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Verona Daily Tribune

Vol. 4 Est. 1522 Tuesday, July 16th, 1532

Controversy on the Prince’s Laws
During the fray, Tybalt had slain Mercutio
first, meaning Tybalt would have paid for
that crime with his life according to Prince
Escalus’ laws. Romeo just balanced out
justice by slaying Tybalt. As Montague
proclaims, “he was Mercutio’s friend; his
fault concludes but what the law should end,
the life of Tybalt.” Although Romeo killed
another citizen, he does not deserve to be
executed as he was only carrying through
with what was already stated in the law.

It is noted that if Romeo did not kill Tybalt,
Tybalt and Mercutio fighting on Tybalt would have killed him. “Romeo that
the streets of Verona Monday, spoke him fair, bid him bethink how nice the
late afternoon. quarrel was” testifies a key witness to the
Tuesday, July 16th, 1532 disturbance, Benvolio. It is clear that Romeo
Amanda Whyte did not originally want to fight Tybalt but
had no choice but to defend Mercutio’s
VERONA- Once again, the peace was name, and himself. As this fight was not
broken in the streets of Verona due to the started by him—it was started by Tybalt.
hatred between the Capulets and Montagues, Therefore, the Prince’s judgment is
leaving Tybalt, a member of the Capulets, appropriate as Romeo did not even want to
and Mercutio, a relative of the Prince, dead; disturb the peace in the first place.
and Romeo of the Montagues banished.
One can only hope the dispute between these
Since this brawl, there has been controversy two families will end, but Romeo’s actions
towards the Prince’s decision to exile during this brawl were incredibly warranted;
Romeo. The Prince previously stated that he carried out the justice owed, and only
anyone who “disturb our streets again, killed in defense. Exile is very much a
[their] lives shall pay the forfeit of the suitable penalty. After all, there is no justice
peace.” Yet considering the circumstances, without mercy.
banishment seems to be the most reasonable

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