Arti-vate Your

Creativity through EVS
Short Term EVS Project
1st  July-14th August 2017 in
Description of the Project
"Arti-vate Your Creativity through EVS 2.0" is an short
term EVS project, which will be held in Zugdidi in
Western Georgia. It will bring together 15 volunteers
from different countries to take part in the preparation
and implementation of the Summer Festival GEM Fest.
The project will bring together young people who are
willing to express their creativity by contributing to the
promotion, organisation and implementation of a
colourful culture and music festival at the Black Sea.
The volunteers will discover the challenges young
people are facing while organizing such a event, also
develop their IT, PR and artistic skills and find out new
passions, as the festival offers a wide range of

Participating Organisations

City of Molndal, Eurodesk, Sweden - 3 participants - travel
grant 360 EUR
MTÜ Shokkin Group, Estonia - 3 participants - travel grant
360 EUR
Be International, Czech Republic - 3 participants - travel
grant 360 EUR
EURO SUD, Italy - 3 participants - travel grant 360 EUR
Fundacja Centrum Aktywnosci Tworczej, Poland - 3
participants - travel grant 275 EUR
of the Participants

We are searching for volunteers from the aboved
mentioned countries with the following profile

Motivated to learn specific competencies
Ready to live in an international environment
and curiosity about Georgian culture
To have passion and interest in photography,
video, web design, social media and music
Creative approach
An Understanding of appropriate technical
Sense of curiosity and ability to learn quickly
Organisational skills
Spoken and written communication in English
18-30 years old

Volunteers will be selected based on their motivation
letter and an interview
GEM Fest is an international multiplatform festival for
electronic music, held annually in Anaklia, at the Black Sea
coast of  Georgia. The abbreviation GEM stands for Georgian
Electronic Music Festival and plays with the real meaning of
the word gem.  The festival brings together stars of the
electronic music scene, the most dazzling developments in
modern art and the most passionate trailblazers,
choreographers, art directors, designers, photographers,
cinematographers, DJs and video artists. The Festival promotes
diversity of cultures and art. It involves many different groups:
artists, youth associations, municipalities, young people with
disabilities and media representatives.
Tasks Activities
The volunteers will be directly involved in organizing this
event with members of the local organization and local
volunteers. They will manage organisational matters,
popularize the event and make it visible.

There will be different working groups dealing with the
topics: Creativity, Social Media and Community Animation.
The volunteers will develop own social media formats and
other strategies to promote the event. They can use video,
photo and any other artistic means. This can be setting up
a blog, feeding a Youtube channel, using the local
organisations social media channels and planning and
implementing public events.

During the festival the volunteers will assist the staff and
organisational team with the implementation of the
festival activities: this can include sport activities and also
helping and implementing activities at the social bar which
will be run by the hosting organisation.

By working tours and city quests the volunteers will learn
more about Georgia and the hosting city. We will have
team-building activities and intercultural evenings to get to
know each other and to learn more about each others
home countries.
Accommodation and 
Practical Arrangements

The  volunteers will be
accommodated in a house in
Zugdidi. On the days when the
group will go to the festival site,
there will be a transport with a
private bus. The festival will take
place in Anaklia, which is
directly located at the Black Sea
and in a distance of
approximately 30 km from

We will have mentors
for the volunteers who
will assist and help with Be prepared for hot
all practical issues. summer days with high
temperatures. So don't
forget your sun protection.
Host Organisation:
Youth Association DRONI

Applicant Organisation:
City of Molndal Eurodesk

GEM Fest

More about EVS

Contact your national organisation about the application.

If you have any questions concerning the EVS you can
write to Giorgi Kikalishvili: and
Felix Weiß: