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6th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing

5th EUROMICRO/IEEE Workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems,

Bar, Montenegro, 11-15.06.2017.,

MECO & ECYPS Students Grant

Seminar and tarianing in embedded computing and cyber physical
University of Montenegro and MECO & ECYPS Conference grant 8 outstanding students with
participation at MECO & ECYPS Seminar and tarianing for outstanding studendts. 4
students from Spec. studies of profile Electronics (ETF), 1 student from Spec. of profile
Computers (ETF) , 1 student from Spec. of profile Communication (ETF) and 1 student from
profile of Mechatronics (MF) will be awarded. The students will have free of charge transport
accomodation and fees. The sucessful students will receive the certificates.
Program of the seminar and training
Departure from PG
18:00: Registration and welcome
09:00: Opening by Chairs and Officials
09:30 LESSON #1, Prof. Roberto Giorgi, University of Siena, Italy AXIOM: A 64-
bit Reconfigurable, Hardware/Software Platform for Scalable Embedded
10:15 LESSON #2, Prof. Ervin Sejdic, University of Pitssburg, USA, Can we use
big data to understand functional changes in swallowing, gait and handwriting?
16:00 Introduction: Prof. Veljko Milutinovic
LESSON #3, , Prof. Amr Sabry, Indiana University,USA, Embracing the laws of
Physics in the Foundations of Computation
16: 45 Tutorial #1: Prof. Veljko Milutinovic,University of Belgrade, Maxeler
Technologies, DataFlow SuperComputing
Gala Dinner

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9.00 LESSON #4, Prof. Pavel V. Babayan, RSREU, Russia, Image analysis techniques
for airborne vision system
9:45 LESSON #5, Prof. Vera Markovic, University of Nis, Serbia IEEE in Serbia and
Montenegro a 46 Year-Long History
16:00 Issuing Certificates
17:00 Departure

Also students are welcome to participate in all MECO&ECYPS Programme:
Apply procedure
Interested students should send ( ), till 07.06.2017 (15h), the
1. CV in EuroPass format
2. Motivation leter (few sentences) with emphasized average mark
3. References if any
Selection results: 07.06.2017 (18h)
Contact: Ivan Rasovic, , 069423069
Prof. Radovan Stojanovic, MECO Chair,, 067317729

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