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Module I 8 hours
Economics: Utility, value, wealth, consumption, wants, necessaries, comforts and luxuries.
Demand: law of demand, elasticity of demand, price elasticity of demand, factors affecting
elasticity of demand.

Module II 8 hours
Costing: Cost concepts, elements of cost. Methods of distribution of overhead costs, unit
costing, job costing and process costing; Simple problems. Accounts: Preparation of profit and
loss account and balance sheet.

Module III 6 hours

Break-Even Analysis: Assumptions, break-even charts, simple problems. Depreciation:
Depreciation methods.

Module IV 10 hours
Forms of Business Organization: Single trader, partnership and public limited company.
Principles of Organization: Types of organization, span of management, authority, delegation
and decentralization, source of formal authority, difference between authority and power, line
and staff authority, case studies.

Module V 10 hours
Principles of Management: Importance of management, definition of management,
management process, roles of a manager, management, a science or art - management, a
profession, functions of management, leadership: difference between a leader and a manager,
characteristics of leadership, functions of a leader, case studies.

Text Book(s)
1. Tara Chand, Engineering Economics, Vol-1, 13/e, Nem Chand and Brothers, 2012.
2. O.P Khanna, Industrial Engineering and Management, 14/e, Dhanpat Rai Publications, 2011.

1. Maheswari, Engineering and Managerial Economics, 19/e, Sultan Chand and Company, 2009.
2. Shukla, Grewal, Cost Accounting, 12/e, S. Chand and Company, 2007.
3. L.M. Prasad, Principles and Practice of Management, 8/e, Sultan Chand and Sons, 2012.