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Phil 303 [Practice] Final Exam

Open book, open notes.

Time Allowed: 2 hours
The (practice) exam has 2 pages

1. Say we add to SD the rule of negated disjunction introduction::


Add a case to the proof of metatheorem 6.3.1 that the resulting proof
system is sound. (Note: you are not being asked to prove that this
is an acceptable derived rule by producing a derivation it abbreviates.
Add a case to the proof of 6.3.1)

2. Prove the following statement, or give a counter-example:

If P and Q then P&Q

(The answer must cite a particular metatheorem)

3. Prove that if is a maximally consistent in SD set of sentences of SL

(P & Q)
if and only if:
P and Q

4. Formalize these two sentences using the given formalization key.

UD: all people Dx: x went to Disneyland
Kxy: x knows y
j: John
m: Mary

Everyone who went to Disneyland knows someone who didnt go there.

There is someone who knows both Mary and John but doesnt know

5. Give an interpretation in which the first of these sentences is true and

the second false. It can be a formal interpretation, but does not need
to be.
(x)(P x Qx) (x)P x (x)Qx

6. Derive (x)P x from (x)( Qx P x) and (x)Qx