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Running head: Spiritual and Psychological Inventory 1

Sandy Boone

Kaplan University

HW420: Creating Wellness-Psych. & Spirit Asp. of Healing

Unit 9
Spiritual and Psychological Inventory 2

Most Americans today have problems with achieving possible optimal health. The

information has been misjudging and mislead from what is very important in life by seeing a

regular obsession with common complicity of materialistic processions. We as humans do get

distracted from a lot of unhealthy values of learning. Multiple factors will cause some type of

disturbance of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual overall health. Holistic wellness

can include a proper balance of ingredients to manager wellbeing. (Seaward, 2013)

Statistics shows that finding joy and happiness through materialistic measures such as

clothes, jewelry, cars, and possibly food. Some people tend to believe that it will fix most inner

issues that they have going on in their life that it really does not fulfill them at all and this can

cause a very strong case of instant gratification. The way it will in the long run, it can cause a

person to severely suffer with materialistic feelings of depression, attachment and self-loathing.

Even though we as humans have our ups and downs, they are ways to help improve state

of wellness. You would have to look deep in yourself and try to avoid outside influences that can

become in control of how thoughts and feelings that can influence their life. After having that

done, they will become closer to reaching higher self and potentially living a stable lifestyle.

It is very important to live as you are in the moment and try not to relieve your past. Re-

living your past can take a very bad toll on your health and can cause you to be depressed. Major

health issues can play apart in your overall health. You can develop aches and pain that you have

never experienced before that sometimes will lead you to seeing a doctor for so re-living your

past is not a good thing being the fact it will put you in a bad situation and when trying to explain

it to others, constant explanations will occur. Re-living the past can be a part of bad thinking so
Spiritual and Psychological Inventory 3

to change that in your way of living, you can explore some types of style of pessimistic to


If you the type of person who tend to have obstacles in your way, you need to re-evaluate

what are the causes for you to having so many stumbling blocks in your body. If you are going

through so much in your life that things tend to get in the way of your goals you need to step

back and see what exactly is going on. If you can fix it, resolve the issue as much as possible to

eliminate unnecessary stress. The ten questions to help someone understand of spirituality and

psychological self-included:

1. What are some obstacles that you feel keep you from accomplishing your dreams and goals?

When I think of life obstacles, I think of being hopeful, and optimistic is important in

being successful. If you are having a hard time getting through something, you must have faith in

yourself and know that everything will turn out the way you wanted to.

2.? How do you handle your feelings?

Handling your feeling and emotions plays a big role in forgiveness. Forgiveness is

carrying things that was painful in the past or future. Forgiveness can heal the heart, and take the

feeling of guilt. Sometimes feelings and emotions will get the best of you, but you must remain

calm and relaxed. Stay positive through whatever you are going through now. When holding on

to feeling of anger or sadness it can cause a lot of problems later in life, by having bad views on

yourself and causes a sense of unworthiness. (Roger Walsh, 1999)

3. What do you do to clear your mind and gives you peace?

When it comes to clearing the mind just leave the past in the past, and focus on the

present. People most of the time live in the past and this can cause a lot of feeling of regret,

resentment, depression, anxiety. These are common problems living in the past event or certain
Spiritual and Psychological Inventory 4

situations is rumination. The problem can also cause helplessness through a form of pessimistic

way of thinking. Pessimistic explanatory styles you will recall, consists of certain kinds of

explanations for bad events: personal- Its my fault, permanent- Its always going to be like

this, and pervasive- Its going to undermine every aspect of life (Seligman, 1991)

The way that you can change bad thinking habits is through cognitive therapy. You can

start by changing the way you think such as pessimistic to optimistic. Optimistic thinking is the

positive side of the view of the self. The more that you have cognitive therapy the better of

relieving unwanted feeling of depression. The change helps with the inner peacefulness by

calming the mind.

4. Do believe that everything serves a purpose in life? Explain whether yes or no

I believe people should look at things that happen in the past and live from the good and

bad situation. Yes, I believe that things happen for a reason because people learn from mistakes

or just from life. Everything can teach us to grow, mature, and gain wisdom to help form the

person we are supposed to be in life. The most important part is learning from each experience.

5. How do often do you pray or mediate? Explain

Meditation or prayer are great practices that help the aspects of coping and healing.

Meditation and prayer is a great way to help with present-centeredness. Reconnecting with others

or the divine and forget meaning in relation to life circumstance. Praying helps you keep a level

mind and an open mind.

6. Do you have any problems with attachments? If so, how do you handle them?

The difference between desires and attachment is desires are necessary and natural parts

of life and attachments are unnecessary sources of suffering. (Roger Walsh, 1999) People tend

to have more attachments than desires. Attachments can have a huge amount of problems in the
Spiritual and Psychological Inventory 5

future such as loss of values, helplessness and addiction. People need to come to the realization

that attachment is bad and it can affect a person, and the can become obsessed with instant

gratification and eventually suffer by the cravings and pleasures that they need to feel happy for

that moment.

Some unwanted attachments a person may have is with food or buying things at that

moment. These are craving and cause problems in the future if they do not let go of their mental

weaknesses. People need to pay more attention to desires and higher motives. I believe if people

let go of the attachments they will start to see those problems go away. Focusing on the mind and

become more aware of whats important in life, instead of seeking for satisfying pleasures that

could lead to displeasure and sorrow they could be more mature motives that can lead to spiritual


7. What do you do when you need help?

Always maintaining a smile and helpful hand to others because you never know when

you might need help. A method for reducing fault-finding and anger is through recalling and

learning about what good people have done, which shows gratitude.

8. What motivates you and where is your dedication most committed to?

Reducing negative thinking and thoughts of being fearful can help with transforming emotional

response. A great way to look at life obstacles by using them as motivation. Looking at life

obstacles is a great source of motivation.

9. What does spirituality mean to you?

Spirituality is the mind, body, and soul. Spirituality you must have an open mind and

learn different thing such as peace or maybe a higher power. Spirituality does not just mean
Spiritual and Psychological Inventory 6

religion, but it is so much deeper than that. I believe if every had spirituality they would feel so

much peaceful.

10. How do react to negative situations or events and how can you view those as positive


Well with dealing with negative situation or events the best thing is to not get involve

with negative because sometimes this could lead to some where you really do not want to be. I

feel that if you are in a negative situation the way you could turn the situation in a positive

feedback is to make a person smile or try to understand why they are so upset because sometimes

you just do not know what a person is going through.

I decided to interview my friend. I figure out that my friend is very strong and wise while

answering my ten question. He is a very hard working man who loves helping people in his free

time. Some of his downfalls are not staying on track and he lose sight of what is important in

life. He is a very lovable person and always in a good mood even though the day is going bad at

work. He loves his family, and spouse very much thats all he talks about. He clears his mind and

always think of pleasant thoughts. This help him stay focus sometime. The only questions that I

would try to help my friend with is obstacles staying on task and focus. He controls his feeling

very well because you never know if he is in a bad mood because he is always laughing and

joking all the time. He is always willing to talk and listen when it comes to handling his feelings.

He always stays positive because he does not want bad energy around him and thats why he

stays in a good mood all the time. He is very positive all around and sometimes he rubs off on

me, and I keep smiling and stay in a good mood. I love that he has a connection with spirituality.

He believes that if you keep an open mind positive things will come your way you just must

believe. I was very surprise when he says he love to mediate that helps calm, relax his mind,
Spiritual and Psychological Inventory 7

body, and soul. One great thing in this interview he understands having attachment is bad for him

and he do not want no parts of it. He is a very positive person, and I would not change anything

about him.

I think my ten question I came up with was great determining his state of wellness. This

always helped my friend understand his issues and possible ways that he could benefit the most

from. He understands that he need to work on the goals and dream of his obstacles because

sometimes he gets off task. I will not make no changes to my inventory. My friend even kept the

question so he can get better in what he is lacking in life.

Spiritual and Psychological Inventory 8


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