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Karina Escobedo

Short Video Analysis

The Video I chose is a short scene from the Disney Channel Original movie,

“The Color Of Friendship”. This movie is about a white female foreign exchange

student who goes to a family of “color “and they both were quite shocked. For one

the Foreign exchange student was coming from Africa so the family providing a

home for her thought she was colored and vice versa. Despite both parties being

shocked they learned each others cultures and values and began to gain knowledge

of each other’s differences, the daughter of the family and the foreign exchange grew

a bond and worked together to change people’s perspective. In this particular scene

though the two young females are eating dinner and a colored waiter drops ice

cream on a white male and the foreign exchange waits to see how the white male is

going to react because in her country she recalled a time where the same situation

has happened and the white female reacted in a inhumane and racist way.

Auguste Comte was a firm believer of positivity. He believed in the three

stages of authority and reasoning. I believe Comte would view this scene as a sense

of overcoming the color of someone’s skin and being kind to others. The flashbacks

the young female has about how rude the other male was to the waiter back in her

country would disappoint Comte and disregard his belief of a man having no higher

authority then god.
As for he would view this video as a social problem. Marx is a strong

believer that any type of division weathers it is between social class, gender, and

race is a cause for alimentation. Since the video shows both what Marx believes in

and what he doesn’t this video can explain how if people who are treated equally

work together society can improve. For example while the females of two different

colors are eating together witness what happens with the colored waiters and how

no fuss or fight broke out this would please Marx and prove that different people

can work with one another.

Durkheim on the other hand believes differently then Marx does. He believes

that separation in a society works and makes a society stable. He believed that

separation between classes created better habits for others. For example he thinks

people would work harder and creates a balance. Maybe Durkheim would have seen

the film and would have identified more with the foreign girls flashback of how the

waiter was treated in her country. He probably would have argued that the server

deserved to be called out so that way he wont make the same mistake twice.

I believe this paradigm to be a more critical type of perspective and lean

more towards Marx beliefs. He sees life in a different perspective, then others and

believes they humans should be creative and feel freer without any labels.

I believe this is related to the video because seeing different people from different

social classes and races getting along and joking about an incident rather then

name-calling is a reality that we should all desire. Most times (like in the film) it

does happen but it’s rare.