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Chapter Wise Test

1. HMT (Available) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Modes of heat transfer, one dimensional heat conduction,
resistance concept and electrical analogy, unsteady heat
conduction, lumped parameter system, Heisler's charts
Test 2 10 30 Heat transfer through fins:Infinitely long fin, insulated tip fin,
short fin, effectiveness and efficiency of fins
Test 3 10 30 Dimensionless parameters in free and forced convective heat
transfer, heat transfer correlations for flow over flat plates and
through pipes, effect of turbulence
Test 4 10 30 Heat Exchanger: heat exchanger performance, LMTD and NTU
Test 5 10 30 Radiation: radiative heat transfer, Stefan- Boltzmann law,
Wien's displacement law, black and grey surfaces, view factors,
radiation network analysis

2. FLUID MECHANICS (Available) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Properties of Fluids: Newton law of viscosity, surface tension,
capillary action, ideal and real fluid
Test 2 10 30 Fluid statics and Manometry: Absolute pressure, Hydrostatic law,
Pressure measuring instruments ,Pressure force on submerged bodies
,Pressure force on curved surface
Test 3 10 30 Buoyancy and flotation: buoyancy, forces on submerged bodies,
stability of floating bodies, Archimedes principle ,time period for
oscillation ,condition for equilibrium
Test 4 10 30 Fluid Kinematics: Continuity equation, total acceleration of fluid,
velocity potential function ,streamline function ,vortex motion
Test 5 10 30 Fluid Dynamics and flow measurement: Euler equation, Bernoulli
equation, venturimeter, orificemeter, pitot tube
Test 6 10 30 Viscous Flow: Laminar flow through circular pipe, laminar flow
between two fixed parallel plates, momentum correction factor,
kinetic energy correction factor, velocity distribution for turbulent
flow in pipes
Test 7 10 30 Flow through Pipes and bends and fitting: Friction loss (Darcy
weisbach equation), power transmission through pipe, equivalent
pipe, siphon action of pipe
Test 8 10 30 Boundary Layer Theory, drag and lift: Development of boundary
layer, velocity profile, condition for boundary layer separation, drag
and lift, turbulent flow
Test 9 10 30 Dimensional and Model Analysis: Buckingham Pi Theorem,
Reynolds Model Law, similarity, Froude Model Law

3. THERMODYNAMICS (Available) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Thermodynamic systems and Temperature Measurement:
Thermodynamic systems, properties of systems, Zeroth law of
thermodynamics, calculation of work and heat in various processes,
Internal energy
Test 2 10 30 First Law of Thermodynamics:application of first law to steady flow
process, unsteady flow processes
Test 3 10 30 Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy: Limitations of first
law of thermodynamics, Clausius inequality, Carnot cycle - theorem -
its corollary, efficiency of reversible heat engine, temperature -
entropy diagram, entropy and irreversibility
Test 4 10 30 Availability and Irreversibility and thermodynamic relations:
Available and unavailable energy, Helmholtz and Gibbs function,
irreversibility, general thermodynamic relations, Clausius -
Clapeyron equation
Test 5 10 30 Properties of Pure Substances: Phase change of a pure substance,
thermodynamic properties of steam & steam tables, internal energy
of steam, enthalpy-entropy chart or Mollier diagram, determination
of dryness fraction of steam
Test 6 10 30 Ideal and Real Gases: Real gases, Van-der Waal's equation, law of
corresponding states, ratio of specific heats

4. THEORY OF MACHINES (Available) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Mechanisms and Machines: Mechanism, classification of kinematic
pair, degree of freedom, kinematic chain, four bar mechanism, slider
crank mechanism, double slider crank mechanism, mechanical
Test 2 10 30 Velocity and Acceleration Analysis: Velocity analysis, crank and
slotted lever mechanism, Kennedy theorem, angular velocity
theorem, Coriolis acceleration component, Kliens construction,
tangential and centripetal acceleration
Test 3 10 30 Gear and Gear Train: law of gearing, type of profile, helical and
spiral gears, efficiency of spiral and helical gear, simple gear train,
compound gear train, reverted gear train, epicyclic gear train
Test 4 10 30 Flywheel and Governor: Turning moment diagram, fluctuation of
speed, maximum fluctuation of energy, dimensions of flywheel rim,
Watt governor, Porter governor, Proell governor, Hartnell governor,
stability and sensitiveness
Test 5 10 30 Dynamic Analysis and CAMS Balancing and Gyroscope: Static
balancing, dynamic balancing, balancing of rotating mass, balancing
of reciprocating mass, cam, gyroscopic couple

5. MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS (Available from 15 June) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Free longitudinal vibration: Time period, cycle, frequency, resonance
Test 2 10 30 Damped Longitudinal Vibration
Test 3 10 30 Forced Vibrations and Vibration Isolation: Forced vibrations,
transverse vibration, torsional vibration, transmissibility

6. ENGINEERING MECHANICS (Available from 20 June) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Equilibrium and Friction: Free-body diagrams and equilibrium
Test 2 10 30 Frame Truss and Beam: Method of Joints, Method of Section
Test 3 10 30 Kinematics of Particles and Rigid Body
Test 4 10 30 Kinetics of Particles and Rigid Body and Virtual work
Test 5 10 30 Impact, collisions and moment of inertia and centroid

7. APPLICATIONS (Available from 27 June) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Refrigeration: Vapour and gas refrigeration and heat pump cycles
Test 2 10 30 Air - Conditioning: properties of moist air, psychrometric chart, basic
psychrometric processes,
Test 3 10 30 Internal Combustion Engine: Air-standard Otto, Diesel and dual
cycles, Carburation
Test 4 10 30 Internal Combustion Engine: Fuels and Combustion, Testing and
performance of IC engines
Test 5 10 30 Power Engineering: vapour and gas power cycles, concepts of
regeneration and reheat
Test 6 10 30 Power Engineering: Air and gas compressors
Test 7 10 30 Turbomachinery: Impact of Jet, Impulse and reaction principles,
velocity diagrams, Pelton-wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbines
Test 8 10 30 Turbomachinery: Reciprocating and Rotary Pumps

8. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (Available from 08 July) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Inventory and Forecasting
Test 2 10 30 Aggregate Production Planning and Scheduling
Test 3 10 30 Linear Programming
Test 4 10 30 PERT, CPM and Queueing Theory
Test 5 10 30 Assignment and Transportation

9. STRENGTH OF MATERIALS (Available from 18 July) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Simple Stress and Strain: Stress-strain diagram, elastic constant,
Poisson ratio, thermal stress and strain, volumetric strain, Hookes
Test 2 10 30 Shear Force and Bending Moment and Deflection
Test 3 10 30 Torsion and Bending
Test 4 10 30 Principal Stress and Strain
Test 5 10 30 Columns
Test 6 10 30 Pressure vessels
Test 7 10 30 Testing and strain gauge rossets and impact testing

10. GENERAL APTITUDE (Available from 22 July) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 -
Test 2 10 30 -
Test 3 10 30 -
Test 4 10 30 -
Test 5 10 30 -

11. ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS (Available from 25 July) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Matrix algebra, Determinant, Rank and Inverse.
Test 2 10 30 System of Linear Equations
Test 3 10 30 Eigen Value and Vector
Test 4 10 30 Calculus: limit, continuity and differentiability, mean value theorems
Test 5 10 30 Integration and Fourier series
Test 6 10 30 Vector calculus
Test 7 10 30 Differential Equations
Test 8 10 30 Complex Variables
Test 9 10 30 Probability and Statistics
Test 10 10 30 Numerical Methods
Test 11 10 30 Transform Theory

12. PRODUCTION ENGINEERING (Available from 28 July) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Metal Casting
Test 2 10 30 Metal Forming: Classification of forming, hot working and cold
working, forging, drawing, swagging
Test 3 10 30 Metal Forming: Extrusion, rolling, sheet metal operation, deep
drawing, bending, powder metallurgy
Test 4 10 30 Joining: Welding and Soldering
Test 5 10 30 Machining and Tool Life: Terminology of cutting tool and tool
signature, metal cutting processes, types of chip, machining analysis,
tool wear and failure, Taylors tool life equation, economics of
Test 6 10 30 Different machining process: Unconventional machining processes,
drilling, milling, unconventional machining processes, machine
tools, jigs and fixtures
Test 7 10 30 CAD/CAM
Test 8 10 30 Metrology and Inspection
13. MATERIAL SCIENCE (Available from 28 July) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials
Test 2 10 30 Heat Treatment Process

14. DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS (Available from 06 August) No. of Time Syllabus

Ques. (Mins)
Test 1 10 30 Design for static and fluctuating load, fatigue strength and the S-N
diagram, Goodman curve, Soderberg curve, Gerber curve, factor of
Test 2 10 30 Bearings, rolling and sliding contact bearings, static and dynamic
load carrying capacity, heat generated in bearing, hydrodynamic
bearing, equivalent bearing load
Test 3 10 30 Principles of the design of machine elements like bolted, riveted and
welded joints,
Test 4 10 30 Theories of failure
Test 5 10 30 Brakes: Energy absorbed by a brake, types of brakes
Test 6 10 30 Clutches: torque carrying capacity, multi disk clutches, cone
clutches, centrifugal clutch
Test 7 10 30 Design of gears, shaft and springs