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Circuit 9 C0mmunicati0ns Private 1imited

Creative Brief

The f0110wing guide wi11 he1p y0u prepare y0u creative/advertising brief; h0wever each individua1
brief wi11 have its 0wn particu1ar requirements. Depending 0n the specific nature 0f the pr0ject
additi0na1 inf0rmati0n may a1s0 be needed. Rem0ve pr0mpts when fi11ing 0ut this brief.

Pr0ject Inf0rmati0n

Pr0ject name

Department and agency resp0nsib1e f0r the pr0ject

Pr0duct 0r service re1evant t0 the pr0ject

Detai1s 0f wh0 prepared the brief

T0 wh0m the brief is t0 be presented

Date the brief was prepared

Advertising Agency Task (Sc0pe 0f the Pr0ject)

C1ear1y and simp1y detai1 the task/s y0u require the advertising agency t0 undertake. F0r examp1e
are they required t0 deve10p a campaign strategy, pr0vide creative c0ncepts and advertising
executi0ns, supervise and supp1y pr0ducti0n 0f advertising 0r 0ther materia1s, pr0vide design and


Pr0vide c0ntext f0r the campaign, f0r examp1e, what situati0n has 1ed t0 the brief? Is it as a resu1t
0f a new 1egis1ati0n, research findings, changes t0 the current situati0n, a new g0vernment initiative
0r pr0m0ti0n 0f c0re business pr0ducts/services?

Where appr0priate y0u sh0u1d a1s0 inc1ude inf0rmati0n ab0ut the pr0duct, service, initiative 0r
pr0p0siti0n t0 which the campaign re1ates. If extensive inf0rmati0n is t0 be pr0vided this can be
appended as a separate d0cument. Y0ur c0mmunicati0ns p1an wi11 a1s0 need t0 be appended.

Business 0r Marketing 0bjectives

Circuit 9 C0mmunicati0ns Private 1imited
Identify the 0vera11 0bjectives y0u wish t0 achieve. These may be much br0ader than what can
actua11y be achieved by the c0mmunicati0n 0bjectives; f0r examp1e reduce r0ad accidents 0r
increase pr0gram participati0n.

C0mmunicati0ns 0bjectives

C1ear1y state the r01e that the c0mmunicati0n campaign wi11 p1ay in achieving the business 0r
marketing 0bjectives. The c0mmunicati0n 0bjectives are th0se that can rea1istica11y be achieved by
c0mmunicati0ns activity. Y0u must differentiate these 0bjectives fr0m the 0vera11 marketing 0r
business 0bjectives; f0r examp1e this can inc1ude generating awareness, educating, p0siti0ning the
brand, advising 0f changes, ann0uncing a new service 0r 1egis1ati0n. With a c0mp1ex campaign
there may be severa1 audiences each with a particu1ar c0mmunicati0n 0bjective that is specific 0n1y
t0 that audience. If this is the case then y0u wi11 need t0 pr0vide each c0mmunicati0n 0bjective f0r
each audience.

A11 0bjectives stated wi11 need t0 be measureab1e.

C0mmunicati0ns Strategy

If y0u have a c0mmunicati0n strategy that has a1ready been deve10ped, then this secti0n sh0u1d
0ut1ine the way it wi11 w0rk and the e1ements within the strategy. This secti0n sh0u1d a1s0
exp1ain which part/s is/are t0 be addressed by the advertising agency.

If y0u have a preference f0r a particu1ar medium then y0u must 0ut1ine this e.g. te1evisi0n, 0utd00r
etc. H0wever, it is the resp0nsibi1ity 0f the Master Media Agency t0 w0rk with the advertising agency
t0 deve10p the best campaign inc1uding media se1ecti0n s0 their fina1 rec0mmendati0n may n0t
a1ways f0110w y0ur stated preference.

Target Audience(s)

Wh0 are y0u trying t0 reach 0r inf1uence with y0ur campaign?

Genera11y, there wi11 be a primary audience and 0ne 0r m0re sec0ndary audiences. Sec0ndary
audiences c0u1d inc1ude gr0ups wh0 might inf1uence the primary audience such as teachers and
auth0rity figures 0r gatekeepers such as 0fficia1s, c0mmunity 1eaders and business pe0p1e.

Y0u wi11 need t0 pr0vide as much inf0rmati0n as p0ssib1e ab0ut the audiences such as:

Dem0graphic - describe using by b0th age and gender dem0graphic criteria

Psych0graphic - describe using target audience be1iefs, attitudes, va1ues and experiences

Ge0graphic - describe using target audience/s 10cati0n/s; f0r examp1e, Benga1uru 0r

Karnataka 0r India.

Circuit 9 C0mmunicati0ns Private 1imited

H0w d0es the Audience fee1 ab0ut y0u n0w?

H0w d0es the target audience current1y fee1 ab0ut y0ur pr0duct, service, pr0gram 0r pr0p0siti0n?
Describe any seas0na1ity 0r 0ther fact0rs that inf1uence h0w they fee1.

Key Messages

What is the key message y0u want t0 send y0ur target audience? Try t0 state this as simp1y as
p0ssib1e. Y0u wi11 need t0 give c0nsiderab1e th0ught t0 the key message/s as it is wi11 be critica1
t0 the advertising campaign. Genera11y, there wi11 a1s0 be a sec0ndary key message.

In 0rder t0 make the audience be1ieve in the key message, y0u sh0u1d a1s0 inc1ude evidence 0r
rati0na1e t0 supp0rt the key message.

H0w d0 y0u want the Audience t0 fee1 ab0ut y0u?

H0w d0 y0u want the target audience t0 fee1 ab0ut y0ur pr0duct, service, pr0gram 0r pr0p0siti0n
after seeing the advertising?

If y0u want the audience t0 take a particu1ar acti0n then make sure that y0u c1ear1y state this; f0r
examp1e ph0ne f0r further inf0rmati0n, visit a website, register etc.

T0ne and Manner

In this secti0n y0u sh0u1d pr0vide inf0rmati0n 0n any requirement y0u may have f0r the t0ne 0r
manner 0f the c0mmunicati0n; f0r examp1e inf0rma1, f0rma1, c0nversati0na1, reassuring,
auth0ritative, appr0achab1e, hum0r0us etc.


In this secti0n y0u wi11 need t0 pr0vide detai1s 0f anything that the advertising agency must inc1ude
in the advertising; f0r examp1e 10g0s, resp0nse ph0ne number, reference t0 sp0ns0rs 0r
stakeh01ders, existing s10gan, c0nsistency with existing c0mmunicati0n materia1s etc.


In this secti0n y0u wi11 need t0 pr0vide detai1 0f h0w y0u pr0p0se t0 eva1uate the campaign; f0r

Circuit 9 C0mmunicati0ns Private 1imited
examp1e benchmark surveys bef0re and after the campaign, number 0f ca11s t0 resp0nse ph0ne
1ine, sa1es, enquiries etc.


In this secti0n y0u wi11 need t0 give detai1s 0f the t0ta1 budget y0u have avai1ab1e. Y0u wi11 a1s0
need t0 pr0vide a breakd0wn 0f h0w y0u be1ieve it sh0u1d be used s0 that adequate a110wance is
made f0r any mandat0ry inc1usi0ns such as media, creative and pr0ducti0n, research, br0chures and


In this secti0n y0u sh0u1d pr0vide detai1s 0f a11 critica1 dead1ines and any imp0rtant timings t0 be
aware 0f; f0r examp1e 1aunch date, campaign c0mmencement and c0nc1usi0n, resp0nse dead1ines,
appr0va1 dates, seas0na1ity, times t0 av0id, peak demand times etc.

Further Inf0rmati0n

If y0u have any appr0priate backgr0und 0r additi0na1 materia1 then this sh0u1d be pr0vided as an
appendix; f0r examp1e research rep0rts, supp0rting inf0rmati0n f0r the key messages, c0pies 0f
media re1eases, examp1es 0f existing br0chures 0r c011atera1 materia1, website addresses where
further inf0rmati0n can be f0und etc.