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Trust Donates to Hospital.
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Imbalance in the Kitchen


It is not a secret there are peo-

ple that still believe, on some level,
that women belong in the kitchen.
The stereotype is somewhat
reversed when it comes to profes-
sional kitchens.
Traditionally in our homes,
women spend most of their time in
the kitchen than men. But why are
female executive chefs so rare?
Why arent there more women
among Fijis elite chefs? Profes-
sional kitchens all over the world
share the common challenge.
Managing Director of The Cole-
sium, Valentin Corchado said
many females get into culinary
schools, but somewhere along the
line they lose a lot of them.
Mr. Corchado has over 20 years
experience covering all aspects
of hotels and resorts in Fiji and Attendees at the Master Class Fiji. Bottom right - Managing Director of The Coliseum, Valentin Corchado. Photos: The COLISEUM.
Since leaving Hilton Hotels he
now runs his own training and sacrifice having a family or having standing on your feet all day and and not move to the top of the food
development company, The Cole- children, but due to the demand- yelling orders is very physically de- chain.
sium, based in Australia and Fiji. ing nature of the work it could manding. He said they wanted more fe-
He said while some females mean you spending less time with If you want a glamorous life male participation.
join professional kitchens, others them, Mr. Corchado said. out of becoming a chef, its hardly
drop out while pursuing their inter- He said they understood how the reality. If you want to go hard We have females with great
est in a culinary profession. important family values were in and kill yourself with working long capabilities, we have identified
And for those that join, its also Fiji, but at the same time they want hours and being underpaid, then several of them in the industry, we
a challenge getting them to stay to make sure that females also go ahead. The work is not about just need to provide the opportu-
in the restaurant business, Mr. have the opportunities to reach money its about sheer passion, nity to further educate them and
Corchado said. management level. Mr. Singh said. support them to come to leading
He said some women may de- Some leave because of the hard And for the women that decide roles because definitely they can
part to start a family. culture in the kitchen. to stay, Mr. Corchado said, they do it, Mr. Corchado said.
Being a chef doesnt essen- Executive Chef of Tokoriki Is- may only reach the level of be-
tially mean you would have to land Resort, Ashim Singh said coming a demi-chef or line cook Continued on page 4

Fiji - the way the world should be

Being the hub of the Pacific, Fiji has everything that a spectacular tropical paradise has to of-
fer - from private island resort accommodations, top class restaurants to white sandy beaches,
FROM THE DESK inbound tours, jet boat rides, hot air balloon rides, mountain trekking, inland tours, eco tourism,

GROWTH UNFAZED sky diving, helicopter rides, cruise trips, scuba diving, massage and beauty parlours, vibrant
night life and a lot more than any other destination in the world offers

Despite its vulnerability to flooding and its history of flood-

ing disasters, the growth of business in Fijis tourist town ap-

Nadi Road Upgrades

pears unfazed.
The Nadi Town Council is supporting and facilitating
proper planning to ensure the development of Nadi contin-
Councils Chief Executive Officer, Peter Dinning said his
office is consistently reviewing the town planning scheme
and zoning of areas where growth is expected and where By ANA SOVA
the pressure for development is emerging.
Once the town boundary expansion has been approved, Nadi is urbanising at a This includes roads, going road upgrade projects going on in terms of inter-
Council will prepare a consolidated Town Planning Scheme very quick pace. After all it footpaths and lighting. Prob- in Nadi. sections, pedestrian cross-
which will address the future planning needs and amenity of is the tourism hub of Fiji and ably 35 to 40 areas need ur- Mr. Hutchinson said cur- ings and so on from Nadi to
the area, Mr. Dinning said. not only is it the main inter- gent attention, that excludes rently, the Nadi area has Lautoka to address some of
Nadi has experienced nine floods in the last 20 years with national transportation hub areas that might come into the Nadi and Suva Road the congestion issues that
an average of one in every two years. for the country but also oth- the city boundary once the Upgrading Project NASRUP) people are currently experi-
Last major floods were in 2012, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2004, er South Pacific countries. area expands, Mr. Dinning programme. encing, he said.
2001, 1999, and 1997. The Nadi region has a said One, which is Wailoaloa Martintar Bypass Road
Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Dr. higher concentration of ho- Meanwhile, FRA Chief Junction up to the Denarau Mr. Hutchinson said
Ram Raju said the turn around and recovery was phenom- tels and motels than any Executive Officer, John Junction, is now complete. theyre also looking at up-
enal and confidence in investing in Nadi town has never other part of Fiji with a large Hutchinson said they were In Two, is work underway grading a cane rail route to
been better. transient population of for- aware of the need to up- at the moment. The work is ease traffic from Namaka to
Despite the flooding disasters of 2009 and 2012, the eign tourists. grade roads in the Nadi starting to focus on that last Nadi town.
growth of Fijis tourist town has been remarkably strong, It is also one of the coun- town boundary to bring it up section through Martintar At the moment theres
Opportunities for newer businesses all over Nadi are trys largest sugarcane pro- to a city status. down to Wailoaloa and that an existing cane rail route
boundless and it is encouraging to note the positive trend, ducers. Thats a legacy issue, will continue through and from Back Road which then
Dr. Raju said. Nadi has a population of as towns and cities have will be over in the next 12 runs on the Northern Press
Dr. Raju said the flood prone areas were still fresh in their 11970 within the Nadi town developed, theyve grown. months, Road that were looking to
minds and members of the business community were well boundary and 44367 for the A lot of those roads were Then the next section upgrade. This will decrease
aware of natural disasters and have taken necessary precau- total Nadi urban population farm tracks 20-30 years ago on the road currently un- some of the traffic flowing
tions to minimise damage. including Nadi town, Nadi and probably the condition der review at the moment through the Martintar and
Flood warnings have been timely which has helped peri-urban and Nawaka theyre in now, theyre still is three: from Wailoaloa Namaka area. Then ulti-
business take sensible steps to prevent losses, he said. peri-urban area according to probably farm tracks but junction through to Narewa mately were looking at ex-
q ANA SOVA the Nadi Town Council. inside the town boundary Road. We are reviewing that tending that Northern Press
Like many developing soon to be city boundary, but in addition to that, weve Road across to the Nadi
THE JET is Fijis first community newspaper published weekly by towns, Nadi also struggles to Yes were aware of the got work in the pipeline for Back Road, he said.
YOURSPACE LIMITED from Nadi - the tourism capital of Fiji. keep up with this pace. issue but its a matter of the Denarau Back Road and That has some signifi-
These new forces are prioritizing those roads and were also looking at Mar- cant challenges, particularly
PUBLISHER/EDITOR: SAMUEL SHANKAR Cell: 9966115 incredibly diverse, but they working through them pro- tintar Bypass Road, he said. with the bridge across the
SPORTS : LUKE NACEI Cell: 9516847 share an underlying need gressively, Mr. Hutchinson Mr. Hutchinson said on other river so thats probably
NEWS : ANA SOVA Cell: 7378722 for modern, efficient and re- said. top of that is a major pro- two or three years away, as
ADVERTISING : MARGARET NAQIRI Cell: 9360047 liable infrastructure. He said the FRA cant fix gramme of works kicking a longer term solution.
OFFICE PHONES : 6707075 / 6750443 As Nadi town prepares its every road in every town off in the next 12 months in He said the FRA is also
EMAIL : transition into a city, a fact when every town in Fiji has the Nadi-Lautoka corridor aware of long term plans in
that cannot be avoided is got exactly the same issues which will involve ultimately that area for some housing
that it still has a long way to although they will look at a four laning of that road all development in which the
COMPLAINTS: The Jet Newspaper continues to strive for excellence in go in its transition. providing suitable roads for the way from Nadi through road developers will help
its publications, with this in mind we welcome all complaints and sug- Like any other town in the community. to Lautoka. address.
gestions from our readers. All such comments could be sent to Fiji, Nadi share the agonized Our priority is to up- That will involve some The idea is to distribute We thank you our readers for your valued concern over road infra- grade and fix those roads. I realignment on certain sec- traffic in three directions,
support towards The Jet Newspaper.
structure. know the focus from a lot of tions of the road but in the Mr. Hutchinson said.
PRINTED BY MAX MARKETING - LAYOUT BY MARGARET NAQIRI The Nadi Town Council people was footpaths, street interim there is some quite
realizes that in order to have lights, drainage and so on extensive upgrade works
a badge name called Nadi and having roads, I abso-
City, there needs to be a lutely acknowledge that,
drastic improvement on the A lot of these roads have
roads within its town and been around 30-40 years
Visit us on our Facebook page soon to be city boundary.
Nadi Town Council Chief
and never had a footpath,
never had a streetlight, why?
Executive Officer, Peter Din- Because people got away
for latest Updates!!! ing said they were in the with the waiver back then
process of working with the and didnt do it and we sud-
Fiji Roads Authority(FRA) to denly have to come along identify what the priorities and fix it and were doing it
were for 2017/18, 2018/19 progressively, Mr. Hutchin-
up to 2020 in terms of road son said.
works infrastructure re- Nadi Road Projects Road works been carried out in Martintar. Photo: MARGARET
quirements in the Nadi area. There are currently on- NAQIRI.



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TO BE REPLACED Climate Change

The Fiji Roads Authority

(FRA) will be replacing the
come up with some modi-
fied designs.
with the prototype. Well
obviously want to get some
newly built bus shelters in Regarding those modi- feedback. We dont want
Nadi along the Queens fied designs weve now to go out and roll out on a
Highway after numerous had approval from the large scale and have nega-
complaints from the pub- board to build the proto- tive feedbacks and having
lic. type which we are putting to go back and change it,
The new bus shelters in, Mr. Hutchinson said. Mr. Hutchinson said.
can be found located op- He said once they get He said the existing bus
posite Waqadra Junction, that installed, theyll seek shelter design was ap-
Namaka, Aerotown service customer feedback from proved by the board ap-
station near the Votualevu the public. proved in 2014 which was
Roundabout, airport and at Provided the feedback built as part of the Nadi
the Nasoso Junction. is satisfactory the Authority and Suva Road Upgrading
FRA Chief Executive Of- will proceed to roll out that Project (NASRUP).
ficer, John Hutchinson said design across the board,
as a consequence, theyve I think were happy

Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment, Praveen Bala speaking at the Digicel
Bula Festival at Tanoa Skylodge in Nadi. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.

In the coming weeks, the Minister for He said this will make Nadi the first Fiji-
Local Government, Housing and Environ- an and South Pacific municipality to take a
ment, Parveen Bala will be announcing a lead in climate change mitigation by join-
special Municipal Climate Change Adap- ing GCoM, and providing benchmark data
tation Program roll out. on a global online platform in real time,
Mr. Bala made the announcement on local carbon emissions.
while launching the Digicel Nadi Bula Fes- This will be the first phase of a four
tival 2017 at the Tanoa Skylodge Hotel. phase program that will take Nadi from
He said this will be in line with the commitment to being compliant through
theme and objective of the upcoming its Climate Change Programs, Mr. Bala
COP23 event which Fiji holds the presi- said.
dency. He said similar programmes will be
Bus shelter in Namaka. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.
The Nadi Town Council is at the fore- rolled out in other municipalities.
front of this initiative. In association with I humbly request you all to join your
the Ministry of Local Government by join- respective municipal councils and assist

ing the the Global compact of Mayors in the adaptation activities as planned,
(GCoM), an international body affiliated Your commitment and assistance will
to COP accords and the United Nations, see us leaving a caring environment for
Mr. Bala said. our future generations, Mr. Bala said.

Supports Transition

The office of the Commissioner Western bigger plan of moving Nadi town to city sta-
Division is in full support of the Nadi Town tus, Lt. Colonel Tagicakibau said.
Councils move to transit the town into a city. He said most of these interested investors
Commissioner Western Division, Lieu- were coming in from overseas wishing to in-
tenant Colonel Manasa Tagicakibau said he vest in Fiji.
has had discussions with the Chief Execu- Meanwhile, Lt. Colonel Tagicakibau said
tive officer of the Council, Peter Dinning. he is also pleased with the rapid develop-
We talked about some issues and we ments that were taking place in the Western
are supporting them in terms of giving ap- Division.
provals in some of the land issues that they This is an exciting time for the Western
wish to develop. Might it be a state land, the Division. You look around and you see all
approval comes from my office, so we are these developments coming up and our
assisting them in that manner, Lt. Colonel west economy is booming. The West is cer-
Tagicakibau said. tainly the economic hub of the country, he
He said they were also assisting in terms said.
of bringing in investors to Nadi. Lt. Colonel Tagicakibau said Lautoka City
Some of the investors are wishing to set is also transforming quite rapidly especially
up businesses here in Nadi. We continue to with the recent opening of the Tappoo City
rope in the Nadi Town Council so that they Complex and Prince Charles Park and other
are in the know and everything fits into their businesses.

Avinesh Sharma, Chef de Cuisine of V Restaurant at Sofitel Fiji Resort demonstrates a cooking les-
son. Photo: THE COLISEUM.

continued from page 1 Over the course of the Were going to be an-
four- day event a variety of nouncing this and more de-
He said women have cer- workshops and cooking tails in the next week or so.
tain attributes that men lack demonstrations were of- It adds a great twist to the
in the kitchen. fered by these leading pro- whole Master Class Fiji,
Theyre even better in fessionals. The scholarship is open
certain areas. Women have He said the aim of the for any female who is inter-
a delicate touch and a cer- event was to support and ested in culinary whether
tain passion. We want to promote equality and gen- theyve been in the indus-
make sure to give them the der balance in professional try or new to the industry,
opportunity to try and create kitchens, through the intro- I encourage you to give it a
and put that passion on the duction of culinary scholar- go and apply, Mr. Corchado
plate, Mr. Corchado said. ships for potential Fijian fe- said.
Last week, The Coliseum male chefs. He said they will also be
and a group of executive The goal is to see the involving some high-end
chefs and hospitality In- very first female executive resorts and professional
dustry professionals in the chef Fiji made, Mr. Corcha- people that are willing to
country and some from Aus- do said. provide mentorship to the
tralia facilitated an exciting He said the project scholarship recipients.
project called Master Class achieved its goal and has
Commissioner Western Division Lieutenant Colonel, Manasa Tagicakibau. Photo: SUPPLIED. Fiji at the Rhum Bar on De- raised enough money to
narau Island. provide the scholarships.

TUI NAWAKA Trust Donates

A claimant to the title of Momo Na Tui
Nawaka, Ratu Livai Derenalagi has been
Ratu Livai said he is the rightful holder
of the chiefly title.
Draped in Masi, Ratu Livai was anoint-
ed and blessed by his niece, Pastor Joana
Before the traditional installation, Ratu
Livai said he was happy to be installed as
the Tui Nawaka as the title was rightfully
He said it was essential for the people
of Nawaka to know the rightful holder of
the Tui Nawaka title.
This is my house and my village and
the people have always been very impor-
tant to me and they have a special place
in my heart, he said.
When I was not here, the only big
problem was they did not follow proper President of Nadi Bula Festival Trust Leone Naivalu hands over a cheque to Chairman of Nadi Hos-
protocol in the making of one village. This pital Board Mohammed Israr Khan while 2016 Miss Health Nadi Priti Pratishma and Dr. Joyce Bal-
is fourth family tribe that has to sit togeth- buene looks on. Photo:MARGARET NAQIRI.
er and then decide and talk as to who is to
sit on that chiefly position.
He confirmed that the i-taukei Land By ANA SOVA
and Fisheries Commission (TLFC) will be The Nadi Hospital Board is thankful to the best conditions, Mr. Khan said.
visit the village and its tribunal will inform Nadi Bula Festival Trust for their donation to- Nadi Bula Festival Trust President, Le-
them of the rightful holder to the chiefly Claimant to the Tui Nawaka title, Ratu Livai wards the hospital. one Naivalu said after much discussion and
title. Derenalagi escorted to his house. Photo: LUKE The Trust had donated $9,000 towards deliberation with the board chairman and
Ratu Livai said this is to be done as NACEI. the renovation of the hospitals Womens SDMO of the hospital they managed to iden-
Ward toilet facilities. tify the toilet facilities for renovation.
the installation of the first chief was not carried out according to the protocol of the Nadi Hospital Board Chairperson, Mo- With a scope of work received from the
Vanua. hammed Israr Khan said the Nadi Bula Board of Visitors, Digicel Bula Festival do-
His wife, Miliakere Derenalagi said she will support her husband. Festival Trust has been a partner with Nadi nated $9,000 and also signed an MOU as a
I am really happy that this has taken place today and I will always be supportive of Hospital for so long and have been donating form of partnership with Bula Festival, Mr.
my husband, she said. funds towards the hospital based on their Naivalu said.
annual earnings. Meanwhile, there other parts of the Nadi
We identify certain projects that need Hospital that needs renovation.

Tourism Fiji Celebrates

work and we let the Nadi Bula Festival Trust Mr. Khan said they are also looking at the
know and they fund the project. This year renovating the mens ward toilet facilities,
out of our priorities we saw the womens the outpatient ward and the hospitals labo-
ward toilet and bathroom were not in the ratory.

International Day of

Participants celebrating International Day of Happiness at Nataly Ground in Namaka. Photo: SUP-

The International Day of for us and Fiji as a whole to lien said they were happy
Happiness was celebrated be leading by example and to partner with Tourism Fiji
by Tourism Fiji with its com- being happy. Lets embrace and be in Fiji this year.
munity of stakeholders. this fact, said Leone. Its a natural partnership
The day was celebrated
with an hour of great music
Sanjeshni Nand of Nadi
said, This is an auspicious
and we hope the rest of the
world will learn a thing or * Rates include light continental breakfast
and dance featuring zumba occasion to be a Fijian and two and take meaningful
queen, Litiana Miller at the an opportunity to meet peo- steps towards richer, hap- *68 air- contditioned rooms
Nataly ground in Namaka. ple who share similar senti- pier lives. Importantly, we *Extra bed $20.00, baby cot free
Tourism Fiji Chief Execu- ments about Fiji as the place see this partnership as a *No additional charges for 2 children under 12
tive Officer, Mathew Stoeck- where happiness finds you. long-term relationship and
el said Fiji is the place where Mr. Stoeckel said Tourism we are confident it will act sharing the same room with parents OUR ROOM RATES
happiness finds you and the Fiji is proud to be in official as a model for other partner- * Check in time: 1.30pm, check out time: 10.30am Superior $120.00
hospitality extended to its partnership with the Inter- ships going forward, Ms. Il- *Courtesy airport transfers 24 hours
visitors is world renowned. national Day of Happiness lien said. Poolside $130.00
Tourism Fiji recognises member state accreditation In the lead up to In- *1DD telephone
the synergies with the inter- status and is one of the first ternational Day of Happi- *Sky TV & mini fridge & radio Deluxe $140.00
national day for happiness nations in the world to re- ness, Tourism Fiji has been *Tea/ Coffee making facilities Family Suite
and through this partnership ceive this status. sharing the stories of what 2 b/rooms $180.00
will showcase to the rest of The International Day of makes Fiji such a happy *Private balcony (deluxe rooms)
the world what makes Fiji Happiness is a United Na- place via social media chan- *24 hours reception *rates include TAX
such a happy place. tions initiative introduced in nels to a global audience.
Amongst the many at
the celebration was Leone
Naivalu, 26, of Yasawa who
2011 that recognizes, the
pursuit of happiness as a
fundamental human goal
A competition was also
run during this period and
dedicated microsites where
was overwhelmed with the has been celebrated around users can vote of Fijian ex- Martintar, Nadi
celebration. the world on the 20th of perience that they feel best
I am thrilled to be part March ever since. represents where happi- Ph: +679 6720088, Fax: +679 672 6522
of the event, being a tourism International Day of Hap- ness finds you. Email:
frontline staff, it is important piness Founder, Jayme Il-


SUPPORT Veisiko in Nadi

Nadi Police personnel Crime Officer (DCO/W)

rounded up their three day Superintendent of Police
operations last week visit- (SP), Shanti Lal said now
ing the Nawai Community officers know what the
Post area of operations. community experience
Operation Veisiko saw daily.
officers visiting villages, Farmers complain of
settlements and business stray animals damaging
houses in the area. their crops and now you
Acting Officer in Charge know that their sweat has
of Nadi Police District, In- been in vain and it is some-
spector Dharmendra Dutt thing that really affects
said officers got to feel and them because its their
experience the hardships livelihood, SP Dutt said.
people in the area face ev- She was thankful the of-
ery day. ficers braved the hot sun
Some of them com- and walked long distances
plained that stray animals to visit and talk to people
eat up their root crops in regards to preventing
and their reports are being crime.
overlooked. Some felt that Its better to prevent
there was a need for Po- crime than to wait and
lice presence in their area have crime being commit-
which would make them ted, SP Dutt said.
safer, Inspector Dutt said. Operation Veisiko con-
Addressing the end of tinues in the Nadi district.
2017 Digicel Bula Festival Contestants with 2016 Miss Health (fifth from left) and 2016 Miss Digicel Bula Festival Queen (seventh from the operation, Divisional
left) at Tanoa Skylodge during the launch. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.

The Nadi Bula Festival We are indeed grateful or and special administrator ens Association (PPSEWA)
Trust has urged business for the continuous sponsor- for local municipalities and by dedicating the day pro-
houses, hoteliers, and cor- ship support and hope this I know exactly how difficult gram for Wednesday, Thurs-
porate entities to partner will continue in the coming it is to organise, sustain and day and Friday during the
with them to achieve their years, Mr. Naivalu said. grow a pageant and carni- festival week for women
key objective in organising He also thanked co-spon- val, Mr. Bala said. who are members of the As-
the Digicel Nadi Bula Festi- sors and contestant spon- Meanwhile, the Trust is sociation to showcase their
val 2017. sors of the event for their also working closely this art work, Mr. Naivalu said. Police carry out visitations in the Nadi area during Operations
Speaking during the immense contribution and year with the Nadi Town The festival has also part- Veisiko. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.
launch of the festival at the support. Council. nered with the Nadi Aviators
Tanoa Skylodge Hotel, Nadi I must thank the people And with request put Rugby League in their tour-

Bula Festival Trust President, behind the scenes who forward from the Ministry of naments this year.
Leone Naivalu said organis- have worked tirelessly in en- Local Government we have This will feature the
ing a festival of this magni- suring that we organise an- incorporated our theme this contestants at the round off
tude was not an easy task. other successful festival for year as Transition Starts tournaments on the 17th of

It requires a total com- 2017, Mr. Naivalu said. Where You Live, whereby June as a build up to the fes-
mitment and most impor- In officially launching the festival itself will be sole- tival, Mr. Naivalu said.
tantly support from business the festival, Minister for Lo- ly guided with the theme A float competition will
houses and the Nadi com- cal Government, Housing and will be streamlined ac- also be held during the clos-
munity. Keeping in mind and Environment, Parveen cordingly with the contes- ing march of the festival.
that return on investment is Bala said the Bula Festival is tants advocacy topics and The Trust is inviting business
to maximize as much pub- rightfully proud being Fijis the weeklong programs, houses to take part.
licity as possible for your longest continuous pageant Mr. Naivalu said. The floats design should
respective companies, Mr. and carnival. The Trust has also be in relation to this years
Naivalu said. I congratulate the organ- opened up new opportuni- theme, Transition Starts
He acknowledged Digicel ising committee over the ties. Where You Live.
Fiji who has partnered with past 56 years and the people We have opened up The Digicel Nadi Bula
the Trust as major sponsor of Nadi for making this pos- new opportunities to the Pan Festival 2017 will be held
for the past three years. sible. I have served as may- Pacific Southeast Asia Wom- from the 22nd- 29th of July.

Confident on Funding Tourists browsing through a handicraft shop. Photo: TOURISM
The Commissioner Western Division is confident the divi-
sion will be receiving funding for capital projects his office The Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI)
has proposed to Government for the next financial year. is concerned with the ongoing reports of touting in Nadi
The new Government financial year will be from August
to July 2018. town.
Lieutenant Colonel Manasa Tagicakibau said these proj- NCCI President, Dr. Ram Raju said touting was a major
ects include the second phase of construction of the Nacula focus of attention as reports still come to hand on tourist
Health Centre in Yasawa and proposed health center in Vo- harassment and rip offs.
tualevu and establishment of a health centre in Korovuto, We are glad that Commerce Commission is now
He said right now they were moving very fast to complete actively involved in cracking down on the few shops in
some of the capital projects budgeted for in the third quarter town that are reportedly tarnishing the good image of our
of the current financial year. town,
Some of these capital programmes are, rural housing, Tourists are beginning to come in good numbers
water projects for the rural community, some of the village who should be allowed hassle free, friendly and pleasant
access roads and we are also looking at bigger capital proj-
ects especially in the medical health sector, Lt. Colonel shopping experience, he said.
Tagicakibau said. Dr. Raju said they are looking forward to working
He said they had proposed for the two health centers in closely with Commerce Commission on other matters
Nadi to ease the congestion at the Nadi Hospital. as well.
These are some of the works that we are looking into. They have wide ranging powers to protect every-
We have put up our proposal, now we are confident we will Nacula Health Centre in Yasawa. Photo: MINITRY OF HEALTH.
be getting funding for those capital works, Lt. Colonel Tagi- one and we looked at an MOU that was discussed to be
cakibau said. signed once the legal papers are ready, he said.


A gift of 20 dry forest saplings that make of factors including urbanisation, new de-
up a 10mx10m proto-types dry forest suit- velopments, wild fires, drought and the
able for Iguana habitation was presented introduction of invasive species, Anstey
to US High Commissioner Judith Cefkin said.
from Ahura Resort on May 18. He said these changes over time have
This gift comes from the nursery of significantly altered the composition
Likuliku Lagoon Resort which has pains- structure and density of the forests and
takingly established its own dry forest consequently the integrity of the land on
nursery over the last three years growing which they grow has been comprised.
trees from seed and from transplanted The land has become unstable and in-
saplings, said General Manager Ahura fertile supporting in many areas only grass
Resorts, Steve Anstey. and casuarinas,
Antsey said this initiative is done for the Landslides during the wet season are
long term. common events, native wild life has dis-
This isnt just about planting any old appeared and some species are on the
tree it is about the long term restoration brink of extinction.
of a damaged forest environment made Meanwhile, Malolo Levu, the largest of
of specifics species for future generations the island in the Mamanuca group com-
to enjoy, prises 960 hectares of land area which
Sadly these ecosystems have been was once covered by dry forest. Brigid Whitton, Tui Lawa Ratu Sevanaia Vatunitu, US ambassdor Judith Cefkin, Rosie Group man-
deteriorating and depleting at an alarming aging director Tony Whitton, General Manager Steve Anstey, and Embassy of the US regional envi-
rate over the years through a combination ronmental officer Mark Mineo. Photo: SUPPLIED.


The Mamanuca Envi-

ronment Society is playing
dry forest continues to be
a major problem in their
One of the things we
are doing is informing the

LEADERSHIP ROLE a leading role in the refor-

estation projects in the Ma-
manuca group of islands.
Mr Sadrata said this has
led to the drying up of riv-
society on starting a fire in
the forest that should be
avoided and just the care-
The Societys Project ers in their community. lessness of cutting down
Manager, Marica Vakacola One of the major prob- trees and those we have
said both the marine and lems that we were facing informed them to please
land environment is vi- was the water problem or retain the dry forest for the
tal to the sustainability of shortages, he said. future generations.
all businesses in the Ma- Our rivers and streams It was indeed very im-
manucas. became dry, so we are hav- portant for the Vanua O
MES is a non-profit or- ing this dry forest because Malolo to have dry forest.
ganisation whose primary this trees they can main- We fully support this initia-
aim is to promote and tain water and we would tive and we are working
encourage sound environ- like to see our streams and very closely with the Ma-
mental management prac- creeks be filled with water, manuca Society.
tices and to stop degrada- to go back to its original He also said when the
tion the marine and land state. Mamanuca community
environment, she said. He said they are now had their Bose Vayabaki
Ms Vakacola said a working closely with the last year they highlighted
major part of their work Mamanuca Environment that their hill top was bare-
includes the establishing Society to try and curb this ly dressed with dry forest.
of the best environmen- on-going issue. We want it to be cov-
tal practices advocacy on Since most of the rivers ered with forests, he said.
both land and sea for all had become completely Mr Sadrata added that
who live and visit the Ma- dry so we are working Tropical Cyclone Winston
manucas. alongside the Mamanuca also contributed to the na-
Mamanuca society society and with overseas kedness of the land.
Sattelite view of Malolo Island. Photo: SUPPLIED. spokesperson Tevita Sa- grants to make this initia-
drata said deforestation of tive successful.

Dry Forests
Now Rare

Research has shown that the lack of dry together to try and bring back the dry forest
forest in Fiji has posed direct threat to the in this degraded island especially in Malolo.
lives of the crested iguanas becoming ex- He said that is why it is vital for refores-
tinct. tation of dry forest to take place in the Ma-
South Pacific Regional Herbarium techni- manucas.
cian, Alivereti Naikatini confirmed that less From the work that we have been doing
than one percent of dry forest remains in Fiji. we found that some principles vegetation
According to Mr Naikatini, these dry for- types are not on the list and one of it is the
ests are homes to the crested iguanas. dry forest.
He said out of the nine principle vegeta- So we did iguana survey. From our
tion types found in Fiji, works that they have part in the University one of our roles was Dry forests is also rapidly decreasing in Malolo Island in the Mamanucas. Photo: SUPPLIED.
been doing has shown that some vegetation to work out what is the type of vegetation
types are not in the list and dry forest is one where these iguanas is found and how its
of them. home looks like. find this dry forest but they are not the intact of seedlings where we can bring seedlings
Mr Naikatini while addressing the people From looking at the dry forest system big system, they are remanence or remain- in nursery before we do reforestation.
of Solevu in Malolo and respective delegates even in Viti Levu you dont find the intact ing of a true dry forest, he said. He said USP is closely working with the
from various agencies said in brief that this dry forest anymore only in the Vatia Penin- Its almost gone but a small portion still department of forestry where they provide
dry forest are now rare in Fiji. sula near Tavua a very small portion remains remains and a good indicator that it is still advice on the species and they are the main
From the works that is being done it is there but its degraded and its got invasive there is the presence of the iguanas. Once ones who carry out the works.
the dry forest that these iguanas live in. The species you find some of it in Bua on Vanua the iguana is gone it will be too late to do the There are two things that have been dam-
onus is on the people of Lawa and the chief Levu on the leeward side but again it is not restoration works so when its still there and aging our forest first is the uncontrolled fire
who is here, he said. really intact they are all disturb. while we still have small pockets of dry for- and the free range grazing animal.
I think this is the right time for us to work In Malolo and the Yasawa group you still est on this island those are still good sources


AFL National Artwork

Competition Launched
Airports Fiji Ltdtoday launched a National Artwork Com-
petition encouraging Fijians of all ages to participate in
showcasing our traditional and contemporary art at Nadi
International Airport.
AFL Executive Chairman, Faiz Khan says the competi-
tion is divided into two categories with total prize money of
$17,000 that will be awarded tosix winners.
Khan said as the first and last impression of the country,
Nadi International Airport would provide a home to show-
case our artwork to our visitors.
Nadi Airport Terminal Modernization Project achieved
practical completion last month of the original scope of
works. We are now working on the next phase of the project
on airport themeng and aesthetics, explained Khan.
The Airports Fiji Ltd - National Artwork Competition
givesan opportunity to all Fijians to have a piece of their cre-
ativity showcased at Nadi International Airport, and other
airports around Fiji. This competition gives our communities
the opportunity to be involved and have a say in how our
airports will look and evolve over time. In the process you
can also win lucrative cash prizes, stated Khan.
Competition Coordinator, Christopher Chand said that
the competition is divided into two categories - Traditional
From left Fiji Broadcasting Corporation director sales and marketing Vijendra Kumar, Airports Fiji Limited communications and pub-
and Contemporary artwork. lic relations officer Christopher Chand, Manager Airport Joe Gray and manager commercial. Photo SUPPLIED.
We will place emphasis on originality of work. People
can do free hand drawing or even use computer generated
be selected. be artwork relevant to the present and future.
imagery to depict Fiji, elaborated Chand.
Each Gold winner will receive $5,000, each Silver win- Traditional artwork can be anything from a masi, paint-
In addition AFL has today signed a partnership with the
ner will receive $2,500 and each Bronze winner will receive ing, photos, sculpture, wood carvings, tanoa, mats, pottery
countrys biggest media organization in the country, the Fiji
$1,000. and any other art and craft that is traditional to our society.
Broadcasting Corporation, to be our media partner to pro-
About the National Artwork Competition: Contemporary artwork can be a photo, painting, sculpture,
mote this unique and historical opportunity to all Fijians.
The theme of the competition is Our Culture, Our identity, design or any artwork that is non-traditional yet relevant to
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Director Sales and Market-
Our Heritage and Our Future. Fijis identity in the present and future. Both forms of art-
ing, Vijen Kumar said This is a national competition. As the
The traditional and contemporary artwork will be dis- works can be done using free hand or computer generated
national broadcaster we want to tell all Fijians through our
played at Nadi International Airport. The theme is befitting imagery. Emphasis will be placed on originality of work.
six radio and TV stations to take part in this first of its kind
of our past, our present and future. Participants can download entry forms from AFLs web-
The competition is divided into two categories, Tradi- site or collect them from AFLs infor-
Entries for the National Artwork Competition will close
tional and Contemporary. Traditional artwork can be any mation desks at Nadi and Nausori Airports or from FBCs
on July 18th after which three winners for each category will
artwork that is traditional to Fiji whilst Contemporary would Suva and Nadi offices.

Rotuma Runway
between Rotuma and Nadi is around 600 welcoming us today, expressed Khan.
km but at present feels like 60,000 kms. In The Rotuma runway project has already
the future Rotuma will be a destination just boosted the islands economy with 22 locals
around the corner, elaborated Khan being engaged to work for China Railway

Before we landed today we saw the best 5th Engineering Group Co. Ltd with recruit-
blue colour ocean we have ever seen in our ment expected to further increase as con-
lives. Rotuma has a treasure of opportunities struction commences.
that this runway sealing project will open up Rotuma District Officer Niumaia Masere

Project Commences
for the people of Rotuma, expressed Khan. said the economic benefits from the runway
The project has been made possible upgrade will create enormous opportuni-
through the push and vision of the Govern- ties.
ment. There is no business case for Airports Its going to open up other develop-
Fiji Ltd to develop Rotuma but we do so due ments like Tourism and Export. Rotuma has
to our social responsibilities as a Govern- a bilateral agreement with Tuvalu and with
ment owned entity. For your information transportation being made easier the export
the current landing fees for a Twin Otter is of commodities will increase, Masere high-
$15.18. So this aircraft we came in would lighted.
pay AFL $15.18 for landing in Rotuma today. This has always been a dream for de-
In a year there are around 70 flights. So that cades its now a reality for our people. We
currently amounts to around $1,000 in gross are all excited and the benefits from this
landing fees revenue per annum for flight project will be immense, said the High
into Rotuma. AFL heavily subsidizes all do- Chief of Noatau, Gagaj Maraf.
mestic air travel as part of its social obliga- The Secretary of the Landowners Jioje Fiu
tion. said On Wednesdays and Fridays we have
This project is further evidence of about 12 to 13 people who wait to board the
Governments inclusive and long term ap- flight but there are only 5 seats available and
proach. It shows that the focus of Govern- most of the time our people go back home
ment is not just on mainstream Fiji but the disappointed. This is the answer to our trav-
entire nation. We are thankful for the Hon- el woes that we have faced for many years.
ourable Prime Minister and our Ministry of We hope with the runway upgrade and with
Public Enterprises directives, support and the arrival of bigger aircraft the airfares will
guidance. also be cheaper.
We anticipate this project will have The total project cost is estimated at $13
many challenges due to its isolation. To million with completion programmed for
overcome them we will need collabora- March 2017. Government has given a grant
tion between all stakeholders - the people of $2.3 million and the rest is paid by AFL
of Rotuma, the contractor China Railway 5, as its contribution as a Government owned
The 7 District Chiefs with AFL Chairman carry out the ground breaking ceremony. Photo: AFL. the project manager consultant GHD, the entity.
Government officials, the District Office in AIRPORTS FIJI LIMITED
not sure until a few minutes before depar- Rotuma, the Ministry of Lands, the Ministry
After decades long anticipation the
ture whether the pilot would bring 6 or 7 of of Public Enterprises, the Department of En-
ground breaking ceremony for construction
us or not at all, depending on weight and vironment, AFL reps involved in the project,
of the new sealed runway in Rotuma took
weather conditions. Larger aircraft such as and everyone else involved. The Reverends
place today.
ATRs cannot operate out of Rotuma at pres- theme in leading the prayer was very apt for
Executive Chairman of Airports Fiji Ltd,
Faiz Khan said this is a historical day for the ent, but will be able to do so in future after this project:- Be safe and keep focus, said Visit us on our Facebook page
the upgrades, explained Khan. Khan.
people of Rotuma and the Fijian nation.
After the upgrades ATR 72s will take On behalf of the Government, our Board
Once completed, this project will trans-
of Directors, staff and all other stakeholders for latest Updates!!!
form the Rotuman economy bringing with around 70 passengers with greater certainty
on flight times and frequency. we would like to thank the 7 District Chiefs
it developments and economic activities.
One can only envision the transforma- of Rotuma, the landowners and people of
Travelling here today in the Fiji Link Twin Ot-
tion this will have for Rotuma. The distance Rotuma for your hospitality and kindness in
ter cost us $23,000 in charter fees. We were



Nadi Town is one of the prospective locations being

considered to build a Centre for Autism Children in Fiji.
Autism Ambassador for Middle East Region & Founder
and Chairing Committee for Emirates Walk for Autism,
Dr Nahida A. Abdul Qader, has confirmed that Fiji and
the Comoros De Islands, have been identified as future
Centres for Autism children.
The US$80M project which is 100 per cent owned by
Dr Nahida, will also enable shareholders to take part in at
least 40 per cent of the equity.
Spokesperson, Gabby Abariga confirmed the new
head office will be based in Dubai, but will also be coor-
dinating the establishment of the new Autism Centre in
Fiji and the Comoros De Islands.
Once the new headquarters is completed in 2018, we
will then engage with the Government of Fiji through the
Fiji Embassy in Abu Dhabi on all administrative matters
pertaining to the establishment of the new Autism Centre
in Fiji, Mr Abariga said.
Preliminary work has commenced including the en-
gagement of the respective stakeholders and, with con-
struction work on the new headquarters expected to be-
gin by the fourth quarter of 2017. The Fiji Family supporting the Emirates Walk for Autism 2017 in Dubai. Photo: BULA PASIFIK HERITAGE.

COP23 Logo Placed 146 Tabua

on Fiji Airways Planes Returned

The Fiji Airways Group has placed the Fiji COP23 Logo on some of its planes in support
of Fijis presidency of COP23.
During the official launch of the COP23 Logo in Suva, the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainima-
rama had announced that the Fiji Airways has taken on this initiative.
Fiji Airways is committed to supporting Fijis Presidency of COP23 and have not only
donated the prizes for the logo competition, but will also be placing the logo on its planes,
and we thank them for their support, Mr. Bainimarama said.
The Prime Minister informed of his appreciation to the Chief Executive Officer of Fiji Air-
ways, Mr. Andre Viljoen, and the rest of the management and staff of Fiji Airways, not only
for these prizes but for making us all so proud of the airline
Meanwhile, Ms. Ronna Sekiguchi of the Fijian design company, the Greenhouse Studio
was announced Mr. Bainimarama as the winner of Fijis official COP23 Logo.
Ms. Sekiguchi was born in the Philippines and came to Fiji in 2004.
Shes been a Fijian citizen since 2010. In 2014, she founded the Greenhouse Studio,
which employs seven people and has created a range of other logos for companies and
The final design is based on her entry into the competition a logo that will be seen
around the world in the coming months and a logo that every Fijian can be proud of,
Im very proud that Fiji has the talent to design such a world class product, Mr. Baini-
marama said.
Fiji succeeded in its bid to be selected as one of the co-chairs of this years COP23 -the
United Nations (UN) negotiations on climate change.
The meeting will be held in Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany from the 6th -17th
of November. Minister for Local Government, Parveen Bala, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimara, CITES Secretary
Fiji will be the first Pacific nation invited to fulfill such a role. General John Scanlon, New Zealand High Commisioner to Fiji Mark Ramsden and Representative
of New Zealand Department of Conservation Joe Harawira withthe warriors of Nawaka Village car-
rying the tabuas. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.


146 Tabua (polished The legislation requires Ramsden said.

sperm whale teeth), that anyone bringing an item Mr. Bainimarama said in
were taken into New Zea- made from a protected a very real sense we wel-
land from Fiji have been species including a Tabua come these Tabua back
returned by the New Zea- into New Zealand, to have home, in an exchange that
land Government. a permit, Mr. Ramsden bears deep cultural and
The Tabua were seized said. historical meaning for Fiji
over the years from people He said given the close and the Fijian people.
travelling into New Zea- links between Fiji and New And full credit goes to
land without a permit to Zealand, with many people both the Fijian and Kiwi
carry the iTaukei tradition- travelling back and forth, it border enforcement agen-
al item. is important that aware- cies who under the Con-
New Zealand High ness is raised on this fact. vention on International
Commissioner to Fiji, Mark It is perfectly fine to Trade in Endangered Spe-
Ramsden handed the bring a Tabua with you, so cies of Wild Flora and Fau-
Tabua to the Prime Minis- long as the travelers have na worked collaboratively
ter, Voreqe Bainimarama the appropriate permits to make this happen, Mr.
during a repatriation cer- from both Fijian and New Bainimarama said.
emony at the Double Tree Zealand authorities, Mr. He said the true value of
Resort in Sonaisali on Mon- Ramsden said. the Tabua to the Fijian peo-
day. He said repatriation of ple is difficult to express in
COP23 Logo on one of the Fiji Airways Aircraft. Photo: DEPTFO. Mr. Ramsden said New seized items is an unusual words.
Zealand is strongly com- transaction, so it was in- To this day, the deep
mitted to the protection of deed a special event. cultural value of Tabua
endangered species. It gives me great delight for Fijians has remained
Send us your feedbacks or suggestions to: New Zealand joined on behalf of the New Zea- undiminished, as we still
the Convention on Interna- land Government, to re- exchange Tabua during
tional Trade in Endangered turn these taonga (Tabua) weddings, funerals, birth-
Species (CITES) in 1989 to their rightful home here days and during important and passed implementing in Fiji and their rightful negotiations, Mr. Bainima-
legislation that same year, kaitiaki (guardians), Mr. rama said.


What Ramadan Is All About?

When is Ramadan? Ramadan is the The month of Ramadan (is that) in
ninth month of the Hijri (Islamic) calendar. which was revealed the Quran, a guidance
This year, as far as the Gregorian calendar for the people and the clear proof for guid-
is concerned, Ramadan starts on June 18 ance and criterion. So whoever sights (the
(subject to moon sighting). new moon of) the month, let him fast it; and
How long does it last? Ramadan lasts whoever is ill or on a journey - then an equal
for 29-30 days, or one complete moon cycle. number of other days. Allah intends for you
The moon sighting determines the duration. ease and doesnt intend for you hardship
How do we know when it starts? A and wants for you to complete the period
moon-sighting committee in Makkah, Saudi and to glorify Allah for that (to) which He
Arabia, will make an official announcement. has guided you: and perhaps you will be
What does the moon have to do with it? grateful. Surah Al-Baqarah 2:185 Ramadan
Ramadan begins at the first sighting of the is observed annually as part of the Five Pil-
new crescent moon. Effectively the 30 day lars of Islamic practice.
period is the entire moon cycle. How do Muslims observe Ramadan?
Why Saudi Arabia? Makkah is consid- Adult Muslims are required to fast from
ered the holiest city in Islam. Not only was dawn until dusk every day throughout Ra-
Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset at the time of the call to prayer for the evening
it the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad madan. Those who are ill, elderly, diabetic, prayer. Photo: PAOC.
(PBUH), but also the location where Proph- pregnant, menstruating, or breastfeeding
et Mohammad (PBUH) had his first revela- are not required to fast. Those who were prayers in mid-evening. When does fasting start? Each morning
tion of the Quran. Because of this, the rest travelling or are unwell during the period Why fasting? Fasting redirects the heart before sunrise, Muslims engage in a pre-fast
of the Islamic world follow Saudi Arabias of Ramadan may fast on different days at a away from distractions, with its purpose be- meal called Suhoor. Afterwards they begin
announcement. later point. Children are not required to fast ing to cleanse the soul by freeing it from im- the Fajr prayers.
How do you greet each other? Greet unless they have reached puberty, although purities. Ramadan is also a time for Muslims When does Ramadan end? Ramadan
people by saying Ramadan Kareem. This many still do out of choice. to practice self-discipline, sacrifice, and em- ends after 30 days. Eid Al Fitr is the annual
roughly translates into Happy Ramadan. In addition to abstaining from eating, pathy for those less fortunate. It encourages three-day celebration after the last day of
What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth drinking, and smoking, Muslims also re- generosity and charity. Ramadan and it is considered a public holi-
month of the Hijri calendar. It is regarded as frain from sexual relations as well as sinful When do Muslims break fast? Fast may day. Authorities announce the exact holiday
the holiest month of the year as it was the speech and behaviour. During Ramadan, be broken at sunset before Maghrib prayers dates nearer the time.
month in which the Quran was revealed to Muslims pray every night for 30 days, reciting after Azaan (call for prayers). This occurs Source:
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on the night of different chapters each day until the Quran just after sunset. Dates are traditionally the global-view/global-stories/how-you-can-
Laylat Al Qadr, one of the last ten nights of is completed by Eid Al Fitr. This is called the first food to be eaten each evening. The fast- pray-for-muslims-during-ramadan
Ramadan. Taraweeh prayer which is recited after Isha breaking meal is called Iftar.

Fiji Push to Expand Resort Continues

NZ Seasonal Workers Support
Fiji and New Zealand
both share a deep affinity
for our oceans and marine
resources, and are commit-
ted to working with the rest
of the world to reduce the
impacts of climate change.
I look forward to work-
ing with the New Zealand
Government in the months
and years ahead to protect Chef Mohinesh demostrates a basic cake decoration to students. Photo: SUPPLIED.
and conserve our oceans
and seas, and rally the
global community to seek By LUKE NACEI
PM Bainimarama gifts tanoa to the New Zealand Minister for For- full implementation of the
eign Affairs Gerry Brownlee today after their meeting . DEPTFO. Paris Agreement on Climate Students of Sigatoka been dedicated to schools Head teacher Asenaca
Change, he said. Special School will not be such as the Sigatoka Special Sukanatabua was very emo-
Prime Minister Voreqe workers scheme to include
During the discussion, limited to anything and will School. tional with the donation and
Bainimarama pushed for tourism and other economic
the Prime Minister also now have a hive of activi- Our embrace pro- thanked the Resort for their
an increase in the number sectors, so that Fijians who
thanked Minister Brownlee ties in their school thanks to gramme focuses on life continuous support for the
of Fijians who enter New participate could acquire
for New Zealands contin- Shangri-La Fijian Resort. skills awareness programme school.
Zealand to work under the new skill sets and generally
ued support to Fijian school- The resort on May 23 do- where we do outreach to This is a big day for
Recognised Seasonal Work- boost their capacity.
children affected by Cyclone nated baking equipment, the three schools that we my children, you have not
ers Programme during talks The Prime Minister also
Winston through the Adopt groceries, and offered bak- have adopted, she said. stopped and you have be-
held today in Suva with New sought New Zealands sup-
A School programme, and ing lessons as part of its Em- Through education and gun from day one and you
Zealand Minister for Foreign port for Fijis co-hosting of
for New Zealands support brace Shangri-Las Care for through life you will learn a have continued. I hope you
Affairs, Hon. Gerry Brown- the first-ever UN Oceans
to Fiji in hosting the South People project. lot of skills and, you will gain will still continue until I re-
lee. Conference, which will
Pacific Defence Ministers Resort corporate social experience which you can tire, she said.
At the meeting, the Prime be held next week in New
Meeting in 2019. manager Mereoni Mataika pass onto other people. But
Minister raised the possibili- York, and Fijis Presidency of
DEPTFO said the five star Resort has first you need to learn.
ty of expanding the seasonal COP23, to be held in Bonn in

Meimei Service Gets

Thumbs Up
More than 60,000 children have enjoyed The nannies combine Fijians natural af-
the gentle care of Outrigger Fiji Beach Re- finity for children with specialised training
sorts nannies through the Meimei Nanny which enables them to deal with issues
Service which was first offered to guests in such as allergies and anaphylaxis and pro-
2010. vide special care for children diagnosed
Meimei, which means carer in Fijian, with autism.
began with five specially trained nannies. Nannies are available for children aged
The child- minding service has become so from six months to 12 years from 9am to
popular with parents that there are now 34 11pm daily.
full- time nannies working in the resort. They can be booked for four consecutive
The service now cares for more than days for up to eight hours a day for a fee of
9,000 children annually, providing 23,000 FJD$350 or approximately AUD$225.
hours of care per year. OUTRIGGER FIJI Outrigger Fiji Beach Resorts nannies with the children at the Resort. Photo: SUPPLIED.




Minister Commends
The Minister for Health and
Medical Services Rosy Akbar By LUKE NACEI
has opened a new mede-
vac helipad at the Sigatoka The Minister for Health
Hospital which will provide and Medical Services Rosy
great asset for the people of Akbar has commended
Nadroga and Navosa. the staffs of the Bebe Spa
The set-up of the new mede- at the Outrigger Fiji Beach
vac helipad at the Sigatoka Resort for achieving an-
Hospital is also great asset to other mile stone of their
the many tourists who visit dedication and hard work.
the beautiful Coral Coast. Ms Akbar while officiat-
ing at the Bebe Spa 10th
Minister for Health and Year Anniversary on May
Medical Services, Rosie Ak- New Medivac Helipad at Sigatoka Hospital. Photo:SUPPLIED.
12th reminded the staffs
bar officiated at the event, that hard work, unity and
On behalf of the Fijian Gov- good was proud that resorts
thanking the tremendous growth is a key factor ones
ernment and the people of of the Coral Coast can assist
partnership between the growth.
Sigatoka she thanked the with medical facilities for
hospitals board of visitors It is your hard work,
Coral Coast Hoteliers, Mr Pe- the betterment of local resi-
and the Coral Coast Hote- dedication and unity that
ter Hopgood and the team dents and tourists.
liers has been an important has enable you to get to this
for support. The total cost of the project
factor in that development. high level of recognition
In acknowledging the is $265,000.
Ms Akbar said, This new and your success of course Minister forHealth and Medical Services Rosy Akbar
hospitality industrys con- He added over the past
facility that will enhance will inspire and motivate with Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort General Manager Peter
tributions we should also seven years the Coral Coast
health services in the prov- similar service providers in Hopgood. Photo: SUPPLIED.
recognise that they include Hotels have been involved
ince, is another milestone the hotel industry to strive
generous donations made in raising over $1.5 million that outrigger Fiji beach from its workers is com-
for the Sigatoka Hospital for excellence because
by countless individuals and dollars in donations to sup- resort continues to do so mendable.
which has developed a great it is the quality of service
families who have visited port a number projects at and also make outstanding I know the team is con-
deal over recent years. that will dependant your
our country and wanted to the hospital. achievement which suc- fident on acquiring many
Before this project, patients show their support for the marketability, it is your
We believe that through hard work and passion for cesses Fijis driving tour- more awards and they
had to be transported to Lau- people of Fiji.
our partnership between the role that has given life ism sector which again is will continue to earn rec-
toka or Suva by ambulance,
The Ministry works hard your health ministry and the and glamour to this Spa marketed worldwide. ognition for the outrigger
sometimes taking well over
but we cannot work alone. Coral Coast Hoteliers we and of course outrigger as I am also informed the resort and it is my sincere
two hours - imagine, for a
We need to work with busi- can make a difference in whole, Ms Akbar said. team advocates for healthy hope that your team will
patient in a critical condition
nesses, with community providing improved health With the Spa having ser- living and very much ap- continue to develop in its
that is far from ideal and
groups, with local church- facilities to the citizens of viced more than 600 staffs preciated. The team also endeavours to bring many
could be life-threatening.
es, mosques and temples, Nadroga/ Navosa, he said. whereby only three are supports our local schools more ladders of success
A fundamental premise of with charities and with our and give new comers and awards to come your
the emergency care system He thanked fellow General experts, Ms Akbar says the
international development Spa still has a long way to within the industry such way and after all when
is that the time from injury Managers from the resorts an outstanding and com- there is a will there is a
partners to build and sustain go.
to advanced treatment is a on the Coral Coast and Hos- mitted team no doubts the way of course your smile
the health care services that Thank you Outrigger
crucial factor in determining pital Board Member Carol Bebe Spa is the number and your kind heart and
every Fijian truly deserves. for having confidence in
the outcome of the patients Kennedy for taking the lead one Spa in the whole of your dedication that leaves
Chairman of the Coral Coast role in the project. our local people and I am
health status; it is a matter of Fiji and Australia and it is your customer feeling reju-
Hotel Association Peter Hop- sure that they will leave up
saving lives, she said. a dedicated team that has venated has given the Spa
to their expectations and
that basically is the suc- enabled to take this Spa to the special recognition it is
cess of Outrigger having this high level of success, known for, a recognition
that confidence in our lo- all together 24 beautiful that has not come easily
cal Fijians. hardworking staffs. knowing that competition
I am sure that the Spa She said for any institu- comes in the tourism sec-
is going to go long way. tion it is people, the work- tor.
I am sure Outrigger has ers that are the greatest as- Meanwhile, the night
managed to touch the set for the development of was dedicated to all the
lives of tourist around the prosperity. beautiful butterflies of Out-
world with the excellence No matter how big rigger.
customer service and with or small the organisation The Spa opened on May
the unforgettable experi- workers need to be hon- 5th in 2007.
ence and friendly culture oured and I am sure the
loyalty that outrigger get

LTA Targets
Overloading in
Western Division
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is Piantedosi.
strengthening operations against over- The type of loads carried, he said, are
loading in the Western Division. predominantly for construction purposes
The Authority is now targeting truck and range from sand and gravel to soft
owners who breach legal load require- stone.
ments with Traffic Infringement Notices The penalty for overloading is $1,000
(TINs), as truck companies must be aware per tonne in excess of the Legal Gross Ve-
of the regulations regarding load limits, hicle Mass. Of the 17,191 trucks that were
said LTA CEO, Carmine Piantedosi. weighed between January to April 2017
One weighbridge team, along with a nationwide, 277 were issued with Traffic
second set of portable scales, is currently Infringement Notices (TINs) for exceeding
in the West to assist our two enforcement the legal weight limit. This amounted to
teams already stationed there. This porta- $1.5million in revenue that was collected
ble unit is one of two usually in operation by the Authority, said Mr Piantedosi.
in the Central/Eastern Division. Of the 277 TINs, 184 were issued in the
Government spends substantial funds Central/Eastern Division, 40 in the North
annually to improve Fijis roads, and over- and 53 in Western Division.
loaded vehicles contribute to the already The Authority currently has one set of
stressed roading infrastructure. portable scales each in the Western and
Because of developments happening Northern Divisions and two in the Central/
in the Western Division, the weighbridge Eastern (with one of these in use in the
teams are monitoring loads being car- West at present), and three fixed weigh-
By ANA SOVA ried on the roads between Sigatoka and bridges located at Lami, Valelevu, and
Lautoka and Lautoka to Rakiraki, said Mr Lautoka.

Leaving school at a very young their everyday life was some- injured himself. This added pres-
age, Salveedar Singh never thing Singh felt sorry about and sure to them and made them
dreamt that he would ever con- decided that it was only better to work extra harder.
tinue studying until he received send his two sisters who are now To cater for her kids and look-
assistance from the Ministry of in form five to school and for him ing after her sickly husband
Education. to help support his parents. wasnt an easy job for Ms Devi,
Minister for Education Dr. Ma- But what more can an therefore she had to force her
hendra Reddy on May 8th under 11-year-old boy do. The only job two daughters to part ways and
the Ministrys No child left be- he thought he was good at was reside with their grandmother.
hind initiative gave him hope selling sweets around his neigh- This was the toughest deci-
and another chance to study bourhood. This too had assisted sion she ever did but she knew
when he handed out stationeries his parents in buying groceries it was only best to do for her the
and readiness kit to the 50 stu- and paying for their monthly bills. sake of her kids.
dents in the Nadi district. His mother Salochna Devi, My daughters both form five
Upon receiving his statio- 42, is always proud with her son we give money for the food at my
nerys the Malawai, Nadi lad and his contributions towards moms place because my house
brushed away his tears and was their family. But she had always is small and one of my daughters
beamed with smile on his face. wished to send him back to is staying with grandmother and
Singh had always wanted to school as he had left at an early another no one staying at my
help his parents and his three age. mothers place, she said.
other siblings live a normal and Thinking of the welfare of Ms Devi also has a 3 year-old
happy life. their kids, Ms Devi never a time kid.
But things did not go accord- wanted them to ask for food and She is also seeking assistance
ing to plan as he saw that there made sure there was always from the Government as their
was a huge need for him to as- something to feed her children house was partially blown away
sist his father who does part time with at the end of the day. by Tropical Cyclone Winston on
carpenter work and mother who Life went on and seemed February last year.
is a house girl. tough when her husband fell Salchna Devi with her son Salveedar Singh. Photo: LUKE NACEI.
Seeing his parents struggle from a construction building and

Navosa Lad Takes Education Has No

Top Award Age Limit

Apisai Tovuga is pictured with sister, Verenaisi Sisi after receiving his award. Photo: ANA SOVA.
Dewan Goundar has proven that educa- the FHEC and commenced with on-field
tion really has no age limit. training in May 2016.
By ANA SOVA Mr. Goundar, 59, was one of the 51 farm- A total of 11 Farmer clusters of be-
Hard work paid off for Apisai Tovuga I come from a farming background ers that graduated with a Certificate 2 In tween four and seven farmers were formed
when he was awarded the Baton of Hon- and its not easy, I know what it is like Production Horticulture from Vivekananda around geographical production areas. On-
our Award during the Ratu College cadet to struggle and my parents have worked Technical Centre in Malolo, Nadi yesterday. farm training was given to each cluster in
pass out parade last month. hard to put me in school and that drives Not only did Mr. Goundar graduate, he techniques for improved production, Mr.
The Head Boy who is originally from me to do better in life, Apisai said. was also one of the top four participants that Saheed said.
Waiyala in the highlands of Navosa gave His parents Patemo Taiki and Siteri were awarded the Best Farmer Award. He said an assessment of knowledge
credit to the Almighty God for giving him Viledawa travel to Nadi every Saturday to The farmer who owns an eight acre farm gained was carried out.
the strength and wisdom to lead more sell their farm produce. in Yako said he found the training interesting And the result was that we have now 51
than 800 students who participated in the They also supply cassava twice every and very helpful. farmers out of 60 farmers trained who have
I was very lucky to be selected to attend graduated, Mr. Saheed said.
programme. week to the school to assist the boarding
the training, it has really helped me have a He said this has assisted the farmers to
It certainly wasnt an easy task lead- students.
better on farming techniques, Mr. Goundar increase their monthly income and cash
ing those many students but I thank God Apisai who shares maternal links to
said. flow.
for guiding me, I also acknowledge the Vatubalavu Village in Navosa said hes for-
The father of four who is originally from The benefit for the consumer is that
support from my fellow students, teach- ever thankful to his parents for their end- Yasiyasi, Tavua recently moved to Nadi after there is now an increased supply of high
ers, the officers of the Republic of the Fiji less support. his farming business in Tavua wasnt run- quality fresh vegetables on the market and
Military Forces and also to our families, In every school that my sisters and I ning well. in some small way contributing to Food Se-
Apisai said. attend, my parents always give their full Meanwhile, Mun Lakshmi was one of the curity in Fiji, Mr. Saheed said.
The 18 year old who was also the Com- support, to us and the school, only two females that attended the training. He said the college will be providing a
mander of the parade said undergoing the It was unfortunate they were not able The 48 year old farmer from Korovuto Certificate III course in Production Horti-
programme has taught him many things. to make themselves available today due said it was the first time for her to be gradu- culture from the June onwards which will
It has really helped me mould and to a family commitment but my sister was ating from training. provide more technical skills to interested
better my leadership skills as head boy of able to attend, Apisai said. I feel very proud and I have re- farmers.
the school and my character personally, The Year 13 student said he has been ally learnt a lot, Ms. Lakshmi said. In the near future VTC is planning to de-
Apisai said. working hard in order to qualify into en- Meanwhile, Principal of Vivekananda Tech- velop courses in Fruit Production, Primary
The boarding student said he is thank- rolling into the University of the South Pa- nical Centre, Mohammed Saheed said the Processing of Horticultural Products, Spices
ful to his family upbringing that has mold- cific next year to study law. Certificate II in Production Horticulture was and Beekeeping, Mr. Saheed said.
ed him into the person he is today. developed with growers and accredited by

Cadet Develop Qualities COUNCIL WELCOMES

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the initiative un-
Ratu Navula College first dertaken by the Fiji Revenue and
implemented the cadet Customs Authority (FRCA) whereby they will be imple-
programme for its students menting the VAT Monitoring System
in 2006. (VMS) project in the supermarkets around the country
It was stopped for two soon.
years in 2011 to 2012. For far too long some unscrupulous traders have been
Approximately 850 stu- impinging on consumer pockets but not
dents participated in the paying their dues to the government. Grocery stores and
Colleges cadet pass out supermarkets tend to manipulate the
parade last month. systems by not specifying the products sold. Based on
The schools Cadet Pro- consumer complaints, the Council
gramme teacher, Ms. Vane reported cases to FRCA where traders issued receipts
Lewaravu said they re-in- where products were listed as groceries
troduced the programme rather than clearly stating whether the product was rice,
after noticing the students powdered milk, cooking oil which
discipline level deteriorat- were VAT exempted before 2016. Consumers were
ing. charged VAT for other items but shop
This was one way for owners declared it as VAT exempted items in their books.
us to develop qualities of Needless to say that the Council has also registered com-
leadership, courage, dis- Students of Ratu Navula Caollege pictured following the Cadet Passout Parade. Photo: ANA SOVA. plaints relating to VAT over the years.
cipline and respect in the For the period of January May 2016 alone, 40 complaints
students and also instill 70 per cent of our stu- buying the cadet uniforms this is the only time you pertaining to VAT were received
school pride in the stu- dents are male and 30 per which were $60. can give it your best. You where some traders failed to adjust VAT reduction from
cent females. The female Its compulsory for the only have one go at it, so 15% to 9%. Again, these cases were
dents, Ms. Lewaravu said.
students even though they students to participate in work hard and dont give referred to FRCA.
She said it was also a
Hence, the new initiative which will see the VMS soft-
way to instill an under- were a small number, they the programme, only if up, Commander Naupoto
ware linked to the supermarkets cash
standing and appreciation played quite important they are medically unfit or said.
registers, will provide real time data to FRCA on total
for the rules and regula- roles too out here during certain personal reasons AWARDS:
company sales and the amount of VAT
tions and ethics that gov- the parade such as Officer mean they cannot partici- Baton of Honour: Apisai
erned the school. Commanding (OC), Ms. pate, Ms. Lewaravu said. Tovuga The Council sees this as a right approach to contain VAT
It was a difficult task Lewaravu said. Meanwhile, Command- Best Female Cadet: Pau- evasion so that this tax can be spent
when we started but once She said the female er of the Republic of the lini Merekula on public goods. Currently such tax do not reach the Gov-
the students knew that students were quiet toler- Fiji Military Forces, Rear Best Male Cadet: Kamu- ernment coffers due to the deceitful
there was a programme ant out there in the sun Admiral Viliame Naupoto eli Raratabu acts of some traders.
that they needed to follow compared to our male stu- in addressing the parade Best Rifle Platoon: Pla- CONSUMERS COUNCIL
it made it quite easy for dents. encouraged the students toon No. 1 Takubu House
them, Ms. Lewaravu said Ms. Lewaravu thanked to give their best while Best Platoon in Drill: Pla-
She said the students the endless support to- they still have a chance at toon No. 3 Takubu House
had done a wonderful job wards the programme school. Best Overall House: Send us your feedbacks or sug-
especially the female stu- from the parents and You are students, you Takubu House
dents. guardians especially in should give it your best,



The Graduate School of Business is now inviting

applications for Post Graduate Certificate in Human
Resource Management.


With our Programmes you will be able to: Ms. Devika Ram, Student Officer
Tel: (679) 666 6800; Fax: (679) 666 7133; Email:
Become a Visionary Leader
Acquire Critical Business Skills to compete in the
Application closes on 31 July 2017
Global Economy
Students are encouraged to apply online via
Foster Innovation



Shangri-La Builds Ministry Assist Female

School Walkway Two female entrepre-
neurs of Lautoka received
assistance and donations
from the Minister for Youth
and Sports, Hon. Laisenia
Tuitubou over the weekend.
Minister Tuitubou handed
over cooking implements to
Ms Nelly Vunisa of Natabua,
and groceries to Mereseini
Qalobula Raseru of Lovu for
her canteen.
Nelly, a single mother
resides with her mother,
brother and daughter and
has taken over her mothers
jam making business.
Nelly has a Trade Di-
ploma in Agriculture from
the Fiji National University
(FNU) and has also attend-
Hon. Laisenia Tuitubou hands over boxes of basic groceries
ed training in Housekeep-
to Mereseini Qalobula Raseru for her canteen in Lovu. Photo:
ing and Food and Beverage DEPTFO.
recently organised by the
ministry. was motivated to start her nity to grow your business.
My mother has passed small business to support Hon. Tuitubou also en-
her knowledge on to me her family. couraged Mere on Saturday
and I am so happy to be car- The training I attended to strive for excellence in
rying on to assist her earn really empowered me to business and be a role mod-
Students of Nadroga Sangam School with Fracis Lee pictured infront of the new walkway. Photo: for our family, Nelly said. do something for myself el for other young female
SUPPLIED. I am so grateful towards and become successful if I entrepreneurs.
the assistance and it will dream big and work hard to Also make sure you
certainly help me grow my achieve my dreams, Mere- maintain a clear and clean
business, Nelly said. seini said. record of all transactions
Mereseini also acknowl- Minister Tuitubou heaped and separate your business
edged the assistance by praise on both entrepre- from family affairs to ensure
The kind donations from Tour and all the donations has been one of the reasons
Minister Tuitubou and said, neurs and encouraged it grows and lasts, Minister
their guest and partners we have received are to do for the delay in work but I
this assistance will really them to continue to work Tuitubou said.
have enabled Shangri-La whatever we can for the am thankful to the Resort
help grow my small canteen hard and pursue your pas- He told both female en-
Fijian Resort to build a walk- kids, he said. for their support, Mr Singh
here in Lovu. sions and dreams. trepreneurs that assistance
way for the students of Nad- Head teacher Dharam said.
Mereseini could not re- You have to be creative for business is available with
roga Sangam School. Singh acknowledged the We thank Shangri-La
turn to full-time employment and plan on how you can other agencies and you both
Resort General Manager Resort for their support. and the community and the
after a medical operation take your business to the need to record all events of
Francis Lee said the walk He said the new walk support we get from the ho-
and has been unemployed next level, Minister Tuitu- business and attempt to pur-
way for the kids was dam- way provides a huge advan- tel industry and also from
for several years now. bou said. sue expansion and further
aged for quite some time tage to the student especial- the Sangam board.
She attended a Seeds Make use of your qualifi- assistance from other agen-
now. ly during rainy seasons. The walkway cost
of Success empowerment cations and also social me- cies.
We have received help This is a great occasion $35,000 to construct.
training organised by the dia to market your produce
from the Natadola Magical for the school. The weather DEPTFO
ministry after which she to friends and the commu-

International Festival to Vuniwaqa Brings Joy

Promote Fiji To Ba Senior Citizens

Fiji delegation during the presentation of their meke to Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon Mereseini Vuniwaqa handovert 4 Singer Machines to the Senior Citizens Ba Community Cen-
Hon Dr Mahendra Reddy at the China cultural centre. Photo: DEPTFO. tre. Photo: DEPTFO.
Senior citizens of Ba have lauded the visit residents at the home and brought smiles to
Fiji will be represented at the Sixth ture, heritage and arts so this is one avenue of the Minister for Women, Children and Pov- their faces, he said.
Chengdu International Festival of Intangible we can showcase to the world. erty Alleviation, Hon Mereseini Vuniwaqa for He was also thankful for the ministrys
Cultural Heritage in China. Minister Reddy added that Fijis par- her ministrys assistance in the provision of contribution to the senior citizens and said
The 16-member group today officially ticipation at this festival will have a creative sewing machines. that the board is looking forward to work-
presented their meke and fusion dances to transformation and innovative development This follows the handing over of 4 Singer ing with the ministry. The Centre is run by
the Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts of traditional culture. sewing machines to the Ba Senior Citizens the community and there are a total of 70
Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy at the China Cul- Chinese ambassador to Fiji, Mr Zhang center by Minister Vuniwaqa. members.
tural Centre. Ping highlighted the event will present and Minister Vuniwaqa acknowledged the Mrs Raj Pati, 71 years old of Nabau Settle-
Minister Reddy reminded the group that showcase the expertise and practices for senior citizens for their contribution in mak- ment, Ba said that she was surprised by the
they will be ambassadors of the country and the inheritance of intangible heritages and ing hand made products at the center and Ministers visit today. She also said that she
to learn as much as they can and to appreci- enhance exchanges and mutual learning. further encouraged this form of engagement is motivated to upgrade her sewing skills.
ate other cultures. I hope that the group will enjoy the di- as this can enhance their livelihoods and Mr Sohal Lal, 67, of Etatoko Settlement
This festival will provide an opportunity versity of culture and arts that will be show- help them to better support their families. said, I will start to learn how to use this new
to these artists to examine other cultures, cased at the event, I urge you to learn as She also invited them to participate in the machine and I will sew a dress for Madam
heritage and arts through the dances from much as you can and to appreciate other 2017 National Womens Expo which will be Minister.
other country participants and I urge you cultures, Ambassador Ping said. held from the 14th - 16th of this month. Minister Vuniwaqa also had discussions
to learn as much as you can from this trip, The Sixth International Festival of Intangi- Senior Citizens Ba Community Centre with the senior citizens and board members
Minister Reddy said. ble Cultural Heritage will be held from June Chairman, Mr. Davendra Naidu said they on the challenges they face and ways in
Fiji is well known for its tourism industry 10th to the 18th. were really happy with the Ministers pres- which the Ministry can assist them.
and one aspect of this is our richness in cul- DEPTFO ence at the facility. Hon Vuniwaqa met with DEPTFO


ESSENCE OF FIJI Train Tours to

A Chinese company known as Farer Train and Tours is setting up an ambitious train tour
with a base and office near the entrance of Nadi Airport.
Arthur Yang and Elena Pan, who are managing directors, say they have made arrange-
ments with the Fiji Sugar Corporation to use the tramlines with trains or carriages.
Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Dr. Ram Raju said two trains have
been assembled with a seating capacity of 27 each that will operate daily.
One travelling to Momi, close to the newly opened Marriott Resort and the other towards
Vuda close to Nilas Resort which is the latest addition to the hotel industry in Vuda, Dr. Raju
He said this will obviously create jobs and is seen to be an interesting alternative enter-
tainment for all to enjoy.
Along the two routes there are many historical sites, villages, hotels etc for people to
enjoy, Dr. Raju said.

Essence of Fiji Operations Sales and Marketing Jessy Mocelutu inside their Fiji Made Outlet. Photo:

All things are consid- Fiji art gallery showcasing all the services that we do
ered for a well-deserved local talent. because we want them
break. Indulge with massage to know that it is open to
And the Essences of therapy, day spa, yoga, them as well, she said.
Fiji Rejuvenation Centre gym and hair salon - all for Ms Mocelutu said: We
can provide you with that, your therapeutic needs. do have some locals com-
as they deliver the best in The centre has also a ing through but our main
their services. movie room with comfy market thought we were
Essence of Fiji has ex- bean bags for resting & to- just a tourism centre cater-
panded its services in tal relaxation. Caf for din- ing for only tourist but we
targeting locals to have a ing and snacks, outdoor want to get it out there that
taste of what they deliver kids centre with nanny & we do cater for the locals The train currently installed near the Nadi International Airport. Photo: VISHWA NANDAN.
best. play area. as well.
This world class cen- Operations Sales and In the pipeline
tre has private day rooms, Marketing Jessy Mocelutu The centre is doing
resting areas, shopping, said it was vital for the lo- training in their Spa thera-
open air rooftop lounge cals to know that the cen- py as they are going to be Visit us on our Facebook page
with captivating views of tre also serves for the lo- starting with hairdressing
the Sabeto Mountains. cals at affordable price. courses soon. for latest Updates!!!
You can also discover Everyone needs to re- It will also begin a Laser
the true Essence of Fiji, at lax really most of the locals Skin Rejuvenation this is a
their Fiji made retail shop, dont know where we are new service that no one in
Fiji fashion outlet showcas- and what we do so we Fiji is able to do.
ing Fijis top designers and want to let them know of

Digicel Fiji has launched its Samsung successful product launch Samsung has
Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy 8+ de- ever experienced.
vices which are now available in local Across the region in fact sales are at a

Digicel stores. level four times higher than what we ex-
This was held in a lavish event on board perienced from the Galaxy S7, Mr. Hulton
the South Sea Cruisers vessel, Fiji One at said.
the Port Denarau Marina in Nadi. So what makes the S8 so different?
Exhibition booths were installed on Mr. Hulton said the device has bezel
board the cruise ship to give Digicel cor- free designs of the infinite display.
porate customers in attendance a hands This display gives you a seamless and
on experience of the latest gadget by immersive experience, he said.
Samsung. Mr. Hulton said the camera has got the
Digicel Fiji CEO Darren McLean said 12 mega pixel using the same class lead-
the event was about Digicel getting to- ing technology in the Galaxy S7 for great
gether with its customers and letting them low-light photos and also great blur-free
be part of something quite important, photos.
launching the Samsung S8 device in Fiji. The selfie camera is also up to 8 mega-
Its an amazing phone. Its going to be pixels to make sure that all your selfies are
hugely popular in the market; its already crystal clear, he said.
getting a huge amount of interest around Mr. Hulton said In terms of security,
the world, Mr. McLean said. theyre offering a very simple security so-
He also thanked the Samsung team lution.
for partnering with Digicel and allowing to Its an iris scanner that we have built
launch the Samsung product with them in in and it unlocks your phone just by using
the Western Division. the pattern of your eyes, he said.
Samsung Pacific Key Account Manager, He said the device is also water resis-
Sam Hulton said the two new devices just tant and had expandable memory for flex-
hit the market this month and in a short ibility and has fast wireless charging for
Guests on board the South Seas Cruise Boat checking out the Samsung S8 phones. Photo: space of time have proved to be the most convenience.



The First Partnership
Project on Unaccounted
Water Loss, between Wa-
ter Authority of Fiji (WAF) By ANA SOVA
and the Fukuoka City Wa-
terworks Bureau in Japan, The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has given a stern warn-
has contributed greatly ing to contractors that it will not condone any laxity.
to the reduction of WAFs Chief Executive Officer, John Hutchinson revealed
Non Revenue Water while they have a number of contractors that do very
(NRW). good work, there have been a number of contractors
WAF CEO, Mr Opetaia struggling to carry out the work they had signed up to do.
Ravai, said that the Author- One of the reasons for those struggles is they may not
ity was extremely grate- have the capacity and skills internally. Part of our process
ful to the Japan interna- is where we try and help them to develop those skills and
tional Cooperation Agency capacity. Quite often a lot of those contractors take on
(JICA) for funding the part- more work than they can handle, Mr. Hutchinson said.
nership, and to Fukuoka He said the Authority needs contractors to be honest
City Waterworks Bureau and not take on work they cannot handle.
for their contribution to At the moment if you dont perform youre not going
WAFs reduction of NRW. to get work with us. Thats the simple story, Mr. Hutchin-
Mr Ravai made his com- son said.
ments at the final seminar He said not only were the contractors required to per-
for the partnership, held form in terms of the quality in the work that they do. Its
at Tanoa Waterfront Hotel also their safety performance, the entire management of
Lautoka, Friday 26th May, WAF CEO, Mr Opetaia Ravai receives the Executive Director of General Affairs De- their works and also the costs they have.
where the First Secretary partment of the Fukuoka City Waterworks Bureau, Mr Hideaki Soneda at the Closing We are not necessarily going with lowest price all the
of the Embassy of Japan Seminar of the First Partnership Project on Unaccounted Water Loss at the Tanoa time, its best value. If necessary I dont mind paying a lit-
in Fiji, the Deputy Secre- Waterfront Hotel in Lautoka. Photo: WAF. tle bit more for a contractor whos a proven performer,
tary of the Ministry of In- You should be able to prove that you can do the job.
frastructure and Transport, other related works un- Their NRW programme WAF in this regard.
If you are not able to do the job dont take on the work.
and Mr Hideaki Soneda, dertaken by WAF, this has been ongoing for over Participants studied
Thats my advice, Mr. Hutchinson said.
the Executive Director of programme has also con- 50 years, said Mr Ravai. ways to use a variety of
General Affairs Depart- tributed to the reduction of Fifteen WAF staff mem- tools to reduce NRW by
ment of the Fukuoka City NRW from 51.9% to 31.6% bers and one from the Min- locating leakages, mea-
Waterworks Bureau, also in 3 years. This is quite a istry of Infrastructure and suring flow and pressure,
officiated. remarkable achievement Transport received certifi- as well as locating buried
Mr Soneda said that in reduction rate per year. cates to acknowledge their water pipes.
the programme had been The partnership has participation in the three- The trainings and
a very good experience. greatly benefitted WAF as year programme. workshops have improved
The engineers from Water we have been able to learn WAF staff attended on- the level of service deliv-
Authority of Fiji have been from the best. With an an- site training in Japan and ery of the NRW Unit. WAF
diligently learning the nual water loss rate of 2%, Fukuoka City Waterworks now has experts in leak
techniques, and we are the Fukuoka City Water- Bureau staff visited WAF to detection, at a level previ-
greatly impressed by their works Bureau is one of the assist with capacity build- ously not available in the
dedication. worlds leading utilities for ing. More than 100 Fukuo- country, said Mr Ravai.
Mr Ravai said Amongst low leakage percentage. ka personnel have visited WAF Fiji Roads Authority CEO, John Hutchinson. Photo: SUPPLIED.


Strength to Strength RESORT: HUTCHINSON
The Fiji Crop and Live-
stock Council (FCLC) con-
tinue to expand its services
in its efforts to help develop
its 30,000 registered farmers
from its twelve commodities
that comprise the members
of the council.
Our responsibility was
mandated by the Govern-
ment in 2010 to help pro-
mote agriculture commer-
cially. This was reinforced FCLC meets with Cocoa and ginger producers to discuss
by two subsequent MOUs contractual agreement. Photo: PACIFIC REACH LTD.
between Government and
com Bossley with its Chair- the affairs of the Council.
the Council as recognition
man Mr. Cole. Its CEO is Jiu It stays in contact with its
of this role, commented
Daunivalu. members through a news-
Chairman Simon Cole. As a
One point I believe must letter and a communication
result the Council has con-
be made clear, FCLC does programme target SMS. The
tinued its commitment to
not represent the farmers. Council continues to work
the farmer with a number of
FCLC is the farmers. Our on a farmers insurance pro-
wins that reflect its success.
role of facilitating and im- gramme, the introduction of
These include resolv-
proving farming efforts has contracts between farmers
ing key issues in bio-secu-
now become a part of the and processors, and to rep-
rity, seed importation, the
achievement of a duty re- whole agricultural fabric, resent farmer issues at the
said Simon Cole, Chairman highest level in Government
duction on many imported
of FCLC. through the Facilitation By ANA SOVA
agricultural inputs and
Council associations that Committee for Agriculture
equipment, progress on a
comprise FCLC are Pigs, another Council initiative Speed humps are not trian crossing mechanisms as we improve the road,
milk purchase agreement
Yaqona, Grazing Livestock, Mr. Cole said that we necessarily an appropriate which are safer, better and people start speeding, why?
(NZ funded), fertiliser sub- mechanism for managing allow traffic flow better than I cant answer that question,
Dalo, Cocoa, Ginger, Rice, in FCLC are proud of the
sidies as well as running a pedestrian safety. speed humps. Its the last re- thats a behavioral issue that
Beekeepers, Fruit and Veg- work the farmers have ac-
number of workshops on This has been an argu- sort we will look into speed needs to be addressed, Mr.
etable, Organics, Copra, complished even without ment made by the Fiji Roads humps, Mr. Hutchinson Hutchinson said.
farmer issues.
and Fiji Food Exporter As- the promised financing and Authority (FRA) Chief Exec- said. Hes suggested that pe-
Importantly the FCLC
sociation. mentoring by the Interna- utive Officer, John Hutchin- He said a speed hump is destrian crossings and
is now part of a regional
We continue to work tional Trade Centre (ITC); son. a pot hole in reverse. speed cameras are appro-
grouping of similar Asso- He said the reason they We go to a lot of effort to priate mechanisms.
with our commodity asso- They have now left Fiji.
ciations. As a result it has receive a lot of requests for build good roads and then I know the Land Trans-
ciations through Fiji-wide Without ITC we are now
received funding from the speed humps is because people suddenly want to port Authority have come
meetings. We believe this exploring new avenues of people speed through put speed humps on them. under a lot of criticism about
Chambre Agricole in New
is most important if FCLC is funding. But the work will school zones in particular. I might as well just go and their speed cameras around
Caledonia for cyclone Win-
to successfully advocate for continue. FCLC is making My argument is that dig a trench across the road the country. Why? Theyve
ston relief that the Council
the farmers and their con- an impact in the agricultural people shouldnt speed has the same effect, slows been accused of revenue
has distributed to members. through school zones in the people down, raising. Those speed cam-
cerns. sector, Mr. Cole concluded.
On its Board are Direc- first place. So, its the driver Thats the argument, eras are put in blind spots
With limited finances
tors Tukana Bovoro, Brij PACIFIC REACH LTD behavioral issue first and people complain all the time to get people to slow down
FCLC opened the Secretar- foremost, about potholes and condi- because they are known ac-
Lal, Sevuloni Debalevu,
iat office in Lautoka to run There are other pedes- tions of the road but as soon cident arrears, Mr. Hutchin-
Grahame Thorpe and Mal-


Motibhai Group Launch New

Cancer Campaign
The Motibhai Group has announced community that are on palliative care,
another fundraising initiative in addition Mr. Low said.
to their Bushells Fijis Biggest Morning Tea Next month Fiji Cancer and Motibhai
campaign. Group will launch the Bushells Fijis Big-
From the 1st of May to the 30th of Sep- gest Morning Tea which will provide a four
tember, five cents (5 cents) from every month window for organizations to plan
packet of Bushells tea sold will be donat- out and host their morning tea events.
ed to Fiji Cancer Society (FCS). The campaign, which is running into
Motibhai Group Marketing Manager its eleventh year now, will conclude at the
Abraham Gomes said the company es- end of September.
timates that total funds raised will be in Weve also been extremely saddened
excess of $30,000 which will go directly that advocates that stood up to tell their
towards Fiji Cancer Societys programs story last year are no longer with us,
and activities. This makes our advocacy work even
The new initiative further strengthens more important and innovate partner-
their already strong partnership and finan- ships like this are a blessing in the work
cial commitment to Fiji Cancer and sup- of the society and an acknowledgement
ports their (Fiji Cancer) advocacy and cli- of the work of all our survivors, especially
ent care programs, Mr. Gomes said. those who have now gone on, Mr. Low
Fiji Cancer Societys Board Chairman, said.
Phillip Low said the society was thank- The Fiji Cancer Society is purely a sup-
ful to the Motibhai Group for this initia- portive organization and is not directly in-
tive and that innovative contributions like volved in medical care. It has a strong link
such allowed the society to expand its to survivorship groups who help with FCS
reach and take its community and screen- operations.
ing programs even further. The Fiji Cancer Society is a not for profit
Over the last three months the so- charitable organization and survives pure-
ciety has stepped up its Patient Support ly on special funding, corporate partner-
Services whilst the Survivors Group has ships and donations.
continued to reach out to patients in the

Send us your feedbacks or suggestions to:

Letila Toga of Nadi points to the special signage on the Bushells Tea packet while daughter Losana looks on. Photo: MOTIBHAI.



Media Partners Limited | Tel: 6705443




Bebe Spa Rated


The Bebe Spa on the Outrigger Fiji and she started off with 7 staff now she
Beach Resort has been rated one of best has 25 full time staff.

One of the Best

Spa not only in Fiji but the Pacific as a I think it is accredited to her that she
whole. is seriously dedicated herself and her life
The Spa which operates with 25 full to developing Spa Therapist not just in our
time workers has been recognised for its resort but all other Fiji, she is president of
efforts in lifting its name after its official the Fiji Spa association and she has done
opening back in 2007. a great job there.
Having celebrated its 10th year anniver- One of the great things about our
sary at the resort on May 12th the General Bebe Spa is that it is recognised world-
Manager Peter Hop Good has acknowl- wide the many years it has won so many
edge his hard working staffs who have accolades.
contributed to the success of the Spa. He said the Spa is one of the best in
You can have this sorts of buildings Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific.
but you must have the hearts and souls We are also very proud one of our
inside this building, he said. therapists was voted as the in 2014. This
To my great Bebe Spa team that is thing just doesnt happen by chance.
what you are you are the heart and best The comments we get from social
Spa therapist in all of Asia, South Pacific, media and from all around the world we
Australia and New Zealand soul of what can comfortably say that we have the best
we have here at the Bebe Spa when our Spa of any resort in Fiji, he said.
Bebe Spa at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Photo: SUPPLIED. Spa Manager opened the Spa back in 2007


for Six Mothers By ANA SOVA
Tourism Fiji had an-
nounced last month the
appointment of Bob Parra
to the newly created role
of Trade Partnership Man-
ager, North America.
In his new role, Mr. Par-
ra is tasked with managing
Tourism Fijis travel trade
strategies including those
with wholesalers and retail
travel agents.
Tourism Fijis Chief Ex-
ecutive Officer, Matthew
Stoeckel said Mr. Parra
Prouds advertising and marketing manager Peter Narayan verifies a winning entry. brings a unique set of qual-
Photo: SUPPLIED. ifications to the role, hav-
ing spent over a decade
with Fiji Airways as well as
By LUKE NACEI most recently representing
Receiving a record number of entries with an international brand such as Marri- the Intercontinental Fiji in
from all over the country, the promotion ott Resort to give something back to cus- North America.
which was effective from April 28 to May tomers as gestures of appreciation. Bobs appointment
15 saw six mothers and their companions The response received has been over- boosts the North Ameri-
spend two nights at the iconic Fiji Marriot whelming and we are all excited to wrap can team as we continue Trade Partnership Manager, North America Bob Parra. Photo:
Resort Momi Bay. the promotion up with a draw on Monday, to grow the North Ameri- TOURISM FIJI.
These lucky companions will also be May 22 in front of our Prouds outlet at Fiji can market. His product
treated with three meals a day and 60 Marriott Momi Bay Resort. knowledge, industry con-
tacts and marketing savvy moted through traditional will champion Tourism Fi-
minutes of massage as well. Resort Manager Silvano Dressino said: and emerging marketing jis efforts to provide travel
Prouds manager advertising and mar- I think it is a great partner and we share is a perfect fit for the role,
Mr. Stoeckel said. strategies. agents the resources and
keting Peter Narayan said the six lucky some values and I am sure Prouds is one Parra assumed his role training they need to ef-
customers have won just by spending $25 of the best retail I can say with beautiful The role will also man-
age partnerships with key on 1st June. fectively sell Fijis diverse
or more at their respective Prouds town product range. Based in the Tourism tourism offerings.
and city stores. I think its a great partner and we look wholesalers, ensuring that
Fiji is being effectively pro- Fiji Los Angeles office, the
He said it was exciting to see join hands forward to greater opportunities, he said. Trade Partnership Manager

Sweet Tweets: What do you think of the current business and infrastructural developments in Nadi?

Timoci Ralulu Anita Devi Joeli Ravuaceva Lasaro Qauqau Adibau Tuivanua Alesi Chambers
In terms of economy it is gud
Its really interesting to see Very good. Its good but with everything Good in a way, improves our however while constructing n Excellent for the betterment
all the changes happening it has advantage and disad- economy. Also bad as it cause developing we shud take into of the country especially
but its also disturbing during vantages. Especially to the destruction of our environ- consideration the welfare of when Nadi is the main tourist
working hours.. environment and its inhabit- ment and a major cause of employee or future employ- destination.
ants. flooding in Nadi.. ees.




4000 hashers are expected to attend the Bula 21st Inter- which will be held at Prince Charles Park, the main centre was beer.
Hash sporting event that will be held here in Nadi from 24th of the event. But people have gone beyond just beer, they offer wines
-27th May next year. The main centre is where we will have the registration, but spirits almost zero. But traditionally it was just beer, Dr.
InterHash is a biennial event and is the peak event for in- the hash bazaar, cultural items, cultural programmes, and Raju said.
ternational running club Hash House Harriers from around entertainment in the evenings, Dr. Raju said. He said the event started in 1938 in Malaysia and over the
the world to meet, run and socialise. He said the event will showcase our Fijian culture and years have expanded and spread to other countries.
Interhash Fiji Executive Chairman and Hash Grand Mas- hospitality. Close to hundred countries now have hash houses har-
ter , Dr. Ram Raju said they are expecting the most number Fiji won the right to host the international event when riers and like Australia every city has a club, with some cities
of hashers from Australia followed by North America, United representatives from Fiji attended the Interhash held in Bali havaving more than five clubs, Dr. Raju said.
Kingdom and a few from Africa, the Middle East and the Ca- last year.
ribbean. Its pretty interesting how its building up for Fiji Inter-
People from all corners of the world will be here. Were hash and how we managed to win the bid. We beat Malay-
already preparing ourselves so that we can look after them, sia and Indonesia, who were the other two countries bid-
Dr. Raju said. ding to host the event,
He said the committee is meeting almost every week in Weve been bidding for about 10 years, three previous
preparation for the event. times we lost out but we didnt give up we kept on bidding
We are looking at the number of registration from over- and fourth time lucky, Dr. Raju said.
seas and all the queries which we are continually respond- Dr. Raju said the attendance of the diehard runners from
ing to. Weve got a number of areas to cover and we are around the world will boost the economy and tourism in the
gaining ground, Dr. Raju said. country.
He said it will be a four day event which will include two The World Harrier Organization is dedicated to harriers
days of sporting activities held in the countryside. and harrier groups around the world who usually practice
The hash is always held out in the countryside not in the traditional sport of hare and hounds, where a well laid
towns and cities, some in the bushy areas, some in tough trail is at least as important as any social activity.
terrains, some good terrains, some good roads and tracks,
some can be tough tracks, The traditional practice is the hounds (runners) chasing
This is what hashers love. They want to discover the a hare or hares (runner or runners) laying a live trail, though
country and thats the best way to get to know the people a few groups may at times pre-lay trail taking the sport out
and the country, to go out of the towns and cities, Dr. Raju of it, but making up for it with social activity along the trail.
said. Dr. Raju said activities always end up with socials, in A group of Interhash Fiji Representatives. Photo: SUPPLIED.
He said big social programmes are also being organised circles and the only drink which was allowed until recently


An agreement made between Fiji take up the broadcast rights to the Skip-
Rugby Union and the Fiji Broadcast Cor- per Cup Premiership 2017. Through their
poration will see that FRU Skipper Cup broadcast and special programming, not
Premiership matches being aired and only are we able to bring the Skipper Cup.
promoted through their multiple broad- Premiership 2017 to the homes of
cast platforms including FBV TV, FBC Ra- many but it also provides FRU with a plat-
dio, Online Streaming and other digital form to promote the series and its part-
channels. ners.
This is the first of its kind for FRU which I would like to take this opportunity to
has successfully marked another mile- thank FBC for embarking on this mutually
stone achievement for FRU. beneficial agreement.
The partnership will cover the duration Fiji Broadcasting Corporation acting
of the FRU Skipper Cup Premiership Com- CEO Vimlesh Sagar said FBC is commit-
petition for 2017. ted to bringing our viewers and listeners
FRU Chief Executive Officer John the best in programming and broadcast
OConnor highlighted that the partnership the Skipper Cup Premiership is a fantas-
is timely as FRU has recently restructured tic provincial rugby series which features
the Skipper Cup Premiership. teams from all over the nation.
One of the goals of FRU was to ensure We are grateful to the Fiji Rugby Union
matches were competitive and appealing for granting us the exclusive broadcast
to rugby fans across the nation so that we rights and as a result, our team is working
could grant exclusive rights and generate on an exciting mix of programs both live FRU Chief Executive Officer John OConnor with Fiji Broadcasting Corporation acting
a revenue stream for FRU which will in and delayed to keep everyone up to date CEO Vimlesh Sagar. Photo: SUPPLIED.
turn be reinvested back into the affiliate and engaged in the Skipper Cup Premier-
unions and its players, he said. ship 2017. 2017. More schedules are slated to be re- rights partnership, all media will still have
The agreement this year also sets the FBC will be broadcasting weekend leased by FBC in the near future so rugby the opportunity to cover the FRU Skipper
bar for future broadcast rights partner- matches at 1pm every Sunday through its fans are aware when to tune into FBC TV Cup Premiership through their news plat-
ships and opportunities with FRU. various channels to ensure maximum ex- and Radio stations. forms.
We welcome FBCs willingness to posure and promotion of the Skipper Cup While this is an exclusive broadcast


These were the sentiments of the Vo- old boys in the team.
dafone Fiji sevens team manager Jone Coach is doing really well on the de-
Niurua when they touched down at the veloping of the new players into the sys-
Nadi International Airport. tem.
It is the sevens game once you do He said the sevens boys have raised
something wrong its actually gone so the their hands to continue to play the sevens
boys did really well, he said. code.
Niurua said the news boys are left to Niurua acknowledged both Jerry and
gel in well with the senior ones. Nasoko for being named in the DHL World
I think nothing is wrong with the team Sevens players dream team in London
just because of the gel of the team and The boys will take a month break be-
some new players are coming in majority fore they start with the new season. Vodafone Fiji 7s Team at Nadi International Airport. Photo: SUPPLIED.
of the new players coming in and with the

Cheapest in Namaka



First Flight Taveuni has once again cre-
ated history being the first team from the
north to hoist the Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s title
at Prince Charles Park in Nadi on May 13.
The side hammered Kombat Ulu-
inakau in the Cup final with three unan-
swered tries 15-0 which kept their fans
on the edge of their seats throughout the
Best player of the tournament Anare
Tevita scored two tries in each half but
his second half try was splendid when he
leaped frog over his opposite number got
hold of the ball and dashed to the try line
Interestingly the side walked away $15,
000 richer and is breakaway team from
the eventual 2017 Coral Coast 7s Cham-
pions First Light Taveuni.
The players are Finau Silio, Varo Me-
sake, Tomasi Ralulu, Leone Lomolomo,
Alesio Vakaroro and Anare Tevita.
Team captain Lakesio Vakarorogo said
six of them were part of the Coral Coast
7s champion.
We have joined into this Taveuni side
and the rest are new players. There were
some issues but it is a new chapter, he First Flight Taveuni after winning the Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s. Photo: LUKE NACEI.
Vakaroro plays rover and thanked the Fiji Bitter Nawaka Black 12 14 Kom- Vatukaloko 5- 17 Coastline Ratu Filise Senibua, Togobula 7- 0No I Toga, Drata-
Almighty God, for the win. bat Uluinakau Main Results:Mosi Steelers 0- 7 Eagle bu-Mosi, Malomalo-Nabau, Westfield-
If he was not here we would not have Cup Quarterfinal Brothers,No I Toga 7- 5 Redrock 1,Mataqe Nakovacake,Ratu Filise-Nawaka
been able to win this competition. Espe- Army Green 0- 19Taveuni Babas 21-0 Saunaka Mcdonalds,Namara Under 19: Nawaka 19-0
cially the boys coming all the way from Tabadamu 19-5 Silverwater 0- 7 Fiji Coastal, Namara 0-7 Fiji Coastal, Dratabu,Saunaka 12- 14 Togobula, Mosi
Taveuni who are farmers (two are AFL Uluinakau 5-0First light Taveuni Namara babaas 7-0 Baby Jet, Nawaka Ba- 0-14 Vatukaloko, Natabua 5-10 Coast Line
fireman in Nadi) and we have lifted the Wadigi Bababs 0-Nawaka Black 14 baas 14-Likuliku 12-5 ewaca Babaas, In- Ratu Filise,
win and it is history in the making for the Plate Finals ternational Redrock 2 0-7 Akina Bros, Under 19 Semi-finals
boys. Army green 19 - 12First Light Taveuni Oldies and Under 19 Nawaka 5-17 Togobula
We want to thank the supporters from Bowls: Senibua 14- 10police Suva Oldies 21- 5 Hilton Oldies, Big Vatukaloko 5- 17Coastline Ratu Filise
Taveuni, especially those from Taveuni, Semi final Oldies Bula Oldies 7-Sofitel Oldies(wbd), Nawa- Main elimination round 2: Army
and those from Lavena in Taveuni. It was Water authority Suva 12- 17 Nawaka 1 ka White 0 7 Water Authority, Nawaka Green 21-Dratabu 5,Draulu 7 7Taveuni,
through God we were able to do this. Suva oldies 5-10 Big Bula Oldies Black Oldies(wbd)-Momi Oldies, Silverwater 12-Senibua 7, Tabadamu 19-0
The Bill Satala captained WAF Oldies Final Oldies Oldies: First Landing, First Light Taveuni 1 14-12
retained their title over Big Bula 12-0 in Water Authority of Fiji 12-0 Big Bula Sofitel 0-WAF Oldies 7, Can Do Gen- Police, Kombat Uluinakau 14-5 Mcdonald
the final. Final Under 19 Finals eration 14-5 Vatunilumi, Saunaka, Wadigi Babaas 12-Yasawa Net 7,
Coastline Ratu Filise won the Under 19 Togobula 10-14 Coastline Ratu Filise Under 19 Natabua 12- 12 Nawaka Black.
grade over Togobula 14-10. Under 19 Semi-finals Nawaka 1 19- 5 Vatukaloko, Eagle
Other results: Main Cup Semifinal Nawaka 5-17 Togobula Bro 1 12- Draulu 1 7, Natabua 14- 0
Taveuni 19-5 Tabadamu


New board members of the Boxing Commission of Fiji
(BCF) were appointed last month.
Making the announcement, Minister for Youth &
The Boxing Commission of Fiji Promulgation 2008 was
amended in 2015 to remove Section 21, among others,
which states The Commission may, by regulation, estab-
Sports, Laisenia Tuitubou said the selection was a thor- lish the Amateur Boxing Association of Fiji to be operated
ough and transparent process. in accordance with the AIBA Articles and Rules.
We appreciate their willingness to contribute to the Mr. Tuitubou said the sports of amateur and profes-
growth of boxing in the country, Mr. Tuitubou said. sional boxing co-exist independently but can generally
It was revealed that the new BCF board members will be seen as two sides of the same coin.
be led by Bulutani Mataitawakilai. We need only look at boxing history which continues
The new board members are; Usman Ali, Abhisakh to show that nothing prepares a future champion in the
Kumar, Dr Warren Thaggard and Aminiasi Vulaono. professional ranks like a solid foundation and years of Fiji Gas donates cheque to Sunny West Bowling Competition.
Mr. Tuitubou said Mr. Ali provided continuity from the experience in the amateur ranks, Photo: WAISEA NASOKIA/ FIJI SUN.
previous Board, Mr. Kumar provided financial expertise The challenge is in establishing the measures and
to the Board, Dr. Thaggards medical background will criteria that must be met before amateurs turn profes-
help both the Board and more importantly the boxers sional, Mr. Tuitubou said.
and Mr. Vulaono had legal expertise. Fiji Gas has come on will assist in hosting a re-
The Board will further be advised by Faiyaz Khan, JP board to sponsor the 10th cord 25 fours-teams and 45
who has expertise in professional boxing from New Zea- Fiji Airways Sunnywest pairs teams to the week-
land as well as Fiji, Bowling Carnival. long event.
We hope he will help our Board to get fully opera- Fijis largest and most We are thankful to the
tional in the shortest possible period of time, Mr. Tuitu- trusted company in the business house such as
bou said. LPG market in Fiji has Fiji Gas for also coming on
He said they had looked for a range of expertise to joined a group of spon- board and this will uplift
work with the promoters, managers and boxers them- sors by contributing a very the carnival, he said.
selves but importantly, to work independently in the best kind sponsorship of $5,000. We will be doing some-
interests of the sport. This was done at the Nadi thing special this time
By its nature, professional boxing can generate con- Sports and Social Club. around. We trust that this
flicts of interest which need to be managed and I am National Services In- partnership with Fiji Gas
confident this Board will institute a robust good gover- stallation Manager David will be of mutual benefit.
nance framework for its operations, Mr. Tuitubou said. Aitcheson while presented The carnival attracted
He said boxing was a popular sport in Fiji but has lost Sitting, from left, Assistant Minister for Youth and the cheque. 40 overseas bowlers from
its way recently. Sports Iliesa Delana, Minister for Youth and Sports Laise- He said: Fiji Gas slo- Australia, NZ, and Canada.
The re-establishment of the Boxing Commission of nia Tuitubou, BCF chairman Bulutani Mataitawakilai with gan is strong last long The registration for this
Fiji sets the stage for a well-run organisation which pro- members of the Boxing Assosciation. which we find similarity years carnival has been
motes professional boxing and the regulatory framework with in the consistency of outstanding with a new
within which the health and well-being of boxers are the carnivals 10 years and group of 11 from Christ-
protected, Mr. Tuitubou said. similarly its potential to church led by Margaret
He said this was the responsible way forward. Send us your feedbacks or sug- grow bigger and last long Stacey participating for the
Government and BCF will partner to ensure that ho- like Fiji Gas. first time, he added.
listic policies are designed and enforced to safeguard ev- Tournament chairman The competiton ended
eryone involved in the sport, Mr. Tuitubou said. Rick Eyre said this support last week.



SVC Duo for Commonwealth

It was a proud moment with the games just around said he is looking forward
for Swami Vivekananda the corner. to see his fellow interna-
College(SVC) after two of Theres only two tional competitors.
its students were selected months left until the tour- I always get excited
to represent Fiji in the 2017 nament and I have to be about participating in inter-
Commonwealth Youth really fit and start tapering. national games because
Games. I know I have to be my best I get to see and compete
The Games will be held at this level, Rova said. with other overseas swim-
in the Bahamas from the She thanked God first mers who have a lot of
19th 23rd of July. and foremost for her experience. Its always a
17 year old Taichi achievement and her challenge for me yet a re-
Vakasama and 14 year old mother who is also her ally good learning opportu-
Rosemarie Rova, who are coach, Rosemary Rova, nity, Vakasama said.
no strangers to internation- whom she said without Vakasama who has ma-
al competitions, are both both she wouldnt be half ternal links to Tokyo, Ja-
excited to represent their the person she is today. pan thanked his family, his
country. I also thank my family, coach, his friends and all
Although Vakasama has my team mates and my those that have continued
previously participated in school community for all to support him.
the Commonwealth Youth their support, Rova said. Meanwhile, SVC Swim
Games, this will be the first Year 12 student, Vakasa- Team Manager, Vika Bake-
for Rova. ma said his aim at the up- wa said the swimmers
The Qamea Island lass coming games is to win a have the full support of the
from Taveuni said this was medal. school.
a big opportunity for her. Thats my ultimate goal As much as it is an
Im very excited and and I plan to really train achievement for the stu-
Im proud to represent my hard within the next two dents themselves, its also
country, Rova said. months, Vakasama said. a very proud moment for Taichi Vakasama and Rosemarie Rova of Swami Vivekananda College in Nadi are selected to rep-
The Year 10 student said The Daliconi native the school, Ms. Bakewa resent Fiji in the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games. Photo: ANA SOVA.
she was nervous especially from Vanuabalavu in Lau said.

PS Sports
The Permanent Secretary for Youth and Ms Wong said: Obviously this is very
Sports Alison Burchell has extolled the or- professionally done and these guys have
ganisers of the Outerknown 2017 Fiji Pro been doing it for the past few years. The

Praise WSL
Women Championship for bringing the ways its done is really perfect and to do
annual event once again to our shores. this its really fantastic.
Ms Burchell expressed gratitude to the From my side what I would like to see
World Surfing League during the official is some local people connected with them
opening of the event at Tavarua Island Re- so that we can have some of the experi-
sort. ence to perform at that level but at least it
Its great to be here at the World Surf- gives us insight into whats required and
ing league, I remember this time last year whats expected and a lot of people can
there was a different vibe, Burchell said. up skill to that level.
Sport is not a matter of life and death The Mens Event runs from June 3
its much more important than that, so 19 and features a local Wild Card, Tevita
we have to say that rolling back climate Gukilau, who won the recent Fiji Surfing
change is not a matter with life and death Association Trials.
it is much more important than that but it The event is the 5th stop on the World
makes it so much easier when everyone Surfing Leagues 10-stop Championship
joins battle. Tour at the Tavarua Island Resort.
What bigger contributions can we The Chief Guest at the opening cer-
make if we all together in the same di- emony for the Mens Event is the Minister
rection. Really you here for competition I for Tourism, Trade and Industry, Faiyaz
hope you will enjoy it and I hope you con- Koya.
tinue to enjoy Fiji.
Fiji Association of Sports and National
Olympic Committee (FASANOC) vice
president Cathy Wong was pleased with
The International Women Surfers in Tavarua Island Resort. Photo: WAISEA NASOKIA/FIJI SUN. the setup of the tournament set up.


Asaeli Drauna is a 10 year old from ing up. Then this year our school said.
Nawaka Village in Nadi who has con- introduced swimming classes and He said he was shocked when he
vinced his school that all you need is later we were informed there would realised he had won first place.
strength and endurance to be a good be training held for a competition It was the first day of the champi-
swimmer. in Suva and so I started attending, onship and I wasnt really expecting
The Year 5 student earned his Asaeli said. a gold medal or any medal at all. I
first medals while representing the He said one of the reasons he was happy and my team was hap-
Nawaka District School at the Fiji Na- regularly attended the training which py, Asaeli said.
tional Schools Swimming Champion- was held every lunch time at the river Asaeli, who is the fifth of eight
ships 2017 held in Suva last month. beside their village was because he brothers and sisters said his fam-
Asaeli won a gold and bronze wanted to go to Suva as hes never ily has been very happy with his
medal in the backstroke and free- been there. achievement.
style event consecutively. But really I just loved getting in I want to thank them for their
This was also the schools first and the water, I enjoy it, Asaeli said. support, especially my parents, Na-
lone gold medal from the event as it The shy Nadi lad said he was very nise and Onisimo, he said.
was the first time for the school to excited when he was selected to par- Asaeli hopes to participate again
participate in the Championship or ticipate but as he got to the event he in the next Championship.
any competitive swimming event. was scared.
The youngster said he never It was my first time at a big com-
thought of himself as an elite swim- petition like that, and Ive never com- Asaeli Drauna pictured with his medals at Nawaka District
mer, he just loved to swim. peted in swimming before. I was so School. Photo: ANA SOVA.
I always loved swimming grow- nervous but I knew I had to, Asaeli

Rugby Team Seeks Answers

The Werelevu Nights three boys that were not
team from Nawaka is supposed to play.
seeking answers after they They had said that
were disqualified from the there were three boys in
Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s tour- the team that were also
nament. part of this team but these
Coach Joseva Kurucake kids are just the Nawaka
claimed that they received village boys but they still
a last minute call last Mon- refused and said we will
day stating that they will be disqualified.
not be participating in the This team I had taken
Nawaka 7s tournament. them around in the past
Kurucake said they few tournaments that we
were surprised and sad- had and this is not just the
den that they were not go- first tournament this year
ing to be part of the tourna- that we are playing for
ment. from the past tournaments
He claimed that the side weve had no problem at
had paid their registration all. The launch of the 30th Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s. Photos: SUPPLIED.
fees well before hand. When asked if the ri-
We had paid fees for valries of theNa Momo We have been camp- wanted to participate, he I have told them also cept their participation in
registrations right from last na Tui Nawaka title was ing for nearly three weeks added. the ground on which we the tournament, he said.
month. We had contacted the cause to this incident, now we have been train- Meanwhile, Nawaka accept and cancel our He added that: Its an
the Nawaka president and Kurucake said that he ing as a team and have rugby union president Joji team and participations internal process it is not
I had paid for the fees. wouldnt jump into conclu- asked them if we could Kinisi said they had given is an internal process and about the media, its some-
And just three days to sion in stating that as the sit down and talk but then them ample time inform- that is something we de- thing I have settled with
the actual game date they reason to their disqualifi- they didnt say anything ing them about their deci- cide. them, they have come to
withdrew our fees and cation. and just on Monday I went sions. We have been very fair me and I have asked them
gave it back to us stating We cannot say that it to the grounds and they For the record this guys on all teams for us this is all to talk to the organising
that we will not be playing is the rivalries between said just to reach up to the have told two and a half about rugby. committee, they insisted
in the Nawaka 7s tourna- the Tui Nawaka that has gate and not proceed any weeks ago, they made We have told them two on talking to me and I
ment, he stated. caused this. We wont further $150 is the fees. their calls and we have ex- and half weeks ago, that if have relayed to them the
Kurucake said that the jump into conclusion that We just wanted to plain to them the grounds they continue if they con- grounds in which they
complaint they received fast. But I think and I feel it maintain the liveliness in which we are going to can- tinue with what they are have been taken out of
from the organizers was is something that is related the Nawaka Rugby com- cel them on and so that is doing, the path that they participation and I assure
that they were fielding in to this. munity and that is why we where we stand, he said. had taken we wont ac- you it is not last minute.

Fiji International Credits TEVITA CHASES

Sanasana Village FIJI 7S DREAM
Keep a look out for this man Anare Tevita, the man of the
The Fiji International is a world-class skilled, ensuring they continue to be The workshop was attended by 38
match at the 30th Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s tournament.
golf tournament with a global focus but employed by the Professionals each women who were up skilled in screen
Tevita was the key player in his team and displayed a
event organisers believe it is important year. printing and shell jewellery making.
powerful performance which could get him a spot in the
to act locally. Many players, including Edward One of the critical areas of respon-
national sevens squad.
While many considerations in the Stedman from New South Wales en- sibility of the Fiji Arts Council is capaci-
He switched codes in the final match against the mighty
planning of the Fiji International have joy working with Fijian caddies. Sted- ty building and we would like to record
Uluinakau team where he is commonly known to only play-
to be undertaken thinking of the 400 man utilised the services of a Natadola our appreciation for our great partner-
ing the prop position
million homes around the world that Bay Championship Golf Course caddy, ship with the Fiji International which
First Flight Taveuni Just like any other aspiring player in
the tournament is broadcast to, the Knox, in 2015. Knox also worked with resulted in a very successful workshop
the country, Anare Tevita aims to don the national jumper
tournament itself would not be pos- inaugural champion Steven Jeffress gauging from the quality of crafts on
too one day.
sible without the support of the Fijian when he won in 2014. display, said Peni Cavuilagi, from the
The 22 year old Pagai, Wainikeli, interestingly normally
people. Knox is a great fellow; he just cruis- Fiji Arts Council.
plays at prop but on May 13th he was dashing from wingers
One of the biggest supporters of the es along hes typical Fijian. Ive known The products produced by these
position where he scored two tries in the epic finale 15- 0
tournament is the Sanasana Village Knox for about the same sort of time crafters were of beautiful quality and
victories over Kombat Uluinakau.
and each year the Fiji International Steve has, the last five or six years, will be on sale during the 2017 Fiji In-
He was superb in his tackling and line breaks is simply
likes to give back to the community said Stedman. ternational tournament being played
just like footsteps of top South African wingers Rusko Spec-
which gives them so much. Hes very positive and very good on at Natadola Bay Championship Golf
man and Seabelo Senatla or Fijis very own Vilimoni Dela-
The Sanasana Village warmly wel- the wind which is obviously a factor at Course from 17-20 August.
comes the Fiji International competi- Natadola. So to have someone that is I was honoured to visit Sanasana
The win today I acknowledge the Lord for his provisions
tors each year with a Sevu Sevu cer- also a local is a great help. Village for the Womens Workshop.
for me in the team, and worshipping him and we all worked
emony on the 18th green at Natadola The Fiji International also likes to The Sanasana village has always been
together to get this award, he said.
Bay Championship Golf Course. work with the Sanasana Village in pur- a great supporter of the Fiji Interna-
I was just the tip of the ice-berg; although how our team
In 2016, PGA TOUR winner Boo suits important to them. tional and so we are delighted to thank
was just formed recently our main theme is Love and work-
Weekley was honoured to be involved In 2014 the Sanasana rugby team them for their dedication by funding
ing together as a team.
in this ceremony saying, It was some- proudly wore new rugby uniforms this workshop, said Natalie Ritter,
He said they have forgotten what has happened in the
thing special to be invited to; it was donated by the Fiji International. In General Manager of the Fiji Interna-
past and dedicated his award to all those in his team includ-
overwhelming to be a part of. 2015 training was taken to a new level tional.
ing those in the village.
The tournament week is also appro- with new training kits and then in 2016 The ladies are incredibly talented
This is the first time for me to receive the Best Player of
priately closed with a beautiful fare- preparations for a new gym was given and the handicrafts that they created
the tournament, I cannot describe this feeling.
well from the Sanasana Village with a boost with all new equipment sup- were beautiful. I am sure they will be
There were hardship, we all have faced and when we
their choir performing the Isa Lei. plied. very popular when they are on sale
are in the ground I just told myself to play well between all
The Fiji International also provides Working with the Sanasana Village during the Fiji International.
the backline on the rugby field and play well to the tune of
an opportunity to the men of the Sa- on projects important to them is all a Other community initiatives con-
the whistle.
nasana Village to be employed by the part of the Fiji Internationals commu- ducted more broadly across Fiji by the
His rugby journey began when he was just a form five
Professional golfers as caddies. nity outreach program. Fiji International includes the Give
student at Holy Cross College where he played in the FRUs
Caddies are an essential part of any This year the Fiji International was Golf A Go Road Show and Golf in
B Division competition.
golf tournament and team up with the proud to fund and facilitate a Womens Schools program.
My plan is one day don the Fiji Jersey and represents our
Professionals. They take on the respon- workshop conducted by the Fiji Arts FIJI INTERNATIONAL country or get a contract but if its God intention for me to
sibility of caring for the players golf Council for the Sanasana Village.
join the Fiji team than let it is, he said.
clubs. They not only carry the players The main aim of the workshop was
Taveuni is laced with Aware Tevita, Kelevi Tabanivalu,
clubs around the golf course but they to elevate and develop craft skills for
Sikeli Laqekoro, Adriano Lasaqa, Finau Silio,Lekesio Va-
look after their club maintenance so the crafters of Sanasana Villages so
Send us your feedbacks karorogo, Varo Mesake, Buli Marisilio, Alusio Avoko, Bula
that the players can compete at an op- that they meet the criteria of Fijian
or suggestions to: Aisake, Antonio Mualele and Tomasi Ratutu
timum level. Made and Fijian Crafted products. One
The 30th Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s tournament was played at
While some Professionals choose of the main standards for this enter-
the Prince Charles Park in Nadi on May 15th.
to bring their own caddy to the Fiji In- prise is making handcrafted souvenirs
ternational, the tournament has, since from local raw materials and most of
its inception, conducted caddy training all, value added products which meet
to ensure the Fijian caddies are highly the Tourism market standard.

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Sunny West Bowls SVC Duo for
Receives $5K Boost Commonwealth
from Fiji Gas


If youre from around
Nadi you would know that
villages here like any other
village in Fiji have a mad
love for rugby.
After all it is our national
But there is another sport
that has stolen the interest
and support of the people
of Nawaka Village, which is
competitive swimming.
This was after 29 boys
and girls from the village
represented the Nawaka
District School at the Na-
tional Schools Swimming
Championship 2017 in Suva.
Despite participating in
the tournament for the first
time, the swim team broke
records and came home
with eight medals: one gold,
four silver and three bronze.
An interesting tale about
this team is that while other
schools had prepared them-
selves training in a swim-
ming pool, they trained in a
river beside their village.
These young swimmers
have now been dubbed the
River Babies.
Team Manager, Napolioni
Vatunitu said they simply The Nawaka District Swim Team. Photo ANA SOVA.
couldnt afford taking the
team to the pool. school found that many Year Thanks to Radisson Blu were disqualified during the community, which they the Primary Girls Division
Our swimming instruc- 6 and Year 7 students did not Resort, the hotel sponsored games. were very grateful for. with 16 gold, 21 silver and 13
tor had asked if we could know how to swim. our qualifying test during the It is in those areas we It is now realised that bronze while Yat Sen Prima-
train the students three So we held swimming school holidays in which 29 will try our best to improve competitive swimming is ry School finished second
times a week. The fee is classes to help the students, students were selected to and get the students to really also a sport that our students with 14 gold, 4 silver and 5
$3.50 to use the swimming taking into consideration take part in the champion- know the techniques in dif- can venture into profession- bronze.
pool plus paying the instruc- that Nawaka is a flood prone ship, Mr. Vatunitu said. ferent swimming styles, Mr. ally apart from rugby or net- In the Girls Secondary
tor and transport in a day per area, Mr. Vatunitu said. While the team left Nadi Vatunitu said. ball, Mr. Vatunitu said. tally, SVC won with 27 gold,
child but a lot of these chil- He said while the classes for Suva, he said they did He said the students have In celebration of the 9 silver and 11 bronze, Yat
drens parents are unem- were underway, the schools not anticipate winning any brought so much joy to their teams achievement, a Sen Secondary finished sec-
ployed, Mr. Vatunitu said. swimming instructor posed medal. parents, the school and also vakacirisalusalu ceremony ond with 9 gold, 2 silver and
He said as an alternative, a challenge on them for the We were amateurs, new the Vanua o Nawaka and is planned to be held this 1 bronze while Saint Joseph
they then decided to take students to take part in the to the game so we thought also to villagers of Nawaka Friday in Nawaka Village. Secondary School came in
the students to the river to championship. this would only be a learn- that are living in other parts Meanwhile, Nadi schools third with 6 gold, 12 silver
train during every lunch So we thought, why not ing opportunity for us, then of Fiji. had dominated the champi- and 10 bronze.
break. make use of the opportunity we would come back and During the tournament onship again this year. In the Secondary School
Mr. Vatunitu said he is no and introduce the students work on our techniques and we had a lot of support from In the Primary Boys Di- Boys Division, Marist won
professional but believes to competitive swimming, really compete come the the people of Nawaka living vision, Mount Saint Marys 23 gold, 25 silver and 17
training in the river might Mr. Vatunitu said. next championship, in Suva and we had a lot of Primary won with 18 gold, bronze, SVC came second
have added positively to the He said 40 students had It turned out we won our people who also travelled 13 silver and 5 bronze while with 22 gold, 17 silver and 8
students performance. initially attended the training first gold medal on the first down to Suva to cheer for Marist Brothers Primary bronze while Natabua High
The swimming pro- but only some were com- day and it was a huge boost the team, Mr. Vatunitu said. School finished second School finished third with 12
gramme was recently in- mitted to the training and for us, Mr. Vatunitu said. He said after the teams with 9 gold, 5 silver and 13 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze.
troduced into the school had grabbed the techniques He said there were a participation theyve gained bronze.
after a research done by the well. lot of places in which they a lot of support from the Nadi Airport School won


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