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Character Profile

Category #1: The Basics

Name: Teagan Evelyn O’Connor

Sex: Female

Gender: Feminine, but not majorly girly both fashion and interests/hobbies wise. A little bit
of a tomboy in a sense that she doesn’t tend to ever wear make-up but she isn’t afraid to
rock a skirt and pretty blouse now and again when she wants to.

Age: 18

Birthday: 23rd November 1998.

Star Sign: Sagittarius.

Race, Ethnicity, Culture: White, British with Irish heritage (Both her parents are Irish but
she was born and raised in England).

Height: 5′7″

Body Type: Used to be very small in build and very skinny and thin. Over the years
Teagan has developed a more well-built body type so she now has a bit of muscle and has
a strong but not necessarily athletic body type.

Celebrity look-A-Like: AnnaSophia Robb

Appearance: She has kind of frizzy/curly blonde hair (blonde is her natural hair colour),
kind of like this:
Eyes are green with hints of hazel around the pupil. She inherited her Dad’s eyes and her
Mum’s hair.
Teagan’s skin is very pale. Not dull, just pale to go with her heritage’s stereotypes.
Slightly round nose, rather thin.
Middle of the road size lips, her bottom lip is bigger than her top lip. She has a subtle but
pleasant smile and her teeth are white.
Teagan has a small tattoo (in all black ink) on the inside of her left forearm of a book, quill
and an inkwell. This tattoo is secret from her parents as she got it when underage without
their consent. Reagan also has her ears pierced (two piercings in each ear lobe). She
intends to get more tattoos and specifically would like to have a Shakespeare quote tattoo
as she is such a fan of his work. She also intends to get a ring piercing in the right side of
her nose but hasn’t due to her parents stance against towards any obscure body

Fashion: Teagan tends to dress rather ’normally’. She likes jeans and boots and sneakers
as well as beanies and sweatpants. She does put an effort into her appearance when she
goes out but it rather relaxed about the whole fashion thing. She just wears whatever is
most comfortable.
Here is a mood board of her usual looks:
Where is she from? Where does she live? Born and raised in Keswick to Irish
(specifically Dublin) parents. Lives in Keswick and attends Lakeside College (fictional
establishment) in rural Cumbria.

Category #2: Relationships:

Family: Lives with both her biological Mum (Aoife) and Dad (Sean). She also lives with her
Corgi, Charlie. She is very close with Charlie.

Mum Aoife O’Connor (formerly Aoife Murphy) and Dad Sean O’Connor both work in their
family business, located in Keswick. They run a cafe and Aoife runs an Etsy shop selling
kid’s costumes on the side.
Charlie the Corgi is 2 years old and a very energetic dog. He follows Teagan everywhere
he can and if he doesn’t listen to her parents when they command him to do something, he
will listen to Teagan. Charlie and Teagan are very close. They’re best friends.

Teagan’s parents met in Dublin, Ireland in school when they were teenagers. They were
high school sweethearts and have been together ever since. They moved to Keswick after
they got married, five years before Teagan was born.

Teagan has a good relationship with both her parents. However, she is more like her Dad
personality wise. They have the same sense of humour and share similar interests.
However Teagan still has a good relationship with her Mum despite them not sharing as
many interests and having different senses of humour.
Teagan and her Mum do possess a lot of the same morals and traits.. They are both
stubborn but kind and they are both very protective of those they love.

Friends: Teagan has a small but tight knit friendship group. Her friendship group consists
of: herself, Natalie, Becca, Danny and Nathan.

Teagan has known Danny the longest. She and Danny’s parents became friends after she
and her family first moved to Keswick, next door to Danny’s parents. Their parents’
friendship lead onto Teagan and Danny being friends.

Teagan met Becca and Nathan during primary school. Teagan, Becca, Nathan and Danny
all went to the same primary and secondary school. Teagan was assigned to be Natalie’s
‘buddy’ or ‘peer mentor’ when Natalie moved to the school in their second year. The entire
friendship group then went onto go to the same college.

Teagan is the closest to Natalie and Danny in the group. She isn’t as close with Becca
however despite them being alike in their morals and some of their personality traits. It is
due to the fact that they are so much alike that they are not as close as others in the
group. This could be due to them sometimes clashing. However in the end of the book, it
turns out that Becca has also been in an abusive relationship and nobody knows about it

Category #3: The Sexy Stuff:

Sexual Orientation: Tends to not label herself but calls herself straight. However she is
open to anything happening.
What is she attracted to? Teagan tends to be attracted to dark hair and dark eyes. She
doesn’t favour femininity or masculinity. She likes a sense of humour as humour is what
gets her through the day. She likes creative people but she would like someone with an
open but logical mind. She would like someone with common sense and someone who
shares her morals but is a bit different to her. She doesn’t mind if her partner doesn’t share
many of her interests. A sense on humour and good morals are her main priority.

Sexual Experience: Late bloomer. Teagan is still a virgin despite having been in one
‘serious’ relationship before. Things almost reached the stage of having sex but didn’t.

Romantic Experience: One relationship in the past with a boy. Things ended when
Teagan found out her partner was cheating on her. However, she was also thinking of
ending it before this discovery it because of her own personal problems (her family
suffered a terrible death and Teagan’s mental health began to deteriorate due to this) but
the discovery of her partner cheating was what solidified her decision to end the
Teagan tends to focus more on the fictional worlds she is trying to create rather than
having any sort of relationship, at least at the moment. She has far too much on her mind
(what she will do after college, etc.) to focus on looking for a relationship. She is also
rather comfortable with having just her friends at the moment.
Teagan also has a tendency to push people away if she sees potential for a romantic
relationship now due to how her first one ended.

Category #4: Skills:

Skills: Skilled at writing and anything to do with words. Teagan is also good at
photography. Teagan is moderately smart academically but the main part of her
intelligence is made up of common sense and knowledge of the world instead of
academics. Her best friend Danny helps her a lot when it comes to getting feedback on her
writing due to his large vocabulary. Despite the fact that Teagan is good with word, she still
likes to have someone look over her work before distributing it in any way.

Occupation/Schooling: She as been through school, is currently in final year of (FE)
college (UK), studying Creative Writing, English Language and English Literature. Teagan
also has a part time job helping her Dad in their family cafe and sometimes helps her Mum
with her Etsy shop. Teagan always hated school and has always just wanted to leave.
However, she still works her butt off as she works hard at everything she does and wants
to do her best and make her parents proud of her. Teagan is unsure of whether or not she
wants to go to university. However, she is applying anyway as she doesn’t know what else
to do. She plans on going to Arts University Bournemouth to study Creative Writing.
However, in the book, Teagan doesn’t get into university as her grade wasn’t high enough
(this is a major plot point). She is very sad about this and this feeds into her self doubt and
mental health issues and it doesn’t help when her ex shows up trying to get back with her.
Teagan considers getting back with him and does but he is still abusive.

Hobbies: Writing (in all formats: articles, novels, essays, diary entries, etc.), reading
(mainly fiction but she enjoys reading autobiographies of people she’s interested in and
loves to read film theory books. Teagan also enjoys photography as a hobby. She is good
at it but doesn’t intend to make a living from it (at least not as her main job). She also
writes for the college newspaper occasionally with reviews of things like films, books and
various other areas of pop culture.

Category #5: Personality & Character:

Introvert or extrovert? A mix of both. She is loud and outgoing when she is in an
environment she feels comfortable in. For example, college or networking events.
However, she is more introverted at big social events like parties. It all depends on how
she is feeling mentally and her environment and who is with her (e.g. she is more likely to
be confident own an uncomfortable environment if her friends are with her).

Right-brained or left-brained? A bit left-brained but predominantly right-brained. She is a
very creative and deep thinker. She sometimes overthinks things, which leads to her
anxiety making an appearance. However, she can also think logically when she needs to
and has a lot of common sense.

Strengths: Despite suffering from anxiety and other mental health issues such as
disassociation, Teagan isn’t scared to question conventional methods and societies
norms. She is very stubborn and headstrong and has a wicked (but crude) sense of
humour. Most of her conversations tends to be her insulting whoever she is conversing
with but in a joking and playful manner. She is loyal to her parents and friends. She is a
very hard worker.

Weaknesses: Despite the fact she means no harm, Teagan can come across uncaring
and a bit mean sometimes as she can be very full on and forceful when it comes to getting
her point across. She can sometimes have a short temper if she is under stress/pressure
which is not a great thing if she is meeting new people. She tends to always open a
conversation with a witty and banter-like joke even if she is meeting someone new and
even if that someone is a professional at a networking event (she attends these with her
parents for their business to help them promote it and she also attends them with her Mum
when she is promoting her Etsy business to potential corporate customers). This is her
one professional fault. Due to her sense of humour, Teagan tends to use it all the time as it
is such a big part of her personality. She needs to work on this when in professional
situations. Reagan also tends to push away her friends if she is under stress or her mental
health is acting up. She has trouble maintaining romantic relationships due to her trust
issues (her trust issues surfaced after suffering isolation throughout her younger years
from her peers but also from her one ‘serious’ relationship, which she ended because of
her partner cheating on her. In the book Teagan’s mental health starts to deteriorate again
once she

Goals, dreams, aspirations: Teagan aspires to become a bestselling author. This is her
career/professional aspiration. However she also dreams of relocating to NYC (New York
City) and living there at least for her working life and publishing her work over there,
preferably with Round Table Publishers (Fictional publishing company). She also hopes
that one day her books will be adapted into films and she will be involved in that process.
She would also like to provide for her parents financially as their family business is just
getting by and her parents have to work all the time to provide for the family.

Beliefs, affiliations: Teagan is open to there being some sort of higher power. However
she identifies as agnostic as she has a logical mindset when it comes to faith. She is very
cynical in the fact that she needs solid proof before she believes anything. This sometimes
causes her to get into debates with Natalie (who is a devout Christian) but they always
make-up if harsh words are exchanged.

Beliefs outside of religion: Teagan believes in questioning pretty much anything before
accepting it as fact/truth. She is very stubborn and cynical. She still has a strong sense of
right and wrong despite the fact she may not always do the ‘right’ thing. She will always try
to do what she deems to be right and doesn’t tend to approach anything with harsh

Fears: Teagan doesn’t fear much in the world of the supernatural. She isn’t afraid of
spiders, the dark or any of the so called ‘common’ fears. Teagan’s biggest fear is failure.
She is scared of letting herself and others down. She is also terrified of hurting the people
she loves as she is very aware of her flaws (her stubbornness and her tendency to act

Insecurities: Teagan tends to be the most insecure about her work, whether that’s her
writing or photography. She tends to be insecure about her body sometimes as she went
through a period of eating problems. She doesn’t let on to anyone that she is insecure.
However, her friends tend to notice when she is feeling this way as they know what to look
for: she isn’t smiling from her eyes, she smiles and then turns away, etc.

Teagan tends to underestimate herself within her work. She doesn’t think what she
produces is good enough and is quite the perfectionist when it comes to her work, hence
why she always feels crippling anxiety every time she goes to hand in a writing

What would she die for? Her parents, her friends, her dog.

Category #6: The Extra Stuff:

Favourite Book(s): War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Favourite Author(s): Gillian Flynn, Leo Tolstoy, J.M. Barrie.

Favourite Film(s): Whiplash

Favourite TV Show(s): Game of Thrones, Westworld, Vikings, MR Robot, Lucifer.

Favourite Musical Artist/Band(s): Bastille, The Wombats, Gavin James, Foy Vance.

A Song That Describes Them Or Their Story: Imperfect Me by Boyce Avenue