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PON CAD Installation from PEN DRIVE

System Requirements
PON CAD does not require hardware resources other than the ones included for the installation of
the CAD program chosen.
The PON CAD software is an application for CAD suitable to function on WINDOWS systems.
For the correct installation access the system as an authorized user for the installation of the new
programs. The installation of PON CAD is expected to disk C: \, and 'can also install it on another
disk data.
The supporting CAD systems are:
-AutoCAD® by Autodesk from version 2004
-BricsCAD V11 PRO or superior
PON CAD is supplied on a protected Pen Drive;


Make sure you have the administrator privileges.

Configuration of Autocad standard
Select the OPTIONS button from the tools menu and select the File folder as indicated below,
then add, with the help of the two keys Add and Glance in the category 'Support file’ one
new steps:


Confirm by selecting OK.

From the menu Tools->Autolisp->load application the dialogue window will appear which
defines the applications to be loaded in Autocad.
In order that PON CAD may be loaded automatically each time it is started up by selecting the
key Contents… found at the bottom right hand corner.


2 . select the menu multidirectional scaffolding and select toolbar Multidirectional scaffolding.cui and press Load. Close and confirm all the windows then re-start CAD Configuration of Autocad Mechanical/Architectural In order to complete the installation.cui and press Load.lsp in the c:\pon cad folder.cui and press Load. OK Digit the command MENULOAD and a window will appear. For the compatibility of the Mechanical and Architectural functions for each new drawing it is necessary to start up PON CAD by pressing or the command mecmenu.With the Add key select the file mcstart. finally press so that the activation procedure will take place. select the file poncad1. with the help of two keys Add and Glance in the category ‘’Support file’ two new steps: c:\poncad Confirm by selecting. select the file forcad1. in the sub-folder Menu select the file meccad1. start up CAD and press the command OPTIONS then select the File folder as indicated below. Once this has been done some new menus will appear at the top of the CAD window. press glance and select PON CAD. add.

Advised settings for Autocad In order to render more efficient the format of a drawing using Pon Cad it is advisable to select the options indicated in the illustration. 3 . Select Tools>Options>View.

Remain in PROGRAM OPTIONS select SYSTEM and activate . listed as follows c:\poncad .lsp for each doc. if not already activated.  Color of Layout. Select FILES and in the section SUPPORT FILE SEARCH PATH by pressing the key the FOLDER LIST window will appear On the inside of this add the one file steps. the option on_start. Advised Settings Optimize Brics Cad  Template for CNEW command. Close all the windows and re-start Briscad.Configuration of BricsCAD From Brics CAD PRO. If the PON CAD tool bar should not appear write in the command mecmenu. Use MC-SETBRICS command 4 . Select the command SETTINGS from the menu SETTINGS and enter the folder PROGRAM OPTIONS.

To access the Load Application of Autocad 10-12 select the Ribbon Manage then the icon Load Application. 5 . 2010 or superior To access the options of autocad 10 -12 click the icon of CAD then select the Options command. Note AUTOCAD ver.

The installation of PON CAD involves the explicit acceptance of the following conditions of supply: PON CAD is subject to the International Law on Copyright©. all rights reserved. of the suitability for specific applications. 6 . The program and the databases used are subject to Copyright. each automatically generated drawing is NOT to be considered technically correct and therefore incomplete. correct. product characteristics allow sw the user can check. collateral. in connection with or deriving from the use of this product. does not substitute the competence of the technical designer during the layout of the project.. all reports and data files (output) generated by the program. Under no circumstances can the author be held responsible to third parties for special damages. explicit or implicit. complete integration of the project to come up with specific applications. both in relation to schemes that simple mounting assembly drawings specific. The verification of the functionality of the project. The software is designed for professional use. accidental. Feature of the program is not automatically provide specific mounting patterns. are always under the 'user. The functions of automatic drawing. direct or indirect or consequential. is provided solely to partially resolve the most common patterns and quickly mounting. It is to be accepted that this product is supplied without any guarantee.