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Lesson Plan

Teacher Name Miss. Schultz Date June 1, 17
Subject Area English Language Arts Grade 3/4
Topic Dinosaur Expanding Vocabulary Time 20 min

General Learner 3-2 Comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts.
Outcome(s) 3-4 Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication.
Taken from Alberta Program 4-2 Comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts.
of Studies 4-4 Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication.
3-2 ( Apply word analysis strategies to segment words into parts or syllables, when reading
unfamiliar words in context.
Specific Learner 3-4 ( Explain relationships among words and concepts associated with topics of study.
Outcome(s) 4-2 ( Apply knowledge of root words, compound words, syllabication, contractions and complex
Taken from Alberta Program word families to read unfamiliar words in context.
of Studies
4-2( Use an increasing variety of words to express and extend understanding of concepts related
to personal interests and topics of study

Learning Objectives Students will:

What do you want your Use word parts to determine the meaning of words (expanding vocabulary)
students to learn? Use boggle student worksheet to spell learned dinosaur words and spelling words of the week
Observation students will use picture prompts to learn word parts of given words
Assessment Student Worksheet students will use boggle letter list to spell out the weeks spelling words
How will you know your and dinosaur names students will also use dashes to separate the word parts of given dinosaur
students have learned? names
Get out of class ticket complete boggle spelling sheet
Power point slide of dinosaur name word parts and fun facts
Materials Boggle letter list
What resources will you need? Boggle game sheets
Clipboards and Pencils

There is a slide show of dinosaurs, with pictures, and fun facts.
Ask students prior to presentation to come prepared with a clipboard and a pencil
Ask students to pay close attention to the spelling of each dinosaurs name
Ask students prior to the slide show to think about the pictures displayed on the slides and what
(1 min) they think the pictures may mean in correlation to the dinosaurs Latin name
Ask the students to think about the height and length of each dinosaur
Tell the students its okay if they dont know the answer
After asking the students to think about the pictures, Latin names and the dinosaur facts, display the

Presentation of slideshow (10 min total)
As the slideshow plays with prompt pictures in relation to Latin names, give the students the
chance to raise their hands in discussion on what the name may be (1 min per dinosaur)

Body (17 mins) After the slideshow (1 min)
Ask the students to work with 2-3 people around them on the learning carpet
Ask students to stay seated around the board with a dinosaur boggle sheet and a clipboard
Explain the rules of boggle and ask students to spell the dinosaur names learned and their
spelling words of the week

Assessment activity (5 mins)
Students will have provided boggle sheets and will work on spelling dinosaur names (with

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching

Instructor: Kurtis Hewson
assistance of the picture prompt screen) and their current weekly dinosaur related spelling
As students work in groups to spell their dinosaur names, watch to see how students use the
picture prompts to remember the dinosaur names

Ask the students to hand in all materials, with names on their boggle sheets to each teacher and proceed
to the next activity.
(2 mins)

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching

Instructor: Kurtis Hewson