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Subject: More detail on the Covington Recommendations

Hi everyone,

As you know the Board accepted all the recommendations from Covington and Burling this
weekend. These recommendations are critical for two key reasons: they reinforce the need
for change in the areas you identified; and they shine a spotlight on areas that we have to
tackle, with urgency and sincerity. We have a lot of work ahead of us but what makes our
journey forward easier is that:
We have buy-in and investment from leaders. Every leader I talk to wants to be part
of making Uber a truly great company for everyonebe that employees, riders or
Collectively, we all want this. Passion, drive, energy and a commitment to action
built this companyand passion, drive and energy will take us forward together.
These changes are a result of your fearlessness and tenacity in raising issues. I am
committed to keeping the channels of communication open, and taking action on
your feedback.

When we started this process I gave you my word that we would be transparent, and that
we would involve you, and that will continue. Thousands of employees around the world
have sent me ideas, feedback, actions and insights. You participated in listening sessions,
focus groups and surveys to help us understand the issues, so that we could tackle them
head-on. We have a lot of work to do, but Im optimistic that were on the right track.

The Covington Recommendations

Now, specifically to the recommendations of the Covington report. You can find the
complete list here. Post any questions you have here.

Below I have outlined each one of the recommendations that included a specific reference to
people and processes. I will update the company every month on progress against these
priorities, both what we have to do, and where we have already made progress. Broadly
speaking, most of them map to what we heard in the listening sessions.

You can also find all of this content on our Uber 2.0 Teamdot site which you can visit on a
regular basis for updates to progress.

RECOMMENDATIONS & ACTIONS (mapped to Covington recommendations above)

I. Changes to Senior Leadership.

C. Use Performance Reviews to Hold Senior Leaders Accountable.
You know we are committed to changing Perf. Following the recommendations we will now
include metrics to hold leaders accountable for building an inclusive, team-oriented
workplace through focus on diversity, responsiveness to employee complaints, employee
happiness, and compliance.

D. Increase the Profile of Ubers Head of Diversity and the Efforts of His
To help make progress on all this, weve already increased the size of the D&I team under
Bernards leadership. We will now hire a Chief Diversity Officer who will report directly to the

III. Internal Controls

C. Human Resources Record-Keeping & D. Track Agreements with Employees.
In addition to expanding our Employee Relations team, outlined in more detail below, we
will implement new systems and processes (working closely with the legal team) to ensure
we can log and track employee complaints and all matters relating to people. This will help
us deal more effectively with any repeated issues.

IV. Reformulate Ubers 14 Cultural Values.

Our values define who we are, and how we workand some need to change. They must
better represent who we aspire to be, and address some of the challenges weve seen. Our
values must be inclusive and focus on teamwork, collaboration and joy at work, and remove
aggressive individual behaviors such as toe-stepping and principled confrontation. Over
the next month we will work with you to revise the values. Again, it is my intention to be
open, transparent and involving just as we have been with all systemic changes over the
last few months.

V. Training
A. Mandatory Leadership Training For Key Senior Management/Senior Executive
Team Members.
We hired Frances Frei who will act as a coach to the leadership team. She will focus on
creating a more cohesive and connected A-team. In addition, all leaders will adhere to the
Business Conduct Guide.

B. Mandatory Human Resources Training, C. Mandatory Manager Training & D.

Interview Training.
All this change will be wasted if we dont support our managers to build, nurture and
develop great teams. So far, weve taken thousands of managers through different learning
experiences at Uber, including the very best training Harvard has to offer with Frances.

We also kicked off our Meridian Project to define the qualities that make managers great at
Uber. Over the past few weeks, the team has been been pulling together insights from
across the business, including 1:1 interviews, a company wide survey, focus groups, and
working sessions. We now know the manager qualities and behaviors that we need in order
to hire and develop great managers so they can support us to do our best work.

Weve also introduced a new coaching curriculum called EMPOWER that equips managers
with the coaching skills they need to develop their teams at an individual level, and provides
reinforcing tools and content over several months. Created with input from Ops leaders, this
process focuses on helping managers leverage coaching techniques in real time to support
their direct reports growth and career success. EMPOWER began its pilot with US & CAN
Ops managers on May 24. If the pilot goes well we will roll out the program with care across
the next 18 months.

Well invest in more of these programs as we go forward.

VI. Improvements to Human Resources and the Complaint Process.
A. An Owner of Resources-Related Policies Should be Identified or Hired
& B. Increase Management Support for Human Resources & E. Devote Adequate
Staff and Resources to Human Resources.
Youve heard me say before that weve been understaffed on the HR team. We have already
grown the HR Business Partner (HRBP) team globally and will continue to do so throughout
the year. We have also hired incremental senior leadership for HRBP team:
VP, HR - Engineering (starts 6/21)
Director, HR - Comm Ops
Director, HR - EMEA
Director, HR - LATAM

C. Provide a Robust and Effective Complaint Process & D. Establish Protocols with
Respect to Escalating Complaints.
It is imperative that we have an effective, trusted and credible complaints system for
employees to escalate issues. To support this, as both Angela and I said today, we will
retain the Integrity Helpline to ensure that every person at Uber has a place to go to raise
issues anonymously. In addition, over the next three months we will double the size of the
Employee Relations team in every region. This is an independent team that reports directly
to me and acts confidentially to ensure that every complaint received is reviewed and
investigated thoroughly. We will also add a HelpLine.

I want to be super clear, we are building a process that gives employees the ability to report
issues, manage issues, and escalate concerns appropriately, and with confidence in the
process. You have my absolute commitment on this. We will not fail you again. We will also
add resources to include: consistent PIP templates, templates for reporting misconduct, and
termination guidelines for managers, which were developing now.

VII. Diversity and Inclusion Enhancements.

At Uber, our stated goal is to create a workplace that is inclusive and reflects the diversity
of the cities we serve: where everyone can be their authentic self, and where that
authenticity is celebrated as a strength. By creating an environment where people from
every background can thrive, well make Uber a better company. This matters to me
personally and viscerally--we need to get real.

A. Establish an Employee Diversity Advisory Board.

We will create an Advisory Board made up from ERGs and external thought leaders in this
area to ensure our approach to diversity is deeply meaningful. More on this soon.

B. Regularly Publish Diversity Statistics.

From a strategic perspective, we delivered the first ever Uber Diversity Report six weeks
after you asked for it. We will release these figures every year and will hold ourselves

C. Target Diverse Sources of Talent.

Weve already made great progress in this area, increasing our presence at Historically
Black Colleges & Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and womens liberal arts
colleges, and put in place programs to help driver-partners take on full-time roles at Uber.
This year, well further increase diversity recruiting efforts. What I love about this is that our
ERGs worked alongside the People team to ensure broad representation in each and every
event. It was a wonderful example of what we can achieve one Uber team. Of
course this is just the start, there is so much more we can do.

D. Utilize Blind Resume Review.

To build teams for the future, we updated 1,500 Uber job descriptions to ensure they are
free from bias, and weve taken steps to ensure we have diverse panels of trained
interviewers, and are adopting a blind resume approach.

E. Adopt a Version of the Rooney Rule.

Expanding recruiting efforts isnt enough. We need to proactively source and include diverse
candidates for all our leadership positions if were going to build a diverse culture for the
long-term. To help, we are piloting a version of the Rooney Rule in Xchange Leasing and will
work with the Diversity Advisory Board to build out a set of approaches.

F. Adopt and Promote a Sponsorship Program.

The Holder Report recommends that we introduce a sponsorship program. You know I feel
passionately that hiring is only the start, supporting diversity through ensuring everyone
feels actively supported and included is critical. To that end, working in partnership with the
ERGs we will develop a program and aim to pilot it by Q3.

G & H. Recognize and Support Employee Diversity Efforts.

There are lots of passionate people at Uber working hard to make our workplace diverse.
They do it because they care, and its the right thing to do, not just because its part of their
day job. As we reboot Perf, we need to recognize and reward all these efforts as part of
performance evaluation and as part of our cultural values. Simply put, everyone will have a
citizenship goal -- NO exceptions.

I. Review Benefits Offerings.

Im proud of the steps weve already taken here, like improving and aligning our global
maternity and paternity benefits; opening 24 Mothers Rooms (half in HQ and half outside);
launching our first Take Your Kids to Work Day and our first Global Wellness Day; and
earlier in the year, introducing egg freezing as a benefit. If we want people to stay at Uber
for the long-term, we have to build a work environment that grows with them.

Sometimes life is stressful, and you need support, or just someone to listen. We extended
our counseling programs to provide 24/7 support, and started to pilot onsite counselors for
sessions five days a week in San Francisco at no cost to employees, with a view to
expanding this globally.

Were also announcing changes to things that seem small, but were important to so many of
you. Were also introducing "Care" rooms in each SF office. A care room is a single
occupancy/multi-purpose room that an employee can use to meditate, pray, etc. We are in
the process of creating a playbook so that teams around the world can implement their own
Care rooms too.
AND we heard you loud and clear on Uber Credits. Effective July 1, we will be changing the
New Uber Credits program (for those who received offers after Jan 4, 2016) to grant a
monthly lump sum with the total value equivalent to 15 Uber rides in their city. Details can
be found on the Employee Credits Teamdot page.

J. Unconscious Bias Review.

To educate and support our teams, weve already introduced leading edge Inclusion
Workshops, training 300 people in three months, and have set targets to get 90% of all
managers trained by the end of 2017. We also invested in our ERGs, bringing them together
in our first ERG Summit to set strategic goals, and empower them to make positive change
in the company.

K. Coordinate Efforts.
Following recommendations from Covington, if any offices are engaging in their own
independent diversity efforts, we will require that all offices obtain approval through the
Head of Diversity. This will help to coordinate efforts throughout the organization so we are
being really strategic in how we are managing diversity and inclusion. As I said today I do
not know any company that is doing a brilliant job at this -- I want Uber to be the first.

L. Solicit Feedback from Employees.

This change process started with transparency and involvement, and we will continue to
involve you every step of the way. We also know that what gets measured gets done so
on June 19 were introducing the first of a series of Pulse surveys of employee sentiment.
These will roll at least every 3 months, so we can listen, understand and take action. Its
consistent, ongoing and critical to the health of our organization that we keep listening and
course correcting.

More D&I initiatives:

It is now clearer to me than ever that the world of work is not a level playing-field. We do
have to provide additional support for women and underrepresented groups to ensure that
we become the most attractive company to work for for all. We will also launch a Leadership
Program for Professional Development for women and people of color and a version of the
Flagship program for individual contributors.

As part of leveling that playing field, as you know we also committed the invest $3MM over
three years to support organizations working to bring more women and underrepresented
groups into tech. Well be updating you on where that investment is going later this month,
which already included taking your feedback into account.

Weve also taken important steps to make sure everyone feels welcome. For example, we
updated Workday so that employees and EXTs may now select their preferred pronouns to
ensure respect for each individuals identity which will help cultivate an environment that is
inclusive of all people, and increased our gender-neutral bathrooms globally.

VIII. Changes in Employee Policies and Practices

A. EEO Policies.
We will have clear discrimination and harassment policies that protect our employees and
are upheld by managers, leaders and HR. Policies will be applied consistently throughout the
organization, regardless of level, performance or tenure. We absolutely will not tolerate
violations of the anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, and anti-retaliation policies no matter
the level or performance of the perpetrator. We need to earn your trust again and we will.

B. Prohibit Romantic or Intimate Relationships Between Individuals in a Reporting

We will review all employee handbook policies, to make sure employees are clear on the
expectations for them within Ubers working environment. We will apply these policies
consistently, regardless of performance, level, or tenure.

C. Institute and Enforce Clear Guidelines on Alcohol Consumption and the Use of
Controlled Substances
Were going to be taking a look at setting some guidelines around consuming alcohol at
work and regarding after-hours events sponsored by Uber.

D. Remove Transfer Barriers.

I am really excited that we will relaunch the global internal mobility program in Q3 to
promote internal opportunities and career growth opportunities. Processes will be consistent
and transparent across the company. More on this soon.

E. Modify Ubers Performance Review Process.

We know we have to change our Perf and Comp systems. And our commitment to rebooting
Perf is absolute as a result of your input. I feel very proud that we are implementing the
changes that you designed. 3500+ people gave us feedback on Perf, and our prototypes for
the new system were designed by the 600 employees, across 16 different locations who
participated in working group sessions.

We all agree the Perf process is not easy to fix, but we can do it together, and youve given
us very clear feedback on what you want to see:
Personal Goal Setting: This will reduce the inherent subjectivity in Perf. Clear goals
set every quarter/half year will provide a sense of achievement. Whats more adding
goals around citizenship and management will help us focus on the how in addition
to the what, and I believe promote a greater purpose at work.
Continuous Feedback: Managers must provide feedback more often to eliminate
surprises throughout the year and to make Perf lighter.
Elimination of Subjectivity and Biases: In addition to having clear goals, we need
more/different checks and balances for ratings, compensation and promotions.
Clearer Promotion Expectations and Guidelines: Promotions must be business-driven
and consistent. We will work to achieve this by year-end for sure.
No Forced Curve: If the Perf process is based on the right data and qualitative inputs
it should drive outcomes and the right performance rating without a forced
performance curve. We do not need to be competitive with each other.
More Transparent Compensation Outcomes: It could be beneficial to have upfront
Company and team targets in addition to individual targets, as part of the approach
to annual bonuses. We will work on this over the coming months and evaluate at
Tool/technology: We need a tool to enable continual feedback and greater visibility of
progress against goals/OKRs.
Simplified Rating System: We should simplify the rating scale and tie it to
achievements, competencies, and behaviors.

Our new Perf system rolls out at the end of the year. It will be a system designed by you, to
address your priorities in a much more objective and transparent way. We launched our
MidYear Process which will be primarily based on goal setting and feedback last week.
This transitional process will focus heavily on the skills and behaviors we all need to be
supportive of each other through the process.

On Comp, as you know we are reviewing our total compensation philosophy. Over the
coming months you will see a number of cumulative changes to base pay, annual bonus and
equity that will ensure we all have complete transparency into how we compensate at Uber.

We also honored the average bonus language for employees who had received confusing
language in their offer letters, and we delivered on the Post Termination Exercise Extension,
extending it from 30 days to 7 years for employees with more than three years of Tenure.
We are committed to doing the right thing for employees, and make swift decisions to that

F. Make Promotion Requirements Clearer.

As outlined above, as part of the perf reboot we will be ensuring that both employees and
managers understand the guidelines and requirements for promotion and adhere to them.
We all need to understand there is no silver bullet but we will do all we can to ensure the
right guardrails are in place.

G. Flexible Work.
As I mentioned in the All Hand Im so excited to announce that we are introducing flexible
working hours at Uber for the very first time. Effective 1st September, we will develop a
global Part Time Working policy. The policy will be available on Teamdot by 31st July. This
will take a little time to work out as we want to ensure we offer the same possibilities to
everyone globally.

H. Catered Dinner.
By the end of June, dinner globally will be served at 7PM, not 8:15PM :)

I. Even Application of Policies and Practices

You have our absolute commitment that any process and practices we roll out will be
applied across the company consistently, regardless of performance, or level.

IX. Address Employee Retention

Over the coming months we will devise a process to support entry into Uber and into new
teams for existing employees. New employees and managers will sit down and talk through
topics like: How do you like to work? What schedule do you need to keep? Whats most
important to you outside of work? Our aim here is to ensure that each and every one of us
has the opportunity to ensure our manager (and our team) know what is important to us
outside of work so that we can all support each other in finding our own personal balance.
It would be great if we all start having these conversations with our managers and our
teams NOW so that we can all support each other more fully in having a life outside work.
We need to take this seriously. This isnt about process its about each one of us doing
something different--oh and by the way as I mentioned one of the first changes we will
make to the values is to remove longer...its simply NOT about hours worked.

X. Review and Assess Ubers Pay Practices.

I covered this above and will take you through some detail at an All Hands soon.

This weekend I saw something in Forbes that caught my eye: culture is the only truly
sustainable competitive advantage. A bad culture implodes on itself over time. A strong
BRAVE culture is the key to an organization's ability to survive and thrive. What more do
we need to know?

When we started this journey, I said change starts with action. Theres lot of incredibly
hard work ahead, but I have never felt more confident in a companys ability to change, and
reshape the future. The Covington recommendations give us an even greater mandate.

On a personal note, these last few months have been the toughest, and most rewarding of
my career. When I came here, I came for the mission, and for the challenge. I wanted
somewhere that would let me build for the future, and solve the hardest problems for the
company that EVERYONE is watching.

I got more challenge than I bargained for! But I also got more support, more feedback,
more ideas and more opportunity that I thought possible. Together, I want us to show the
world what a truly incredible redemption story looks likelets get moving.