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By: Dr Krishna R. Rajput


Tulsi has innumerable medicinal applications ranging from treating mundane coughs and
colds effectively to rendering poisoning inactive.

even have up to a dozen tulsi plants

on the verandah or in the garden,
forming a tulsi-van or tulsivrinda-
vana miniature basil forest.

Medicinal uses of Tulsi

Fever and common cold. Ten-
der leaves of the tulsi plant, boiled
with tea, prevent cold during the rainy
season, and malaria and dengue fever.
Leaves boiled with powdered car-
damom in half a litre of water and
mixed with sugar and milk help to
bring down the temperature during
a fever.
Sore throat. Water boiled with
tulsi leaves can be consumed to help
cure a sore throat. This water can
also be used to gargle.
Respiratory disorders. A de-
coction of the leaves along with hon-
ey and ginger is an effective remedy
for bronchitis, asthma, influenza,
cough and cold.
A decoction of the leaves, cloves

and common salt should be boiled in
he tulsi plant or In- former possessing greater medicinal half a litre of water until only half
dian basil occupies an value. Of the many varieties, the the water is left. Drinking this can
important place in the Krishna or Shyama tulsi is also com- give immediate relief in case of influ-
Hindu religion. The monly used for worship. enza.
name tulsi connotes Traditionally, a Hindu house- Kidney stones. The juice of tulsi
the incomparable one. Tulsi is a hold was considered incomplete if it leaves and honey, if taken regularly
venerated plant and Hindus worship didnt have a tulsi plant in the court- for six months, will break down, dis-
it in the morning and evening. The yard. Many families grow the plant lodge and expel the stones via the
plant grows in the wild in the trop- in a specially built structure, which urinary tract.
ics and other warm regions. Dark or has images of deities installed on all Heart disorders. Chewing 10-
Shyama tulsi and light or Rama tulsi four sides, and an alcove for a small 12 leaves of tulsi daily reduces the
are the two main varieties, with the earthen oil lamp. Some households level of blood cholesterol.

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Mens diseases
If there is a whistling sound heard from the lungs because cured by tulsi
of the accumulation of phlegm, milk in which tulsi leaves 1. For urination problems, tulsi
juice is added to double the quantity
have been boiled, should be given. of grape juice, sugarcane juice or co-
conut milk and consumed.
2. To prevent nocturnal emis-
Stress. Chewing 12 leaves of boiled in 100 gm of water until only sions, soak 10 gm of tulsi seeds
basil twice a day prevents stress. one-fourth of the water remains. overnight in water in an earthen
Mouth infections. The leaves The extract is cooled and strained to pot. Grind them well in the morn-
are quite effective in treating ulcers treat excessive menstrual bleeding. ing together with 15 almond kernels
and infections in the mouth. A few 2. Applying the paste of tulsi over and 16 small cardamoms. Add sugar
leaves chewed regularly will cure the abdomen and the breasts of a as required and drink the mixture.
these conditions. pregnant woman relieves itching of Chewing small pieces of tulsi roots
Insect bites. A teaspoonful of the skin. with betel leaves also solves this
the juice of the leaves can be taken 3. Application of oil prepared problem.
every few hours in case of an insect with 125 gm of tulsi leaves in 500 gm 3. Prepare a smooth paste by
bite. Fresh tulsi leaf juice must also of sesame oil previously subjected to grinding tulsi seeds with a little
be applied to the affected parts. A the process of moorchhana, relieves water. Boil the paste with twice the
paste of the fresh roots of the plant the pains associated with confine- amount of neem oil until it turns
is also effective in case of leeches. ment. black. Apply the oil on the sores
Tooth problems. Leaves dried 4. Tulsi seeds soaked overnight caused by syphilis and other wounds.
in the sun and powdered can be for twelve hours in water, and then 4. Consultations with certified
used for brushing the teeth. Leaves crushed well and administered ayurvedic doctors reveal that tulsi
dried and mixed with mustard oil with sugar relieve post-delivery plays an important role in the medi-
are used as toothpaste. This paste pains. cines prepared to treat impotence,
is very good for maintaining the 5. Consuming a mixture of 20 gm gonorrhoea, thinness of seminal flu-
overall dental health, counter- of tulsi juice, 20 gm of the juice of id, dysuria and allied diseases.
ing bad breath and massaging the maize leaves, 10 gm of the juice or 5. Tulsi seeds ground with cumin
gums. The paste is also useful in extract of ashwagandha, and 10 gm seeds and sugar, taken with milk,
treating pyorrhea and other tooth of honey, for seven days following de- help relieve pains caused by stones in
disorders. livery, improves lactation. the bladder and the burning sensa-
Headaches. Dried and pow- 6. 20 gm of tulsi juice with rice tion while passing urine.
dered leaves are mixed with sandal- water can completely cure leucor- 6. Powdered Shyama tulsi mixed
wood paste and applied on the fore- rhoea, but during the treatment, with lemon juice, if taken regularly,
head to get relief from the heat and consuming rice and milk or rice and cures all abnormalities of the uri-
headaches. ghee is restricted. nary system.
Eye disorders. Tulsi juice is an 7. Regular use of the powdered
effective remedy for sore eyes and roots of tulsi wrapped in betel leaves Childrens diseases
night-blindness, which is generally stops the bleeding of the internal lin-
cured by tulsi
caused by a deficiency of vitamin A. ing of the stomach.
Two drops of black basil juice can 8. Tulsi makes the uterus healthy 1. Two grams of tulsi juice taken
be put into the eyes daily at bed- and strong. three to four times a day prevents all
time. 9. Regular period cycles can be types of sickness in children.
restored by taking 125 gm of ground 2. In case of fever caused by a
Womens diseases tulsi seeds, black sesame seeds, ten- cold, tulsi juice should be smeared
der shoots of the cotton plant, ten- on the chest and forehead. The child
cured by tulsi
der shoots of bamboo plants and 220 should be made to inhale the va-
1. Two grams of the gum of gm of aged jaggery, mixed with the pours emanating from the juice, and
a neem tree, ajwain seeds, tamal powder. should also be given a teaspoonful of
patra, and five equal parts of the 10. Drinking tulsi juice will less- the juice with half a teaspoonful of
tulsi plant are ground into powder, en the severity of labour pains. honey.

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3. The ayurvedic treatment for
worms includes a healthy dose of Snake poison can be deactivated by administering every
tulsi, apart from other natural in-
gredients. two hours a mixture obtained by crushing together
4. Cough can also be cured by let-
ting the child lick tulsi juice mixed
20 leaves of a tulsi plant with ten black pepper seeds.
with jethi madh (yashti madhu)
juice. 14. Heat 200 gm of tulsi leaf juice son disappear. (Of course, in cases of
5. A mixture of tulsi leaf juice with 125 gm of water. Let the liquid poisoning, it is best that a certified
and kasondara leaf juice is also a simmer for one hour on a low flame. doctor is informed first.)
good remedy for cough. Prepare a thick syrup of 500 gm of Administering 50 gm of tulsi
6. Boil 10 gm of tulsi leaves, 10 sugar, and stir the mixture into the juice every day will eliminate the ef-
gm of methi seeds and 5 gm of kadu syrup. Administering 3-5 gm of this fects of calomel (hartal) poisoning in
twigs in 50 gm of water until only preparation to a child cures fever, a week.
one-fourth of the water remains. cough and shortness of breath. It is believed that the poison
Cool and strain. This is beneficial in 15. If there is a whistling sound spreading from the bite of a snake
treating fevers preceded by cold rig- heard from the lungs because of the can be rendered inactive by admin-
ours, such as malaria. accumulation of phlegm, milk in istering tulsi leaf juice to the vic-
7. If the abdomen of a baby is which tulsi leaves have been boiled, tim, dropping a little juice into the
distended due to the accumulation should be given. eyes and ears, and applying a paste
of gas, the condition can be relieved 16. The extract of tulsi roots obtained by crushing and grinding
by giving him 5-10 gm of tulsi juice, sweetened with sugar will relieve the roots of the plant at the loca-
the exact amount given depending constipation and distension of the tion of the bite. Snake poison can
on the age of the baby. stomach, ensuring satisfactory bow- also be deactivated by adminis-
8. In cases of diarrhoea accom- el movement. tering every two hours a mixture
panying teething, powdered tulsi 17. 10 gm of tulsi leaves and 10 obtained by crushing together 20
leaves should be given to the child gm of pepper should be ground to- leaves of a tulsi plant with ten
with pomegranate syrup. gether and rolled into small pills. black pepper seeds.
9. In coughs caused by excessive Three or four of these pills should If bitten by a snake, it is believed
phlegm, the juice of Shyama tulsi be given to a child every day to cure that one should drink the juice ob-
mixed with honey will help. This coughs, including whooping cough. tained by crushing and grinding
mixture is of great value in treating 18. Powdered bark of tulsi roots tulsi, jatamansi, saffron, turmeric,
children with a tendency to vomit given with honey helps an obese red sandalwood, pure manashil,
frequently. child to shed some of the fat. nakhi, tarnal patra, cinnamon and
10. In case a baby is suffering 19. Extract of tulsi is an effective tagar with sufficient water. The juice
from colic, a little powdered dry gin- remedy for liver disorders in chil- should also be dropped into the nose
ger with tulsi leaf juice will give him dren. and the eyes. This will destroy the
relief. poison, and the swelling caused by
11. Massaging the gums with Treatment for poisoning the poison will subside.
tulsi leaf juice mixed with honey will The pain caused by the sting of a
help the baby cut teeth easily, with- In case of poisoning, the maxi- wasp can be relieved by drinking and
out the usual troubles associated mum possible amount of tulsi juice applying tulsi juice. The poison in a
with teething. must be taken. mosquito sting is also destroyed by
12. Five to ten drops of tulsi leaf If opium or any other poisonous the application of tulsi juice.
juice given with water every day will material like datura or aconite has If your cot is infested with bed
strengthen the muscles and bones of been inadvertently imbibed, give the bugs, place a few twigs of the wild
the infant. patient a paste of tulsi leaves mixed variety of tulsi on it. The bugs will
13. Influenza can be cured by with ghee obtained from cows milk quickly disperse. Mosquitoes, too,
regular administration of 30 to 60 in the ratio of 100:500. If no im- will not approach the cot.
drops of a mixture of 15 gm of tulsi provement is noticed even after this
leaf juice, 15 gm of honey, 5 gm of treatment, a similar quantity of the
The author is an assistant professor in
ginger juice and 5 gm of powdered mixture should be administered at biology at KBS Comm. & Nataraj Prof.
ajwain seeds. intervals, till the effects of the poi- Sci. College, Vapi

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