti;] fKfit't]

20 oni 8ovvai avTOti 49 p^avaav I"] ^wajS

Km (fin\7]crd(vT(s Kopt)<Tov(Tit> mutila iO"pa?;X] 4- ft? KaTn(rxf(rtv

(iXXoTfllOUt] +Knl \aTpfV(TOVITtV ai/TOlf 5 1 om pov (V

21 KOI fiaprvpovira mutila (Tfii'] trti'd

om <u$ 33. I
fi'Xiiyi;(rfi' --t(r/)ni)X] rccitauil Jiliis Israel

23 itja-oi] 'rfilio Naiie bcnedicens eis Moyses uir Pel

34 fir Tf Xof] + avTUiv 2 <^apav\ Farran

26 om fi' ayyfXoi] +aurou
27 napairiKpaivovTi^ pMv mutila 3 f<^fi(raTo] 4-Ks
28 ic*:Xr;(Ti(icrarf] +0111' 7 loi/Sa I"] pr tribus

VpbiV r^] +Kflf rov^ irpf(Tt^VTf)OVS Vfl<OV fXdois av] i\? lilTq

29 (KK\i.v(iT( otto] rt'liugHe/i.i auTo)] +sumeni indicium cum eo

KOKo] -k-haec
TO novT)pov 9 TraTpi] +aurou
32. 1 om KOI 2 /iijrpi] 'ravTov
om fK afffyvai] a.cjKi^A.'S" ncioq

4 rracrai at o8oi] omnia opera f(^i/Xn^fi'] scruiibil

nSiKta] 4-i' nurw 1 1

KaTa|oi'] iir oifio oil
6 om aurof
7 Tovf] pr interro^et 12 tTKiatTfl

8 Sifpfpiafv ava w/iwr] /' medio tno?itium

10 ;< />; (ii'uSpo) post nKTov 2 13 f9r] QTT
1 1 (rKfTTatrft atro ci)p(uv] ^z finibus
3 tOrj^airav] fflijXa<Ti' ni/Touf
ajTo ajivaiTcov nrjyoiv'l a fonte abyssi

15 eveTTXijadTjl +Kat tna^vi'Orj KaTu>6fv\ e.1

16 ev] pr ef 14 Kad wpav yVTipaTa>v]/rucius eius in Deo
19 om Kai I" 16 K.aQ copar] caeli et
20 8fi|o)] +m
om rjfifpuiv 17 irpuroroKOf] pr j/f.v/
2 I deoic Kf para I] pr ^/ J-;V/

Tra/joj^i/i'ai'] pr
e/ fdvt]'] + omnia
23 (TUVTroXf/XIJO-to] (n/rTEXfO-O) om fTT

25 Tapfiav^ +avTa>v 18 (al3ov\<ov i] Sabulon

26 Se] Si) 21 airapx'jv axiTov] Ti^p^^^H

27 fx^P"''] +^<'''Ufn XaoH'] pr /

<rvv(TTi6u>vTai] + super eos Kupiot] kS
28 (flyof] pr oTi 22 om KCll 2

31 (LdLV 24 SfKTos] benedicius

34 om tSou 27 om o-f (uid)
35 <"] pr f/ 28 ncjvoiBai post poi'os-

al'TaTToSojcw] +l//ts (TtTO) KOt OU'O)] yj]S (TLTOV KOI OirOU

aiiToif] '.? 29 v7r(pa(77Tifi] + /^i^/

39 dfof] pr a/ius 34. I
otto] fTTt
aTTOKTeva) apa;x(i>d

41 c;^^poir] +/.10U c^atrya] Fasca

pLaovaii'j +/xe 2 Nepthalim
43 7rpoa-Ki'i/T;craT(oo'ai'] sacrijicent om Tiaaav 2

uiot] pr TraiTe? 4 /faf

om Kai fK8iKri(T(i (uid) 5 fTfXfVT'T/trtl'J +f<ft
/xt(70uo"ti'] 4*ai''"ov 7 ouk] pr *cnt

om Kvpios 9 Tof x^ipai avrnv] inaniim suam

46 TJj KapSta] +v^ci>i' II Tott 2] pr naaiv

47 om vpfis om Tratr;;

Sta^atvfTf] tra?is!b!tis



The following fragment of the Bohairic version of Judges (11. 30-40), published by
Lagarde, Orientalia, i.
G"], Gottingen, 1879, was omitted in our notes by an

Jdg. 11. 30 SiSouf 6<af] det Dominus Jdg. 11. 35 rapaxi frapa^as] ucxasti
(V x(ipi\ in manus
TTj Kai 3
pov 2\ (IS o-KmAof cyfvov (v offidaX-
31 oni Kot 1 pois pov
oni o fK7rnpevo^vQS cm Kara (tov

om /cat 2" fTTL(TTp(\lmi] c'2iii)'A

avoto-to] pr KOI 36 tj fie] Kai

oXoKourco/ia] + Domino 7raT/j] +pov

32 TTaprjXdfv] 8c(l3rj Cuid) Tjvoi^asl P^ ^*

ev xf'P'] i>' manus ,

(TOV I] +KaT fpov
33 avTovs] -'rcaede magna (TOV 2] + oipog^ nneK'SioA- cfeoA jiina'oic
Ebelckarim om airo 2

iTvvfaTaKr\iTav\ humiliati sunt 37 om r/Se

34 r)\6iv\ reuersus est Trotjytrarci)] Trotr/troi' ^ot

eis vnauTijo-w] in obuiam eius om Kai icaTa[ii)(ropai
om avrrj (uid) fni ra oprj post KXav(Topat
/xoi'oyei'T/j] \- dilccta eius 38 ttTTfl/] -{-avTTj

Ouyarr/p 2"^ /ilia neque Jilius praeter Km cTTopfvBr]^ lugere (uid)
earn 39 (TtTTp(^(v\ iuit
35 om avTo% (jTOirj(rv (V aurr;] (ncTeXfafi'
a a] uae mihi 40 -yaXaaS] tov yaXaaSiTov

I H ^0 Y 2

I 1 ^KAI ijepsTO fiera ttjv TeXevTrjv Moava-i] el-rrev Kiipio<i tw 'Iija-oi via Navrj tw vTrovpya> B
2 Mayvarj Xeyiov ^Mcovarj<; 6 Oepd-rrmv jnov rereXevTrjKev. vvv ovv avaaTa<; Sui^rjOi top ^\opZdvriv,
3 <TV Kol Trd<; 6 Xao^i ovTO<i, el<i ttjp fyriv fjv iya) BiScofii aiiTol<;. 3-n-a<; 6 totto? e'^' op dp eVt/Siyre

4 T&> ('%I'el
TWP TToScbp VflCOP, Villi' ScOCTW aVTOV, OP TpOTTOP l'pt]Ka TO) Mwi/CT^" ^TTJP eptjfJiOP KOi TOP

ApTi\ij3apop rov fieydXav, irorafiov EtK^paTou, koI ew? t^? 0a\d(T(T7]<; ttjij
eo)? tov Trorafj-ov

5 ea^drr]'; d(f) rfKlov ovafiSyp' earai

ra bpia Vjxwp. ^ovk dpTiaT7]aTai, dvOpavo'; KarepooTriop v/xaip
Tratra? ra? rjfiepa^ t>}? f&JJjs crof Kol wcrTrep rjfitjv fierd yiwvcrri, ovt(o<; eaofiai koX fierd crov, koX

I 2 5mti9(l AF* 3 'X" 4 opia B*"] opeia B*


Inscr i7;<roi'S BF( + a/>x^ erepas Tre^'raTcuxoi' ^at Trporrov uestigiuin {-gio Luc) 3t Luc : ;' omnem locum in.
quern (ubi
^ij3\tof auTTjs etTTif
Kara toi' vavq F^)MN0aj om F*bdgmnpt Thdt
vixuv] calcauerinte0pedes
?; tT^iroiie icXTopLa codiX) ptrueniaiit ues/igia'S, \ ok] |

qsuyza^bj] iT/ffous S"' v :

iijuous rai;)) /)( + ff"')!! :
iT/ffous vafii p^ :
i<p uv c: 0 w a: ou gnlES Thdt |
tT/ffoi'S ^'ai'T; t :
iT/trovs uios z/ai'T; Arx ;
itjcrov^ o tov 'ai^7; gi ; uestri IE' : calcauerit pes uestcr IE' | av] eav gn : om 0*dp |

t77croi'y tov vainj c :

(iTjffoi'S 107): iT^ffou toi; i/auT; lo
roi^ j^a^T/ ;
(infii]T] eir((irp-( (: f7ri/3i7 bm : +eTr avTov g: -fex aurw n |
tfjaov I'lat ftti/t m: (iijaovs ^i^Xiot/ ^ktov 130): ifitxovs vavq iX''os m I
TU]v TToSojv vfiiov] pedutn tuorum Luc tov irobos h | |

^i(3\i0P S"' h' : IS tov vavt] /3t^Xos cktos n Lrjaovs tov va^t :
vjxuv]avTuv n :
ri/xav f tt ai^Toi" p + ex aiToi/ cxS(sub ::): + fir

fjipXiOf eKTOv p* :
apxt tt;! fii^Xov iriaov tou vavq f: apx'? "' auTox ta^ -f or :
avTr)v d | v/uv] ei/j,i o | auTOi'] auTO a^ :
VLOV TOV vavrf tov fieTa fj.o)VfXws c ; w5e ttws f x^* tT/crous rou cq tvy "S-codd
: ov Tponov] Tpoirw w d om tw 2'^ d /xwfffT;]
| ] |

I'auT; X07 . . S~' k fiuvad qz yUwin) gn /lOKrci x : ;

11,2 uevba nonnuUa rescr A'' 4 Ti/:' ep->)//oi'] pr xai Thdt a deserto IE : in deserto C"' :

1 fiwvar] I**] fiwva^i z(txt) :

/xwitt; I; SofXcu kv c: yuoji'crei Toi'] Tfiv Oqsz at'T-iXi/Sai'oi'] +T0UT01' F*Ncdptv(mg)xajS(sub

Soi'Xou itu z(nig) fiojatj 5ov\ov la! gnx

: :
/twi'(7uJS SouXoi' ku q :
X') Or-lat: \avTov m +7ra(rai' tt^k 777*' tou x^rratou k cus :

+ Sov\ov ifS FMei'abhiraCEiLS(.sub * MS) Thdt :

( + 5oi-Xw i] OTTO y* om TOV iroTap-ov F'ek om ^711X01; TroTa/xov cy^
I | |

Kvpiov 128; +5oiiXoi' ^eoi) 118): +5oi'Xoi' tov Ov ni : H- ooi'Xoi' (pr TOV 18.209): TOU d: om fglmnpCIL Thdt Luc
T!-oTap.ov j^] |

Sou Ku a, I fiTre^] pr Kai AMNSaefhijloisuvyzbjIi: post Kupios (ppaTov b'{uid)f Kai 1^] pr iraaav ttjv yi)v tov x^TTaLov cejx |

q I
om Tw I" m Thdti | iijcroi Bv(mg)] n)(roi) AFMNev(txt) z(mg)lE : Tracrai' tt^i' yriv xfTToiou q : omnem terram Cketaeorum
rell Thdt |
vlov a^ p om tw -2*^
[ vav-rj] vavi m :
va^tj d : f a/3t | ^S(sub >:)
: -fTracrav tt^c 7i7f toi' xfTTatoi' FN(-f-Kai)a2 | ftrxa-
admx I vTTovp^a BF*bgirz(nig)3L(uid) Thdt] XeiTOvpya A(Xi7--) T))s] ^70X7)5 blLS(mg) Luc I a0 tjXiou Siw/nwi'] post vp-av dpt:
F'""sMN8z(txt) rell a(uid)S Or-Iat z: OTTO 5v(sp.uiv TjXiou ax ad soils occasum Luc
usque nobis erint fines 3
| /luvari i"] ij.ava<:i : 1E'= (pr tV) |

fuoari kx ; + oiKerjj icv

p^ (decrpuv 1 6) <rTai v/xuiv] ecTTai] ai. ex
2 fiuaiji gnx vw ovv] vvv bis scr ni Kat vvv a uit/w
: : ^ : corr i om A*(hab A'''"'':)

xa opia] Ta o sup ras

6) A^(om
om OVV N I ayacrras] ava<jTi)0L Kat n iop5ai'7;y] + tovtov Fed |
Ttt A*""") :
fines termini Luc :
(to ovop.a 71) | vp-iiiv] + nobis C5E
kptxa,'a-ed(uid)ES(sub -x-) Or-lat om <ru Sl-codd | |
Xaos 5 ovK avTKTTTjacTai avOptijiros] pr /fat elE : et nemo stabit ^ :

ouTOs] popidus tuns '3 fis Ti;i' yqv} in terra S-ed cyw I | 5i5m/(i] om avOpujTros q : -f ovOcts ej | /carerajTrtoc] pr Ta q : /caTfi/acTtoc

ehiSuixi. dp: c^o (/(/(io 3l-ed CIL Luc: om eyw a, Or-lat J g : KaTcvavTi bn :
(/caTa irpoawirov 30) u/xwi'] ij/xwf 1* : aov
aurois] viMv m Or-lat: yf/Vi Israel 3: nobis filiis Israel IE:

(30) Luc I
Ktti 1 sub S I wiTirep]

ws Cyr i Thdt: KaOwi

auTT?;' Tots utoty i^X x{t;i' sup ras x^) : -Vtois viois ir\K edkptS Cyr^ I VI-''V^] V ^y^^' ^ycvopijv Thdt | ixoiva-q] /xuvcrei z

(sub %) pLitjffT) gj*nx: pujvaiOJS q: aov h* ovtws] sub ^;- 5: oirros a^


3 Tras iX''f '] omncin locum quemcumqiie ingrcssi Jucritis om Thdt eiro/nai] ecroip.( n
koi 0 u/tos q xai 2] sub 5 :

1 I Kai pLUVjij i] 0-'

/i;j^ aulein fineni Mosis % \ p.av<jT\ 1] 01 0' x M: + "' X" "^^ SouXod kv s \
toi \\\ a,' a'

TTpos Ly)aovv vlov KOKy b^ | i'7rot'p7w] 0' vwovpytt} v

2 lopSai'rji'] -1-01 X TOUTo;' Mvz 3 vpuv] +6' or avTov v: +d' ew avTov M
4 ai'TiXi/Saxoi'] + 01 X tovtov M sai 2] pr 01 X tiji" 7>;>' tou xTTaiou M(xeTaioi')v

5 OVK 1 vp-iov] a' ov aTTj\w0ij<TTai avT]p ets

irpofjojirov aov v av6pujTros KaTvwirtov vp-oiv] a'

d' ovdets Acara wpoawirov
aov vz(sine nom) ^ai p-era aov] /cat (p u^uas F^ |

SEPT. 675 87
B ovK ivKaraXel'^o) ae ovhe vTrepoyfro/xai ae. ''('<r;^U6
Kal dvBpi^ov av ynp BieXeii tw \aw rovTtp 6

Ttjv yrjp i}v (S/ioaa tok irarpdaiv vfiSiv Zovvai, avToi^. '^'ta^ve ovv Koi iivSpi^ov (^vXaaaeaOai Kai 7

TToieii' KaOoTi t'rerei'XaTO aoi ^\a)Vffr]^ 6 Trnis' fiov, Kal ovk eKKkivelt dir avTcov ei? Se^ia ovSe elf
IT B"" apto"Te/3(i, iW cuvfji; ev Trdcriv olf idv irpdao'jj^^^ ^koX ovk dirocrr/jaeTai 1) ^i(3\o<; rov vofiov H

TOVTOV eK rov (rrofMiTo'i crov, Kal fi\6Ttj(Tei<; ev avTu> j;/i.e/3a? Kal i'vkto';, 'iva eihfi<; iroieiv Trdma

TO.yeypafifLevw Tore evoSwOi'jay Kal evoBu)(Ti;i, to? oSous" crov, Kal Tore avv/jaei';. '^IBoii t}>reTaX/J,at, y
aof tayve Kal dvBpl^ov, p.!] BeiXtdaj)^ p,T]Be ^o^j]6i]'i, on fiera aov Kiipto? 6eo<i aov t? irdvra
ov edv TTopev]). 'Kal iverelXaTo 'Irjcrov^ toI<; <Ypap,p,aTev(7iv rov Xaov Xe'^wv "EtVeX^are |
H S Kara peaov Ttjf Trapep^oXi}';^ rov Xaov, Kal ei'TeiXacrde tw Xaw XeyovTe'i 'EiT0ifid^ea6e iiriai-
TixTfiov, OTi en Tpelf ))p,epat, Kal Opel's Bia^ai'veTe toj' 'lopSdvTjp tovtov, elaeXdovTS'i Kara(J')(e'lv
t;;i' <yt}i' fjv Kup(o? deo<; twv iraTepcov iipSiv BlBoxnv vplv. '^Kat tw Vov^rjv Kal tw 12

VdB Kal Tco i)piaei, (f)vXrj<i M.avaa-aTj elirev 'l7;<roO? '3Mf;o-07;Te- to prjpua b eveTeiXaTO iiplv 1,5

5 evKaTa.\ti\j/ij> B*] (VKaToKiipu B* ;

cfKaraXei^u '&' 6 aTroSitXfts B"'""':

7 0i'Xa<rf<rSe F* |
exkXed'fis B* 8 avru B"'"'] avn) h*^ 9 5iXia<n)s A
I o ypafifnarfvat A 1 1 evriXaaOat A | CT0i/nafe(r9ai A | rpis A | SiajSoii'CToi 1'"* | Karourx^ A


om ISiL Kus Cyr J Luc |

xai 3] sub S'" : om m | {ovk 7"] 6 rcU 3 : + Domitius C |
crov 2] trous r : + omncs C | awTj-
ov ^1) 84) I e7'caTaXeiirw A | oiiSc] oi'x 2] aov 209)
x [ (tre fffts] avPTjarjs o : ffufoto'ets dm
6 ai'arSpifoi' f | yap] autt'm % |
SieXets B*cmr] SiatrreXets 9 erreraX/xai] et'reXXo/iai AMN0abhikmoquv(mg)xyz(mg)
h : airoSicXfis B=''bik : orroSiairTcXei! AFMN6 rell Eus |
tou b^SCTlES' ;
eireXXw^ai n I (Tot] ae d j taxve] la . . . Y \ ^ir} Set-

Xao' ToiTOf rouro g {u/ioa 16) v^ujv] avTicv A(sup ras
| | | XiaiTTjs] .. SiXiaffeis F* | /iij] ix-qSe cdlE ; est quod : iei- % \

A-^jbgknS: cou MNdmopthj3l-ed: om u Somai ain-ois sup | Xiaa7;s] SetXtoffets b'cdguy StXtafft ; n 5etXia h
fpo^T]6i]s] itto^- |

ras A* ffrji F*giv(mg)z(mg) (pofiov y :

8(os aov] om fE om aov :

7 :<rxue ot"'] apSptfof]

-f(?' fimius esto IE : om oi'*'
mnqt | Ay I Trai'To] +TOTrov Fbd-juprslvzajS-ed (H Luc |
om ou eav
+ ff0o5pa ,-icdghknptx'33E3(sub *) ^iiXatrffccrSat] xai 0uXa<r- | TTopev-q Luc I
eaf Tropei'i;] ?Vr/V IE :
itigredieris it |
ax* F |

crai m
Kai 2] sub --r- S'"
om Fglimn Trottic] + Kara iravTO :
| TToptvf}] TTopevatj bdegjnpt :
{iropevdTjs 30)
Tov vofior FacclghknptxajS-codd 3ES |[sub :: S om Kara agkn |
10 LTjaovt] pr n :
{fiwvarjs 71) j (om tov Xaov 74*)
E om TravTa a fO/noi'] + toutov aa^jl
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: +sccHiuium omnia 11 eiaeXeare] eiaeXdcTe Fi'Ma-egh'i^'nq-tu^'zbj: ciffeXfle p |

mandata S-ed |
loflo q om uoi my | ^uffTjs gnx |
lai 3] ifttTa] 4-7rpo b' | ^ieaov] fieaov fv(txt)z{txt) :
/xepoj t: v(jJtov o |


sub om Fm ny
: air aiTwy] ex ilia 3-codd | (^k\i.vh.% |
om TOV Xaov nxlElt-S"' | etrfiXatr^e] evTLXea6at c : everstXaadc
1L Luc om fis i AF*glinrtuxyajiL Luc
SffiaK F'^o | |
q I
TW Xaw] TOU Xaou a^ | eTotpLa^^aBe] {(Toifxaafaffe 6) f roi/xa- 1 :

oiiSe] q AFMNBafhikloquxyajb^'affiJLS
Luc om cu 2" ghn |
aeaOai aurots o : Toi/ia(7are eaiTois F + eacrois cdgknptxz{mg) :

oqryb2ffi"'IL Luc apiarepav F*" iva o-wtjs] post iracrii' d | |

a,aE1LS"'(sub -y-aS'") om cri N*b wfpas cxji, *ra: 2^] I | |

ii'...[>'j;s F* I
om ey iraaiv ots 1
| ois] ats c |
cfhqv | Trpaff- sub -:- S'": om AF'MN9ahkmoquxyb,iE3L u/itis] post tovtov |

cnjs] (Tt; ex corr 1: wonj^ dept :

TrotT/crets iv iraoiv a,: t'rfj lE*^: IS :
post SiapaiveTc St-ed om ejS-codd 1L Sia^riaeaOe A(-^a() :

(?(75 et fcuias IE' MN9aefgi-oqsu-yz(txt)ajbj'3-codd(uid) (fflL om- tovtov n^-

8 om KOI 1 i-UKTos e |
/toi 1 sub Sb \
om ohk u* |
codd (IT I eiffeX^orres] / hilres 3L tt;^ tt/^] pr Cij c : r* |

om |

airooTiio'eTOi 1; ^i^Xos] reicies librum 3-ed toutou] tov a^ :

yjv] T-qv n T03V Trarepwf] sub ^"' : oni k tj^wv bglmnpqt

| I |

om m I
ex <rou i"] ex opcre tiio 1L (ex] airo -209) om tov | | 31, I biSwatv] dabit "HCiL | vp-iv] qp.iv b : + KXtjpovopLrjaai Fcdk
1 chs* KOI 2'''\ sed Cyp-cod avTT\ B*''11L Cyp Luc iva] pqtxz(mg)aiES"'(sub -i-)
OTTtos e 1

etST/s BM(mg)z(mg)] (TifretST/s r (Ti'j'tT;? k (ri'i/j;eis a^


: :

; 12 Titi 1 yad] tribtii Rtdien et tribui Gad fit | poi'/Sv""]

trvvqar] o: inUlligas 3: 0tXocrff7;s degnpt(-(r7; gn)iL Cyp Luc: pou/SeiK cirsx: pov^mp. h'': povfinp. dejlmp :
pov^iv t
om xai
ffvvi)^ P irafftv ots eav ttolt}% ottus (pvXaffffTjs fjsvz(txt) (Tvvtjs : 2 p yaS\ S sup ras (2) 1
tu 3] to bcV | | tJiU'i^"] Vl^iav b'f
AFM(txt)N0 rell irafTa -Koieiv u ^
yeypaixficva] +ev avToj 1 \ h*km-prv* :
rjfivaL c :
rjpuaov a^ I ^afatrff?;] /xavacrcret /^ :

Fcdeghjknpqtxaj3C1SS(suli *) : +/ eo Cyp-ed Tore 1"] pr m'S :

fiavvaaatj y : Mannase It eiTrtf ] pr fV 3L i??^!'?] a^
on FaxS :
pr el 3[ :
i/iiia IE,: el '. \ fvoBuff-rjini
aov |

2] reela Xiyav F* : + Xe7Ui' F2''cdgknpqtxz(uig)aj,9(!rS"'(sub 4)

| ]

erit uia tua IE |

om evohitidriaT) Kat bfgnxlLS Luc euoSaitret |
13 TO pT)po.'\ Toiv pr)p.aTwv Kv m: +kv AFMNea-<lf-iln-rt

Bcz] ei'o5w(Tw bdgnptiLS Luc :

fvoSucrrit ho f uoSuo-eis AFMN :
xyajb3'3(!r5LS"'(sub ) | i] os c: oik m | ei-eT-eiXaro] fXa-

6 fiieXeis] aTroStatrreXets 5ia^eiptets k : 0' SteXets vz [ v/xuiv] a' a' eoruin %

7 a'5pifou] + 01 X aipodpa Mvz | Ka(?OT(] ot X (tara Trai'Ta roi' vop.ov . . Mvz |
oi'5 ets] o' a' 7; ets v | ouSc] ^' oi'Se M |

7rpa(T<77;s] ^' wopevrj Mvz

8 (i/a yeypa/t/xeca] 0' tfa trifi/i^s Trotfii' Traira 7a yiypapp.iva a' OTrots (pvXaaatjs tou Troutv Kara ira** ro yeypa/x/xevov a' iva

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avToii<; 'EiTriaTa/j,ai on SeSa)Kev vfj,iv rrjv
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non indicaneritis haec uerba nostra et erit cnin tradiderit nobis
uy} pr TM MNGabdefh-kops-Yxza^bj om oi/$ eJwXeSpcwarf Dns ciuitatem Jaciemns tecnm misericordiatn et ueritate/n IL

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IL: iwhis Dominus Detis a-codil | viiiv rqv iroXiv] cUiitatem aS'" |[toi;tu
ij/ias sub * S"' |
touto dg | w] pr :: 3 :
nostram in mantis ufstras IE | vfiivl post iroXii' 9 :
^<^Ullv n : om n I T;/itv c\
rintv cz(mg) : om q | rriv jroXii'] tt}v yqv kxS^lmg) citiitatem : 18 tSoi'J \cnim IL | '/Mfi?] u/xcis lo: om h | et(r7ropfi'0/ie^a]
hanc IL 1 irotT^ffeT-f BNaxlL] pr A'at
dkpt {tcai Tron]aaT 74):
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(it ex corr) |

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| Trape^i^aaes i :

Si non declaraucritis de nobis fadernus misericordiam

ti ii iiiri 7;juas] i')uas d: om e 5t ain-rj^] ev avTi) AM9bliklmoqxya2b2:

tecum cum tradident Dominus citiitatem tiestrnm tioHs et ueri- om a(uid)iL Or-lat: +cvTavTric tov Se] Kat tov AFM9e-jln \

tatem IE oqsvwy-b^: Kat m om aov 1 IL aov 2] om IL: +Kai T-qv

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{aavT-qv 144.236.237):

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eis 3

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om aov 5
om z(nig) reixei i] Tixci F*: Tax" F''"''': toixw x iim
Kai Tfix 2 g

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et hahitaiiit ea in pariete eins IS (om eiiis 2 3E"^) : + ev ax"'""^ c|eX^ot j: +e^w Tou otKOf

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om Kat 2^ KaraStcoKovTes
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quxya2b2 | {aTro<rTp\f^o}iTtv 01 KaTadtuiKovre^] 01 KoraStwKofTes post eai'Tw 237) {eavTuj iaTat] eaTat auTw 16*) eauTw] post I |

etrtaTpe^ujtv 16) awoffTp\p(j}(Tit' Bcr] airoarpeif'ovaiv N : t/iro- eo"Tat 2 x^"': eavrov kw: ai'Tw Mbfm aeavTOj q T/jueis i"'] :


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fuerit IL

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01; -ii- 01 wpKtaai '(M"' vz(om : om ou *)
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lopKtaas 7;/ias M: +0' X -^^ w wpKiiras 7;/ias v


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tangat eum % :
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(209 {v/x-)) %: +0 6s v,^ Tra<Tav 7;^ajy i"] ec x^9^^^ tj/xojv I

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Tjv"] ev 7; u I TTopei'eo'^e] (pr Arat 236): wopfVTjade F: iropevffeade

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km (om 237) ctti I'Saros] in aqnam 13
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tw Xauj] Trpos tov \aov Nq + Xeyujv : Kai 2] sub S"" : om ^lE | a-TTjffeaBe ev tcj iop5avrj gnwdg'Sl
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avpLOvm om k: : eis ttjv avpiov AFM rell Or-gr om on avpiov 914 omd^
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mirabilia nobis 12 |
ev tip-iv Kvpios BAgr Or-gr] ks ev rjfiiv eiu 7cre] TrpoaaycTe m: irpoaeXdcre gnw aKoi'trere h*(uid)m Or- |

v(txt)xz v : vfxiv Ks p^-codd : Us Vfxiv n nobis Dominus '31-ed : :

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6 Kai 1] pr Kai eyevero ttj avpiov P"^'"Sgn |
etTrcc post SiS<S"'(sub -x*) :
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post i'wi'
Kvpiov 1*^] sub

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Kai 2

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6 apare] ^atrratrare k tov i] pr ot X ep-irpoaBev v Kat 4" Xaou 2] a' Kai a-mjXOov wpo tov Xaov vz{sine nom) Kat

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10 ev TOVTCj] pr oi \ Kai eiirev ts Mvz 0' 0' ev tovtoj v :

IH20Y2: III i6

Kal 6\0pevii)v oXeOpevaei diro trpoauiiTov ij/u-wv top ls.avavalov koI toi> XeTxaioi' k il tov (i>epe^a2ov 13

11 Kal rov Kvaiov Kal tov 'Afioppalop Kal tov Vepyecralov Kai tov le^ov<Taiov. "t'Soi' ; KtfffOTOv

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lepifov Twv alpovToiV T))v ki/Biotov Trj<; 8ia6t']Kr)v Kvpiov Traffj;? t>}9 7}9
14 TO vScop TOV 'lopBdvov eVXei'v/ret, to Be vBiop to KUTa^alvov o-TJ/o-eraf. 'Kat dTrrjpev 6
\a6<; eK twv a-Kr)va>p.dTO}v avTWv Bia^fjvai tov 'lopBdvTjv, ol Be iepei<; fjpoaav t>)v ki^cotov tjJ?

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Trpoxipt(Ta(Tde F*
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5 Kp7]Tri5a h^] Kp-i}Trn5a. B* ;
K/>t7rt5a A


jiohiscum 3315 (pr qui) \ \ituv'\ rintv Fefv(mg) : + (ariv Or-gr | 209): om 5 ^ 1
TO KaTa/3ai'oi'] to KaTO i'otoj' i* : tov lopSavov

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f^o\o$pev(TL avudev g; + avwBev FNbcdhkpqtxz(mg)31ES"'(sub ott;- -Sc-) |

gnqw :
^o\o0p(vat kj dpt: + ks Mbckx |
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rnxuf IS. ij/xui/] uMwi- MN(icegjl-qswxajbj*(uid)3131E3t,: om t
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3-ed + aceruus
S-ap-Barh + ws opos b + sicut tiouus
. . . : :

TOV xo-vavaiov] CAdfaeitrn ^-codd Kai tov x^^Tatov] et Chana- |

aceruus columnae 3-cod + o' ff' aoipoi s 8' acKoixa ev g :

naeuii! S-codd : om m': om Koi dp |

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xai tov euaioi/ % factum est ubi < discesserunt S"" :
CTrijpev m | 0] pr iras efj
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(pepefaiov A(-fo>')F"abdh svzIL om 5e k om leptis (15) eiireiropfi/oi'TO c lepcu] pr

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TOV Xaov] coram oin)ii populo 'E ; ante eos 13 ; om dpt irpoTepov |

lei/offfaioi' b: le^oi/fftraiof k: y^pyea'aiov Qn\vJE/lL{Gc'f^''^ss-): rC(uid)

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tTropei/oi'TO bya^d^ : intrauerunt
S'" om k om 01 2 An t7;s
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dta^atv-i] n : 5ia- StaOT)Kijt 1] om kmn: om ttjs c: +kv Mab'defiq
sub S'" :

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Kai Kupioi' 33 !
Toil' 1 Kvpiov] avrujv dn | t;s StadtjKTjs Kvptov]

12 pr Kai vvv bcdgknptxz(mg)3lS'"(sub *): TTj! 5iaS7)KT)S CIS TOV lopSavqv p : om

pr vvv ovv FCT
pr <?/ IE :
pr uuftt: aitteui 13 [ Ujuii'] pr mihi dj^S"' ; om Ki'pioi' culElL cis 1
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una una tribu


E uirunt secundum tribiim

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complebatur autem aqua usque ad ripas 13



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13 KaT-a/SaiKoi'] + 01 X avuffev Mv OTijacTai] +0' $' aoipoi eis ff' auKwixa ev Mvz(om 0' z: om fis z: om ev vz)
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SEPT. 683 88
Ill i6 IHSOYi:
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Kal TovTovt hiaKOfiiaavTet tifia vfilr Kal avTot<; 6eTe avTov<i ev rf} aTpaToneSia vfioiv, ov eav

Trapefi^iiX7)Te tVet tijv vvktu. -^Kal dvaKaXe(rd/j,evo<: Ii/o-oO? ScoSeKa avSpw; Tton evSo^tav diro 4

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3 ffTparoweSia] (TTpaToneSeLa H-'*' :
arpaTonatSta A | Trapefx^aX-qrai A 4 ai^ai'tt^aXftrajuecoy F*


rovra] Karapaivov kore/ij) d | eaTi) 2"

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populus ( + omnis (K) Iransiil ISCE |

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fis Xeirei'] finieruut lE'S : ereXecre m
+ Kai k Tr7;7^ia] Tre7r7j7;ue'a rg(uitl)?L oni a^fOTTjKos I\^ 1 Kat 1^ XeYUi* libere uertit 13 om Aral 1 iopSavr\v

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iras 16) |
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p: otto Safip-i/j. ti/s
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ad lesu' IL: irpos t.T\\ w :
Trpos iT/troi* AFMz(mg) rell Si \
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quae est ^ Sk: ... : Xe^ui' AgmnlE
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una una Iribii 3

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aqua autcm descendens J3CE Kare/Si;] sub
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ponaiit simul 13 |
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17 lopSaxoii] +o< X eroi/xu! Mv : +a' a' parati % \ Sie^Satxox] 9'(?) Stepri<rav v eus] |
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IV I Tu tijffot] 0' ou Trpos i7]i70vv V 2 era] acSpas M
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oraffeus TroSuj' {\-tij3V v) tepeux ^ere] X 0' B-qaeTe v Trapc/x^aXi^re] Mv o'

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Ki^uiTov SiaOrjKTjt; Kvpiov Traa^;? Trj<; 7>/9, &)? Ste^aivev avTov. Koi eaovTai ol \i6ot, ovroi iipuv
8 p,vr)p,6(TVvov TOi? ut'oi? 'YaparfK eoj? tov alS)vo<i. Ka\ eirotrjaav ovtq)'; ol viol 'lapai]\ KadoTi
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lopSavr)! post voTapos hs'^& TroTapos] s

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a7a7Tek: appropiii^juale trpo!!(\6eTe oiSe

antecedite IL : %& : om avTov S | e|eXiirep (^xS]| : lordancm defecit aqua % Jordanis
gnw: +MSe dpt M""] -htai e^irpoaBiv ki/Swtou kJ tou 9ii tj^iwj' "SI : + 01 vioi iTJ\ dgnptw : + Kai e^eXtTre** to vSwp tov lopdavov a

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ot mot lUpa-qX] (om 76) : om ot b]

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KaTa (f)v\iov'] secundum duodecivi

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epuTTjire c uios aov post avpiov abS13(uid) ai'pioc] ras (8) in quo pedes posuerunt saceidoles portantes IL tottuj] |

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totus foptilus uirorum belli eorum

qui exierunt ex Aegyfto a' donee est lotus
perditus uiri bellatores exierunt ex populus qui
Aegypto S bi.wpL<stv\ oi X iurauit Si
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