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Jacob Stinson

Mr. Jackson
Wednesday, May 24

What is your opinion on the constant feuding between Montague and Capulet? What is
happening to Verona?

For a community to thrive citizens need to respect one another and obey the law.

Montagues and Capulets should get along with each other. I know it seams hard to

image and unrealistic, but it’s really not. Therefore, I believe the constant feuding

between the Montagues and Capulets needs to stop.

The hatred between the families has been active for far too long now. Fights are

happening because of this hatred. There was a massive fight between Montagues and

Capulets in Verona lately. The brawl happened for no great reason in my opinion. It was

just a waste of time, and blood for both families. The prince had to come to break it up

and declare that if anyone Montague or Capulet was to disrupt the peace that their life

would be to pay for it.

Also Montagues and Capulets do not associate with one another. Romeo had to hide

his identity at the Capulet’s party because he knew that he would be in danger if anyone

knew he was a Montague. This should not be the case. Verona would be a better place

if the two families were to get along. As a community we are losing our peace.

What’s happening to Verona is that it is becoming corrupt and divided. Montagues and

Capulets are getting into fights because one cannot be in the same area as the other
Jacob Stinson

without confrontation. In conclusion Verona is becoming unhealthy and the feuding

needs to be put to an end.

Sincerely: Jacob Stinson