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Character Profile

Category #1: The Basics

Name: Rebecca ‘Becca’ Shepherd

Sex: Female

Gender: Feminine but more of a tomboy. She dresses very casually most of the time but
does make an effort when going to a professional or formal event.

Age: 18

Birthday: 3rd May 1998

Star Sign: Taurus

Race, Ethnicity, Culture: British. However, her biological Mum is Italian but grew up in
Britain and Becca’s biological Dad is Italian and grew up in Italy.

Height: 5′5

Body Type: Average body type. Very strong build though. We don’t really ever get to see
her body type as Rebecca normally wears very loose fitting clothing.

Celebrity Look-A-Like: Sophie Cookson (but with dark brown hair)

Appearance: Mid-length dark brown hair. Naturally straight. Her hair reaches just past her
shoulders. Eyes are blue with hints of green around the pupil. Becca is rather tanned but
not very tanned. Becca’s mouth is quite rounded but small.
Becca has a couple of body modifications. She has two piercings in each of her ear lobes
and she also has a helix piercing in her left ear.

Fashion: Becca dresses very casually. Her usual everyday outfit will normal consist of
jeans or leggings and a t-shirt and/or hoodie or sweatshirt and sneakers or plimsolls. Her
favourite shirt is her baggy Iron Maiden t-shirt. She doesn’t wear any jewellery apart from
her ear jewellery. Becca does however dress up quite a bit when going to a formal event
or a business/professional event.
Where is she from? Where does she live? Becca was born in Manchester and lived
there until she was 3 when her parents separated, her biological Dad moved back to Italy
and her Mum moved herself and Becca up to Cumbria. Becca currently resides in
Keswick, Cumbria and attends Lakeside College along with her friends.

Category #2: Relationships

Family: Becca lives with her Mum Rosa Shepherd (formerly Rosa Garcia and Rosa
Moretti. Moretti is her maiden name), her Step-Dad Christopher Shepherd and her older
sister Ariana (Ariana is two years older than Becca). Her biological dad Marco Garcia is no
longer in the picture after he left Becca, Ariana and their Mum for another woman. Marco
was also physically and emotionally abusive towards Becca and her sister and mum.
Marco’s parents are not around as they returned to Italy. Rosa’s parents are very much in
the picture and live next door to Becca and her Mum and Step-Dad. Christopher's parents
are also in the picture but live in rural Scotland but they have regular contact with Becca.

Rosa grew up in Britain and after finishing university, she went to Italy to visit her extended
family and met Becca’s biological Dad, Marco as Marco was a family friend. They moved
very quickly, got married, had Ariana, moved back to the UK and then had Becca. They
separated when Becca was 3 years old and Ariana was 5. Now Marco has returned to Italy
and is now with another woman. Rosa then met Ariana and Becca’s Step-Dad when
Becca was 12 years old (and Ariana was 14) and they got married after a year of being
together. Rosa works as an air stewardess and therefore, is away a lot, leaving Becca with
Christopher a lot.

Ariana moved out of home when she was 18. She is currently in her second year of
university at Oxford university, studying psychology. Ariana is close with Becca but they
are very different. Ariana is also close with Rosa and Christopher but is not as close with
Christopher as Becca is.

Marco has not really worked for most of his life and we don’t know much about him. Mecca
doesn’t remember much about Marco and Rosa refuses to tell her about him as he was a
nasty piece of work.

Christopher is Cumbrian born and bred. He used to live in Cockermouth but moved to
Keswick after meeting Rosa. He runs a business importing and selling Italian wine to
British companies. He is the one who inspired Becca to become an entrepreneur. Becca
and Christopher have a good relationship and Becca considers Christopher to be her ‘real
Dad’. Becca rally wants to ask Christopher to adopt her (this is a major plot point) but this
may be difficult as his and Rosa’s relationship is going through some turbulence (pun

Friends: Becca met her current friends when she was in primary school, Previously to
this, her only friend was her older sister Ariana. Becca met Danny, Teagan and Nathan in
primary and in her second year of secondary school, she met Natalie when Teagan
introduced her to the group.

Becca loves all of her friends but is closest with Nathan as they have a lot of common
interests. They both enjoy watching sport on TV, despite the fact that Becca doesn’t enjoy
participating in sport apart from martial arts. However, Becca isn’t as close with Teagan as
she is with the rest of the group due to the fact that they are both so alike and sometimes
clash. However, at the end of the book, Becca comforts Teagan by telling her the story of
when she was in an abusive relationship but nobody knew about it until Becca admits it to
Teagan when Teagan’s ex comes back (MAJOR PLOT POINT OMG MAJOR PLOT

Category #3: The Sexy Stuff:

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

What is she attracted to? Despite the fact Becca’s best friend is a guy and is an athlete
(Nathan), she isn’t attracted to him. Becca tends to be romantically and sexually attracted
to more artistic and creative guys. She loves curly hair and apart form that, she doesn’t
really have any preference as to what her partner looks like. She likes guys who are a bit
childish, like her. However, she likes someone who can be an adult when they need to be.
She loves a good sense of humour. Her sense of humour is rather crude (like Teagan’s,
hence why they get along so well) and so she would like someone with a crude sense of
humour too. Mecca also wants someone who respects her right to be independent and
doesn’t want someone who will ‘look after her’, she wants someone who will support her.

Sexual Experience: None. Despite what her general demeanour may make you think,
Becca is not what you would call ‘easy’.

Romantic Experience: She’s been in a couple of ‘stupid’ relationships in her younger
secondary school years. However, these ‘relationships’ were the kind that lasted like a

Category #4: Skills:

Skills: Becca is an aspiring entrepreneur. Her goal is to own and run several companies.
She also wants to write a book about how to get into business, what she has learned, etc.
Becca defiantly knows how to sell something and has won several young enterprise
competitions during her time at school. She already kind of runs a business already where
she sells and buys things online and she also attends auctions a lot to buy and sell things.
Her primary skill is entrepreneurship and selling and marketing stuff. However, she is also
a very good motivator and when her friends have lost motivation to do something, she will
pick them up. However, her motivation drops in the book due to her Dad getting back in
touch (this is a major plot point).

Occupation/Schooling: As previously stated, Becca already earns herself some money
from attending auctions and buying and selling stuff online. She attended the same
primary and secondary school as her friends and is currently in her final year of (FE)
college studying Business and Marketing. She hopes to leave college and go on to earning
money straightaway. She is pretty confident in the fact that she doesn’t want to attend
university at all. She’s planning on continuing her current business and hopefully starting a
social media management company or she hopes to create an app and sell and make
money from it (in the book she ends up teaming up with Danny to create an app and they
work and run the company together as friends. However, Danny still attends university
alongside this).
Hobbies: Apart from watching countless episodes of Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice
Becca enjoys watching sports on TV, specifically basketball. Becca is also teaching herself
how to do computer coding. She loves computers but is not too smart when it comes to
how they work. Therefore, she is trying to educate herself. Becca also has been doing
martial arts since she was young.

Category #5: Personality & Character:

Introvert or Extrovert? Defiantly extrovert. Becca is a very social and outgoing person.
She can make friends with people rather easily and isn’t afraid to start conversation with
someone she doesn’t know. She balances out Teagan and Natalie quite well.

Right-brained or left-brained? Very left-brained. Becca is very logical and strategic in her
thinking. She is a very cynical person and doesn’t believe anything without proof.

Strengths: Becca is very headstrong and stubborn. She is very logical in her thinking and
therefore, she tends to get things done very quickly. She is very organised in her working
life, despite having a very messy bedroom at home. She has the ability to think of new
business ideas very easily. She is very innovative. She is also very protective of her
friends and family. However, this can sometimes be a weakness as she is prepared to
defend her friends and family even if it means getting into trouble.

Weaknesses: Becca sometimes doesn’t know her own strength and when she has been
in physical confrontations in the past she has hurt people. Becca has a lot of trust issues
too due to her dad’s actions in the past. She also has a lot of bottled up anger due to her
Dad’s actions and due to her life experience. Sometimes she will take out this anger on
Christopher her friends, which she doesn’t want to or mean to do.

Goals, dreams, aspirations: Becca’s career aspiration is to start and run several
successful companies and possibly write a book on how to get into business and a book
on marketing, etc. She is unsure as to exactly what kind of business she would like to run.
However, due to her love of technology (despite her lack of knowledge), Becca would like
to set up or create an app or several apps and see how that goes. Her personal aspiration
is to be able to provide for her family so her Mum doesn’t have to be away so often and so
her Mum and Christopher can enjoy their life a little more instead of working all the time.

Beliefs/affiliations: Atheist. She is convinced there is nothing after death and has come
to accept it and therefore, doesn’t really have much fear towards death or anything
surrounding it.

Beliefs outside of religion: Becca believes in treating everyone with respect until they
disrespect you. If someone disrespects you or your loved ones, according to Becca, you
don’t deserve respect from her. This belief comes from her overprotectiveness of her
family and friends due to her past. Mecca also believes that you need to work hard to
achieve anything unless you know the right people and due to Becca’s slightly dodgy
moral compass, she is pursuing both routes. She works hard and always has done,
Christopher instilled this in her. However, Becca also knows the importance of networking
and sometimes sucking up to people to get where you need to be professionally.
Fears: Failure. Despite the fact Becca can take pretty much anything in her stride, she still
fears failure, this is where Becca and Teagan are alike. They both care about things so
much. However, unlike Teagan, Becca shows and is unashamed to admit thatch is fearful
of failure. Becca is an open book in most aspects of her life.

Insecurities: Becca doesn’t have many insecurities and if she did, she would more than
likely be unashamed to voice them. However, she does tend to be insecure about her work
ethic and wonder if she is working hard enough. She is aware that not everything she does
in her work will be perfect, trying her best is what matters most to her and sometimes,
she’ll have that little bit of doubt asking her “Am I working hard enough?” “did I actually try
my best?”.

What would she die for? Her Mum, her sister, her step-dad, her friends and her beliefs.

Category #6: The Extra Stuff:

Favourite Book(s): The Art of the Hustle by Edward Mullen

Favourite Author(s): Edward Mullen & John Grisham

Favourite Film(s): The Breakfast Club

Favourite TV Show(s): The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den, Most sports channels, The

Favourite Musical Artist/Band(s): Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Queen.

A Song That Describes Them Or Their Story: DNA by Lia Marie Johnson