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White Board


Teacher’s Desk

Student Art

5 students at every table

Table 1 (5 students Table 2 (5 students) Table 3 (5 students)Table 4 (5 Students) Table 5 (5 Students)

Mackenzie Howie
EDU 214/Su 17

I want my classroom to be simple and accessible. I’d like the focus to be on the front of the classroom/the teacher’s area. That
would be my desk and a white board or chalkboard. Behind that is a bookshelf and the clock, both available to all students at all times.
Each student will have a desk (represented above by books). There are 25 students, so each book is 5 students. Hopefully we would
have at least 5 computers (so students can work five at a time). The technology in the classroom would be behind the desks, so they
don’t distract from other learning. In a perfect world, I’d have windows on both sides of the students, but because most buildings don’t
work like that, I’d have one wall for windows and one for student art. It’s important to me that the door be opposite the teacher. With
this feature, the teacher can always keep an eye on who is going and/or coming, and if a student needs to be quietly excused, this
makes that simple.