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Syllabus Koyel Mallick

Human Values and Professional Ethics (HMTS-2001)

2l/2credit Max Marks: 100

Module I

Human society and the Value System

1. Values: Definition, Importance and application.
2. Formation of Values: The process of Socialization
2.1. Self and the integrated personality
2.2. Morality, courage, integrity

Types of Values:
1. Social Values: Justice, Rule of Law, Democracy, Indian Constitution, Secularism
2. Aesthetic Values: Perception and appreciation of beauty
3. Organizational Values: Employee: Employer--- rights, relationships, obligations
4. Psychological Values: Integrated personality and mental health
5. Spiritual Values &their role in our everyday life
6. Value Spectrum for a Good Life, meaning of Good Life

Value Crisis in Contemporary Society

1. Value crisis at----
1.1. Individual Level
1.2. Societal Level
1.3. Cultural Level
2. Value Crisis management --- Strategies and Case Studies

Module II

Ethics and Ethical Values

Principles and theories of ethics
Consequential and non-consequential ethics
Egotism,Utilatirianism, Kant's theory and other non-consequential perspectives
Ethics of care, justice and fairness, rights and duties

o Standardization
o Codification
o Acceptance
o Application

Types of Ethics---
o Ethics of rights and Duties
o Ethics of Responsibility
o Ethics and Moral judgment
o Ethics of care
o Ethics of justice and fairness
o Work ethics and quality of life at work

Professional Ethics
1. Ethics in Engineering Profession;
2. moral issues and dilemmas, moral autonomy(types of inquiry)
3. Kohlberg's theory, Giligan's theory(consensus and controversy)
4. Code of Professional Ethics Sample Code of ethics like ASME, ASCE. IEEE,Institute of Engineers,
Indian Institute of materials management, Institute of Electronics and telecommunication engineers
5. Violation of Code of Ethics---conflict, causes and consequences
6. Engineering as social experimentation, engineers as responsible experimenters (computer ethics,
weapons development)
7. Engineers as managers, consulting engineers, engineers as experts, witnesses and advisors, moral
8. Conflict between business demands and professional ideals
9. social and ethical responsibilities of technologies.
10. Whistle Blowing: Facts, contexts, justifications and case studies
11. Ethics and Industrial Law
12. Institutionalizing Ethics: Relevance, Application, Digression and Consequences

Module III

Science, Technology and Engineering

1. Science, Technology and Engineering as knowledge and profession
2. ----Definition, Nature, Social Function and Practical application of science
3. Rapid Industrial Growth and its Consequences
4. Renewable and Non- renewable Resources: Definition and varieties
5. Energy Crisis
6. Industry and Industrialization
7. Man and Machine interaction
8. Impact of assembly line and automation
9. Technology assessment and Impact analysis
10. Industrial hazards and safety
11. Safety regulations and safety engineering
12. Safety responsibilities and rights
13. Safety and risk, risk benefit analysis and reducing risk
14. Technology Transfer: Definition and Types
14.1. The Indian Context

Module IV

Environment and Eco- friendly Technology

1. Human Development and Environment
2. Ecological Ethics/Environment ethics
3. Depletion of Natural Resources: Environmental degradation
4. Pollution and Pollution Control
5. Eco-friendly Technology: Implementation, impact and assessment

6. Sustainable Development: Definition and Concept

6.1. Strategies for sustainable development
6.2. Sustainable Development--- The Modern Trends

7. Appropriate technology movement by Schumacher and later development

8. Reports of Club of Rome.

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