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com Mini YDS 4: Global Warming

Boluklar tamamlayan doru ifadeleri 4. The Sun's radiative output ----- since 1978, so
bulunuz. the warming during the past 30 years ----- to
an increase in solar energy reaching the
1. ----- effects of global warming include Earth.
warming global temperature, rising sea levels,
changing precipitation, and expansion a) has not been increasing / may attribute
of deserts in the subtropics.
b) did not increase / would not be attributed
a) Subtle c) had not increased / could not be attributed
b) Profound d) is not increasing / might not be attributed
c) Anticipated e) has not increased / cannot be attributed
d) Fortunate

e) Appreciable

5. Stabilizing the global average temperature

would require large reductions in CO2
emissions, ---- reductions in emissions of
other greenhouse gases such as methane and
2. Data analysis of extreme events from 1960 till
nitrous oxide.
2010 suggests that droughts and heat waves
appear ----- with increased frequency.
a) as much as
a) simultaneously
b) as well as
b) slightly
c) owing to
c) indefinitely
d) in spite of
d) transparently
e) as far as
e) implicitly

6. ---- rising sea levels present a pressing

3. Variations in orbital cycles may ----- a problem not only to coastal communities but
new glacial period in the future, though the to the whole global population as well, much
timing of this depends on greenhouse gas scientific research has been performed to
concentrations as well as the orbital forcing. analyze the causes and consequences of a
rise in sea level.
a) alter
a) Whereas
b) hinder
b) As if
c) initiate
c) Once
d) restrict
d) Although
e) estimate
e) Since

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Cmleyi en iyi tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. Anlam btnln bozan cmleyi bulunuz.

7. ----, economic losses due to extreme 9. (I) Climate engineering would represent a
weather events have increased globally. large-scale, intentional effort to modify the
climate. (II) Estimates of direct costs for
a) Because the livelihoods of indigenous peoples climate engineering implementation vary
of the Arctic have been altered by climate change widely. (III) It would differ from activities such
as burning fossil fuels, as they change the
b) While crop production has increased in some
climate inadvertently. (IV) Intentional climate
mid-latitude regions
change is often viewed differently from a
c) Although the future social impacts of climate moral standpoint. (V) It raises questions of
change will be uneven whether humans have the right to change the
climate deliberately, and under what
d) If all regions are at risk of experiencing conditions.
negative impacts
a) I
e) Unless the economic growth of poorer
countries is strengthened against the threats b) II

c) III

8. Droughts are becoming more frequent and d) IV

intense in arid and semiarid regions -----.
e) V
a) given that time of droughts can have severe
agricultural consequences

b) since prolonged droughts have caused mass En yakn anlaml seenei bulunuz.
migrations and humanitarian crises
10. Average arctic temperatures have been
c) but they will reduce the abundance of native increasing at almost twice the rate of the rest
trees in favor of drought-tolerant competitors of the world in the past 100 years; however
arctic temperatures are also highly variable.
d) as the magnitude of snow melt oods as well
as the river flow volume have fallen a) Although the rate of the temperature rise in the
Arctic has exceeded that of the other regions
e) as long as people mitigate the impact of nearly by half over the last century, it fluctuates
drought through irrigation and crop rotation significantly, as well.

b) During the last century, the average

temperature in the Arctic has risen twice more
than the rest of the world even though the annual
variation was not that high.

c) The average temperature in the Arctic has

changed dramatically over the last 100 years, but
it has still remained twice higher than the majority
of other regions.

d) While the Arctic experienced sharp

temperature fluctuations in the previous century,
the average temperature rise remained several
times higher compared to the rest of the world.

e) Even if the temperature changes rapidly in the

Arctic region, it has remained quite steady in the
past 100 years unlike the average in the rest of
the world.

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Cevap Anahtar

1) c

2) a

3) c

4) e

5) b

6) e

7) b

8) d

9) b

10) a

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