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Fashionablyin Consultant Application

Fashionablyin Ltd

2-4 Exmoor Street, Unit 27, London W10 6BD

+44 2032869690


In order to be considered as a fashion consultant you must submit

the completed application form along with your resume, and a passport
size photograph. Incomplete application form will not be reviewed.

Name Parul Raghuwanshi

Date of Birth 04/10/1994

Gender Female

Nationality Indian

Contact Address

17 Rue Des Bluets

City Paris

Zip/Pin Code 75011

Country France

Telephone (Landline)
with Code

Mobile/WhatsApp +33769156946



Social Media Accounts Facebook /

Instagram /

Twitter @

Google +

Linkedin /

Fashionablyin /
Languages Known English (Mandatory)


College/University NMIMS Anil Surendra Modi School of

Degree/Diploma Honours (finance)

Besides, the above did Currently I am an MBA Fashion Business

you take any training, did candidate. Completed my 2nd Semester.
any additional courses? If
Including master classes in my course
yes, please mention.
structure I have successfully completed my study on
the following subjects:

1. Sourcing and supply chain issues

2. Collection Development

3. Consumer Behaviour

4. Contemporary Fashion context

5. Fashion scenarios in Emerging Markets

6. Haute Couture

7. Materials, Production and Quality

8. Sensorial Marketing

9. Branding

10. Fashion Organisations

11. Business Etiquette

12. Strategic Marketing

14. Trends Forecast

Please mention if you Influencer Marketing

have any specific skills and
Analysing supply chain issues
know-how which would be
useful to consider your Finance
application? These may
include skills such as web
designing, graphics, PR,
event planning or social
media marketing.

Have you No
participated/volunteered or
interned with a fashion
company or programme? If
yes, please describe the
activity and your role very

What motivated you to Fashionablyin would provide an experiential

apply as a consultant with learning time via real life consultancy assignments,
Fashionablyin? industry based projects and other team assignments
that will provide me with deep insights into all kinds
of issues like Sourcing projects and solving supply
chain issues in real business world. What attracts
me most towards is its industry is growing and has a
good potential in market would help me maximize
my learning experience in that area I want to work
with and develop a sharp set of business skills.
Moreover, this internship will provide a platform to
interact with globally diverse professionals that will
bring in the opportunity to learn cutting-edge
business practices and will also prepare me to excel
in a global arena.

How do you think the

learnings from becoming a
5 years down the line I see myself as a buyer
fashion consultant will be
And therefore this internship at Fashionablyin would
useful in your professional
help me develop and excel my skills related to
and personal life?
related to marketing, fashion trends, mega trends,
growing the client base etc.


Consultants once enrolled with Fashionablyin will need to complete

the term (minimum 3 months) for which the program has been agreed
upon. Once decided, no change will be generally allowed, but exceptions
will be allowed in case the consultant and mentor feel the need for a
change in assignment.

Fashionablyin will provide a Certificate in Fashion B2B to the

consultant on completion of the term and a successful submission of
project report.

The consultant will follow Fashionablyin rules and conform to the

values and work ethics of the organization.

Consultants have to submit their project report weekly by email to

their designated mentor and update their Trello boards accordingly.

Consultants can work from anywhere in the world provided they

have access to internet and email. The consultants will need to have their
own medical and other insurance. Fashionablyin will not provide this

Fashionablyin Consultants are individuals who resell Fashionablyins

services globally and gets a flat 15% commission within 30 days after
receiving money from the customer. A Fashionablyin consultant shall
receive commissions through your PayPal account. Sales agent
commissions for selling products and services of other companies will
depend on the commissions offered by the respective company which are
equally split between the consultant and Fashionablyin.