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Plastic Converting Entrepreneurship

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The growing utilization of plastics in industrial and consumer applications,

combined with increased consumer awareness surrounding solid waste
recycling, has led to an increased demand for recycled products. By recycling
plastics, we can conserve energy, save natural resources, reduce greenhouse
gasses and pollution, and reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes into
our landfills, oceans, and natural environments.

It takes two-thirds less energy to make products from recycled plastic than it
does by using virgin materials. When one ton of plastic bottles is recycled,
almost four barrels of oil are saved. That means there is more oil available
for home heating, which in turn helps keep the price down. Furthermore,
recycling just one ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. The
more plastic we recycle, the less chance it has to end up either in landfills or
as plastic littering our landscape and our oceans.

Plasti-cost Mercado can capitalize on the opportunities by buying used plastic

bottles from fast food chains and by allowing schools and non-profit
organizations to send their collection of various types of plastic and provide a
donation for them in exchange of the materials. The company will then
create programs to turn waste into new and useful consumer products. This
way, materials are acquired at lower cost resulting to lower price of products
you usually produce. This creates higher demand and sales while making our
environment clean.


Alpha-cost Inc. is a manufacturing company of various products, specifically

office and regular mono-blocks, armchairs, pencil case, trash bins and eco-
friendly speakers

The products are valued by the consumers for its quality but, based on
research, the marketability is not even with the remarks of its quality. Amidst
of its well praised feature, the sales of the product is still low because it is
costly. The raw materials of the finished goods are irrationally expensive.

With this difficulty, we intend to make enough profit to generate a significant

return for your investors and to finance continued growth and continued
development in quality products. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and

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Plastic Converting Entrepreneurship
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creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas and hard


Regarding the problems with plastic wastes being pollutant, we, Plasti-cost
Mercado, will provide you ways to turn them into useful materials. These
materials can then be sold to prospective buyers to earn profit and also keep
the environment clean and green.

For these purposes, you can buy used plastic bottles or any plastic wastes
from the people or fast food chains, and by allowing schools and non-profit
organizations to send their collection of various types of plastic and provide a
donation for them in exchange of the materials, so that theyll be
encouraged not to throw them at landfills or at the sea which causes
pollution. You can also use your used plastic bottles or plastic wastes. These
materials will then be melted by a machine or reused and be used as a
substitute materials in creating the companys products. The machineries
that will be used will be provided by Plasti-cost Mercado. We can also
formulate more products, by the use of plastic wastes, like fertilizers. By this
method, the cost of production will be lessened that will lower the products
selling price, thus, increasing sales and maximizing profit.


We, in Plasti-cost Mercado, are a group of marketers, managers and

accountants. It is our job to know what the consumers wants and needs and
how to provide these by creating new ideas and ways to meet their
demands. It is also our job to solve the problems of our clients in their
businesses, and/or help them prosper their businesses more.

For the past years, we havent heard or received any complaints from our
previous clients. They have given us good remarks and even contacting us
again whenever theyre having business problems or financial problems.
Were also regarded as one of the best business proposers in the country.

Therefore, we assure you the best quality service and that you wont regret
having business with us.

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Plastic Converting Entrepreneurship
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1.Preparation and approval of 5 Months
business proposal
2.Conduct of training 2 Months
3.Precurement of compactor 3 Months
4.Collection of Garbage At least once a week
5.Conversion of plastic wastes into 5000 units/day
raw materials/goods in process
6.Finishing goods 100 units/product/day
7.Delivery of finished goods to 1-3 days/order
8.Monitoring and evaluation Once in a Quarter

While plastic water bottles offer convenience, they also create unnecessary
waste in landfills. By recycling your plastic water bottles, you can positively
impact the environment in several ways.

Landfill space is limited, and the conditions in landfills make it nearly

impossible for anything, including plastic, to biodegrade. Recycling plastic
helps to conserve space that can be used for other waste. It can also help
reduce the number of plastic water bottles that end up as litter in roadways
and water sources.

It also contributes to the conservation natural resources, specifically oil,

which is a nonrenewable natural resource available only in limited supply.

In this proposed business, we can only use significantly less energy than
using raw materials. The recycling process uses up to two-thirds less energy

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Plastic Converting Entrepreneurship
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than traditional manufacturing, significantly reducing the strain on the

traditional power grid, which is based on the burning of fossil fuels

The plastic manufacturing process results in the creation of greenhouse

gases, including carbon dioxide, which is thought to contribute significantly
to the global warming effect. Since the process for recycling plastic requires
less energy and fossil fuels, it also results in fewer greenhouse gas

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling also helps to

decrease the amount of pollution in the air and water sources. Many landfill
facilities will incinerate plastic bottles to save waste, which can emit toxic
pollutants or irritants into the air. Plastics contain potentially harmful
chemicals which can seep into the soil or groundwater if they are able to
break down in the landfill.

In our business, we can help in renewing our environment and at the same
time we are gaining income. Other than its effect in the eco-system, it also
has a great effect in our company by having lower cost which results to lower
proceeds which can invite high demand then giving us high profit.

Other than its effect on the cost of the products, we can still meet the
expectations of the consumer because using plastic as a substitute on your
former material gives better quality. Plastics have numerous properties that
make them superior to other materials in many applications. Plastics
generally have: resistance to corrosion and chemicals, low electrical and
thermal conductivity, high strength-to-weight ratio, colors available in a wide
variety and transparent, resistance to shock, good durability, low cost, are
easy to manufacture, resistant to water and have low toxicity.

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