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Teacher: Mrs. Scott
Room: 207
Phone Number: (360) 335-3000, ext: 78180

Course Description:
This course will focus on the Common Core Math Standards for 7 th grade students. These standards are
based on the premise that an effective mathematics program balances three important components of
mathematics – conceptual understanding (making sense of mathematics), procedural proficiency (skills, facts,
and procedures), and problem solving and mathematical processes (using mathematics to reason, think, and
apply mathematical knowledge). These standards make clear the importance of all three of these
components, purposefully interwoven to support students’ development as increasingly sophisticated
mathematical thinkers. The standards are written to support the development of students so that they know
and understand mathematics.

The central themes in Grade 7 focus on four critical areas:
1. Developing understanding of and applying proportional relationships.
2. Developing understanding of operations with rational numbers and working with expressions and linear
3. Solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric constructions; working with two- and
three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume.
4. Drawing inferences about populations based on samples.

Course Outline:
The Math 7 course will cover the following information:
 NUMBER SENSE (September and October)
 EXPRESSIONS & EQUATIONS (January & February)
 GEOMETRY (May & June)
 STANDARD MATHEMATICAL PRACTICES (are imbedded in everything we teach)
For more detailed information on the Common Core math standards, please refer to:

Text: Mathscape: Seeing and Thinking Mathematically – Course 2 [Glencoe Mathematics]
Access Code: FB7BAB3595 (subject to change… use the one included on the math links page of my website)

Students should bring their math binder, a pencil, paper, vocabulary composition notebook & planner with
them daily. Additional materials required at specific times throughout the school year include a scientific
calculator, protractor, and ruler. All work submitted for a grade, must be done in pencil. Work done in
anything but pencil will not be accepted.
Grading Policy
 Grades will be based on the completion of daily assignments, test/quiz grades, vocabulary, and
projects. Grades will be broken down as follows:
33% = Daily assignments, vocabulary, and daily openers including BuzzMath
67% = Tests & Quizzes
Grading Scale
93-100 A 90-92 A-
88-89 B+ 83-87 B 80-82 B-
78-79 C+ 73-77 C 70-72 C-
68-69 D+ 60-67 D 0-59 F

Most assignments will be due the following day. Work not completed in
class will need to be completed at home as homework. Homework also includes studying for tests. Beyond
that, I don’t assign homework just for the sake of homework. Some of you may expect to do a few problems
at home every night, and some of you will never have homework as you always finish your daily assignment in

Daily assignments should be recorded in your Student Planner every day. Any assignment turned in late will
receive 50% credit.
 Daily assignments will be given points based on the following scale:
5 points - 80% - 100%,
4 points - 60% - 79%
3 points - 40% – 59%
2 points - 20% – 39%
1 point - 1% – 19%
 Students scoring a 3 or less may make corrections to improve their grade. If your grade
was a 2 or 3 you may make corrections to earn a 4. If your grade was a 1 the most you
can earn by making corrections is a 2.5.

Attendance is critical to success in math. It is also important that you are on time each day to
class so that you will not miss out on important material that will be covered that day. You will be
expected to make up all missed work. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILTIY OF THE STUDENT TO ASK
FOR MAKE-UP OR MISSED WORK AND TESTS. If the work is not made up, a grade of “0” will
be assigned for the assignment. Students absent the day of a test will be expected to take the
test the day of their return.

I am available for one-on-one assistance in the morning, during lunch, and after school IF ARRANGEMENTS
ARE MADE IN ADVANCE. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Do not turn in solutions that you do not understand, this is cheating and will not benefit you. While you are
encouraged to work with study partners and in groups, simply copying someone else’s answers/solutions is not
tolerated. If I see evidence of cheating on an assignment, quiz, or test, I will give you a zero and will keep
the evidence while further action is considered.