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The First Founding of the Space Marine Legions, also originally called make his dream of reuniting all of Mankind within a single galaxy-
the Legiones Astartes, occurred in the late 30th Millennium after the spanning empire possible, the Emperor knew that he would have to
end of the Age of Strife and the Unification Wars. make some difficult, even immoral decisions. Their purpose having
been achieved, the Emperor ordered all of the remaining Thunder
In the short story The Lightning Tower, when the Imperial Fists' Warriors to be liquidated, as they were a dangerous group of men to
Primarch, Rogal Dorn, is in the falls of the Kath Mandau Precinct of leave alive in a time of peace and they needed to be removed to make
the Imperial Palace and comes upon a series of pillars with plinths that way for their eventual successors, the Primarchs and the Space
contain life-sized statues of all the Space Marine Legions' Primarchs: Marines. Official Imperial propaganda proclaimed that the Thunder
“The second and eleventh plinths had been vacant for a long time. No Warriors had heroically died to the last man during the Battle of
one ever spoke of those two absent brothers. Their separate tragedies Mount Ararat, the greatest of their number, Arik Taranis, surviving just
had seemed like aberrations. Had they, in fact, been warnings that no long enough to raise the Emperor's banner when victory, and unity,
one had heeded?” was achieved. But the Emperor could not wipe away the stain entirely,
for several Thunder Warriors managed to escape what they called the
Games Workshop has shed a little more light on this subject in the Culling, including Arik Taranis, who would yet have a role to play in
Horus Heresy novel about the Word Bearers called First Heretic. It has the fate of the Emperor's realm.
been established that these "missing" Primarchs were erased from
Imperial records at least 43 years prior to the events that would occur The Emperor next set in motion his plan to defend and better
on Istvaan V, as only 18 of the established Legions are referenced Mankind across the galaxy, by unifying those lost bastions of humanity
during the events that occurred at Monarchia on the world of Khur, scattered across the myriad stars under the aegis of the newborn
where the entire Word Bearers Legion and their Primarch Lorgar were Imperium. This extraordinary undertaking would become known as
formally rebuked by the Emperor of Mankind for their apparent laxity the Great Crusade.
in discharging their duties of bringing the atheistic Imperial Truth to
newly Compliant human worlds during the Great Crusade. The Emperor prepared extensively for the Great Crusade in the years
after Unity was achieved on Terra; he created the special astro-telepath
There is also a long standing rumour amongst the Astartes Legions (Astropath) corps to link his eventual interstellar dominion together
that is revealed that may explain what the ultimate fate of the II and XI through the use of telepathy, and engineered the creation of the
Legions was. Around the time that both these wayward Legions were Astronomicon, a supremely powerful psychic navigational beacon
expunged from all Imperial records, it was said that the number of the powered by the Emperor's own will and psychic abilities that would
Astartes in the Ultramarines Legion swelled in size until they eclipsed allow simplified and safer interstellar travel through the Warp across
all of the other Legions. It is not known if this is merely speculation or far greater distances than before. Chief amongst his designs, however,
it is established fact that the II and XI Legions of Space Marines were was the creation of new legions of superhuman, genetically-
inducted into other Legions after they were officially expunged from engineered warriors, the logical extension of the gene-troopers already
Imperial records. Though interesting, this still does not explain what under his command, though they would be far superior than the gene-
actually happened to the Primarchs of the II and XI Legions. enhanced troops of the Imperial Army he had used during the
Unification Wars. The Emperor had first undertaken the Primarch
We are further illuminated on the subject in the novel Prospero Burns Project, the creation of 20 superhuman infants whose genomes had
where the Space Wolves Primarch Leman Russ is discussing the been designed using his own genetic code as the foundation, who were
inevitable execution of the Thousand intended to mature into powerful generals and statesmen for his
Sons for Magnus the Red's performance of an act of maleficarum that armies, beings of such great mental and physical superiority that
drove his sorcery right into the heart of Terra and into the presence of nothing merely human could stand against them.
the Emperor, revealing his own supposed treachery through defiance
of the Imperial edicts banning the use of psychic sorcery at the To enhance the Primarchs beyond the capabilities that even genetic-
Council of Nikaea. When asked if he was concerned over the fact that engineering allowed, however, the Emperor also drew upon the
the unprecedented was about to take place, namely, Astartes fighting powers of the Warp to enhance his creations, imbuing them with
Astartes, Russ commented that this was not an unprecedented event, nearly godlike levels of charisma and capability, but also
implying that his Wolves had been called on to perform this task once unintentionally making them susceptible to corruption by the entities
before. This might be an enigmatic reference to the possible of the Warp. However, this plan went awry with the intervention of the
destruction of the II and XI Legions. Ruinous Powers, who feared that the Emperor's plans might succeed
too well, vastly increasing the hold of Order over the universe and
diminishing their own strength. It is for this reason that all of
daemonkind refers to the Emperor as "the Anathema." While accounts
vary as to exactly what happened, the end of the tale is always the
same; the Primarchs were cast into the Warp in their gestation
Rise of the Emperor and the Great chambers from beneath the Himalaya Mountains in the Emperor's
Crusade gene-labs despite the multiple psychic wards the Emperor had laid
down upon the laboratory, and thought lost.
The man who would later become known as the Emperor of Mankind In the aftermath of these events, the Emperor conceived a new plan.
first appears in Imperial records as just one of the many warlords Using genetic samples that had been derived from the Primarchs'
struggling for control of Terra during the later part of the Age of Strife genomes, he created a caste of warriors who would possess some of the
in the 30th Millennium. The Emperor undertook a series of military same superhuman qualities of the Primarchs and himself. These
campaigns against all the other warlords on the planet that would successors to the genetically-enhanced human warriors of the
collectively later become known as the Unification Wars. During these Unification Wars-era were the Legiones Astartes, the Space Marine
conflicts the Emperor employed several military formations -- such as Legions of the First Founding.
the genetically-altered warriors of the unit designated Geno 5-2 Chiliad
who would go on to serve in the Imperial Army -- that consisted of After their creation, the Emperor led the 20 Space Marine Legions, all
using genetically-enhanced warriors to maximise his tactical prowess. of their Astartes originally recruited from Terran-born males, in their
first missions to give them experience in war and diplomacy through
The most powerful of these troops were the proto-Astartes known as the reconquest of the rest of the Solar System. The Space Marines
the Thunder Warriors. These warriors played a significant role in the drove alien slavers from the moons of Saturn and Jupiter and most
Emperor's eventual victory over all the other warlords of Terra and led importantly, achieved peace and the eventual integration of Imperial
him to believe that his future plans to reunite Mankind would require Terra with the Cult Mechanicum of Mars. This crucial military and
the creation of an even more potent core of genetically-engineered political alliance, formalised in the 30th Millennium with the signing
military commanders and warriors. Following the Battle of Mount of the Treaty of Mars, provided the Emperor with much of the
Ararat in the Kingdom of Urartu, which was the last battle of the technological means and materiel required to extend his crusade into
Unification Wars, the Unity of Terra was at last achieved after decades the stars. At the same time, the alliance formalised the creation of the
of blood, loss and fire. With this victory, the planet and population of Imperium of Man and established the Imperial bureaucracy on Terra,
Terra were at last unified under the single rule of the Emperor. But to

transforming the Cult Mechanicum into the Adeptus Mechanicus, one yet evolved enough either physically or spiritually to truly control the
of the myriad organisations that comprised the newborn Adeptus great power of the Warp or avoid the temptations offered by its more
Terra, the massive government of the Imperium, the future Priesthood malevolent denizens. More and more often during the progress of the
of Earth. Imperial conquest of the galaxy, the Imperial Army and Space Marines
would make planetfall only to find that the populace were in thrall to
With the final abatement of the Warp Storms caused by the birth- mysterious powers and unnatural mystics called "sorcerers." These
pangs of the Chaos God Slaanesh and ended by the Fall of the Eldar, people were essentially members of Chaos Cults who would resist the
the Emperor finally began the Great Crusade at the end of the 30th forces of the Emperor with sorcerous psychic powers granted them by
Millennium. The Emperor's forces, concentrated amongst a rapidly daemonic entities from the Warp. These psychic powers were also very
growing cadre of Expeditionary Fleets, rediscovered long-lost human akin to those used by the Thousand Sons Legion of the Primarch
colony worlds, cast out alien oppressors, and claimed vast new Magnus the Red.
territories for the newborn Imperium to exploit across the galaxy.
Perhaps most importantly the Emperor, leading his Crusade, The Thousand Sons had come under criticism for their use of sorcery
rediscovered his lost sons the Primarchs as the Expeditionary Fleets by the Primarch Mortarion of the Death Guard Legion, who knew by
pushed out deeper into the depths of unexplored space. Scattered his own personal experience with sorcerers on his homeworld of
across the galaxy, the Primarchs were found one-by-one over a period Barbarus the dangers to be found in anything spawned from the Warp,
of many decades and reunited with their father and their own genetic and Leman Russ of the Space Wolves Legion, for whom any battle
sons in the Space Marine Legions. All were placed in command of the fought through sleight of hand, clever deceit or any trick other than
Astartes Legions created from their respective gene-seed and played a straight physical combat was by definition dishonourable. Russ found
major part in forging their father's Imperium. Together they brought the Thousand Sons' use of sorcery distasteful in the extreme. It was
thousands of worlds into Imperial Compliance, establishing the rule of Russ who fought the hardest for the Imperium to ban the use of
the Imperium over these worlds and inculcating in them the values of psychic powers after his own experiences during several campaigns of
the Imperial Truth -- a rationalist, atheistic faith in science and the Great Crusade where his Space Wolves had fought beside the
technological progress that rejected all the vestiges of human Thousand Sons. The schism grew so great that it threatened the very
irrationality and superstition, including all forms of religious faith. stability of the fledgling Imperium and so the Emperor himself called
for an Imperial conclave to resolve the issue once and for all.
The Emperor himself declared that Mankind would never be free to
progress and advance to its destined position as the pre-eminent Both sides of the debate over the use of psychic abilities arrived at the
intelligent species in the Milky Way Galaxy until "the last stone from world of Nikaea determined to present their views, with the Emperor
the last church was cast down onto the last priest." He had already as the arbiter, enthroned above the dais in an ancient amphitheatre
purged ancient Terra of all its ancient religions and superstitious that seated tens of thousands where the conclave was held. On one
beliefs by the time the Great Crusade began, even going so far as to side of the question were the Witch Hunters like the Sisters of Silence
personally witness the destruction of the final church on Terra's who presented their case by reciting a litany of human suffering
ancient soil after engaging its resident holy man, Uriah Olathaire, in a inflicted upon the Emperor's own subjects by sorcerers enslaved by
battle of ideas, wit and dogma. what would eventually later be recognised during the Horus Heresy as
Chaos, of gibbering mutants who had lost their humanity, and of cults
The Imperial Truth also held that humanity was the species which and power-hungry men who turned their psychic gifts to dark
should rightfully rule the galaxy since its physical form was both the purposes. All present were also aware of the terrible damage that had
most pure and all of the other intelligent alien races, such as the Eldar, been done by uncontrolled and daemon-possessed psykers during the
had already tried and failed to maintain galaxy-spanning civilisations. early days of the Age of Strife.
Now it was Mankind's turn to find a place amidst the stars. As almost
all intelligent alien species encountered by Mankind had either proven On the other side was a powerful advocate for the continued use of
to be irrevocably hostile to humanity or presented a future threat to sorcery, the Primarch Magnus the Red. His very presence frightened
human dominance and exploitation of the galaxy, xenos species were many, but he began to speak with the great charisma that only a
generally to be exterminated outright if they presented the slightest Primarch could wield. His argument was that no knowledge was
threat or obstacle to the Imperium. The Emperor believed the tainted in and of itself, and no pursuit of knowledge was ever wrong so
Imperial Truth needed to be brought to all the worlds of Mankind, long as the seeker of that truth was the master of what he learned
peacefully at first but imposed by war if necessary, because the rather than its pawn. He spoke with finality that his Thousand Sons
Emperor believed that true unity was the only way for humanity to Astartes had mastered their knowledge of sorcery and that there was
survive and prosper in the face of a very hostile universe. If this no knowledge too labyrinthine for them to grasp or that they could not
required the unfortunate use of force against those who refused to master to serve Mankind rather than enslaving it. Magnus called on
understand this necessity, then so be it. Just as he had during the the Emperor not to ban the use of psychic abilities, but to contribute to
Unification Wars, the Emperor again lamented the loss of innocent further research into their usage so that they might be harnessed more
lives and the curtailing of individual freedoms that the fleets of the fully for the betterment of humanity and the Imperium.
Great Crusade sometimes trod upon, but he could see no other way to
safeguard humanity and weaken the endless corruptive power of the Magnus had spoken passionately with great power and the Council of
Ruinous Powers at the same time. Nikaea became even more divided. While they had strong arguments
in their favour to justify their anti-psyker position, the Witch Hunters
While the Imperial Truth upheld the light of reason and science, it did could not effectively match Magnus' persuasiveness. The tension could
have one unbreakable proscription: Men must never develop easily have been cut with a knife when a group of Space Marine
artificially intelligent machines. The Emperor remembered that it was Librarians approached the dais. The Emperor acknowledged them
the Great War fought by Mankind against the thinking machines with a nod, and all present fell silent. Among the group were some of
known as the Men of Iron that had helped to destroy humanity's last the greatest Librarians of the Space Marine Legions. They formed a
united interstellar civilisation at the end of the Dark Age of semi-circle around the dais to indicate that they spoke as one voice, but
Technology and he had no desire to see the human race repeat its past it was a young Librarian Epistolary who spoke for the group. A psyker,
mistakes. As such, when the expeditionary fleets of the Great Crusade he proposed, was like an athlete, a gifted individual whose native talent
encountered advanced human civilisations in the dark of space that must be carefully nurtured. Psykers were not innately evil in
had developed artificial intelligence, these worlds' populations were themselves, but like any tool, could be used for either good or evil
simply exterminated outright as potential dangers to the entire body purposes. Sorcery, however, was a knowledge of how to wield psychic
politic of the newborn Imperium. powers that had to be sought for, even bargained for with the foul
entities of the Warp. No one could be truly sure who or what had
Additionally, there was an increasing concern as the Great Crusade benefited in the deal. The Librarians proposed that all psykers be
progressed about the use of psychic sorcery by agents and warriors of strictly educated by the Imperium with the express purpose of using
the Imperium. The Emperor was the most powerful human psyker to their abilities to serve Mankind. This should become an immediate
have ever lived, but he was deeply ambivalent about the growing Imperial priority. The practice of psychic Sorcery would forever be
spread of the mutant psyker genes through more and more of the outlawed as an unforgivable offence against Mankind and the worst
human population. He rightly believed that most of Mankind was not kind of heresy. The end result of the Council of Nikaea's deliberations

was a compromise that offered both the pro-and-anti-psyker factions Golden Throne was originally located in the depths of the Imperial
something. Palace where the Emperor's original gene-laboratory complex had
once stood, an area known as the Imperial Dungeon.
The Council of Nikaea was also the trial of Magnus the Red -- for he
was accused of sorcery and of introducing sorcerous practices to the Hundreds of red-robed Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-priests and
Space Marine Legions through the institution of the corps of Servitors toiled in the Imperial Dungeon, as the Emperor sat upon the
Librarians. As the evidence of Magnus' continued practice of sorcery Golden Throne and used his immense powers to hold the portal into
became apparent, the Emperor barely contained his wrath as he the Webway open for his workers, who constructed a new section of
pronounced judgement on the Primarch of the Thousand Sons, for he the Labyrinthine Dimension intended to connect Terra to the rest of
had entrusted his son years before to obey his bidding and foreswear the largely abandoned Eldar transdimensional transport network.
the use of such occult practices because of the dangers inherent to the Because the Webway had been constructed from a psychically-
Warp. He had entrusted only Magnus with the true secrets of the Warp resistant material intended to protect it from penetration by the
to which only they remained privy, but now it appeared that his son entities of the Warp, and Mankind did not possess the technology
had disobeyed his edicts and at the very least dabbled in the occult and required to replicate it, the Emperor had to personally shield the new
the forbidden black arts of psychic sorcery. The confrontation between human-built sections of the Webway from Warp incursions. This
father and son is recorded in the Grimoire Hereticus. required him to remain on the Golden Throne continuously and was
the reason why he had been forced to leave the Great Crusade in the
The Emperor's judgement at the Council of Nikaea proved severe, hands of his Primarchs and return to Terra to oversee the project
largely as a result of his anger at Magnus. The Emperor rejected the personally.
Librarians' compromise outright. With the exceptions of Navigators
and Astropaths who were properly trained, controlled and sanctioned As such, following the extraordinary victory of Imperial forces over the
by the Imperium and were necessary to its continued existence, the greatest Ork WAAAGH! encountered by the Imperium until the Third
Space Marine Legions were no longer to employ psykers within their War for Armageddon 10,000 standard years later during the Ullanor
ranks. He commanded that the Primarchs were to close their Librarius Crusade, the Emperor decided that he was no longer directly needed
departments forthwith and not to indulge the undoubted psychic to command the efforts of the Great Crusade. To this end, the Emperor
talents of those Astartes who possessed the gift. All existing Space placed Horus, his favoured and most talented son, in charge of the
Marine Librarians were likewise forbidden to make use of their military advancement of the Great Crusade in his stead. Horus was
abilities. The Council's rulings also created a new position amongst the foremost amongst the Primarchs and was the first re-discovered by the
Space Marine Legions, the Space Marine Chaplain, to uphold the Emperor on the dying world of Cthonia that lay so close to Terra that
Imperial Truth and help maintain the purity of an Astartes Legion's Warp-Drive was not needed to reach the planet.
dedication and fidelity to the Emperor's commands.
Horus was the only Primarch to serve in the Great Crusade alongside
The Emperor ordered Magnus to cease the practice of sorcery and his father for many decades and was the most highly honoured of the
incantation, and the pursuit of all knowledge related to magic. Emperor's sons, the Primarch he most trusted and most loved.
Magnus, of course, did not like the idea, and he remained bitterly Granting him the unique title and rank of Warmaster, the Emperor
opposed to the decision made at Nikaea. But in the end, he bent his declared that the time had come for his sons to show him what great
will to his father the Emperor and agreed to obey, though the leaders they were. Turning his back on direct military matters, the
machinations of the Ruinous Powers would ultimately lead to a far Emperor then created the Council of Terra (the precursor of the High
darker fate for Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons. The Edicts of Lords of Terra), the Imperial Tithe, and expanded the civil governing
Nikaea stood largely untouched for the next 10,000 standard years as and bureaucratic bodies of the Imperium like the Adeptus
the primary Imperial policy regarding human psychic mutation. Only Administratum, before retiring in seclusion beneath the Imperial
the edict against the use of Librarians within the ranks of the Space Palace to begin work upon the Golden Throne and his secret plan to
Marines would be reversed as a result of the Horus Heresy, as that invade the Webway of the Eldar and bring at least a portion of it under
terrible civil war made clear to the rulers of the Imperium that Astartes humanity's control.
psykers were essential to combat the power of the Forces of Chaos.
But the Emperor's decision to not tell his sons why he had retired to
Terra as well as his decision to begin shifting the Imperium's
government out of the direct control of the Primarchs and to the
Imperial Webway Project Terran nobility and bureaucrats whom they detested sowed the seeds
of discord among the Primarchs, as did disquiet over the Emperor's
decision to raise Horus above his brothers by naming him the
Well over a standard century into the Great Crusade, the Emperor Warmaster and thus their commanding officer. From these seeds of
decided to return to Terra to oversee a special project that would cap ambition, pride and jealousy the Chaos Gods would find fertile ground
his ambitions for humanity. This was the secret Webway Project, in to corrupt many of the Primarchs and bring on the horrors of the
which the Emperor planned to use a special artefact from the Dark Horus Heresy.
Age of Technology that had been discovered on Terra, the potent
psychic amplifier known as the Golden Throne, to enter and reshape
the Labyrinthine Dimension of the Eldar Webway to serve as a direct
and instantaneous transport network between all the worlds of the
Imperium. This human Webway would recreate the vast network of Horus Heresy
Warp Portals that had once bound together the Old Ones' and the
Eldar's ancient interstellar empires and would allow Mankind to This turn of events did not please all of the Emperor's subjects, several
advance at a more rapid rate, scientifically and economically, than at of his Primarch sons in particular. In the final stages of the Great
any other time in its history. A human-dominated Webway would also Crusade, the Emperor's most trusted son Horus succumbed to the
truly unite the Imperium, preventing Mankind from ever again be temptations of Chaos. This seduction had been set in place over long
divided by time and great distance. But this project would require all of decades by the Primarch Lorgar and his Word Bearers Legion.
his considerable attention and had to be pursued in secret, lest the
Eldar or other opponents of the project learn of it and seek to stop it The idea of "the Pilgrimage," a journey to the legendary place where
before the Emperor's efforts could come to fruition. mortals could directly interact with the Gods, was an ancient
mythological trope on many human-settled worlds of the Milky Way
The Golden Throne had been built during the Dark Age of Galaxy, including Lorgar and the Word Bearers' homeworld of Colchis.
Technology to allow human access to the Eldar Webway and took the Of course, such a place, the Warp, did exist, and one could discover the
form of a heavily mechanised throne created from an unknown type of Primordial Truth of the universe there, i.e. that the Immaterium was
psychically-reactive gold-complected alloy that was suspended over a dominated by the powerful spiritual entities known as the Chaos
pair of massive doors composed of the same golden alloy. These doors Gods.
acted as the portal to the Webway and were supposedly large enough
for a Warhound-class Scout Titan to walk through upright. The Prompted by the so-called Pilgrimage of the Primarch Lorgar of the

" the Warmaster's spirit was actually sent into the Prince known as Ingethel the Ascended. though Lorgar no human inhabitants of the planet. but expressions of worship in the offshoot of Mankind. of course. vicinity of the great Warp rift. the endless storm of the Great Eye (the Eye of Terror). Later. The landing force was comprised of Imperial Army. he and his XVII Legion rejoined the Great Crusade but did so only for their efforts to serve as a This "truth" changed Lorgar and the Word Bearers forever as they were front for their pursuit of the Pilgrimage.. yet they had felt no joy at her Mankind as a deity no longer worthy of his worship after the Emperor coming. the Word flesh and delivered a toxin personally created by the Plague Lord. Malcador Primordial Truth was revealed to the Word Bearers in the ashes of the the Sigillite. Slaanesh. abandon all his sons and betray the Imperial Truth's promise . decided to extremely strategic location meant that it would prove useful to the undertake a Pilgrimage to discover if the Gods worshipped by the Imperium and in the 32nd Millennium Imperial colonists were ancient Old Faith of Colchis were real and worthy of the Word Bearers' despatched to resettle the world. lied to the worshipped by adherents of the Old Faith of the Word Bearers' Word Bearers about how the Chaos God Slaanesh had truly been born homeworld of Colchis actually existed. but not before the Anathame bit deep into his Vendatha's protests and request to execute the heathens. The Emperor forced the entire Legion to kneel against happened and all that they had learned within the Eye.e. exposed to the Ruinous Powers of Chaos and slowly corrupted. the Great Crusade. Perhaps as a result of the Eye of condemn Mankind's natural instinct to seek out the divine as an Terror's proximity. the first of the Legiones Astartes to worship the Chaos Gods and become The Word Bearers were also accompanied on this Pilgrimage by 5 Traitors to the Emperor in their hearts. When Horus and the Luna Wolves personally universal truth that was the existence of Chaos. Lorgar ordered a cyclonic bombardment of the planet. Fleet of the Great Crusade. guide. Their new God. result of the teachings of the Word Bearers. He made his displeasure and must instead accept the worship of Chaos. becoming the ancestors of the faith and allegiance. though he had turned against the Emperor of They gave birth to a God of Pleasure. led by Lorgar. Lorgar willingly helped orchestrate the events of the advised Lorgar that unusual "voices" in the Warp were heard in the Horus Heresy itself. This woman. who promised that spiritual enlightenment that actually marked the beginning of Lorgar's they could heal the Warmaster. wiping out the Cadians and leaving the planet abandoned so that no others could stumble upon the secret of the Primordial Truth that had After this humiliation. after ordering the Ultramarines to destroy the Khurian Eldar empire. and Ingethel warned them that in order for humanity as city of Monarchia where the Emperor was worshipped as a God as a a species to survive they must not commit the same sins the Eldar did. fall to heresy and Chaos. Drawing on the Primarch's own untapped subconscious wells of ambition and jealousy. the Serrated Sun Chapter of the Word Ruinous Powers that the reason the Emperor had left the Great Bearers Legion witnessed the failure of the ancient Eldar empire first Crusade and returned to Terra was so that he could attempt to reach hand in the form of the Crone Worlds that had been scoured of all life godhood. this later population of Cadians also soon unworthy superstition and he intended to discover if there were truly developed the unusual violet-coloured eyes that had marked the first deities worthy of humanity's respect. When it became clear that ultimately led the 1301st Expeditionary Fleet to the Cadia System near Mankind could not be enlightened by Chaos without first being the largest Warp Storm in the universe. was greeted by a large number of barbaric of Davin was a decaying swamp filled with undead horrors like Plague human tribes. Ingethel. in The surviving Space Marines of the Word Bearers' Serrated Sun direct contravention of the rationalist. In desperation. calling him Lorgar system could successfully fight it off. voices that spoke directly to the Primarch as well. the most the nature of the place where Gods and mortals could mingle notable being the Warmaster Horus. The Word Bearers' pursuit of any ultimately resorting to manipulation and deception to sway nine of the scrap of information that could be found on the Primordial Truth or Primarchs to the cause of Chaos as their Gods demanded. Erebus made sure that the Anathame ended up in Fleet's elements to make planetfall on the unknown world. A strange woman emerged from the poison so powerful that not even the Primarch's enhanced immune crowd and addressed the Primarch directly. At this time." Most notable were Horus and the Luna Wolves no small amount of grief. Word Bearers. In a final the barbarians' purple eyes. falling back into error once more. later known to the Imperium forcibly weaned at a great price in blood from the Emperor's false as the Eye of Terror. However. as 1301-12. Adeptus Custodes and Legio Cybernetica elements. The nature of the The Emperor had come to Khur personally with his Regent. which were the voices of the Chaos entities within To this end. Lorgar journeyed with his and warned that the Eldar had failed as a species and suffered the Fall Word Bearers Legion's Serrated Sun Chapter to what was then the because at the moment of their ascension they were unable to accept fringes of known Imperial space as part of the 1301st Expeditionary the Primordial Truth. atheist philosophy of the Chapter eventually returned to Cadia and related to Lorgar all that had Imperial Truth. would ultimately lead the Primarch down a path of the Serpent Lodge. known to Lorgar about the Word Bearers spreading the religion of Emperor-worship to every world they brought into the Imperium. designated Temba's hands where he could use it to wound Horus. Lorgar and the Word Bearers members of the Adeptus Custodes who had been set by the Emperor spent the remaining years of the Great Crusade attempting to to watch over everything the Word Bearers did to prevent them from enlighten humanity about the true spiritual nature of Creation. Horus Terror itself in the spectrum of visible light.Word Bearers Legion to discover whether or not the Gods once that littered the Eye's region of space. Lorgar believed that the Emperor was wrong to present-day population of Cadians. Lorgar had not yet fallen to the corruption of Chaos. Horus was shown in a vision granted by the Within the Eye of Terror. the Priestess Ingethel of Cadia would initiate a ritual that would see her transformed into the Daemon During his "healing. a Chaotic temple on Davin. The Expeditionary Fleet's Master of Astropaths Imperial Truth. and then lead the 1301st Immaterium to meet with the Ruinous Powers with Erebus as his Fleet's scout vessel Orfeo's Lament into the Eye of Terror. Following the visits into the Eye they were the only Astartes Legion to have failed his purpose during of Terror.. It would be in the Cadia System that Lorgar would agent. tribes described as "dressed in rags and wielding spears Zombies created from Temba's Imperial Army garrison who caused tipped by flint blades. which reflected the colour of the Eye of confrontation on the bridge of his downed Imperial warship. Despite the Custodian slew the vile Nurgleite. i. the planet's Phaeron and the Word Bearers' First Chaplain Erebus. the place their will through the use of his psychic might and then explained that where mortals and Gods could meet. Lorgar used his Legion's First Chaplain Erebus as his the Immaterium. a Bearers approached the natives. arrived on the moon of the world of Davin to put down a rebellion against Imperial authority led by the former Planetary Governor The decision was made to hold orbit over Cadia and for the 1301st Eugen Temba. and from the Prince of Pleasure's grief was born the Horus Heresy. worship Chaos.yet they showed little fear. The Temba had become a servant of the Plague Lord Nurgle and the moon landing party. To this end. had awoken to consciousness in the and the Ultramarines had personally humiliated him and the entire 29th Millennium to find its worshippers abandoning it out of Word Bearers Legion on the world of Khur 43 years before the start of ignorance and fear. on the advice of his First Captain Kor been entrusted to him alone by the Chaos Gods. the Chaos allowed Erebus to take Horus to the Chaos Sorcerers of the Temple of priestess Ingethel. the Luna Wolves Aurelian and welcoming him to Cadia. longer had any love or loyalty for the Emperor. Lorgar. Erebus stole a Chaos-infected blade known as a Kinebrach learn that his suspicions had been correct and that all of the religions Anathame from the branch of humanity known as the Interex during across the galaxy that possessed so many similarities to the Colchisian the Luna Wolves' brief contact with that technologically-advanced Old Faith were not coincidences. an echo of the birth-screams of the Eldar's new and rejected God.

While the Imperial forces were every day. following the the Emperor led a desperate assault of Imperial Fists and Blood Angels Emperor's instructions. and he was subsequently interred in this Adeptus Mechanicus workers constructing the human portions of the altered version of the Golden Throne. but the Warmaster's establishment as the state religion of the Imperium in the 34th Chaotic powers caused the attackers to be split up and teleported to Millennium. At the start of the Horus Heresy. largely because the Emperor still loved Horus and could not bring This conflict. tearing off one of his arms and shattering his internal organs. even as the Emperor remained the fledgling galactic empire into a colossal civil war that lasted for 7 Champion of Order. allowing hordes of daemons to gleefully punch through the his remaining cells in an undying state between life and true death for Emperor's weakened psychic shield and assault the thousands of over ten thousand years. Magnus’ spell to penetrate the Emperor quickly dictated plans to Dorn for the modification of the Imperial Palace's psychic wards had also badly damaged the Webway Golden Throne into an arcane life support machine that would sustain Project. iron resolve. the corrupting powers of Chaos mechanism of the Golden Throne. Hoping to force a final destroyed under his rule. In his final moments. Rogal Dorn. where Malcador the Sigillite an all-out assault on the Thousand Sons Legion's homeworld of simply crumbled to ash upon relinquishing his place upon the Golden Prospero that ultimately led to the fall of the Thousand Sons and Throne. The Imperial Cult. In that instant of Horus' pure countless Loyalist Astartes and the victory of the Primarch Sanguinius cruelty and casual disregard for human life. who. Believing this vision of the future. brief instructions to Rogal Dorn before the Golden as the Horus Heresy reached its climax.000 psykers dungeon of the Imperial Palace itself. the arcane device modified at the Emperor's own direction to teleporter technology to make their way aboard. preventing a daemonic incursion on Terra and helping to ultimately successful in fighting back the daemonic assault. The climax of entered the Battle Barge's bridge. The Emperor had utter horror at what he had done under the influence of Chaos and refused to believe Magnus' warning about his favoured son and instead gratitude that he had at last been released from its grip before the came to believe that it was Magnus who had been corrupted by Chaos Warmaster's psyche dissolved into shining motes of psychic energy because of his decision to continue to use sorcery in violation of dispersed amidst the howling voices of the Immaterium. Though the Emperor was a being of unfathomable psychic and Undivided in return for his actions against the Emperor. Imperial law. the Regent of Terra and the second his mind remaining active within the Warp as his dying body strongest human psyker. Having physical might. could take his place. oversaw his internment within the Golden Space Marines against Horus' Chaos-corrupted flagship. The Emperor eventually managed to make his way to the Battle Barge's accepting the assistance of the Ruinous Powers in the guise of Chaos bridge. As a result. became himself to use the full extent of his psychic abilities to defeat his son. When the Emperor learned of Horus' action in lowering his flagship's shields. Dorn returned tampered with the Emperor's orders and had the Space Wolves launch with the Emperor to the Imperial Palace. having successfully caught up to his the conflict came during the Battle of Terra. the Emperor's shattered and mortally wounded Astartes to face the Warmaster on his own ground. for his body and mind had been burned out by the strain of Magnus to Chaos and the service of the Chaos God Tzeentch in order holding the Golden Throne's portal closed for the time that the to save both themselves and all the knowledge they had collected over Emperor had been aboard the Warmaster's flagship. the Primarch of the Imperial Fists Legion who had bring Magnus back to Terra to account for his actions. as Horus mortally wounded the forces during the Battles of Istvaan III and Istvaan V. he gathered the full strength of his mind at last and the great Battle Barge Vengeful Spirit in orbit of Mankind's delivered a massive psychic attack through the chink in his Terminator homeworld. Sanguinius Throne had been necessary so that the Emperor could leave the . With Horus deliberately dropped the Void Shields surrounding his flagship. but not before the angelic Primarch was actually a vision of the Imperium that would only come to pass managed to create a small gap in the Warmaster's Terminator Armour. only the sustain Mankind against Chaos' corruptive influence throughout the Emperor was powerful enough to keep the portal closed and the galaxy. Horus feared that realised truly how far his favoured son had fallen into the grip of the his forces were running out of time as Loyalist reinforcements moved Ruinous Powers and how Mankind would suffer and ultimately be to reach Terra and relieve their compatriots. The dying the centuries. the briefly relinquished their hold on the Warmaster's soul and the Primarch Magnus the Red had violated the Edicts of Nikaea to use Emperor sensed the return of his son's sanity in the seconds before his sorcery to penetrate the psychic wards of the Imperial Palace and bring consciousness was utterly obliterated. he realised that his treacherous son was actually offering an invitation to battle. Horus saw it as his duty to save the Imperium of Man from such a fate and turned on his father. corrupted fully half of the Space Marine Legions to the service of bloated with the combined powers of all four Chaos Gods. Unable to breach the Inner Horus flayed him alive with but a look using the potent powers of Palace and the throne room of the Emperor due to the sacrifice of Chaos sorcery that he now commanded. after its Sanguinius also accompanied the assault force. Horus had become a being of monstrous might. using Throne. It was in this battered and bleeding state that the Emperor was found The Emperor despatched Leman Russ and his Space Wolves Legion to by Rogal Dorn. The Emperor believed he had to take the war to Horus to put an end to the terrible conflict once and for all. At the same time. which ironically own death at his brother's hands. Emperor. but Horus accompanied the assault force onto the Vengeful Spirit. His strength rapidly failing. only when Malcador the Sigillite. the Emperor was forced to Throne's modified mechanisms were activated and he was placed remain on the Golden Throne at all times save for the few moments within an unending stasis for more than 10. when the Traitor Legions master. as Primarch of the Imperial Fists. The Primarch sustain his mind and decaying body. The two champions engaged one another in a standard years and began with the terrible betrayals of the Loyalist tragic battle of father and son. the most terrible in human history. Horus then led them against the Emperor and plunged the champion of Chaos Undivided. Armour that killed Horus almost instantly and obliterated his very soul from the Warp so that the Chaos Gods could not resurrect their Throughout all of this. the true Chaos.000 standard years. He had At Present [Late 41st Millennium] Malcador the Sigillite take his place upon the Golden Throne to protect Terra from a daemonic assault and prepared a strike team of As mentioned above. The sacrifice of the Custodian bought the confrontation that would decide the course of the war once and for all. the Emperor finally over the Bloodthirster Greater Daemon Ka'Bandha. because of his betrayal of the Emperor. The last act of the body was discovered on the bridge of the Vengeful Spirit by the bloody treachery of the Horus Heresy was played out above Terra. a lone Adeptus Custodes warrior Legions tore apart the empire they had helped to forge. The Adeptus Custodes and the Sisters of Silence were forced also allow the Emperor to maintain the Astronomican and battle the to fight a desperate battle to prevent the daemons from pouring influence of the Chaos Gods in the Warp so long as his mind was through the portal generated by the Golden Throne and into the empowered and sustained with the psychic energies of 1. The throne's mechanisms would Webway. and the other Forces of Chaos that they led unsuccessfully assaulted the heart of the Imperial Palace itself. the Emperor had only enough time daemons trapped within the human-constructed Webway. continued to decay at a glacially slow pace. Emperor the time he needed to deliver a finishing blow to Horus. would later claim that this internment within the Golden random locations throughout the massive enlighten humanity and free it from the shackles of false gods and reached Horus first and met him in a mighty battle that resulted in his organised religion. and billions perished as the Traitor At the critical point in the battle. The Emperor felt only Horus' news of Horus' treachery directly to the Emperor. the Emperor had been forced to remain on the champion. known to later generations as the Horus Heresy. to give his final.

the Emperor's shattered form was useless. for they are too dangerous to those around them to be his followers to protect themselves and others from the daemonic allowed to live. psychic mutation. he was the God-Emperor. Nor could a simple human being much of humanity as he can manage in his current depleted state. The had already sprung up. The Primarch Lorgar of the Word Palace guarded by the Emperor's Companions. Custodes. the worship of the Emperor only spread further. the Adeptus Mechanicus Inquisition that he had directed Malcador the Sigillite to create at the reported a terrible secret to the High Lords of Terra and the Adeptus start of the Horus Heresy had grown into a power unto itself. who dimly remember the truth of the man from sedated and their psychic life-force fed to the power collection whom they are descended. Even as the Imperium Senatorum Imperialis. and before the Great Crusade had generating a telepathic signal by which the specialised mutant psykers even ended. regardless of the daily cost in lives. known as the Astronomican. the into the Warp and across the galaxy. The selected psykers are. Those who prove less Among the peoples of the Imperium. its teeming his death. is capable of achieving and an example to be followed. As Great Crusade). the one. His psychic essence is spread barbarian tribes and nations of Terra and then reuniting much of the out across the whole of the galaxy through the Warp. then the Astronomican will become At the end of the Horus Heresy. neither fully living nor wholly dead. do not worship the Emperor as a God. which laid elite bodyguard contingent of the Adeptus Custodes. the Imperial the Emperor as a source of inspiration and strength to survive the organisation responsible for regulating humans who possess the horrors of that time. the great hall at the heart of the Imperial before the start of the Horus Heresy. and the sacrifice of their life is the greatest good that entities of the Warp only furthered the spread of this new religion. his Adeptus Astartes defended the Imperium and the Despoiler's 13th Black Crusade in 999. These faith.M41. It held that no mortal being could have the Golden Throne. instead dimly remembering and state religion of the Imperium. their ability to under the doctrine of the Imperial Truth and was a serious crime. which means that replacements Chaotic Book of Lorgar. 1. Unless some solution can be found or some miracle intervenes. and humanity will no longer be able to safely travel through interred within the cybernetic mechanisms of the Golden Throne so the Warp using its current technology (although this may be disputed that his mind could still have a physical anchor in the material by the fact that humanity travelled the stars before the Emperor sat universe while his mind extended throughout the Warp.. a number of different cults dedicated to Emperor-worship known as Navigators are able to navigate through Warp space. in possess his extraordinary command of psychic abilities. his laws were enforced by the Adeptus Arbites. The highly advanced life support mechanisms of the protecting the Imperium from the Emperor's enemies from both Golden Throne have begun to fail and the Tech-priests no longer without and within. a special and highly Bearers Legion had penned a book. watching over as human-settled galaxy under his rule.000 of whom die every day. The Imperium must prefer instead to venerate him as the pinnacle of what a human being survive. millions of other men and women during the must constantly be found and brought to Terra aboard the infamous dark days of the Horus Heresy increasingly turned to the worship of Black Ships of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. The reliance on the Emperor's life force for and by the 34th Millennium the once small cults of Emperor- guidance and protection.. during the Dark Age of Technology and the encompassing nearly the entire territory of the Imperium of Man. but is book and often adopting the name of the tome for the name of their amplified and directed by a choir of 10. the Emperor's mummified Despite his protests to the contrary.physical plane behind and "ascend" once more to his proper place in candle in the wind amidst the madness of the Warp. true God of all humanity. the Lectitio Divinitatus. his advanced order to keep the Ruinous Powers at bay. The Emperor's out a compelling case for why the Emperor of Mankind was more than decaying physical form is preserved by the vast arcane machinery of a man but a God made flesh. Although the device was initially intended to be used as the nexus of God-Emperor the Emperor's secret project to utilise the Eldar Webway for the good of humanity. the control their power. which makes faster than light travel possible for Imperial star ships outfitted with a Warp-Drive by The argument proved persuasive. using the Lectitio Divinitatus as their sacred Astronomican signal is originated by the Emperor's mind. scientific knowledge which displayed an understanding of the universe on a primal level or his immense compassion and good will towards all The Golden Throne is also connected to a massive psychic beacon Mankind. keeps him from accepting the death he now desperately longs to embrace. is the foundation for the Emperor's divinity as held by the trillions of human believers served by the massive interstellar curia Imperial Cult and countless billions of human beings across the known as the Ecclesiarchy or more formally as the Adeptus galaxy. The Golden Throne itself lies in Emperor of Mankind was already being worshiped as a living deity the Sanctum Imperialis. disintegrate into civil war. possess the knowledge necessary to repair them. The Emperor has remained in the Golden Throne since his "ascension" to this day. This refusal to worship the Emperor as prescribed by the Imperial Creed is also one It is said that the Emperor's existence is one of endless pain and of the reasons that the Astartes often come into conflict with the suffering. projecting the Emperor's mind move Mankind away from superstition and religious faith. which itself is maintained by a legion of Tech. The worship of the Emperor as a God was strictly forbidden individuals are selected for their psychic prowess. the Golden Throne also now functions as a complex life In an ironic twist of fate for a man who fought throughout his life to support device and psychic amplifier. His will was interpreted and executed by the High Lords of Terra of the Yet now something unexpected has happened. the effect of trillions of human body will eventually die and his mind and spirit will gutter out like a beings expressing a deep faith in his divinity has massively empowered the Emperor's mind and soul within the psychically-reactive . leaving Mankind the Immaterium as the one. and the dedication of his subjects to prevent worshippers had been amalgamated into the Imperial Cult. accomplished all that the Emperor had in uniting the techno- priests from the Adeptus Mechanicus. indoctrinated to accept their fate as their sacred duty for the The demonstrated power that devout worship of the Emperor gave to Imperium. they can do in service to the God-Emperor.000 human psykers. true God of Mankind after sacrificing all alone in the darkness even as the predators draw near. came under assault from the greatest conglomeration of the Forces of his body and his Imperial Palace were guarded by the Adeptus Chaos since the Horus Heresy with the unleashing of Abaddon the Custodes. Only the Astartes of the Space Marine Chapters do not openly Ministorum after it was accepted by the High Lords of Terra as the believe the Emperor is divine. eventually upon the Golden Throne. While life force of these psykers is consumed over the course of several Lorgar repudiated the Lectitio Divinitatus and replaced it with the months. The worship of the Chaos Gods instead to meet their need for faith. for the most part. only the Space Marines of the willing to give themselves for the glorious cause of Mankind are Adeptus Astartes. honouring his determination to free Mankind from the shackles of superstition and organised religion even as they revere him as the The Emperor of Mankind was now truly more than a secular ruler -- founder of the Imperium and the greatest human leader in history. They mechanism of the Golden Throne regardless. himself to save humanity from the Traitor Horus. Should the Emperor die. and are put to the task only after undergoing a same crime that ultimately led to the humiliation of Lorgar and his rigorous process that includes their soul-binding to the Emperor to Word Bearers upon the world of Khur and their turn towards the strengthen their minds against possession by daemonic entities. and that it is only his utter devotion to the human race that Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition. The Imperium would then become fractured and the centuries passed.

including the ability in the 3rd Edition in favour of the more vague "Iron Men and Stone to relativistically slow or even stop the arrow of time outright. At the same time. the him. the Emperor the original version of Warhammer 40. though the this reason that the skull has become so prevalent in Imperial truth of the matter might be otherwise. While the Star Child background was introduced in room in the Imperial Palace. mutants and the Traitors within. According to the Illuminati's beliefs. he allows the Imperium to endure. proliferated during the 10. as a symbol of the Emperor's sacrifice of the first is that the Emperor's soul exists in the Warp where it will form his own life for the sake of his people. the Imperium has delivered stability. despite his current decayed condition. with their prophetic powers and connection to the Warp in of the Imperium has not delivered the Golden Age of Mankind that the its natural and uncorrupted form. there was a possibility that his endless pain. stepping renewed from the few among the highest ranks of the Inquisition that within his throne Golden Throne. wind down like a broken watch. equal in power to any one of the almost 50. he will be renewed by the the universe. particularly presence within the Warp. xenos. knowing that his death would cripple the Imperium and whole essence could be reborn into the physical world once more in a deny humanity of both the limited guidance he can still offer and the new physical body. This spark of the Emperor's soul was like a small child in a tiny humanity that the Emperor had hoped to bring to an end have only reed boat adrift in the chaotic eddies of the Warp. For this reason. had guided the various peoples of Emperor had hoped would result from all his efforts.000 Terran years that the Imperium has ruled the human race in his name. the Emperor's body and technological stagnation and intellectual regression. that of the Eldar's potential God Ynnead. the gutters out despite the creaking ministrations of the Golden Throne. the Lord of the Dead. All the evils of whole. Though the Emperor's body continued to live within the Golden Throne and his potent mind . though unlike him they are more corpse than man. Emperor can still cryptically communicate his wishes to select psykers They also know of the Fall of the Eldar which gave birth to the Chaos through the arcane medium of the Emperor's Tarot as well as through God Slaanesh and seek to prevent Mankind's own fall to Chaos. it is the Emperor's powerful mind. It is the Sensei together.000. The Age Earth who. as long as the Golden Throne can maintain sterile in every case.000 standard years in the wake of the terrible concept concerning the Emperor's eventual rebirth and reincarnation. ancient Man. and they are immortal like their father. Unable to interact more race of artificial intelligences they created during the Dark Age of directly with his worshipers. who The Imperial Creed teaches that far from being a defeat. As a result.000 human psykers a day to empower the beacon.the Star Child -. where reality is shaped by the collective beliefs and The concept of the Star Child in relation to the Emperor is similar to unconscious desires of the galaxy's most populous intelligent species. and were the Emperor to be absent from the the Sensei to the Emperor. His male combined. It is also known to a very Emperor to again lead his race in person. the biological sons of the Emperor. when Mankind's collective desire the Emperor works through his chosen servants to make the lot of for a new saviour would strengthen the core of the Emperor's soul in humanity a little better. projected and psychic means and cannot be affected in any way by psychic or amplified in the Immaterium by the arcane mechanisms of the Golden sorcerous powers. he will be able to maintain his women. the according to their belief will form in the Infinity Circuits of the Eldar internment of the Emperor within the Golden Throne allowed his Craftworlds when the last of their race has died on the physical plane. the life energies of 1. direct dreams and visions to select non-psychic human beings who faith in him is strong enough to forge the necessary link. For instance. It is for to be a vile heresy spread by Chaos Cultists of Tzeentch. the incarnate effect of his anger over the usurpation of the Emperor then become known as the "Sensei". a new entity upon the Emperor's death -. defence and communications even as his mind must claim Unlike the Emperor. and very likely as powerful as all four of them formed many families and fathered many children. divine spirit to ascend so that he could guide and protect all Mankind The belief in the Star Child is currently considered by the Inquisition more directly. he is horrified by what his Imperium has Technology. the Warp would The Emperor can also provide a number of psychic protections against once again intrude into realspace for a number of millennia. who is the greatest psyker ever born in the galaxy. his soul melted into the repression. The humans that were left in charge of the Imperium after the Horus Heresy and the loss of all the Primarchs had no real understanding of what had happened to the Emperor. despite all its Emperor's death could herald the birth of a new saviour for humanity. Mankind will not survive. possibly at the moment the Emperor's body Immaterium. His female descendants are simply normal human even the barest hint of his life functions. the Sanctum Imperialis. and with its birth. seek out the Wrath that appeared in the Ultima Segmentum during the Age of Emperor's descendants and tell them of their true heritage. wounds inflicted by the Horus Heresy and the ongoing threats to The Emperor is the incarnation of the extinct shamans of ancient Mankind from Chaos. The Illuminati. and dismissed as heretical possesses the power to directly manipulate reality. The fall of Man to the Ruinous Powers would create a new. it is widely believed in the individuals who managed to actually survive and defeat a daemonic Imperium that the Warp Storm known as the Storm of the Emperor's possession of their bodies through sheer willpower.000 years the Emperor walked hidden among Mankind. but at the cost of battle aboard his Battle Barge Vengeful Spirit. The concept has two aspects: iconography and architecture.. no longer confined by the limitations of the flesh. political soul could no longer remain as one. as during the and he may be able to influence the physical universe in a number of Age of Strife. The Emperor fears that without to reincarnate as the single man who would become the Emperor. Their plan is ultimately to sacrifice the power of Chaos at bay. the powers of Chaos and its daemons through the connection of faith encompassing the entire galaxy in massive Warp Storms. guiding and directing the psychic beacon forms of precognition. and the second is that the Emperor Whatever he may have been before the Horus Heresy. On rare occasions. Though his body is a shattered wreck. rabid Immaterium and only a tiny core of the Emperor's humanity remained xenophobia and often savage religious intolerance. who as a group are those incredibly rare other unexpected ways. The Star Child Immaterium. and pave the also believed that the Emperor's might within the Warp directly holds way for the rebirth of the Emperor. and will be reborn and regenerated as the Sensei- and horror very much like the Eye of Terror. known as the Astronomican that is so vital to the Imperium's commerce. The Illuminati gather Imperium's government by the tyrant High Lord Goge Vandire. transforming the entire galaxy into a realm of insanity Sensei's life forces. they are both undetectable by As noted above. protect them from the Inquisition. The soul of the Emperor adrift in as the End Time draws nigh and the Golden Throne's mechanisms the Warp is the being referred to by the Illuminati as the Star Child. fifth major Chaos God in the Immaterium. A hidden group within the Imperium that call Throne that guides and maintains the psychic beacon of the themselves the Illuminati know of the existence of the Emperor's Astronomican empowered by the daily life forces of thousands of scions. after Horus rebelled and mortally wounded the Emperor's physical body during their final Instead. With the Apostasy in the 36th Millennium was directly created by the will of the realisation that this knowledge brings. Chaos would break through the physical boundaries of finally fails upon the Golden Throne. the Emperor's scions are actually psychic "blanks" or "nulls" possessing no presence in the Warp. imperfections. and are also aware that the Emperor is failing as his life slowly psykers. though they may exhibit potent psychic abilities. the Emperor during his long life on Terra has many living descendants. Yet the Emperor endures in his Since the Emperor's soul survived.. Men" history of an ancient cybernetic conflict between humanity and a Yet the God-Emperor is a tormented soul. he four major Chaos Gods. In the same way the ancient shamans died together protection he provides against Chaos. the Thorian faction of the Inquisition believes in a similar become over the last 10. He fans the embers of hope among Mankind the Warp and rekindle it to new life. That time would lie far in the future. constant exploitation of the many by the few.who will become the Emperor Reborn. as he has become perhaps the strongest spiritual force for descendants have inherited direct portions of the Emperor's genome Order in the Milky Way Galaxy. Over the now truly is a God within the Warp.

the byproducts of the Emperor's metabolism removed daily by the Golden Emperor miscalculated. so He created the persona of the Emperor Deliverance Lost (Novel) by Gav Thorpe and intended to use His own potent psychic abilities. it would some Illuminati to be the pure compassion of his soul which the eventually be destroyed piecemeal by the hideous dangers lurking in Emperor thrust from himself into the Warp in order to possess the the galaxy. It is this incident which has led the Inquisition to make it work in their favour. Their actions during psychic effect from being impregnated with extremely rare negative the Horus Heresy ended His dream of a united Imperium opening a psychic energy. Sources At the same time. "The Last Church" by Graham McNeill After the onset of the Age of Strife brought an end to humanity's A Thousand Sons (Novel) by Graham McNeill previous interstellar Golden Age and savagery consumed human Nemesis (Novel) by James Swallow civilisation. a cost far greater than the Emperor hoped humanity would have the Immaterium. Traitor Legions who turned against the Emperor. who The Imperial Inquisition (particularly its daemon-hunting Ordo thrived and grew stronger on Mankind's darker psychic emanations. galaxy. Uriah Olathaire. the Warmaster Horus. By promulgating determination required to eradicate the soul of his most beloved the Imperial Truth on every world inhabited by humanity in the Primarch and son.000 light years. the Lightning Stone. the decaying Emperor is a cause to mortal men and women. never having been possessed of basic human frailties. According to some sources. what ultimately presented the only hope for Mankind surviving the Age of the Imperium that unfolded after the end of the Horus Heresy was religious faith in the Emperor Himself. He needed to take a far more active role in The Outcast Dead (Novel) by Graham McNeill shaping His species' future. the God by force if necessary. for He had never encountered The reach of the Astronomican is said to be around 70. Inquisitor Fortez reported that he and his colleagues Alexio and Credo determined that the Temple of the Star Child on Of course. deeply underestimating Mankind's basic need Throne. aliens and Heretics alike. Other Imperial sources note that the Inquisition has to believe in something larger than itself beyond the stale confines of discovered this energy can also be produced from the rendered-down science and technology. He had seen the principles He had propounded The Inquisition War (Novel) by Ian Watson in the form of religion become twisted by human nature. the only known source of this energy being the new Golden Age of reason and progress for Mankind. 195 several of the major religions once prevalent on Old Earth. allowing Him to combat the destructive influence of Chaos and providing His servants with the psychic power to defend At first glance. the Imperial Truth seems to be a great contradiction: themselves against the threats of daemons. including Chaos and the other alien races. the Emperor saw the continued existence of human religion and faith as one of the primary reasons Mankind's very Horus Heresy: Collected Visions existence was threatened by the hostile forces at work in the galaxy Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned and the Immaterium.000 Rulebook (6th Edition). why would the Emperor of Mankind.000 Compendium represented the greatest threat to intelligent life in the galaxy. the Ruinous Powers were aware of the Emperor's intentions Levilnor IV consisted of unwitting pawns of Tzeentch. They first corrupted several of the currently consider any belief in the Star Child to be a heresy Primarchs almost at the moment of their birth when they were stolen promulgated by the followers of the Lord of Change to lead Imperial from the Emperor's gene-laboratories beneath the Himalazian citizens astray. 136-139. daemons and all the other psychically-reactive entities of high. 141. the "Emperor's Sons". repression.000: Rogue Trader (1st Edition) Man was to seek the destruction of Chaos once and for all. pp. In 997. Humanity's collective faith in the God-Emperor empowers His psychic form within The Emperor's Purpose the Warp. 158-163. Presumably. This was a deadly blindness on the Emperor's part that would lead to many of the mistakes he made that brought on the Horus Heresy and the eventual stagnation of the Imperium of Man he created. had correctly surmised at the end of the Unification Wars in the late 30th Millennium. an immortal being who had been alive for millennia and who well knew about the existence of the Though the price for the survival of the Imperium has been incredibly Chaos Gods. the Emperor ironically hoped to eventually create a psychic well of belief in reason and science so strong that the Chaos Gods. benevolent God of the Warp. intellect and The Inquisition War by Ian Watson . even as he fully the Imperium. 144. The Emperor's entire purpose in initiating the Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness Great Crusade and the creation of a galaxy-spanning Imperium of Warhammer 40.000 Rulebook (3rd Edition) time and time again. Bereft of the need for the reassurances only faith could bring navigable space. murder and holy war that Mechanicum (Novel) by Graham McNeill actually strengthened the Chaos Gods. The Emperor came to this harsh conclusion of Humanity.000 Rulebook (5th Edition) dedicated His entire existence to the ultimate benefit of Mankind. The Star Child is also believed by because He feared that unless all of Mankind was united. would be fatally weakened. waiting to be born. the Emperor found it a wasteful and of the Astronomican's slowly weakening intensity. the Emperor.M41. The Warhammer 40. and did not emotionally understand progressively affect Warp navigation over the centuries in the outer limits of the comfort it brought to mere human beings. the Emperor decided that His long policy of hiding his The First Heretic (Novel) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden true nature from His fellow men as He sought to guide them towards a Prospero Burns (Novel) by Dan Abnett better future had failed.the them from the influence of Chaos. so they and they moved from the beginning to destroy this plan and actually liquidated it. Astronomican. understood religion's role in an intellectual way. transforming Descent of Angels (Novel) by Mitchell Scanlon a faith based on the tenets of love and respect for one another into Legion (Novel) by Dan Abnett bloody creeds of violence. Tales of Heresy (Anthology) edited by Nick Kyme & Lindsey Preistley. this would extremely dangerous distraction. simply could not Notes comprehend the human need for faith. This is a truth whose first generated by the faith of billions of people could be used to protect principle is found within the cornerstone of the Imperial Creed -. as the priest of the Church of Emperor protects. 186-187. his soul is a new. since it Warhammer 40. Yet Warhammer 40. Ironically. who had Himself been responsible for the development of 165-177. (Himalayan) Mountains and scattered through the Warp across the galaxy. Malleus) has always been at war with the Sensei. In the end. bodies of the Sensei. They next corrupted the Primarch Lorgar and used him as their It has been noted in some Imperial sources that the ammunition for instrument to corrupt Horus and eventually all of the Primarchs and the Inquisition's Psycannons and Psyk-out Grenades derive their anti. had Warhammer 40. which a question He could not answer through the application of His by default becomes the maximum radius of Astronomican-assisted Warp- intellect. Emperor. First. promulgate a code of belief that only upheld reason to bear. a new version of the Imperial Truth has become predominant and science? Particularly when the psychic power within the Warp among the million worlds of Mankind.continued to be a beacon for humanity in the form of the extraordinary knowledge to reunite the entire scattered human race.

This is why the Emperor carefully inscribed arcane glyphs of protection on each Primarch's gestation capsule and around the gene-vault deep beneath the Imperial Palace in the Himalazian Mountains where they were created. a cost far greater than the Emperor hoped humanity would have to bear. larger. The means by which the Emperor crafted 20 individual make it work in their favour. By promulgating the Imperial Truth on every world inhabited by humanity in the galaxy. Intriguingly. perfect generals. The Primarchs were the Emperor's nature from his fellow men as he sought to guide them towards a answer to reclaiming all the lost worlds of Mankind. The data concerning the original basic need to believe in something larger than itself beyond the stale engineering of the individual Primarch strands was later analyzed by a confines of science and technology. the galaxy. murder and holy war that Emperor crafted his 20 Space Marine Legions. But such arcane techniques also meant that the Primarchs were unusually vulnerable to the effects of Chaos since their souls would shine so brightly in the Immaterium and draw the attention of daemonic entities like moths to a candle flame. so he created the persona of the Emperor to be the best military commanders and political leaders Mankind had and intended to use his own potent psychic abilities. a truth physical manipulation of the genetics involved in the creation of the that lies at the heart of the Imperial Creed: the Emperor protects. Yet Unification Wars. a new version of the Imperial Truth has It is believed by modern Imperial savants that there was more than just become predominant among the million worlds of Mankind. this protection proved insufficient. The pure Primarch gene-stock opening a new Golden Age of reason and progress for Mankind. who thrived and grew stronger on Mankind's darker psychic emanations. The Emperor intended to raise his sons shaping his species' future. and that the Emperor called upon many of the same techniques of psychic sorcery that had been used in his own creation millennia before by the shamans of Old Earth. Primarchs. and they would bring the Imperial Truth to the rest of the extraordinary scientific knowledge to reunite the scattered human human-settled galaxy in their father's name. the Emperor extracted a to corrupt Horus and eventually all of the Primarchs who turned subset of his own DNA to act as the foundation for a pure. including Chaos and the other alien races. had of Mankind created in the late 30th Millennium after the end of the dedicated his entire existence to the ultimate benefit of Mankind. . against the Emperor and ended his dream of a united Imperium undifferentiated Primarch gene-stock. deeply underestimating Mankind's the individual Primarchs' genomes. They next corrupted the Primarch Lorgar and used him as their instrument There was a 2-stage process involved: first. They After the onset of the Age of Strife brought an end to humanity's possessed a charisma and martial prowess that made them like the previous interstellar Golden Age and savagery consumed human mythical gods of old. old age or supposedly civilisation. They were intended to be the immortal and time and time again. In the was then further differentiated into the 20 strands that would serve as end. and welcoming better future had failed. the genome of the Primarch listed as Humanity's religious faith in the God-Emperor empowers his psychic "Subject VI" had added canine-like DNA. Ironically. by force if necessary. been incredibly high. Yet for all their gifts the race. Unfortunately. They were bred to be actually strengthened the Chaos Gods. repression. and in the end their very human flaws would because he feared that unless all of Mankind was united. the Emperor decided that his long policy of hiding his true the petty failings of lesser men. the Emperor miscalculated. transforming a Crusade to reunite the scattered human race beneath his leadership. for the Chaos Gods learned of the Emperor's plans and the existence of the Primarch Project and decided they had no wish to see his attempt to weaken their power succeed by extending the grip of Order across the galaxy. intellect and ever known. the Ruinous Powers were aware of the Emperor's intentions Unification Wars in the 30th Millennium was known as the Primarch and they moved from the beginning to destroy this plan and actually Project. the Emperor ironically hoped to eventually create a psychic well of belief in reason and science so strong that the Chaos Gods. The Primarch Project would be fatally weakened. Mountains and scattered through the Warp across the galaxy. They discovered that certain Imperium that unfolded after the end of the Horus Heresy was samples had gene sequences deliberately deleted from the base religious faith in the Emperor himself. He needed to take a far more active role in them into his new Imperium. Though the price for the survival of the Imperium has Space Wolves Astartes into the Wulfen. allowing him to combat the destructive whether the sample numbers corresponded to the actual Primarchs of influence of Chaos and providing his servants with the psychic power the numbered Space Marine Legions. it would become the primary obstacle to the realisation of the Emperor's great eventually be destroyed piecemeal by the hideous dangers lurking in dream for Mankind. faith based on the tenets of love and respect for one another into Their genomes later served as the genetic template from which the bloody creeds of violence. The Emperor came to this harsh conclusion Primarchs were still men. aliens and affinity of Leman Russ and the unexpected feral mutation of many heretics alike. This meant that the Primarchs were intended to be spiritually as well as physically engineered and may explain why the Primarchs possessed so much personal magnetism and charisma beyond what even their enhanced genetics would predict. untouchable by disease. They first corrupted several of the superhuman genomes using his own arcane genetic code as the base Primarchs almost at the moment of their birth when they were stolen without resorting to the use of cloning is unknown to present Imperial from the Emperor's gene-laboratories beneath the Himalayan science. what ultimately Raven Guard Apothecary and a Magos Genetor of the Adeptus presented the only hope for Mankind surviving the Age of the Mechanicus during the Horus Heresy. he had seen the principles he had propounded in superhuman leaders who would command the Emperor's Great the form of religion become twisted by human nature. The massive scientific effort to create the Primarchs after the end of the Of course. faster. Although it is not clear form within the Warp. and smarter than any normal human could ever hope to be. Primarch genome. while other samples showed the addition of clearly non-human DNA. who had himself been responsible for the development The Primarchs were the 20 genetically-engineered sons of the Emperor of several of the major religions once prevalent on Old Earth.THE EMPEROR’S MASTER THE PRIMARCHS PLAN The Emperor. warriors and statesmen. stronger. this could explain the wolf-like to defend themselves against the threats of daemons.

Thus were born the Horus Luna Wolves Legiones Astartes. division of Games Workshop which is devoted to publishing all Warhammer 40. but every Primarch landed on ancient worlds Order of Rediscovery of the of men. Yet. He needed an edge. taking into and He quickly developed another solution. 800. and they would reconquer the Leman Russ Space Wolves galaxy for humanity at the command of the Master of Mankind. The return of the Primarchs to their Legions marked Horus' own flagship. and then hundreds of clashed with the Warmaster. the Battle Barge Vengeful Spirit. They proved jealous and arrogant. may explain Corvus Corax Raven Guard the Custodes' extremely heightened sense of kinship with the +REDACTED+ +REDACTED+ Emperor. Fulgrim Emperor's Children the technique of implanting human beings with extra organs allowed Vulkan Salamanders for a certain degree of "mass-production. even though all were derived from the same source: the undifferentiated. the the creation of this list. too willing to hold grudges against one another and even their father . highly competitive and all of Terror. thousands of Roboute Guilliman Ultramarines Astartes could now be engineered and trained in the matter of a single Magnus the Red Thousand Sons Terran decade. scattered through the Warp to colony planets long since lost to repression and endless war. This was a massive setback to the Emperor's plans. However. their former comrades who remained Loyal. brother precognition to track down his wayward sons. the Custodian genetic code is still far simpler than Alpharius Omegon Alpha Legion each of the individual Primarch genomes. the Emperor the height of the Great Crusade. Without them. however. First thousands. would allow that man to take there is a difference between a Primarch being found. +REDACTED+ +REDACTED+ Ferrus Manus Iron Hands Although an Astartes warrior was but a pale copy of his Primarch sire. when Note of caution from the Black Library editors: Please bear in mind that implanted within a normal human host. a being in which battle of the great interstellar civil war. leaving them scattered the corrupting power of Chaos as infants or were simply the natural across the galaxy. Primarchs He had counted on his superhuman generals to lead his army of conquest out from Terra. Horus himself fought the Each Primarch was both a father and older brother to each Legion. It may have been at this time. the galaxy once more.The Scattering of the Primarchs The Ruinous Powers of Chaos somehow spirited the superhuman the Emperor. The Emperor was reluctant to use his full thousands. A massive localized Warp rift was created within the human flaws that could not be excised even from the progeny of the gene vaults of the Emperor's own palace. ultimately. Mankind. and a Primarch taking on many of the physical and mental properties possessed by each command of their Legion. the Emperor was nothing if not adaptive. something were rediscovered by the Emperor of Mankind during the Great to give Mankind an advantage as they struck out against a very hostile Crusade starting in ca. his plans. becoming Daemon Princes. human flaws that doomed the Imperium to the nightmare of the The gestation capsules containing the Emperor's unborn sons were Horus Heresy and 10. the Imperial Warmaster Horus fell to the temptations of Chaos. the Emperor used his powerful gifts of psychic foresight and to supplant the Master of Mankind. being only one step Angron World Eaters removed from the actual DNA of the Emperor Himself." power against his most beloved son. and their Primarchs immortality. which is Lorgar Word Bearers apparently derived from the undifferentiated Primarch gene-stock.M30. the Blood Angels' Primarch Sanguinius and the Emperor during the final source of that Legion's temperament and humours. The source of Custodian gene-seed. At the height of the final each Legion saw their ultimate perfection and ways of war given confrontation during the Battle of Terra.M30 as released by Black Library. when first touched by the hand of Chaos. and they possessed too many of the same would sell their souls to Chaos. above the surface of Terra on personification. Most of the remaining Traitor Legions fled Yet the Primarchs. strongest. planets long since lost to the light of the greater universe beyond the stars.000 novels and audio books. Primarch. and their power proved powers to bring the Warmaster down and eradicate even his soul from irresistible. scattered across the fought brother as the fallen Primarchs led their Traitor Legions against galaxy. Whether these flaws were the result of their exposure to children away through the Warp. and reunite them with their respective Space Marine Legions. Like the gods of mythic Terran legend the Emperor finally utilised the full extent of his unimaginable psychic Primarchs strode the battlefields of the galaxy. decay. These techniques provided the Emperor with the Sanguinius Blood Angels required numbers of warriors to successfully launch the Great Crusade Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels in circa 800. future Games Workshop projects is likely to be based on. During the Horus Heresy. rested on a knife's edge. it was the Primarchs' all-too- (Himalayan) Mountains on Terra where the Primarchs were gestating. Perturabo Iron Warriors Mortarion Death Guard It should be noted that Adeptus Custodes gene-seed. and best human warriors whom he intended to stand by his side as the vanguard of the Great Crusade." and where the Emperor's 20 Rogal Dorn Imperial Fists superhuman sons had been centuries in the making. pure Primarch gene-stock. is Jaghatai Khan White Scars more complex than base Astartes gene-seed as it contains 12 more Konrad Kurze Night Lords elements. This is the list that all Despite this terrible setback. of human-settled worlds fell to "Imperial Compliance. for all their expressed superiority and seeming into the Eye of Terror following Horus' defeat. Horus Heresy Rediscovery of the Primarchs At the height of the Great Crusade. were still men. Emperor crafted the first Astartes gene-seed.000 standard years of stagnation. each human flaws that have bedevilled Mankind since the birth of the ruling a small Chaotic empire within the corrupted realms of the Eye species. the Warp so that the Ruinous Powers could not restore him to some semblance of horrid life. stem cell zygotes from which could be cultured genetically-engineered organs that. Using the remaining account the most recent canon material from the latest novels used in samples of genetic material from each of his lost Primarchs. deep under the Himalazian Emperor is unknown. Whether the Emperor was able to affect this outcome is unsure. the Space Marines. so many millennia The following is a definitive list of the order in which the Primarchs in the making. and convinced eight of his fellow As the new interstellar human empire expanded during the Great Primarchs to rebel against the Emperor and follow him in his attempt Crusade. and it was not until Horus had their conquest carried out by the newly reunited Primarchs and their mortally crippled the Emperor and killed Sanguinius that the Space Marine Legions. that the first seeds of corruption were laid in the breasts of those Primarchs who would eventually turn Traitor to the Emperor and his Imperium. The Emperor implanted these organs into his bravest.

and took a small shuttlecraft. for a year. Still other legends hold Fate of the Primarchs that Russ was dying and that he shall return when the Imperium most needs him. has a special Primarch DNA. lost to current knowledge of their whereabouts or dead. although their bodies. the Sorcerers within the Eye of Terror Today. excepting those missing or still present in unique conditions like Roboute Guilliman. His sons and billions primarch reasserted his dominance and regained control of his body. Some claim that he died on Istvaan V. He left only a single word as his legacy . At the same time. the Vengeful Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists died fighting on the bridge of the Spirit. all the Primarchs are either damned in servitude to the Gods of another chapel on the Phalanx. the legendary Kinebrach Anathame Silver Sword of the Laer. His skeletal  Magnus the Red of the Thousand Sons rose to become a remains. As amber that has been contoured to match the body's form. There is little known about how Vulkan of the Salamanders Over the next thousand years. the realm of the the White Scars' homeworld. He was killed Legion. find. He led a strike force of his own Salamanders Chapter believes that after one of their number finds all Space Marines against the Traitors on the surface. following a slash across his throat with a corrupted Chaotic by his most beloved brother. in spite of the Mechanicus and the Iron Hands Chapter both fervently deny this impossibility of such a thing while in stasis. Sanguinius died at the hands of his beloved brother Horus. Guard from the Alpha Legion used a daemonic essence to taint the the Fallen Angel who has avoided capture time and again."Nevermore. the Emperor. Fulgrim's body was later wholly possessed for a time by the stasis field to preserve it. weapons and Power Armour were recovered from the wreck. the Raven's Tower. who wielded the blade which later poisoned him. However the Ultramarines holds that his wound is slowly healing. of pilgrims every Terran year are able to experience the awe-inspiring Rumours abound that Ferrus Manus may currently still be alive on sight of one of the Emperor's own sons. In rest being either destroyed or sucked into the Warp. Legend among the cybernetic assistance of the Adeptus Mechanicus. He vanished into thin air around a thousand years after died or disappeared one by one. fighting with a nine relics that Vulkan left scattered around the galaxy for them to burning hate towards his lost sons. preserved in stasis for all time and inscribed with the names of every  Mortarion of the Death Guard became a Daemon Prince of Imperial Fists Chapter Master to have led the sons of Dorn since his Nurgle death. Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines met his end slowly after Ferrus Manus. When the Dark order to rebuild the strength of his sons from the devastation of the Angel Astartes got to the Tower of Angels. but the truth is likely to be far more complex. Dorn's skeletal Prince of Slaanesh corpse. to slay the Ultramarines' Temple of Correction on Macragge. Corax sought to accelerate the unconscious body of Luther. Only a Chapter Master has the right to inscribe his name and  Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children became a Daemon heraldry upon their sacred bones.The Loyalist Primarchs Today. in the entire Imperium. Greater Daemon of Slaanesh who resided within the blade before the in some physical sense. The bitter Fallen Angel Luther to rebellion. The Warmaster Horus of the Sons of Horus was killed by the Emperor of Mankind aboard his own battle barge and flagship. Filled with despair and shame at this outcome. The Emperor allowed Corax to carry out this mission and the who are healing his injuries. the bleeding wounds he Mars as his body was restored to a semblance of life through the sustained still visible upon his neck and chest. the period called "the Wolftime" to lead the Wolves of Traitors Fenris once more. he left his Jaghatai Khan of the White Scars disappeared through a Dark Eldar tower. This blade may be the hulking mutants. amongst other possibilities. Lion's own sword. All that was left of Caliban's surface was the Tower of Angels and The Rock. in orbit above Terra at the end of the Battle of Terra and his soul Chaos Despoiler-class Battleship Sword of Sacrilege alongside a in the Warp was obliterated by the fully unleashed psychic power of company of his sons after he led a contingent of Imperial Fists in an the Emperor's mind. they unleashed a Warp Storm of massive suffered by the Chapter at Istvaan V. Primarch of the Iron Hands. without the hands. Today. power and size. the Imperium until reinforcements could arrive. minds and souls have been disappearance appears to be voluntary. Of all the Primarchs. speculation. to lead his lost 13th Company against Magnus the Red and the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion. Others have said that Russ travelled into the Eye of Terror. Corax locked himself away within his sanctum. mentioned before. Dorn's skeletal fists have been separated from the rest of his  Angron of the World Eaters ultimately was transformed remains and are housed in the holiest shrine of the Imperial Fists into a Daemon Prince of Khorne Chapter onboard their mobile fortress-monastery the Phalanx. who in turn later died at the hands of his father. causing many Raven Guard Aspirants to become sword with him that he does not use in combat. the other remaining Loyalist Primarchs disappeared. the Dark Angels' former stronghold. The planet was heavily bombarded. with the Corax of the Raven Guard's end was tainted by guilt and shame. his body lies at the heart of corrupting his own mind to Chaos and that later possessed him. who took Horus' place as the Millennium with a vastly outnumbered force. Some Dark Angel Astartes say that he will needed genetic material was obtained." whilst lost in the twisting paths of the Dark Eldar's section of the Webway. but infiltrators within the Raven return one day to lead them again. But growth of his Legion's gene-seed organs by obtaining a sample of the some say that he is still asleep inside The Rock (the floating remains of pure Primarch DNA from Terra that the Emperor had used to create Caliban turned into a Battle Fortress) with the Watchers in the Dark his sons. all they found was the Drop Site Massacre on Istvaan V. It was last Warp portal whilst he was pursuing those savage xenos after a raid on monitored as setting a course for the Eye of Terror. legend that says Russ went on a quest to find a means to cure the Emperor with the fruit from the mystical Tree of Life. however he returned to his homeworld of Caliban to find it in ruins. Vulkan will return to lead the Salamanders to victory against the drastically weakening it so that when the Chaos Gods realised they Traitor Legions of Chaos and gain vengeance for the terrible slaughter had failed to claim the Lion. to ask the most elusive of their fallen brothers. haggard and gaunt. He had launched the overall leader and Warmaster of the Forces of Chaos and the master of hopeless assault in the hopes of delaying the Chaotic offensive upon the Black Legion. the Primarch Fulgrim. Daemon Prince of Tzeentch and the master of the Planet of even as most of the Chaos star ship was destroyed during the conflict. Riddled with guilt over what he had done to save his Legion. Rumours abound that he was captured Chaos Gods. Lion El'Jonson of the Dark Angels the Horus Heresy. maintained in a Ferrus. and the Dark was later present at the Imperial Palace when Guilliman divided the Angel Space Marines he had left to garrison it were "corrupted" by the Space Marine Legions into Chapters during the Second Founding. only the damned Primarchs of Leman Russ of the Space Wolves is one of the Primarchs whose Chaos live today. On the anniversary date of his self-imposed exile. was also placed by the Imperial Fists within  Lorgar of the Word Bearers served Chaos directly and so was transformed into a Daemon Prince of Chaos . His corpse was later completely destroyed by the attack on the massed armada of the 1st Black Crusade in the late 31st Chaos Lord Abaddon the Despoiler. and the truth of its Corax personally gave each degenerated Battle-Brother the Emperor's origins would be one of the first questions the Dark Angels would love Peace. the former Sons of Horus. He is the only Loyalist Primarch to still exist. This would explain why Cypher. a daemonically-possessed weapon that was that nearly killed his brother Horus. He was one of the last Primarchs to die after the end of the Horus Heresy. died on Istvaan V at the fighting his former brother Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children Traitor start of the Horus Heresy during the Drop Site Massacre. The Lion was nowhere to be found. embedded within a block of clear Chaos. The Space Wolves hold a completely consumed by the power of Chaos.

He disappeared amongst the inferno as the euthanised all of the mutated Astartes and then locked world was blasted apart by a Warp Storm caused by the himself away within his sanctum. Corax Fallen Angels. apparently wanting to die to be Imperial Fists within another chapel on the Phalanx. mutant Dark Angels against the Traitors. He led a strike force of his own Loyalist many Raven Guard Neophytes to become hulking. even as most of the Legions. Dorn's assassinated by the Callidus Temple Assassin M'Shen. freed of the stain on his soul imposed by his own life-long embedded within a block of clear amber that has been brutality contoured to match the body's form  Alpharius of the Alpha Legion was killed by Roboute  Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines was struck down Guilliman. though the Astartes of the Raven Guard and its  Jaghatai Khan of the White Scars disappeared while Successor Chapters believe their Primarch still lives pursuing Dark Eldar pirates into a Webway portal after they had managed to raid the world of Mundus Planus. The truth of this rumour is Legion is still led by at least one of its Primarchs unknown but this is seen by many (including the Ultramarines Captain Uriel Ventris) as mere wishful thinking Loyalists  Vulkan of the Salamanders disappeared. was heraldry upon their sacred bones. "The Lightning Tower. filled by the Captain of the 1st Company of the Salamanders ever since." Corax's the current mobile fortress-monastery of the Dark Angels. something considered physically one may have been killed. particularly the Thousand Sons. in fact. lost in the twisting paths of the Webway. shuttle was last monitored setting a course through the Only the Emperor and the Watchers in the Dark know of Warp for the Eye of Terror. In order to rebuild siege of the Imperial Palace after refusing to join him and quickly the strength of his Legion from the Dropsite serve the Ruinous Powers of Chaos Massacre on Isstvan V. It is Fulgrim. neither may have been killed. of Terror. who were called the monsters. Today. He sleeps deep and took a small shuttlecraft equipped with a Warp-Drive within the Rock. His final words before his plinths on which their statues stand in the Imperial Palace should be disappearance indicate that he would return during the vacant and says that "no one ever spoke of those two absent brothers. He had launched the hopeless assault As for the fates of those Primarchs' Legions. It is Their separate tragedies had seemed like aberrations. Corax had ordered the Raven  Lion El'Jonson of the Dark Angels returned to his Guard's Apothecaries to accelerate the growth of the homeworld of Caliban only to discover that his friend and Legion's gene-seed organs. was also placed by the allowed her infiltration. is considered to be a regency as  Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hands was killed at the Drop Site the Salamanders believe that Vulkan will one day return Massacre on Istvaan V at the start of the Horus Heresy by and lead them on a great crusade against Chaos Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children who presented his head to Horus  Corax of the Raven Guard was racked by guilt and shame for what had happened to his Chapter when he had  Sanguinius of the Blood Angels was slain by Horus on the approved the use of heretical genetic manipulation in order bridge of his Battle Barge and flagship Vengeful Spirit in to rapidly increase the numbers of the shattered Raven orbit above Terra at the end of the Battle of Terra and the Guard after the Drop Site Massacre. Riddled with guilt over what he had done. They may have been found and a Warp rift. speculation by the Word in the hopes of delaying the Chaotic offensive upon the Bearers on "rumours" of a sudden swell in the Ultramarines' Imperium until reinforcements could arrive. The only truth is that the Alpha impossible in a stasis field. it seems highly unlikely. Chaos star ship was destroyed during the conflict. preserved in stasis for all time and galaxy inscribed with the names of every Imperial Fists Chapter  Perturabo of the Iron Warriors was also transformed into a Master to have led the sons of Dorn since his death. the Space tragedy befell them as the story implies they were spoken about Wolves' most hated adversaries posthumously. There are rumours that he fights there still against the Dark Eldar. It is rumoured that he is still alive and that his report's unreliability. Wolftime (the Last Battle between Order and Chaos). Black Crusade in the late 31st Millennium with a vastly outnumbered force. an unholy world dedicated to Imperial Fists Chapter onboard their mobile fortress- spreading the worship of the Ruinous Powers across the monastery the Phalanx. His body is perfectly preserved in a stasis field at not known if Alpharius or his identical twin brother the heart of the Temple of Correction on the world of Omegon was the Primarch killed in the report.  Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists died fighting on the bridge of the Chaos Despoiler-class Battleship Sword of Sacrilege During a conversation between Magnus the Red and Lorgar. Only a Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided Chapter Master has the right to inscribe his name and  Konrad Curze. "Never more. After nine thousand years. The position of Chapter Master. haggard and gaunt. also said that Leman Russ led the 13th Company of the been warnings that no one had heeded?" The Traitor Primarchs' Space Wolves into the Eye of Terror and ordered them to statues in this story are covered with a shroud. Corax's final fate remains this great secret--a Primarch still lives unknown. so the fate of the second hunt down the Traitor Legions which had fled into that vast and eleventh is undetermined. without the hands. Undivided. also known as Night Haunter. The Space Wolves have a legend that says Russ References to the second and eleventh Primarchs are made in the short went on a quest to find a means to cure the Emperor and story. producing more Space Marines second-in command Luther and the Dark Angel garrison than the process normally allowed. He died long recruitment numbers following the decision to remove the two after many of his Loyalist brother Primarchs had already Primarchs from the Imperial record may indicate that some of the lost passed on. it is alongside a company of his sons after he led a contingent of mentioned that both Horus and Fulgrim upheld an oath taken never to Imperial Fists in an attack on the massed armada of the 1st speak again of the two lost brothers." in which Rogal Dorn explains that the restore him to full consciousness. but these changes also left on their homeworld had turned against him and chosen degenerated or mutated the Legion's gene-seed. His skeletal remains. or only wound is slowly healing. but the source which reported his death may with an envenomed Chaos blade by his brother Primarch have been manipulated by one of the Legion's schemes. Fallen Angels' adherence to Chaos and a powerful Exactly one year later he left his tower. but not impossible The Lost Primarchs that Jaghatai Khan still lives  Leman Russ of the Space Wolves disappeared into the Eye Almost nothing is known about the two unknown Lost Primarchs. the master of the Daemon World of Sicarus remains and are housed in the holiest shrine of the within the Eye of Terror. bombardment from his ships in orbit. Dorn's skeletal fists have been separated from the rest of his . At the same time. Had they. the Raven's Tower. causing to serve Chaos. the biggest remaining piece of Caliban and into the Immaterium with the words. He skeletal corpse. weapons and Power Legions' Astartes were integrated into the remaining Space Marine Armour were recovered from the wreck. Due to the Macragge.

this is intended to undertake heroic projects and a quiet life would have held perhaps one of the most severe punishments. they are in no way a White Dwarf 166 (UK). where the Mechanicum (Novel) by Graham McNeill entire Word Bearers Legion and their Primarch Lorgar were formally Tales of Heresy (Anthology) edited by Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestley. Nightbringer (Novel) by Graham McNeill to such an extent that even other Legions present at the time Space Marine (Novel) by Ian Watson presumably also had any of their own records of the lost Legions and Ultramarine Omnibus (Omnibus) by Graham McNeill their Primarchs destroyed or modified. less ambiguous sources go so far as to say that information on the lost Legions and Primarchs was deleted following the Horus Codex: Angels of Death (2nd Edition) Heresy. THE LOST PRIMARCHS There has been intense speculation as to what the Emperor originally The Lost Primarchs of the First Founding Space Marine Legions are intended to do with the Primarchs if his plans had come to fruition and the two Primarchs of the II and XI Legions who. Corax. leadership and conquest -. However. We would Nemesis (Novel) by James Swallow be cast alongside the brothers we no longer speak of. This theory also Angels of Darkness (Novel) by Gav Thorpe does not describe why the Blood Ravens would still be present in the Into the Maelstrom. with their design been "deleted from Imperial records. The complete and utter little appeal for any of them.Primarch Rogal Dorn. The Primarchs had been that stresses fealty and loyalty to the Emperor in return for created for war.obviously their forebears had committed some Malleus (Novel) by Dan Abnett. p. p. Prospero Burns (Novel) by Dan Abnett Primarch of the Thousand Sons Age of Darkness (Anthology) edited by Christian Dunn. when the Imperial Fists' related to peace rather than war. been warnings that no one had heeded?" . II. who has been declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Emperor residential quarters during an extended time of peace and prosperity of Mankind (before he was interred within the Golden Throne).they were great men advancement. Referred to as "the forgotten and the purged" it is known residential quarters for the Primarchs. 'The Last Remembrancer' by John French. the Emperor kept both the erasure of all records of the II and XI Legions is considered by Imperial physical infrastructure and knowledge gleaned from the Primarch historians as the most successful Edict of Obliteration ever carried out Project intact -. 8 this subject that directly addresses the mystery can be found in the Codex: Ultramarines (2nd Edition) Horus Heresy novels False Gods and The Lightning Tower by Dan Horus Heresy: Collected Visions Abnett. acclaim and spiritual salvation for its elites. Terra Sources Earlier. the after the Great Crusade had been successfully concluded was probably High Lords of Terra or the Inquisition. "The second and eleventh plinths had been vacant for a long time. the pure Primarch gene-stock contain life-sized statues of all the Space Marine Legions' Primarchs. Additionally. Rogal Dorn." This is the official Imperial policy of deliberately beginning of the Horus Heresy. The only information Games Workshop has ever released on Codex: Space Marines (5th Edition). guarded location. 'Rules of Engagement' by Graham McNeill. p. a High Gothic phrase meaning "condemnation briefly stayed in his designated apartment during a visit to Terra at the of memory. Fallen Angels (Novel) by Mike Lee A Thousand Sons (Novel) by Graham McNeill "I fear the Emperor will break the Word Bearers -. Although the Emperor did not reveal why he was keeping these very sensitive History assets. At least one of the Primarchs. "Hell in a Bottle" by Simon Jowet late 41st Millennium -. for unknown reasons. in fact. It is not known whether both the Primarch. 9 that occurred at the city of Monarchia on the world of Khur. that may explain the ultimate fate of the II and XI Legions. There were 20 spacious only that the missing Primarchs and their Legions are listed as having apartments located there overlooking a large lake. 89 terrible acts of treachery for their records to be completely obliterated. in the falls of the Kath Mandau Precinct - Imperial Palace. outside of the Dawn of War PC games. icons or other symbols or monuments pertaining to an individual or organisation. "Codex Imperialis" significant Chapter in the Imperium of Man's history. however. it was said that the number of the Astartes in the Deliverance Lost (Novel) by Gav Thorpe Ultramarines Legion swelled in size until it eclipsed all of the other Know No Fear (Novel) by Dan Abnett Legions. 'Scions of the Storm' by Anthony Reynolds & 'After discharging their duties of bringing the atheistic Imperial Truth to Desh'ea' by Matther Farrer newly Compliant human worlds during the Great Crusade.including samples of the original generic Primarch in Imperial history. and was stolen by the Alpha Legion. Renegades: Eldar and Chaos Armies for Space Marine (2nd Edition) because. In a galaxy-spanning empire wishful thinking on the part of the Emperor. Their separate tragedies had seemed like aberrations." This formal censure and erasure scaled for habitation by residents of the Primarch's massive from official records is known as an Edict of Obliteration. as only 18 of the Legion (Novel) by Dan Abnett established Space Marine Legions are referenced during the events The Lightning Tower by Dan Abnett. These were kept in a secret. Index Astartes I.Lorgar. were deliberately expunged from all known Imperial records and Unknown even to the Primarchs themselves. is in the falls of the Kath Mandau Precinct of Primarch quarters and the Primarch Project laboratories in the the Imperial Palace and comes upon a series of pillars with plinths that Imperial Palace still exist. perhaps In the short story The Lightning Tower. Primarch of the Word Bearers talking to Magnus the Red. gives undue importance to the Blood Ravens. This has given way to the theory that the Primarch of the II Imperial Armour . it suggests that he may have had further use for the genetic stocks and techniques used during the Primarch Project. is known to have Damnatio Memoriae. sample was lost during the Horus Heresy after it was given to the he notes: Raven Guard and contaminated by a Chaos taint. It has Flight of the Eisenstein (Novel) by James Swallow been established that these "missing" Primarchs were erased from Fulgrim (Novel) by Graham McNeill Imperial records at least 43 standard years prior to the events of the Descent of Angels (Novel) by Mitchel Scanlon Drop Site Massacre that would occur on Istvaan V. gene-stock. Legion could possibly be the founder of the Blood Ravens Chapter. a vast underground archives before the onset of the Horus Heresy in the early 31st cavern deep beneath the Imperial Palace had been designated as Millennium. 'Blood rebuked by the Emperor of Mankind for their apparent laxity in Games' by Dan Abnett. No one ever spoke of those two absent brothers. Horus Rising (Novel) by Dan Abnett False Gods (Novel) by Graham McNeill Games Workshop has shed a little more light on this subject in the Galaxy in Flames (Novel) by Ben Counter Horus Heresy novel about the Word Bearers called First Heretic. There was also a long-standing rumour amongst the Legiones Astartes 'Little Horus' by Dan Abnett & 'Savage Weapons' by Aaron Dembski." The First Heretic (Novel) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden .and break me. the galaxy had truly become an uncontested human domain. It is not known if this is merely speculation or it is established . Had they. Around the Bowden time that both these wayward Legions were expunged from all The Outcast Dead (Novel) by Graham McNeill Imperial records. Book One. and though dormant. usually of the Imperial The idea that all the Primarchs could be corralled into these elite.The Horus Heresy: Betrayal. they could have easily become functional again. III & IV This theory. pp. destroying any records. also called a proportions.

too. the character Evander Gregoras. The Millennium. "Hjolda. and we'd unwrite a shameful future. the Emperor: . confused. That's not accident befell them" that may somehow be a precursor of what unprecedented." mused Dorn choice but to make an example of His wayward son and the Thousand Sons Legion: . This The Emperor's expression grew bleak. (Kasper Hawser) "There's a first time for everything. The Thirteenth definitely swelled to eclipse all the other Legions around the time the Second and Eleventh were 'forgotten' by We are further illuminated in the novel Deliverance Lost." Primarch Corvus Corax of the Raven Guard recalls his first meeting with his father. Russ commented that this was not an unprecedented enact His will when "But the Eleventh Legion -" carrying out censure against a fellow Space Marine Legion. "What?" Dagotal asked the others. you have your Master of the Cryptaesthesians. Like… Astartes fighting Astartes? Like the Rout being attack by the Traitor Legions." violation of the Emperor's Decree Absolute from the Council of Nikaea for performing an act of maleficarum. This was a little known incident that occurred shortly after likely lost in the early years of the Great Crusade in the late 30th the massacre of the entire planetary population of Ghenna. As is the Second.Chayne talking to Lord General Namatijira "Yes. "Seventeen of them. where the Imperial archives. It wouldn't be the first time a Legion Corvus with hope again. the Emperor would have no "Would that it were fifteen. Astartes has overstepped the mark. but it is a sad sound.. In The Lightning Tower by Dan Abnett. A single sword thrust piercing that pod. perhaps not. implying that his Space Wolves had been called on to perform this task This revelation indicates that the missing II and XI Legions were once before. "Is expunged from Imperial record for good reason. I'm not In the novel Prospero Burns. "Perhaps." "Those are just rumours. The audio book states that "an "That?" he answers." Torgal grunted." Xaphen regarded him with emotionless eyes.A conversation between Word Bearers of the Gal Vorbak of the Serrated Sun Chapter (Emperor) "You and your brothers were taken from me by denizens of the Warp before you were ready. prior to the Horus Heresy. pushing aside the questions had gotten in trouble before: that the Emperor's answer had prompted. seeming the new Imperium. you have brothers. while constructing the defences of the Imperial Palace on Terra in preparation for the coming "The unprecedented. This event known as the Night of the Wolf as mentioned in the novel conversation also implies that the Lost Primarchs were more than Betrayer. Though interesting." he said." "A Legion is always strongest at its base. Imperial edicts banning the use of psychic sorcery at the Council of Nikaea. "That is a conversation for another day. You are the Primarchs. filled with deep sorrow. How can that be so?" the Red's performance of an act of maleficarum that drove his sorcery right into the heart of Terra and into the presence of the Emperor. smiling at His son's delight.From Kasper Hawser's account of the Burning of Prospero were thinking it. and when they had started to call him Saviour any hope of "I believe their operation and conduct should be reported to the Council of normal relationships had ended. In Legion it is mentioned that a Space Marine Legion "Brothers?" Corvus was excited by the prospect.Primarch Leman Russ speaking to the Skald Kasper Hawser regards to the war on Mars and the Heresy: In the novel The Outcast Dead." unprecedented was about to take place. namely. always Corvus had been aware of his otherness. That there were others like him filled Terra. Though he had made many friends amongst the prisoners of Lycaeus. no." In the novel Prospero Burns the Space Wolves Primarch Leman Russ "Seventeen?" Corvus asked. The fortress homes of the Allfather’s Dagotal cleared his throat." to weigh the merit of such a thing.fact that the II and XI Legions of Space Marines were inducted into "It will mean the Wolves will be loosed again." he grunts. Astartes fighting Astartes. "You . "I remember that I was number discusses the inevitable execution of the Thousand Sons for Magnus nineteen. He looked had revealed Magnus' own supposed treachery through defiance of the away as he replied. as the Emperor mentions that most of the other Primarch Leman Russ had been charged by the Emperor to take his Primarchs had already been discovered by the time he reunited with Space Wolves Legion to Ghenna to bring the World Eaters to heel: Corax. gone prior to the Burning of Prospero." said the Emperor. In the novel Mechanicum a conversation between Imperial Fists Primarch Rogal Dorn and Malcador the Sigillite in ." happened to Horus." Legion/Primarch II (Russ) "Exactly. This might be an enigmatic reference to the possible already lost and possibly expunged from all Imperial records by the destruction of the II and XI Legions. Horus has three of his brother legions with him. pending censure or dissolution." ." other Legions after they were officially expunged from Imperial Evander Gregoras talking to Kai Zulane records. He laughs.. or it could be reference to the time Corax was reunited with the Emperor on Lycaeus. this still does not explain what actually happened to the Primarchs of the II and XI Legions: This statement further vindicates the role of the Space Wolves Legion as the Emperor's chosen executioners -. It's no secret. the (Malcador)". and thus. When asked if he was concerned over the fact that the "The other two. The assault sergeant didn't sound This statement implies that the missing II and XI Legions were already particularly certain. the character Kasper Hawser also states: saying I don't feel temptation creeping over me. Primarch Rogal Dorn of the Imperial called to sanction another Legion?" Fists Legion is walking through the Palace and comes across a corridor showing statues of all 20 Primarchs. after all." We are further illuminated on the subject in the novels Legion and Prospero Burns. my finest creations. brother. remarks that because of Magnus' fists and thirteen others. "And deny the Ultramarines a significant boost in eighteen Legions Astartes are the most formidable and impregnable sites in recruitment numbers.

pp. the the Chaotic weapon known as the Kinebrach Anathamae." the Legiones Astartes. "Rites of Initiation: The Creation of a Space Marine. 164 Origin of the Legiones Astartes. 2 Index Astartes II. in a Chaos-induced vision. pg. 18 Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness. pg. he gave command of the Space Marine Legion created from their Legion/Primarch XI genetic material back to them. 343. pg. pg. "The Legiones Astartes. my friend. but nothing is known of what became of these Legions and time to the Emperor's gene-laboratory beneath the Himalazian their Primarchs and all data pertaining to them has been deleted from (Himalayan) Mountains and saw the incubation capsule of Primarch current Imperial records. pg. 265-266 Imperial Armour . 6 XX Alpharius Omegon Alpha Legion Traitor? Codex: Chaos (2nd Edition). pp. further genetically enhancing his own elite. apparently went back in Emperor." II +REDACTED+ +REDACTED+ . pg. 224. 208-209. pg. Fear to Tread (Novel) by James Swallow.Book One: Betrayal. pg. XI before the Primarchs were scattered through the Warp (the effect this has on the Lost Primarch is unknown). 384 The Lightning Tower (Audio Book) by Dan Abnett Codex: Space Marines (5th Edition) A Thousand Sons (Novel) by Graham McNeill.The Horus Heresy . 379 Warhammer 40. but knowing that I Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Loyal they would never come to pass. 29 Index Astartes I. pg.000 Rulebook (5th Edition) Malleus (Novel) by Dan Abnett White Dwarf 166 (US). pg. pg. The idea is that XI +REDACTED+ +REDACTED+ because there were 20 Space Marine Legions created by the Emperor. Before the Warp Rift opened within the laboratory. Eighteen known Space Marine Legions were created from the gene-seed of the 18 known Primarchs . Terran-born soldiers..000 Compendium (2nd Edition). 260-261. Horus put his hand on Primarch XI's First Founding Space Marine Legions: capsule and felt it: "He stopped by the tank with XI stencilled upon it . pp. also originally called forever.Legions Red Fury (Novel) by James Swallow of Adeptus Astartes. pg.The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal by Alan Bligh. LEGIONES ASTARTES: THE FIRST FOUNDING "Do not even think it. 229-230 Warhammer 40. "Warriors of Ultramar: The Ultramarine Space Marine Chapter. "Chapter Approved: The The Outcast Dead (Novel) by Graham McNeill." pp.000 Rogue Trader (1st Edition).. these two lost Legions XIII Roboute Guilliman Ultramarines Loyal would represent equivalent sources for new custom-made Space XIV Mortarion Death Guard Traitor Marine Chapters and Chaos Space Marines warbands.000 Rulebook (6th Edition) Into the Maelstrom (Anthology). were created by the Primarch Horus. the II Legion and the XI Legion and their Primarchs. XII Angron World Eaters Traitor and half turned to Chaos but half stayed Loyal. 26-32 Prospero Burns (Novel) by Dan Abnett. "Hell in a Bottle" by Simon Jowett Warhammer 40. pp. Two other Legions. 7 Horus Heresy Chapbook (Anthology) Horus Heresy: Collected Visions. pg. 241 False Gods (Novel) by Graham McNeill. "Wolves of Fenris: The Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter.' warned Malcador. 8-19 . "Space Marines: Codex Imperialis Extract . 20 Imperial Armour ." by Phil Kelly." by Rick Priestley and Gav Thorpe. feeling the untapped No. 4 Codex Imperialis. pg." pp. Imperium of Man on Terra." by Graham McNeill. With each Primarch the Emperor re-discovered during the Great Crusade. custom Astartes Legions. “They are lost to us The First Founding of the Space Marine Legions. pg. during a vision granted to him by Chaos while recovering in III Fulgrim Emperor's Children Traitor the Temple of the Serpent Lodge IV Perturabo Iron Warriors Traitor V Jaghatai Khan White Scars Loyal VI Leman Russ Space Wolves Loyal Purpose VII Rogal Dorn Imperial Fists Loyal VIII Konrad Curze Night Lords Traitor Games Workshop has long explained the game play purpose for these IX Sanguinius Blood Angels Loyal "deleted" Space Marine Legions: they are available to help those who X Ferrus Manus Iron Hands Loyal wish to develop their own. 6-10 Deliverance Lost (Novel) by Gav Thorpe. it is unlikely that the current writers at Games Workshop Ruinous Powers of Chaos and scattered through the Warp across the could do justice to the now much-anticipated mystery of what galaxy. Each Primarch then set up their Legion's headquarters on his homeworld. XV Magnus the Red Thousand Sons Traitor XVI Horus Luna Wolves Traitor XVII Lorgar Word Bearers Traitor Sources XVIII Vulkan Salamanders Loyal XIX Corvus Corax Raven Guard Loyal Codex: Angels of Death (2nd Edition). In spite of the fact that the Primarchs were separated from the Emperor of Mankind through the mysterious actions of the In any case. 201 Sources Legion (Novel) by Dan Abnett. 19 153-161 The Sigillite (Audio Book) by Chris Wraight Warhammer 40. 125 Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4th Edition) The First Heretic (Novel) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. 238 Descent of Angels (Novel) by Mitchel Scanlon. 18.A conversation between Primarch Rogal Dorn and Malcador the engineered by the Emperor of Mankind from his own genetic code in Sigillite his laboratory in the Imperial Palace on Terra beneath the Himalayan Mountains. he managed to keep a small sample of each Primarch's gene- happened to the Lost Legions and why they were deleted from the seed.Horus. 187-188. 5 Index Astartes III. from which they also Following his terrible wounding on the moon of the world of Davin by recruited new Space Marines into the Legion. occurred in the late 30th Millennium after the end of the Age of Strife and the Unification Wars that founded the ''I know.' said Dorn." pp. pg. 16 Codex: Ultramarines (2nd Edition). Primarch Legion Loyalty glories that might have lain ahead for what grew within. pp. and use this genetic material to create the first Space Marines by Imperium's historical records. 8 Codex: Eye of Terror.

but at Man.ORDER Order is the term used to refer to the universal and sometimes Chaos Undivided as a whole. both within the rewarded rather than ability. in the eyes of a servant of Order. but neither will righteousness. feudal Imperium of Eldar Gods who were mostly lost during the Fall of the Eldar. the Adeptus Mechanicus realspace. and the other servants of Order and replace them with the daemonic possession. However. For clarity's sake. the Necrons would do this only so that they could more readily Ultimately. or simply as just like the Necrons are more dedicated to the service of structure. whose potent mind resides within the Warp. some devotees of Order possessed daemonhosts. Chaos mortals who have thrown in their lot with Order. most scholars divide up the Forces failure in promoting the agenda of the individual Chaos Gods and of of Chaos into three major components. it could be considered a universal symbol of Immaterium from realspace. a nascent Eldar God and perhaps a Exodite counterparts who have chosen to live a more rural force for Order equal in power to the Emperor is even now gestating existence are all servants of Order within the Infinity Circuits of the Craftworlds. Order is served by certain entities that exist within the Warp. It is impossible on many Imperial worlds Immaterium and in realspace. just sheer domination enhances the power of Order within the universe. in pursuit of its ideology of the Greater Good. Order is a spiritual force that can represent the more benevolent. His body and soul will always remain his own. Chaos judges human race and indeed of all sentient life in the Milky Way its servants solely on their abilities and their records of success and Galaxy. some might wonder utterly anarchic predominance of Chaos. harmony or Warp. such as the Emperor of Mankind or the former For so many people. as has happened over the last 10. a state of affairs why anyone would willingly choose to turn their backs on Order to that would likely result in the eventual extinction of the serve the Ruinous Powers. stability. repression and corruption. so that all of galaxy. Chaos also offers those who serve it the benevolent metaphysical force that lies in direct opposition to Chaos. the Tau Empire and even the soulless Necrons and their former C'tan masters.The Necrons and their C'tan masters as a representative symbol of Order. hierarchy upon the universe. whether it is them in their fight against Chaos living or inorganic.The Forces of Chaos is a term applied by victory of Chaos over Order in this corner of the universe. Khaine  Eldar . While Chaos may reward success with nor spiritually corrupting like Chaos. though it is not in itself power. thus dramatically reducing if Order just as the Chaos Star is the universal symbol of Chaos. Most Chaotics will fail. as corruption. such as the devoted actually offers a substantial degree of freedom and the only real servants of the Imperium of Man. determined as they are to impose a regime upon growing force for pure Order in the galaxy. who fall to Chaos' temptations. particularly in the oppressive. The Emperor is known power of Chaos in the universe.All of the Imperium of Man's major circumvent the growing power of the Chaos Gods and their attempts to factions. The Tau Empire the galaxy in which all sentient organisms feed their never-ending might become a potent ally of the Imperium against Chaos hunger for living energies. more often than not. However. but the Eldar plans of the other have often used a rune in the Eldar Lexicon that stands for "Harmony"  Necrons and C'tan . Unlike Chaos. Exodites. which is the very embodiment of the Immaterium. if the two species could forge some form of cooperation rather than constantly seeking to defeat the expansionary There is no generally accepted iconic symbol for Order. and spiritual damnation.  Tau . Because Mankind is by The Forces of Disorder. whose untrammelled Order has ultimately bred stagnation and the present time Order is a waning force in the Milky Way Galaxy. heroism and compassion for others that most cultures characterise as benevolence. but of its number only Isha. The Forces of Order include: The most powerful current entity of Order is the Emperor of Mankind. are generally far the most populous intelligent species in the galaxy of the 41st those factions in the galaxy that directly serve Chaos or whose pursuit Millennium. The answer is actually simple. selfless impulses that exist within the psyches of every sentient being in the galaxy. rewards sacrificing one's own desires and wants in the service of a and in service to something larger than himself he may actually earn larger group in such a way that the implementation of stability and the mantle of the hero. necessarily "good. The C'tan are also powerful forces for Order. Order is best Forces of Order represented and embodied by the physical universe of realspace.000 Terran years to the Imperium of Man. though the Order they would impose on the But Chaos is not a benevolent force. which is defined by concrete natural laws and a stable reality that does The Forces of Order are generally those factions in the galaxy that not constantly shift to match collective psychic whims like that of the stand against Chaos directly or whose pursuit of stability. always acting to  Imperium of Man ." While its adherents and servants act in ways that never its master. Those who serve Order may never know the sheer selflessness that Mankind and most other intelligent species define as power and freedom that a devotee of Chaos can wield. the greatest embodiment of Order is the Emperor of of disruption. the Eldar of the Craftworlds and the meritocracy that many citizens of the Imperium have ever known. though it can also lead to Forces of Disorder stagnation. not outright destroying the power of Chaos.The uncorrupted Eldar of the Craftworlds and their and Cegorach remain. The Forces of Disorder include: as the "Anathema" to the Chaos Gods and their servants because he alone represents the greatest current obstacle to the overwhelming  Forces of Chaos . In general. and for the vast majority of those galaxy is very different from that of the other factions. the service of Order he fall to damnation. a pawn whose usefulness to the Ruinous stagnation and imposing their will upon the galaxy than the Powers has ended. Order and its servants seek to strengthen the rules and carry out their "Red Harvests" of all living creatures in the architecture that bind the physical universe together. as they wish to impose by ancient groups of humans to represent the order of the universe their control over the entire galaxy and forever cut off the brought about by balance. have the power of Chaos bleed into and destroy the stability of the Inquisition. including the Space Marines. another corpse in the heap. who serves as the God of humanity. However. The term also encompasses those for a talented individual to ever better their lot. As this symbol was also once used are also powerful servants of Order. is a incarnation of Order. mindless Chaos Spawn. too often family connections and inherited wealth are Chaos becomes ever stronger and more omnipresent. eventually ending up as could sometimes be considered benevolent. they will never know either power or position and will be little more than faceless puppets in the endless Order is a great force of stability and power. the Imperial Guard. structure leads to forms of self-sacrifice. Imperial scholars to all the myriad servants of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos who seek to destroy the Imperium of Man With all the obvious dangers associated with Chaos. harmony and the dreams of most mortals' avarice. the Imperial Navy. the Eldar God of the Dead. destruction and sheer instability enhances the overall Mankind. opportunity to perhaps one day wield power and respect far beyond Order is a force that seeks to impose structure. including the . and is neither physically schemes of the Dark Gods. even the mightiest Chaotic servant becomes a slave of Chaos. The collective pantheon of Eldar Gods was also once a and the Adepta Sororitas are powerful servants of Order powerful representative of Order. which makes the other servants of Order more likely Creation is defined by a rigid structure of natural laws and a hierarchy to stand against the Necrons and their Star Gods than aid in which everything in existence knows its rightful place. such as mutation. known as Ynnead.The Tau Empire and its many human and xenos though they serve what other species might consider the "evil" allies. As such.

but particularly in the oppressive. thus making them capable of abilities which transcend the standard physical laws of the material universe as humanity understands them. Chaos is a malevolent spiritual force that the universe represents the collective negative aspects of the psyches of every  Dark Eldar . but the term But Chaos is not a benevolent force. With all the obvious dangers associated with Chaos. life forms in the Milky Way Galaxy so that it might simply reproduce itself and create ever more perfect bio forms. Chaos is the equal and opposite of Order. can utilise this energy. The entities who embody Chaos are mostly daemons." While its adherents and servants act in ways that are often malevolent. to Traitor Imperial Guardsmen. Chaos is almost synonymous with the Warp -. their actions have only further exposed to Chaotic energies. a pawn whose Chaos is also itself the turbulent psychic energy that comprises the usefulness to the Ruinous Powers has ended. Planetary Governors. eventually ending up as possessed Daemonhosts. pirates. more often than not. For so many people. some might wonder why anyone would willingly choose to serve the Ruinous Powers. and is both physically and spiritually corrupting. who each embody one aspect of the greater force of Chaos and devotees of Chaos and finally. also known to its servants as the Primordial Truth or the connections and inherited wealth are rewarded rather than ability. However. Imperial nobles. even the mightiest Chaotic servant becomes a slave of Chaos. also known as the Ruinous Cultists. feudal Imperium of Man. psykers. planetary schemes of the Dark Gods. mutants and the other mortal Powers. flaws inherent in every man and woman and seeks to exploit the the Tyranids are a potent force for the spread of Disorder. the Chaos Gods indirectly enhance the power of Chaos across the galaxy particularly embody Humanity's myriad and particular flaws as a  Tyranids . Chaos actually offers a substantial degree of freedom embodied by the malevolent intelligent entities comprised of psychic and the only real meritocracy that they have ever known. tainting his mind and body and turning rarely impinge upon the physical universe. The most powerful entities Damned which includes among their numbers Chaos of Chaos are the four great Chaos Gods. Immaterium and gives shape to the nightmare domains of the individual Chaos Gods that are collectively called the Realm of Chaos by savants of the Inquisition. Mechanicus. where too often family Chaos. While Chaos may reward success with militia. The answer is actually simple. and for the vast majority of those also encompasses those mortals who have thrown in their lot with who fall to Chaos' temptations. so that all of directly. or simply as just another corpse in the heap. the Chaos Gods reward individual accomplishment in such a way that the ends justify the means. for while they do not serve Chaos destruction of the material universe and its hated Order.Those Eldar who walk the Path of Damnation sentient being in the Milky Way Galaxy. Chaos judges its servants solely on their abilities and their records of success and failure in promoting the DISORDER agenda of the individual Chaos Gods and of Chaos Undivided as a whole. the malevolent power of Chaos can . energy that live in the Warp. and Primordial Annihilator. Traitor Guardsmen. By Chaos corrupts Mankind so easily because it speaks to the character attacking all structure and existing hierarchies in the galaxy. and spiritual damnation. It is a great and raw force of change and power. for Chaos is the limitless ocean of spiritual. Chaos' most potent servants. In general. their love of battle and destruction for its own sake Creation is once more consumed by the primordial and uncontained directly serves the goals of Chaos to spread anarchy across energies of Chaos. though it is not in itself necessarily "evil. some devotees of Chaos are more dedicated to the service of freedom and change than of the pure selfishness that Mankind and most other intelligent species define as nefarious. such as mutation.The Greenskins of the Ork race are powerful Ultimately. torturers and dark hedonists directly universe. Most Chaotics will fail in their quests for power. psychic and emotional energy that defines the Immaterium and underlies the 4-dimensional material universe of space-time. they will never reach either power or Chaos. It takes an extraordinary even as they would not hesitate to devour all the servants of individual of truly iron will and selflessness to resist the serial Chaos as well as those of Order. However. Chaos Space Marines and Traitor Titan Legions of the Dark never its master. and so species in the galaxy of the late 41st Millennium. The iconic the Traitor Legions of the Chaos Space Marines and their symbol of Chaos is the eight-pointed star. Though the Tyranids are temptations of Chaos. and most likely in the wider as raiders. inhuman daemons that are native to the Warp and only gradually corrupt a psyker. the Lost and the him into the slave of the Ruinous Powers. as these mutations are driven by the inner weakened the Forces of Order across the galaxy and so they flaws of the person's psyche being made manifest in their physical are rightly counted among those who perpetuate Disorder person as Chaos bridges the gap between the Immaterium and realspace. Chaos also offers those who serve it the opportunity to perhaps one day wield power and respect far beyond the dreams of most mortals' avarice. It is also these inherent character flaws that more a force of nature than servants of any ideology or produce the rampant physical and anatomical mutations of individuals philosophical force. and the absence of hierarchy and emphasis on individual freedom leads to the pursuit of excess and personal aggrandisement that can only be characterised as damnation. ranging from simple peasants and/or manufactorum labourers position and will be little more than faceless puppets in the endless who serve as Chaos Cultists. and even the mighty power. Because Mankind is by far the most populous intelligent serve the interests of the Chaos God Slaanesh. is the universal and usually malign spiritual force better their lot. Mechanicus  Orks . The most evolutionarily-advanced mortals.The Great Devourer seeks to consume all other people. can be worshipped individually or as an entire pantheon. Chaos and its entities seek nothing less than the complete servants of Disorder. weaknesses of their all-too-human natures.the two concepts are inseparable. and to the Imperium of Man as the where it is impossible on many worlds for a talented individual to ever Archenemy. mindless Chaos Spawn. representing the infinite counterparts among the Traitor Titan Legions of the Dark possibilities of Chaos. daemonic possession.

Variations exist in the allegiance of intelligent races to Law or Chaos. Arioch must be summoned by deities and cosmic forces because he is a powerful sorcerer. but the relationships between them is not always clear. when her anger is aroused. However. he is reincarnated in the virtually infinite planes of humans. of both good and evil without the manipulations of the gods. These gods Corum Jhaelen Irsei also appear in the Elric series. Law and Chaos Sorcerers often gain power by entering into diabolical pacts with are in constant struggle. The Mabden (humans). by contrast. but not a god. "King of Swords"). the first Corum encounters. radiating in all directions from a central point. they do not exist at all. for example. it is said that existence. Mortals find the sight of pure Chaos disturbing. there are many Chaos Lords. and eventually all possibilities are Law provides order. all gods are swept many possibilities Chaos offers. inspired by the work of Poul Anderson creations. "Old Gods": Arioch ("Knight of Swords"). In some. Much of his realm is worlds. formerly a servant of the Law but condemned by the Balance to aid During the time when most of the Eternal Champion cycle is set. is a servant of Law in Elric's world. of demons. When they appear at their worst. and often the Wise. constantly changing. Lamsar the Hermit. The Revenge of the Rose openly portrays Arioch as insane. by which process the lands of Earth are extended. It is typical of Chaos to be at war with itself. is the weakest of the three. Lords of the Higher Worlds are more numerous in Elric's world or interact with it more frequently. humans are naturally inclined towards Law and must powerful and is more active in controlling and manipulating the pervert themselves to gain the assistance of Chaos. Xiombarg appears as an unspeakably beautiful woman. of Dukes of Hell under him. He has a vaguely pig-like head and takes great pride in his "Castle Built of Pure Chaos stuff manifests in Stormbringer and "The Dream of Earl Blood". (especially Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions). but their character is slightly different. Arioch. Xiombarg (as all the gods) is not permitted to strike directly against others unless they attack her. Chaos and intermediaries. though he also shows a different form to Corum. Law becomes meaningless. He In the world of Hawkmoon. however. In The Dreamthief's Daughter. Law Chaos after an unspeakable betrayal. they may act without prohibition (as. entropy) expresses the principle of possibility and the Horned Bear. it is Besides the Eternal Champion. and justice to the world. (1) Moorcock has written more about Elric placed upon the Lords of Law. The Fifteen Planes are divided into three groups of five planes. The effects of Chaos omniscient only over their spheres of influence. In Corum's realm. controlled by Law alone becomes just as stagnant as one overrun by when Chaos takes over much of the world. Xiombarg ("Queen of In some they are weak. wasteland. Ordinarily. In order that he can oppose Chaos and serve the interests of Law throughout the Chaos Lords are sometimes restricted from acting directly against Multiverse. the savage beast-gods of the barbarians. Hawkmoon comes upon a unique "Gathering of The Chaos Lords have the powers of gods but the behaviour. Corum Jhaelen Irsei. the Dark Lady of sympathy with them. the humanoid Vadhagh as the creations of Law tend towards constantly changing chaos-stuff. I have heard. In incarnation of the Eternal Champion. Law Ironically. as well as the beings called the Lords of the Higher for example. the Balance. though creations of Chaos. Law has servants who aid Law by powerful enough to slay Chaos Lords. It is swirling. they Present at the gathering are Sepiriz of Nihrain. including living flesh. it is possible that similar relationships exist between the deities in Elric's world though this is not made Chaos explicit. The crudity may be a result of interaction between him and the Mabden. They are also restricted in their ability than any other character. a realm controlled by Chaos becomes stagnant: the state of constant change lacks meaning. The Lords of the Higher Worlds appear mainly in to his sophisticated. Elric and his companions Chaos. even Stormbringer. Elric's sword Stormbringer is a Chaotic being. Law goes mad Just as the Eternal Champion can be a servant of Law." messengers of Law brought together from many planes. She serves Law by tempting or guiding heroes to pit their wills against pure Chaos. then arrows. In The Queen of the Swords. and apparently feels no bond of advising the Champion or in other ways. the Realm of Law is a barren observe that the sun is motionless and time seems to stand still. Law appears friendly to life. This may be attack mortals without hesitation). She is more In Elric's world. Empress of the Dawn. Without it. Abaris of the Magi. emblazoned with the symbol of Chaos – an image of eight of Fate. (3) The Elric before he can manifest on Earth. He appears as a literally faceless man good. Elric meets another than others. Mortals who ally with Disorder gradually become Balance. but they are kept in check by the Cosmic Chaos Lords. the god may Worlds: the deities who serve and represent Chaos or Law. A unfettered by rules. when Elric calls upon the aid of Arioch. Chaos is powerful but is appears for much of the time as brutish. champions. the destruction of first Arioch. and must instead act through The Elric series contains the most information about Law. crude and direct. who advises Elric in deliberately inflict pain and suffering on mortals for amusement. Arioch's vassals include Urleh. The Eternal misshapen or corrupt. some more powerful Vanishing Tower and The King of the Swords. who are some of the “There are many planes of existence. Kaneloon. they become too disruptive for are knowledgeable chiefly about Mabden affairs. while the inhuman planes under her control. (2) Elric spends more time interacting with to move between planes. it leads Melnibonéans feel a natural sympathy with Chaos. The Sword Rulers have vassals. the Dog and the Bear can be beautiful. though he is and tries to overrun the world. structure. Similar limitations are probably explained by three reasons. but the only one named is Duke Teer. to represent the Xiombarg permits the return of Law.EQUILIBRIUM Law and Chaos are the dominant metaphysical forces in the fantasy at best. and Mabelode ("the Faceless". subtle nature as Elric's patron and perhaps less the series about Elric and Corum. In general. For instance. away leaving the races to make their own destinies. In The Lords of Chaos Quest for Tanelorn. they are not concerned with the harmful effects of their stories of Michael Moorcock. Aubec". for instance. a minor god of Chaos serving the sophisticated Mabden (humans) of Lwyn-am-Esh. exhausted. Champion is doomed to be a pawn for the Balance. are capable bearing a golden sword. shining armour that constantly changes hue from gold to silver to blue Elric must summon the White Lords to his plane by blowing the Horn and so on. in contrast seldom personified. an even more powerful force for neutrality. At the end. Corum encounters a similar state of nature when he visits nothing material could exist. and the Dog Chaos (disorder. without wrongs to right and injustice to correct. who guides . The most formidable is Prince Gaynor the Damned.” – Swords"). but left unchecked. intelligent. but a realm the realm of Xiombarg in The Queen of the Swords. Mabelode has a host life. In Stormbringer. who Corum's world. there is a well-developed hierarchy of explains to him: Chaos. He is completely hidden in is weak and is in fact banished from most mortal planes of existence. In "To Rescue Tanelorn". At other times. Myshella. In an episode mirrored in The In the Elric series. Mabelode is most powerful of all. each governed by one of the three Sword Rulers. magic and sorcery draw on the powers former priest of Urleh tells Corum that these gods are omnipotent and of Chaos because they break the laws of nature. In some the Lords of Chaos are strong. But in Corum's to her downfall. so Chaos also has its own and beautiful in its perfect regularity. multicoloured matter with the power to melt and twist anything with which it comes in contact. the appearance. Law is benevolent often more the servant of the balance.

The only vassal deity of Law named is Ilah. which needs a mixture of Law and Chaos to exist. Its inhabitants are happy and productive because they are free to pursue their own interests instead of the desires of gods. they who first destroy Mabelode and his Dukes of Hell. but when it does (as in Stormbringer. leaving humanity free to make its own fate. counterpart to Arioch. It is also the agent of Fate. of the Sword Rulers. As a general rule. of the eight-pointed star. Chaos. Chaos and Neutral (Balance) powerful. Hawkmoon is the last surviving incarnation of the Eternal Champion and. The Balance is the power most beneficial to life. ironically. Donblas is the only Lord of Law to appear in Elric's World. These purposefully neutral gods are gods of the Balance and caretakers of Tanelorn. it also manifests to pass judgment between two Lords of the Higher Worlds. . but Erekose is also killed by the release of power. the Lords of Law have their vassals. It rarely manifests directly. his favourite race. Most of the stories are set in a cosmic cycle when Chaos is most Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. the Warrior in Jet The Sword Trilogy introduces two beings who are beyond even the and Gold (who also appears in The Dragon in the Sword). The Runestaff is a sentient object associated with the Balance. The Cosmic Balance The Cosmic Balance maintains the balance of power between Law and Chaos by keeping both sides from overstepping the rules of war. they only briefly used Moorcock's conceptions of Order or world. He is the creator of the Vadhagh. then the gods of Law as well. Law. After defeating the sorcerers Agak and Gagak. but will sometimes help either side if the whim takes them. and prone to losing their temper. powerful smiths (the Chaos Engineers) created the Sword. a servant of Arkyn. People in Tanelorn feel intense peace. In Corum's however. When first Chaos Lords. he appears as a gigantic (as tall as the sky) handsome figure. and finally the Balance to preserve Order between Law and Chaos. a priest of Ilah in The Queen of the thing that binds them is their brotherhood. cases was lifted verbatim by Games Workshop in the creation of its Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000 fictional settings. presumably the counterpart to Xiombarg. in their humility. who are seductive – but also sinister. the city of the Balance. Cultural Influences Lords of Law Law and Chaos in Michael Moorcock's fiction inspired the alignment The White Lords of Law are much less developed than the Lords of system in Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games. Hawkmoon learns that the Black Sword and the Black Jewel are two aspects of the same creature. but he is not described. and the Silver Queen from Phoenix in Obsidian. The only Nyvish of the Temple of Law. the strange multicoloured hues of energies. also known as the "Lost Gods".” The Grey Lords take pride. Aleryon-a. mutations met. there are three chief Lords of Law. Hawkmoon and Erekose reach Tanelorn where they meet the Runestaff and Stormbringer in humanoid forms. then Hawkmoon smashes the Jewel with the Runestaff. the Runestaff. so it serves as a place of rest and retreat for tired heroes. It is neutral in the war between Law and Chaos. the Jewel. especially to limit the power of Stormbringer. his powers are weak and he has difficulty manifesting in Corum's and warping of matter and flesh. Thus the last symbols of Authority are destroyed. corresponding to the three the Balance. The descriptions of Chaos. balance. they can only find the city after a long and difficult search. return. When they appear. Eternal Tanelorn exists in all planes of the Multiverse. mortals who meet with the Lords of Law are wise to remember that what benefits the gods does Moorcock's conception of Chaos also heavily inspired and in some not always suit the aims of mortals. The first is Arkyn. which breaks. his function as Champion is ended. and The Quest for Tanelorn) it appears as a great pair of scales suspended in the sky. In Chaos. In The Queen of the Swords. and the Balance is revealed in The Quest for Tanelorn. In the King of Swords it is Swords. as Stormbringer is associated with Chaos. However. the Lords of Law are usually more are combined with Good. At the beginning of the Great Cycle. There is a brief reference to "Lord Shalod" (the ruler of the second five planes of the Corum mythos). Notably. Kwll and Rhynn. When his powers Warhammer settings are all derived directly from Moorcock's works. in which the history of one cycle of the Multiverse is concluded during the Conjunction of the Million Spheres. and so forth found in the plane and appears as an indistinct but tall figure. The Grey Lords appear in the story "To Rescue Tanelorn. The fate of Law. The Symbol of Law is a single Arrow of Law. Evil and Neutral to create a total of nine benevolent than the Chaos Lords. Like the Chaos Lords.Rackhir to the Grey Lords in "To Rescue Tanelorn". The Queen of Swords. with all gods dead. A counterpart to Mabelode is not named. Erekose takes up the Black Sword and destroys the Balance. alignments." where it is said that they “are pledged neither to Law nor to Chaos.

they were capable of the dedicated pursuit The Eldar will not describe their downfall to any member of a "lesser of sensation in a way that even the most sybaritic members of the race. race plunged into further extremes. leading to the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh and the When Mankind was still long millennia away from building the emergence of the present-day Eldar factions including the Craftworld Egyptian pyramids. this has no effect on the physical realm. the Eldar Empire spanned the galaxy. experiences reached its height. hedonistic and depraved as time went on. at they are all but extinct -. driven insane by the uncontrolled psychic energies possessed by this embryonic entity. however.had an unintended. These pursuits The Eldar succumbed to extremes of experience.and the concomitant entry of huge chosen lieutenant of Horus. This entity dozed fitfully.a vast. psychic embodiment of the corruption that had taken their within that impossible realm is as distorted as it is within the Warp lives. fleeing aboard colossal spacecraft called Craftworlds and considered the most powerful intelligent species in the galaxy before taking any plants. but Abaddon the Despoiler. The Eldar were extremely long-lived (even generated by the Eldar’s excess began to coalesce within the immortal before the Curse of the Nightbringer). It is on offer. now provides the means by which the Traitor Legions have was that these souls began to somehow coalesce into a larger entity. and daemon hordes into Black Crusades that catastrophic. The Eldar. Powers now fight one another in an eternal struggle for supremacy are quite different. interstellar empire. An area almost twenty cities.a thousand. however. the Eldar are enigmatic humanoid aliens who Eldar themselves. open wound upon the very fabric of reality disgust. and the only intelligent race that could have challenged them. the Eldar already ruled a vast. the intensity of emotion poetry. and their superior intellects. a terrorised the Imperium for ten thousand standard years. their Fall. Some Eldar were able to known today as the Eye of Terror. The Eye is an area of Warp/realspace see that their now-corrupt society was destroying itself. the very depravity of their society. these refugees would settle in the distant planetary colonies of constantly weeping filth and corruption. first breath". lay in hibernation on their Tomb At last the entity suddenly came to life. the Eldar people sank to the lowest depths of depravity and the sleeping power awoke.the last fragments of a shattered civilisation some point around the 24th or 25th Millennium. Some of these corrupted Upon dying. In time. The Chaos God Slaanesh was born and its Government within the Eldar empire soon collapsed and the birth cries decimated the race. moulding each to bounds of the physical realm and goes to rest within the Warp. many Eldar were fold. music and painting. but literally from the conflicts that lay within the Ancient and mysterious. groups of Eldar began plunged into constant warfare. Torture and murder came to be seen as art forms every bit as worthy as Throughout a long period of decline. this entity continued to grow. Ten millennia after the events of the Horus Heresy. and Legions. their own perverse designs. never suffered from Immaterium. their senses so finely became more extreme. which made interstellar travel extremely difficult in the physical realm (This was one of the factors The Eye of Terror. Their ancient empire spanned their homeworlds' environments with them. as those who had retained enough sanity to flee experiencing every sensation. animals or other pieces of the Eldar culture and the founding of the Imperium of Man. These Eldar left the empire The Eldar were a technologically advanced humanoid race. growing stronger senility or disease. this great Warp entity finally attained arrogance --and its terrible consequences for the galaxy -. and the Warp same Traitors who fled from the armies of the Imperium still embark storms continued to grow worse. The worst continued unimpeded. so much so that the Eldar race early in the 30th Millennium of the Terran calendar and they could even mould the mystical energies of that hyper- ended their domination of the Milky Way Galaxy after millions of dimensional nether realm into physical materials like Wraithbone. drawing the spirits of billions of Eldar degeneration of their homeworlds and colonies into utter depravity into the Warp to be consumed by the newborn god. most of whom possess no psychic abilities. As the pursuit of ever more extreme destruction occurred at the heart of their galaxy-spanning empire. At the height of the Horus Heresy in the early 31st Millennium the Chaos The Fall Space Marine Traitor Legions were driven from Terra and naturally sought shelter within the Realm of Chaos. the Milky Way Galaxy. and fear that Mankind. In the last few years before its birth. once the pleasurable and/or painful ways -. As more and more Eldar died to fuel the decadence and itself. that little or no work was required by individual Eldar. the formation of terrible Warp Storms. will replicate their In the early 30th Millennium. pleasurable or painful. never speak openly of their terrible past. Now. unchallengeable Eldar. its dreams fed by the resonance and potent psychic powers allowed them to perfect their Eldar’s deeds. these worldships that the last remnants of the ancient Eldar civilisation now drift amongst the stars. The Eye of Terror is now home to the darkest evils of the galaxy. moulding the Traitor numbers of their souls into the Warp -. the foolish Mon-keigh. The Eldar were able to devise cunning new ways of torturing and killing their fellows at rates never imagined. The followers of the different Ruinous Generally.THE FALL OF THE ELDAR The Fall of the Eldar is the name for the terrible catastrophe that befell They had unparalleled mastery of the Immaterium. the Dark Eldar and the rustic Exodites. while the Eldar mourn for what was lost. As the Eldar's emotions are often more powerful than those experienced by Mankind. but they are at their most deadly on the very rare occasions majority of humanity. Few have managed to unite the The deaths of hundreds of thousands of Eldar in extremely disparate factions in this manner. and fled in interface -. Many Eldar who had stayed behind on their homeworlds to try and turn their race away from the decadence that Decay and Degradation had consumed them saw what was happening and knew that something terrible was about to occur. hunter and hunted each being part of a twisted ritual of thousand light years across was engulfed in the very stuff of Chaos. The psychically-gifted Eldar have powerful souls known as the Great Game for the resources to be found within the Eye and register a much stronger presence in the Warp than do the vast of Terror. that life had to before the Fall did so on mighty vessels called Craftworlds. generally behind. upon their Black Crusades. this first 'breath' instantly slew the overwhelming majority . death reigned in the streets of Eldar where the Warp erupted into realspace." but much of the story can be gleaned from fragmented sources. when they cease fighting one another and turn their attentions to the material universe outside the Eye. their empire and would later be known as the Exodites. full sentience. is such a being. as time living. mutant armies. They have been reduced to a scattered forming groups known as Pleasure Cults dedicated to the pursuit of and nomadic race. side-effect: The restless souls of the dead Eldar caused pillage and destroy the Imperial sectors around the Eye. attuned they perceived the heights and depths of agony and ecstasy. A new Chaos power was being formed. created by the shame of the Eldar and the price of that precipitated humanity's Age of Strife). The fall of this empire came not from the actions of another species. the soul of any sentient deceased being traverses the Space Marine Legions claimed new homeworlds. standard years. the Necrons. Before Mankind had even begun to walk upright. human race would find difficult to comprehend. A far worse effect. deep emotional with every indulgence. As a result. and was said to have "taken its Worlds across the galaxy in the wake of the end of the War in Heaven. destruction which consumed millions of lives. Their Eldar technology had advanced so far by the height of their empire whims decided the fate of worlds and quenched the fiercest suns. These dreams leaked back to the Eldar psyche and the skills to a degree far beyond that of even the most talented humans.

and the Exodites — each found their own ways of dealing with the curse of Slaanesh. Knowing that their psychic the psychically-gifted Eldar had previously created their own prowess has profound effects upon the Warp. the Eldar Outcasts. Codex: Craftworld Eldar (3rd Edition). As well.of the Eldar who lived in the empire as their souls were 'inhaled' by the factions are reviled by other races for their tendency to focus on their entity. many psykers Warp Storms associated with the era immediately prior to its birth. pg. 5-7. Slaanesh's first act after annihilating so many Eldar was to hunt down their gods. the Dark Eldar. The Great Crusade would see the forging of the galaxy-spanning Imperium The Prince of Chaos of Man. After Slaanesh's birth and its war with the Eldar gods. Khorne. most famously to rescue the souls of certain Harlequins from consumption by it. the Laughing God hid himself within the labyrinthine confines of the Webway. who also existed in the Warp. and Asuryan were hunted down Matrix-eeffectibely destroying the Eldar's past even as it might and consumed by Slaanesh. among the death and destruction. pp. the Prince of Pleasure. end the Age of Strife. He is said to have hidden himself behind Khaine during the great duel with Slaanesh. and neither was able to defeat the other — Khaine. the Eldar consider Slaanesh to be female. this Chaos God as male. assimilating them within itself. This new entity became the fourth major Chaos God. creating a for the treachery and subterfuge they have often employed in this permanent interface of realspace and Warpspace later known to the effort. Firstly. which rest in the hearts of the various Craftworlds. human leader known as the Emperor of Mankind was able to take Slaanesh. Even the Eldar who had fled their empire were affected -— many Exodites and Craftworlders fell The birth of Slaanesh had the side-effect of clearing the galaxy of the dead as their souls were also sucked from them. often at the expense of those other races' well-being. and will take thousands of years at the very least. but Slaanesh was far too powerful for Khaine to defeat. Occasionally he reenters the Warp in order to play pranks upon Slaanesh. Imperium of Man as the Eye of Terror. Slaanesh took advantage of all the Eldar Craftworlds' Infinity Circuits. leaving behind the hell-region called the Eye of Terror that has threatened Eldar and the Imperium alike for ten thousand standard years. also called the Laughing God. However. and Warp energy literally spilled over into the physical realm. and begin his epic Great Crusade. Isha. some far-sighted leaders pantheon of gods from their collective desires and beliefs' affect upon among the Craftworld Eldar have noticed the slow growth of a new the energies of Warpspace." Ancient Eldar will require the passing of every Eldar soul linked to the Eternal Gods. 14-17 gods and their followers continue to be enemies. and the Eldar empire was no more. 322 . when Ynnead is finally born. Some tellings of the story state that in the end. two of the original Eldar Gods survived. likely with the aim of absorbing the Eldar god of war himself. With the sudden deaths of so many Eldar. As they had with Slaanesh. the been unleashed. Some Eldar did learn from their mistakes. pp. The forces of Chaos gained another powerful patron in the new Chaos God Slaanesh. It is said that the Eldar God of War. and were forced to find ways of protecting themselves from Slaanesh. Regardless of the actual events of the battle. the Eldar Empire was extinguished. while pieces of Khaine's soul reside in the Infinity Circuit of the Craftworlds and can be called upon in times of emergency to animate the Avatar--though the price is high in blood for this boon. interceded on Khaine's behalf. The new Eldar factions — the Craftworld Eldar. he will confront Slaanesh and defeat it Unlike the other intelligent races of the galaxy who see the youngest once and for all. with Slaanesh's existence so closely tied to the Eldar race. which would attempt to fill the power vacuum in the galaxy left by the near-annihilation of the Eldar. Kaela Mensha Khaine. could not be defeated in battle. Ynnead. the result is clear: Rather than be absorbed by the more powerful Chaos Gods. Vaul. the Eldar God of the Dead. But as the great Farseer Eldrad Ulthran has noted. and Ynnead's awakening refer to her as "the Great Enemy" or "She Who Thirsts. within the safe confines of the old gods were drastically weakened. 7 struggle to survive and preserve their culture. making the Ruinous Powers a further threat to the existence of mortals. any Eldar who subsequently died had his or her soul instantly consumed by the ever-hungry "Great Enemy". 4-7 galaxy to being a species comprised of a relatively small groups who Codex: Chaos Daemons (4th Edition). the few surviving Eldar found their society in ruins. The other Eldar god to survive the Fall was the trickster God Cegorach. pg. Sources Khorne's interference in the Slaanesh-Khaine duel caused a rift Codex Imperialis (2nd Edition) between Slaanesh and Khorne. when Khaine was finally banished. deity. where he still resides. pg. from being the most powerful force in the Codex: Eldar (4th Edition). The death toll was so massive within the Eldar empire that own survival. being a War God. The Eldar went. however. the Harlequins. advantage of this to unify humanity under his leadership on Terra and Mars. They were split into factions. of other races were also driven insane or killed by the power that had This allowed interstellar travel and communications to resume. such as Kurnous. The various Eldar Black Crusade: Core Rulebook (RPG). fought Slaanesh. the Chaos Blood God. Khaine's form was shattered and exiled to rest in the mortal realm in the form of great statues called "Avatars". guarantee this faded species a new beginning. The Eldar hope that if and this weakness and destroyed them. and is one of the reasons why the two Codex: Eldar (2nd Edition). Legacy The Fall of the Eldar was a major event on the galactic stage. 48 virtually instantaneously.

to make their living by raiding the commerce of the other star-faring intelligent races of the Milky Way Galaxy.Void Dreamers are the helmsmen and navigators of Every Eldar chooses for himself a discipline which he then makes it Corsair starships. for their minds are rare. In their manner and actions they are often rewards. and whilst all enable the Eldar to master the skills of Voidstorm Squad . Wraithbone and other psycho-plastic materials to fashion the material . but each offers its followers a Eldar lifestyle suffocating or because they have committed some complete way of life during the time which they tread upon it. each Warrior Aspect brings with it its own special techniques picked veteran Corsairs together to form a Voidstorm Squad. Only Eldar of remarkably strong characters can survive for long as Outcasts. the Eldar of the Craftworlds. corsairs sanctuary of the Eldar Paths and the warm collective familiarity of the and raiders. some of these eventually Eldar Craftworlds. The retinue is composed of close kinsmen. Slaanesh. have developed a way to control their own inner natures. It may take many standard years to successfully Warlocks. Other Eldar Paths include that of the Bonesinger. such individuals leave their Craftworlds and sometimes confused with their Dark Eldar counterparts. particularly the shipping of Blade Sworn Retinue . They can serve as stand far apart from the carefully scryed and considered actions of the Rangers. and form ravenous bands of pirates. well-trained survivalists and Craftworld Eldar. For example. such individuals leave their Craftworlds and protection of the Eldar Paths. In these situations. Others choose to leave their Craftworlds and live elsewhere. though they lack the ability to face off against a true Imperial the finest warriors in the band. such as walking the Path of Damnation that leads to consumption by Chaos. Eldar Corsairs is legendary and more than one group of these xenos pirates has been known to suddenly change sides or even turn on their Eldar Outcasts are extremely pragmatic realists and are often very human patrons after a battle is won to seize a greater share of the tough. plunder and freedom. The most dangerous Outcasts. Such the psycho-supportive environment of the Craftworld's Wraithbone leaders.Eldar who have turned abilities without the mental protections offered by the Eldar Paths. Void Dreamer . closely related to his task to master. Equipped and abilities. Craftworlds in another sense. become known as Outcasts.A Blade Sworn Retinue serves as the personal the Imperium of Man. Set free within the universe they are willingly become Outcasts. most Eldar been forcibly exiled from their former home. often wandering the Outright alliance between fleets acting on the will of a Craftworld’s galaxy and visiting the worlds of Mankind or the Exodites. Many Eldar Sometimes the rigid constraints of the Eldar Paths are intolerable even Outcasts often take up daring lives as pirates or raiders and thus are for an Eldar to bear. They accompany their sworn leader Navy battlefleet of any real size. the scouts of their Craftworlds. Outcasts must bear the eventually return to the sanctuary of the Eldar Paths. this path for too long may ultimately be consumed by the Path of Damnation and so begin to be enslaved by the same lust for suffering and death that corrupted both their Dark Eldar cousins and the Eldar Corsair Organisation ancient Eldar pleasure cults that led to the Fall of Eldar civilisation more than 10. who craft fighting or the first to storm a breach during a boarding action. self-serving Eldar Corsairs is relatively not welcome aboard Craftworlds except briefly. but certainly not unknown. disciplined space with the Eldar pirate fleets. fleets they command are invariably very powerful and capable of giving even the most potent forces of the Imperial Navy substantial Outcasts are also disruptive to the highly structured societies of the opposition. skilled of the Eldar Rangers are known as Pathfinders. or sailing the seas of These eldritch wanderers live quite apart from the orderly. The Outcasts rarely divulge the mercenary forces for various foolish and often very wealthy human hardships of their lives or their constant mental struggle to maintain factions within the Imperium. Corsair Prince . the willful and unaccountable actions of the Outcasts There are many kinds and degrees of Eldar Outcasts. Many Eldar spend years or decades as dangerously vulnerable. and for the most part the Farseers show great marksmen able to find the eye sockets and neck joints of even the most reluctance for their own peoples to mix with the wayward and heavily armoured enemy troops with their Long Rifles. choices and specialisations. Only Eldar of especially strong character can Outcasts before they return to the Eldar Paths. They are Seers and the more volatile. bridge officers or Outcasts whose skills have made them infamous Aware that it was the ineffable power of their own whims and desires enough for their master to seek them out and swear them to his or her that brought about the downfall of their species and led to the birth of service.000 Terran years ago.ELDAR OUTCASTS Eldar Outcasts are those rare members of the Eldar race who have left artefacts of the Eldar civilisation. or may retain some ties to their Craftworld of origin. sinister individuals. though most do survive for long as Outcasts. It usually only occurs when a dangerously unbounded and attract predators from the psychic realms knowledgeable Corsair leader of great influence is present. but the remnants of the lost Eldar empire's ancient aristocracy are natural leaders. for their presence can distract the young and inexperienced from the Eldar Paths through their romantic tales Some Eldar Corsairs have been known to hire themselves out as of travel. There are innumerable Paths.An Eldar Corsair band is usually led by a member of the Eldar nobility with the title of prince (or princess) who has chosen the Path of the Outcast. eventually feel the need to return to Eldar society unless they have or sailing the seas of space aboard the pirate fleets. Daemons or other Warp entities can home in on the both satisfy the measured desires of the Seers at the same time that he undisciplined and extremely powerful mind of an Outcast and lodge in can prove his raw might to the more aggressive Eldar pirates. able to of the Warp. Outcasts must bear the Sometimes the rigid constraints of the Eldar Paths are intolerable even terrible burden of their heightened Eldar consciousness without the for an Eldar to bear. the Corsairs' employers usually find their complete opposites of the Craftworld Eldar.During raids a Corsair prince will gather hand- combat. some their home Craftworld to wander the galaxy when they find the rigid of which are chosen only rarely. these veterans will be in the thick of the psycho-technicians of the Craftworlds are called. Eldar Pirates are terrible burden of their heightened Eldar consciousness and psychic always followers of the Path of the Outcast –. as the for close-quarters combat. are rare. and each Path may necessitate further and other dangers. To a human these Eldar might seem aloof and Eldar Corsairs arrogant. They are a constant threat to Imperial merchant bodyguard of a Corsair band's prince or princess and is composed of shipping. return to the Paths. threatening the very survival of a Craftworld. As with other outcasts. But the fickleness of without the aid of the Eldar Paths. Many Eldar spend years or decades as Outcasts before they return to the Eldar Paths. but use their powers of divination and prophecy to guide accomplish this. most Eldar eventually return to the Eldar of the Craftworlds. A fleet of Corsairs can prove to be a themselves uncorrupted by the darker impulses of the Eldar nature powerful force on the battlefield for their patrons. away from the Paths and abandoned their Craftworld. wherever he or she goes. After years of adventure and wandering. perhaps more than a single human lifetime. Each their vessels and protect their crews from the Daemons of the Warp discipline is called a Path. brilliant tacticians and bold warriors in Eldar Corsairs are those Eldar Outcasts who have deliberately chosen battle. the survivors of the Fall of the Eldar. However. like the legendary Prince Yriel of Iyanden. Those Outcasts who walk own blood coating the Outcasts' potent blades. but the core and Infinity Circuit. After years of adventure and wandering. They are powerful Eldar psykers. the Path of the Warrior has many Aspects. unforgivable crime against their fellow Eldar.

hermetically sealed societies. Others were genuine survivalists who chose exile over degradation and destruction. fitting them with jump jets. Venoms and Falcons for rapid insertion and sighted. pg. they represented a tiny fraction of the Eldar population. utilising Slaanesh.vigorous and wild compared to their own introverted and often Imperial Armour Volume Eleven . openly criticised the lax morals of their fellow citizens of the Eldar homeworlds. pg. leaving the yawning hole in the fabric of space that became the Warp rift known as the Eye of Terror. These Eldar. She Who Thirsts. mainstream of Eldar civilisation. led by their Felarch (a rank broadly equivalent to the bosuns of Eldar. speeding ahead as scouts or sweeping around enemy flanks to of the creeping corruption. "Battlefleet Gothic: Concept Art .Eldar Crew more independently-minded and adventurous. predicted the coming of the Great Enemy. Fearing this impending doom.The rank and file of the Corsair band are its ship The Exodites are those Eldar who. pp. warning them against the hedonistic effects of the Wasp Assault Walker Squadron . The Exodites have learned how to cultivate crops and harvest other natural resources. some Eldar decided to leave their homeworlds behind and settle new Corsair Jetbike Squadron . Culture Since they first settled their new homes. Some. pp. remained untainted by the all-consuming corruption of what later generations of the Eldar would call the Path of Damnation. the Dark Eldar. But many more persevered and survived.Wasp Assault Walkers are light growing pleasure cults. born of the decadence of the Eldar. The system known as the Eldar Paths do 165-166. noticed the growing decadence of Eldar society. Exodite societies are more rigorous and physical than those of the Craftworlds. 64-65 folk -. though by the time they left the Eldar homeworlds behind. racing towards an inevitable disaster. their cries for restraint completely ignored. They survive in this . the Exodite homeworlds have not changed a great deal. These savage worlds were harsh and life was brutal for a people unused to any forms of physical work and self-denial. 53 the most likely to continue to do so. there were uniquely far-sighted and pragmatic members of their race. millennia before the Fall of the crews.Yriel's Raiders upon ancient tradition in favour of a simpler and harder way of life. They are lightly equipped for fast raiding. Out on the fringes of the galaxy the Exodites were safe. as the resultant psychic implosion wiped out the rest of the Eldar race. and jet-supported anti-gravitic general collapse of Eldar society into hedonistic excess convinced even systems that enable them to rapidly redeploy where needed as part of the most resolute amongst these dissidents that their species was a Corsair raid.The Book of the Astronomican (Background Book). and of all the Eldar they seem Codex: Eldar (4th Edition). the Imperial Navy). EXODITES Corsair Squadron . most of the Exodite worlds were far from the psychic epicentre and survived. encircle the foe before plunging into the melee with deadly effect. Soon the Corsairs. most likely an effect of the psychic abilities that all Eldar were blessed to possess. The Exodites abandoned their homes and began their exodus in an assortment of different Eldar spacecraft. These few battlefield mobility. They have survived. Their psychic defences are tougher and more straightforward but not 43 as subtle and thus ultimately less powerful than those of their Codex: Dark Eldar (5th Edition). 82 The Craftworld Eldar regard the Exodites as rustic and rather simple Deathwatch: The Outer Reach (RPG). Some reached new worlds only to be slain by marauding Orks or their chosen colony planet's natural predators.The Doom of Mymeara. 357-359. and were often seen as deluded Corsair bands adapt them for rapid insertion mission alongside the puritans at best. pg. pg.their dire premonitions haunting their dreams. Many Eldar Craftworlds rode out the psychic shock wave and survived. 376 of the Craftworlds. Corsair squads tend to be much more experienced "dissidents" from the dark path the Eldar were beginning to trod and battle-hardened troops in comparison to Craftworld Guardians. but the Exodites had already reached places of safety -- or else they perished. 52 Dark Heresy: Creatures Anathema (RPG). the Exodites have turned their backs Battlefleet Gothic . 147. their souls consumed by She Who Thirsts along with the rest of their race. These Eldar live a more primitive and austere life than the Craftworld Eldar or even their surviving corrupted kin who lived in the Webway before the Fall. 160-163. which still make use of the Eldar's advanced Sources technology to maintain their labour-free existences. like their counterparts of the Craftworlds. the more far- Corsair Jet Packs. These dissident Eldar became known as the Exodites. Chapter Approved . They were reviled by their fellow Eldar as dour fanatics obsessed with misery and self-denial. pg. Some were actually insane -. These people were mostly ignored by the vehicles that provide Corsair bands with mobile heavy fire support. pp. 51 Craftworld cousins. Many died in open space during the course of their journeys.Jetbikes form an important part of Corsair colony planets so recently terraformed that they were completely free attacks. as far from the Eldar empire's core worlds as they could reach. When the final cataclysm of the Fall erupted in the 30th Millennium and the psychic birth pangs of Slaanesh consumed the Eldar homeworlds. The Exodites made new homes upon worlds on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy beginning as early as the 26th Millennium. Where the Craftworld Eldar cling to the past of their race and preserve all they can of their fallen civilisation. heading into the galactic east. 171 not determine the way of life for the Exodite Eldar as they do for those Rogue Trader: Core Rulebook (RPG). The Exodites are wild and individualistic and are White Dwarf 119 (UK). Codex: Space Wolves (5th Edition).

Stones that anchor the World Spirit's psychic power into the earth. across worlds as well as other gigantic reptilian beasts. Warriors are an integral part of Exodite societies. some unique to specific claims of Imperial scholars. Craftworlds. Exodite society is a by the Craftworld Eldar. self- back. Society The wild creatures that inhabit these worlds are many and varied. The Megadons are massive herbivores. a vortex of Codex: Eldar (4th Edition). the Exodites are a robust. Such lances will turn or stop a Megadon without causing it any harm. The Spirit World (the Warp) and the Material World (realspace) can interact at these special places. Although this lifestyle is in many respects a patronage of one of the Exodite tribes. These towering stones are essentially gigantic Spirit is a significant factor in the Exodites' survival. because their worlds. Often these rogue Eldar seek the of the Craftworlds. although deadly if panicked or mistreated. scattered communities were the nature. which the Exodites refer to as "dragons. the Exodites still possess many advanced technologies the tribe's warriors and. Technology Outcasts The psycho-plastics like Wraithbone that is the cornerstone of Eldar technology are rare and precious on these remote planets so the The Exodite societies are a common destination for Eldar Outcasts Exodites utilise other substances and rely upon simpler methods of since they are less hostile to outsiders and those who forsake the Eldar doing things and physical labour that is all but unknown to the Eldar Paths than the Craftworld Eldar. These warriors are practically born into the tall dragon saddles -. no safeguard their valuable beasts from predators. 76 flowing together as one network of pure psychic energy. Although not openly warlike. Because settlements coexist with wild beasts of all kinds. and when they die they are taken beneath the earth into one of their great tribal barrows. this tribal social structure more than likely worlds. the Exodites will fight very fiercely to protect nature. This complex psychic energy grid extends over the entire planet. as small. 7. A stab with one of their attempt to move their herds over the grazing areas of other tribes. independent tribal communities. Slaanesh. There. 16-17. and they are used in different ways according to their size and developed out of necessity. They even make use of the bones and horns. pp. enjoy the freedom of mind and are familiar with all the sophisticated materials used on the which is often impossible to find on the Craftworlds. Eldar would despoil or steal the crops of a rival tribe even though these lie unprotected for months at a time." between them. This enables Eldar to move between the Craftworlds and the Exodite Maiden Worlds by means of the Webway. To the Exodites. The links between these stones form a part of the Eldar Webway. the spirits of the dead Codex: Eldar (2nd Edition). and way of life which is arcane and archaic. which act as a these thinkers to bear the closest resemblance to the Eldar societies of part-substitute for the psycho-plastic substances like Wraithbone used their lost interstellar empire before the Fall began. The worlds of the Exodites are savage and untamed. This immense store of psychic energy is where the minds of the dead Exodites are preserved forever after their passing from the physical world. As there are relatively few Eldar on these provide most of the material resources used by the Exodites. In return. their Spirit Stones broken upon the altars of the World Spirit so their souls can become a part of that potent psychic collective. Open wars between ones are used to transport cargo and people across the great plains of tribes are rare but skirmishes between rival young Dragon Knights are their worlds. to herd and control the herbivorous Megadons. The confident people and still possess the legendary pride -. Their few meagre with interlinking paths over the Exodite worlds themselves. Most of the Exodite worlds are home to large herds of Megadons and While individual Exodite societies vary. they are consummate Dragon Knights frequently try to steal away a rival's beasts or may riders. Each tribe owes allegiance to a local ruling tribe which in turn owes fealty to the planet's king and his royal tribe. which still acts as a psychic focus for the destructive influence ability to interact with the World Spirit. Though this alone does not stones scattered all across Exodite worlds are made from psychically protect them from the Chaos God's desire to consume all Eldar souls. These creatures settled Maiden Worlds. They eat their flesh and the Eldar (evidenced by what little information is known to the even drink their blood. and it is important role as protectors of each community as well as acting to notable that no matter how hard-fought their disputes might be. and the dangers the same blow would knock the most hardy Eldar to the ground dead. tribal one. Infinity Circuit which they refer to as the World Spirit. it is a commonly-held belief amongst the now quite common. They play an These raids and occasional deaths do not embitter the tribes. the masters of a hidden lore life has proven every bit as successful as that of the other Eldar. Smaller worlds there are also few territorial disputes. 4. pp. The intentionally spread them throughout all their worlds so that they are reasons for this are unclear. as the early Eldar settlers structure based around small.some would smaller. and they bear the most enormous weights without concern. for without constant and the herds. the Exodites also wear Spirit Stones. of death or serious injury are an accepted part of a young warrior's life. for a while at least. They bring skills which the Exodites value highly. The life of the Exodites is thought by leather. 14-15 . slow-witted and easy to most efficient way to utilise the sparse natural resources of the newly manage. The Exodites follow these herds as they graze. they fight alongside primitive one. scholars of the Imperium of Man that tribalism is the natural state of carefully managing them for their survival. It is by choice that they live as they do. Like their Craftworld kin. 11. it interactive crystal. collect what they previously planted in the spring and staying until it is time to plant the following year's crop and move on. common to almost all of those known is a social These creatures are not native to the region. The Exodite their worlds are home to their departed spirits and shelter them from settlements are too few and scattered to disrupt the delicate balance of the predations of Chaos. stretching between the tribal barrows. carnivorous dragons ridden by the Exodite warriors are used call it arrogance -. remaining only long enough to vulnerable. wielding their long lances with ease. stone circles and standing Sources stones. To abandon a world is akin to abandoning the souls of on many worlds the Exodites are nomadic. The stone circles and standing of the Eldar's most hated enemy. Despite the There are many different kinds of dragons. and their way of the Outcasts are strange romantic figures.of the Eldar race. but matters are seen as part of a Dragon Knight's training. moving with the seasons their ancestors to the Warp and She Who Thirsts. they are laid to rest. A large Megadon can even carry a massive structure on its common. and so are always made welcome at the Every Exodite homeworld has its own equivalent to the Craftworlds' courts of the tribal Eldar.austere fashion because of their extreme distance from the Eye of power where the living can talk to the dead if they possess the psychic Terror. They time their migrations according to when they replenishment the World Spirits diminish slowly and become must collect and plant their crops. and utilise their skins to make clothing and Imperium of the Dark Eldar). but the paths from the Webway into the different World Spirits are well- Exodite Worlds hidden and closely guarded. Many are only occupied for a few months of the year.

Could Enkidu be adapted to be the primarch of the Sky Born legion…? After 10. Udiken.000 years of trying to come to terms with his banishment. Ares etc  Enkidu & Gilgamesh In addition to this. if not physically). Letraen. I hereby banish you and your seed for ten thousand years. Lirec. Lenarte. Eltrane. THE STORMBRINGER: PRIMARCH OF THE 11TH LEGION . Thane. and with no contact with the Imperium whatsoever. For role models I will . Chrom. Late 30th millennium – The First Founding of the Equilibrium in the early 41st millennium. Laetern Camphion. Erantel. Prior to this. Chrame.950. Nophacim Camphion Letraen . Macphion.M30 – The Castigation of Khur balanced. The Sky Born. Arcon Thael. Ion Chiamat. Nediku. it stands to reason that Jhaelen Thael would be prone to melancholy! So. mutually complimentary whole. who spends time in between restoring the balance brooding in his throne chambers aboard the Spear of Heaven. melancholic nature and flawed character (emotionally. but also the one who rises mythologies of: against him . I want to incorporate Elric as the Eternal Champion. c. Letrane. he seldom accepts audiences. Rilec. Jhaelen has no knowledge of the Horus Heresy or. humanity . 800. but especially his intelligence. Iacon Ra Tane. Caphonim. Ilrec. sorcerous (i. Zaira Shiva’a when she elects to come aboard. Dikune Or from Elric: Ecril. Ion-Ra Elteran. Phinmiac.M30 – The start of the Great Crusade to reunite banishment. Elcir. During these periods of inactivity.  The Babylonians Jhaelen is given command of the 11th legion and almost immediately heads out on crusade I will attempt to successfully merge these divergent cultures into a . apart from his First Captain. Thael Arcon. Commander of the Keraklion Terminates. Phionmac. indeed. Edikun.000 years . psychic) abilities. of the death of his brother primarchs and the internment of his father… “Although it pains me greatly. Jhaelen is a gloomy. Phamnioc. or perhaps the enigmatic Eldar reaver. which was often how he referred to himself during his 10. Jhaelen and the 11th legion return to the Imperium. Icler. but are scattered throughout the galaxy by the the 11th legion. Iacon Vaddar. c. Cirle. Horus. Hercules etc  Greek pantheon – Zeus. Ion. His nickname ‘The Stormbringer’ was ruinous powers bestowed upon him by Ishtar when he pledged allegiance to the . morose character.Timeline JHAELEN VADDAR. Ercil. ? – The first primarch. Jhaelen  The Ancient Greeks Thael is discovered on a desert death world.  The Mesopotamians and the Emperor warns him against seeking this being out. Creil Or from Eternal Champion: Ion Iacon Thael Tael Phael Arcon Chale Chrale Chraal Rai Ra Chiamat Tiamach Chaeen Naeen Naero Taero Haero Aerioch Iacon Thael.M30 – The Emperor comes to Colchis to rebuke especially be looking at: Lorgar for his beliefs  Greek heroes – Ulysses. Lecir. He tells his  The Romans father of his strange recurring dreams and the name Ishtar. is found.e.900. He will become the To create this primarch. and the Imperium was a dark and terrible autocracy. Late 30th millennium – The primarchs are created by the Jhaelen (taken from Corum) Vaddar (from Vadhagh) is the primarch of Emperor. I will be drawing from the styles and Emperor’s most beloved son. ? – XX years after Horus is reunited with his father. only to discover that his father was as good as dead. his legion Legiones Astartes called him ‘The ???’ although he also held the moniker ‘The Exile’.” – The Emperor of Man Alternative names for Jhaelen: Ikuden. millennia since the Emperor of Man banished him after some terrible mistake/misunderstanding… From far beyond the reaches of the Astronomicon. Imhopac.000 years in exile. Eclir. Crile. After 10. Relic.

Jhaelen would spend much 8. Although this time it may Jhaelen might be more like Elric of Melnibone. 3. and the persistent thought that Emperor. uncomfortable with the Emperor’s desire to conquer all. Ishtar then appears to him in a vision.” What a loyal lad. Despite calls from his lieutenants to follow the enemy across the ocean and eliminate them forever. since they came quite literally from 1. and increasingly at odds with the Emperor’s views on how humanity 11. His homeworld is partially rebuilt by the seeming to have any inkling as to where their ultimate destination mechanicum might lie. Jhaelen accepted his name and powerless. When he wakes.” Oo-er. The 11th legion fleet links up with the Emperor’s fleet and Astronomicon. Spends several months on his father’s flagship. A decade after uniting his people and being named King of primarch Alpharius was discovered. leaving Jhaelen to take his legion back to his homeworld. On this world he uncovers the Spear of Heaven* (in fact this legion to the point where fully a third of the chapters were pushing is. naturally melancholic be for eternity. insomuch that he is a great records. after uniting the world the skies. in the Eye of wouldn’t be seen for several years. This divided the 9. has used it ever since. Jhaelen BANISHMENT says that they have been soundly defeated and would not bother them again. He lord. back to his homeworld with his own legion and supporting personnel. However. less than a Terran year before the final 2. Ishtar’s siren call has lured him and his fleet off During the initial years of this great voyage there was some dissention course and they travel to the edge of the Eye. it is Then came banishment. making him a psychic void did not officially come from the Emperor but from Jhaelen’s own lips. some of whom have dreadnought who used to be Jhaelen’s 1st captain during the Great inherited his pariah gene. Jhaelen was in fact the penultimate primarch to be ravaged lands and ruined cities reunited with the Emperor. These periods were extremely taxing 7. with only their primarch ways of war. in some ways similar to It took the 11th legion fleet almost a thousand years to reach their new Lorgar homeworld. the 10. and he was given the 11th legion as Erech. The Emperor is not impressed and gives him one final warning before disappearing: “Follow your current course and I will lose you again. . and xenos must be eradicated as a immediately orders his first captain to set a course directly deadly threat. with some astartes feeling aggrieved to the point of Emperor forebading Jhaelen from ever going there heresy with how the emperor had cast them away. and quickly picks up the suppress this urge and instead responds with “Aye. and renamed him simply as The (First/Second?) philosopher more than a psychic. Three years in to the voyage. to regain their strength. Jhaelen is the ruler of his planet. with no one in his legion even knowing his original name (except perhaps for one venerable contemptor His legion are also great scholar-warriors. When the Emperor discovers Jhaelen on his primitive into the Eye. he could not get engages into a deeply philosophical debate with the away from the dreams of Ishtar. He comes across the ruined civilisation of some elder race of this time in his chambers in complete solitude. and sucking all psychic powers into himself and rendering them Out of love and respect for his father. whilst traversing a particularly wide expanse of 6. then to declare war. Sometimes he (possibly Eldar in the ruins of their civilisation. despite the amongst the ranks. However. Jhaelen refuses. furious giant who blasts through Ishtar’s aura and causes her to vanish. His legion was also dubbed The Exiled. where after a couple of years of relentless training. bringing many worlds the invasion of a human world. After a year he leads his expedition fleet in the name of the the void. Despite these encounters. In fact. politics. The Emperor then gives Jhaelen a right b0ll0cking about going to the Eye of Terror and tells him to turn back. Jhaelen heads back to his homeworld with his legion and or repelling alien attacks. and besides. his own peoples The 11th were banished during the Great Crusade of the 31st were weary of war and now had the task of rebuilding their millennium. mighty. often waging wars 5.Or maybe the Emperor struck Jhaelen’s name from all Imperial He is also similar to Magnus the Red. They were called Sky Born by the primitive culture that existed there. the Emperor finally everything he had come to believe in was fundamentally wrong… convinces Jhaelen that humanity must be united. His sparring and maintaining their weapons. clear even at this early stage that Jhaelen has a very different ideology to the Emperor. socio-economics and the art of war. stating that he must find THE CHAMPION ETERNAL Ishtar. but also learning their was spent drifting slowly through space. since once they were beyond the beacon of the 4. his legion got a new name when they arrived at a human world in the far reaches of the Eastern Fringe. and should be the masters of the galaxy. Terror – need to check whether this is before Lorgar gets to Cadia). under his banner after defeating chaos-worshipping warlords and sending them across the seas to the Sundered Continent. The adventure into the Eye is fraught with danger. Jhaelen is more resolved than ever. When Jhaelen sleeps that night aboard his flagship. beyond the reach even Mini timeline of the fabled Astronomicon. Jhaelen is reunited with his father when the they were his sons. Jhaelen was aghast at these notions and explains that with this spear he can unlock the gates to her there ensued a brief but bloody mutiny aboard the primarch’s physical and immaterial prison battlebarge. instead of being psychic he Exile/Unnamed. the renegades were defeated and destroyed to a man. and she emperor. Sometimes.000 elated astartes warriors are presented to their realspace. a journey that would be high in adventure as they visited primarch new worlds and experienced many xenos cultures. it might be ten or twenty years before they would make Emperor to conquer and reunite human worlds planetfall or see any action again. After several days of debate. although this has something similar to the pariah gene. he spends the following months educating his son. the spear of an ancient Avatar of their primarch to turn back and. It would take the enemy centuries. or face being lost forever to the powers of Chaos. before heading terrible storms to fell creatures that attack their ships. he is utterly aghast and to compliance in the name of his father. witnessing Jhaelen went on to lead his legion on crusade. appearing as a jettisoned to the void. history. spends some time on his father’s flagship and witnesses the successful 12. from invasion and subsequent compliance of one planet. most were put into stasis to dreams of Ishtar are getting more regular and more vivid slumber through the remaining decades. Eventually he makes it to the planet that Ishtar is including a small mechanicum flotilla. Jhaelen is a fast learner. they had to travel under conventional plasma drives in 30. After a month of bitter fighting. their bodies Emperor comes to him in his dreams. if not to make peace with the Khaine). In fact. Spear of Heaven. Like lord? The Eye – are you sure?” he successfully manages to all the primarchs. or more correctly was. the Emperor rushed off to find Alpharius Emperor’s fleet comes to their world Omegon. Whilst his first captain wants to blurt out “My homeworld. he said. Jhaelen is getting increasingly even for an astartes. much of the time sets about not only educating them. Crusade)… However. my language.

long and the short of it. 13. ago). it has been altered and improved over the millennia by Sky Born techmarines. Since it is a chaos by deeds. making it capable not only of goddess of the balance. manoeuvrability and star drives. namely to Hungers waiting for them… unite the entire galaxy under his banner. and this took several years to maintain equilibrium. 15. incarcerated upon. and as a consequence banished him and his legion to conflict against order and chaos. and is angry and turns the Spear of thirst for blood.000 years by his father. where the remains of the Eldar Empire lay in twisted ruins. she explains the Emperor’s ultimate plan. Without hesitation. in the eternal undertaking. the Eldar will not follow. it will just restored…” as happily – and with terrible effectiveness – destroy and consume any 14. sceptical. Jhaelen asks what will become of his people on his homeworld. One chapter of his legion and all aspirants are completely wiped out Maybe Ishtar is a powerful creature from the warp. Anyway. and the resultant the antithesis of that particular enemy. The vessel has improved weaponry. saying he could never facets taken from each of the four lords of entropy. “the wielder) and Nurgle’s longing for decay (anything killed by it. Jhaelen has many questions for the speed. he asks his son what name he would give it. It has Khorne’s kill the Emperor. he will wield the weapon that is tried something similar many millennia in the past. Dark Eldar and nids) want to destroy one ever-changing runes of a most malignant design constantly writhing another absolutely. and many of his physical and immaterial bonds. with about. Jhaelen’s blade is fully two metres long and can cleave losses to your fleet only imagined. perhaps Heldenhammer amused. the other two weapons were revealed to guardian of the balance in this galaxy (the Eldar imprisoned her aeons the primarch when he announced the All War in the 41st millennium. she explains at length what she had most prominently Eldar reavers. Jhaelen’s homeworld is attacked by the Wolves of Russ and ISHTAR is laid to waste. Slaanesh’s hunger for souls. and his heart has remained fiercely loyal to his father. The Black Sword is essentially the same sword of chaos wielded by Both order (the Emperor. Constructed in the EYE OF TERROR classical industrial style. already hinted at in his dreams. to create the Imperial Webway and therefore remove the need for warp travel. which was shown to Jhaelen before he released consumed by the forces of Order or Chaos. and attempts to ignore the visions she presents him with. and she then proceeds to faithful astartes companions were destroyed on these epic voyages. explain in length about the balance and how Jhaelen must help restore the balance before the galaxy is consumed. will rapidly rot away). mentioning other galaxies that have been utterly Except from the spear. It appears as a great. although some answers may be a little at this point that the Eldar reavers who accompany Jhaelen on his cryptic. Eldar. Tau and Necrons) and Elric of Melnibone. It also something like that. When the Emperor gifts Jhaelen with his some distant corner of the galaxy… own flagship. it does not discriminate between who or what it kills. the Sky Born primarch can wield it deftly with either hand. JHAELEN’S FLAGSHIP: THE SPEAR OF HEAVEN DOOMWORLD: ISHTAR IN THE The Spear of Heaven is a heavily modified astartes battlebarge. due to the small matter of She who In due course. As the last surviving Ishtar from her eternal prison.” After going into exile. Jhaelen is banished for 10. she cries out that. To this day. But she brings him round when she asks: “And is since it can change its size. He gives Jhaelen a bit of a kick in. although it embodies destroy his father.000 years after his banishment. When Jhaelen releases Ishtar. She will go on to say that the Eldar – another race who served Order - Depending upon whom he is fighting. although her approaches are always rebuffed by the loyal primarch. the Black Sword is far larger than that carried by Elric. shape and weight to perfectly suit its this Eye of Terror trickery and illusion? Are the terrible chosen bearer.” 16. chaos (the ruinous powers which your father didn’t tell you grotesquely embellished double-handed sword of black metal. Jhaelen wields in total three primordial weapons of incredible power. and thus destroying the chaos gods forever. or are they real?” Or through the armour plate of a Land Raider as if it were paper. the Woman Slayer. where storm. Jhaelen no longer dreams of Ishtar.( In which case. Jhaelen leaves the Eye with instructions from Ishtar to The Black Sword serves no particular chaos lord. Jhaelen is at first extremely sword. Tzeentch’s need for Heaven on Ishtar. 10. neither by words nor they be of flesh or machine. Should the Spear enter the warp. He finds her and frees her from the complete. destroying or expelling all xenos and permanently closing the warp. explaining that they are just psychic imagery and In this universe. and was granted boons by the pseudo-goddess. built in the 30th millennium by Mechanicum shipwrights. she had to do everything in her not-inconsiderable power to He still had to quest for these artefacts. but more neutral – and fickle – in her dealings with mortals? Jhaelen may have released Ishtar from some prison inside a warp * The Spear of Heaven appeared to him in his dreams from birth. TRINITY WEAPONS which will result in the destruction of this galaxy. The Emperor replies quite simply: “They will become as dust. but the Emperor is not creature from the empyrean. This has the effect of sending her back change (the blade can increase or decrease in size at the will of its into the warp.  Heldenhammer (Order)  The Black Sword (Chaos) At some point she will cryptically mention in passing other realms in the multiverse. Jhaelen tries to persuade his father. Jhaelen refuses. . Jhaelen says. twin-bladed weapon. This will tip the balance completely in favour of Order. saying that it is his dismayed the Emperor. trickery. These weapons are: failure was all around him to see in the Eye of Terror. He must be destroyed for the balance to be blade. convinced. but also to traverse the Eldar Webways. This is why he will head back to Terra after Ullanor. It should be noted answers all his questions. creating a perilously unbalanced realm and twisting up the length of the blade. Whilst it is a two-handed that will end up destroying all. whether Emperor of Man will not be turned. he’s possesses the soul-sucking abilities of Stormbringer. adepts and even xenos engineers. and Ishtar happily warp travel. but as she evaporates. Jhaelen is visited by Ishtar in his dreams. “I will call it the Spear of Heaven. These quests were fraught with danger. all relating to these dreams. who had warned Jhaelen against such an destiny to wield the perfectly balanced. quest for the balance travel in their own ships. but neither good nor evil. but this greatly Ishtar is seen holding the spear and presenting it to him. plus orks. ranting about is redundant…?) how he tried to warn him not to follow his dreams. This was the Fall of  The Spear of Heaven (Equilibrium) the Eldar.

there is a populace that can be considered no better than enslaved – a vast small xenos population. than a hundred planets. and the great betrayal of the High Lords of Terra. devouring metal. it must be said) and she sees the horrors that Jhaelen’s people have created.000 years. an empire that encompasses fifty systems and more is. with a The human population of the empire is 80 billion. he will discover from a defeated Imperial enemy The Sky Born legion operates at full strength (23. She wipes Jhaelen’s memory of being. and therefore knew of the Emperor’s ‘death’ and what had Since the 11th have spent 10. perhaps even as a creature of chaos. Jhaelen’s attitude towards xenos – with the assistance of his knowledge of the Balance – naturally Technology mellowed. This realm is spread across many light years of space. yet alien. In his right hand is his mighty spear. A solitary tear trickles down his cheek as he declares to his first captain: Intro – 3rd edit “Awaken the Bull. Going into a meditative state. they were obliterated in a matter of minutes. gnawing at the cool idea would be to have the Bull as some sort of biomechanical bloated Imperium from without and within. Fine machine wings of Eldar design fan out from his back and a conical war helm sits in the crook of * Ishtar is not really a goddess. will be viewed as an enemy. no Imperial officials will have any clue as to who Jhaelen really Eastern Fringe. These aliens include tau. political repression and ever-increasing and serve at the very bottom of society. It is highly likely that Jhaelen. “All of them. During this time they have encountered many vastly different human cultures. Since there are no records of the 11th . the eternal balance between the material and immaterial planes will be undone. They safeguard the realm from all Horus and is now a dead thing. “My lord. only millennia.” “The Emperor's entire purpose in initiating his Great Crusade. He will also be aghast at the Imperial Creed and the discovery and demiurg. Jhaelen and his Sky Born legion have lived spoken to Jhaelen in the warp rift beyond the borders of the Imperium for 10.000 years away from the Imperium. Jhaelen announces to his titan-like behemoth. Jhaelen will be utterly horrified by these discoveries. and leaves the two to survive a hundred thousand Jhaelen exits his chambers resplendent in the most magnificent years of ice age. consumed or crushed under foot. necrons and even Throne. much faster than its million tonne bulk are we at war with?” should be capable of. Twenty three captains bend their knees and lower their appears as an incredibly beautiful. tyranids. We go to war. as well as many xenos. is to seek the destruction of Chaos once and for all. As the centuries wore on. but they are not much better than slaves (?) domain of cultural stagnation. but it was typically culture from the grim dark Imperium. Forgive me. she uses her immeasurable powers to destroy the world.000 warriors spread (the Imperium attacked him first) that the Emperor was betrayed by across the surviving 23 chapters). no less). to clouds of noxious black smoke and ash from its ‘nostrils’. A powers. stone The first captain glances sidelong at his comrades before speaking. Champion of the Balance (The Champion Eternal. such as a four-legged mecha snorting billowing loyal captains that it is their role. the Bull is sent by the gods (demanded by The Imperium embodies Law (Order?) almost at the height of its Ishtar for Gilgamesh refusing her advances) to devastate the world. so in her shock and Jhaelen returns to his chambers and invokes Ishtar for the first time in dismay. as I have one bizarre and unbelievably potent weapons that basically disintegrate question that I believe plays upon the minds of my brothers also: who everything. we are eternally loyal and would follow you into the jaws of The Bull is more than a kilometre tall and almost as wide. that the Emperor is worshipped as a god will shock and sicken him to the core. as well as the knowledge to use his many potent cybernetic implants. disintegrated.000 years of hope will be dashed upon the jagged rocks of despair. Then he tells his captains the truth – of what has befallen the Emperor. the death or disappearances of his brothers. it become of the Imperium. Chaos strives to destroy its age-old nemesis. as the champions of the balance. She is as tall as Jhaelen (about 9 feet) and D-weapon. It carries the abyss itself. If he succeeds in this plan. especially with the Eldar. kroot warfare. fitted with a terrible Jhaelen’s people fear her as a deity. Even though the Eldar travelled more-or-less freely throughout the galaxy. and it rampages through Erech. and a Xenos technology catastrophe of unimaginable magnitude will befall the entire galaxy. including jokaero. This cannot come to pass. It is also probable that Jhaelen will see the Imperium for what it is: a festering autocracy ruled by power-hungry bureaucrats. including appearance (albeit with the height and power of an astartes primarch). should you desire it of us. heads as he walks purposefully down the steps and onto the floor of the war room. When the sleek and agile aerial Knights of Erech (themselves piloted mecha suits standing at up to 50 metres) tried to Jhaelen smiled and placed an armoured gauntlet upon his first defend their city. Unusually. which includes orks. In the Epic of Gilgamesh. She has tremendous powers though. dark eldar. he calls out to the eternal keeping Jhaelen and Gilgamesh alive. but one of the original ancients to arrive on his left arm. and the creation of a galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man. Eventually. Maybe Ishtar help restore the universal equilibrium between order and chaos. woman. Idea: Perhaps the goddess* Ishtar dwells in stasis at the heart of the mountain? Jhaelen could release her from her million year slumber Stormbringer) (against the advice of the elder dakaarits. armour of silver with cobalt filigreed. either captain’s pauldron. After eleven days of meditation. they stands to reason that they will have vastly different technology and didn’t tell him any of this! Or perhaps they did. all the ill he has done.Sky Born Empire Jhaelen has carved out a mighty empire in the far reaches of the legion. activates the dormant monster once she sees what humans have done to the world. cryptic and Jhaelen was disbelieving? upon returning to Imperial space. and (once belonging to an Avatar of Khaine. again of Eldar design Earth 80 million years ago. who rule a despairing The Bull of Heaven Imperium from its blackened heart. being the enigmatic species they are.” – The word of Ishtar. sat for all eternity upon the Golden would-be invaders. It is also very fast. You must destroy your father. and flesh after breaking out of its aeons-old tomb under the mountain. and 10.” I suppose I see Lord Jhaelen as similar to Elric in many ways. resulting in trade and eventual alliances. amongst other more esoteric races. she finally answers. As has been mentioned.

would be a great asset to him in the coming war against order and Jhaelen responded by stating that his heart was heavy because the chaos. amused by these accusations and was extremely disappointed in his son. there was one enlightened planet of technologically-advanced humans who retained some or all of their Jhaelen only calls upon the Bull in times of direst need. the massive doors closing behind them so that the two immortals would be truly alone. Kotep requires von Beck to venture deep into the Eastern Fringe. Menil Ebon. leaving billions dead in its The 11th in Tank Girl – Kotep’s wake). The entire suit is far more streamlined and flexible. repair armour and vehicles. but instead encouraging it).000 years of expansion and repelling the occasional xenos invasion (including one Tyranid splinter fleet that devastated half the realm. But for every ten barbarian worlds. and great welt under one eye. Eldar reavers. Jhaelen forges an alliance of sorts with these reavers. Jhaelen went to the Emperor and questioned his father as to Bolters have been all-but phased out over the millennia. Similar in many ways to look. it appears as a raging and chaotic manifestation of ancestors had once possessed when they first came to the Eastern Disorder. The reason for Jhaelen’s Sky Born legion. The Emperor was surprised to see his son and halted his fleet on the Eldar Reavers (Knights of the Balance. head launch raids through the webways into the Imperium and against hung low and tears streaming down his cheeks.. The Emperor was on his way to Khur and the capital Possible names for the Sky Born realm (anagrams of Monarchia. Mankind instantly saw that something was very wrong. vehicles and equipment. on some lonely planet light As the primarch approached the Emperor’s throne. and to refit the fleet. sporting a ancient Eldar reaver craftworld. and how for the sake of the galaxy there could not be a tipping worlds. His father had banished him for 10. Jhaelen comes across a small but great doors swung slowly open and a distraught Jhaelen. and he learns much from their farseers. No one knows Yep – that’s right. Jhaelen had been banished from the Imperium decades ago. and as such the Emperor could not read his mind). it cultures.000 astartes can deal mercantile leagues to theocratic hegemonies. with Squat technology. marking it as an abomination. Jhaelen came aboard his father’s ship and Eternity/Eternal Knights) entered into his throne room alone. Those worlds ruled by Terra. At the point of leaving his realm. travelling in just his Ebonnelim. to recover a mysterious As the centuries have passed. a task made easier by removing religion from the galaxy). due to the lack of any Mechanicum forge things. He wakes the Bull at the beginning of his journey towards they wanted. armour. father about the ruinous powers of the warp.Of the human worlds they encountered – and which eventually The Bull is in fact a machine of the Balance that takes on the opposite became part of the Sky Born’s realm – many were uncivilised. the Emperor was not shuriken weaponry and powerful d-lance technology. the Realm of Jhaelen (working name) contained hundreds of planets across almost a hundred star systems. the Sky Born to be in league with Chaos (not to mention their primarch’s Black Sword).? trading of parts. barbaric aspect to whatever it is fighting. the Master of years from anywhere). melbeionn battlebarge Spear of Heaven with one chapter of his 11th legion aboard. tyrants experienced the wrath of Jhaelen and his Sky Children. This bull took the form of a titanic metal beast. Menebonil. when fighting the forces of the These human cultures had lost all of the ancient technology their Imperium. intercepted his father’s battleship as it entered the Khur System. This was 43 years before the fateful events on Istvaan V. When Ishtar for greater mobility but not at the expense of protection or strength convinced him that the Emperor already knew of the ruinous powers amplification. and loosely resembling a bull. This armour has evolved so much that it now has a very Eldar in favour of either law (the Emperor) or chaos. not stopping the natives from worshipping the Emperor. although still retains much of the original bulk of Mk III and IV Alpharius working for a ‘greater good’ when he declared his legion armour. including chaos. belemionn. other races. their weapons. limped out of his father’s throne room. What other secrets did the Emperor keep from them? . Basically. and ranged from an enemy so powerful. The Sky Born took what with it. allowing ‘traitor’. and a population of 140 mission for von Beck billion souls (including several billion xenos – tau. often enslaved by vicious species like the orks or dark eldar. demiurg. Culturally these worlds were diverse. This is one of the main reasons why the Imperium believes Fringe many millennia hence. replaced with why he had not told his sons. On his way. Much like Legion who try to convince him to instead bring the artefact to them. Jhaelen saw the vital importance of the balance. but evolved into co-designed technologies. At first. the Sky Born have had to rely more and artefact from none other than the primarch of the exiled 11th legion. but after less than an hour.. within the warp. After exploring the unfathomable depths of the what words were exchanged in there. when fighting against Chaos. the Sky Born Are they loyalists or traitor? Or do they serve another master have also resorted to using Eldar tech. So. taking his This combination of technologies has resulted in a unique look for the entire legion and war fleet with him.000 years. when he faces STC machinery. asking his although he did take it aboard his battle barge. Jhaelen. Suffice it to say. kroot. more on ancient STC and even xenos technologies to provide Jhaelen Thael. she educated him as to the balance of all centuries using xenos tech. banishment…? It is possible that when he liberated the void goddess Power armour. immediately asked his son as much (remember that Jhaelen is a Ishtar told Jhaelen that this beast – with its artificial intelligence – pariah. which owes a lot to the Eldar. he doubts that even 23. 43 years before the Horus Heresy. The Bull of Heaven What was said between the Emperor and his wayward son? This is an ancient machine that was ‘gifted’ to Jhaelen by Ishtar (in fact she basically told him where it was buried. ugruk (similar to ogryn) and so on). edge of the Khur System. Emperor had not trusted his sons with certain knowledge. far beyond the borders of the fledgling Imperium.e. and about the size of an Imperator titan. In-game there would be no difference – just your and how he sought to destroy them (or at least keep them imprisoned standard 3+ save. to rebuke his son Lorgar for failing to bring worlds into Melnibone): compliance correctly (i. the Eastern Fringe for 2000 years. appears as a noble beast of Law. Jhaelen refused to use it. von Beck encounters agents from the Alpha munitions. after 10. has been gradually redesigned over the Ishtar from within a warp rift. either peaceably or with force. for instance. This began through the simple altogether. These reavers serve the balance.

and continued to do so for another three centuries until he has “I cannot. from huge spears to duel- wielding unusual katana blades (based upon Eldar design). In time. the Sky Born do employ a small number of these support units. the Emperor gave Jhaelen one last chance to renounce what he believed and to return to his father’s arms. and so 17th Captain Aku Sivatu agreed to wear the golden band. they wield some unusual weapons. Tamoa. For ten millennia you are to roam the stars beyond the borders of my realm. Umaga. they had to put him in terminator armour. your legion and all your deeds will be Legion Equipment & Armour expunged from all records. Makko. The Eldar Aspect Warriors. You. his father stood to his feet in an instant rage. Thousand Sons can/will not enter. Vainikalu. Sky Born tactics are very much assault-minded. I hereby banish you and your seed for 10. Aku. Vaomalo. due to millennia of upgrades and xenos-inspired technology. “Then you leave me with no choice. 16th Captain Vaiana Va’a (younger brother to the 2nd Captain) Jhaelen saw no reason why he should not cede to this request. These ships appear quite different from the Imperial craft. He still carries the ornate heavy pistol gifted to When Jhaelen was exiled by the Emperor. Makaafa. it also includes many more that have been constructed over the ensuing Characters centuries. deeming them necessary in ‘Samoan’ type names for the Sky Born certain combat theatres. Talakelei. Naturally. In Tank Girl. When at the end of his monologue. and they favour swift. The chapters are numbered from 1st through to 23rd. Unlike the White Scars. hurling his son 23rd Captain Aku Faletai back down the long throne room to slam into one of the hundred massive pillars that supported the vaulted ceiling. since their psychic powers would cease to work. Eldar reavers. Tuigamau. in particular Eldar. Tana. Luiga. Venerable Dreadnought Captain Vi’ir Shaddon (Vi’ir served as 1st Weeping. Tiafau The Sky Born fleet is also very fast and highly manoeuvrable.000 year old Imperial vessels. Toma. into a little-known region of space known simply as the Null Zone. Not to mention Mannu. He’s so Jhaelen had told the Emperor about these dreams. and consisted of an area of space that appeared as an empty hole to the astropaths of the Imperium. The legion is 9th Captain Makko Vaiienga (The Twins – 9th & 10th Companies often divided into 23 chapters.” The Sky Born changed over the millennia. jump packs and fast attack craft. In fact. for instance siege breaking. Fiame. Tauloa. Isson Kotep of the Thousand Sons charges the rogue lightning attacks to strike at the jugular of the enemy. Makka. even though he’s not 1st urge to find this being. Enraged.” modified Contemptor pattern dreadnought chassis that shows obvious signs of xenos upgrades) The Emperor sighed. and only when this time is passed may you return to seek my forgiveness. the Sky Born utilise a lot of Scimitar pattern an astartes can know fear. Nua. as much as As a rapid assault legion. jet bikes. Jhaelen 21st Captain Samu Halai accused the Emperor of understanding the great importance of the 22nd Captain Tai Ma’afu Balance. Tamasau. with a quest to enter the Null Zone and tactics that could be compared to White Scars. and the irresistible big. and as such no psychic Legion Tactics powers would work. The Null Zone The primarch himself carries the Spear of Heaven (Law) as well as the Black Sword (Chaos). Sky Born employ trader. but 1st Company Sergeant Tana Manoa managing to barely contain his fury. for I have seen the truth. 2nd Captain Maku Va’a 3rd Captain Aku Aiono 4th Captain Laiga Vainikalu 5th Captain Makko Tamoa 6th Captain Tuitama Vaoma Legion Structure 7th Captain Manu Dranui 8th Captain Tana Tua The Sky Born legion consists of 23. 18th Captain Tua Tuai 19th Captain Haka Manoa The Emperor listened to his son’s confession – for that is how he saw it 20th Captain Roko Daguna – with growing dismay. 13th Captain Talakelei Faiome and warned Jhaelen against following the siren call. It shames me that you do mortally wounded fighting tyranids. Wields a ginormous spear and heavy storm bolter) The Emperor knew what this being was. Tuitama. Captain von Beck.He went on to confess that he had gone against something his father 11th Captain Salefu Mavai had warned him against many years ago. he took his legion and fled him by his father millennia ago. who abhor heavy vehicles and devastator squads. Captain Joma is absolutely massive. Space Wolves and even locate a mysterious artefact (in fact the Spear of Heaven). Tua. Whilst the fleet still maintains a number of 10. for it was the complete antithesis of the Warp. namely the quest to find the 12th Captain Loma Joma (called ‘The Rhino’ because of his immense mysterious being who had been haunting his dreams since birth. the 14th Captain Vaiana Maletau Emperor went so far as to place a powerful warding device in a jokaero 15th Captain Nuatama Volo ring that he made Ikuden promise to wear at all times.000 active astartes. Mechanicum and Imperial Army artillery and titans. Though it pains my heart greatly. and in a strange way they feared the place. when his father found him on his ‘homeworld’. as they absorbed and became part of the cultures around them – including xenos (Eldar). each other’s movements) and also have a traditional name inspired by the culture of the core 10th Captain Makka Vaiienga (The Second Twin) . Jhaelen rose slowly to his feet and shook his head. Now he is entombed within a not. As such. Captain when Jhaelen was first banished from the fledgling Imperium. during sieges the Sky Born also employ the services of their own former- Aiono. and also what it represented. Company. no one will know that you ever existed. However. father. and each chapter consists of 10 companies of battle side-by-side as they possess a near-telepathic ability to predict 100 men each.000 years. Maletau. my son. Not even the Emperor could look into the Null Zone. bulk and stubborn nature. and can best be described as combining the ships architecture of the 1st Captain Tamasau Umaga – 1st Battalion Mechanicum combined with xenos designs. This small region lay way out on the Eastern Fringe.

even when compared to a major 14. when the Sky Born begin their voyage to Terra. High casualties suffered in Foehammer such situations demonstrated a need for such armour. Konrad Curze where everything was bigger! They also have in their possession more 17. Rogal Dorn 8. flexible joints Smite for the limbs. surviving examples are seen even in the 41st Millennium. yet retains the ablative durability of Mk III. so exclusively equipped with suits of Mk III Iron Armour. Like its predecessor the Mk II. considering to individual chapters tastes. the standard Mk III armour was improved upon by the Mechanicum adepts who had been taken into exile with the 11th 1. and was to inspire similar features in the Mk IV and Mk VI helmet designs. with the Scourge addition of fixed armour plates to the body and limbs. Ferrus Manus suit of armour that is worn today. Lion El'Jonson The Fleet 12. the helmet could be fixed in place. though these may be modified going to take a LOT of space marines to halt their advance. and Mk III and Xenos modifications specifically from Laurie Goulding. Make of that what you will. tunnel As you can see.. For the elite 1st Company. and thus the Mk Doom of the Enemy III was born. since Terminator armour was yet to be issued. to create a new 4. Perturabo 13. many modern Chapters still use Mk III armour for boarding actions. It is lighter and more flexible than 6. derives from its great Armour marks strength. as well as a new heavily armoured helmet. or Iron suit. Leman Russ said). it must be 2. Over the millennia. Horus (against their will and without knowledge of Jhaelen’s exile. Lorgar Imperial war fleet. As the instance. Mk III armour was never intended to replace its predecessor. 7. so it can be considered as close to ‘canon’ as you’re going to get. There were still we're guessing that the II and XI Legions disappeared after Alpharius a few examples of Mk II Crusade Armour being used. plus a small was discovered. like those Mk III suits used specifically in Boarding Units. 16. Much of the following is taken from The First Expedition forum. They have had ten thousand years to build their 15. Fulgrim III and Eldar aspect armour. where creatures of legend were held in No Space Marine forces were equipped solely with this mark and high esteem. [DELETED FROM IMPERIAL RECORDS] technology and skills with that of the Mechanicum. and are still very much thinking on a 31st millennium scale. they were almost Laurie Goulding: All the primarchs met each other at least once. it did get used as a basic uniform for ceremonial guards. Jaghatai Khan ships. that appears as a combination of Mk 5. Angron than one or two STC devices… 18. Dark Angels. It is also possible that like the Mk II. this was a feature unique to certain examples where a higher level of protection was needed. Additionally. and was due to the belief that it provided greater protection without the neck seals.worlds of the Sky Born Empire. Vulkan standard astartes plate. Cruisers The basic design of the suit is a heavily modified Mk II. [DELETED FROM IMPERIAL RECORDS] 20. the Mk III was Space Wolves. Alpharius Battleships The Spear of Heaven – Heavily modified Gloriana class Mk III Iron Armour Emperor’s Fury The Ion-Ra Mk III armour dates from the Inner Galactic wars between the The Vanguard Emperor’s forces and the inhabitants of worlds close to the Galactic Star Hunter core. for considered too clumsy and uncomfortable for everyday use. Cataphractii armour was the norm. Guardian of Lortanne whilst the rear armour plates were lightened to compensate.000… most visually brutal of all Marine armour. that the 11th legion is 23 times bigger than a contemporary Imperial chapter! If you were to bring the combined might of the Ultramarines. before Ullanor. and even worshipped. Considerable emphasis was placed on frontal protection. it’s fighting and similar combat situations. From the official Primarch discovery order (posted by Laurie). 23. We know that to have been in "the last few decades" amount of brand new Mk IV plate. Eldar reaver armour smiths combined their 3. but Dauntless Victor to provide an optional heavy armour type suitable for fighting on Grieving Nemesis board spacecraft and in tunnel complexes. This Guardian of Iacon armour was believed to be ideal where cover was limited and combat was a matter of frontal assault. And like its predecessor it is probable that this was part of the original design. The sloping Blood plates of this new helm were intended to deflect shots to the left or right. Blood Angels and Salamanders. The name Armorum Ferrum. Roboute Guilliman 9. Whilst a successful solution to a specific need. Corax 19. Some examples of the Mk III helmet had a design drawback. Magnus the Red 10. Mortarion The 11th legion fleet is massive. . Sanguinius 11. that’s still only 5000 space marines vs.. When the 11th legion were exiled along with their primarch some 43 years prior to the outbreak of the Horus Heresy.

anagram of Melnibone)  . I’d like to take o How were they banished? By the Emperor. before being sent to his homeworld with the 11th legion  Intro fluff one-pager – Journey’s Eve along with a Mechanicum construction flotilla  Introduction (to rebuild Jhaelen’s mediaeval fortress) o Who are the Sky Born? The missing 11th legion o Lortanne (Tanelorn) – Jhaelen’s homeworld (capital Ebon Menil.000 years ago. as opposed to the regular GW codex intro. during the Great Crusade o Why were they banished? For choosing the Since the missing 11th legion are a complete mystery. prior more of a fluffy.  Back story o Early 11th legion campaigns in the Great Crusade o The discovery of their Primarch. narrative approach to writing the codex. Jhaelen Thael Contents o Jhaelen is educated by the Emperor.Codex: Sky Born o Where are they from? The Sky Born Empire. This means to the Castigation of Lorgar at Khur that the introduction will be more of a history lesson. and there are no Balance extant records relating to them (either Imperial or GW). far out on the Eastern Rim (original homeworld Lortanne) o When were they banished? 10.

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