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Maximize Uptime With The

TIRE DEALERS Most Durable Products

Powered by Direct Drive


Legendary reliability
with state of the art
capability. Motor and spindle are combined into a single,
pre-balanced assembly that always stays
calibrated to zero.

ProBalance TechnologyTM

A unique balancing algorithm and unbalance
correction methodology that minimizes both
static and couple unbalance.


The weight location recognition system offers
touch-free operation for ≈85% of wheel balances.
The touchscreen system is built to last and can be
used while wearing gloves.

To learn more about the Coats 1600-3D
Wheel Balancer, or any of our other quality
products, contact your authorized Coats
distributor or call 1-855-876-3864 for the
dealer nearest you.

or call 1-855-876-3864

as they combine 15 plates into one convenient solution.4. Hennessy Drive.  Most consistent method for providing accurate mountings for a wide variety of tire and wheel assemblies. Hennessy Canada: 2430 Lucknow Drive. Mississauga.1600-3D DIRECT DRIVE WHEEL BALANCER LEGENDARY RELIABILITY WITH STATE OF THE ART CAPABILITY.4. reliable system when balancing wheels.coatsgarage. Unit 9. 3ph *8113390 Scraper Warranty 3 Year Parts. *85607780 Premium Wheel Weight Hammer Shaft Diameter 40 mm *85607503 Premium Quicknut Footprint 57"w x 55"d x 75"h Ship Weight 650 lbs.00 © 2016 Hennessy Industries.  Lug clamping and centering of tire and wheel assembly prevents damage to alloy wheels. MKT00180 Spec 09/16 Rev.  Can be used on any 40mm wheel balancer. SPECIFICATIONS ACCESSORIES * Included With Purchase Balancing Modes 8 Part Number Description Wheel Diameter Range 8" .5 Lug Adjustable Pin Plate Set Adjustable Pin Plates Description Part Number 3. These plates allow the technician the precision to achieve the ideal performance balance.  Adjustable design provides fast and easy clamping of tire and wheel assemblies. *8112106 Small Pressure Cup & Rubber Lip Interface Touchscreen *85608312 No Mar Ring Automatic Data Entry Distance/Diameter/Width *8112107 Spring Electrical Requirements 220v.5 Lug Adjustable Pin Plate Set 85610104 (PN 85610104) 5 Lug Adjustable Pin Plate 85609688 4 Lug Adjustable Pin Plate 85609689 3 Lug Adjustable Pin Plate 85609690 www.Weight Tray (3) Wheel Width Range 2" .20" *85609499 8 Double Sided Collets (2. and Accessories Lt.30" *85608850 Stud . Tools.31") Maximum Tire Diameter Up to 44" *8309011 Calipers Maximum Tire Weight 160 lbs. Pictured—PN 85610104 Manufacturer of AMMCO® . LaVergne. The pin plates are always ready for 1601 J. Inc.3ph RECOMMENDED OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES EQUIPMENT FOOTPRINT Coats® Adjustable Pin Plates PN 85610104 Coats Adjustable Pin Plates offer one.ammcoats.1ph 80016003D01 . BaseLine® and BADA® Pn—MKT00134 03/20/2015 Automobile Service Equipment.03"-5. Ontario L5S 1V3 (905) 672-9440 .P.DO NOT STARE INTO THE BEAM 635nm .660nm < 1mW CW www. Truck Cone Kit (PN 8113277C) CLASS 2 LASER PRODUCT LASER LIGHT . 6 Months Labor *85610715 Side Shadow Board Part Number 80016003D . 1ph or 220v. TN 37086 (800) 688-6496 or (615) 641-7533 Part No. Coats® .