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Final Major

Planning and

Name: Shane Hampden

Production Title:

Mo Money Mo Problems

Date Submission of Production:


Length of production:

3 minutes

Crew names/ contact details:

Name Contact
Shane Hampden 07446 045856
Sam Salameh 07881 272080
Victoria Pethrus 07825 250251
Jack Smith 07805 329567

Actors names / contact details:

Name Contact
Sam Salameh 07881 272080
Victoria Pethrus 07825 250251
Jack Smith 07805 329567
Louis Brown 07713 468989
George Flynn 07891 122599
Liam Whyatt 07801 478693
George Goode 07947 656999
Ellie Peer 07599 960199
Jason Young 07825 271201
Production roles for crew

Name Role Date needed Deadline for

Shane Hampden Director/Camera 28th May 9th June
Victoria Pethrus Camera Operator 28th May 9th June
Sam Salameh Camera Operator 28th May 9th June
Jack Smith Camera Operator 28th May 9th June

Production roles for actors

Name Role Date needed Needed for

Sam Salameh Biggie Smalls 28th May
Victoria Pethrus Extra 28th May
Jack Smith Mase 28th May
Louis Brown Extra 28th May
George Flynn Extra 28th May
Liam Whyatt Extra 28th May
George Goode Extra 28th May
Ellie Peer Extra 28th May
Jason Young Extra 28th May
Locations used (please attach recces to this document with photographs of
Location Recce
Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Insert photo of location (do not draw) Type of room/area: Garden

Location Address:
76 Clonmel Way
Sat Nav details (Post code):
Nearest Train Station:
Burnham Train Station
Nearest Bus stop:
Gore Road

Lighting Information: Solutions:

House well lit

Sound Information: Solutions:


Power Information Solutions:

Power sockets available all over

the house

Hazards Solutions:

Hot BBQ Stay away from BBQ

Undercooked food Make sure host knows what hes
Location Address of Permission Date at
location needed location
76 Clonmel Way None needed 28th May
Burnham, Slough
52 Marescroft Road None needed 28th May

Props required

Props Scene Actor using Date needed

Beers and Cups 1 All Actors 28th May
Food 1 All Actors 28th May
Cigarettes 1 Actors that smoke 28th May
BBQ 1 Shane, Victoria 28th May
Fake Gun
Agreed content / amended brief (please insert a copy)

Risk Assessments

1. Attach photos of risks

2. Attach risk assessment sheets for each location

Hot BBQ Risk of burning yourself

Undercooked food Make sure the food is well cooked

Hazard of tripping over so make sure floor is
clear before filming

Team meetings, meetings with actors and crew

Date Attendees Meeting agenda Outcome

17th May Victoria Pethrus Date&Time 28th May 2:00
Sam Salameh
Jack Smith
Date Attendees Meeting agenda Outcome

Contingency / back up plans

If the original actors are not able to attend on the day of filming the backup actors will be
called to come.

Because the locations of the production are at my house and a friends house, this will not
change because I have had permission to film from both owners of the homes.

If on the day of filming the weather becomes bad and it starts to rain. I will have to postpone
the filming to a more sunny day where the weather wont interrupt filming.

Detail how you solved problems

Problem Solved
Actors not able to come Back up actors called
Bad Weather Postpone filming until sunnier day
Problem Solved

Modifications (Why did you modify your work and what was changed during post-

Modified How Why

Story Host throws a BBQ then Availability of actors for 2nd
afterwards him and 2 friends location
go to the shed to chill

Additional information
Attach any pre-production a material you may need



Rough drafts of work / designs

Original Brief

Final mood board

Related Interests