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Character Profile

Category #1: The Basics

Name: Daniel ‘Danny’ Joseph Nesbit

Sex: Male

Gender: Masculine but enjoys some ‘feminine’ things, more hobbies-wise.

Age: 18

Birthday: 3rd January 1998

Star Sign: Capricorn

Race, ethnicity, culture: White, British but both parents are from Phoenix, Maryland. His
parents moved to Keswick before Danny was born.

Height: 6’1

Body Type: Quite lanky, not very muscular.

Celebrity Look-A-Like: Daniel ‘Danny’ Edge

Appearance: Curly brown hair, bright blue eyes. His nose points up a bit. His eyes are his
most prominent feature.

Fashion: Danny tends to wear very ‘normal’ clothes. He likes to wear band t-shirts and
jeans a lot. He also wears beanies and time too. However, Danny also tends to dress very
casually too. He loves his glasses and never takes them off. Danny also wears suits when
attending local spelling bee’s and various other academic contests and events.
Where is he from? Where does he live? Danny was born and raised in Keswick. He
lives next door to Teagan and her parents. He has lived in the same house all his life. He
also attends Lakeside College along with his friends.

Category #2: Relationships:

Family: Danny lives with both his biological parents and his younger brother Sam (Sam is
six years old). His Dad is called Joseph Nesbit and works as a broadband technician. He
works from home sometimes and sometimes he is called out to do practical jobs.
Danny’s Mum, Elizabeth Nesbit (formerly Elizabeth Dennis) works as a nurse in Carlisle
hospital. She sometimes works nights and therefore, she doesn’t see Danny or Joseph
that much as she needs to sleep through the day. She sees them both briefly just when
she comes home and Danny and Joseph are going to college and work. Danny is worried
however as he thinks his parents may be getting a divorce due to their constant arguing
when they are together (this is a MAJOR plot point). Danny becomes closer with Becca
through their experiences with their parents.

Both Joseph and Elizabeth and Cumbrian born and bred. However, Joseph does have a
Scottish heritage and a lot of his family still lives all over Scotland, whereas, Elizabeth’s
family are all in Cumbria apart from a few.
Joseph grew up in Keswick and Elizabeth grew up in Carlisle. Therefore, they didn’t meet
until they both attended the local university, Lakeside University (fictional establishment)
and they have been together since. Danny and his younger brother Sam were both born in
Keswick. Sam is five years old and therefore, needs looked after. This responsibility tends
to fall on Danny as both his parents need to keep their jobs to be able to live where they
are living. This plus the stress of having a young child to take care of has put a strain on
Joseph and Elizabeth’s relationship. In the end of the book they will get a divorce (this is a
MAJOR plot point).
Sam attends the local infant school, St George’s Infant school. He is an energetic kid and
can be a bit wild and does get into trouble at school sometimes for not doing as he is told
and such. Danny tends to be the one the teachers have to see about this due to his
parents’ work patterns. However, they do sometimes see Danny’s dad as he sometimes
works from home.

Friends: Danny’s friendship group consists of Teagan, Natalie, Nathan and Becca.
Danny has known Teagan the longest. They have been friends pretty much since brith as
their parents were friends. They are very much like siblings.
Out of his friendship group, Danny is closest to Teagan and sometimes Nathan. Being the
only two guys in the friendship group kind of drove Danny and Nathan to be friends despite
their differences (Nathan being an athlete and Dany being a teen genius). Danny is closest
to Teagan more due to the fact of how long they have known each other and have
therefore had more time to get to know each other.
Danny has known Teagan all of his life. However, he met Becca and Nathan in primary
school and then met Natalie in the second year of secondary school. Like everyone else,
he is close with pretty much everyone. However, he isn’t as close with Becca as to him,
Becca is quite intimidating and loud and those are things that Danny are not. However,
Danny also has a crush on Becca and Becca realises towards the end she feels the same.

Category #3: The Sexy Stuff:
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

What is he attracted to? Danny tends to like girls who have dark hair and dark eyes. He
likes girls who are independent and outgoing. These traits are the opposite of Danny.
However, Danny wants to be with someone who will bring him out of his shell a bit and
someone who will make him a better person. Danny wants a girl with a strong personality
and a good sense of humour. Danny’s sense of humour tends to be quite innocent but he
can find crude jokes funny sometimes, hence why he gets along so well with Teagan.

Sexual Experience: None.

Romantic Experience: He’s had crushes but he’s never been in a relationship.

Category #4: Skills:

Skills: Danny is a teen genius and aspires to either become a university professor or a
computer scientist. He is intelligent in pretty much every way: academically, practically and
emotionally. He possesses a lot of common sense and can solve problems rather quickly.
Danny is a whiz with computers and programming. He works well with all different types of
technology and knows how to operate many different types of software and hardware. He
is also very good with words and can spell very well. He helps Teagan a lot when it comes
to reading and giving her feedback on her work as Danny has a very large vocabulary and
loves to read.

Occupation/Schooling: Danny doesn’t have any type of job. He is far too busy studying
and looking after his brother. However, Danny does tend to fix people’s computers. People
will come up to him at college and ask him for help and then Danny will fix their computers.
However, he makes very little money off of this as he doesn’t like taking money (or
anything really) from people. Danny sometimes wins cash prizes from certain academic
competitions (spelling bee’s, etc.). Danny is currently doing three A-Levels at Lakeside
College: Computer Science, Mathematics and English Language. Danny is hoping to
continue his education after college and attend the University of Cambridge to study
Computer Science. He wants to also possibly continue his studies to do a master’s degree
and a PHD in Computer Science should he choose the professor route as a career.

Hobbies: Danny’s main interests outside of his education (and computers,etc.) tend to
consist of the ‘stereotypical’ ‘geeky’ or ‘nerdy’ interests. For example: Danny loves fantasy
literature and loves film/book franchises such as: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
Danny also enjoys hiking and tends to drag Teagan on hikes with him despite the fact that
Teagan prefers to write about the world around her instead of experience it sometimes.

Category #5: Personality & Character:

Introvert or Extrovert? Defiantly introvert. Despite the fact that Danny is rather open and
talkative around his friends, mainly Teagan, Danny is still very much an introvert. He
prefers his own company and the company of his closest friends compared to the
company of others.

Right-brained or left-brained? Left-brained. Danny is very logical in his thinking. He
tends to be very cynical and doesn’t believe anything without evidence. He tends to bring
Teagan back to Earth when she drifts off in her own head like she tends to do. Teagan
tends to also get Danny to let loose once in a while.

Strengths: Danny is a very caring and considerate person. He is however still very logical
and considers the pros and cons of pretty much all his actions before doing anything.
Danny is very innovative and is very good at brainstorming and coming up with and
developing ideas. Danny is very compassionate and tends to be the peace maker of his
friendship group too. He just wants everyone to get along.

Weaknesses: Danny sometimes forgets to look after himself as he prioritises others over
himself most of the time. This leads to Danny getting sick a lot (coughs, colds, exhaustion,
etc.). Danny also struggles to open up to people sometimes aswell due to his quiet and
reserved nature. Also, sometimes, when Danny gets stressed and anxious he can lash out
at those he cares about. This is usually Teagan. It takes a lot to get Danny this stressed
and worked up though.

Goals, dreams, aspirations: Danny aims to become a university professor teaching
computer science or to become a computer scientist himself. He also dreams of creating
an app or two as he believes it will be a good way to generate some income for himself if
he gets it right. Danny also wants to make sure his brother is looked after once he leaves
home. Due to his parents’ arguing, Danny's to look after his brother and despite the fact
that Danny is devoted to his family, he wants to follows his own dreams and make a life for

Beliefs/affiliations: Atheist. He is convinced that no afterlife exists. As previously stated,
Danny is very logical in his thinking and needs evidence before believing anything.

Beliefs outside of religion: Danny believes in treating people how you want to be
treated. In a lot of ways, he does turn the other cheek and doesn’t tend to engage in
confrontation. However, He does know how to stand up for himself and his loved ones. But
Danny will do this in a diplomatic way instead of an abrasive way.

Fears: His family breaking up. Danny has been fearing this for a while now. He is terrified
of his parents splitting and of what will happen to his younger brother once he has left
home. Danny isn’t fearful of the ‘stereotypical’ things like the dark, spiders or anything like
that. He does fear disappointing his family and letting people down a bit but his main fear
is his parents breaking up.

Insecurities: Danny is only really insecure about his quietness. He knows that he is quiet
and nerdy and he is sometimes worried that this will prevent him from forming proper
relationships and friendships in the future. Danny also suffers from anxiety and had anxiety
attacks regularly when he was in his early teens. These have become less frequent now
but he still suffers form some of the symptoms in really stressful situations. Danny has
learned how to manage his stress more in the past few years and can now manage it well
most of the time but he still has his moments.

What would he die for? His parents, his brother, his friends.

Category #6: The Extra Stuff:

Favourite Book(s): The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favourite Author(s): J. R. R. Tolkien

Favourite Film(s): The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Favourite TV Show(s): Game of Thrones, Once Upon A Time.

Favourite Musical Artist/Band(s): Bastille, Hans Zimmer, Charlie Fink, Luke Tradaway,
James Horner.

A Song That Describes Them Or Their Story: When You Love Someone by James TW.