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Character Profile

Category #1: The Basics

Name: Natalie Mary Jones

Sex: Female

Gender: Feminine, very girly. Is a stereotypical ‘girly girl’.

Age: 18

Birthday: 8th November 1998.

Star Sign: Scorpio

Race, Ethnicity, Culture: White, British. Both parents are from Berkshire.

Height: 5′10

Body Type: Very slim. Rather tall. Healthy weight but still slim.

Celebrity Look-A-Like: Tiffany Alvord

Appearance: Mid-length brown wavy hair. Her hair reaches her ribs.
Eyes are grey/blue (the same as her Mum).
Natalie is not pale but not tanned either. She has a middle of the road skin tone. However,
she also has lots of freckles on her face, especially across her nose.
she has a small mouth, it is naturally pouty.
Natalie doesn’t have any kind of body modifications apart form one piercing in each
earlobe for earrings. She wears glasses to see sometimes but normally wears contacts.

Fashion: Natalie is a very feminine girl and she shows this through her clothing. She
prefers skirts and dresses to trousers or jeans but will wear jeans sometimes. She tries to
dress up and make an effort with her clothing, hair and make-up all the time. She does this
because she genuinely enjoys it and she likes the way it looks. She always wears a gold
crucifix necklace around her neck and she wears a treble clef ring on her wedding ring
finger (this is her purity ring).

Where is she from? Where does she live? Natalie was born and raised in Berkshire,
England by both her biological parents but moved to Keswick in the second year of
secondary school due to her parents taking early retirement and wanting to live in the lake
district. She now attends Lakeside College.

Category #2: Relationships

Family: Lives with both her biological Mum (Mary) and Dad (David).

Mum Mary Jones (formerly Mary Andrews) used to work as a private music teacher form
out of her home. She taught piano, violin and cello. Natalie’s Dad, David Jones used to
work as a vicar for their local church and a couple of surrounding churches.

Mary and David met in Church when they were teenagers and both in the Church choir.

Natalie has a good relationship with her parents. She loves them to bits and they love her.
However, due to their commitment to their faith, Natalie can sometimes find it hard to
follow all her parents’ rules and to agree with them on a couple of things. For example,
Natalie’s parents are against the LGBT community and Natalie doesn’t see the problem
with it. However, she understand why her parents think the way they do as they are rather
old. (Mary is around 55 and David is around 60) and they were both brought up in devout
Catholic families.

Friends: Natalie was the last to join her current friendship group. She met her friends
Teagan, Danny, Nathan and Becca in her second year of secondary school when she was
assigned to Teagan as her ‘peer mentor’ or ‘buddy’, etc. Teagan introduced Natalie to the
rest of the group and she fitted in rather quickly. Natalie is closest with Teagan, despite the
fact they get into arguments quite a bit (they always make-up). Teagan and Natalie are
actually very alike without realising it (they have a lot of the same morals, i.e. treat people
kindly, say what you think but they have different ways of showing those morals). Natalie
isn’t as close with Nathan compared to the rest of the group as she has a very quiet
personality whereas Nathan doesn’t. However in the end of the book it turns out that
Nathan is also gay and therefore, this creates a bond between Natalie and him (MAJOR
Before moving to Keswick, Natalie had a group of friends in Berkshire. However, they were
sometimes rather mean and they walked all over her a lot of the time and therefore,
Natalie decided to leave those friends behind once she moved.

Category #3: The Sexy Stuff:

Sexual Orientation: Identifies as heterosexual but is actually in the closet and is really
homosexual (This is a major plot point)

What is she attracted to? Natalie is attracted to girls with dark hair and dark eyes. She is
also attracted to girls who rock a more casual look than herself but still have feminine
characteristics. Natalie would like someone to bring her out of her shell a little bit and
would like someone with a good sense of humour. Someone who will treat her well but
who is also a bit loud and outgoing.

Sexual Experience: None. Her parents didn’t allow it.

Romantic Experience: None. Her parents didn’t allow it.
Category #4: Skills:

Skills: She is a musical prodigy. Natalie has been playing the violin the longest (and it is
her favourite instrument to play). She has been playing the violin since she was 3, the cello
since she was 5 and the piano since she was 3. Natalie has also been singing since she
could remember due to her constant visits to Sunday mass twice every Sunday due to her
Dad’s position (Natalie still attends church every Sunday morning with her parents. Natalie
is also a fan of reading and does this if she ever gets some spare time. She sends to like
contemporary novels more than anything else.

Occupation/Schooling: She as been through school, is currently in final year of (FE)
college (UK) studying Musical Performance. Natalie helps out at her local charity shop
every weekend (all day Saturday and Sunday afternoons) on the side. Natalie has always
been ok with school. It’s never been somewhere she hated or loved (at least since she
moved to Keswick). She’s rather impartial to it. She just wants to do her best in her music
and wants to achieve her dreams. She really wants to leave college and go to Julliard in

Hobbies: Music! Singing, playing piano, playing cello, playing violin. Natalie practices her
instruments every day during college. She tends to stick to the violin and singing in college
and she also practices during the evening. She practices all of her instruments in the
evenings, including the cello and piano. Natalie also enjoys reading.

Category #5: Personality & Character:

Introvert or extrovert? Definitely introvert. Natalie tends to be very quiet, even around her
friends despite the fact she does feel comfortable with her friends. Natalie doesn’t enjoy
big social events like parties and tends to hang out with Teagan should they both be at a
party as Teagan is a lot like her in not liking massive social events where she doesn’t
know many people.

Right-brained or left-brained? Soooooo right-brained. Very thoughtful and tends to think
about things a lot, similar to Teagan, except Natalie doesn’t tend to voice her opinions as
much as Teagan does.

Strengths: Natalie is quiet but strong minded and is sturdy in her beliefs. her faith is a big
part of this however. Natalie is a very caring and empathetic person and tends to
understand how others feel quite easily. She sues this skill to make sure all of her friends
are happy if she can help it.

Weaknesses: Natalie does have some weaknesses, as we all do. Her main weakness is
her tendency to be very secretive, even form Teagan, her closest friend. She keeps her
cards very close to her chest. None of her friends have ever visited her house.

Goals, dreams, aspirations: Natalie aspires to become a world famous violinist. She
would love to have a solo violinist career but wouldn’t mind joining the New York
Philharmonic Orchestra either. Natalie also aspires to have a family of her own. However,
this is hard for her as she is a closeted gay woman and therefore, se can’t biologically
have children if she ends up with a woman (she may be lead into being with a man due to
her parents’ beliefs, she also doesn’t feel like she could ever come out or act on her

Beliefs/affiliations: Natalie is in a devout Christian family and identifies as a Christian
herself, despite her parents being against homosexuality and despite being gay herself.

Beliefs outside of religion: Natalie believes in treating everyone the way you would want
to be treated and believes in treating everyone with kindness. She lives by a quote:
“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”. Natalie
will always treat people with kindness and tends to voice her opinions in a very respectful
manner if she does so at all (unlike Teagan who doesn’t have as much of a filter).

Fears: Isolation, being alone. Natalie fears being alone despite the fact she believes in
God. This is more isolation from her church and family that she fears. However, apart from
that, she’s scared on all the stereotypical things: spiders and the dark.

Insecurities: Her faith. She worries about being judged for having a religion as religion is
a bit more taboo nowadays. Natalie wants to be who she is but she also wants to keep her
faith and because she is gay, it’s hard for her to do that hen everyone around her is telling
her who she is is wrong.

What would she die for? Her friends, her parents (maybe).

Category #6: The Extra Stuff:

Favourite Book(s): Looking For Alaska by John Green, We Were Liars by e. lockheart

Favourite Author(s): John Green, e. lockheart, Gayle Foreman.

Favourite Film(s): The Spectacular Now, Struck By Lightning.

Favourite TV Show(s): The Fosters, Finding Carter.

Favourite Musical Artist/Band(s): Ludovico Einaudi, Lindsey Stirling, Vivaldi (I had to
include a classical composer).

A Song That Describes Them Or Their Story: I Wanna Fly by Trevor Moran