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1. Diagram 1 shows the arrangement of particles in three different types of matter, P, Q and R.


Diagram 1

(a) Label P, Q and R with the following words.

Mixture Compound Element

[3 marks]

(b) Draw lines to match the following mixtures to the method of separating the mixture.
Draw the lines as shown below.
MIxture Method of separation

By distillation
Petrol and water

By magnetic attraction
Sulphur and iron filings

By using a separating funnel

Sand and water

By filtration

[2 marks]
2. Diagram 2.1 shows an activity carried out by a student using sulphur powder and iron filings.

Iron filings Sulphur powder M

Diagram 2.1
(a) Substance M is formed when iron filings and sulphur powder are mixed together. What
Is substance M?

[1 mark]
(b) How can you separate the iron filings from the sulphur powder in M?

[1 mark]

Diagram 2.2
(c) M is then heated as shown in Diagram 2.2 and a new substance, N is formed. What is N?

[1 mark]

(d) State two properties of N.

(i) .
(ii) .

[2 marks]

(e) State one difference between substance M and substance N.

[1 mark]
3. Diagram 3 shows some resources on Earth.


P: .
R .

Q .

Diagram 3

(a) Name resources P, Q and R on Diagram 3.

[3 marks]

(b) State one importance of

R: .

Q: .

[2 marks]

(c) Plants need R to live. Name another resource that plants need to live.


[1 mark]
4. Diagram 4 shows some methods of separating mixtures.

P: Q: R:

Diagram 4

(a) Label P, Q and R on Diagram 4 using the following words.

Distillation Separating funnel Filtration

[3 marks]
(b) Draw lines to match to P, Q, and R to their uses.

Method Use

To separate a liquid from a solution

Q To separate two immiscible liquids

R To separate a solid from a liquid

[3 marks]

(c) How is salt obtained from sea water?

[1 mark]
5. Diagram 5.1 shows pictures of three different substances, P, Q and R.


Water Soil wire

Diagram 5.1

(a) On Diagram 5.1, label P, Q and R with the following words.

Mixture Compound Element

[3 marks]

(b) Based on Diagram 5.1, which substance can only be separated by chemical method?

[1 mark]

(c) Copper is a metal. State one property of metal.

[1 mark]
(d) Diagram 5.2 shows the arrangement of the particles of substances K and L.

Diagram 5.2

Based on Diagram 5.2, give one example of substance K and L.

(i) Substance K:

(ii) Substance L:..

[2 marks]
Form 1 - Chapter 4 - The Variety Resources On Earth

1. Diagram 1.1 shows three pictures of different substances, P, Q and R.

Water (P) Air (Q) Iron nail(R)

Diagram 1.1

( a ) ( i ) On Diagram 1.1, label the substance P , Q and R with the following words.
Mixture Compound Element
( 3 marks )
( b ) Based on Diagram 1.1 above , state one example of substances Q and R.
i. Substance Q: .
ii. Substance R:
( 2 marks )

(b). Diagram 1.2 shows a picture of a beaker of water.

Water is a compound.
Which of the following is a method to separate the composition of water ?
Tick ( ) in the box provided.
( 1 mark )

Diagram 1.2