Understanding Reality

Propaganda Using Religious Symbolism

It’s no accident that the mainstream media (the propaganda arm of the oligarchical / kleptocracy /
kakistocracy) is constantly using trick photography to give the ruler’s political puppets the appearance of
holiness using religious symbolism. It one of the many ways the rulers indoctrinate the masses with a
pseudo-religion slipped to them using government schools, scouting, military and police training, and
mainstream media propaganda in news, �ilms, and tell-a-vision “programming”.
Understanding Reality is a series of one-page overviews of concepts hidden from the public by a ruling class (oligarchical
kleptocracy/kakistocracy) that has been controlling the �low of information in society and human perception through their control of the
government, government schools, scouting, the intelligence agencies, military and police training, and a weaponized media system of 6 companies
running hundreds of subsidiaries to give their tax slaves the illusion of choice while propagandizing them, deceiving them, and distracting them
from the reality of their existence and tax slavery.

The author is Etienne de la Boetie2, the nom de plume of a technology executive and writer who tries to distill 20+ years of research into short,
easily-digested treatises on individual subjects optimized for the 70% of society who are visual learners with references and links to more
comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the developing alternative media available on the self-directed internet. These one-pagers
are designed to be printed out and shared but with accessible PDF versions with active hypertext links to reference material and evidence.