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Knowledge and Excellent research of the factors Good research of the properties of Satisfactory research of the Some research of the factors Basic research of the
Understanding affecting falling objects. the factors affecting falling objects. factors affecting falling objects. affecting falling objects. factors affecting falling
Research has come from a wide Research has come from a variety Research has come from Research has come from objects.
variety of valid resources (8+) of valid resources (8) including internet sites only. Sources minimal sources (4). No evidence of extra
including internet sites, shown internet sites, shown in a shown in a bibliography. Bibliography supplied. resources being used.
in a bibliography. bibliography.
Investigating Excellent practical skills used Good practical skills used during Satisfactory practical skills used Poor practical skills used Very poor and unsafe
during construction. construction. during construction. during construction. during experiment.

Successfully organising Very organised information to Organising of information to Basic organising of Basic sketches
information to produce neat, produce neat, labelled sketches / produce neat, labelled sketches / information to produce produced.
labelled sketches / photos of photos of constructions. photos of constructions. sketches or photos of
constructions. constructions. Guided use of given
A research question is proposed procedures.
A research question is proposed A research question is proposed and hypotheses are written. A research question is
and justified hypotheses are and mostly justified hypotheses are proposed or hypotheses is Basic use of hypothesis.
written. written. A satisfactory journal has been written.
A comprehensive journal has A very good journal has been submitted. A comprehensive journal Order forms not
been submitted. submitted. has been submitted. provided.
Assessment of risk, safe
Comprehensive assessment of Comprehensive assessment of risk, selection of equipment. Some assessment of risk,
risk, safe selection of equipment. safe selection of equipment. selection of equipment.

Communication Communication is clear and Communication is clear. Scientific Communication is hampered by Communication is poor. Communication is
concise. Scientific terms are terms are used. grammatical and spelling errors. No use of scientific terms. extremely poor.
used effectively. Report has some grammatical and Minimal scientific terms are Many spelling and No use of scientific
Report has minimal grammatical spelling errors. used. grammatical errors. terms.
and spelling errors. Good production of report for Satisfactory production of Satisfactory production of Many spelling and
Excellent production of report experimental data. Produces clear report for experimental data. report for experimental data. grammatical errors.
for experimental data. Produces abstract, aim, hypothesis, risk Produces an abstract, aim, Produces a basic aim and Experiment incomplete.
clear and concise abstract, aim, assessment, equipment, method, hypothesis, risk assessment, method, results, analysis
hypothesis, risk assessment, data/results, discussion, analysis, equipment, method, and conclusion.
equipment, method, data/results, evaluation, conclusion and labelled data/results, discussion,
discussion, analysis, evaluation, diagrams. analysis, evaluation, conclusion
conclusion and labelled and labelled diagrams.

Reflection Sources of error explained Sources of error explained and Some sources of error explained Some sources of error No sources of error or
effectively and excellent some modifications to experiments with basic modifications to explained. No modifications modifications explained.
modifications to experiments suggested. experiments suggested. produced. Conclusion does not
suggested. Conclusion matches results with Conclusion relatively matches Conclusion minimally match results.
Conclusion matches results minor errors. results. matches results.

Task: Egg Drop Challenge Name:______________________________ Team Members on this project:_______________________________


YEAR 8 SRT Task 3 Egg Drop Challenge



UNIT Egg Drop Challenge


PREAMBLE Construction of a Vehicle to safely deliver an egg in free fall from the 2 nd floor to the ground.

Your task is to investigate the nature of a vehicle specifically designed for delivery of an egg dropped
from the 2nd floor to the ground below. To begin you will need to find the answer to some questions listed
in your task sheet. Once you have answered these questions you will need to form a group of 2-3 students
and begin investigating ways to drop the egg effectively in the shortest possible time. Good Luck!

Draft: A draft must be submitted for checking by week ending the
Due Date: The assessment must be submitted by
LENGTH: 400 600 words
Each group member is to submit their own report.
I declare that the response submitted is my own work and that I have followed the assessment policies outlined in the
Student Diary.
I have used the following resources to help me complete this response. (Tick boxes appropriate)
Teacher Internet Books, Magazines, Newspapers Other please specify: _______________
Signed: _________________________ Date: ______________________
Parent/Guardian Signature..Date...
Knowledge and Understanding Communication
Investigating Reflection
Peer Mark Effort
Task 3 Egg Drop Challenge

Your task is to investigate the motion of falling objects. To begin you will need to find the answer to some questions as
discussed in class and listed on the whiteboard. Once you have answered these questions you will need to form a group of
2-3 students and begin investigating ways to produce a vehicle that will carry your egg to ground safely (egg shell is
intact) in the shortest possible time.


The final write-up will contain the abstract, discussion/analysis and conclusion of your investigation
(maximum 400 - 600 words).
A journal of all of your teams work in relation to this EEI must be kept. This journal must be checked on
a regular basis and signed off by your teacher.
The journal must include:
o Evidence of research to indicate your understanding of the subject.
o Material and method used in the design and construction process
o Risk assessment forms
o Clear evidence of modification and evaluation of the constructed vehicle.
o All raw data of experiment results (even the results not used in your final
o This journal is a group journal. You MUST have evidence of ALL your
teams results.
o Check all tasks in the criteria sheet have been completed.
The journal must be submitted with the final write-up and is evidence of the authenticity of the