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Mission Valley Christian Academy

Spring 2017
Our mission is to provide a Christ-centered quality education to prepare students to be lifelong servant leaders

Directors Letter

Greetings from MVCA!

This last month has been a whirlwind of activities and celebrations at the Mission Valley Christian Academy.
Becoming an accredited school for the very first time is a giant step in validating the Christ centered quality
education we desire to provide for all our students. Celebrating the seniors accomplishments at our recent
commencement service at New Life Church was also a great event to celebrate the vibrant life we experience
at MVCA. We are sensing God's favor as we look to the future and the vision He has for our school.

There are so many people that worked tirelessly to make the incredible accomplishment of accreditation
possible. The steering committee was relentless in pursuing excellence in our standards and requirements.
Julie Conrad, Carolyn Hall, Mike Windauer, Cindy Young, Sara Brookman and Jerry Roylance all deserve
a great deal of credit for their contributions to the committee. Although MVCA is accredited for five years,
we won't be satisfied to remain at this point. We plan to focus on the major recommendations and continu-
ally improve as a school.

This is my fifth year at MVCA and this year's graduating class was the most connected group I have experi-
enced since I arrived. The atmosphere of the evening was really focused on Jesus, intimately personal and
reflected the family culture that we try to cultivate in our school community. Parents were honored well, staff
that impacted each student were recognized and there was humor and joy that permeated the gathering. Our
speaker, Tom Grant was so engaged with the graduates and made his message to them deeply personal.
Maybe these students felt more like my kids this year? I was really touched by the heartfelt speeches and
their friendship and kindness to each other. I'd like to thank each family for allowing me to have a small part
in their student's celebration.

So, what's next? Every time I think I know what God is doing at MVCA, He changes things. Five years ago, I
remember Him clearly telling me to prepare the school for a large influx of students. Frankly, that terrified
me because I knew I couldn't do that. He assured me that I just needed to be obedient and He would cover
the rest. He brought so many pieces of this puzzle together at our school community and I am so very grate-
ful for His provision. Even now, I sense that much of the preparation is done, but I'm anxious for more stu-
dents to fill this building so we can add classrooms and a gym. This current season may be for us to rest and
wait on Him and reluctantly, I'm choosing to be content to do that.

Thank you for investing in MVCA and I trust you are seeing God move and have His way in our school. I
am so grateful for His grace, mercy and blessings. His generous favor is so undeserved but we are receiving
His goodness with gratitude and praise. May God richly bless and keep you!

In the strong Name of Jesus,

Christian Bumgarner

2017 Senior

2017 MVCA
Mission Valley Christian Academy Board
Mike Windauer -Board Chair David Caselli Willie Stene
Jodi Windauer After leaving the Navy with a I was raised in a Catholic home and
We value Christian education be- degree in electronics David moved to Polson in 1980 with my
took business classes at parents and two sisters. I graduated
cause we want to put Christ at the from Polson High School in 1992 and
Chabot college in Northern attended college at Montana State
center of everything we do. As California. He then toured University in Bozeman. I graduated
around the United States as a from MSU in 1997 with a degree in Electrical Engineer-
parents we also want to model and to provide an envi- ing.
professional musician. Getting the entrepreneur bug
ronment for this same value in our children. Educa- from his parents he began opening several businesses While in college I met my wife Raina and we were
starting with restaurants, he then became President married in January of 1996. We moved to Pocatello ID
tion outside the home will have the and CFO of Caselli Enterprises and River Road
where I was offered a job as an ASIC design engineer for
AMI Semiconductor. We had two wonderful boys while
single largest influence on our childrens lives and we corporation in Southern California. After selling his in ID, Dothan and Isaac.
companies he began to open Fitness Gyms, Thera-
want it to be in support of and an extension of our peutic massage and Pilates studios. Now living in
We moved back to Polson in 2005 so I could begin
work at our family business designing and fabricating
core beliefs and values. Mission Valley Christian Polson Montana he has began a new venture of aircraft parts. Since moving back we have been blessed
conducting seminars and writing a book on Schul- with the birth of our daughter Amelia.
Academy provides this important function to support
man therapy massage while running Caselli's thera- We continue to enjoy outdoor activities with our kids
the church and families in the Mission Valley. peutic Massage & Pilates studio. David believes and enjoy serving in kids and worship ministries at
strongly in a Christian-based education and is proud Freshlife Church. I'm grateful and thankful for the
Christ centered quality education offered by MVCA and
to be on the board of the Mission Valley Christian feel privileged to serve this school.

Jerry Roylance Marlo Maddy Tony Bontadelli

I was born in St. Ignatius, Montana on I was born in 1967 in I was raised in Jackson Wyo-
September 16, 1950 and have lived the ming. My wife Becca, oldest
Seattle, Washington. I
majority of my life in the Mission Valley. son Jackson and I moved to
My wife, Tommi and I were married on grew up in Seattle until I
Polson in 2009. Since then
December 26, 1970 and have three grown married my husband,
children; Benjamin, Jorah and Lindy and our family has grown. We
two grandchildren; Jaylah and William. I have had two sons Riley 5 and
Michael in 1995. I graduated from Seat-
have been involved with Mission Valley Christian Academy Elliott 6 months.
from its conception in the 1993/94 school year in various tle Pacific University with a Bachelors of I have been a professional pilot since 1995. I
roles. I have been a pastor for over thirty years and recently Science in nursing in 1993. I am the have flown for Continental Express Airlines and
connected with Rural Shepherds Network where pastors mother of five amazing children. All of Frontier Airlines. I currently work for ALERT
network with rural pastors all over the world.
them have attended Mission Valley Air Ambulance.
Christian education gives teachers and staff opportunities to Christian Academy and are one by one I believe a Christian education is important be-
help students learn to think biblically. Since wisdom is the graduating, going off to college, and cause it educates children on how to view life
right application of knowledge, any method of education that spreading their wings. I have had the from Gods perspective. I believe it gives children
leaves God's Word out of the process is sadly incomplete. a foundation of values including respect, compas-
privilege to serve on the board of MVCA
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the sion and humility.
for the last several years.
knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." (Proverbs 9:10)

The accreditation programs of ACSI/AdvancEd are designed to assist member schools in achieving a standard
of excellence and to encourage them in a continuous process of assessment and ongoing development. To
desire excellence is to take seriously our commitment to Christ, whose name is excellent (Psalm 8:1). The pro-
cess of achieving and maintaining accredited status is a means of proclaiming MVCA's commitment to doing
things well. The major benefit to a school that goes through the accreditation process is the documentation of
an intensive appraisal of each component of its ministry. Accreditation keeps MVCA accountable to a Godly
organization that insists that all curriculum and instruction are biblically based and taught with excellence from
a biblical world view. MVCA is convinced that this process is another way the school can be held accountable
for being good stewards of God's gracious provision.

Construction beginning summer 2017

MVCA & South Shore Community Walking/Exercise 38907 Hwy 35

path is one step closer to fruition with the help of Polson
Greater Community Foundations grant of $1250. The Polson, MT 59860
funds will be used towards the construction of a quarter
mile gravel walking path with exercise stations, rest 406-883-6858
benches and pet station. Located near the end of the
existing Hwy 35 walking path, the MVCA & South Shore
Our web site
Community Walking/Exercise path will be an extended
opportunity for those wishing to use the exercise stations is an easy way to keep up to date on the current
and path, especially in the summer months, as well as happenings. Our weekly newsletter-As Days,
provide current and future students with a safe and fun Bulletins, upcoming events, teachers profiles and
form of exercise while promoting the benefits of outdoor PayPal to make donations, are just a few of the
exercise and forming healthy walking habits resources you will find.