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Florida’s Energy Future: A Roadmap for Florida’s Future Executive Summary
As Governor, I will ensure that Florida builds a focused, 21st century energy strategy that takes a holistic view of how we produce and consume energy. I believe Florida needs to invest in an “all of the above” energy plan that is sustainable and affordable. I am committed to harnessing the potential of nuclear and renewable energy sources and using them to build an energy future that will strengthen Florida’s economy. I support the development and expansion of Florida’s energy markets and recognize the energy sector’s ability to entice significant investment and create jobs. My administration will develop energy solutions guided by the following core principles: 1) Increasing energy independence is essential to the economy and security of Florida and our nation. 2) Florida’s competitive economy requires stable and affordable energy for its residents and businesses. 3) Florida must capitalize on the opportunity to develop high long-term, high paying jobs in the multi-trillion dollar clean-tech economy 4) My core principles of protecting ratepayers, stimulating the economy and providing energy independence will drive all legislative proposals, as well as executive appointments, such as Public Service Commissioners. I will ensure Florida partners with the private sector and becomes a leader in innovating, commercializing, and manufacturing clean technologies. Florida has the talent, environment, and opportunity to build a vibrant clean-tech economy, and I am committed to providing the leadership needed to make this a reality. For more than three decades, I have been honored to serve our nation and the people of Florida. As an officer in the United States Navy and Naval Reserve, a United States Congressman for twenty years, and most recently as Florida’s Attorney General, I have dedicated my life to public service. These are tough times, and we need strong leadership to get our economy back on its feet. I am proud to stand on my record of service and humbly ask for your support as I work to continue serving the State of Florida. The following proposals represent what I believe will lead to greater energy independence and a stronger economy for Florida. Sincerely, Bill McCollum

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Table of Contents
 Electricity
Diversify core electricity production and embrace nuclear power and clean coal Promote renewable fuel sources through a two-tiered approach Capitalize on a clean energy economy through regulatory reform and a commitment to innovation

 Bio-Fuels
Remove regulatory barriers to expedite biofuel production Leverage Florida’s agriculture community to support Florida’s farmers and grow jobs

 Utilize market-based strategies
Embrace the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program Develop electric plug-in vehicle infrastructure Oppose Cap and Trade policies Promote the commercialization of energy technologies in Florida

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 Electricity
Solving Florida’s energy issues requires an “all of the above” plan that fosters the innovation needed to change the way Florida produces, transports, and consumes energy. Florida’s demand for energy is projected to increase by 76% in the next 20 years. My energy plan will diversify Florida’s energy supply to ensure our state is not vulnerable to volatile energy price fluctuations. Florida must invest in an energy system that improves our economy instead of sending our money to other states and countries. Florida is the third largest market for energy in the nation. Last year, Floridians spent around $9 billion on fossil fuels to burn in our power plants. My vision for the future will calculate the cost to Florida’s economy of exporting wealth versus investing that money in Florida. Diversify core electricity production and embrace nuclear power and clean coal

Americans and Floridians must be realistic about our short term energy needs and implement available, cost effective solutions. Florida currently derives almost 50% of its energy from natural gas which makes our economy vulnerable to price fluctuations. We must diversify our core electricity production and embrace nuclear power and clean coal. Nuclear power is safe, abundant, and reliable and my administration will support responsible and timely completions of nuclear projects. Promote renewable fuel sources through a two-tiered approach

I strongly support the development of renewable energy using methods that protect ratepayers and provide for significant economic development and job creation. I propose that Florida takes a two-tiered approach to renewable energy production. First, there are abundant renewable sources, such as biomass, that are cost competitive that should be implemented now. Florida must be more aggressive in integrating available renewable sources into our energy portfolio. Second, expensive renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and the Gulf Stream must be subject to free market forces to drive down their cost and reach parity with traditional energy sources. As Governor, I will assemble the stakeholders of the new energy economy and bring utilities, renewable generators, and entrepreneurs together to produce legislation that ensures Florida is ready for investment. Capitalize on a clean energy economy through regulatory reform and a commitment to innovation

From 2001 to 2008, United States clean technology investment grew from $448 million to $7.5 billion. Florida has underperformed in securing capital and must show leadership and a commitment to this sector to increase investment. Florida has the ingredients necessary for success in a clean energy economy such as recognized research institutions, award winning utility companies, the nation’s third largest market for energy, and tremendous natural resources. However, Florida has lacked the leadership and vision needed to galvanize stakeholders and create a stable regulatory environment for investment. Under my leadership, Florida will show the world that its markets are open for business by creating a reputation and commitment to innovation while removing regulatory barriers.

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 Bio-Fuels
Florida leads the nation in bio-energy resources and we need dedicated leadership to transform this potential into action. Floridians send billions of dollars annually to foreign countries to support our fuel needs. If just a fraction of this stayed in Florida, we could create thousands of jobs. I realize that fossil fuels will remain a primary piece of our near term energy future, and I encourage the safe exploration and development of fossil fuel resources. However, the economic opportunity for Florida to prosper from our natural advantage is too important for us to ignore. Florida must make a commitment to being a leader in biofuel research and production. The tragedy in the Gulf shows the true economic and environmental costs of oil dependence, and I believe we are capable of achieving a better energy future. Remove regulatory barriers to expedite biofuel production

Biofuel facilities face regulatory obstacles that slow or prevent companies from doing business in Florida. Biofuels combine both farming and industrial processes which causes confusion and delays due to duplicative permitting and regulations. Florida cannot lose potential businesses due to outdated laws. As Governor, I will continue the work of Senate Bill 550 (2010) which began addressing duplicative laws and expedited permitting and I will work with the Legislature to further streamline biofuel regulations. Leverage Florida’s agriculture community to support Florida’s farmers and grow jobs

Agriculture is a critical component of Florida’s economy, and biofuels offer farmers a market for nonfood crops. Biofuels would create new revenue streams and allow farms and ranches to expand agricultural operations. Further, a strong biofuel economy would produce new manufacturing facilities in rural Florida and breathe new life into many communities. Biofuel production is an excellent rural economic development engine because manufacturing facilities are usually located within 50-75 miles of the feedstock. I will work closely with the Department of Agriculture to support the Farms-to-Fuel initiative and expand Florida’s commitment to biofuels.

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 Utilize market-based strategies
Florida’s economic opportunity is too great to allow outdated policies to force investment elsewhere. Market-based solutions and innovative financial arrangements can greatly increase the adoption of clean technology products. My administration will support clean technology innovation by providing access to capital, networking support, and minimizing market barriers. One of America’s greatest strengths is its ability to innovate and solve problems, and I believe Florida can be nationally recognized as an energy technology leader. Embrace the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program

Passed by the Legislature in 2010, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is a voluntary, market-based model that permits property owners to improve energy efficiency with a lower initial cost. The program allows all property owners to borrow money from local governments or private lenders to pay for renewable energy, efficiency improvements, and windstorm hardening. The amount borrowed is repaid through a special assessment on property taxes. Property owners in participating jurisdictions can opt into the program and only individuals who choose to participate are subject to the special assessments. PACE financing allows the cost of home improvements to be linked to the property, and reduces upfront costs of renewable energy and/or energy efficiency improvements. If a property owner participating in a PACE program sells the property, then the repayment obligation transfers with the property. I believe this program is an excellent model for promoting conservation, and I will embrace this and similar programs. Develop electric plug-in vehicle infrastructure

I support Tampa Bay’s innovative decision to partner with private industry and not-for-profits to develop electric plug-in infrastructure to support electric vehicles. Moving to electric vehicles decreases our dependence on foreign oil and creates a new industry that could bring jobs to Florida. This is a great example of industry partnering with local government to tear down barriers to implementing new technology. As Governor, I will facilitate similar partnerships throughout Florida. Oppose Cap and Trade policies

I am opposed to Cap and Trade policies because they unnecessarily increase the cost of doing business in the United States and place our nation at a disadvantage with other countries. Cap and Trade will be sold to the American public as the federal government knowing how to best grow a clean economy. I disagree. In reality, Cap and Trade will take money out of productive markets and funnel it to the federal government, create new bureaucratic offices and regulators, and create new tradable instruments only understood by a select few. In stark contrast to the Democrats’ plan, I believe the best way to grow an economy is to decrease regulation and simplify government. As Governor, I will work closely with Florida’s congressional delegation to oppose Cap and Trade policies. Promote the commercialization of energy technologies in Florida

Whether developed by Florida’s universities or Florida’s technology entrepreneurs, I am strongly committed to increasing energy technology’s development and commercialization in Florida. I already released my plan to create Florida’s Venture Capital Council and the Florida Genesis Fund to provide greater access to early stage capital and keep new technologies from leaving Florida for other more competitive states. The future of energy in this nation and in the world depends on innovation, research, and development and Florida can and must play a larger role in this market.
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