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2K Sunday, June 4, 2017 GRADUATION Battle Creek Enquirer

Autumn Lynn
Thornton, valedic-
torian, daughter of
Philip and Marcy
Thornton, plans to
attend Kellogg Com-
Autumn munity College, then Emily Sierra Noah Cassandra Erin Maygon Kilee Bradley
Thornton Michigan State Uni- Angus Brandon Briggs Crawley Dowdle Elmer Hettich Jones
versity for veteri-
nary medicine.
Taylor Marie
Smith, salutatorian,
daughter of Mi-
chelle Minnard and
Gregory Smith,
plans to attend Edward Danielle Samuel Brandy Hannah Dawson Jessie Kallie
Taylor Grand Valley State Jones Juarez Lothamer Mathewson Metzger Morgan Morris Orsborn
Smith University.

Graduates Academic Honor Students Graduates da Warren, plans to attend Kala-
Micheal Brandvold Alex Hollingsworth Emily Anne Angus, honors, Autum Elijah Angus mazoo Valley Community Col-
Miranda Brubaker Alicia Holm daughter of Scott and Lisa Angus, Kylie Michele Banker lege to become an elementary
Jocelyn Case Joseph Kline plans to attend Montana State Stewart Martin Boling school teacher.
Jack Chaney Tara Kruger University to pursue a degree as Zachary Ray Goff Samuel Avery Lothamer,
Derek Cheyne Laine Lagerquist a neonatal nurse practitioner. Parker Dreux Hall honors, son of Mathew and Be-
Dexter Cheyne Josie Lamson Sierra Anne Brandon, meri- Benjamin Jacob Jones thany Lothamer, plans to attend
Aubrey Cole Jacob Martin torious honors, daughter of Brian Kala Jo Kikendall Western Michigan University
Alexa Crabill Brandon Matuschka Brandon and Sara Affolder, plans Jeffrey Allen Land for computer science.
Amber Damon Rachel Nobach to attend Grand Valley State Uni- Sean Carlton Lewis Brandy Nicole Mathewson,
Corey DeGraw Emily Norton versity for sonography. Michael William Lindsay high honors, daughter of Larry
Zachary Enyart Kaitlynne Platteborze Noah William Briggs, honors, Ricky Lee Odette and Julie Mathewson.
Tayler Eutsey Nicholas Poling son of Laura Metzger and Timo- Hunter Duane Pasman Hannah Metzger, high hon-
Noelle Fuller Kalib Prough thy Briggs, plans to attend Baker Allyson Taylor-Paige Pennington ors, daughter of Kevin and Mary
Tyler Gasser Austin Snyder College in Owosso to pursue a Daniel Michael Pluff Metzger, plans to attend LCC to
Jacob Giles Toren Stanton degree as a MRI technician. Rodney Allen Rapp, Jr pursue a degree for a career as
Skylar Golyar Autumn Teadt Cassandra Cheyenne Craw- Stephanie Michelle Roadcap an OB/GYN Ultrasound tech-
Sierra Goodson Colton Tebo ley, meritorious honors, plans to Destynie Rose Lee Seltenright nician.
Alexa Goss Joshua Vaden attend Ferris State University for Casie Lynn Shannon Dawson Scott Morgan,
Robert Hind Corey Warner graphic media management. Mariah Leigh Sommers meritorious honors, son of Rob-
Tyler Webb Erin Elizabeth Dowdle, meri- Lacie Sue Stevens ert and Martha Morgan, plans to
Joseph Wheeler torious honors, daughter of Laura Alyssa Raquel Vega-Letizio attend Kellogg Community Col-
and Jay Dowdle, plans to attend lege, then on to Western to dou-
Baker College for business, then ble major in aviation flight sci-
animal science. ence and business management.
Maygon Rae Brooke Elmer, Bradley Alan Jones, honors, Jessie Nicole Morris, hon-

BATTLE CREEK honors, daughter of George and
Mandy Elmer, plans to join the
U.S. Marine Corps and attend
son of Todd and Heather Jones,
plans to be employed at AIS Con-
ors, daughter of Tom and Heath-
er Morris, plans to attend Olivet
College for sociology to gain a
Craven College for a teaching Edward Michael Jones, meri- career as a juvenile counselor.
ACADEMY degree.
Kilee Morgan Hettich, meri-
torious honors, daughter of Greg-
torious honors, son of Michael and
Cyndee Jones, plans to attend
Michigan State University for soil
Kallie Lynne Orsborn, hon-
ors, daughter of Joseph Orsborn
and Lisa Lapham, and plans to
Graduates ory and Rebecca Hettich, plans to science. pursue a degree at a four-year
Madelyn Agy Shadrach Grentz Jerica Street attend Kellogg Community Col- Danielle Maria Juarez, honors, college to gain a career in cancer
Jake Essex Talia Oeftger lege for social work. daughter of Jose Juarez and Bren- research.

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Early signs of greatness
By the time he was in the sixth grade, Western
Michigan University had invited him to apply for its
Academically Talented Youth Program. The univer-
sity selected him for the program in the seventh
grade when he demonstrated high achievement and
academic potential in a college entrance exam.
In the seventh grade, his father enrolled him in KCC
math courses, where he aced trigonometry, calculus
and other classes. By the time Sabouni reached high
school, he had already earned 12 college credits. He
now has 38.
Azarbahram said she urged her son to take on chal-
lenges and didn’t put any limitations on his ambitions.
Today, Sabouni attends Lakeview in the mornings
and the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center in
the afternoons. He also has an internship with Kel-
Soroosh Sabouni works on the High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Machine which helps him figure out the purification of
logg Co.
water samples at The Battle Creek Math & Science Center.
Lakeview Superintendent Dave Peterson calls the
Sabounis a very humble family.
“This young man is a wonderful reflection on our
district in regard to his work ethic, his personality,” finished his final exams in January. research at the Intel International Science and Engi-
Peterson said. “You couldn’t ask for a better young Last fall, his varsity tennis coach, Jeff VanDis, neering Fair in 2016 and won a regional competition
man.” made him one of two team captains and Lakeview of the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize.
won the All-City tournament, finished third in the But his interest in clean water doesn’t stop there.
His time on the court 11-team Southern Michigan Athletic Conference and He also traveling to Flint in March 2016 to deliver
Sabouni played basketball, soccer, tennis and swam fourth in regionals. cases of bottled water to residents there.
in elementary and middle school before his doctor “Soroosh was a super nice kid,” VanDis said. “I Sabouni now hopes to gain enough knowledge in
suggested he choose one sport for high school be- always enjoyed talking with him. He was very bright, college to improve his water filtration system.
cause his scoliosis had worsened and his back brace very smart. As a player on the team, he always gave “My hope is to truly break a lot of barriers in the
was becoming bulkier. He chose tennis, which he his all. I felt he always did the best that he possibly world, and I think it all began when a lot of people
started to play in the seventh grade. could do.” didn’t think that I could make it out successfully with
The challenges with his back nearly squashed his my back surgery, both physically and mentally,” he
academic and athletic dreams in his sophomore year. His good heart said.
He had surgery to correct the curvature during Contact Battle Creek education reporter Noe Her-
Sabouni calls his water filter “revolutionary.”
Christmas break, kept up with his studies online and nandez at 269-966-0684 or nhernandez@battlecreeken-
He has presented his water purification system

“After starting at a four-year college, I realized
KELLOGG that I was unsure about my career path. That’s
COMMUNITY COLLEGE Areas of Study at KCC when I transferred to KCC and discovered my
Academic areas of study at KCC are designed to passion for social work.”
prepare students to transfer to four-year universities
or complete degrees that lead directly to employment. Adela Leonard, KCC Transfer Student
Explore our many options at Earned two associate degrees
es at KCC


Battle Creek Enquirer GRADUATION Sunday, June 4, 2017 3K

Damaris Hannah Angel Olivia Lauren Amber Armani Allysen Lindsey Benjamin
Chavez Swank Banuelos Davis Hullum Murdick Poindexter Smith Wheaton Youngblood

Top 10
Damaris Chavez, valedictorian, zoo College for biochemistry and mi- Bonnie and Joseph Murdick, plans to for nursing.
daughter of Emigdio Chavez and crobiology. attend the University of Michigan for Lindsey Elaine Wheaton, daugh-
Norma Hernandez, plans to attend Olivia Caroline Davis, daughter of computer science. ter of Jeff and Lisa Wheaton, plans to
Michigan State University. Tresa and James Davis, plans to attend Armani Poindexter, daughter of attend Kellogg Community College
Hannah Swank, salutatorian, the University of Michigan. Nikeysha Wynne, plans to attend for environmental sustainability.
daughter of Scott and Hope Swank, Lauren Simone Hullum, daughter Michigan State University for an- Benjamin Amir Youngblood,
plans to attend the University of of Patricia Richardson, plans to attend thropology/forensic science. son of Richie and Chandra Young-
Michigan for sociology. Michigan State University for broad- Allysen Grace Smith, daughter blood, plans to attend Alcorn State
Angel Banuelos, son of Donna cast journalism and public relations. of Dianne and Fred Smith, plans to University for computer science and
Sepulveda, plans to attend Kalama- Amber Lynn Murdick, daughter of attend Western Michigan University mathematics.

Graduates Trent John Sanchez
Kevin Brent Adams Jr. Charles Aaron Freeland Katherine Elizabeth Lee Lemus Kelsey Nicole Sanders
Lance Pall Adkins Siera Marie Funk Taran Kelly Leonard Avery Gene Sanford
Alexis Aguilera Matthew David Gehrman Cing Sawm Lian Than Sang
Abdullah Kasem Alhadhrami Tamera Ilona Gills Erin Grace Libbrecht Ryder Dylan Simmons
Mohammed Kasem Alhadhrami Daniel James Goins Jazmine Diana Ann Lockmiller Jangbahadur Singh
Daeleon Rashon Daprice Asberry Chad Austin Good Keyonna Imani Love Amarae Mariah Nicole Sisson
Shalia Janai Atchison Zhaybriel Zhane Graham-Finch Jada Nichelle Maddox Abigail Rose Skidmore
Rosaline Aung Portia Alyse Gregory Antonio Machado Martins* Alize’ Oceanna Smith
Denzell Jeramiah Banks Brenden LaToya Grevious Brian Matrinez Ayrianna Alyees Smith
Aliah Ariel Barnes Akia Tamera Griswold Kenneth Dale-Fidel Martinez Braxton David Smith
Alejandro Bautista Erin Deric Guerrido LuCelia Q. Martinez Izaac Allen Smith
Jesus Bautista Shaquana Tytay Guest-Collins Jamar Lovell McCall Jessicah Lynn Smith
Dominique LaTrice Bell Tay’Shaun D’ante Hale Austin Kelly McKinney Natayzia Sharnay Smith
JoElla Alana Bielby Deviney Lynn Hall Sicily Marie McLaughlin Sierra Shontale Smith
Erickson Javier Bonilla Hidalgo Brishaun Eugene Hampson Diamond Dayshynique McLiechey Lawrence Melvin Snowden III
Gabriel George Austin Precious Boody Jackie DeWon Hampton, Jr. Alanna Mie’Shelle McNutt Martel Eugene Sparkling
Anisha Monique Booker Brenda LaShana Harris Colin James Merry Mikah Eugene Spivey
Nadine Marie Bradshaw Marcus Darrell Haskins Emily Louise Meyer Alexis Marie Stein
Ja’Kaya Wy’Nasia Bridges Jaelin Brea’ Hayes Elijah Caine Miller Crystyn Deline Sweers
Alexus Noreaga Brown Timia Kaye Henry Jonathan Dale Millsap John Daniel Tapia
Emanuel Aaron Buckelew Samantha Sue Hentges Davontae Mertell Mitchell Shayprece Shaylynn Taylor
Alexander Lee Burch Kyle Xavier Herbert Jenasia Monique Morris Carlee Lynn Mandel Templeton
Diamond Mo’Naye Burton Dulce Mariela Hernandez Wisdom Caleb Morris Eric Cornelius Thomas, Jr.
Shantese Deyon-Adell Butler Jazmin Hernandez Zo Sian Nem Kevin Troy Thompson, Jr.
Jaevon Darece Canales Annamaria Rose Herrman Ngam Ngam Mia Ja’Wana Thompson
Keshawn Demarion Canales Khahlil Kiriee Hightower Haley Marie Norg Za Ni Ting
Christopher Marquese Capers Asjha Capree Holden San Chung Nung Adea Antonique Todd
Domonic La’Pres Carson Thomas John Holder Japri James ODonnell Eirion Leah Traylor
Bawi Cin Ahreyon Renea Hopkins Zachary Ryan Overton Mya Elena Trevino
Joelle Ashton Masters Clayborne Lea Nichole Hunt Carlos Nehemiah Parks II Jaiyda Enyce Tyler
Timothy James Collins Sir Richard Austin Iozia Jr. Tara Danielle Patterer Zachary Lloyd VanHorn
Mattie DeSha Coney Taylor Marshe’ Iron Matthew Scott Patton Briana Rashall Vanvleet
Shelby Awtrey Cotton III Kevin Malik Jackson Cai Jacob Penrod Jahmiel De’Shawn Wade
Kelsey Rae Cox Logann Danielle Jackson Bryn Arthur Plegue Seth Allen Waggoner
Sylvanna Laura Marie Craft Colin Mitchell Jankowski Giovanni Dontwan Poindexter Jaylen Saani Ali Walker
Demetrius Martez Craig Cheyenne Cherish Jarman Robert Scott Potter Anthony Lee Ward
Riley Thomas Cramer Douglas Walter Scott Johnson Nathan Matthew Price Juan Martez Warren, II
Marquis Rayquan Davis Francisco Javier Juarez Justice Ahpraz Unique Pugh Summer Dawn Westlake
Natalie Marie De Jesus Luis Alberto Juarez Isabelle Marie Ramos Elaijah Jade Elisse White
Cesar Jonathan Duran Thian Rem Khim Joshua Joseph Rastoskey Celina Nichole Williams
Jacob Nicolas Eddy Dayna Mykel King Tamaira Chaeron Reed Esther Williams
Artamio Jonathan Esquivel Thane McKinley Kissinger Tasia Eunique Richardson Kyiona Omunique Willaims
Shaun Michael Evans Joseph Jacob Kitley Anthony Ivan Riege Anthony Tyrique Davon Wilson
Jorge Andres Fabian Brendan Gary Knapper Brett Austin Riege Kirstin Lea Winklepleck
Adrianna Elizabeth Fourn Thomas James Krug Yesenia Michelle Rivera Cameron John Wolinski
Aaron Charles Freeland Ke-Ayra Alizae Lane-Ingram Allen Dale S. Rosales Kierra Ariel-D’Lynn Young

Brendan Clare Selena Jenshrina Bryce Gabriela Jillian Allison Elayna Michael
Behnke Mayes Aleman Kehoe Kosmerick Luviano Pyles Sikorski Swift Thompson

Senior Scholars medical sciences. switch to the FBI. Hope College in the fall.
Brendan Behnke, salutatorian, son Jenshrina Kehoe, daughter of Wen- Gabriela Luviano, daughter of Elayna Swift, daughter of Donna
of Gregg and Beth Behnke, plans to dy Kehoe, plans to attend Western Teresa Rodriguez and Pedro Hernan- and Duane Purvis and Dale Swift, plans
attend Trine University and major in Michigan University for food service dez, plans to attend a community col- to attend the University of Michigan to
social studies, minor in history. administration, music therapy and a lege and transfer to a university. study international relations and politi-
Clare Mayes, valedictorian, daugh- minor in a foreign language. Jillian Pyles, daughter of Fred and cal science.
ter of Ferrell and Shelby Mayes, plans Bryce Kosmerick, son of Dave and Sue Pyles, plans to attend Ohio Domin- Michael Thompson, son of Sarah
to attend the University of Michigan. Lori Kosmerick, plans to attend Trine ican University for exercise science and Michael Thompson, plans to attend
Selena Aleman, daughter of Brad- for two years, transfer to Michigan and to play volleyball. Grand Valley State University with an
ley and Kristy Aleman, plans to attend State University while studying crimi- Allison Sikorski, daughter of Den- interest in Sociology, writing, and politi-
Central Michigan University for bio- nal justice, join the Coast Guard then nis and Lisa Sikorski, plans to attend cal science.

Graduates Jaycee Lynn Stemaly
Irisbel Albarran Hernandez Danielle Elizabeth Fisher Logan Patrick Kenny Luis Alberto Orozco Ramos
Dawson Lee Littlefield Amber Rachel Pennington Zachary Evans Summey
Gavin Neil Alger Jordyn Elizabeth Fox Natalie JoAnn Swift
Alexis Ann Marie Allen Lesly Citlalli Garcia Perez Juan Llamazares Ruiz Juan Carlos Reyes Melendez
Damion Thomas Ludwick Dilan James Rissman Paige Marie Swihart
Nathan Scott Arnett Landon Jeffrey Gould Abigail Renee Truex
Hannah Marie Avery Abraham Jacob Gutierrez Kirsten Leigh Ludwick Isaac Johnathon Robertson
Jacob Ross Lutz Justin Alexander Robinson Nathan Thomas Wagner, Jr.
Blake Steven Calhoon Bucklin Brooke Marie Hammel Kaysee Leigh Washburn
Autumn Marie Bull Brandon Lee Hargett Ariana Isabel Martinez Kody Bryce Rodriguez
Jennifer Martinez Ellary Noelle Russell William Cody Wetzel
Jacob Anthony Butters Gillian Elaine Heim Huntir Lee Wilson
Alexis Jordan Caudill Thadd Allen Herman Alexis Mae McNees Makayla Marie Sheets
Elva Maria Montoya Karly Rosemarie Showalter Bryce Allen Withington
Nathan Rees Caudill Linzee Mae Jaquay Jordan Lynn Withington
Luis Alberto Depaz Alyssa Roselaine Kane Alexander Garry Mulkey Brady Reed Smith
Alyson Svenja Müller Justin Hunter Starnes Boonyisa Wongsawat
David Michael Erwin Christine Jessica Kelley Mirim Yeum

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity that we
have, that I’m able to take classes in high Dual Enrollment at KCC KELLOGG
school while also taking classes at a college, Now is the time to make plans for the future.
and I can get ahead.” Talk to your high school counselor and visit
Yarielis Rosario, Battle Creek Central Grad for more details.
Started at KCC as a dual-enrolled student

4K Sunday, June 4, 2017 GRADUATION Battle Creek Enquirer

Lauren Hornback, valedic-
torian), daughter of Walter Horn-
back and Jessica Faucher, plans
to work after graduation.
Ariel LaFountain, salutatori-
an, daughter of Blaine and Emily Lauren Ariel Nicole Tony Cody
LaFountain and Amy Lemmons, Hornback LaFountain Bradshaw Collins Field
plans on going to college.
Nicole Bradshaw, daughter
Charles Ashley Kara of Randy and Tina Bradshaw and
Snyder Martin Twiest Joshua and Danyelle Maitland,
plans to attend cosmetology
Top seniors school.
Charles Snyder, valedictorian, son of Tony Collins, son of Carl and
Lois and Steve Snyder, plans to attend Betty Collins of Battle Creek, Brittny Jacob Brianna Lynsey Tara
Moody Bible Institute for communications. plans to work after graduation. Morris Pearson Rice Shreve Stout
Ashley Martin, salutatorian, daughter Cody Field, son of Dwayne
of Brian and Robin Martin, plans to attend and Tonya Field, plans to work than and Melissa Lowe and Joel Lynsey Shreve, daughter of
Sierra College, majoring in political sci- after graduation. Wisman, plans on working in the Jason Shreve and Karla Clark,
ence and minoring in international studies. Brittny Morris, daughter of IT support department at Liquid plans to work and attend Kellogg
Kara Mae Kim Twiest, daughter of Shawn and Amy Morris, current- Web after graduation. Community College to major in
Mark and Robin Twiest, plans to attend ly attends Wright Beauty Acad- Brianna Rice, daughter of nursing.
Grand Valley State University, majoring in emy and plans to continue the William Mennes and Christina Tara Stout, daughter of John
biology and chemistry and minoring in beauty program after graduation. Rice, plans to go to college to Stout and Austin and Melissa Mead,
business. Jacob Pearson, son of Jona- major in nursing. plans to go to culinary school.
Graduates Graduates
Caitlin Fletcher Jordan Mullins DeShawn Ronangelo Amerson Joseph Gene Gariepy Jr. Casey Frank Margherita
Kirby Frodge Reghan Norris Robert Nicholas Brownlee Noah David Garland Bryan Andrew Mason
Gavin Hansen Samuel Paternoster Javontai Michael Burns Jarrod Tylor Goheen Antonyo Mashon Moore
Avery Horrocks Andrew Schwabauer Maxwell Alton Kerry Cieslak Tyrese Michael Hagedorn Mikayla Aubrey Moore
Peter Momeyer Hanna Woodard Kaitlyn Marie Curtis Dea’Shon Tajae Amer Heard Rebecca Lynn Pierce
Robert Anthony Enriquez Kevin Thomas Hunt Lakeyn McKenna Marie Piper
Dylan Michael Finnis Morgan Hope Hutchings Joseph Alexander Popovich
Sasha’Rae Cheyenne Fisher Tylor Thomas Keesling Alec Wayne Rogers

CALHOUN Arianna Constance Frazier
Safari Frederick
Diamond Zhnae King
Samara Lashae Lawrence
Jaylon Amar Settles

Top 10
COLON HIGH SCHOOL Daniel Alva, son of Rocky attend Eastern Michigan Univer-
Graduates Danny Oleksa,
Stephania Boyd, Doris Klaussen Chase Tomlinson, valedictori- and Laura Alva, plans to attend sity for electronic media and film
Doris Klaussen Developmental Center an, son of Steve and Nicole Tom- Michigan State University for studies.
Developmental Center Elizabeth Santibanez, linson, plans to attend Grand Val- crop and soil sciences. Gretta Minor, daughter of
Alisha Bratcher, Adult Training Program ley State University for market- Kali Tyler, daughter of Jere- Paul Minor and Gretchen Stouder,
Adult Training Program Clayton Schreffler, ing. my and Tami Tyler, plans to plans to attend Grand Valley State
Deon Butler, Doris Klaussen Harrison Sillings, salutatori- attend Glen Oaks to take gener- University to become an OB/GYN.
Doris Klaussen Developmental Center an, son of Darrell and Veronica al studies classes, then transfer Connor Swihart, son Christo-
Developmental Center Michael Tungate, Sillings, plans to attend Roosevelt to the Kellogg Community Col- pher Swihart and Elizabeth Jor-
Jameka Collins, Adult Training Program University in Chicago to play on lege Career Center to become dan
Doris Klaussen Keith Watts, their golf team and major in mar- an electrician. Megan Norton, daughter of
Developmental Center Adult Training Program keting. Madison Miller, daughter Ron Wing and the late Tracy and
Krista Hunt, Chase Thrams, son of Ron of Kip and Rhonda Miller, plans Kenneth Norton, plans on moving
Adult Training Program Project SEARCH Thrams and Glenda Gum, plans to to attend Northwood University. out to Kansas City to do an in-
Shelby Jackson, at Duncan Aviation attend Ferris State University for Andrew Lash, son of Brian ternship at Radiant Church called
Doris Klaussen List of Graduates pharmacy and business admini- Lash and Amy Parrish, plans to Radiant Intensive.
Developmental Center Freddy Balmer stration.
Sonny Marry, Hunter Conine
Adult Training Program Logan Goundrill Graduates
Monte Sauers Gabe Bezerra Ahsley Elliott Austin Jacobs Roosa Mynttinen Sunniva Solbakken
Jourdan Bissett Abigail Fellers Drew Johnson Kassidy Robinette Branden Tomlinson
Paige Broker Jeremy Franks Ian Jordan Hannah Root Megan Warn
Lucas Carter Melynnda Frye Paige Koller Daniel Rounds Michael Weaver

CLIMAX-SCOTTS Connor Clemens
Jarrett Collins
Zachary Greenwald
Mia Hart
Wyatt Leitch
Julie Milliman
John Ryan
Breahanna Schooley
Brandon Wilbur
Dane Wilson

McKenzie Hen- Top seniors Sadie Mae Finney Jacob Michael Merda
nessy, valedictori- Lane Wyatt Homister, Maximilian Fischer Robert Arnold Miller II
an, daughter of valedictorian Erika Frigerio Samantha Paige Miller
Daniel and Julie Sarah Rainey Bassett, Jassimine Alexis Garlock Austin Lee Mills
Hennessy, plans to salutatorian Mindy Sue Glossop Gabrielle Susan Mueller
attend Grand Val- Tate Austin Green Anja Elisabet Walentina Nilsson
ley State Univer- McKenzie Ethan Cassidy Helen Gregorski Aidan Joyce Pursley
Demetria Marie Alonzo Anaya
sity and pursue a Hennessy Simmons Cassidy Delano Grizzle Zachery Burr Renauldo
Taylor Paige Anson
career as a physi- Logan Matthew Groner Nutwara "Punch" Saeaiao
Trenton Koy Aukerman
Dylan Wescott Haight Foster Timothy Shafer
cian’s assistant. Trevor Daniel Aukerman
Luke Daniel Haines Ocean Alexis Skaggs
Ethan Simmons, salutatorian, son of Brendon Allen Baird
Nicholas Scott Halcomb Kayla Mae Smith
Todd and Bonnie Simmons, plans to attend Brittany Sue Baker
Kayla Jean Hanchett Jennifer Elin Stenroos
Ferris State University. Samantha Marie Baker
Dylan Royce Haywood DeEtte Robin Swinehart
Autumn Elizabeth Barstow
Riane Rene Heckman Parker James Tallent
Jacob Keith Bever
Graduates Andrew William Jackson Rebecca Lynne Tanner
Austin Hawk Hailey Dawn Bishop
Lily Boer Edward John Jones Isaac Joseph Taszreak
Hunter Johnson Alessandro Giovanni Blasi
Kaitlyn Brady Katelynn Rebecca Brook Jones Rachel-Rhiane Dalynn Taylor
Eloise Francoise Brisy
Noah Eshuis Lacey Lightfoot Andrew J. Kapteyn Austin Texas Terry
Maxwell Michael Buckland
Evelyn Lamb Austin Liska Madeline Isabelle Knobloch Bailee Elizabeth Tigchelaar
Hannah Kaitlyn ButchBaker
Matthew Middleton Timothy Lotter Eric Richard Korloch Kailee Brooke Tucker
Jacob Charles Carter
Adam Schantz Coryne Mannes Darren Thomas Lane Kelsee Rae Turner
Jenna Arlene Cheney
Zenna Soule Derek Milam Lila Marie Lane Vilma Aliisa Varis
Alexander Michael Cochran
Harriett Swager Joel Richardson Brooke Nicole Leatherman Esteban Villalobos
Danielle Christine Cole
Alvaro Abad-Reyes Alex Ridenour Sean Patrick LeBeau Gregor Vossbeck
Amanda Michelle Conley
Alica Beene Moriah Satterlee Elliot Bo Astor Maric Larsson Michaela Elizabeth Wachowski
Kaitlyn Marie Cosgrove
Riley Boomershine Kyliann Scherer Brittnee Jade Martin Alex Paul Waters
Krystal Marie Currier
Allison Crago Mikindra Scherer Wyatt Chandler Mast Matthias Weigl
Bethany Kay Daniels
Brittney Dixon Zachary Scholly Shawn Michael McCandlish Anthony Michael Willbur
Tiffany May Daniels
Emma Rae Duchene Lennon Swager Turner Dale McCowan Matthew Thomas Yonkers
Hayden Lee Doorlag
Brenna Tutt Cogan Joseph McCoy Elena Zarkovic
David Elenga Elaine Adelle Drewyor
Tyler Warner Ambrosia Shusha McManus Joseph Donald Zito
Tanner Gibson Mikayla Marcie Du Shane
Angel Weeks David Richard Antonio Meade Hannah Lynn Zurhorst
Aaron Gruver Laura Renae Fales

“KCC is great for high school students who
want to jump-start their degree. KCC showed Dual Enrollment at KCC KELLOGG
me how to turn my passion into a career.” Now is the time to make plans for the future. COMMUNITY COLLEGE
Talk to your high school counselor and visit
Jermaine Wi
Williams, Battle Creek Central Grad
Started at KC
KCC before transferring to Western Michigan University for more details.


Battle Creek Enquirer GRADUATION Sunday, June 4, 2017 5K

Shane Armstrong Taylor Davis Stephen Graham Linnea O'Neil Emily Wisz
Brendan Austin Anna DeLeon Makenzie Green Kali Papke Aurora Worst
William Ballett Payton DeYoung Madison Harlow Destiny Partin Mason Yancy
Bryan Beard D'Shey Dickinson Alexis Harper Devon Pickett
Braily Blackmun White Haley Hotrum Ashley Rainey Alternative
Natalie Samantha Lash Blackmun Anna Doorlag Sydney Hoyt Madison Savage Education
Hosmer Brooks Audrey Blakeslee Morgan Douglas Mikayla Kershner Alexis Schmidt Hunter Clayton
Ana Booth Jacob Dowdy Kylie Klomparens Dalton Shaffer Skylar Cook
Natalie Hosmer, valedictorian, daughter of Gerid Bowler Michael Drobny Avery Landers Madelyne Standley
Gary and Stephanie Hosmer, plans to attend Anthony Brewer Hailey East Brandon Livingston Tristan Terry
Ohio University for biological sciences with a Matthew Brown Holly Eberstein Markisha Lumbard Logan Thomas-Colvin
physical therapy track. Lissa Camarillo Allyn Edgar Caleb Mayfield Nikolas Thompson
Samantha Brooks, salutatorian, daughter James Chadwick Tyler Fleck Catherine Millen Savanna Waite
of Carrie Carlton, plans to attend Michigan Nathan Chatman Dharma Fry Brendon Murray Hannah Weaver
State University for veterinary technology. Kathryn Cross Alyssa Gibson Daniel Olweean James Weese II

Top seniors Lou Nickolaou, plans to attend
Allegra Baird, daughter of Cin- Indiana University or the Uni-
dy and David Baird, plans to at- versity of Michigan.
tend the University of Michigan. Chandler Schmaltz, daughter
Avery Beck, daughter of Alicia of Nikki and David Schmaltz,
and Mike Beck, plans to attend plans to attend Kellogg Commu-
Loyola University Honors. nity College. Allegra Avery Lauren Lindsey Alyssa
Lauren Carr, daughter of Tina Morgan Seeberger, daughter Baird Beck Carr Carr Cutter
Carr, has enlisted in the Army. of Heather and Chuck Seeberg-
Lindsey Carr, daughter of Lisa er, plans to attend Michigan
and Tim Carr, is undecided. State University.
Alyssa Cutter, daughter of Lydia Spencer, daughter of
Pamela and Todd Cutter, plans to Elizabeth and Chad Spencer,
attend the University of Michi- plans to attend Spring Arbor
gan. University.
Deland Davis, son of Brenda Emily Vahs, daughter of Anna Deland Benjamin Jackson John Chandler
and Deland Davis, plans to attend and Doug Vahs, plans to attend Davis Kowitz Maurer Nicholaou Schmaltz
Michigan State University. Kellogg Community College.
Benjamin Kowitz, son of Kris- Katie Wade, daughter of Ly-
tin and Brent Kowitz, plans to nette and Robert Wade, plans to
attend Grand Valley University. attend Ohio Northern Univer-
Jackson Maurer, son of Carol sity.
and John Maurer, plans to attend Marissa Wilkerson, daughter
Ferris State University. of Jennifer Callahan and Mi-
Morgan Lydia Emily Katie Marissa
John Nicholaou, son of Liz and chael Wikerson, plans to attend
Seeberger Spencer Vahs Wade Wilkerson
Western Michigan University.
Seth William Aden Hunter Dakota Davis Mariah Juana Johnson Matthew Bryan Rauch
Chalida Akkapaiboon Jeremiah Christopher Davis Jacob Orlando Keeler Sophia Raudauer
Austin Steven Aldrich Logan Noelle Decker Alyia Kay Keener Martina Ann Reed
Samantha Mae Alwood Sophia Marie Deiro Jonah Christian Kellogg Marilyn Leslie Reiber
Pablo Andreu Evan Reid Dennis Brendan Jacob Key Jerod Andrew Rhoades
Charley Kaye Andrews Logan Kay Denton Runa Kleppek Gabriel Mark Rhodes
Joanna Ruth Baker Benjamin Zachary DeVore Brandon Mathew Knickerbocker Jeremiah Foster Roberts
Chazz Alan Banks Jesse Lee Dishman Trever Preston Koch Jordan James Robinson
Abbey Mae Barber Ana Dombi Ethan William Jeffery Kopp Kade Anthony Rocco
Kendyl Elizabeth Barnes Paige Mackenzie Dredge Devon Grace Larson Kailen Marlies Roop
Alex Roger Barravino Breonna Marie Edwards Brandon Dennis Lawhead Nicole Marie Root
Brenner Michael Beck Grace Mattlee Eishen Joel Kilgore Leatherman Isidro Ruiz
Caitlynn Jo Begley Elvira Paola Tafich Fajardo Sydney Kalice Leatherman Carlota Sanchez Hurtado
Madalyn Ranae Bell Joshua Brian Flees Peyton Alan Lepper Jade Amanda McKenna Scherer
Hannah Rose Berning Laecey Mae Foster Djordje Leverda Abigail Rose Simpson
Ethan Todd Bishop Niaraiah Imani Kenya Frederick Gavin Joseph Lindsey Hanna Irene Sines
Taylor Mykenna Bishop William Michael Funk Shane Roger Mahoney Cassandra Caitlyn Smith
Chelsey Louise Blowers Nina Gajowski Breanna Lynn Mainstone Gage William Stahl
Sabrina Bonandin Kameron Henry Ganton Renae Lindsey Malone Cortnee Irene Stevens
Andrew Stephen Bosserd Ignacio Garro San Millan Nicholas Jacob Marenko Ethan Edward Surprenant
Jacey Rae Bowers Morgan Kay Genoe Tyler Jacob Mathiak Evan Brandon Swafford
Caleb Michael William Brandt Connor Michael Gilbert Logan Dewey Mays Lauren Noelle Tassie
Lillian Raine Brandt Matthew Warrick Gipson Jenson Rae McCollum Emily Jean Testolin
Cael Rhys Brennan Nicolas Ryan Grable Colin James McIlvain Dakota Christopher Trimm
Kendra JoAnn Britten Gabriel Luc Alan Green Ja'Cory Lee McNutt Gabriela Marie Valadez
Mitchell Donald Brock Jacqueline Marie Greene Alexis Leigh McPeck Andrew Isaac Vander Molen
Karsyn Ryley Brower Rahel Grundler Tatiana Meyer Kylee Nicole Vantrease
Jensen Elizabeth Bush Brittney Lee Habelitz Drew Anthony-Conine Michael Robert Michael VanVleet
Jason Steven Carr Rebekah Joy Hainline Haley Nicole Ruby Middaugh Carlena Marie Vincent
Brandie Elaine Cary Andrew James Haller Meghan Riley Militzer Danielle Sierra Waterman
Andrea Mae Case Christopher Dean Hamilton Michael Ryan Millirans Alexis Nicole Westworth
Kaylee Leann Case Nathan Robert Haughey Austin James Mitchell Dakota Rae Whitlock
Morgan Katelynn Casterline Madison Amara Hawes Abriana Marie Morford Kayle May Whitney
Troy Alexander Castro Caleb Michael Hayes Bailee Lynne Morse Leif Alexander Widemon
Alexis Michelle Chapman Alissa Marie Heatherly Antonia Nietsch Shay James Wilder
Matthew Ryan Church Robert Eugene Henderson Ryan Patrick O'Connor Gillian Renee Wilk
Autumn Mariah Cole-Demott Daniel Heyer Bret Hunter Osborn Devin Michael Wolever
Makenzie Marie Conners Caleb Daniel Hinten Nicolas Otto Scotie Marie Wood
Hunter Lee Cook MaCaila Lynn Hite Brock Ethan-Thomas Parker Katelynn Marie Woods
Joshua Morgan Cooper Javian Wesley Hodges Anna Leigh Pascoe Andrew Dale Yeck
Char-Da Dezire Cork-Craig Trever Patrick Hogan Mason Ronald Phillips
Jaden Paul Costa Lidia McK. Alfonso Howard Zachary Allen Powell
Caamrin Char'Don Cox Jule Hundt Angel Moon Praim
Ryan Andrew Curtis Michael Scot Ivany Anthony James Pratt
Hunter Christian Joseph Davila Melanie Celina Jarrell Austin Nathaniel Pruitt
Alexis Lynn Davis Alex Tyler Johnson Jonathan Ardill Ramos
Ean Matthew Johnson

“If you start now, you could be way ahead, so
when you actually graduate you already have Dual Enrollment at KCC KELLOGG
credits that you can take to a university.” Now is the time to make plans for the future.
Talk to your high school counselor and visit
Hailey Peguero, Harper Creek Sophomore
KCC dual-enrolled student for more details.


6K Sunday, June 4, 2017 K1
GRADUATION Battle Creek Enquirer

Mara Megan Kayleigh Abigail Reilly Mary Samuel Olivia Emily Timbree Samantha Austin
Allan Backe Collins Czinder Former Green Johnson Mead Pattok Pederson Richardson Stephens

Top seniors Aquinas College for elementary educa- State University for marketing. Timbree Pederson, daughter of
Mara Allan, daughter of Scott and tion Samuel Johnson, son of Bradley Steve and Melissa Pederson, plans to
Andrea Allan, plans to attend Kellogg Abigail Czinder, daughter of Greg and Karin Johnson, plans to attend attend Hope College for biochemistry.
Community College/Kendall College of and Kelly Czinder, plans to attend Grand Brigham Young University for physical Samantha Richardson, daughter
Art and Design for medical illustration. Valley State University for statistics. therapy. of Rob and Karen Richardson, plans to
Megan Backe, daughter of Steven Reilly Former, daughter of Robert Olivia Mead, daughter of Jeff and attend Michigan Technological Univer-
and Melissa Backe, plans to attend and Karelyn Former, plans to attend Julie Mead, plans to attend Grand Val- sity for computer science.
Michigan State University for bio- Michigan State University for physics ley State University for psychology. Austin Stephens, son of David and
chemistry. and computer science. Emily Pattok, daughter of Gerald Theresa Stephens, plans to attend Fer-
Kayleigh Collins, daughter of Ste- Mary Green, daughter of Phillip and and Sandra Pattok, plans to attend the ris State University for software engi-
phen and Amy Collins, plans to attend Ann Green, plans to attend Michigan University of Michigan for nuclear neering.
Meghan Anders Chyanne Claspill Morgen Hall Katie Kuzava Kathryn Pohl Jeffrey Tyrrell
Madison Andrews Jonathan Cook Rilee Hammond Nicholas Larabee Tieler Price Joshua Ulrich
Virginia Arechiga Matthew Craven Tori Harding Logan Leatherman Ramsie Rairigh Tyler Ulrich
Brianna Arens Zackary Cummings Amanda Harp Tamra Livingston Chase Reaser Camille Van Dien
Cameron Argo Lacie Cunningham Daniel Harrington Jack Longstreet Alan Rivera Reese VanHouten
Morgan Armour Colin Cusack Claire Harris Makenna Lowell Trevor Ryan Sarah Vann
Danielle Badgley Samuel Dakin Amber Harshbarger Dakota Lumbert Shelby Schild Philip Van Noty
Jenelle Bailey Christopher Davis Ethan Hart Noah Lumbert Joshua Sherwood Justin Voshell
Jacob Baldry Hannah Davis Austin Healy Raymon Luna Maria Shinaver Auston Walsh
Michael Banister Jordan Davis Dillon Heath Brittani Madden Charlie Simpson Sarah Watson
Olivia Barrett Robert Davis Jazmine Heath Adriana Martinez Tyler Slocum Olivia Weeks
Brianna Beck Hannah DeZwaan Shadrach Hedger Elizabeth McCrackin Ryan Smelker Katherine Weinbrecht
Kipling Beck Jacob Dunn Elizabeth Heide Zachery Mesecar Kimberly Smith Alex Welch
Courtney Bender Jenna Ehredt Julia Helmholdt Mary-Jean Miller Madison Smith Sydney Wenman
Ian Bleam Matthew Endsley Derek High Samantha Mitchell Sandra Smith Braeden Wescott
Lauren Bloom Elijah Evans Kourtney Hubbert Cassidy Monroe William Smith Emily Westers
Alexis Bloomberg Cody Eye Carolynne Huebner Megan Morawski Madeline Solmes Drew Westworth
Elizabeth Brabon Joseph Feldpausch Hailey Hughes Brenagan Murphy Elizabeth Somervell Chelsey Wickham
Skyler Brower Mark Feldpausch Lacy Jenkins Trisha Myer Kirstine Soroy Dylan Williams
Jasce Brown Logan Fish Cyrus Jerue Hailey Neal Emily Sprague Lauren Wolfenbarger
Destiny Burch Tyler Forsythe Hannah Joerin-Horning Journi Neil Andrew Stout Elizabeth Wolfgang
Kayla Burger Lucas Fox Tatiana Jones Jordan Nelson Charles Surratt Hunter Work
Zoe Campbell Andee Gerber Ethan Kelly Jacklynn Nevins Raegan Taylor Taylor Wright
Calvin Cappon Zachary Gibson Alexis Kelmer Emerald O'Brien Taylor Tigchelaar Troy Yoder
Kameryn Carter Tabitha Glasgow Caitlyn Kerley Julianna Parker Hunter Tobias Christopher Young
Emily Casarez William Green Toby Kerley Daniel Patten Alanna Townsend Bailey Zelasko
Chloe Case Justin Greer Casey Keys Samantha Pennington Hannah Trick
Cheyann Caudill David Hall Ethan Klipfer Kaitlyn Pittman Grace Trowbridge
Daniel Koneska Devin Planck Austin Twigg

HOMER Graduates
Mariah F. Begarowicz
Bryce M. Bender
Kira M. Bowden
Garrett J. Butler
Karleigh A. Butler
Shayne M. Cairl
Alexander R. Carus
Alexis C. Cole
Skylen S. Cole
Xavier J. Collins
Hope D. Cornstubble Senior Scholars Jasmine Fox
Jacob M. Dickinson Ethan Notting-
Haley Bean Duane Fuller III ham
Hailee S. Draper
Brett Cornell Jayden Haller Allison Parrish
Benjamin Caleb Torey Cody Stephanie Cody M. Drumm-Turner
William N. Dunn Ivol Frasier Emily Harmon Alexandra Paxton
O’Dell Chamberlain Winchell Michael Bitz Kelsey Harmon
Matthew D-L. Francis Michael Holmquist Bradley Pitt
Elizzabeth R. Geistel Maddelynn Horn Austin Harris Gabriela Porter
Marissa M. Green Catherine Huynh Sindel Harris Trevor Powell
Justice L. Haigh Emily Odisher Taylar Hickerson Paige Radebaugh
Darion T. Heath Mackenzie Pickell Callie Hitchcock
Kristen R. Jaskiw Riley Rakocy
Garrett Porter Christian Hoag Jr Loren Reif
Kiley M. Knight Graduates Elijah Holliday
Trevor D. Ladd Andrea Renfro
Zoe Aseltine Kristen Jen Kayley Rogers
Nicole Brandon Blaire Jacalyn Caden Téa R. Landis
Haley Askew MakaylaAnne Jennings Sara Schultz
Young Fisher Robinson Hoyt Konkle Logan R-J. Lautzenheiser
Jayde M. Lowder Jacob Bailey Nicole Jodway Sarah Shafer
Juel A. Marovich Bryce Bassage Nathan Karney Jacinda Sherman
Top 10 Stephanie Bitz, daughter of Devin T. Miller Andrew Bender Conner Katz Markel Shiery
Benjamin O’Dell, valedic- Tony and Linda Bitz, plans to at- Bailey S. Newsome Kaylyn Blair Elijah Knisely Jacob Shilling
torian, son of Darian and Ruth tend Concordia University and is Tyler R. Nilles Brandon Boatman Enayy Kurbanova Ellysa Shoemaker
O’Dell, plans to attend Western undecided on a course of study. Brooke R. O'Dell Alexandria Bond Jenifer Lindsey
Kyle B. Porter Austin Smith
Michigan University for chem- Nicole Young, daughter of Jay Casper Boshers Alexandra Locke
istry. and Liz Loomis, plans to attend Hannah E. Reed Cheyenne Smith
Hunter Brayton Kyle Locke Tyler Smith
Caleb Chamberlain, salu- Albion College for business. Summer M. Rose Mitchell Loftis
Jacob D. Schlumm Zachary Brockway Abigail Sobeske
tatorian, son of Marty and Amy Brandon Fisher, son of Jere-
Luke Clancy Max Mason James Spragg
Chamberlain, plans to attend miah and Kimberly Fisher, plans Joshua J. Schlumm
Concordia University for to attend Albion College for ac- Payton D. Schrader Skylar Coblentz Kayla McKinley Clarissa Stauffer
sports entertainment and play counting. David M. Southerland Dalton Connin Joshua Michael Claire Supianoski
baseball. Blaire Robinson, daughter of Bo T. Stemaly Cheyenne Cox Anna Miller Kaydee Swafford
Torey Winchell, daughter Brad Robinson and Paula Stilson, Samantha L. Sylvester Jenna Crites Kaileb Miller Luke Swift
of Scott and JoLynn Winchell, plans to attend Kellogg Communi- Tyler K. Taylor Brandi Dowell Austin Mitchell Lance Thorp
plans to attend Eastern Michi- ty College for dental hygiene. Miguel Tomé Hannah Economou Charles Murphy
Bryton M. Warrens John Vargo
gan University for mechanical Jacalyn Hoyt, daughter of Jordan Elliott Samantha Myers
engineering. Benjamin and Carol Hoyt, plans to Kaleb K. Weitzel Makayla White
Bethany Falknor Brayden Nelson
Cody Michael, son of Scott attend The Salon Professionals Kayla R. Williams Katelyn Newberry
Anna E. Willis Karolyn Fast
Michael and Elizabeth Handy, Academy for cosmetology.
Joel Filippidis Adriana Norton
plans to attend the University Caden Konkle, son of Kelly Hunter J. Wilson
of Michigan to study educa- and Becky Konkle, plans to attend Jack D. Wint Michael Fisher
tion. Albion College for psychology. Brennon M. Wyman

“If you have the time and effort to take
KELLOGG Dual Enrollment at KCC classes at KCC, I’d definitely recommend it.”
Now is the time to make plans for the future.
Talk to your high school counselor and visit Andres Carmona, Hastings Grad Started at KCC before transferring to Lawrence Tech
for more details .


Battle Creek Enquirer GRADUATION Sunday, June 4, 2017 7K

James Soroosh Zachery Michelle Isabella Hannah Maggie Kendall Haley Margo
George Sabouni Kutschke Zhang Trainor Lyon Farrell Johnson Roestel Miller

Top 10 of Michigan for computer Isabella Trainor, daughter Maggie Farrell, daughter Haley Roestel, daughter of
James George, son of science and engineering. of Lorena Moros Trainor and of Lisa and Patrick Farrell, Teresa and Jim Roestel, plans
Sheela George and George Zachery Kutschke, son of Brian Trainor, plans to attend plans to attend Michigan State to attend Grand Valley State
Cherian, plans to attend the Irene Hardgrave and Pete Western Michigan University University for food or animal University for biomedical
University of Michigan for Kutschke, plans to attend MIT Lee Honors College to study science. science.
biomedical engineering. for mechanical engineering. pre-med. Kendall Johnson, daughter Margo Miller, daughter of
Soroosh Sabouni, son of Michelle Zhang, daughter Hannah Lyon, daughter of of Patty and Lance Johnson, Kim and Greg Miller, plans to
Sonbol and Saeed Sabouni, of Yan Li and Decai Zhang, Jennifer and Eric Lyon plans to plans to attend the University attend the University of Michi-
plans to attend the University plans to attend Harvard Uni- join the U.S. Naval Academy. of Michigan. gan for movement science.
versity for economics.

Graduates Manveer Singh
Cyle Benjamin Adams Maxwell Louis Cruise Zane Carson Huckaba Michael Jay Miller Ashley Renee Smith
Daan Hendrikus Theod Adriaans CyLena Lenay Cummings Jessica Conley Hughes Noah John Miller Elise Renee Smith
Paul Bryan Alcorn Abigail Jacqueline Davis Tun Iang Stephon Rhyheem Tramell Moody Taryn Brianne Snyder
George Frangipani Almeida Kerynna Lynn Dean Brandon William Ives Lia Shapel Moore Shelby Maurie Sobeski
Jaleah Monet Austin Zachary Brooks Dehn Cade Dylan Johnson Tomas Miguel Mora Pamela Jacobie Soule
Autumn Joy Babas Monica Renee Dembski Colin David Johnson Emma Louise Morey Kiara Imani Spann
Marissa Nicole Babineau Alyssa Michelle DeNooyer Jaylon Juan Dupree Johnson Travis Walter Morgan Parker Benjamin Sprau
Branden Steven Bailey Harman Singh Deol Kristopher Adam Johnson Marc Munoz Bures Valldevilaramo Kevin Charles Sprick
Hunter Thomas Baize Zackary Guy Dexter Brittnie Ann Marie Jones Chesley Micah Corrine Murphy Joshua David St Germaine
Marissa Joy Bandlow Tylon Richard Dilling Nathan Paul Jones Elizabeth Grace Murray James Patrick Staab
Nicholas Donald Banks Tluang Za Dim Theresa Parsunkip Jopaul Aliah Chelsea Myers Jensyn Ann-Marie Staib
Maccabee Hunter Barrett Eli Garrett Dornton Andrew Nolan Joslyn Daniel New Logan D Stallings
Percy Clarence Bean Joshua Craig Dunlap Melissa Anh Joslyn An Thi Hoang Nguyen Nicholas Duane Stanley
Breeanna Renee Becerra Colin John Duyck Michelle Kieu Joslyn Han Ngoc Nguyen Brianna Ilene Steinecke
Mirissa Marie Becerra Michael Lee Dykstra Ayodeji Isaiah Jubreel Kien Xuan Nguyen Karina Leighanne Nicol Stevens
Austin Thomas Begley Christopher Caleb-Lee Edwards Erin Katrina Kahn Morgan Marie Palmer Madison St. Amant Stewart
Aric Thomas Belt Rebekah Grace Ehart William Ross Kaspari George Taylor Perrett Alex David Sulka
Nichole Flowers Bentley Emily Catherine Eldridge Noah Thomas Kelly Annalee Grace Perry Carter Samuel Sullivan
Benjamin Skyler Berrios Ethan Christopher Eldridge Khyrell Te'Vion-Lamar Kendall Theodor Alexander Pfeiff Erick James Summerville
Dalonte Scott Bibbs Seth Philip Emery Logan James Kerner Grace Noelle Pierce Alexa Lynn Swalwell
Seth Edward Bickford Jaila Batrice English Carlee Patricianne Kitchen Jakob Daniel Polendo Jaylyn Dayvon Taylor
Alexander Bruce Birdsall Anthony Torlando Evans Josiah Andrew Kitchen Lauren Kay-Marie Portteus Mitchell Robert Taylor
Ryan Alexander Bloch Sebastian Brent Van Everest Zachary Brice Kyser Sydney Nichole Rose Prater Rose Lillian Tecumseh
Zachary Lawrence Douglas Blunier Grace Rosemary Fedele Anastasia Tatiana Lambert Jovanna Protic Jacob Michael Thompson
Brian Marshall Bocklund Alyssa Mashelle Fenton Lynsey Rae Lang Marina Angela Puhalj Par Tial
Jaylen Me'Khi Boggerty Nicholas Vitaliy Ferdon Bao Phan Quoc Le Marlena Veronica Puhalj Lal Nun Tluangi
Jenae Adrianna Bosher Amari' Daminga LaJuan Flemons Kailey Irene Fox Lemmons Hermo Isaiah Quispe Liz Emily Torres Martinez
Jacob Daniel Brady Marti Mackenzie Floyd Shayna Marie Lewis Mayra Lisette Rafael Dat Huu Tran
Shaun Christain Brady Clifton Gilbert Foster Mingxuan Li La'Shunti L'Chell Randolph Hung Quy Tran
Elena Andrea Bravo Abi Marie Fukuyama Lal Thawng Lian Canaan Michael Rayburn Andrew Robert Troskey
Rose Kaye Bridges Kai Alan Fukuyama Si Liu Delia Rebecca Raymond Shanae LaTrice Tuggle
Scott William Bridges Jorge Asier Galeote Alonso Wei Liu Haley Kathryn Reafsnyder Spencer Louis Tuggle
Serena Brondolo Irene Galvan Guzman Conor Yi Lohman Samantha Spring Reasons Solomon Siangliansang UK
Morgan Valeriana Brown Chase Huntley Gardner Quintin Yi Lohman Skylar Matthew Riede Angelina Nicolette Underhile
Jayson Kaito Butler Hunter Alys Garland Ceanna Leigh Long Jenessa Renee Rivera Shawnia Mercedes Valencia
Matteo Calcinardi Juan Moreno Gaviria Madison Logan Long Caleb William Robbins Nicholas Matthew VanWinkle
Christopher Thomas Campbell Jessalynn June Genier Linh Thuc Luong Emily Suzanne Robertson Araceli Mirella Vasquez
Lizbeth Campos Sanchez Elonne Ayanakia Gibson Alejandra Anahit Macias Hailey Nicole Robinson Veronica Elizabeth Vega
Patrick Dwight Carattini Lastaja Genae Gibson Damar Lashawn Maddison Joanna Marie Robinson Samantha Marie Vosburg
Anna Marie Card Kali Marie Gonzalez Bryer Vincent Magnuson Nicole Maria Robinson Anh Tran Tuan Vu
Emma Frances Carey Teaira Denise E Gray Matthew Joseph Maletta Gavin Nicholas Rogers Yuyan Wang
Cecilia Elaine Carmichael Cooper James Grosteffon Brandon David Marsh Ricardo Romero Zachery Michael Warner
Lawrence Keith Carnell Jeff Jie Guo Laura Martins Carnielo Carvalho Carmen Kristina Rose Jordan Skylar Wattie
Rigo Berto Carrillo Tung Anh Ha Logan Thomas Mattingly Kandra Noel Sajtar Ashley Nicole Weever
Abigail Christine Carstens Emily Elizabeth Hansen Darien Christain Maye Amalia Angela Salto Destiny Marie White
Pravallika Chirumamilla Hannah Kay Harris Chloe Eleana Marie McAllister Javier Alejandro Sanchez Josephine Marie White
Mikkel Christensen Lauren Dayle Hawkins Austin Nicholas McCarn J'Vonte Darvell John Schanzenbaker Zachary Oakes White
Taylor Nicole Church Kennedy Quinn Hayes Amari Lynn McCleary Austin Russell Schiller Jasmine Renee Whitfield
Noah Hampton Clark Blake Andrew Hermsen Christopher Daniel McGlynn Whitney R Schott Emily Lin Whitney
Austin Michael Cole Nicholas Ryan Hileman Madison Margaret McGriff Madison Marie Schrader Nathan Gregory Wiley
Justice Katherine Collins Brock Fallon Hills Mariah Estelle McKee-Akers Chase Allan Selby Londa Jeana Williams
Andrew Vincent Conley Lauren Theresa Hivale Corinne Dorn McPherson JayVion Capree Settles Matthew Scott Williams
Ava Leigh Cook Michael Ray Hogue Xanthus C'zar Meadows Nora Annease Shaffer Evan Jerome Wilson
Caleb David Cook Duncan James Holmes Alexis Mejia Niang Sian Siam Savannah Lynn Wirth
Nikki Ann Cox Allyson Marie Homan Tahler Maria-Luv Mesecar Calvin Michael Siddall Hannah Aprillynn Wolverton
Tiffany Marie Coy Sophia Elizabeth Honkanen Conner James Metcalf Ana Marie Singh Hanna Isabel Woodard
Taylar Brooke Coyer Kaidi Huang Caitlin E Miller Gagandeep Singh Brianna Kay Zuke

Barbara McCool
Kadin Mcintyre
Gage Merica
Lucas Miller
Evan Alison Dawson Kyle Anthony Bekah Logan Audrey Elizabeth Linsy Braelyn Molson
Adrianson Dodge Gusey Hoover Martin Mater Ramey Reid Rushford Rushford Rachel Morris
Alex Musser
Alexis Nelson
Top 10 Kyle Hoover, son of Technological University Graduates Holden Creller Basak Ozturk
Evan Adrianson, son Lezlie and Karl Hoover, for actuarial science. Darius Abbott Jonah Denton Supapit Pariyanukul
of Kelly and Paul Adri- plans to attend Michigan Audrey Reid, daughter Drew Allen Phuong Dinh Sabrina Pesce
anson, plans to attend Technological University of JoEllyn and Rob Reid, Garrett Allwardt Mark Dixon Thakorntun Potjanametha
Davenport University for for mechanical engineering. plans to attend Grand Val- Nathan Baird Anthony Faynor Jordan Reynolds
business management. Anthony Martin, son of ley State University for Jason Bassett Sequoya Fighter Derik Roll
Alison Dodge, Sara and Mike Martin, nursing. Carie Betz Isaac Fisher Matthew Schaub
daughter of Regina plans to attend a university Elizabeth Rushford, Alissa Bowerman Brooke Fisher Andrew Schliep
Brooks and Cory Merica, and study mechanical engi- daughter of Lisa and Mark Matthew Braden Auzzie Fuller Thomas Shilton
plans to attend Kellogg neering and robotics. Rushford, plans to attend Nickolas Braden Raymond Halliwill Walker Skelton
Community College for Bekah Mater, daughter Baker College for automo- Dayle Braden Jace Heinze Katelynn Spencer
computer-aided drafting of Trudy and Alan Mater, tive services technology. Jacob Brighton Charles Hoyle Panjarat Sriwikrantyotin
and design. plans to attend Indiana Linsy Rushford, daugh- Sloan Carpenter Andrew Hoyt Danielle Struble
Dawson Gusey, son Wesleyan University for ter of Lisa and Mark Rush- Karley Childers Tyler Huver Pattanit Suebsai
of Jennifer and Ryan nursing. ford, plans to attend either Kayli Collier Brandon Kempf Irene Tobar Rodriguez
Gusey, plans to attend Logan Ramey, son of Bethel College or Roches- Diego Cortes Gomez Elizabeth King Rachel Varney
Saginaw Valley State Paula and Timothy Ramey, ter College for theater and Nathaniel Crane Brittney Kirby Dillon Walker
University for manage- plans to attend Michigan business. Athena Crane Robert Lamma III Cameron Wiehe

“I love Battle Creek. Battle Creek
is home and I’m staying here.” KELLOGG
Ty Dilling, Lakeview Grad Academic areas of study at KCC are designed to prepare students
Future KCC Criminal Justice student to transfer to four-year universities or complete degrees that lead
directly to employment. Explore our many options at


8K Sunday, June 4, 2017 K1
GRADUATION Battle Creek Enquirer

Cameron Clare Camden Joseph Madelyn Rachel Liam Michael
Johnson Rachel Matthew
Face Feneley Gardner Kurtz Martinson Rocco Russell Vezmar
Huynh Schoepke Terry

Top seniors Camden Gardner, son of Mark mechanical engineering major. Rachel Schoepke, daughter of Da-
Cameron Face, son of Darci Dakin and Lori Gardner, plans to major in Madelyn Martinson, daughter of vid and Jeryl Schoepke, plans to attend
and Ronald Face, plans to attend the biology and economics, then on to a David and Tracy Martinson, plans to the University of Michigan, with a double
University of Michigan or Michigan medical degree with a focus on der- attend Taylor University, to major in major in actuarial mathematics and sta-
State University for pre-med and then matology. mathematics and minor in Spanish. tistics, minoring in economics and plans
continue to medical school to pursue a Johnson Huynh, son of Lisa Rachel Rocco, daughter of Tod and to join the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity to
career as a surgeon. Hoang and Joseph Huynh, plans to Mia Rocco, plans to attend the Univer- continue volunteering and tutoring.
Clare Feneley, daughter of Kelly attend the University of Michigan, sity of Notre Dame for biological Matthew Terry, son of Grant and
and Michael Feneley, plans to attend majoring in biomedical sciences and science and continue on to medical Lisa Terry, plans to attend Michigan
Northern Michigan University for biol- minor in language studies and cul- school to work in the pathology field. State University for mechanical engi-
ogy with a physiology concentration tures. William “Liam” Russell, son of neering
and a possible minor in Spanish, then Joseph Kurtz, son of Joseph and Jennifer and Brandon Russell, plans Michael Vezmar, son of John and
plans to attend medical school with Chizuyo Kurtz, plans to attend Colum- to work in the field of cyber security Diane Vezmar, plans to attend Michigan
aspirations of being a cardiologist or bia University’s Foundation School of either for the government or a tech State Honors College and audition for
heart-related specialist. Engineering and Applied Science as a company. the Spartan Marching Band.

Dylan James Albrecht-Cook Greyson R. Gillett Drezharay J.Queen Lynn Langston Grace Victoria Schurig
Nicole Jofaye Almaraz Willie L. Glasper II Ian Mark Lautzenheiser Cody Seburg
Samuel Elijah Anderson DeVonte Thomas Gonsalez Zackery M. Leichliter Brooke Morgan Shellenberger
Morgan Gabrielle Armstrong Olivia Marie Gonzalez Sarah Nicole Leightner Johnathan Sherman
Melissa Ann Mary Beth Arnold Lily Del Goodman Vivian Sarah Lembeck Calvin Smith
Mitchell Avery Wyatt James Gosnell Audrey Kathleen Lewis Elon Smith
Joseph Peter Bailey Kassandra Grace Carlee A. Long Brian A. Spencer II
Elijah Rene Balli-Solis Madelyn Gresley Taryn M. Long Dymond I. Stokes
Nicholas Raymond Banaszak Alexis Griffin Dustin Thomas Lutz Governor C.W. Stovall
Hannah Kathleen Banfield Mason Lee Griffith Haley Almedia Martin Isiah Edward Strand
Sydney Louise Banfield Megan Groves Erika Adrianna Martinez Skyler Mathew Streeter
Dylan Scott Barnes Hannah Inez Hale Spencer Bradley Aaron McComb Phineas N. Swett
Kobe Lee Barnett Brendan Daniel Hankey Theodore S. McDonald Albina Taalaibek kyzy
Emma Kathryn-Evans Benham Jessica Lynn Hanna Megan Nicole McFadden Reiko Takase
Trevor M. Boike Breanna Marie Hawkins Michael Miller Anderson Martin Thompson
Colter Joseph-Dean Bossel Trevor R. Hawkins Lauren Milne Jade A. Torrey
Savanna Bouwens Austin Hazel Megan Elise Moffat Sara Delaney Townsend
Gabrielle Elizabeth Bradley Bradley D. Heidenreich Samantha Montgomery-Oleksa Taylor R. Treat
Kathrin Rose Brandt Kevin Daisuke Helle Brian Gregory Montross Victoria Kathryn Trudell
Brady Jonathon Brisson Emily Grace Hellman Elayna Rachel Moreau Nicole Taylor Tucker
Baylee Emma Brodock Thomas Owen Hellman Joline Mumme Jane Turner
Maeve Miranda Bronson Josie Marie Herman Antonio C. Nelson Kaitlyn Marie Turner
Riley Charles Thomas Brownell Abigail E. Hershock Hope Linae Newsome Sam Van Zyl
Pimwipa Chamnanchan Elizabeth Marie Hiither Ian M. Nostrant Cole Varvatos
Aidan James Marshall Chapman Benjamin Kevin Hoffman Jordan Olin Evalyn Votava
Dakota Alexander Clapper Gabrielle M. Hoffman Ethan Eric Olmstead Ryan Anthony Wade
Kimberly Sue Coats Julia Katherine Hope Samantha Mackenzie Onkka Zaria Walker
Noah Scott Coppo Kathryn R. Howard Sara Parks Andrew T. Warriner
Maya Sadie Crull Emily D. Huepenbecker Nahatai Patanasakpinyo Audrey Noelle Warsop
Erin Elizabeth Culp Nicholas James Inman Trisha M Patel Shatara Washington
Alix Lila Curnow Joseph Patrick Irish Nina Patterson Marcus Waters
Alexandria Christine Davis Lacey Renae Jennings Aleksi Leigh Patton Jonathon D. Welke
Lauren Day Valentina Jerez-Corualan Matthew A. Peck Asher Eller Wertheimer
Molly Elizabeth Delaney Michael Jerron Johnson James Orval Peterson Victoria Paige Westmoreland
Hannah Marie Delmotte Alexis M. Kalisz Georgianna Rene Pratley Ryan Westrick
Tyler Bryan Denbrock Alec P. Kaminski Cody M. Quick Grace Kathleen Wheeler
Corey Dexter Natsuki Kanaya Payton Jade Riddle Kaylynn Marie White
Jennifer Louise Diver Gavin Robert Karaba Sheeney Angel Ripley Frankie R. Wiitanen
Samantha M. Dolph Clementia Caitlin Kelly Nicole Morgan Robilliard Laura Willard
Hannah Noel Donahue Alliyah L. Kemp Carlos LeRoy Robinson Jr. Ajani Wilson
Kristen R. Dornton Twanea Kemp Janie Lee Rodgers Kyle Wolf
Morgan Caitlin Drumm Sean Kent Sophie Roettgen Hannah Wolin
Annie Flynn Dubois Veronica Susan Klingel Jaylyn Robert Rudolph Rachael Michelle Woods
Alyssa Renee Dunn Sarah Grace Knight Maria A. Ruedisueli Zoey Zacharski
Blake E. Ebner Jillian J. Konkle Elisa Marie Saari Faraj Zayed
Emily Fulcher Kurt Lyle Kraushaar Santiago Salinas Yasmin Farid Zayed
Noah Christopher Fulmer Bethanie Catherine Lakatos Sydney Camille Sanford
Ta'Miyah M. Gardenhire Marco T. Lang Airial L. Saylor
Lindsay Katherine Gardner

Top seniors
Samantha Lowe, valedictorian, daugh- Graduates
ter of Tom and Susan Lowe, plans to attend Christian Adams Dakota Fox Marqiz Lane Jaylin Redmond
Central Michigan University for statistics. Emery Aldridge Kyleigh Freed Kaitlyn Lee Isabella Rodriguez
Maryellen Gisele McCarthy, salutatori- Evan Binkley Christina Gregg Madison LeTart Carson Shacka
an, daughter of Marcine and Brendan Mc- Skylar Brouse Zachary Hansen Lucas Mathie Austin Slachter
Carthy, will be providing a year of mission Kaleb Brunner Lexi Haycook Darnell Mayes Tori Slone
work with NET ministries before attending Bakarri Bykerk Andrea Herrera Haylee McClelland Crystal Stout
Grand Rapids Community College, major- Kendra Castle Kalib Honeycutt Kamron McDonald Barbara Sullivan
ing in education. Nathan Champine Jasymne Huff Dartagnan Meister Tyrese Tate
Graduates Bree Christensen Desiree Hunter Madison Meszaros Gavin Trewhitt
Julianna Cuatt Sarina Sheldon Zachery Cole Austin Jenks Lewis Moss Adriananna Vanorder
Kemar Dejesus Nathaniel Spotts Megan Cortright Kaleb Johnson Damian Mulkey Christopher Wagler
Noah Frederick Robert Stanley Roman Daugherty Brandon Kalep Matthew Nelson Brianna Waidelich
Jacob Hanks Adrianna Vahs Nicollette Deuel Jasmine Knisley Matthew Paasch Austin Walker
Samantha Morrison Jordan Vandenburg Reaco Embry Kayla Krogel Justin Perkins Jonathan Wilkins
Christiana Ressler Brady Esckelson Raymond Landrum Elizabeth Porter Mercedes Woods
Eric Rainey Chelsea Young

a partnership between Kellogg Community College and Michigan State University COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Designed to save students time and money while preparing them for local, high-demand careers
in agriculture. Now accepting applications from high school graduates and current high school
students. Future Farmers of America students can apply up to 6 credits toward a KCC-MSU degree.


Battle Creek Enquirer GRADUATION Sunday, June 4, 2017 9K

Campbell Nolan Karli Teona Katelin Lucas Noelle Slone Kiersten Taylor
Brown Coolidge Corey Feldpausch Ivey Reist Rohde Schultz Washburn Williams

Top 10 Clark College for science. and Arthur Reist, plans to attend the Marian and Christopher Washburn of
Campbell Brown, son of Rebecca Teona Feldpausch, daughter of University of Michigan for biochem- Olivet, plans to attend Central Michi-
and Steven Brown, plans to attend Cen- Carma and Matthew Feldpausch, plans istry. gan University for communication
tral Michigan University for pre-medi- to attend Spring Arbor University for Noelle Rohde, daughter of Angela disorders.
cine. nursing. and Matthew Rohde, plans to attend Taylor Williams, daughter of Amy
Nolan Coolidge, son of Scott and Katelin Ivey, daughter of Carlee Michigan State University for English. Williams and David Williams, plans to
Erica Coolidge, plans to attend Kellogg and Mike Ivey, plans to attend Michi- Slone Schultz, daughter of Cheryl attend Michigan Technological Univer-
Community College for nursing. gan State University for actuarial sci- and John Schultz, plans to attend Albion sity for chemical engineering.
Karli Corey, daughter of Traci and ence. College for pre-medicine.
Steven Corey, plans to attend Lewis & Lucas Reist, son of Lachelle Plue Kiersten Washburn, daughter of

Aaron Michael Adkins Richard Lee Elmer Levin Harley Krauss Terrin Rose Pawloski Kaytlin Nicole Taylor
Zacary Christopher Aiken Elizabeth Ann Embree Logan Alexis Kyre Colten William Persons Emily Nicole Terrell
Leah Grace Amey Zane William Fleming Kameron Scott Kyser Kathryn Scarlett Peyton Billie Lynn Thorn
Jacob Reed Andrews Caitlin Ann Flynn Mackenzi Lynne Lambka Joseph Michael Platek Diamond Crystera Thurber
Kristen Sarah Andrews Freddy Fuentes Jayme Lynn LaPoint Brianna Luree Pliley Sierra Michele Thurmond
Nicholas Edward Barnes Shawn Michael Garcia Jerica Renee Lashley Abby Louise Porter Dakota Ethan-Edward Towery
Paige Sofia Bird Kortlan Troy Garnant Katelyn Elizabeth Layman Kameron David Porter Josephine Fae Turner
Alexander Charles Boehmer Caitlynn Marie Graham Kelsie Elizabeth Letts Delbert Leo Redfield Olivia Sue Velasquez
Kayla Jean Bowerman Chadwick Levi Greenman II Douglas Aaron Maas Cristian Lee Michael Robbins Dominick Jay Vest
Zachary John Boyer Morgan Ann Greenman Bekka Grace Madry Tanner Lawrence Royer Vincent Mathew Wade
Kyle Joseph Brown Andrea Lynn Haeck Emily Lauren McAdam Samuel David Ryan Hayli Marie Walter
Levi Lynn Burgett Taylor Ann Harte Scott Alan McCallum Andrew Michael Sadler Rylee Marie Walters
Bronwyn Colleen Carter Carson James Hartman Nathan William Meeker Philip Alexander Schneider Allie Leigh Wethy
Alissa Shea Christie Hunter Frederick Hayes Bailey Nicole Merrick Blake Logan Shepherd Andrew James Wietzke
Eric Wendell Clark Lydia Elise Henderson Lance Robert Meyer Josie Ann Sherman Skylar Renee Willavize
Spencer Kyle Collard Daniel Philip Higgins Lucas John Meyer Brennon Lynn Shook Allison Nicole Wireman
Alexandria Lorin Collins Jacob Karl Holzhei Zachary Carl Mills Rebekah Gayle Simons Elizabeth Jayne Wireman
Chase Joshua Collins Naomi Roseann Ingram Dalenna Lovelynn Montague Taylor Marie Sinclair Destiny Grace Hope Wolf
Ashia Lynn Cotton Jessica Blanche Kalmbach Kenton Edwin Moon Iesha Ashley Smith Austin Dennis Woodbury
Wyatt Lee DeGroot Cameron Richard Kenyon Grace Faye Mott Carter Hugh Soderberg Nicholas David Worthington
Alexis Ann Devlin Jessup Ray Kerns Drake Ryan Norton McKayla Marie Speer Olivia Rosella Young
Jaykob Scott Dilsaver Ashley Ann Keson Cassity June Otto David Lucas Stahly Elyse Abby Zimmerlee
Emma Kaye Dryer Drew Edward Kling Ashley Nicole Patchett Skylar Kay Stevens
Matthew Christopher Dunn

Top 10 Taylor Baird, daughter of Shan- Adrianna Hoffman, daughter of
Calder Lachance, valedictori- non and Todd Baird, plans to at- Beth and Roy Hoffman, plans to attend
an, son of Roch and Laurie La- tend Grand Valley State Univer- Michigan State University to double
chance, plans to attend the Univer- sity to major in education. major in physiology and biochemistry/
sity of Michigan for political sci- Rachel DeHart, daughter of biotechnology.
ence. Brad and Lisa DeHart, plans to Margaret Jones, daughter of Beth
Calder Kyle Tharp, salutatorian, son of attend Purdue University to major and Jon Doviak, plans to attend Lyman
Lachance Steve and Lisa Tharp, plans to in industrial engineering. Briggs College at Michigan State Uni-
attend Michigan Technological Torey Fischer, daughter of versity for fisheries and wildlife and
University for electrical engineer- Gale and Kathy Fischer, plans to eventually work in wildlife conserva-
ing with a focus in solar energy attend Michigan State University tion.
production. for animal science. Jean-Luc Lachance, son of Roch
Kaitlyn Baird, daughter of William Henry, son of Jason and Laurie Lachance, plans to attend
Todd and Shannon Baird, plans to and Darla Henry, plans to attend Western Michigan University for civil
attend Grand Valley State Univer- Western Michigan University for engineering.
sity for forensic psychology. biology.

Rose Estelle Arredondo Marie Brooke Dunkelberger Ronald Joseph-Reese Jamierson Allison Elizabeth Mingle Ceara Nicole Stout
Alan Bautista Arreola Irelyn Faye Dupree Jenna Marie Jones Hayley Kay Moon Dillon Leighton Striplin
Katelynn Mae Ashley Chandler Ross Ellis Elizabeth Rose Keifer Ashley Rae Morales Sarah Leslie Struin
Emily Ranae Baker Alyx James-Allen-Michael England Colton D Ketcherside Logan Lee Matthew Morrison Alexis Lauryn Swanger
Jacob Tyler Beach Michael Anthony England Brianna Nicole Kirby Bailey Allen Neal Aneesa Nicole Tejada
Bethany Grace Behrens Alyssa Marie Everline Trevor Bailey Krick Brenden Patrick Orr Kyle Arthur Tharp
Snorre Runeson Bendiktsen Andre LeRoi Fields Garrett B Kunkel Erin Michelle Owens Deveaire D’Alton Todd
Lars Timothy Bennett Michael Richard Foreman Jonah Matthew Kurtz Domonique Anita Patton Tristen James Tramel
Makayla Q Berry Daniel Steven Frisbie Alexander Gerald Lachance Rachel Hope Picketts Terrell Roderick Twigg-Jackson
Hailey Danielle Bornamann Esteban Manuel Gancer Calder Thomas Lachance Cade Joseph Piper Megan Arline Mae Vasquez
Quinten James Bortz Taylor Michael Groleau Erica Michelle Lahusky Julianne Kay Platz Selena Lorraine Vickery
Jeffrey Eugene Bowdidge Aliena Dianne Guyer Samantha Ann Lahusky Brittanni Lynn Potter Isaac Thomas-Lee Vincent
Tyler James Bowling Ainsley Tanner Haaksma Andrew Michael Lambert Bethanie Ann Prell Thiago Santander Viotti
Kristen Marie Brakke Charles Donohoe Halt David Allen Lewis Jr Linsey Marie Pyles Scottie Mitchell Ward
Keith Alan Browand Destiny Renee Hand Allison May Lindsey Lark Taylor Rahn Justin Mathew Wieferich
James Dean Buckmaster-Doviak Matthew John Hanks Laetitia Lom Stanley Alan Rapp Carlon Kashmere Williams
Britain David Burr Brooklyn D Harper Samira Suzan Luther Nathan Daniel Rea Joni Elizabeth Wirtz
Anton Ferdinando Calamita Kayla Nicole Haywood Brooke Renee Mainstone Caitlin Helen Reed Zachary Lewis Woodman
Christian Fresley Calkins Nina Aurora Hedges Alexander Nickol Mandoka Logan Patrick Reed Erin Marie Young
MacKenzie Gail Chapman Victor Jesus Hernandez Dalton Michael Mauchmar Faith Marie Riddle
Sandra Marcela Cleland Michael Thomas Hoban Zoey Elizabeth McCleary Justin Timothy Rizor
Tara Shae Coffey Kaylee Nicole Hoffman Joseph Robert McCullough Autumn Mikala-Lynn Roberts
Callie Marie Convis Alexsia Patience Horvath Joseph Darryl McLeod William Richard Rose III
Matthew Frederick Crespo Zachary James Hultink Summer Ryan McPeake Armando Lee Rupe
Connor Kenneth-James Davis Jodi Megan Isaacson Autumn Nicole Mead Brandy C Shroll
Marlee Faith Denton Tyler Alan Ivy Michael Keith Meece II Emalee Lynn Shroyer
Kiera Lynn Dickerson Maxwell Ridley Jackson Joseph Raymond Mexico Bryson Gene Slater
Laura Blair Dunkelberger Francois Gravelle Jamierson Ryan Bradley Miller Kayla Renee Steen

“It saved me a lot of time and money. It
KELLOGG was nice to get a little bit of the college
COMMUNITY COLLEGE Areas of Study at KCC experience while still in high school.”
Academic areas of study at KCC are designed to
prepare students to transfer to four-year universities Allison Anthony, Pennfield Grad
or complete degrees that lead directly to employment. Dual enrolled at KCC in high school
Explore our many options at KCC Business Management Student

10K Sunday, June 4, 2017 GRADUATION Battle Creek Enquirer

Graduates Christopher D. Clark Samuel R. Gates Ashley A. Kilyanek Victoria K. Newcomb Remington L. Smith
Vera E. Aaron Laura L. Clark Rachel E. Gault Jessica A. Kinch Cassandra M. Newington Mashion M. Smith-Zimmer
Douglas J. Abraham Clarissa C. Clemence Hayley E. Geer Erik W. King Traci N. Newsome Joylyn R. Snyder
Karina Aburto-Corona Cara J. Clingan Stephany L. Gibson Justine R. King Y-Lan T. Nguyen Christian S. Sours
Bennett W. Adams Jordan L. Coffman Jordan K. Gilg Casey L. Kinney David A. Niniz Chelsey L. Spears
Derek J. Adams Katie J. Cole Audria M. Gilliland Devan A. Kinney Kimberly A. O'Brien Tashina M. Speers
Brittany E. Aernie William J. Cole Lisa Gingerich Karla M. Kipp Kaylee R. O'Strander Antinique M. Spencer
Brenda G. Aguillon Holly C. Coleman Joseph L. Glover, IV Kevin R. Kirk Benjamin J. Ogden Zachary J. Spiegla
Blake A. Agy Kimberly A. Collins Sean P. Godbey Nicholas W. Kleimola Rose M. Ogrady Nikki J. Spurgeon
Brooke E. Aiken Angela M. Compton Julia L. Goerg Alexis M. Klein Ashley N. Oliver Cody W. Squier
Mohammed Albagami Elizabeth N. Cook Amy L. Goggins Nicole A. Knaus Morgan D. Olmstead Chyna S. Stallworth
Shannon T. Albright Nathan E. Cook Fidel M. Gonzalez Zachary N. Knaus Ashley F. Oneill Nicole L. Stanley
Chanelle M. Aldrich Rebekah C. Cook Samantha A. Gonzalez Jordan F. Knights Ashley M. Opala Andrea L. Stemaly
Heidi K. Allen Drew E. Cooley Mikaela A. Gordon Sara R. Knoper Lisa M. Osterling Jeffrey A. Stephenson
Levi G. Allen Macy E. Coon Annalesa C. Gothberg Candice C. Kohler Teresa M. Oswald Skylar P. Stevens
Elizabeth A. Allerding Nathaniel J. Cornell Lindsey N. Gould Sierra I. Konkright Tiffany L. Otto Elizabeth L. Stewart
Jaymie L. Allred Alexis L. Cornwell Fallon E. Govier Joan G. Koole Mersadie M. Outwater Jennifer M. Stewart
Sandra A. Alonzo Andria B. Corrie Sherry D. Grabowski Sharon L. Kosier Darrick D. Owen Kristy L. Stewart
Melissa A. Alvord Justice M. Corwin Lauren M. Graham Tara D. Krause Mitchell J. Owen Raymond J. Stone, II
Silvia Ambrocio-Alonzo Shelby A. Cosgrove Hope M. Gray Michelle M. Krebs Stormi D. Owens Jennifer A. Storey
Michael J. Ambs Karaleen R. Cottman Steve L. Gray Brandon P. Kruger Ashlei A. Packer Chelsie A. Stouder
Skyler B. Anderson Felicesha Cox Brittany N. Green Kelley M. Kucharczyk Marianne G. Paige Markelle K. Strong
Corbin N. Angus Jade M. Cox Colin D. Green Tracy M. Kuhlmann Lauren A. Palmer Tammy M. Strong
Cindi R. Anspach Danielle M. Crafts Elizabeth N. Green Thiang Kuk Tial S. Par Tyree N. Stutzman
Maryann N. Appling Bailey J. Craig Lori A. Green Jenny L. Kurtz Zung H. Par Ashley M. Subacz
Paige N. Arbour Jessica C. Crandall Jeremy M. Greenman Amanda N. LaDere Bailey E. Parker Rosemarie R. Suddeth
Amber L. Arizmendi Makayla K. Craun Blake A. Groat Julie A. Laferty Casie L. Parker Tyler C. Sun
Jeanette M. Arnold Grace O. Crawford Robert W. Groom Barry C. Lafler Brooke L. Parritt Holy Sung
Daniel R. Arredondo, Jr. Alexis L. Cretsinger Zach A. Grusczynski Danielle J. LaFrance Thomas D. Parsons Kara M. Suwarsky
Nicole M. Ashley Sierra L. Crist Rachelle K. Haan Breanna S. Lagore Erin E. Patrick Rebecca F. Swarthout
Yvonne M. Aspinall Stefon D. Cromwell Tyler R. Haase Megan K. Lake James M. Pattison Kalie L. Swift
Jordan R. Avila Matthew J. Cronkhite Jennifer L. Hagaman Ashleigh N. Lambert Megan N. Paul Joshua D. Talbot
Jessica M. Ayres Evan N. Cross Penny S. Hainer Rachel M. Lampert Colleen P. Payne Rebeca Z. Tani
Courtney L. Bailey Andrea S. Crowder Corrie D. Halder Alicia J. Lane Sierra N. Pearsall Gabrielle Tatar
Jennifer L. Bailey Jessika N. Crowe Frederick M. Hallacy Anneliese J. Langs Matthew J. Pehrson Bobbiejo E. Taylor
Richard R. Baker England T. Crump Kari S. Halsey Allison N. Larochelle Christian A. Pena Sarah N. Taylor
Lila J. Balch Caleb A. Crux Mitchell D. Hamill Pamela S. Laubengayer Bethany A. Perkins Victoria M. Taylor
Amber C. Ballard Trinity N. Culp Katrina M. Hamlin Nicole M. Laubenthal Todd D. Perry Zachary J. Taylor
Jessica L. Bancroft Racheal M. Cummings Bethann M. Hammond Amy K. Laupp Tyler W. Peru Brianne S. Taylor-Pajak
Rebecca A. Barnard Kristina M. Cusimano Paul L. Hammond Dakoda J. Laupp Heather N. Peruski Morgan A. Thomas
Robert C. Barrett Jessica L. Cutshaw Chancelor M. Hampton Millicent J. LaVern Jessica N. Phenix Jamee L. Thompson
Erin N. Barrus Taylor R. Cvetnich Tiffany A. Hansard Alison S. Lawler Kelsey L. Phillips Taylor N. Thompson
Megan M. Barry Amara M. Dailey Paul D. Hansom Devin R. Lawson Shalyn M. Phillips Leslie L. Thornton
Cassandra A. Bartell Mel I. Daley Naomi C. Haralson Spencer E. Lawson Timothy J. Pike Brittany M. Thorp
Erin E. Bartlett Rachel M. Dallavalle Tara M. Harding Sara R. Leahy Bonnie S. Pilaczynski Samantha S. Thurlby
Andrea E. Bartley Konner T. Damerow Eduardo Haro Kevin S. Ledbetter Rachel L. Piotrowski Ryan J. Thurston
Micheal J. Bartok Katelyn E. Davault Mariah L. Harper Avey H. Lefler John F. Plass Tyler J. Timmer
Stephanie A. Baugh Caralee C. Davis Klancy E. Harris Ronald A. Leigh Darci R. Plaster Ashlyn M. Tkac
Sara L. Beach Tyler F. Davis Brandon E. Hass Brennan J. Leson Kristina M. Pompey Amelia A. Tomasello
Autumn R. Beckner Kamille O. Demesa La'Queshya J. Hatcher Claire E. Leson Kevin C. Posey Katie M. Tracey
Paul R. Bedient, Jr. Jacob L. Demott Kara S. Hawley Mackenzie H. Leson Kevin M. Post Briana M. Trevino
Tina M. Beeke Jerrod J. DeMott Baylee E. Hayes June M. Lewis Kristen E. Potter Caitlin M. Ughetti
Jennifer E. Begerow Jeffrey R. Denton DeJanique I. Hayes Kristin L. Lewis Ashley Powell Cathy C. Ulrich
Andrea L. Bekius Arwin A. Depue Emily E. Hayes Leonard W. Lewis Danielle A. Powers Seshasai Umapathi
Chelsea B. Bell Constance A. Depue Marcy B. Hayward Teri L. Ley Paige E. Prater Cory J. Upton
Tiffany N. Belson Jobeth M. Deskins Alexis J. Headley Emmalynn J. Lindsay James M. Pratt Donna L. Vaccaro
Ronald E. Belyea Anastasia D. DeSouza Pamela J. Heerlyn Devin M. Lischkge Chloe C. Preston Nicholas L. Vaden
Carol R. Bennett Charles J. Despins, Jr. Amanda M. Heffron Brandy M. Little Taelor A. Price Jessica L. Vandenberg
Chase M. Bennett Kaitlyn N. DeVries Brandon L. Hegelmann Sara K. Little Eric V. Prouty Sylia A. Vanhorn-Williams
Chelsey B. Bennett Tina L. Devries Bernadette E. Heldt Suzette R. Little Tristan B. Rabe Karleigh D. VanSiclen
Cedric L. Berry Christopher L. Deyoung Joanna S. Henckel Daniel W. Littlefield Christopher F. Radford Molly Vanvranken
Kurt A. Beuerle Bridget K. Dickert Lizabeth A. Hendershot Justin M. Logan Briana N. Ramirez Annette L. Vaughn
Lynette R. Birch Logan S. Dillard Regina C. Henderson Michelle L. London Cynthia Ramos-Martinez Elli A. Vaughn
Tracey L. Birman Rebecca A. Dillenbeck Michelle L. Henry Patricia Paige B. Longardner Judith A. Rawlings Rosario Vazquez-Diaz
Daniel C. Birmingham Rebecca A. Dodson Michelle M. Hensley Darion M. Longmire Lauren E. Ray Aubrey K. Vermeulen
Jakob M. Bishop Parker S. Dove Heather A. Hentges Holiday N. Longstreth Jesse R. Raymond Joshua D. Vernon
Katelyn R. Bloomberg Jordan N. Dowell Andrea D. Hentschel Bryanna S. Lovelace Krystal L. Reardon Melinda J. Vernon
Amanda L. Bloomfield Matthew J. Dowell Sophia E. Herbstreith Hope L. Lovins Clara A. Reed Marie A. Vlietstra
Rebecca J. Boarts Karl A. Downer Weston B. Herman Patrick S. Lucas Indeka S. Reid Kari J. VonItter
Karen M. Bodine Courtney B. Ducharme Francisco J. Hernandez Silva Benito Luna-Ramirez Tyler P. Reilly Dolly R. Vumzathang
Jacob D. Bolden Melissa J. Dunham Perla Herrera Desiree K. Lundy Mandy K. Reinhart Tachelle L. Wade-Adams
Erin K. Boles Kristina M. Dyer Patrick J. Herriman Karisa M. Lynd Raquel M. Rendon Carolyn D. Walker
Tyler J. Bolhuis Christine M. Eagle Stephanie D. Hiaeshutter David Maawma Carynne E. Rewa Jessica M. Walling
Brittny L. Bommarito Christopher A. Earl Adrian E. Hibbard Kylee J. MacBeth Edgar A. Reyes Andrea S. Walters
Stevie N. Boog Seth A. Earl Dominque A. Hickman Megyn E. MacCreery Cristian A. Reyes Torres Timothy A. Waltz
Joseph R. Book Rachel M. Eberhard Demonte D. Hicks Brittani M. MacKey Kaylee E. Rhames Eric A. Ward
Billie B. Boothe Kimberly A. Eckler Megan L. Hiemstra Jasmine N. Maddox Emily R. Rice Jacob J. Warren
Elizabeth M. Born Ana-Maria T. Eddie Melissa L. Hiemstra Christian A. Main Jaelin C. Rider Michael J. Warren
Margaret Bosserd Brooke A. Edmonds Christine A. Higdon Cyprine N. Makori Jaclyn R. Rinehart Quincy J. Warren
Michael G. Bouchard Paul L. Edwards Joshua D. Hill Charmaine U. Mandoka Brooke Roberts Marylou O. Washburn
Donna L. Boucher Samantha J. Eggerstedt Tanya L. Hilliker Justin A. Mann Matthew C. Roberts Stormie C. Washington
Logan L. Boucher Dionna L. Eggleston Christina L. Hillman Kristina A. Mann Nicholas C. Roberts Tammy S. Washington
Elizabeth K. Bowden Kelsie A. Eichler Hazel A. Hillman Cheryl R. Maphies-Swanson Briana K. Robinson Dara E. Watkins-Evans
Jessica M. Bowman Marissa L. Eldred Melissa S. Hillman Joe D. Marcotte Serena K. Robison Kenesha R. Watson
Rachel R. Boyer Samual J. Ellinger Kelle M. Hinspeter Jasmine L. Marion Delaney K. Rond-Manes Cassandra R. Wedel
William J. Brabant, III Sharnae D. Ellis Erica J. Hisler Hannah R. Markusic Chelsey L. Roth Sarah K. Wedel
Lynsie R. Bradley Amy L. Elston David L. Hlatko Cooper P. Marshall Colleen K. Roux Gary L. Welch
Connie L. Bradshaw Erica M. Elwood Tammy L. Hocott Presley B. Martinez Ryan N. Ruhl Clavel A. Wells
James A. Bradstreet, II Brandi L. Emmons Caitlin L. Hodack Bethany J. Mason Abigail G. Russell Nathan R. Wemple
Heather A. Brayton Richard B. Engelhart Linda A. Hollins Christa K. Mathis Ashley D. Saddler John P. Werch
Hannah G. Brazie Penny M. Engle Logan N. Hooker Dalton J. Mattingly Joseph M. Samson Rachel N. Werme
Emily A. Brenner Trisha L. Erway Sarah E. Houser Shaena L. Mawby Alissa B. Sanders Colleen S. Wetherill
Catherine B. Briggs David L. Estey Christy L. Hubbard Michael J. Maxwell Amanda M. Sanders Hannah L. Wheeler
Kayla K. Briggs Anthony C. Estrada Susan E. Hubbard Nichole L. Mayall Cole C. Sanderson Austin H. White
Lisa E. Brindley Jamie L. Everett Theresa M. Hubbard Derren J. Mazza Tawi S. Sang Kailie B. White
Shaquilla T. Brinkley Gregory G. Faber Casie L. Hudson Kris O. Mbah Bradley S. Sansom Rachel R. White
Casey J. Brinks Madison K. Falkner Allyson M. Hughes Caleb S. McAllister Gregg L. Saunders Steven F. White
Chelsey I. Britton Cory L. Farfan Shaiann M. Hunnaman Catrice M. McCarty Ashlee M. Sawyer Tyler Q. Whitehead
Diana C. Brock Devin B. Farkas Alexis M. Huntley Michael C. McCaulley Denae M. Scheidler Michael A. Whitlock
Joshua R. Brock Jubal Farkas Yulisa Hurtado Lhiannan K. McConnell Shelby E. Schilling Erin E. Whitney
Felicia M. Brodbeck Ashley R. Farrell Sarah L. Hutson John W. McCracken, Jr. Megan A. Schlenker Anthony M. Wickham
Ann M. Brois Lauren K. Farrell Leeann E. Hyndman Ashley M. McDaniel Michael L. Schmidt Amy N. Wiechec
Jason E. Brooker Jonette C. Fay Philip J. Iacopelli Matthew R. McDonough Kelli E. Schnepp Shelby A. Wiggins
Polly A. Broughman Michelle Feenstra Jennifer L. Inman Matthew J. McElgunn Gerald C. Schultz, Jr. Alyssa A. Wilkerson
Amanda A. Brown Richard A. Ferguson James L. Jackson Lyle McGrath Taylor R. Schwarz Trevor L. Wilkey
Cricket A. Brown Alexander E. Fiala Ashley N. Janvrin Kristen S. Mead Amanda G. Scott Jessica M. Wilkinson
Sharece J. Buchanan Jessica K. Fink Emilee M. Janz China N. Meade Cordelia E. Sears Spencer F. Wilkinson
Allison G. Buffington Haley K. Finley Schuyler M. Jeffers Laken M. Meade Nicholas A. Serrels Audrianna G. Williams
Kaila S. Burch Tammy L. Fisher Jennifer L. Jenkins Alicia M. Mejeur Michael K. Sexton Carrie L. Williams
Allison M. Burke Emily S. Flessner Shirley M. Jessup Antonio Melton Erin M. Shafer Stephanie L. Williams
Jennifer M. Burke Marinese S. Flowers Heather M. Jinks Alexandra L. Mercer Loteah Y. Shavers Terrell M. Williams
Cassidy J. Burns Jamie L. Fosdick Brooke M. Johncock Ashley M. Meyers Evie L. Shaw Alexis M. Wilson
Bailey K. Buroker Tishonda M. Fountaine Barbara E. Johnson Christopher T. Micklatcher Michael A. Shaw Deja A. Wilson
Kaelin F. Burrows Aaron M. Fox Erica R. Johnson Kathryn L. Miedona Tyler R. Shaw Meghan T. Wilson
Kylee M. Bush Joanie C. Fox Jennifer A. Johnson Bria L. Miller Stephanie Shilling Kelsey N. Winn
Melissa A. Bushey Katherine L. Fox Joanna R. Johnson Chad M. Miller Savannah R. Shilton Mariah L. Winright
Shanicka Butler LaDonna G. Fox Kylie J. Johnson Krystal M. Miller Taylor A. Shook Samantha A. Winter
Dakota H. Cable, Sr. Ronald F. France, Jr. Nanna A. Johnson Rachelle N. Miller Devan C. Showerman Jessica A. Wise
Diana V. Campbell Derek S. Francis Spencer A. Johnson Bobbie N. Millious Julia M. Sidor Brianna M. Witte
Tiara L. Cannon Nathan C. Francis Stormy D. Johnson Joshua S. Minnard Maria B. Sidor Bobbie A. Wood
Mayra Cardenas Nicole L. Franks Trevor B. Johnson Jesi D. Minor Michael R. Sielinski Jessica A. Wood
Jamie L. Carey Taylor E. Freelove Holly A. Jones Leondra A. Mohead Scott L. Silverman Duane G. Woodman
Heather R. Carmichael Stacy M. Freeman Jonathan R. Jones Linda J. Monroe Molly B. Simon Amanda M. Woodyard
Jordan E. Carnahan Hannah L. Frentz Deanna L. Jurgensen Brooke K. Moore Emily M. Simonds Joshua T. Wright
Chase A. Carpenter Kathryn R. Frick Paul J. Kauffman Travis C. Moore Breonna M. Sinclair Matthew T. Wright
Shelbie N. Carr Allison N. Fuller Ryon A. Keeler Alma L. Morgan James W. Skidmore Renee M. Wright
Shirley A. Carr Bradley A. Fuller Timothy A. Keene Alyssa M. Morgan Darcie E. Slaughter Alyson R. Wyant
Patrick J. Carroll Rebecca J. Gahan MacKenzie S. Keithley Britt D. Morgan Staci L. Slucter Ned Yeager
Jason D. Cary Taylor M. Gailhouse Nicole A. Keithley Collin M. Morgan Johanna L. Slusser Billy L. Yezic
Maria Ana E. Case Patrick W. Galivan Brittney F. Keller Austin S. Morris Amanda N. Smallidge Isaac T. Yonkers
Brianna M. Casebeer Gwyn L. Gallentine MacKenzie L. Kendall Kimberly J. Morris Alisha S. Smith Cierra R. Youmans
Lilly C. Cerven Evan C. Galloway Paige L. Kennedy Heather R. Morse Annie E. Smith Katrina M. Young
Tesia M. Chatman Luis F. Galvan-Caracheo Amber M. Kenny Seada A. Muhammed Austin I. Smith Melissa D. Young
Yesenia Chavez Deidra E. Garcia Darci L. Kent Savanna M. Musbach Brooks M. Smith Stephen L. Young, II
Shelby E. Childers Bradley M. Gardner Taylor P. Kesler Brooke N. Nava Chelsea R. Smith Laura A. Yuill
Elise N. Christlieb Peggy L. Gardner Sarah R. Kewley Jordon L. Neill Crystal M. Smith Carrie M. Zamora
Thomas J. Cione Matthew T. Gastian Bobbi S. Keyzer Ian A. Nelson Erika L. Smith Jordan M. Zampetti
Carley R. Clark Melissa A. Gaston Lance S. Kilbourn Taylor J. Nemeth Leann A. Smith Kaila M. Zeeb
Wendy A. ZurHorst

“I strongly recommend it. You’re taking a
KELLOGG college class, and it’s college credit and high
COMMUNITY COLLEGE Dual Enrollment at KCC school credit, so it’s the best of both worlds.”
Now is the time to make plans for the future.
Talk to your high school counselor and visit Noel Ramos, Gull Lake Earned two degrees from KCC as a
for more details. high school sophomore


Battle Creek Enquirer GRADUATION K1 Sunday, June 4, 2017 11K

Hannah Taylor Marla McKenna Chelsea Grayson Emily Michael Ava Alex
Pearl Pessetti Adam Haley Kubasiak Obey Pearl Scriber Strenge Yacovoni

Top 10 Marla Adam, daughter of Grayson Obey, son of Daniel Ava Strenge, daughter of Karl and
Hannah Pearl, valedictorian, George and Sawsan Adam, plans to and Tracy Obey, plans to attend the Christa Strenge, plans to attend Mis-
daughter of James and Samantha attend the University of Michigan. University of Michigan. sissippi State University.
Pearl, plans to attend the University McKenna Haley, daughter of Emily Pearl, daughter of James Alex Yacovoni, son of Rich and
of Michigan. David and Carrie Haley, plans to and Samantha Pearl, plans to attend Sandi Yacovoni, plans to attend the
Taylor Pessetti, salutatorian, attend Western Michigan University. the University of Michigan. University of Dayton.
daughter of Marc and Mary Kay Pes- Chelsea Kubasiak, daughter of Michael Scriber, son of Darin
setti, plans to attend the University of Jason and Melanie Kubasiak, plans to and Renee Scriber, plans to attend
Michigan. attend Kellogg Community College. Thomas Aquinas College.

Meagan Casterline Emily Cutshall Kameron Haley Jacob Janofski Maygan McGuire Kailee Redmond Ben Swagler
Kenneth Champagne Noah Ellinger Grant Hallacy Lucas Jeske Tim Minier Nely Reyes Juliana Unger
Camille Cornils Joseph Gallaway Lyuan Han Joshua Klavinski Ian Mullis Jordan Snyder Jeanine Winkler
Alexandra Costin Jack Greenman Emma Hayman Andrew Lantinga Zach Nelson Flora Sung Olivia Woods

SCHOOL Chamellia Connor Calvin Makayla Dwight Matthew Alexis
Top seniors Goodman Jenkins Blue Cole Devenney Grobsmith Newbold
Allison Brinkman, co-valedictorian,
daughter of Brinton and Rhonda Brink-
man Top seniors Calvin M. Blue, son of Eric and Matthew Alvin Grobs-
Jack Dexter, co-valedictorian, son of Chamellia Goodman, valedictori- Laurie Blue mith, son of Teresa Davis
Daryl and Sarah Dexter an, daughter of Phillip and Carrie Good- Makayla J. Cole, daughter of Jon Alexis Alazai Newbold,
Brenna Johnson, co-valedictorian, man and Jamie Cole daughter of Lisa Newbold
daughter of Brad and Renee Johnson Connor Timothy Jenkins, salutato- Dwight Nathan Devenney, son of
Carley Robertson, co-valedictorian, rian, son of Tim and Kris Jenkins Loren and Michele Devenney
daughter of John and Faith Robertson
Hunter Stroh, co-valedictorian, par- Graduates
ents Craig Stroh, April and Michael Ware, Shelby J. Baker Marissa Lynn Eishen Jazmyne Jericho Johnston Haley Jean Nyssen
David and Rachelle Booth Maria DelCarmen Barron Hunter A. Elton Benjamin Kendall Jones Dale Justin Sweeter
Haley McIntosh, salutatorian, daugh- Angel E. Chrisman Emily Hope Eraca Deren McCurley Faith Ann Yepez
ter of Bryant and Teasha McIntosh Samantha Lynn Dunn Andy Galliers Dusty V. Miller

Terecia Bradley Meagan Harris
Brandan Cross Jacob Hawver
Lauren Dibert Darren Holbrook
Alexondrea Fisk Lilyahna Hoskins

Grant Gay Makayla Hurley
Skyler Herman Makiya Knox
Makenna Hutson Kara Layne
Kristina Keefer Alexander Lindsay
Cody Link Richard
Connor Michael
Toni Norton
Ryleigh Shaffer
Cassie Thorpe
Devon Watson
Seth Loss
Marissa Mase
Bailey Mears
John Michielsen
Rachel Wing Aeron Nivison
Kristeena Wright Gabrielle Oldham Top seniors
Graduates Brandon Olsen Andrew Seth Culver, valedic-
Ana Alvarez Puente Dalton Otis torian, son of Angela and Travis
Mirjam Barelkowski Cody Rice Cisco, plans to attend Kellogg
Tressie Blair Georgia Ringle Community College to study art.
Destanie Brown Hailey Rivard Jennifer Renee Shafer, salu-
Dewey Roberts tatorian, daughter of Carleton Andrew Jennifer
Raven Burton Culver
Christopher Rumsey Shafer, plans to attend Kellogg Shafer
Nathen Cleaver Community College.
Amani Clemons Nathan Russell
Reymond Davis RaeAnn Sanders
Dawn Dean Zachary Shellberg Matthew Alan Buehrer Chelsea Elizabeth Lee O'Brien
James Demarest Matthew Sneed Amanda Jean Covell Abigaile Rhode Pfost
Dustin Denniston Dyllan Steele Brianna Marie Desmone Dalton Wesley Russell
Emily Dunks Cody Swan Ashlyn DeNae Fowle Kyana Mae Smolen
MaKenzi Emmel Jacob Todd Carole Rojas Gutierrez Devin Michael Spotts
Ashley Fischer Brett VanWormer Kimberly June Hagerman Lindsey Nichole Thorne
Blane Flanders Shailynne Wallace Micah Jacob Thomas Houck Richard Kelly Vanover
Krystiana Gettier Nicholes Weller Emily Jean Martin Tessa Elizabeth Watson
Carleigh Gillaspie Autumn Willison Cherish Janelle Niedzielski
Tristan Haigh Emily Wood
Elijah Harris Jacob Wyatt

REGISTRATION Saturday, July 15,

• PLACEMENT TESTING 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
• ON-SITE REGISTRATION 450 North Avenue, Battle Creek
NEW & CURRENT STUDENTS free snacks! • a chance to win 3 free credit hours!
& LEGACY SCHOLARS everything you need to start classes this fall! COMMUNITY COLLEGE